phiscibeand graphic app jar heads in here?  no problem just wanna talk shop00:00
phiscibeany that is00:00
phiscibei cant type today00:00
DrecondiusHelp, I can connect in kubuntu but not ubuntu any suggestions?00:04
Drecondiuserrr, connect wirelessly00:05
phiscibeget drunk, do a tc-ip dance and pay00:06
phiscibebut, they both use diffrent network managers00:06
westyphiscibe, nope that didnt help, just error after error00:08
westyphiscibe: guess i will install rather then upgrade00:08
phiscibei hope u didnt loose all ur mail00:10
ZooMonkeyDoh. Invalid postgre version. :( ... maybe I can't get this going as ez as I thought on Kubuntu.00:11
westyphiscibe, oh i backed up before this all started, unless it deleted it from the server, which i doubt (hopefully!)00:13
phiscibeis it imap?00:13
westyphiscibe, yes00:14
phiscibehas to be Akonadi problem for your mail00:15
westy_yeah i think so00:15
merlin1991okay, I know why i did dl like uberslow, fskd r8169 kernel module is bs00:15
westy_i did do the delete file and reupgrade, but that failed00:16
merlin1991my syslog is filled up with 3:00.0: eth0: link up lines00:16
phiscibebut if all you stuff is on the server westy, you could just stat over with a fresh install00:17
westy_phiscibe, yep thats what i think too. I do have a lot of local folder mail, but I will import it. The changes are too great in this release00:19
westy_and its my second upgrade00:19
phiscibemight be a clue00:24
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ZooMonkeyyeah I just manually installed the correct version of postgre and it's still failing the install. :( Sorry guys, I tried. Maybe it will work in a few days if Ubuntu cant.00:42
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Jonah_ychi, has anyone else got broken WiFi since upgrading to 11.10?00:55
phiscibeive yet to do it jonah, im waiting to see where the beans spill00:56
phiscibeplus the update servers are slow as crap atm00:57
phiscibe and i got 4 machines00:57
phiscibeJonah_yc: what does the command iwconfig show?00:57
Jonah_ycwell the beans always seem to spill allover my WiFi!!00:58
Jonah_ycphiscibe: iwconfig says WiFi is located on wlan0, but network manager always gets stuck on waiting for authentication01:00
Jonah_ycphiscibe, im getting a "deauthenticated Reason 2" error from dmesg01:03
phiscibeJonah_yc: what does the command cat /etc/resolv.conf  show01:07
phiscibecat /etc/resolv.conf01:09
phiscibethat is01:09
Jonah_ycphiscibe, just says Generated by NetworkManager01:12
phiscibei think, but dunno for sure, the network manager is playing games with your resolv.conf folder which should have the ip adress of  you DNS servers JonathanD01:17
phiscibeJohah i mean01:17
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phiscibeaaaaahhe anybody home or just use old goats03:28
cpatrick08i hhere03:29
Yamauchijoin #ubuntu03:29
phiscibeim nursing upgrades hang in out\03:29
phiscibetoo crowded03:29
Yamauchimean to type /join03:30
renato#join Ubuntu-br03:36
well_laid_lawnrenato: iif you didn't get there try   /j #ubuntu-br03:37
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semitonesi'm about to try installing the new kubuntu over my existing one03:39
semitonesis the idea to use oneconf?03:39
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cpatrick08semitones: you trying to do clean install or upgrade03:47
semitonesclean install, but keep some applications03:47
semitonesand keep my data03:47
semitonesI think the installer supports that03:48
cpatrick08do you have a seperate /home partition03:48
shehzad_hi, is there any review available for oneiric yet?03:49
semitonescpatrick08: no, all one partition03:51
semitonesshehzad_: i haven't seen any specific to kubuntu yet03:52
cpatrick08there is not much way to keep your apps and data with a clean install you can backup data to external hard drive but cannot save apps with clean install only upgrade03:52
shehzad_semitones: i see03:52
shehzad_does anybody know where is 'what is new' page for oneiric?03:53
semitonesshehzad_: yeah i can find you one of those03:53
semitonesshehzad_: actually check out the first link in the /topic03:54
shehzad_semitones: cool thanks !03:54
semitonescpatrick08: hmm, I guess you needed a /home partition to take advantage of that feature then :/03:55
cpatrick08yea sorry03:57
Yamauchiliving in the 3rd world... still downloading 11.1004:02
phiscibesemitones: maybe you could make your own local repository with your package04:02
semitonesphiscibe: it's no big deal :) I'll just back up my data and make a home partition when I install04:03
phiscibethere is oneconf now, its for syncing apps across many machines, but might could serve as bacup04:04
phiscibeand Stipple04:05
semitonesphiscibe: yeah i was asking about oneconf04:06
semitoneshow is it supposed to work04:06
phiscibei think, it works with ubuntu one services as man in the middle, the clould service stores what apps and configs and application data, and syncs it, Stipple does this also but with more options04:07
phiscibethe apache couchdb is involed with stipple04:08
phiscibeim been looking at these options lately, i have 4 pc's and keeping them straight is some times a job04:09
phiscibeim hoping maybe for a poor mans directory service with roamign profiles...sorta04:10
apersonshould installing the kubuntu-lowfat-settings package pull in the entire desktop?04:11
phiscibeno idea, i havent gotten to 11.10 yet, im watching the milk spill atm04:11
phiscibepossible yes04:12
semitones_webchahello, how do I install flash in oneiric -- can it be done through muon? (i have 64 bit)04:55
semitones_webchai'm testing this verison of kubuntu to see if it's a good os to give my roommate as his introduction to foss04:55
preecherwont the restricted extras have flash included?04:56
semitones_webchapreecher: i can install it and see04:58
semitones_webchait says it has flash04:59
preecherive never installed flash stand alone in ubuntu/kubuntu or xubuntu   but ive always installed the restricted extras and its taken care of if on my end04:59
semitones_webchaI'd call that a bug in muon -- searching for flash does not bring up restricted extras04:59
RavnacHello Folks - maybe some1 here's able to help me. I installed Ubuntu 11.10, then decided Kubunto looked better and installed it via "apt-get install kubuntu-desktop" and removed the ubuntu one. Now my after a reboot UI's quite clear and has no real UI (like this: http://i.imgur.com/obqk4.png)05:06
valoriehmm, looks like ubuntu-desktop wasn't removed05:14
valoriebut really, it isn't necessary to remove it05:14
valoriejust use KDM, and log into Kubuntu05:14
ubottudpkg is the Debian package maintenance system, which together with apt forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit.05:15
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Guest47957I need help... Im using ubuntu 11.0405:16
valorieGuest47957: say what your problem is, and someone might be able to help05:18
Guest47957thanx... im update ubuntu 10.10 to 11.04...05:19
Guest47957at finish.. not install grub2, memtest, and the new kernel05:20
Guest47957then, when install a every program,05:21
valoriewhy didn't you install grub2?05:21
Guest47957Im can paste here the error...05:22
valoriepastebin please05:22
valoriedon't flood here05:22
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.05:22
valorieRavnac: please run "dpkg-reconfigure -a" in a console05:24
Ravnacvalorie: Did, awaiting the result ...05:25
valorieRavnac: also, this might help after that: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/how-to-switch-between-gdm-and-kdm-on-ubuntu/05:26
Guest47957here -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/708374/05:26
valorieGuest47957: difficult to read as I only speak english05:27
valoriehowever, I think you also will find sudo dpkg-reconfigure -a useful05:27
RavnacSomeone just posted a how-to-geek link about switching between KDE and the other thing - care to repost? Had a disconnect05:28
valoriealso, /etc/default/grub: 9: splash: not found -- you need grub!05:28
valorieand here is the second link: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/how-to-switch-between-gdm-and-kdm-on-ubuntu/05:28
phoenix_firebrdvalorie: valorie zimmerman?05:29
valoriethat's me05:29
phoenix_firebrdvalorie: hello05:30
valoriedo we know one another?05:30
valorieI like your nick05:30
phoenix_firebrdvalorie: i am in you google plus circle05:30
phoenix_firebrdvalorie: thanks05:30
valorieGuest47957: it's possible you misunderstood about grub05:32
valorieyou can only have one of them05:32
valorieso if you have a dual-boot system, you don't want to install it a second time05:32
Guest47957Why should I choose kdm or gdm?05:32
valoriebut you have to have one of them05:32
valorieusually it's just a matter of taste05:33
valoriebut with 11.10, Ubuntu no longer uses gdm05:33
valoriethey now use lightdm05:33
phoenix_firebrdwhat about lightdm?05:33
valorieKubuntu still uses KDM05:33
valoriemaybe one can use lightDM to switch between Unity and KDE desktop05:34
valoriebut I don't know05:34
phoenix_firebrdif we use lightdm we wont be able to shudown from kmenu05:34
valorieI've not seen any documentation about that05:34
Guest47957yo ejecute el comando: "sudo dpkg-reconfigure -a" y obtuve esto:05:34
Guest47957I run the command: "sudo dpkg-reconfigure-a" and got this:05:34
Guest47957Your console font configuration will be updated the next time your system05:35
Guest47957boots. If you want to update it now, run 'setupcon' from a virtual console.05:35
Guest47957update-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-2.6.38-11-generic-pae05:35
Guest47957cron stop/waiting05:35
Guest47957dpkg-maintscript-helper: error: couldn't identify the package05:35
valoriedang, ubottu is being a bit dense tonight05:35
FloodBotK2Guest47957: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:35
FloodBotK1Guest47957: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:35
phoenix_firebrdGuest47957: use paste.ubuntu.com05:35
valorieGuest47957: you have a complicated problem -- beyond my ability to help, I'm afraid05:36
valorieby choosing no grub, you now have a system with no boot system05:36
Ravnacvalorie: Does the "Configuring auctex"-dialog always take that long? Can't even click "OK" and the Console-Windows doesn't really react :/.05:36
ubottuBoot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto05:36
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)05:36
valorieyou might be able to fix your grub from a liveCD, liveDVD, or liveUSB, if you can boot from one of them05:37
Ravnacvalorie: Ah, it's done now. I should be more patient. Thanks very much for your help05:37
valorieI have done so with chroot05:37
Guest47957the biggest problem is I can install programs and use my system, but every time I install a new program, the system tells me that "there is a package that was not finished installing" (the kernel) and do not know how to fix this problem.05:37
valorieit wasn't fun, however05:37
valorieGuest47957: read those links ubottu just put in the channel05:38
valorieboot options, and grub2 in particular05:38
andantinohows the new kubuntu?05:38
valorieandantino: awesome on my netbook05:39
phoenix_firebrdvalorie: rescatux is a very good oprtion to recover grub05:39
valoriephoenix_firebrd: I've heard that05:39
valoriebut haven't used it05:39
phoenix_firebrdvalorie: i think i know a solution to Guest47957 issue05:39
andantinoi have  never tried kubuntu before, thinking about giving it a shot05:39
valorieandantino: make a live CD, USB, or better yet, USB05:40
valorieand give it a spin05:40
valorieI bet you'll love it05:40
andantinoim using fedora kde right now05:40
valoriewell, I have fed. KDE friends too, so I won't say anything bad about it05:40
valorieexcept -- beefy miracle?05:41
phoenix_firebrdGuest47957: I had this problem sometime back, i simply uninstalled the kernel. You should have one other kernel to do this05:41
andantinothats still two releases away valorie05:41
Guest47957¿como puedo saber cuantos kernels tengo?05:41
Guest47957How I can know how many kernels I have?05:42
phoenix_firebrdGuest47957: english please05:42
phoenix_firebrdGuest47957: are you kde05:42
phoenix_firebrdGuest47957: are in you kde05:42
phoenix_firebrdGuest47957: sorry typo05:43
phoenix_firebrdGuest47957: you are in recovery console?05:43
Guest47957no, but I can logout and login with kde05:43
phoenix_firebrdGuest47957: if you can login to kde, use muon to check the kernel05:44
well_laid_lawnor try dpkg -l | grep kernel05:44
Guest47957now, I'm using Ubuntu and Quassel IRC, but from a GNOME session05:44
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phoenix_firebrdwell_laid_lawn: could you help Guest47957 to install the latest kernel05:45
well_laid_lawnhe wants to count them afaik05:46
Guest47957im run dpkg -l | grep kernel05:46
valoriewhen the old dog barks, gotta take him out, or disaster results05:47
Guest47957and the screen shows this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/708382/05:47
phoenix_firebrdGuest47957: you are in 11.04 right05:48
well_laid_lawnyou posted the same link twice05:48
Guest47957yes, im sorry.05:48
well_laid_lawnanyway lines 8,17,18 show in the comments they are kernels05:49
Guest47957I do not want to be a guest, so I will try to connect again with my nick "djthree"05:50
fittyЕсть русские?05:50
well_laid_lawnis that russian?05:50
well_laid_lawn!ru | fitty05:50
ubottufitty: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.05:50
djthreeMy native language is Spanish05:51
phoenix_firebrddjthree: remove this version 2.6.38-11.5005:52
phoenix_firebrddjthree: sorry i forgot05:53
phoenix_firebrdwell_laid_lawn: need a hand05:53
well_laid_lawntry  apt-get remove pkg05:54
phoenix_firebrdwell_laid_lawn: give him the full command05:56
well_laid_lawnthere's three headers pkg's for the 2.6.38-11.50 kernel but no kernel05:57
well_laid_lawnline 12-1405:57
phoenix_firebrdwell_laid_lawn: may be removing the header packages will fix the issue05:58
phoenix_firebrdwell_laid_lawn: linux-image-2.6.38-11-generic-pae05:58
phoenix_firebrdwell_laid_lawn: line 1705:59
excognachi all! Upgrade went almost smoothly. What does the acitvity manager???06:03
phoenix_firebrdexcognac: http://maketecheasier.com/use-kde-plasma-activities/2010/09/0106:04
phoenix_firebrdexcognac: try this http://www.ghacks.net/2010/08/16/kde-desktop-activities-explained/06:04
jmichaelxi want to KILL nepomuk, akonadi and anything else related.....06:27
jmichaelxand i mean kill as in destroy06:28
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jamil_1I think I eventually got connected to the wireless router... I have an ip on network ... but I cant ping anyone06:58
jamil_1if I ping local network i get Operation not permitted06:58
jamil_1if I ping google, it say unknown host06:59
jamil_1perhaps my ip routing table is messed up ?07:02
well_laid_lawnjamil_1: have you set a nameserver anywhere?07:18
jamil_1well_laid_lawn: nope07:19
jamil_1well_laid_lawn: not manually07:19
well_laid_lawnjamil_1: I'd set a nameserver then07:20
jamil_1well_laid_lawn: how would I go about it ?07:20
jamil_1well_laid_lawn: not sure about nameserver but bind is running on my machine if it helps07:20
well_laid_lawnjamil_1: there should be an option for it in whatever you used to set the network07:20
jamil_1well_laid_lawn: I never had to do this before07:21
jamil_1well_laid_lawn: I am connecting to the network from terminal so there is no option :(07:22
well_laid_lawnjamil_1: if you can ping -c 3 but not google.com then you need a nameserver07:22
jamil_1well_laid_lawn: it says network unreachable07:23
well_laid_lawnyou're not connected then07:24
jamil_1well_laid_lawn: can it be firewall issue ?07:24
well_laid_lawnjamil_1: I have no idea what your setup is - as a guess it could be07:25
jamil_1well_laid_lawn: but in ifconfig wlan0 it shows that I have a local ip07:25
well_laid_lawndoes   ifconfig -a   show anything is up?07:25
well_laid_lawnjamil_1: what does   route   return?07:26
jamil_1well_laid_lawn:  *  U 0 0 0 wlan007:27
jamil_1well_laid_lawn: I guess is my gateway07:28
well_laid_lawnseems like it07:29
jamil_1well_laid_lawn: how can I check if there is no firewall blocking me07:30
jamil_1well_laid_lawn: does kubuntu ship with firewall ?07:30
well_laid_lawnjamil_1: yep but it's pretty open - check the router admin page maybe07:31
well_laid_lawnjamil_1: can you ping the router?07:31
jamil_1well_laid_lawn: I get Operation not permitted07:32
NicodBIn my /etc/init.d/ I have a script, which is not started when my workstation boots. When I manually starts the servcice, I have no problems. I ran  update-rc.d so the script is registered. What could be the problem?07:32
Yamauchi'The ISO file includes a file called usb-creator.exe' - where?07:33
well_laid_lawnjamil_1: you'll have to check if the router is set to respond to pings07:34
jamil_1well_laid_lawn: well, I can ping it from the machine I am currently using07:35
well_laid_lawnjamil_1: then it's something local to the machine - how did you set the connection up?07:38
joeblogHello folx07:38
jamil_1well_laid_lawn: wpa_supplicant -Dwext -iwlan0 -cwpa.conf && dhclient wlan007:39
joeblogEverything is running smoothly for me using kubuntu 11.10 from a flash drive, but I can't get dragon player to work. Can someone help me please?07:39
well_laid_lawnjamil_1: what does   iwconfig wlan0   return? is it associated etc?07:41
jamil_1well_laid_lawn: yup07:43
Arnoldjoeblog: you might be missing various codecs. Try installing "kubuntu-restricted-extras" and see if it helps you. Or if not, you can install various gstreamer-plugins (bad, good, etc).07:43
Yamauchi'The ISO file includes a file called usb-creator.exe' - where?07:43
well_laid_lawnjamil_1: is there a network manager still running?07:43
jamil_1well_laid_lawn: nope07:44
joeblogArnold: thank you, will do so.07:44
jamil_1well_laid_lawn: running the network manager gives me an error that cant find some f**ing so file07:45
phiscibeyour dns is maybe messed07:45
well_laid_lawnjamil_1: is your user in the network group - I'm just throwing up guesses here :)07:45
phiscibedidnt you eariler say your resolv.conf was empty except for commits07:46
joeblogI created a 1GB permanent partition on the thumb drive, but now kubuntu is complaining that I am running out of space. How can I increase the space?07:46
jamil_1well_laid_lawn: how can I check this ?07:46
well_laid_lawnjamil_1: in a terminal   groups07:46
jamil_1phiscibe: resolv.conf contains: nameserver
phiscibeis that your router that ip address07:47
jamil_1well_laid_lawn: there is not network group07:47
well_laid_lawnjamil_1: look at what route returned and what is in resolv.conf07:47
jamil_1phiscibe: yup07:47
phiscibedo you have dns entries from your isp in your routers set up07:48
jamil_1phiscibe: I never had to tinker them before so no idea what does it mean. can explain a bit ?07:48
jamil_1well_laid_lawn: how can I add my user to a group ?\07:49
phiscibeyou can ping local machines right?07:49
jamil_1phiscibe: I get Operation not permitted07:49
jamil_1phiscibe: maybe a permission issue ?07:50
well_laid_lawn!info usermod07:50
phiscibetry sudo ping07:50
ubottuPackage usermod does not exist in oneiric07:50
jamil_1phiscibe: same error with sudp07:50
jamil_1phiscibe: s/sudp/sudo07:50
phiscibedid you have firewall ruels setup pre upgrade07:52
jamil_1phiscibe: never touched them07:53
well_laid_lawnphiscibe: are you in the network group?07:53
well_laid_lawnI'm on my arch box atm07:54
jamil_1well_laid_lawn: where is this network group ? I cant find it in /etc/group07:55
well_laid_lawnjamil_1: I'm in the network group on my arch system here - I can't check what ubuntu has atm which is why I asked phiscibe about it07:56
joeblogsee you guys later, my disk space warning is now at 0%. Need to go fix it.07:59
SilentDishello, I'm having a problem installing 11.10.  I've got a bunch of drives already setup, so I choose manual for disk setup.  I can select my / drive, but when I go to assign /dev/sdb1 as /home, ubiquity crashes without any error.  I've launched it from the prompt with --debug, but I don't know where it actually logs to, to trace down the error.  anyone have any idea?08:00
well_laid_lawnmake sure the partition is unmounted08:02
SilentDiswell_laid_lawn: it is08:02
SilentDiswell_laid_lawn: mount shows as clean08:03
phiscibeis dbus running i wonder08:03
well_laid_lawnSilentDis: you did the md5 check?08:03
SilentDisphiscibe: fresh boot from a live CD...  checking08:03
SilentDiswell_laid_lawn: of course, I do that before burning, as well as after burning :)08:03
phiscibesorry silent i meant with jamil_108:03
SilentDisanyone know where ubiquity logs it's errors to when you --debug it?08:05
jamil_1phiscibe: yup08:05
jamil_1well_laid_lawn: Now I am able to ping my router !08:05
phiscibewhaat did u do08:06
jamil_1well_laid_lawn: after stopping ipmasq08:06
well_laid_lawnwhy was that running?08:06
jamil_1well_laid_lawn: I don't know08:06
phiscibethat would do the same as firewall rules, sorta08:06
phiscibecan you ping google.com08:07
jamil_1phiscibe: nope :(08:07
phiscibeor   googles ip08:07
phiscibetry the ip08:07
jamil_1phiscibe: nope08:07
jamil_1phiscibe: Network is unreachable08:08
SilentDisduh of the moment, it's in the system logs.  it appears ubiquity is throwing back "Device /dev/sdd1 not found in os-prober output" (with varying drives), followed by "switched to page Form" then crashing.  anyone have any ideas?08:08
phiscibecrazy jamil08:09
phiscibeyou can ping the router, but nothing not outsied, are there other machines on the local net u can ping08:09
jamil_1phiscibe: I will become one sooner08:09
jamil_1phiscibe: I dont recall a single upgrade where things went smoothly08:10
jamil_1its working !08:11
jamil_1I tried the dhclient wlan0 once againt and now I can ping google08:12
xieyiI have upgraded to 11.10 and meet problem that the proftpd can't be started properly.08:13
SilentDisalright, screw it.  saving my /etc/fstab from the old install.  I'll just restore it when I'm done.08:13
jamil_1thnks guys for being so patient. I really appreciate it phiscibe well_laid_lawn   :)08:14
anathemaeverytime I login to my kubuntu 11.10 the volume level is 008:15
anathemahow to fix that?08:15
well_laid_lawnare you saving the session each time?08:16
SilentDisanathema: I'd say go into system settings, make sure 'save session' is selected, and then just log out and back in.  should be set that way.  after that, if you wish, you can unmark save session.08:17
phiscibejamil look in /var/log/auth.log for errors08:17
anathemaSilentDis, I have "On login: Restore previous session" Is that correct?08:19
SilentDisyep.  now do a log out (not a restart, reboot, etc).08:19
anathemaI had already this setting08:20
SilentDisanathema: yep. now do a log out (not a restart, reboot, etc).08:20
anathemaso I dont think that it will be fixed08:20
anathemabecause I had already this. nothing changed :S08:20
xieyiwhere can I update packages in 11.1008:20
anathemaTo default leave option08:20
anathemawhat i must have?08:20
SilentDisanathema: ok, I assume, then, it's something goofed up with reboot and such not actually getting to the point of saving the session.  do a log out, and that should allow that process to complete before it gets sent down due to init level changing.08:21
anathemaSilentDis, ok in the default leave option what I must have?08:21
phiscibeanathema: it sounds like this problem screwing with the system state, but im not sure: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=185943208:21
phiscibealso if u look at the kubunt realease nots i mentions the new var lock arrangment08:21
anathemaphiscibe, no i dont think that is that the problem thanks anyway, the only problem that i have is the 0 level sound and a weird akonadi problem08:22
anathemaerror notification08:22
anathemaSilentDis, Can you tell me please what setting I must have under the "default Leave option"? End Current session/Turn of /Restart Pc?08:23
SilentDisanathema: Default Leave Option - End current session.  On Login - Restore previous session.  then, log out (not restart, not shutdown), and see if that solves it.  I'm thinking it may be just a goofy problem with how restart/shutdown are handling the save session option.08:25
anathemaOk I will do that08:25
phiscibeanathema:  a corrupted pulseaudio config?  maybe delete or move /. pulse08:25
SilentDisphiscibe: that's a good idea, too.  goofy settings during upgrades suck.  I'll probably have my fair share after this, too, and I'll have to dig through a bunch >.<08:27
anathemaSilentDis, i logged out, logged in, the sound is 0, also If I press the Kbutton the window is shown in the top of the page !!!Weird08:27
phiscibeive yet to do it, i have four systems to do, ive been wathing whats going on, with ear to wall, tried on one machine it couldnt even get past updating08:28
SilentDisanathema: alrighty.  phiscibe had a good idea.  it could be a goofed up pulse audio config.  gimme 1 sec to find it's exact place so I can get ya a move command :)08:29
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anathemaOk thanks08:29
anathemaWhats with the weird problem that if i click the sound icon the menu is shown in the top of the page08:29
SilentDisanathema: in a terminal, type this:  mv ~/.pulse ~/pulse.backup08:29
anathemathe same thing happens with the K button too08:30
SilentDisanathema: after that, log out/back in and/or restart machine.08:30
jamil_1has anybody else encountered this error: Error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Spawn.Childexited: Launch helper exited with unknown return code 12708:32
seshagiriHello everyone, While upgrading to Kubuntu 11.10, i encountered so many errors (http://pastebin.com/94CfGfKS). I've googled a lot, but didn't find any solution. Could some one help me?08:32
phiscibeyeah its the dbus var run locking error ive seen 50 ppl bitch about08:32
SilentDisjamil_1: You broke the internet.  stop that, it's how I get my porn, and I don't appreciate being without it.  [j/k, googling now ;)]08:33
jamil_1SilentDis: lol08:33
SilentDis!bug 613412 | jamil_108:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 613412 in packagekit (Ubuntu Maverick) "packagekit in maverick causes error in apt operations" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61341208:34
jamil_1phiscibe: any pointers08:34
phiscibeUbuntu 11.10 has migrated away from /var/run, /var/lock and /dev/shm and now uses /run, /run/lock and /run/shm instead (respectively). While the Ubuntu AppArmor packages and shipped policy have been adjusted for this, custom policy may need to be updated. The following may be used to aid in migration (it allows both the old and the new paths):08:34
phiscibebut too late for that so look http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=185943208:35
SilentDisjamil_1: that little blurb from ubottu was meant for you.  they've changed the bot since I last had to use it, apparently.08:35
jamil_1phiscibe: I actually read this stuff but ignored it innocently assuming it wont effect me08:36
anathemaSilentDis, fixed many thanks :) phiscibe also many thanks!!08:36
SilentDisanathema: no troubles.  suck it microsoft, community irc works better every damn time ;)08:36
phiscibesed -i -e 's#/var/run#/{,var/}run#' -e 's#/var/lock#/{run,var}/lock#' -e 's#/dev/shm/#/{dev,run}/shm/#' <profile>08:36
anathemaI have a problem with Akonadi-Kmail (Never used) but every time I login a "Mail dispatcher agent" error comes in08:37
anathemaFailed to fetch the resource collection. Many ppl have this08:37
phiscibethat is supposed to make it work both ways, but just the other way works too08:37
SilentDisanathema: could you pastebin the error (if it's long) or just drop it in here if it's short?08:37
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:37
anathemaSilentDis, Sure!!08:37
* SilentDis didn't want to sleep anyway. besides, this pack of smokes is still mostly full... ;)08:38
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anathemaSilentDis, http://imagebin.org/17916008:40
jee_I've got a big problem with the nvidia drivers08:40
SilentDisjust fyi, it is actually REALLY difficult to go back to a single monitor when you've spent the last 2 months with 2.  go faster install!08:40
anathemaThe Mail Dispatcher error is showing everytime I log in. In startup. The kmail error everytime I open Kmail (I dont use it but just to fix the problem)08:41
jee_ah, but i've to go, i'll fix it later, sorry, goodbye08:41
anathemaSo that's my problem: http://imagebin.org/17916008:46
anathemaanyone with the same problem? http://imagebin.org/17916008:50
phiscibeKDE Bug 275469: A window may retain a taskbar entry after closing the application.08:51
phiscibeMigration to KMail 2 does not work, see KMail 2 migration.08:51
ubottuKDE bug 275469 in widget-taskbar "4 7 Regression: closed windows stay in the taskbar sometimes, taskbar doesn't react on clicks" [Normal,New] http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=27546908:51
rorkanathema: if you share your main problem in this channel people are more likely to pick it up08:52
anathemaphiscibe is a fix for this bug? or not yet08:53
anathemaphiscibe, i dont want to backup my data (cause i dont have already in 11.10) i want to fix the error08:56
phiscibeso you have no mail data to save, just the bug08:57
anathemayeah exactly08:58
anathemaI want to fix also the KMail because I want to start using it08:58
anathemaand the akonadi too08:58
rorkWhere can I find the option to turn off adding accents on characters after typing a quote, e.g. ' + e gives é09:01
TeslaTonyI just upgraded to 11.10, and now find that I have no way to turn my computer off without using the command line, and that even if I do, it hangs. What am I missing?09:02
phiscibeanathema: all i can think is make that migration tool run, it reconfigures the akanoid server, that or unistall everything that uses akanoid and akanoid and reisntall09:04
anathemaok thanks phiscibe i will try that09:04
phiscibedeleting ~/.kde/share/config/kmail-migratorrc running "kmail-migrator --interactive" might work, but u aint paying me and i aint swearing09:04
anathemaphiscibe i removed the file and after that in migrator i typed migrate and nothing happens. I will try with the option Skip migration09:06
anathemaphiscibe, the same. I must stop akonadi server fist?09:07
anathemaphiscibe how to launch akonadi console?09:10
anathemanot configuration but console09:10
phiscibeu have to have the dev tools for akanoid09:14
anathemaI see.09:15
anathemaI want to reset the akonadi Resources configuration09:15
anathemabecause I opened the akonadi configuration tool and I see that are missing09:15
anathemathat's the problem. I want a way to resetting to defautls09:15
Anubishi! short question: what will be the impact on kde if i remove akonadi ?09:16
phiscibewell its used by a lot of crap09:17
phiscibethe neowhatit thing  is involed too09:17
phiscibeneomuk or soemthing09:17
phiscibeakanoid is where the default apps store mail contacts calander local folderes the neomuk indexing09:19
phiscibesomething like htat09:19
phiscibeanathema: i dunno, reset might not work because i think the upgrade had to restructure the mysql database , thats what themighratio tool is supposed to do09:22
phiscibeakonadictl is the servier09:22
phiscibeso akonadictl stop start restart should work09:22
anathemahmm i see09:23
phiscibeakonadictl status09:23
anathemaI went to KDEResourcs in system settings09:23
anathemaand I see a default option is loaded09:23
anathemabut I cant delete it09:23
jamil_1me again ppl09:23
anathemais there any way to restore all kde resources and akonadi resources to default?09:23
jamil_1my dmesg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/708443/09:23
anathemaor can you tell me yours settings09:23
anathemain Akonadi Resources09:23
phiscibe KMail, KOrganizer, KJots, etc. were updated to use Akonadi as well. In addition, several Plasma widgets also use Akonadi to store and retrieve calendar events, notes, etc.  so killing akanoid should only effect those09:24
jamil_1why do i see errors every where09:24
phiscibeakonadi resources opes a gui09:24
anathemahmm in system personal information panel?09:25
phiscibehas the calander shared address book , plain address book and the mail foder settings09:25
anathemahmm i see09:25
anathemaall of them are green in mine09:25
phiscibeits a kde control module09:26
anathemai see. i dont know why is failing with the error cant get the resources :P09:26
phiscibebut doesnt show under system settings09:26
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anathemai have the personal contacts many times09:27
anathemai wil delete all except one :p09:27
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jamil_1sick of:  cups main process terminated with status 12709:35
phiscibejamil_1:  are you using nfs09:35
jamil_1phiscibe: nope09:35
jamil_1phiscibe: but used it some time ago09:35
anathemaphiscibe: is there any way to have disabled all desktop effects but to have transparent K bar09:35
jamil_1each update is a pandora box09:37
Anubisyou are right jamil09:41
Yamauchiinstallation is totally jacked up for me...09:44
flying_sheepno sound after upgrade. i guess it’s a common problem. what can i do?09:47
zero1hi guys, I have a prob with alt+f2 shortcut. suddently doesnt launch the starter09:52
zero1the run command is not set09:52
phiscibeflying_sheep: dry delteting the pulseaudio configuration   someplace in home folder is a hidden .pulse folder09:53
joeblogHi folx, how do I automatically centre an application on loading it? Currently it is snapping to different corners of the screen09:54
phiscibethats called krunner isnt it zero109:54
flying_sheepphiscibe: i did. due to anothe bug kded couldn’t start until i moved away all my dotfiles. i copied back selected ones, .pulse wasn’t among them09:54
flying_sheep“kded” was no typo ;)09:54
phiscibeunistall and reinstall pulseaudi09:55
zero1phiscibe maybe... i mean the shortcut of the run applications. It is wokring if i press right click on desktop > Run command09:55
zero1I just want to have it with alt+f2 . It worked before rebooting :P09:55
flying_sheepphiscibe: didn’t work09:57
zero1is there any way to restore the alt+f2 ?09:58
zero1in the system settings > shortcuts there is no option09:58
joeblogFound it, windows now centre by themselves :)09:59
phiscibeyou could manualy set the keyboard shourt cut in system settings10:00
phiscibethe taks to run is krunner10:01
yofelzero1: system settings -> shortcuts -> global -> component: run command interface -> run command10:02
zero1thanks yofel )10:03
jamil_1phiscibe: I dont have a cups file in init.d10:03
yofeljamil_1: you should, although it's only for compatibility10:03
flying_sheepphiscibe: amarok’s seeker bar doesn’t progress oO10:03
yofelthe cups  service config file is in /etc/init/10:04
jamil_1yofel: is there way I could completely disable cups10:04
yofeljamil_1: oneiric?10:04
jamil_1yofel: yup10:04
yofeljamil_1: echo manual | sudo tee /etc/init/cups.override10:05
yofelthat will prevent it from starting by itself10:05
jamil_1yofel: lemme test this10:06
jamil_1yofel: remember yesterday I had the graphics card issue ?10:06
jamil_1yofel: I got arount it by manually installing the nvidia-current from ubuntu site10:07
jamil_1yofel: but I still get stuck at the kubuntu blue screen10:08
yofelmeh, then I'm not quite sure where to continue to debug this10:08
jamil_1yofel: the odd thing is that if I go for recovery kernel and enter kdm  in console it takes me to the login screen10:10
yofelthen it's probably some service that get's stuck before kdm tries to start. You could replace 'quiet splash' in the kernel options with '--verbose', but that'll dump a LOT of hard to read asynchronous upstart loggin on the screen10:11
phiscibe       ksystemlog10:12
yofelupstart doesn't log anything by default10:12
jamil_1heres is my dmesg prior to disabling cups: http://paste.ubuntu.com/708443/10:13
yofelalthough syslog might have something10:13
jamil_1here it complains about network manager too10:13
phiscibemaybe the auth log or kenrel or syslog might show you  somthing10:14
phiscibeif u can run ksystemlog it is easy to get ot10:14
yofel[   45.044992] init: gdm main process (1090) terminated with status 12710:14
yofelwhat does 'cat /etc/X11/default-display-manager' tell you?10:14
jamil_1yofel: I started with standard ubuntu then just to try out I installed KDM and then never went back10:15
jamil_1yofel: now I have both gnome and kde10:15
jamil_1yofel: can this be problematic ?10:15
yofelnot really, but what DM is set as default?10:15
jamil_1yofel: gdm10:16
yofelhm... I'm not quite sure how much Q/A gdm has gotten in oneiric, as ubuntu uses lightdm now10:16
jamil_1yofel: I should change it to /usr/sbin/kdm ?10:16
yofeltry sudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm10:17
yofeland select kdm there as default10:17
joeblogWhat do I need to activate inside Muon to be able to download the restricted extras package, so that mp3 works?10:17
yofeljoeblog: alt+f2, type muon, select the package manager. There you'll find the restricted extras10:18
yofelthey'll show up as long as multiverse is enabled10:18
joeblogyofel: that is the thing, I have multiverse selected, but when I search, I get an empty result10:19
yofeljoeblog: are you in the software center or the package manager?10:19
joeblogsoftware centre10:19
phiscibedo you have a /var/lib/ureadahead/pack file jam10:20
yofeljoeblog: K -> applications -> system -> package manager10:20
* jamil_1 hugs yofel and phiscibe 10:20
jamil_1damn gdm10:20
yofelfile a bug against gdm...10:20
joeblogyofel: I see it, thank you!10:21
jamil_1yofel: gdm uses compiz by default or not ?10:21
jamil_1yofel: most of the times compiz has issues with graphics card10:22
yofelno idea, last time I used it compiz was only started after login I believe10:22
kerloiHi all. I just installed kubuntu on my system (I'm not used to this distro). A strange message appeared on my konsole : 'kbuildsycoca4 running' (This is not I who started this command) and then Error: "/var/tmp/kdecache-olivier" is owned by uid 1000 instead of uid 010:23
joeblogCan someone please explain the basic idea here ... why is there a package manager and a software centre?10:24
kerloiSeems that I have the same error when I start a kde app with sudo ...10:24
phiscibekerloi: do you use sudo often?10:24
yofeljoeblog: pretty much taken from ubuntu, where there's the software center and synaptic10:25
kerloiphiscibe: not really but right now I tried to edit some config files (I fact I haven't modified anything)10:25
kerloiroot config files10:25
phiscibewhen you run program with a gui with sudo, it sometimes changes ownership of the files to ROOT, just using sudo modifies the permisions10:26
phiscibeyou should use kdesudo to launch a gui app10:26
joeblogyofel: thank you. I will play with them more, but they look very similar.10:26
phiscibebut to fix your problem u need to set the owners bat to you and not root of something mabye the kbuidsyscoca4 not sure where, but and searchg for file owned by root in the wrong place10:27
kerloiphiscibe: Ok usually I use vim but it wasn't installed and the server was in trouble10:27
kerloiso I tried with kate10:28
joeblogSomething that I would like to get right, is to be able to run kubuntu or another kde distro in RAM, much like Puppy Linux works. Can that be done?10:28
yofeljoeblog: the SC shows "applications" - the package manager everything + a lot more details10:28
phiscibeyou can use kate just use kdesuo kate not sudo kate, then it wont change the owner to root10:28
phiscibegksudo for gnome10:28
phiscibeif u got enough ram10:29
joeblogyofel: that makes sense, like the software centre is an abstracted version of the package manager.10:29
kerloiphiscibe: well it seems to be the opposit. It expected to find a root owned file (uid 0) and it found a user owned file (uid 1000)10:29
kerloiin fact the owners are correct ...10:29
kerloibut fine I'll use kdesudo by now :)10:30
joeblogIs anyone here currently running their distro in RAM?10:30
phiscibenano is usaly available, ive used puppy in ram is all10:31
kerloiAnd another question : what's the difference between 'vim-gtk' 'vim-athena' and 'vim-gnome' and more important, which one integrate the better kde environement ?10:31
yofelkerloi: vim-gtk will integrate fine10:32
kerloiok thx10:32
phiscibethe borders and stuff use gtk, so it is ok not gnome under kde though it outta work10:33
kerloijoeblog: what do you wean ? You want to create a ramfs and install a distro in it ?10:33
kerloior you just want to use a vm ?10:33
phiscibepuppy has small apps, abiword,  joes window manager or icwm ect, all of it, the whole thing is less than 90 mb, so it can all run in ram, no swap10:34
joeblogkerloi: I am not sure of the technicalities, but what I want is the entire OS in RAM, so everything loads instantaneously. The speed of Puppy Linux is addictive and I want to have a KDE experience with that speed.10:34
phiscibehe wants to do that with a bigger distro....why?  no reason other than he is a nerd like we are and just loves computers (thas why we put up with distro upgrades)10:35
phiscibeits a love affair10:35
joeblogphiscibe: amen :)10:35
joeblogwhy do I want to do it, because we can :)10:36
* phiscibe pets his hard drive10:36
TeslaTonyOn my main menu, when I click "Leave," it doesn't show an option to shut down or restart. How can I fix this?10:40
phiscibemkfs -q /dev/ram1 8192 would make a filesystem in ram10:40
phiscibethen u could mount it, but you have to boot it and load it somehow10:40
phiscibenot in tha t order10:41
joeblogphiscibe: the way Puppy does it is load from USB, then copy the necessary files into RAM on startup.10:41
kerloinot sure anything have been made to do that with ubuntu but you can still adda startup script which create the ramfs and copy binaries and config files to it10:42
joeblogphiscibe: I will Google this, but I asked it here because one of you have already done it :)10:42
joeblogI mean .. may have already done it.10:43
kerloior you can create a huge ramdisk :)10:43
wodaMuon sagt dass das Paketsystem wird von anderen Anwendung verwendet, wie werde ich es loss?10:43
phiscibeTeslaTony: I THINK, i say this someplace10:47
phiscibeubuntu use lightdm now as a greeter10:47
phiscibekubuntu does not , i thinkkk10:47
yofelkubuntu does not10:47
phiscibemayve yours are crossed10:47
phiscibemaking the leave option fouled10:47
TeslaTonyphiscibe: I'm talking about the programs menu10:48
TeslaTony(windows calls it the start menu)10:48
avihayThe KMenu!10:48
TeslaTonyThank you10:48
TeslaTonySo if I'm using GDM, the KMenu is screwy?10:49
TeslaTonyHow do I check and switch back?10:51
jamil_1any one encountered this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/708443/10:52
phiscibeuhh sorry im muddled10:53
well_laid_lawnjamil_1: that's alot of text - which bit?10:53
jamil_1well_laid_lawn: oops sorry wrong link10:54
phiscibecat /etc/X11/default-display-manager10:54
phiscibetry that command TeslaTony10:54
jamil_1well_laid_lawn: here it is: http://imagebin.org/17916910:54
woda„Das Paketsystem scheint zurzeit von einer anderen Anwendung verwendet zu werden. Sie müssen erst alle anderen paketverwaltungsprogramme schließen, bevor Sie Paket installieren oder entfernen können.“ was soll ich schließen?10:55
jamil_1I copied the link on one pc and pasted it in other one10:55
phiscibewhat does it show you?10:56
phiscibeTeslaTony:  i mean10:56
TeslaTonyphiscibe: It spits back /usr/sbin/lightdm10:56
phiscibeTeslaTony: are you using kubuntu or ubuntu?10:57
well_laid_lawnjamil_1: try a reinstall of kde might be a good idea from that error10:57
jamil_1well_laid_lawn: please don't recommend this10:57
TeslaTonyphiscibe: Kubuntu, but I did have lxde installed until recently10:57
jamil_1well_laid_lawn: I have spent so much time making it to work10:57
well_laid_lawnjamil_1: I dunno what else to say10:57
jamil_1well_laid_lawn: I can't start from zero again10:58
well_laid_lawnread the error10:58
jamil_1well_laid_lawn: it can't find the so....meaning I am either missing a package ....or need to link it properly ?10:58
well_laid_lawnjamil_1: you could try seeing if softlinks fix the issue10:58
well_laid_lawnfor each of the missing .so.4 files there should be a file with a similar name10:59
phiscibethat is the problem TeslaTony but i am not sure the best way to fix it, Kubuntu does not use lightdm ubuntu does11:00
phiscibecan you use a package manger and see if kde-workspace id installed?11:00
jamil_1well_laid_lawn: the so file is exactly where it is complaining to be missing11:01
BluesKajHey all11:01
well_laid_lawnjamil_1: run file on it to make sure it is ok then11:01
phiscibeyou might also be about to sudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm, that or dpkg-reconfigure gdm and pick kdm as default login manager11:02
joeblogThanks for the package help :) Dragon Player is working!11:02
phiscibeyou might be able to at the login screen select kdm, but you need the kde components and not gnome and kde11:03
jamil_1well_laid_lawn: it says ELF 64-bit LSB shared object.....11:03
kerloiHi again. I'm still discovering this new linux :) and I was wondering how to change firefox language ?11:03
kerloiIs there a special thing to install ?11:03
phiscibekubuntu right kerloi?11:04
phiscibelook under locales in system settings, that should change it in firefox11:04
kerloilocales are already in my language but not firefox.11:04
kerloiI just found the addon feature with muon software center. I'm adding kde support but I haven't found anything about language ...11:05
kerloinevermind, settings in kde aren't correct11:06
kerloiThat's strange since I had to select my locales during installation ...11:07
phiscibethere is a systems language module kerloi but im not sure about muon yet11:08
kerloiOk I understand, the parameters are set but language package aren't there11:08
kerloiI have to install I't. Should be down automatically at installation time when internet connection is up ...11:09
mac4rfreehi guys i have a problem with flash11:10
mac4rfreecan somebody help mewtih it11:10
kerloimac4rfree: tell your problem11:11
mac4rfreei download the flash from adobe site11:11
mac4rfreebut evn after tat, i am not able to play flash11:11
mac4rfreeshould restart the system?11:11
kerloimac4rfree: No but you'd better use the system packet manager.11:12
kerloiIt avoid a lot of trouble. Everything that can be done using it should be done using it.11:12
mac4rfreewhich package to install.. am newbie to linux11:12
kerloimac4rfree: I'm new to ubunut :p wait a sec I'll look for that ...11:13
mac4rfreeshould i install adobe flash plugin installer or downloader???11:13
jamil_1mac4rfree: the installer11:14
mac4rfreecool thanks guys11:14
mac4rfreeone more doubt..11:14
jamil_1go ahead11:15
mac4rfreeam goin to dual boot it with Win711:15
=== GirlyGirl is now known as Guest15216
mac4rfreei hav created a new partition for it11:15
phiscibehow many os are u gonna boot mac4rfree11:15
mac4rfreewen i install win7 ther, it shudn b any problem rite11:15
mac4rfreeam goin to hav only 2 OS11:16
kerloiAlwas install windows first as it will overwrite the bootloader11:16
phiscibebest to install win first11:16
kerloiIt is not a big deal but you will have to restore grub from the live cd after you installed windows11:16
phiscibeotherwise you will probably loose the bootloader, which is fixable11:16
=== Guest15216 is now known as Girly-Girl
phiscibejust be prepared for it11:16
mac4rfreecool kerloi11:16
phiscibealos you shoud have 3 partitions11:16
mac4rfreeyeah.. i knw tat.. b11:16
phiscibe1 for llinxu 1 for win and 1 small one for swap11:17
mac4rfreebut cud u explain me for do it11:17
jamil_1any want to give it a shot:  http://imagebin.org/17916911:17
mac4rfreeyeah i have 3 partitions already11:17
kerloimac4rfree: This is three simple command lines11:18
kerloiHum does he have to chroot to the hd from the live cd to fix grub ?11:19
mac4rfreei installed it from usb... u mean tat only rite?11:19
phiscibeinstall linux first, it makes grub2 the bootloader...installing windows 2nd overwrites it with winbootloader..............install windows first it makes winbootloader, linux 2nd installs grub2 but keeps and entry for windows, all is well11:19
kerloimac4rfree: ok should be fine but you will have to do it in two steps11:20
phiscibebut if you do the first option you have to fix the boot in the master boot record11:20
kerloiYou will fix it from your live usb then boot on your real ubuntu and do the same11:20
phiscibeanother dirt easy option is to make another boot cd or boot usb wth https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair#Getting_Boot-Repair11:20
kerloimac4rfree: http://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/grub-pc#reinstallerrestaurer_grub_211:20
phiscibeboot reapir is a progran that can boot and fix grub211:21
kerloiso it is easier, do that instead :)11:21
joeblogI have kubuntu running off my flash drive. When kubuntu starts up it beeps, then beeps again and then starts. Where do I go to turn the beeps off?11:21
kerloiwith my version it is three command lines but you have to make it twice. First time from the live and second time from your ubuntu.11:22
phiscibenot sure, is it kubuntu beeping or you bios,11:22
joeblogdefinately kubuntu11:22
jamil_1any encountered this: symbol look error: /usr/lib/gio/modules/libgiobamf.so: undefined symbol: g_desktop_app_info_launch_handler_get_type11:22
mac4rfreethanks guys.. will try that11:23
joeblogonly happens when showing the kubuntu initial selection menu11:23
phiscibesound like a missing file11:23
BluesKajjoeblog, how long are the beeps?11:23
joeblogBluesKaj: beep = less than a second, as long as it takes to say "beep" :) One beep as soon as the screen appears, the nkubuntu counts down 5s then a second beep to start loading kubuntu.11:25
Girly-Girljoeblog: note running an os on a flash drive killa the drive very quickly11:25
Girly-Girledit: kills11:26
joeblogGirly-Girl: what are we talking here .. days weeks months? I was going to use this drive daily, most of the day.11:27
BluesKajjoeblog, , nothing serious then , that's actually a normal sequence ...dunno how to get rid of it ...maybe someone else has a clue11:27
jamil_1yes yes11:27
phiscibeall the errors of yours i am looking point to some real bad version swewing11:28
phiscibethat last error for bamf , ill go to priv11:28
joeblogIs it true that running Kubuntu from the usb drive will kill the usb drive?11:31
Girly-Girljoeblog: It can die very quickly as flash storage has a limited write times and os's unlike just pasting a file keep writing files for configuration logs etc constantly11:32
BluesKajjoeblog, all i know is writing to flash drives is limited vs a hdd11:32
joeblogGirly-Girl: I think I need to buy a cheap thumb drive to experiment with. Let it run day to day until it dies :) Do you know how long it could take to kill the drive if used daily?11:35
=== meri is now known as bartol
joebloglol .. take 2.11:35
phiscibeif the os is just loading of the drive it shouldnt kill it too fast, especialy if u can load most it into ram, and can use a local swap resouce11:39
ValerieI have just updated kubuntu to 11.10.   Having problems with kmail.    Message received asking if I wanted to migrate email.  Clicked yes and it says I have to do it manually.  Have no idea how to do that.   Can anybody help me please.11:46
gedOI want to ask why NetBeans IDE are removed form Software Center in Kubuntu 11.10????11:47
ValerieHello gedO11:50
gedOValerie, Why NeatBeans IDE is removed after upgrade?11:51
ValerieIt doesn't look as though anybody is here.  I will come back later.11:51
ValeriegedO   I am sorry I haven't a clue.11:51
gedOValerie, Okey11:52
ValerieI am just trying to sort the emails.11:52
ValerieI don't even know what NeatBeans IDE is lol.11:53
ValeriePerhaps you can reinstall it.11:53
BluesKajgedO, check muon11:53
tonymchi all11:55
ValerieNow I know.  ty.     My son has just gone over to Apple for music.11:55
ValerieHello tonymc11:55
tonymci've upgraded to 11.10 yesterday. all went "fine" except that i had a lot of PPA software and now i have a lot of packages whos version numbers exceed the oneiric ones, resulting in broken dependencies. i have downgraded everything through aptitude but now i have a lot of duplicate packages in the package list. how can i remove them?11:56
tonymcby the way this is the first time updater didn't crash on update and second time upgrade didn't actually break anything... nice to see kubuntu making progress!11:57
ValerieOh dear I have just done that.    I thought it removed them automatically.11:58
ValerieDo you know about the kmail tonymc?11:58
tonymcValerie what about it?11:58
ValerieI  got a message saying did I want to migrate to kmail.    I click yes and then the next message told me I had to do it manually.11:59
ValerieI don't know how and it looks like my address book etc. is not there and not connected to server.12:00
tonymcValerie: well, it happened automatically for me. do you have a lot to migrate?12:00
BluesKajtonymc, it's always good practice to comment ppas in the sources.list or remove them from /etc/apt/sources.list.d12:00
ValerieYou were lucky lols12:01
tonymcBluesKaj: i know that...now :-)12:01
tonymcValerie: actually, i migrated earlier, i used the Kubuntu PPA's for 4.7.112:01
tonymcValerie: do you have complex filters, a lot of email accounts etc.? if no then it's probably easier to recreate them by hand (if you used IMAP, that is)12:02
ValerieOh dear.   I have pop 3.     I would do it manualy if I knew how and where they were.12:03
ValerieAs you can see I am not very knowledgable,  but only have one account.   I would like to get my saved messages etc. back12:03
tonymcValerie: it's probably somewhere in ~/.kde/share/apps/kmail/mail12:04
BluesKajdamn kmail hasn't worked proper;y since kde312:04
tonymcBluesKaj: not so with me - worked flawlessly since i migrated to kmail from thunderbird, which was a couple months ago :-)12:04
BluesKajI don't bother with it anymore ...gmail works well for our purposes12:05
tonymcBluesKaj: i like to have my email offline too :-)12:06
Valeriety tonymc.     I will have a go and come back later.    Thanks for trying to help me.      bye.12:07
BluesKajour ISP / mail provider put a;; our mail up on the a cotracted webmailserver so i saw no point in Kmail 's security options etc12:07
joeblogBluesKaj: after 4 years on Gmail, I have gone offline again. It feels good to know that my emails are under my control again :)12:09
tonymcjoeblog: they really aren't :-)12:10
tonymcjoeblog: google is pretty slow when it comes to actually deleting stuff12:10
BluesKajI practically freaked when I received an emai from Belll telling me they had moved our email servers over to Hotmail :) pop3 became pophm ,and smtp1 became smtphm :(12:11
joeblogtonymc: I know, but rather now than later :)12:11
joeblogHow do I get rid of the New Activity button in the top right corner of the desktop?12:12
BluesKajjoeblog, good question , wish I knew :)12:13
tonymcjoeblog: IIRC there's a setting in the workspace appearance12:13
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=== Guest40247 is now known as Girly-Girl
joeblogtonymc: It seems that it can't be removed. Unfortunately, there are no options in workspace.12:25
BluesKajjoeblog, try workspace behaviour12:26
joeblogBluesKaj: I only have a thing called Workspace12:27
xieyiI have upgrade to 11.10. The kmail migrated my old kmail accounts and failed. I want to reconfigure the accounts from scratch. which configure files are needed to be deleted?12:27
BluesKajjoeblog,,which kubuntu ?12:28
BluesKajin system settings?12:28
xieyiI can't find the software center in the system settings. Where can I find updates in 11.10?12:29
joeblogBluesKaj: Strange, Kickoff didn't find it. Will check inside there, thank you.12:30
BluesKajxieyi, kmenu > computer > muon software center12:32
joeblogBluesKaj: no luck. There is no option inside there. Workspace in Kickoff = Last option inside Workspace behaviour.12:33
=== acer_ is now known as onizuka45
BluesKajjoeblog, kmenu>apps>settings>system settings12:34
joeblogBluesKaj: that is where I was, yes.12:35
stuqhey all - has anyone else had the problem that the upgrade to oneric is trying to install libmtp-common: which breaks  libmtp8 and then a huge string of unmet dependencies12:36
BluesKajand no workspcae behavior..it's on the far right , a yelloe cashew type icon12:36
BluesKajjoeblog, ^12:37
stuqlooks like libmtp-common wants libmtp9 instead12:37
joeblogBluesKaj: I have been reading some mailing list entries from this year and it seems that the KDE developers decided to make the "cashew" available at all times, regardless of how many times people complained. So, it seems it is here to stay.12:37
joeblogBluesKaj: yes, that is where I was. I went inside there, tested the various options, and I was not able to switch it off.12:37
BluesKajoh so you did find it then ,...it just doesn't do what you want :P12:38
joeblogBluesKaj: yes, I found it, but the options available there do not switch the New Activity button thing off.12:39
BluesKajyeah, another kde pita12:40
joeblogBluesKaj: so here is my workaround. They do allow you to drag it around the screen. So, all I did was drag that thing into the same corner as my current panel and now it is hidden behind it. Then I have locked my widgets, so now both the panel cashew and the new activity cashew are hidden from view.12:42
* BluesKaj is getting annoyed with KDE for not fixing the resizing and toolbar font problems it has with root mode dolphin and kate ..totalloy stuck unadjustable and totally ignoring settings made as root in systemsettings12:45
=== warren is now known as Guest48828
* BluesKaj wishes gnome graphics wasn't rememiscent of cartoons and comic books12:46
joeblogBluesKaj: if gnome looked more pro, would you swap? :)12:47
BluesKajdunno joeblog , I'm getting pretty fed up ...it's tempting12:48
joeblogIt seems that Gnome 2 and KDE 3 have suffered the same fate. As soon as they started reaching a place where people were really happy, the projects were canned in the name of the next big thing.12:49
BluesKajppl with regular 22" monitors don't notice the font probs in root mode because they can read the #9 default font , but I need a #13 to read it on my 42" TV which i use as amonitor from 10ft away12:50
Girly-Girljoeblog: KDE 3 had sane reasons for discontinuation12:50
=== luca is now known as luc4
joeblogGirly-Girl: my point is that some people are switching to XFCE, to get away from what Gnome and KDE have become. XFCE seems to be very far behind where KDE 3 was.12:56
joeblogGirly-Girl: in other words, were those reasons for discontinuation really valid?12:57
Girly-Girljoeblog: Yes kde3 was a really difficult to code for compared to kde4 and relied on some other projects that had long been already discontinued12:58
Girly-Girljoeblog: What do you dislike about KDE 4.7 ?12:58
yogaThe new Muon Software Center in 11.10 only shows GUI apps, how do I look up or search all the apps like it used to be.13:00
Girly-Girlyoga: Use muon package manager instead of software center13:02
Girly-Girljoeblog: Even on the windows side ... if I wanted to make something for Win9x ... it will be much more difficult than coding for WinXp and higer13:05
BluesKajI still use synaptic as areference for installed and available pkges ...muon's attempt at dumbing down package management for new users isn't my cuppa tea.13:05
joeblogGirly-Girl: I gues this is just a bit of hindsight frustration talking now :) 4 years to get the feet back on the ground seems a bit much, don't you think?13:05
Girly-Girljoeblog: when kde4 was still unstable , kde3 was still available13:06
Girly-Girljoeblog: but if you must go back ...http://www.trinitydesktop.org/13:07
joeblogGirly-Girl: available yes, but unmaintained. XP analogy would be, we are working on something new in the background, but we will still make sure that XP is fixed/patched etc.13:09
Girly-Girljoeblog: Is this frustration from the inability to remove a simple cashew icon? That would be silly as it adds usabilty for new users and there is nothing wrong with it .... besides if you try gnome-shell and unity have much less customisation13:10
Girly-Girljoeblog: Xp is still supported yes as it is (underneath) identical to vista and 7 (many people don't know that)... but is windows me supported no13:11
Girly-Girljoeblog: fyi trinity is maintained13:11
BluesKajGirly-Girl, I think kde is frozen til. they settle integration probs with gnome3 , therrfore ppl like me have to suffer with settings that are unconfigurable in 4.7.2. thay were fine 4.7.013:13
Girly-GirlBluesKaj: Common GTK3 is so new and actually not part of kde13:14
* BluesKaj blames gnome13:14
BluesKajno kidding but it still has to run in kde13:15
joeblogThe cashew icon is an annoyance, but at least I saw today that I can hide it behind the panel.13:15
Girly-Girljoeblog: Why is it an anoyance?13:15
Girly-Girljoeblog: It stays on the desktop in a corner and doesn't overlap windows ... not an anoyance in anyway ....13:16
BluesKajok, stuff to do ...bbl13:17
joeblogGirly-Girl: you asked if the frustration was re the cashew, so I said that it is more of an annoyance that the devs refuse to give an option to hide a behaviour that is undesired. My workaround to hide it behind the panel is ok for me. Not ideal, but it works.13:17
* Girly-Girl lols at the cashew bashing13:18
tonymcjoeblog: there's a plasmoid that hides cashew13:18
Girly-Girljoeblog: But really what does the cahew do to you, its so small if set in a corner13:18
joeblogGirly-Girl: I know it seems funny, but when I have a beautiful wallpaper, and this ruddy thing that is on top of the wallpaper, it gets a bit much :)13:19
Espiritoanyone here who uses Qt is having problems in applications that compile on 10/11? Because mine are all distorted.13:21
joeblogtonymc: 28 000 posts just referencing plasmoid to hide cashew. Clearly I am not alone :) Someone even got mad enough to make a plasmoid to fix the problem :)13:22
tonymci have no problem with cashew but to each his own :-)13:22
tonymcEspirito: 10/11 meaning what?13:23
Girly-Girljoeblog: How does it hide your wallpaper if its in a corner, you can move it to an edge like this (http://img705.imageshack.us/img705/8119/snapshot9f.png) or anywhere where it is not an obstruction13:23
Girly-Girljoeblog: Of course unless you are running kde on a mobile phone like screen13:24
Espirito<tonymc> my applications compiled in 11.10 are distorted, show all the widgets Embassies and distorted13:24
tonymcEspirito: i didn't compile anything on 11.10, but on 11.04 seemed all fine and dandy. what version of Qt are you compiling against?13:25
tonymcjoeblog: i guess the cashew thing is the same i have with GTK file dialogs - they just make me want to repeatedly crush the hammer on the head of whoever came up with this abomination - but others seem fine with it :-)13:25
Girly-GirlThe cashew was actually the first function to be coded for plasma in the kde 4.0 pre-alphas. Doubt they will want to remove it13:26
joeblogtonymc: lol, yes. That is as entirely different matter. What da hell were they thinking :)13:26
Espirito<tonymc> in 4.11 everything was ok for me too, but 11.10 is giving this strange problem, I've had other people reporting the same problem. I'm using Qt 4.7.413:27
joeblogGirly-Girl: it is one time where throwing the baby out with the bathwater is a GOOD thing :)13:28
tonymcEspirito: as i said, i didn't try compiling anything on 11.10. i'll try now13:28
Girly-Girljoeblog: matter of opinion ... I find no reason to remove it13:28
Girly-GirlAgain assuming you are not running kde on a tiny mobile phone screen13:29
tonymcEspirito: i just compiled a template - looks fine13:29
* tonymc is knee deep in the debug13:30
Espiritofor information only: but now, I installed xorg-dev, recompile everything and everything went well, apparently these libs are not coming by default.13:30
Girly-Girljoeblog: Might be better to do cashew bashing in #kubuntu-offtopic than here really13:30
joeblogGirly-Girl: Good point. Case closed. Will look for the plasmoid :)13:31
* Girly-Girl imagines joeblog boiling with fury everytime he sees a kde cashew as he thinks "What's that parasite doing on my desktop!"13:36
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=== Girly-Girl is now known as GirlyGirl
merlin1991kmail crashes on startup for me with failed to load ressources14:10
gedOGuys, how to install netbeans to new kubuntu?14:11
GirlyGirlmerlin1991: is akondani running?14:12
GirlyGirlgedO: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Netbeans14:13
GirlyGirlmerlin1991: What do you see in System Settings > Personal Information14:14
GirlyGirlmerlin1991: also is this a natty upgrade14:14
merlin1991it's an upgrade14:14
GirlyGirlmerlin1991: What do you see in System Settings > Personal Information14:14
merlin1991contacts (4 times), notes and calender with an error about no file selected14:16
gedOGirlyGirl, Nope, that isn't helpfull at all. I had netbeans, but after upgrade it is gone, and from package manager I can't install it14:17
GirlyGirlmerlin1991: see https://wiki.kubuntu.org/OneiricOcelot/Final/Kubuntu/Kmail214:17
merlin1991hm that's for migrating kmail, but I never started it before the upgrade14:19
GirlyGirlmerlin1991: if you want to reset kde to defaults you can open konsole and type "rm -rf .kde"  but note this will make you lose all kde setings ... docs stc stay14:22
produnisHi folks, I am using a fresh install of Kubuntu11.10 64bit, and I have problems with the programm "dvbcut". If I try to open a *.TS-file (which is produced by my TV-Reciever), it gives me the error:14:22
produniskfilemodule(16178): couldn't create slave: "Unable to create io-slave:14:22
produnisklauncher said: Unknown Protokoll „“.14:22
kaddiif my distribution reaches end of life, will it automatically upgrade to the next or will it stop updating?14:22
produniskaddi: stops updating14:23
jamil_1any one encountered this: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/gio/modules/libgiobamf.so: undefined symbol: g_desktop_app_info_launch_handler_get_typ14:23
kaddik, ty.. got a friend claiming his 10.04 magically upgraded itself and i'm trying to figure out what happened14:23
produniskaddi: but it asks: "There is a new version, would you like to update (y/n)"14:23
kaddii thought EOL might have something to do with it14:23
kaddiyeh, he said he hasn't seen any kind of prompts14:24
produniskaddi: cannot imagine.... ;)14:24
kaddime neither, really.. that's the only thing that came to my mind as a possible explanation.. so i thought i'd ask14:24
altinhello can anyone help me, why my applications open like this http://i.imgur.com/NRuQG.png?126214:26
altinand I also am having problems with my camera (cheese shows the image all inverted)14:26
=== shi-tianlong is now known as cablop
GirlyGirlaltin: GTK3 apps in Ubuntu 11.10 do not look nice on kde14:27
GirlyGirlaltin: There is no function for KDE to theme gtk3 applications yet as it is very new14:27
kaddiare there any serious bugs in 11.10? Or is an upgrade relatively safe?14:28
GirlyGirlaltin: You can use qt alternatives14:28
altinthis hapened right after I upgraded14:28
altinGirlyGirl: kate in this case !14:28
GirlyGirlaltin: or kwrite14:29
altinok good ! and what about the camera problem do you have any idea ?14:29
GirlyGirlaltin: cheese is again gtk ... try and see in kopete settings wheter the camera is proper?14:30
altinoh this is bad...14:30
altinthey have to make something for gtk314:30
altinGirlyGirl: I tried kopete14:31
altinthe image is the same14:31
GirlyGirlaltin: What camera is it?14:31
altinIt worked before upgrade :/14:32
altinGirlyGirl: http://i.imgur.com/74vEX.png14:33
GirlyGirlaltin: http://radu.cotescu.com/flipped-images-ubuntu-webcam/ try this14:33
altindamn now no image... GirlyGirl14:35
altinits black14:35
altinkopete shows the same thing as before14:36
altincheese shows nothing14:37
altincan it be because im on 64bit GirlyGirl ?14:38
GirlyGirlaltin: Try a restart and see14:38
altinhmm.. ok14:38
altinGirlyGirl: same !14:42
GirlyGirlaltin: You can revert back with ppa-purge14:42
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa14:42
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html14:42
lethuhello, my system keeps warning me nepomuk isn't running after I have disabled it, how can I stop it from warning me please?14:47
=== Jim is now known as Guest95431
jamil_1what is purpose of muroard ? it is eating 15% of my cpu time and apparently doing nothing14:50
GirlyGirllethu: Right click on system tray, set the notifier to hide it14:50
jamil_1google said it is related to sound but I dont have sound either14:50
lethuGirlyGirl, right click on which element of the sys tray?14:52
=== Jay is now known as Guest66475
lethuGirlyGirl, right click on which element of the sys tray?14:54
GirlyGirllethu: What ever is notifying you14:54
GirlyGirllethu: System Settings > Applications and system Notifications > Event Source > Desktop search   disable the notification14:55
lethuGirlyGirl, gotcha, I think I got it, need to reboot for testing, thanks14:57
GirlyGirllethu: Your'e welcome14:58
JaySparis there anyone that could help configure Jack and  Internet DJ on here ?14:58
JaySparGood Morning  to the new arrivals15:02
JaySparkind of depends on where you live doesn't i t :)15:03
mfraz74Yes, it is just after 4pm here15:04
JaySpardoes anyone have internet DJ app working on the new  release yet ?15:04
metrompjehello, I just installed Kubuntu 11.10 on a lenovo t410, installed skype as well but the integrated webcam isn't seen. What are the steps to make the webcam work? Thanks15:05
mfraz74metrompje: does it work in other programs?15:06
metrompjenot tried yet - I am installing cheese to check it - is there a way to check if the webcam is "alive"15:07
mfraz74metrompje: you could also try kopete which should be installed already15:07
metrompjemfraz74 : i'll check15:08
=== b08w3av3r is now known as B08VV3Av3R
JaySparmy wecam is seen by other apps but Not Kopete ...15:10
jamil_1any body seen this error: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/gio/modules/libgiobamf.so: undefined symbol: g_desktop_app_info_launch_handler_get_type15:11
B08VV3Av3RHi there I was wondering..... If anyone had the file /usr/lib/kde4/kcm_kslashthemes.so    I kinda umm woops15:11
B08VV3Av3R11.10 \15:12
BelialHaving a small issue with kdewallet, Recently upgraded 11.04-11.10, Network Manager isnt showing any of my saved WLAN profile or vpnc sessions. Looking into the kwallet tool, the maps are all still there with the correct details. Any pointers?15:12
metrompjemfraz74: kopete can't see any webcam15:13
mfraz74metrompje: I'm not sure what to do then15:15
jamil_1metrompje: usb webcam ?15:17
metrompjejamil_1 : integrated webcam, usb or not I can't say15:17
jamil_1metrompje: laptop ?15:18
metrompjejamil_1 : yes laptop lenovo thinkpad T41015:18
metrompjejamil_1 : kubuntu 11.10, webcam not seen neither by skype nor kopete15:19
jamil_1metrompje: lsmod | grep  uvc15:19
jamil_1metrompje: type this in terminal15:19
metrompjejamil_1 : i ll try it15:20
metrompjejamil_1 : what's that for?15:21
jamil_1metrompje: lsmod will list the drivers and grep will search for anything related to uvc15:22
jamil_1uvc is video over usb15:22
=== b08w3av3r is now known as bobweaver
jamil_1metrompje: not sure I know the solution but we may get closer15:23
metrompjejamil_1 : i tried lsusb : no webcam device identified15:25
metrompjejamil_1 : i tried lsmod | grep  uvc : nothing happened15:25
BarkingFishare IRC servers sometimes set up to redirect people if they're full?  I've tried twice today to get on via my closest secure IRC server in London (Holmes) but it keeps refusing me. The only one I can get onto is Calvino15:26
jamil_1metrompje: then I gues your video driver isn't loaded15:26
BarkingFishcrud, wrong channel, sorry15:26
jamil_1metrompje: srry camera driver15:26
metrompjejamil_1 : and where can I find it and how to load it?15:27
jamil_1metrompje: what does lsusb return ?15:28
BluesKajBarkingFish, I just ran the find best server test on sysnaptic and it stalled ..there weren't any :)15:28
yogaCan I install Ubuntu 11.10 as well, how do I switch between Ubuntu and Kubuntu?15:29
metrompjejamil_1 : Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub15:29
metrompjeBus 002 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub15:29
metrompjeBus 001 Device 002: ID 8087:0020 Intel Corp. Integrated Rate Matching Hub15:29
metrompjeBus 002 Device 002: ID 8087:0020 Intel Corp. Integrated Rate Matching Hub15:29
metrompjeBus 001 Device 003: ID 0a5c:217f Broadcom Corp. Bluetooth Controller15:29
FloodBotK2metrompje: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:29
FloodBotK1metrompje: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:29
metrompjeBus 002 Device 004: ID 0f62:1001 Acrox Technologies Co., Ltd Targus Mini Trackball Optical Mouse15:29
jamil_1metrompje: thats it ?15:30
GirlyGirljamil_1: Floodbot banned him15:30
GirlyGirljamil_1: He should use paste.ubuntu.com or #flood15:30
jamil_1metrompje: please paste some where on pastebin15:30
jamil_1GirlyGirl: oka15:30
BarkingFishBluesKaj: I'm using the main archive now, not the regional or national ones, and I seem to be getting on OK now.15:31
BarkingFishI'm still weary of upgrading "over the air" so to speak15:31
mfraz74GirlyGirl: Did I read it correctly that you produced a banner for Kubuntu 11.10?15:31
GirlyGirlmfraz74: Where??15:32
mfraz74GirlyGirl: I'm not sure, think it might've been here in IRC15:32
BluesKajBarkingFish, mainserver ?15:32
GirlyGirlmfraz74: I'm not the author of the one being used on kubuntu.org ... I thinks shadeslayer is15:33
mfraz74GirlyGirl: No, I thought you did your own one15:33
GirlyGirlmfraz74: I did make one but it was too big to fit on the site15:33
BarkingFishBluesKaj: I'm just getting all of my downloads now from archive.ubuntu.org, not the gb version15:33
BarkingFishThe main archive seems to be right up to date15:34
BluesKajcool BarkingFish , I'll check that out ..haven't had an update here for 2 days15:34
mfraz74GirlyGirl: Oh. I was thinking that we should have our own countdown image for 12.04 instead of the standard Ubuntu one15:35
GirlyGirlmfraz74: This was what I made http://img13.imageshack.us/img13/4051/bannerdbb.png15:35
mfraz74GirlyGirl: that's the one :)15:35
winutdoes kmail import from newer versions of evolution (3) now? thanks15:37
GirlyGirlwinut: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/OneiricOcelot/Final/Kubuntu/Kmail15:40
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zayedAfter upgrade to 11.10, akergator does not display count of unread articles!15:45
zayedIs it a bug?15:46
zayedi.e. in system tray15:46
winutGirlyGirl: Thanks mate15:46
BladegashI'm maybe not the only one, so is there a FAQ somewhere when there's no sound? Installed clean kubuntu just now, and I get no sound anywhere, even sound tests from the system settings15:47
GirlyGirlwinut: sorry https://wiki.kubuntu.org/OneiricOcelot/Final/Kubuntu/Kmail215:47
jamil_1Bladegash: try sudo alsa force-reload in terminal15:47
tito_does kubuntu have a software center like ubuntu?15:47
winutGirlyGirl: Nice one15:48
mfraz74is it possible to use a tiny URL instead?15:48
GirlyGirltito_: yes muon center15:48
GirlyGirlmfraz74: of course15:48
mfraz74but you can't use it to buy apps15:48
tito_GirlyGirl: are the apps same in muon center? or do I get less apps? :(15:49
GirlyGirltito_: samw apps15:49
GirlyGirledit: same15:49
Bladegashjamil_1: still nothing, amarok, flash, system settings sound test plays back nothing, volumes are at 100%15:49
BladegashSound worked for me in kubuntu 10.10, but I was running the 32bit version, now installed 11.10 64bit and no sound, some other smaller bugs too15:50
jamil_1Bladegash: what is the output of lspci15:50
jamil_1Bladegash: intel HD card ?15:50
Bladegashjamil_1: yes, intel HD15:50
Bladegashjamil_1: well, lots of entries, most of them intel, there's also a nvidia and jmicron one15:51
Bladegashnvidia would most likely refer to my gfx card hdmi output15:51
tito_GirlyGirl: I'll be switching to oneiric tomorrow. I'm confused whether I'll go for ubuntu or kubuntu. Never used Kubuntu before. Will I have problems? Or do I get advantages? [I'm totally new]15:51
mfraz74Bladegash: is the output set correctly?15:51
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Bladegashmfraz74: what do you mean?15:52
GirlyGirltito_: I doubt you will have problems give it a shot15:52
jamil_1Bladegash: ok, in the /etc/group entries against audio contain you current user ?15:52
mfraz74Bladegash: in system settings under Multimedia > Phonon what is the top output device?15:53
tito_GirlyGirl: thanx for the support :)15:53
GirlyGirltito_: Ubuntu and Kubuntu are the same things ... same project ... just have different interfaces15:53
Bladegashmy name is not pulse, but... does this matter?15:53
tito_GirlyGirl: but umm, will I be able to run GNOME apps in KDE? I'm afraid as KDE is totally new to me and I've never tried Kubuntu.15:54
Bladegashmfraz74: top output device says Internal Audio Analog Stereo15:54
GirlyGirltito_: yes you will15:54
jamil_1Bladegash: change it to audio:x:29:pulse,yourusername15:54
GirlyGirltito_: But I doubt you would want to do that as KDE has some very nice apps too15:54
GirlyGirltito_: You can always experiment with the livecd and have both running concurently15:55
Bladegashjamil_1: done, do I need to restart something?15:55
tito_GirlyGirl: Oh, as I said, I have absolutely no idea bout KDE :P15:55
jamil_1Bladegash: try sudo alsa force-reload in terminal15:55
tito_GirlyGirl: I think I'll configure a dual boot to ubuntu as well :)15:55
GirlyGirltito_: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop   ... then at login you chose session type15:55
GirlyGirltito_: No don't do that15:55
tito_GirlyGirl: kubuntu-desktop will make me have KDE?15:56
Bladegashjamil_1: still nothing, I'm afraid...15:56
GirlyGirltito_: Say you run ubuntu and do "sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop", you can chose between the two at logon ... under session type15:56
GirlyGirltito_: yes15:56
jamil_1Bladegash: and you are sure your backend is set ?15:57
tito_GirlyGirl: I love Linux! And I love your ideas too! :D :D15:57
jamil_1Bladegash: in systemsetting => multimedia => Phono => backend15:57
Bladegashjamil_1: system settings - multimedia - phono - backend, has an entry for gstreamer15:57
jamil_1Bladegash: and Audio Hardware Setup  contains...?15:59
Bladegashjamil_1: GF106 High Definition Audio Controller, and Internal Audio16:00
BladegashI'm guessing the first one is the nvidia hdmi output16:00
jamil_1Bladegash: ur Soundcard entry is ..?16:00
jamil_1Bladegash: internal Audio ?16:01
Bladegashjamil_1: you mean under audio hardware setup -> device configuration? It has Playback, and a list of choices, I've tried analog output, digital output, none will get any sound16:01
jamil_1Bladegash: why not post a screen shot of the Audio Hardware Setup tab ?16:03
jamil_1Bladegash: have you tried analog Stereo Duplex ?16:03
BladegashYes, no sound from there either16:04
Bladegashok, made a screenshot16:05
Bladegashdon't know if sending files works though16:05
jamil_1Bladegash: paste it somewhere online16:06
Bladegashjamil_1: ok, is there an easy and quick site for that?16:06
elijah1Hi guys,16:06
elijah1How do I show my desktop folder contents on my visual desktop?16:06
jamil_1how do you paste online from commandline ?16:08
jamil_1anyone ?16:08
elijah1jamil_1:  Do you mean paste into command line?16:08
jamil_1elijah1: to pastebin service16:09
elijah1you mean copy your command line content to pastebin?16:09
liviociao a tutti16:09
jamil_1elijah1: nah, something like reverse of wget16:09
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:10
elijah1jamil_1: Gotcha, so you mean like a command that shoves your output straight to pastebin?16:10
jamil_1elijah1: yup16:11
elijah1i dunno but that would be pretty handy16:12
jamil_1elijah1: yup but unfortunately I dont remember16:14
Bladegashok so, I'm going to see if I can get sound working on my secondary sound output (tv hdmi), but so far nothing from my speakers :(   will need to restart x to see if I can get my tv working, thanks for your help guys16:19
Bladegashmaybe running 64bit is more buggy than 3216:19
jamil_1HELP!: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/gio/modules/libgiobamf.so: undefined symbol: g_desktop_app_info_launch_handler_get_type16:25
jamil_1and Opera comes to my rescue!16:28
sharpshooterHaii all !! I  install kubuntu desktop in my ubuntu 11.10 box ...and I need to uninstall the kubuntu desktop16:28
jamil_1srry this channel doesn't support 'abandoners'16:29
Graf_Westerholt*g* jamil_116:30
GirlyGirlsharpshooter: http://paste.ubuntu.com/708650/  use this command16:31
seemawni would like to reinstall kubuntu and have an encrypted homedir from a prvious installation16:31
seemawnhow can I reuse it?16:31
GirlyGirlsharpshooter: but do share what you dislike about kde16:31
sharpshooterGirlyGirl,  I love Kde , I am getting alot of gubs16:32
GirlyGirlsharpshooter: please report them then ... what bug specifically16:32
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.16:32
jamil_1my network manager is not working ppl!16:33
GirlyGirlsharpshooter: What bug in particular ... if its kmail bear with it as it is new16:33
* GirlyGirl thinks KDE should add a report a "gub" feature16:36
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chbevening - got a quick question - is it possible to set the mirrors used by the installer?16:49
BluesKaj!repositories | chb16:51
ubottuchb: The packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories16:51
chbyes, that's post install16:52
chbbut it always tries to download some packages while installing - even If I don't have a connection16:52
BluesKajwhat does ?16:53
chbthe installer asks me if it wants to download some packages, if I say yes it takes ages if I say no it still tries to download them16:54
chbhttp://www.howtoforge.com/images/the_perfect_desktop_kubuntu_10.10/4.jpg <- this screen16:56
chbif I disable updates it still tries to download them :/16:57
BluesKajchb, is the notifiuer bugging you to update , if so then open muon softwater center >settings>auo-updates, uncheck "check for Updates"16:59
chbno it's a fresh install17:00
BluesKajchb, that's for package updates17:00
chbyes, the problem is that ubiquity always tries to download updates while installing17:01
elijah1If I am upgrading computers, new and different hardware, is it okay to just clone my disk over to the new computer or should I just do a new install?17:03
BluesKajok ,well that's a differnt prob entirely...dunno how to change that because I usually use the alternate install , which gives the option not to download updates while installing17:04
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chbah ok then I'm going to try that17:04
chblawl - just saw that this is a bug that has been reported 4 years ago ;-)17:05
BluesKajelijah1, is the disk burned from kubuntu ISO17:05
ubottuUbuntu bug 202052 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #744987 Installer should allow mirror choice" [Wishlist,Triaged]17:05
elijah1BluesKaj: no, I was going to buy a new HP laptop and dd over the data to the new drive.17:06
elijah1BluesKaj: I know on windows that would never work because of drivers17:06
elijah1BluesKaj: I wasn't sure if Kubuntu would break also17:07
BluesKajelijah1,  use a standard kunbuntu iso burned disk for you computers17:07
BluesKajerr kubuntu17:07
BluesKajcloning other pcs drivers is not recommended17:07
elijah1BluesKaj: So you are saying to do a fresh install?17:08
BluesKajelijah1, yes , absolutely , if I understand your intention17:09
elijah1BluesKaj: K, I was hoping not to have to reconfigure everything17:09
elijah1BluesKaj: But will if I need too!17:09
BluesKajelijah1, differnt hardware , differnt drivers config files etc etc17:10
yofelBluesKaj, elijah1: actually, that should work - unless you use any drivers from jockey17:20
yofelI sometimes switch HDD's between PC's if I've got a hardware failure somewhere and need the data17:20
yofelworks fine usually17:20
mweichertI'm new to the world of kubuntu - an experienced linux sysadmin though.17:27
mweichertI've installed kubuntu 10.10 on a macbook pro 8.117:27
mweichertall desktop effects are disabled, and won't enable - I get "desktop effects could not be activated"17:28
mweichertis there an error log of some kind that will allow me to determine why?17:29
mweichertalso too, do I have to install a proprietory driver for intel graphics card?17:29
BluesKajyofel, I still think a clone is risky17:30
yofelif he dd's the whole drive including the partition table I don't see what would break17:31
yofelthat's assuming the new drive is >= the  old one17:31
jamil_1I have menu entries in my Ksystemlog like: Warning: PolicyKit call failed: Launch helper exited with unknown return code 12717:35
phiscibejamil_1: u bug hound you still at it?17:35
jamil_1phiscibe: yup17:35
jamil_1phiscibe: srry I had to run earlier17:36
phiscibedid you happen to get  update and upgrade and dist-upgrade to go17:36
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phiscibeeh had to sleep any wah17:36
jamil_1phiscibe: yes but apparently there was nothing to upgrade/update17:36
phiscibei cant even get the dist upgrade to start, might be a good thing, i think some ppa sources i used im gonna have to roll back17:37
jamil_1still f**d up17:37
phiscibewhat about dpkg-reconfigure -a17:37
jamil_1and tired17:37
phiscibejamil_1:    jamil_1   jamil_117:38
phiscibeits time to think about a clean instal17:38
phiscibeu could up and sailing by now, and how much futher do u have to go?17:39
jamil_1dpkg asked about different options and I  left mostly the default ones.17:39
jamil_1but no apparent difference17:39
phiscibeif you have the command line verson of aptidue or can install it is MUCH more aggresive that apt-get and fixing crap17:39
jamil_1installing aptitude ....17:41
jamil_1I dont want to go for clean slate because my HD is almost full and I dont want to filter my data to decide what to keep and what not17:42
jamil_1Its around 500 gig17:42
phiscibei feel for u17:43
phiscibewtf is taking up 500 gigs17:43
phiscibeif i may ask which i did17:43
jamil_1hmmm....I havent cleaned my HD in last 2 yrs17:44
phiscibeonce they get the new oneconf ironed out one will be able to load your system into the cloud before and upgrade into a vm for safe keeping17:45
jamil_1that'd be great17:45
phiscibei think the back system has a new back end, so maybe it is why u have two17:46
phiscibeack wrong box17:47
jamil_1yeah I was wondering WTH17:48
jamil_1any way I am off17:48
BladegashI don't want to disparage you guys, you've been very helpful, but... my impression so far is that this is the most buggy kubuntu release to date. No sound, can't activate my second display, lots of random errors (just right clicking on the clock brought up a kde error)... all done on a clean install, no update. Maybe I'll try the 32bit version still, hopefully that will solve some issues...17:49
GirlyGirlBladegash: Fresh install or upgrade?17:50
nascentmindHi. When I started kmail in kubuntu 11.10 I get kmail2 migration and it suddenly failed. How do I restart migration?17:52
claydohnascentmind:  see the topic17:54
claydohoops the topic has cut the url short17:54
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Chief_UgAny chance the 32bit version is more stable and reliable? Running the 64bit now for the first time and it's awful17:55
BluesKajChief_Ug, hmm..define awful17:57
claydohChief_Ug: there really won't be  difference between 32/64 bit17:58
=== Chief_Ug is now known as Bladegash
BladegashI've got no sound, no second display, random kde errors...17:58
BladegashI ran 10.10 32bit with no problems17:59
BluesKajBladegash, have you setup you audio devices in phonon and configured alsamixer ctls etc17:59
BladegashBluesKaj: yes, I had helpful advice about it from this channel, unfortunately none of that helped18:00
GirlyGirlclaydoh: Maybe a big warning in the OS itself would have been better, this must be the 100th such complaint in this channel18:00
claydohhow do you do that?18:01
claydohit kinda cropped up late in the game18:01
nascentmindclaydoh, all my folders are missing in kmail2.18:02
BladegashAnd to try to solve my dual display issues, I want to try to install the nvidia driver from their website, how can I shut down X for good and install it? It won't run while X is running18:03
fajarhi all18:03
Bladegashctrl alt backspace works no more18:03
jamil_1Bladegash: you can start in the recovery console18:03
BluesKajBladegash, so the audio advice wasn't helpful then , can you tell me what you've done so far.18:03
fajaru can try nvidia xconfig in terminal18:04
BladegashBluesKaj: I've tried a bit of the audio configuration to see if a different output would do something, but.... nothing, and I can't even see if my TV audio output might work because I haven't been able to get my nvidia 2nd display output to work18:04
Bladegashnvidia driver (stock), the one that came with the default install, sees the 2nd output, but it's disabled, and I can't enable it18:05
Bladegashthat's why I'm trying to install the driver from nvidia to see if that might fix it18:05
BluesKajBladegash, the default driver is the nouveau , is that what you're using for graphics? or have you installed the recommended driver in jockey18:07
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BladegashI haven't touched any gfx drivers yet, it's just the one that came in the default vanilla install, I did check "use 3rd party" at install phase18:08
marquee_HOWDY! I use vpnc to connect to my school network, then sftp to access my personal account/folder. I use the sftp command in terminal, but I don't know how to open/edit files while using sftp18:08
marquee_can someone help me out?18:08
marquee_I tried using !kate xxx.cpp18:08
BladegashAnd if I try to save/update the xconfig, I get "failed to parse existing X config file /etc/X11/xorg.conf"18:09
BladegashJust to make sure it's not a permissions issue, I tell it to save it to "/tmp/xorg.conf" and I get "Unable to open X config file for writing"18:09
BluesKajBladegash , kmenu>apps>system>additional drivers18:09
Bladegashgets into my book of WTF18:09
marquee_but that just opens kate up on an empty xxx.cpp instead of actually opening up the xxx.cpp on the folder18:10
BluesKajok , stuff to do , BBL18:10
rapidspwhy keyboard layout settings was removed?18:11
rapidspi cant to add my lang :)18:11
rapidspevery version - new adventures ))18:12
melodieMy friend was on the computer this morning and the computer froze up and it had a message saying "The computer was now in low graphics mode" Now everything is messed up. The computer screen isn't formated right, the sound runs really weird and fast and my comptuer shows three tabs open when I open one thing like the window i'm in now. How do I fix this, becuse now my system settings won't even open becuase it said it crashed.18:13
melodie(It crashes every time I open system settings. To try and reformat the screen or change the graphics drive and see what happned. )18:14
yofelrapidsp: where did you look? they haven't been removed18:15
yofelsystem settings -> input devices -> keyboard -> layouts18:15
rapidspyofel, settings -> local and keyboard settings18:15
yofelrapidsp: which kubuntu version is that?18:16
fajar11.10 too18:17
yofelhm, no - there's "Locale", the keyboard settings are under "input devices"18:17
rapidspi'll reboot to kubuntu ... and will search again18:18
melodieCan anyone help?18:19
BluesKajmelodie, install the recommended driver in , kmenu>apps>system.additional drivers , the reboot18:20
BluesKajthen reboot18:20
marquee_blues, can u help me out with the sftp question?18:20
marquee_I use vpnc to connect to my school network, then sftp to access my personal account/folder. I use the sftp command in terminal, but I don't know how to open/edit files while using sftp18:22
Exilantjust open them in kate18:22
marquee_when I run18:22
marquee_!kate xxx.cpp18:22
melodieBluesKaj: How do I get to Kmenu O.O18:22
marquee_it doesn't open them18:22
Exilantmarquee_: no18:22
BluesKajmarquee_, in dolphin>places>network ?18:22
marquee_theres nothing there :/18:22
Exilantopen sftp:// bala in konqueror18:22
melodieBluesKaj: i can't find that.18:22
marquee_it gives me a weird error message when I try that in rekonq18:23
Exilantmarquee_: the sftp cl program just behaves like ftp. use get/put18:23
BluesKajmelodie, the blue K on left side of the panel18:23
marquee_I know about get/put18:23
marquee_but is there no way to edit the files w/out d/ling them editing them then uploading again?18:23
Exilantmarquee_: not rekonq, rekonq is not a kpart browser18:23
Exilantnot if you insist on using the cl sftp18:24
marquee_and here i thought rekonq was just an uber version of konqueror lol18:24
Exilantit's not :(18:24
marquee_now i gotta go d/l and install konqueror18:24
marquee_howcome they took it out of 11.10?18:25
Exilantor try dolphin18:25
BluesKajmarquee_, use dolphin places network18:25
melodieBluesKaj: I can't get to anyplace called "Additional Drivers"... I'm in the applications tab, and I also searched for it. :/18:25
Exilantwill work in dolphin too18:25
melodieBluesKaj: In my system18:25
marquee_I am not sure how to use the network setup in dolphin tbh18:25
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marquee_if there was a browser bar, I can just enter the address18:25
marquee_but teh setup is kinda weird18:26
marquee_I was hoping to avoid it18:26
marquee_but I'll try that if konqueror doesn't work out18:26
marquee_thanks guys18:26
BluesKajmarquee_, in places on the left hand side in dolphin18:26
BluesKajmelodie, in apllications look for system , the additional driver18:28
melodieBluesKaj: Its not there, sorry :/18:29
marquee_thanks BluesKaj and Exilant rebooting~18:29
BluesKajbbl ...gotta go18:29
ralfpHi there18:29
BluesKajmelodie, don't be sorry ..it's not your fault18:29
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fajarany indonesia here??18:30
melodieBluesKaj: Well my computer is messed up...I feel pretty f*ed her18:30
ralfpQuestion: I have one desktop (always on) and two notebooks. I want to set up the desktop machine as server, and use the laptops as clients, e.g. creating a new user on the server will give me the same users on the notebook, and files are accessible from the notebook as well. Is there an easy way to do this with kubuntu?18:31
melodieBluesKaj: *Here.18:33
yofelmelodie: ok, you are logged in right now?18:35
melodieBluesKaj: I would have to be logged on to my computer to actually be using it wouldn't I O.O18:35
melodieyofel: Sorry, that was to you XD18:36
yofelmelodie: heh, sorry, some people have another system they're on if one breaks, can you pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log?18:36
melodieyofel: Yes, I have GENOME and like a few others but I think I use KDE18:37
melodieyofel: But those show up at the log in...18:37
melodieyofel: Sure.18:37
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:37
melodieyofel: Well, I would but terminal says there is not such file or directory.. like that.18:40
yofelmelodie: can you install pastebinit and run 'pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log' ?18:40
melodieyofel: install in in my package manager?18:41
melodieyofel: (or software manager..?)18:41
yofelyes, or 'sudo apt-get install pastebinit' in konsole18:41
melodieyofel: done...18:43
melodieyofel: Now what?18:44
Peace-yofel: hi18:45
moond4rkCan anyone help me?18:45
Peace-moond4rk: ?18:46
moond4rkHow do I start a video call in Kopete?18:46
Peace-you can't i guess18:46
yofelmelodie: can you give me the link it posted?18:47
Peace-moond4rk: video call for what?18:47
yofelhey Peace-18:47
moond4rkI can not use my webcam in Kopete?*18:47
Peace-moond4rk: i mean the protocol18:47
Peace-moond4rk: no way for msn18:47
Peace-msn is a closed protol from microsoft18:47
Peace-every some time they change the stuff so the linux implementation for that18:48
moond4rkCan you recommend another customer?18:48
Peace-doesn't work18:48
Peace-moond4rk: you will never get a "stable" software on linux for video call  for microsoft protocols18:48
Peace-moond4rk: i will suggetst to migrate to google talks18:48
Peace-that works fine on linux18:48
melodieyofel: http://pastebin.com/6W174fCK18:49
melodieThat is what it said...18:49
Peace-moond4rk: you have only to use your browser , and register a mail18:49
tower41000hello room!18:49
Peace-moond4rk: i will suggest to use a logitech webcam for the job18:49
tower41000new to kde here, used ot use gnome18:50
moond4rkPeace, thank's18:50
yofelmelodie: ah ok, can you now run this please? pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log18:50
sburjan`Hello. how come Kubuntu doesn't come with build-essential and Ubuntu does ? Seems strange18:52
yofelsburjan`: it should? you can just install it. (I guess it didn't fit on the disk)18:52
Peace-sburjan`: :) open a bug report18:52
sburjan`I don't think its a bug :)18:54
BluesKajbuild essential and mercurial18:58
melodieyofel: http://pastebin.com/EVaQipQU18:58
melodieSorry, I was sending a message to my brother, he pretty much made this computer.18:59
kerloiHi all. I just installed a kubuntu linux. It seems pretty good but I have one big problem, I don't have any sound at all ...19:01
Peace-kerloi:  run a konsole19:01
jmichaelxso every time i log in on this machine, i get blasted with a bunch of popups simultaneously (good ol' kde-style...), plus an crash dialog telling me that nepomuk can't start, and giving me a nepomuk stub error. would anyone have a suggestion as to what to do about this?19:01
Peace-kerloi: alsamixer -V all19:01
kerloiPeace-: Yep i've done that. I'm using the headphone output (I have no choice ...)19:03
kerloiBut there is no ladder for this line, only two numbers : 0019:03
Peace-kerloi: could you paste a picture of alsamixer ?19:03
BluesKajanother PA prob perhaps19:03
Peace-BluesKaj: hey19:04
kerloiPeace-: Yep which web sit is the best ?19:04
Peace-kerloi: there is a widget for that  is called pastebin19:04
BluesKajhi Peace-19:04
Peace-kerloi: http://blip.tv/PeaceForlinux/postare-uno-screenshot-velocemente-con-kde4-489411919:05
Peace-kerloi: look at that19:05
kerloiPeace-: here it is http://wstaw.org/m/2011/10/15/plasma-desktopRz1628.jpg19:07
kerloi(this widget is really cool)19:08
yofelmelodie: hm, I see some errors in there, but I don't know ab19:08
FloodBotK2yofel: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:09
FloodBotK1yofel: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:09
yofelmelodie: hm, I see some errors in there, but I don't know much about ati drivers I fear19:09
kerloiops master is missing but it is 100 and not muted19:09
melodieyofel: Do you have any idea whats wrong then?19:09
BluesKajkerloi, are you feeding an audio amp .or are the speakers connected directly to the soundcard?19:10
yofelit seems like KMS is disabled, or fails to be used. But the ati driver uses that to set the right resolution for the screen19:10
Peace-kerloi: ok19:12
Peace-kerloi: just a moment19:12
kerloiBluesKaj: I have an headphone19:12
melodieyofel: How do I fix that?19:13
BarkingFishEvening guys! I finally made it to oneiric. I have a problem though.  Kmail2 is crashing out with a fatal error, which means I can't pick up my email.19:14
yofelNot sure. Can you pastebin the output of 'dmesg' too please?19:14
BarkingFishIt's saying it is unable to fetch the resource collection, and also that it has no local folders19:14
Peace-kerloi:  button M to enable sfuff and arrow left right to go everywhere19:14
yofelBarkingFish: see if the link in /topic has something useful as a start19:14
Peace-kerloi: you see there is  a colllon of >19:14
Peace-kerloi: go with right and see if you can change something there19:15
jamil_1on each restart I get a crash report: http://paste.ubuntu.com/708837/19:15
yofelhm, that's ntrack crashing19:17
yofeljamil_1: can you please install kde-runtime-dbg and refresh?19:18
melodieyofel: http://pastebin.com/fSfSmVY319:18
kerloiThis is weird. I'm playing a music with player and during 1 sec i had sound19:18
kerloibut it stopped19:18
oxymoronHi, is someone upto listen to good and bad critics regarding Kubuntu? :)19:18
yofelmelodie: thanks, looking19:18
Peace-kerloi: killall pulse19:18
melodieyofel: You think it might be our external hard drive, my mother plugged it in... O.O19:18
melodieyofel: What is it looking?19:18
Peace-kerloi: killall pulseaudio19:19
Peace-sorry the last one19:19
BarkingFishyofel, the link is not helping.  I've migrated everything to the akonadi system, and I still get this error: KMail encountered a fatal error and will terminate now. The error was: Failed to fetch the resource collection.19:19
yofelmelodie: errr... yeah, that's not very useful (looking as in I was looking at it)19:19
kerloiPeace-: done19:19
Peace-kerloi: try to play a file again19:19
jamil_1yofel  I need to download the 156 megs from repos so I'll come back later19:19
yofelmelodie: can you pastebin /var/log/dmesg instead?19:19
yofelBarkingFish: can you try to restart akonadi?19:20
BarkingFishi would if I knew how :) Is it a service restart I can do from a terminal, yofel?19:20
kerloiPeace-: It did it again :worked during 1 sec and then stopped.19:21
kerloiBut this time I saw that master juste mutted itself ???19:21
yofelBarkingFish: akonaditry should be by default in your systray, you can stop and start it from there19:21
melodieyofel: Dude... (grabs at hair) this is fustraiting, now its telling me I don't have permision19:22
yofelmelodie: ouch, run 'sudo pastebinit /var/log/dmesg'19:22
Peace-kerloi: mmm wait a moment it's a stupid problem i am sure19:22
melodieI tried it under sudo but it said the command wan't found.19:22
BluesKajkerloi, if you removed or killed pulseaudio , run sudo alsa force-reload19:22
BarkingFishok, done that, yofel. I'll have another try at kmail219:23
oxymoronI take it anyway :P I start with the good :) I love that Kubuntu now feels more stable, the CLI messages in bootup process is gone and splash screen works, networkmanager seems to work again, breadcrumbs in kickoff menu, faster, drains less battery19:23
melodieyofel: one sec, its thinking. it might actually work19:23
melodieyofel: http://pastebin.com/CVJCsDTs19:23
oxymoronOh yes and better calendar and look of the clock right bottom corner :P19:23
oxymoronThen we have muon, which is excellent :)19:24
Peace-kerloi: so i guess you have to edit the alsa conf file...19:24
kerloiPeace-: ok19:24
kerloiBut I don't know the syntax19:24
Peace-kerloi:  paste this    cat /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf19:25
oxymoronWhat I do not like is that in kickoff menu, when breadcrums added someone felt back button should be removed ... why? :S Sometimes it is faster to press back then use breadcrumb cicking.19:26
Peace-oxymoron: ya19:27
GirlyGirloxymoron: It is not faster ... both are one click just a matter of getting used to it19:27
MeanderingCodeGaarrrr!  Finally gave up and went for a fresh install...still no opengl love on intel video running i915 drivers...anyone out there solve this problem?19:27
kerloiPeace-: http://pastebin.com/L8FfWfUA19:27
oxymoronStill there is not undelete manager, to restore deleted files specific for kubntu. Then we do NOT have a GREAT backup manager. Kubuntu need something similar to Time Machine. Automatic incremental backups, so i do not need to write cron or anything, it should just work by itself.19:28
GirlyGirlMeanderingCode: I have no problems with this driver on gma 95019:28
MeanderingCodewhat's "gma 950"?19:28
oxymoronGirlyGirl: NO, youre wrong. back button is more close than breadcrumbs is. Then breadcrumbs ALSO have small text size, harder to click right ... so why not have BOTH? :S19:28
yofelmelodie: hm, did you install the driver from additional drivers? because I see fglrx being loaded there, but that's not what X tries to use.19:28
Peace-kerloi: do you need pulse for some reason ?19:28
Peace-kerloi: if you don't .....   sudo apt-get remove pulseaudio-utils pulseaudio19:29
Peace-kerloi: after that pkill kmix && sudo alsa force-reload && kmix19:29
jamil_1oxymoron: +1 on no back button in breadcrumb19:29
GirlyGirloxymoron: send a wishlist to kde then19:29
Peace-kerloi: that remove pulse and restart the driver19:29
MeanderingCodeand what pkg has glxinfo? Not in my fresh install19:29
oxymoronGirlyGirl: I should not need to. I REALLY do not understand why you remove it and replace with something, when you just had to ADD breadcrumbs and leave the old one.19:30
* yofel is fine with no back button in kickoff19:30
BarkingFishyofel - still no joy on kmail 2.  It is flatly refusing to open, same error every time.19:30
oxymoronFine it is working with breadcrumbs, but more smooth to have both back button and breadcrumbs.19:30
EagleScreenhow can I add a webpage to bookmars?19:30
Peace-yofel: you bad guy19:30
melodieyofel: No...I don't think so. Dose that make a difference though?19:31
GirlyGirloxymoron: If you want it to be considered for re-integration in 4.8 do it19:31
EagleScreenI mean using Rekonq19:31
yofelBarkingFish: I fear I'm out of ideas then. I had my issues with kmail, but it currently works after some fiddling around19:31
Peace-EagleScreen: there is an icon on the right19:31
Peace-where there is all the menu ... like chromiium19:31
Peace-btw there is on the bar an icon for that ...19:31
BarkingFishyofel, I'll have to speak to the guys upstream then, #kde here I come.19:31
yofelmelodie: the drivers conflict with each other. Can you pastebin your /etc/X11/xorg.conf? it might not exist!19:31
EagleScreenyes, the Tools icon, and later?19:32
yofelMeanderingCode: glxinfo is in mesa-utils19:32
Peace-EagleScreen: wait i am pasting an image .-.--- oh here it is http://wstaw.org/m/2011/10/15/plasma-desktopEB1340.jpg19:32
MeanderingCodeyofel: thanks19:33
EagleScreenwow, that star is not very visible19:33
kerloiPeace-: Well I did everything but it doesn't work better.19:33
oxymoronGirlyGirl: I rest my case, I shouldnt need to. Seriously, it should be obvious ... it is so freaking frustrating to watch cycle of KDE and Kubuntu and when they add waste of features we do not need which itself breaks other things that worked before. If you add something, do NOT delete old features if theyre good. Seriously, splash SCREEN have never EVER been fixed UNTIL NOW.19:33
melodieyofel: Apparently it dosent because every time I try to type it in..it says no such file or directory19:34
Peace-EagleScreen: it's minimalistic ...19:34
Peace-kerloi: try to reboot and set the volume on kmix19:34
kerloiPeace-: But some modules refuse to be unloaded so maybe I should restart the system ...19:34
oxymoronGirlyGirl: Then we have user login, oh god. WHEN should it lok like Windows login? not same colors and design of course, but something decent. Now it looks like a child drawed it ......19:35
melodieyofel: (My step brother did a system update this morning....that might be it? Then again, I don't know anything about linux haha...)19:35
GirlyGirloxymoron: For goodness sake KDE is not a commercial venture like windows, if you want a feature as member of the community just send a wish list or code it yourself19:35
yofelmelodie: hm, ok... is there a file with ati or fglrx in it's name in /etc/modprobe.d/19:35
ubuntu__hi ppl, i have a question.... i have to much problems with mz kubuntu system, i have since kubuntu 8.04... always upgraed up to 11.10... but now id like to reinstall the computer... cuy is not working well... it makes sinn that i install my kubuntu in that partition.... _ n what do i got to erase from that partition>19:36
Peace-!offtopic | oxymoron:19:36
ubottuoxymoron:: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!19:36
oxymoronThen do NOT change default apps all the time, like app manager, web browser etc. CHOOSE one and make it PERFECT. STAY with MUON now forever, thorugh out rekonq and use Chrome FOREVER as default etc.19:36
yofelGirlyGirl, oxymoron: we had a nice lightdm-kde design actually, but nobody had the time to actually implement it19:36
Peace-!offtopic | oxymoron19:36
ubottuoxymoron: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!19:36
ubuntu__so.. id like to save my personal data... n it is really big (my home folder)19:36
MeanderingCodeis there no advice out there as to best-practices around this opengl issue?  my best guess is to see if the glassel ppa for intel-video works on oneiric, but i've seen nothing about it19:36
yofeloxymoron: chromium uses gtk, not space for gtk on the CD19:36
melodieyofel: Command not found. :/19:37
ubuntu__or do i got to install everthing again_19:37
melodieyofel: And yes, I already tried sudo..19:37
yofelmelodie: no, don't try to run something, just look what files are in there19:37
yofelI have no idea how the fglrx file would be called, that's the problem19:37
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kerloiPeace-: It is half solved :)19:39
MeanderingCodedoes it make any diff to anyone's noggin if i mention i'm using 64bit?19:39
Peace-kerloi: ?19:39
melodieyofel: Are you looking for eht name of my display driver?19:39
kerloiPeace-: Well it doesn't work in amarok but everywhere else.19:40
Peace-kerloi: :D19:40
kerloiBut I know it is common for amarok19:40
Peace-kerloi: maybe you have to configure it19:40
yofelmelodie: no, for the names of  the files in /etc/modprobe.d/19:40
trew_hi all19:42
melodieIt won't let me run the command ''/etc/modprobe.d/'' into he Konsle... I'm sorry :/ is there some other way?19:42
trew_i need help19:42
trew_i intall kubuntu bat KDE no started19:42
trew_i have log19:42
Peace-!paste | trew_19:42
ubottutrew_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:42
kerloiPeace-: Well thx I'll manage amarok my self :)19:43
Peace-kerloi: pulse for some audio card is very bad friend19:43
Peace-kerloi:  http://nowardev.wordpress.com/2010/09/18/audio-problem-with-kubuntu-10-10/19:44
Peace-kerloi: that what i thought before19:44
yofelmelodie: no, run 'ls /etc/modprobe.d/'19:44
melodieyofel: http://pastebin.com/ue0Ra7VH19:46
kerloiPeace-: Yep it seems it is the case for me. But pulseaudio is installed with the live cd ...19:46
Peace-trew_: ?19:47
yofeltrew_: some patience please...19:47
Sam42Any ideas on how I can remove this widget from the panel without actually being able to see the panel? Currently I can't load plasma-desktop because a cpufreq widget is causes a kauth error code 319:48
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trew_i intall kubuntu bat KDE no started19:48
trew_LOG kdm19:48
Peace-i installed kubutu but kde  didn't start19:48
Peace-ok.... trew_ nvidia?19:49
yofelmelodie: ok, now we know that KMS doesn't work because fglrx disables it. Now: try running 'sudo jockey-text' and try to re/install or remove fglrx19:49
yofelwith some luck that'll improve the situation19:49
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melodieyofel: ...Just so I know, what exactly is wrong with it. Is it just conflicint with KMS?19:50
melodieyofel: Or what?19:51
BluesKajkerloi, to find he right name for your audio kernel module do :  lsmod grep | snd , then run: sudo modprobe snd_nameofmodule to load the module .19:51
Peace-trew_:  sudo nvidia-xconfig19:52
Peace-trew_: where are you from ?19:53
kerloiBluesKaj: Thx but thanks to Peace- advices it's working now :)19:53
melodieyofel: How do I remove fglrx? Then re install it O.O19:53
melodieyofel: Unless I need it completely removed O.O19:53
trew_live cd Peace-19:53
BluesKajkerloi, well, do it anyway :)19:53
Peace-trew_: your country...19:54
Peace-BluesKaj: removed pulse...19:54
Peace-it's a beast that thing for some audio card :D19:54
kerloiBluesKaj: But didn't lsmod list the modules that are already loaded ?19:54
BluesKajyup. Peace- , unfortunately i have no web audio without pulse with my new m-audio sound card19:55
yofel_melodie: fglrx can't use kms, so it disables it, but since you have no xorg.conf that driver isn't used but the other one which relies on KMS -> bad19:55
BluesKajlsmod lists available modules , modprobe loads them19:56
kerloiAll my audio is working. I've tested with mplayer, amarok, and some youtube video19:56
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
BluesKajkerloi, nice to hear , no pun intended :)19:57
kerloiBluesKaj: :p19:58
kerloiok Thx a lot and good bye !!19:58
trew_Peace-: http://paste.kde.org/134179/19:59
Peace-trew_: your nvidia drivers fails19:59
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade20:00
nusch_could somebody help me with examining network manager problem ? this is my fourth dist-upgrade and fourth time network manager is messed..20:01
trew_There? Peace-20:02
Peace-trew_: you need to fix your nvidia driver20:02
usakii have a general question, is it possible to downgrade to a previous version of an installed program?20:02
Peace-trew_: nvidia driver problem20:02
Peace-i dunno well20:02
trew_Peace-: What's the command I install it?20:04
nusch_I have network-manager running, can see it's proberly detects wifi network in dbus viewer, but plasma applet shows no connections, wireless is grayed, on wired I can see only ifup(eth0), ifup(wlan0) http://pastebin.pl/4860220:04
jmichaelxmiro is not working in oneiric :-(20:05
trew_Or how can I search through the command line?20:05
anonhi. I just install Kubuntu 11.10 and have 2 problems, can someone help me please?20:09
anonfirst off, flash is choppy and too quick..20:10
anonVLC exits when trying to jump somewhere into the middle of a movie20:10
anonotherwise, plays it at the speed of light.20:11
anonThe other problem.. I can't find avidemux in Muon :)20:11
darthanubiswhat kind of video card?20:11
darthanubisthey removed avidemux from the repos20:11
Peace-anon: systemsetting desktop effect  disable them for a while20:11
U236WillyI'd like to know if there is a log that is saved of a dist-upgrade when it borks.20:11
anonwell I've got an ATI but I'm not using the propiretary drivers20:11
darthanubisI know, I was dismayed by that as well20:11
anonPeace-: will try it20:11
darthanubisanon: I'd at least try the the ATI drivers20:13
darthanubisthen you can turn your effects back on20:13
anonok, disabled the effects, and still.. Dragon, VLC, even youtube (and all flash sites) play flash very quickly,20:13
darthanubiswhich flash is installed?20:14
darthanubisare you 64bit?20:14
anonah, so it's not only flash videos! I just played a .wmv and a .mp420:14
anonyup, 64bit20:14
darthanubisI'd enable the medibuntu repos20:15
darthanubissevenmachines flash repos20:15
darthanubisand install the ATI drivers and 64bit flash20:15
darthanubisreport your findings20:15
anon(probably noteworthy: yesterday I had installed Kubuntu 64-bit, today messed up kdm so I reformatted and re-installed. However, on my first install, videos were working fine and I didn't do anything exotic now)20:15
yofelsevenmachines flash is empty20:15
yofeluse adobe-flashplayer from partner20:15
anonyofel: this is what I'm using now20:15
yofelthat's the 64bit one if you're on 6420:15
anonok let me enable medibuntu and report back20:16
Peace-anon:  rm -R /home/$USER/.config/vlc/20:17
darthanubisyofel: when did that happen20:17
U236WillyIs there anyway I can find out where the install process borked and on which packages?20:17
darthanubisguess I did not notice as I installed flash manually from Adobe20:17
anonPeace-:  Dragon also plays fvideos quickly20:17
yofeldarthanubis: as soon as flash11 got released20:18
Peace-anon: mm looks like asystem problem20:18
darthanubis"adobe-flashplayer" not found20:18
yofeloops, adobe-flashplugin20:19
Peace-anon: for vlc try this http://wstaw.org/m/2011/10/15/plasma-desktopjk1340.jpg20:20
darthanubisyofel: thanks says version 1020:20
yofelsays for me:
elijahHey guys, I have been googling for quite a while now and can't seem to figure this out. Ubuntu did this but I can't seem to do this on Kubuntu. ==============  I want to be able to create new folers and files on the desktop, my desktop folder also does not reflect my visual desktop. Any ideas?20:21
darthanubisI guess the package description in properites needs updating then20:21
darthanubiselijah: right click the desktop20:21
anonok will just install adobe-flashplugin first20:22
elijahdarthanubis: ahah, thanks20:23
jmichaelxi am having issues with a few apps one one machine. both are gtk apps. one is cheese. it worked fine in natty, but in oneiric it is VERY sluggish, the images are of far less quality than they were in natty, and it will not use my gtk theme settings. the second app is miro, which is so sluggish and crashy as to be unusable. any suggestions?20:24
jmichaelxon one machine*20:24
elijahIs there a program that is faster than gwenview to launch image previews with?20:24
anonwell.. nothing changed, and it's getting late, I have work tomorrow morning. Thanks everyone! will see you soon20:26
yofeljmichaelx: cheese is gnome, so if you want it themed you would need to install oxygen gtk3 which is still work in progress20:26
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yofel(haven't gotten a gnome app with oxygen-gtk3 to use my color scheme yet)20:26
yofelalthough  the theme itself works ok20:26
Peace-cheese? ===> qt = kamoso20:26
yofeltrue, try kamoso20:27
Peace-btw kamoso uses vlc library20:27
Peace-so... it's vlc :D20:27
jmichaelxyofel: Peace-: i didn't install kamoso, basically because i was annoyed with it having konqueror as a dependency.... but anyways, obviously i know that cheese is a gnome app, or i would not have mentioned the gtk themes.... and the theme is minor. it is VERY sluggish and crashy, as is miro... i think these two issues are related somehow. on another similar machine, miro is working fine.20:29
Peace-jmichaelx: konqueror?20:30
Peace-vlc you meant20:30
jmichaelxPeace-: possibly vlc as well, but i am pretty sure that it also pulls in konqueror20:30
GirlyGirljmichaelx: GTK3 can be rather laggy at times20:31
jmichaelxGirlyGirl: this is beyond normal laggy20:31
yofelmiro got a new version (4), but still seems to use gtk220:31
jmichaelxi am trying to emphasize that something is wrong20:31
GirlyGirljmichaelx: In my case it is beyond laggy to so I'm avoiding those apps20:32
jmichaelxyofel: i have been using miro's new version for a long time. it worked fine in natty20:32
jmichaelxyofel: and as i said, i have two very similar machines right next to each othere here... miro works fine on one machine, almost not at all on the other20:33
jmichaelxthese two machines have the same CPU, same amount of RAM20:33
Peace-good night20:34
jmichaelxthe one where the problems are has an nvidia ion2 gpr, the one where things are working has intel video20:34
* Peace- is tired from skydiving and runnin here in italy is late20:34
Peace-so ... have nice chat here .20:35
jmichaelxgood night, Peace-!20:35
yofelI would blame that difference then, although I'm not sure what driver the ION's are using20:35
jmichaelxi honestly think something got botched in the upgrade process...20:35
* yofel has crappy performance with nouveau on his quadro20:36
jmichaelxyofel: the ion's use the same proprietary nvidia driver that other nvidia cards use20:36
jmichaelxi could be wrong, but i doubt the video card is the issue20:37
yofelhm, that driver is usually good20:37
jmichaelxi would not call it good, but in linux it is more stable than anything else20:37
yofeltrue, but the only issue I have with it is slow rendering in firefox. other than that it's fine20:38
szaldo I see correctly that Oneiric comes w/ kdepim 4.7.2?20:39
BarkingFishszal, you do.20:39
melodieHey, can anyone help?20:39
jmichaelxyofel: yea, it suit smy purposes.... i was most interested in being able to use vdpau. i am trying to keep my carbon footprint as low as possible (which is not all that low at times), and am using two dual-core atom machines at my work desk20:39
CreapHi, I had 2 disks in Software RAID in a previous install (openSUSE), just installed Kubuntu 11.10 and not sure how to mount them. There's no option in the KDE Partition Manager to mount the partitions on those 2 disks20:39
szaldoes that include the new KMal?20:39
melodieMy screen isn't formated right :/ it is a little off.20:40
szal!ask | BarkingFish20:40
ubottuBarkingFish: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience20:40
szalerm, wrong nick..  I meant melodie20:40
jmichaelxmelodie: in what way?20:40
yofelmelodie: still?20:41
melodieIt edges go a little more outward then they should. And it is getting a little annoying.20:41
yofelszal: yes, oneiric has kmail2 (read link in topic before upgrading)20:41
melodieyofel: Nope, I fixed the graphics problem20:41
BarkingFishyofel, maybe we should tell people about akonadiconsole too, since it might help with any issues starting or getting kmail2 to work :)20:42
melodieyofel: But the screen and multiple destops still don't work20:42
yofelBarkingFish: hm... akonaditray was supposed to be used for that :/20:42
jmichaelxyofel: why do the package name for these themes say gtk2?20:43
BarkingFishyofel, akonaditray doesn't help, the configuration is fine, but the akonadiconsole allows you to restart individual bits which aren't running20:43
BarkingFishI'd say that makes it an asset, possibly should be put in as a package which should come down at the same time as akonadi, instead of having to go get it when you realise you need it :)20:44
yofeljmichaelx: because they're gtk2 themes?20:45
yofelafaik there is only 1 gtk3 theme in the archive20:45
BarkingFishThis is only personal opinion, but I don't see what the need was to move kmail over to akonadi & nepomuk, it worked fine before :)20:45
jmichaelxand which is that?20:45
BarkingFishIf it ain't broke, don't break it.20:45
yofeljmichaelx: gtk3-engines-...20:45
yofel... something20:45
szalyofel: looks like it's safer to do the migration manually20:45
yofelszal: exactly20:46
BarkingFishszal, be warned, the migration tool doesn't always work from the CLI either :)20:46
szalBarkingFish: I'm gonna do a full system backup anyway before upgrading20:47
jmichaelxyofel: ok, do i need to be using this gtk3 engine... which was apparently not needed in < natty?20:47
szalright now I'm running do-release-upgrade on my other machine..  got nothing to lose there, so I thought I could give it a go as well ^^20:47
yofeljmichaelx: if you use gtk3 apps and want them to look better than gtk1 - yes20:47
yofeljmichaelx: and that's beacause before oneiric practically nothing used gtk320:48
yofeljmichaelx: and oxygen/gtk3 isn't released yet, albeit usable IMO20:48
jmichaelxyofel: where do you get oxygen/gtk3?20:48
yofeljmichaelx: selfbuilding - git clone git://anongit.kde.org/oxygen-gtk - git checkout gtk3 - then read the INSTALL file20:49
yofeland README20:49
jmichaelxok, ty20:49
jmichaelxi may not bother right now, as i highly doubt this is even related to most of the issues i'm having20:50
yofelnah, only gtk3 apps looking bad20:50
jmichaelxok, i just installed cheese on a second machine (with the intel GPU) even though there is no webcam there. it fires right up (just like miro does).... something is royally screwed up on the nvidia machine regarding gtk apps20:52
Creapdavcleme: I have installed the mdadm package, is it some kind of driver that partition manager can use or should I use the cli?21:04
fingerHello! I've got a small question. I started to use Kubuntu just recently and I can't seem to find such a thing like separator for desktop panels. I tried hard to find it, but I just can't. Can somebody point me to solution?21:05
Creapdavcleme: wrong channel sorry21:06
fingerI mean separator like in toolbar. Just a vertical line of fixed witdh and clearly visible. I like to have diferrent widgets separated. And it's really annoying not to have that item...21:08
=== dankers is now known as Guest75560
spacebug-if I can change how much the volume inc/dec in KDE when using my keyboard then where do I do that?21:13
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.21:16
szalhmm..  what repo to enable for continuous KDE (version) updates?  kubuntu-ppa or backports ppa?21:16
szal(iow, the one that will get 4.7.2 when it's out and pkg'd)21:18
spacebug-szal: sudo apt-add-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/ppa21:19
yofelszal: kubuntu-ppa/ppa already has 4.7.221:19
yofelfor oneiric that is21:19
szalupgrade on other machine seems to have gone smoothly all the way despite an internet connection interruption21:23
jmichaelxlooks like it is reinstall time for this thingl,+-+89`-+---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------     +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++21:24
jmichaelxwhoops... sorry about that21:24
PrivateReesehey guys can someone please answer one question about "Ubuntu Distribution Hosting"21:24
szal!ask | PrivateReese21:24
ubottuPrivateReese: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience21:24
giantpunehi, i am running the kubuntu 11.04 -> 11.10 update.  it is spitting out a lot of errors while trying to update the ssl certs.21:24
szalPrivateReese: and please elaborate what you mean by "Ubuntu Distribution Hosting"21:24
jmichaelxlol, how knocking my keyboard down produced what it just did, i do not know lol21:25
giantpunethere must be about 200 errors where it tried to add a cert and failed.  anybody know if this is normal?21:25
PrivateReeseI have some freee Webspace or even a Webserver, i want to "Host" Ubuntu and Distributions on it21:25
szaljmichaelx: looks like it lay on the - and + keys of the numpad21:26
PrivateReeseis it legal to do so or do I have to get Permission??21:26
jmichaelxszal: apparently so21:26
szalPrivateReese: the install media are freely redistributable; you can host them on your own webspace, burn to CDs and give away or even sell..21:27
=== finger is now known as cachemem
szalPrivateReese: unless you modify them to include software that is not freely redistributable, that is21:28
PrivateReeseso i just can mirror all Ubuntu or other Linux Distributions? Can I also take part in the "Main Ubuntu Download Link" where there choose a Server to Download from e.g. a University Server21:28
BarkingFishPrivateReese, if you want to set up a mirror of your own, follow this :)21:32
BarkingFish!newmirror | PrivateReese21:32
ubottuPrivateReese: Interested in setting up a new mirror? See http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/mirror for more info.21:32
PrivateReesehey thanks a lot ;-)21:33
BarkingFishyou're welcome, thank ubuntu's ops too, they pointed me at the message link :)21:34
jmichaelxyofel: in case you're interested, i believe the problem i am having has nothing to do with gtk.... it is another audio problem21:35
yofelaudio o.O?21:35
jmichaelxyofel: yes. maybe you remember that yesterday, phonon had set my webcam mic as my default audio device (very stupid)21:36
jmichaelxyofel: i think it was you who told me to use kcmshell4 to fix that.... anyways, since rebooting, things are again configured wrongly, and in the phonon settings the devices are not even listed anymore, only pulseaudio is listed21:38
ashwinAfter update klipper is not working properly.how can i make in work?21:38
cachememI am sorry again. I see a conversation here, but I want to get a little attention too. I want a separator like in toolbars for my desktop panels. I can't seem to find such a feature. It's really a problem for me. Can anybody point me to a solution?21:38
jmichaelxthis whole pulseaudio and pulseaudio+phonon business is another matter on which volumes could be written about their dysfunctionality21:39
jmichaelxyofel: would you have an idea how i could get phonon to show my devices?21:40
yofelcachemem: I don't think there are seperators for the panel, only spacers21:40
yofeljmichaelx: no, I'm happy as long phonon works, I always just set it to use pulse21:41
jmichaelxyofel: you are aware that often does not work, aren't you?21:41
jmichaelxi wonder why my devices showed yesterday, and today they don't21:42
jmichaelxthe freaking thing reset my default audio device to be my hdmi audio, which i am not using21:43
cachememyofel: that is very sad...21:43
yofeljmichaelx: it works perfectly fine on my eeePC - but on my thinkpad I have that exact issue with my HDMI slot -.-*21:44
ashwinAfter update klipper is not working properly.Now history is always empty.i cannot copy text from one app to other.How can i fix it?21:44
jmichaelxyofel: how did you fix that (providing you did get it fixed)?21:44
yofeljmichaelx: not really, I set it to use internal analog stereo (for every setting I could fine), and it usually sticks to that21:45
BarkingFishThis is not fun. I have another problem now. Why am I unable to install kpackagekit?  I try from cli to install using sudo apt-get install kpackagekit and get this:21:45
BarkingFish kpackagekit : Depends: apper but it is not going to be installed21:45
BarkingFishE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.21:45
jmichaelxyofel: i do not have that option... i have NO options21:45
yofelBarkingFish: refresh your cache? apper is in universe21:46
BarkingFishI have apper already installed21:46
yofeljmichaelx: ok... that's new21:46
=== bulldog98_ is now known as bulldog98
jmichaelxyofel: it isn't new. people complain about this all the time21:47
cachememThen I will write my own separator widget next weekend :D21:47
jmichaelxyofel: i should have said that i have one option 'pulseaudio'21:47
yofelmeh, you need someone that knows more about phonon than I do :/21:48
jmichaelxi still want to know why my devices would show one day, and not the next21:48
jmichaelxphonon should not exist21:48
szalin Oneiric kpackagekit is obsolete21:48
cachememThanks a lot, anyway21:49
szalif I saw correctly while upgrading my other machine21:49
yofelBarkingFish: uh... that error doesn't make sense then. But what szal says is correct21:49
ufmblanhey folks. I upgraded to 11.10 and now have no network devices available. can someone please help21:49
yofeljmichaelx: phonon should very much exist, pulse shouldn't exist21:49
BarkingFishoh great. Why mess with stuff which works...?21:49
yofelBarkingFish: kpackagekit was renamed to apper21:49
jmichaelxyofel: i do hate pulseaudio21:49
BarkingFishyofel, it doesn't have the same functionality as kpackagekit21:50
jmichaelxbut i hate a lot of things right now.... pulseaudio, akonadi, nepomuk21:50
yofelBarkingFish: ask the developer, nothing that was done from the kubuntu side21:50
BarkingFishthe edit origins button has gone, the list of what pools you have is gone21:50
jmichaelxi am anti-semantic desktop21:50
BarkingFishjmichaelx, I'm with you on this.  I want something which works21:50
BarkingFishAt the moment, after 2 hours on oneiric, I can say with all honesty, this doesn't.21:51
yofelhm, kde1 was classic21:51
BarkingFishso since apper clearly doesn't have what I want, does anyone know where it went?21:51
BarkingFishthe edit origins feature, and the list of pools you can check or uncheck21:52
jmichaelxi have a younger brother who has been using windowmaker since the late 90's... only window manager he'll use, and he wastes a lot less time with that than i am right now with kde21:52
* yofel installs apper21:52
jmichaelxi had never heard of apper until yesterday21:53
jmichaelxi still miss (the old) adept21:53
jmichaelxnow i either use aptitude or synaptic21:53
BarkingFishi want kpackagekit back. I don't care if I have to totally reinstall natty.21:53
yofelBarkingFish: I believe what you want to run is: kdesudo software-properties-kde21:53
jmichaelxBarkingFish: i don't know why anyone would want kpackagekit back21:54
* yofel neither21:54
jimmy51i just downloaded digikam on my PC and am trying to import pics from my canon SD500.  i'm getting failure to connect to camera errors, even though digikam has worked for me in the past.  googling shows 5 year old posts indicating a permissions issue but nothing recent.21:54
jimmy51where should i start?21:54
yofelkpackagekit sucked here - which was mostly packagkit's fault, not kpackagekit's21:54
BarkingFishsorry, when you're used to something, you're used to it, you know it backwards, and you know it works.21:54
* jmichaelx also hates packagekit21:54
yofelBarkingFish: use muon (the package manager)21:54
BarkingFishand yofel - that's not what I needed21:54
yofelnot the SC21:55
BarkingFishi just tried it, the features I'm looking for are not there either21:55
yofelwell what do you need? I never remember seeing a pool view in kpackagekit21:55
yofel"origins" for me a software repositories - which software-properties-kde is for21:56
BarkingFishon the left, the third link, under Software updates, took you to the software properties. There was also a box which popped up listing which deb things you had listed, and checkboxes down the side so you could enable or disable them.  Under it was a button marked "Edit origins"21:57
sburjan`hello. Does anybody know why I don't have no icon on my desktop even if I have stuff in /home/user/Desktop ?21:57
BarkingFishsburjan`, You need to right click on the desktop, and select Folder view settings21:58
yofelsburjan`: you're not using a folder view layout for your desktop, but the standard desktop layout21:58
ufmblancan anyone offer help on a networking issue on 1121:58
jmichaelxufmblan: what is the issue?21:59
sburjan`yofel: I understand, so how can I switch the layout ?21:59
BarkingFishon the right of the box which pops up, you will see a dropdown marked "Layout", sburjan` - click it and select folder view - apply that, then click on Location on the left21:59
yofelas BarkingFish said21:59
BarkingFishthe very first button on the right, at the top, says "show desktop folder". Click it, apply it, and your icons will appear on your desktop21:59
jmichaelxwhy in the world would phonon(or pulseaudio) have decided to change my default audio device from what i had told it to yesterday?22:00
ufmblanjmichaelx: tried to enable wireless and caused there to be no network devices available22:01
jmichaelxufmblan: is this a fresh install, or an upgrade?22:01
sburjan`BarkingFish: I right-click on desktop, and I have: Run Command, Add WIdgets, Add Panel, Activities, Lock Widgets, Lock Screen, Leave, Desktop Settings22:02
jmichaelxufmblan: and your wireles device had been working before the upgrade, i presume?22:02
yofelsburjan`: desktop settings22:02
BarkingFishsburjan`, which version of Kubuntu are you on?22:03
ufmblanjmichaelx: whenever I upgrade I need to do some driver installing to get the wireless back running22:03
jmichaelxufmblan: on each machine that i upgraded, i had to redo my wireless settings in the plasma widgets, as my old one had been lost (pissed me off), but after that, i was back in business.... have you tried to do that?22:03
sburjan`yofel, BarkingFish: thanks. this is my first time in KDE, sorry for my noobness22:03
jmichaelxufmblan: ahh, ok22:03
jmichaelxufmblan: what chipset does you wireless device use?22:04
jimmy51maybe i should ask a different question..... what is an app recommended for Kubuntu users to retrieve and manage digital photos from a camera connected via USB?22:04
BarkingFishsburjan`, Don't worry. After the changes KDE have made in our new version, a lot of us feel like this is our first time using KDE :)22:04
yofeljimmy51: there's kamera and digikam22:04
BarkingFishIt certainly seems that way anyhow22:04
ufmblanjmichaelx: not sure, I'm a noob. broadcom is the name of the driver22:04
jimmy51yofel: i'm trying to use digikam but it fails to connect to my canon powershot.  it has worked in the past on another kubuntu box i had so i don't know what's going on.22:05
jmichaelxufmblan: ok, have you tried to use jockey to find the driver for you?22:05
ufmblanjmichaelx: no, how do I do that?22:05
yofeljimmy51: not sure then, can dolphin open the camera?22:06
jmichaelxufmblan: look in your menu for something that says 'additional drivers'22:06
yofeljimmy51: or does the device manager show it?22:06
ufmblanjmichaelx: I'm the settings for additional drivers, I enable the broadcom driver but I still have no wireless.22:06
jmichaelxufmblan: obviously you will need to be connected to a wired network22:07
jmichaelxufmblan: ok, you've already been there22:07
jimmy51yofel: i get the device connected notice in the lower right and can click to mount it.  it shows up as Canon Powershot whatever PTP mode.22:07
jimmy51it shows no files though.22:07
yofelhm, not sure then, I usually use a flash reader to copy images22:08
ufmblanjmixhaelx: yeah. it does nothing. when upgrading to 11.04, I had to do something with the b43 packages in synaptic22:08
jmichaelxufmblan: i am going to recommend that you check the forums on this one... you need to have the exact details of your chipset22:08
jmichaelxufmblan: is this in a laptop?22:08
ufmblanjmichaelx: yeah I tried that but nobody responds22:08
jmichaelxin a terminal, 'lspci | grep -i wireless' should give you the info you need22:09
jmichaelxufmblan: you need to search the forums, not start a new thread22:09
ufmblanjmichaelx: I'm thinking that its something wrong with a package on synaptic. is there any way to restore to default settings?22:10
jmichaelxubuntu forums have been trashed by people posting new threads when the answers they seek are already in existing threads22:10
ufmblanI've looked and found nothing22:11
jmichaelxufmblan: you really need to get the details of your card, and look in the forums. there is a %95+ chance your answer is there22:11
jmichaelxufmblan: there is a lot more than nothing there22:11
jmichaelxufmblan: there are many long threads devoted solely to broadcom wireless issues22:12
phiscibeufmblan: maybe the firwares for the driver got left in the dirt for the upgrade22:16
phiscibe/libs/firware should have something it referecing your driver22:16
jimmy51yofel: looks to be related to how the SD card is formatted22:16
phiscibemay be not that excat folder22:16
jimmy51yofel: i've always used a 1GB card and never had a problem.  it filled up on this vacation so i switched to a 2GB card.22:17
phiscibelot of ppl having bugs, im trying to post some of the solutions and gotchas this release,,,http://kubuntu-experince.blogspot.com/22:17
jimmy51yofel: the camera read it and formatted it, but looking at the folder structure it's different than the 1GB stick... it created two stores with their own DCIM folder in them.22:17
=== sburjan_ is now known as sburjan`
winut_seems like muon is still buggy, sorry to say22:23
yrushihello, is there a theme for wine that makes it look like KDE?22:24
winut_i guess is should just stick with synaptic or command line22:24
=== winut_ is now known as winut
winutwhat is the apt command i need to run if i kill muon?22:26
yrushisudo apt-get install packagename22:26
winutmuon is stuck at 53%22:26
winutif i kill it i need to run an apt command, not that22:27
winuti was told what it was some time ago on this forum22:27
yrushiis it sudo apt-get --reinstall install packagename22:27
winutbecause it happened on my dads pc22:28
winutmuon suck iimo22:28
BarkingFishwinut, amen to that.22:30
winutit looks promising but it gets stuck22:31
winutalso it only shows minimal amounts of package information at a glance22:31
winutapt is so simple it hard to believe its possible to mess that up!22:31
yofelwinut: sudo dpkg --configure -a22:32
yofelsudo apt-get install -f22:32
winutthanks yofel22:32
yofelsudo apt-get dist-upgrade22:32
yrushiis there a wine theme that integrates with kde??22:32
jmichaelxkubuntu had adept, then went to kpackagekit, now muon.... i am sure there was at least one other22:32
claydohthere was ksynaptics, adept, adept2, kpk (naow called apper) and muon22:34
jmichaelxyofel: if aptitude does not work well with multi-arch, what are people supposed to do in server environments?22:34
jmichaelxi guess muti-arch just has to be disabled?22:34
* claydoh loves muon, 22:35
jmichaelxgood grief22:35
yofelI don't think there's much use for mulitarch right now except skype and flash22:35
yofeland we have flash64 in partner22:35
jmichaelxmakes sense22:35
winutok, it work. i was trying to paste an error22:36
yofeljmichaelx: you'll have a /etc/dpkg/dpkg.conf.d/multiarch IIRC, edit that and comment the line in there out22:36
yofelsomething like foreign-architecture i38622:36
winutdebconf/config.dat is locked by another process: Resource temporarily unavailable22:36
jmichaelxyofel: ty.... i was planning on upgrading a few servers to oneiric sometime soon22:37
winutit hasn't finished yet but i thought i should check that error with you. i ran pkill muon and pkill dpkg22:38
winutthen yofels commmand22:38
winutin sudo also22:38
yrushiAlso, I need to run NuCalc 2.0 under wine.22:38
jmichaelxdoes anyone here know how to get the actual hardware devices to show up in phonon, not just 'pulseaudio server'?22:40
altinhow can I stop KATE text editor to make backups whenever I save something ?22:41
avihayaltin: in kate settings22:42
altinavihay: searched there dont seem to find it ?22:43
altincan you be more specific please !22:43
avihayeditor component->open/save->advanced->save on backup->remove tick form local files and remote files22:43
avihayaltin: maybe22:44
altinthanks :)22:45
=== Quintasan_ is now known as Quintasan
MaximLevitskyWhat to do about GTK3 applications in kubuntu?23:07
phisciberun em?23:08
MaximLevitskyThey all show ugly fallback theme23:09
MaximLevitskyI don't mind them use default ubuntu theme or so, but not that ugly theme23:09
phiscibehow did u get gtk3 stuff in kubuntu?23:11
MaximLevitskyHow, simple I use some gnome apps23:11
MaximLevitskylike gedit for example23:11
MaximLevitskyThey are all gtk3 now23:12
yofelthere's gtk3-engines-unico23:12
yofeldon't ask me how to use it though if it doesn't work by just installing23:12
MaximLevitskyI don't mind that23:12
phiscibejust asking, alot of ppl come in there with a mix of kde and gnome and have no idea what happened23:12
yofeloxygen gtk3 isn't out yet23:12
MaximLevitskyAll I need is to control the theme23:13
MaximLevitskywithout gnome-settings-daemon23:13
MaximLevitskyI did google that bit23:13
MaximLevitskynothing working so far23:13
phiscibegnome-tweak-tool  maybe23:14
MaximLevitskypulls gnome-shell... buts its ok, I take at look at it later23:15
MaximLevitskyassholes.... Removing gddccontrol...23:16
jmmaphiscibe, I use lxappearance to change gnome theme applications.23:16
MaximLevitskyI use that tool!23:16
MaximLevitskynope lxappearence affects gtk223:20
MaximLevitskyI'll look at that later myself I think23:20
jmichaelxyofel: apparently the biggest problem i am running into is that phon settings are lost upon rebooting23:20
MaximLevitskyreally, gnome just went rogue to all of us. I used so much time and it was quite nice23:20
yofelthat should not happen o.O23:20
MaximLevitskyI guess I traded my freedom for stable system....23:21
MaximLevitskyAnd now its time to take that back23:21
yofeljmichaelx: any files under .kde/ owned by root?23:21
* yofel is guessing...23:21
jmichaelxyofel: nope, but that was a good guess23:21
jmichaelxis there a way to stop the warnings about nepomuk?23:22
yofelMaximLevitsky: here's a snippet from the oxygen gtk3 readme, maybe something like that needs to be done for the other theme too: http://paste.kde.org/13421523:22
yofeljmichaelx: if you disabled it - not that I know of23:23
MaximLevitskyproblem is that I don't have .config/gtk-3.023:24
yofelMaximLevitsky: create it23:24
jmichaelxyofel: so if a person disables it, you must get greeted by popups in each new session letting you know that a service you disabled is disabled?23:24
MaximLevitskyI created it a moment ago23:24
MaximLevitskyI suspect ubuntu doesn't use it23:24
yofeljmichaelx: it's not for all services, just that kde really doesn't want you to disable nepomuk, as it's used a lot these days23:25
yofelMaximLevitsky: they probably use gsettings/dconf23:25
jmichaelxit is also widely disliked23:25
yofeljmichaelx: I don't have any problems these days keeping it on23:25
yofeleven strigi works mostly fine23:25
jmichaelxyofel: ok, i will follow you and turn it back on23:26
Torchjmichaelx: turn off the search indexer and you should not have problems with nepomuk23:26
jmichaelxi had been very bothered by the amount of system resources it had been using23:26
jmichaelxTorch: ty23:26
yofelstrigi usually uses a lot of resources23:26
yofelnepomuk only in combination with akonadi, if you've got akonadi_nepomuk_email_feeder on23:26
yofel*that* is heavy23:26
MaximLevitskyyofel: nope, nothing in dconf-editer ether23:27
oxymoronHmm, is it only me or doesnt muon works? It asks for authorization all the time. Then I discovered logout, restart etc in kickoff doesnt work? :S23:28
oxymoronAnd xine was removed on upgrade, which made my sound doesnt work AGAIN.23:28
yofelthe authorization part is polkit-kde which is a bit buggy indeed23:28
yofelrestart etc. works fine here23:28
yofeland we use gstreamer these days23:29
oxymoronwhen I press restart nothing happens for me :S23:29
MaximLevitskySo gddcontrol is removed from ubuntu23:29
oxymoronyofel: Yeah I use gstreamer, but I dont know never EVER worked for me, always end up with xine as Alsa and Gstreamer never works and/or someone breaks it.23:30
yofeltry the vlc backend?23:30
oxymoronyofel: Tried as well, doesnt work either ...23:30
oxymoronThen I installed xine, but this time it doesnt appear in Phonon settings ... so cannot switch.23:31
jmichaelxonce pulseaudio has been removed, and phonon set to use the corret devices, is there anything else that needs to be done? i am still gettings errors telling me that i have no sound driver23:31
Torchoxymoron: you need the phonon xine backend, not just xine (in fact i'm not sure if you need xine itself at all for the backend)23:32
oxymoronTorch: I tried kde.config-phonon-xine, but doesnt seem to be it :P23:32
oxymoroninstalled libxine1 and that, doesnt work.23:33
MaximLevitskyFolks, what do you think about other KDE distros?23:34
oxymoronAs matter of fact, when trying to change settings nothing seems to be saved. For instance tried to update file associations, ifinite update loop, that reaches 100 percent, then starts over xD23:34
MaximLevitskyEspecially that follow kde development closely23:34
MaximLevitskyopenSUSE? its community distro now?23:35
MaximLevitskywho backs it?23:35
MaximLevitskyArch? is this good distro?23:36
Torchoxymoron: try with a new user?23:37
oxymoronTorch: What you mean new user?23:37
Torchoxymoron: create a new user account and see if that fixes it23:38
oxymoronTorch: Wonder, cruiosity, why would that help?23:38
Torchoxymoron: either your install is hosed or your account23:38
oxymoronTorch: Alright, well I give it ago if I manage to create new user ... maybe not work as other bugs :P23:39
phiscibeoxymoron: military intelligence23:40
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jmichaelxyofel: in case you were interested, a person needs to set the pulseaudio device in pavu23:48
jmichaelxjust knowing that would have saved me a few freaking hours23:48
jmichaelxall's well that ends well23:48
yofelI would've expected kmix to be intelligent enough to do that these days -.-23:48
oxymoronTorch: Wasnt able to login ... it required to change pass when login. But the change password dialog locked me out ...23:49
oxymoronis there any upstream packages to update all bugs "stable" version has?23:49
jmichaelxyofel: i'm not sure how much power kmix has over pulseaudio23:50
yofelless than it should23:50
PrivateReesehmm sorry somebody on who can tell me what to do next if registered at launchpad an requested to be a ubuntu-mirror?23:54
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PrivateReeseubuntu wiki has very less information23:56

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