KM0201well, partial success00:00
austinwould anyone mind helping me?01:35
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masaharustinhello, would someone mind helping me?01:37
masaharustinwhat is the lubuntu netbook desktop?01:40
Unit193It's just another view of things, try it to find out01:41
masaharustinoh nvm, i was asking because i could not log into it01:42
Unit193Odd, I'll try it next VBox install01:42
masaharustinthe only desktops i can log into are default, lxde, lubuntu, and openbox (just freezes up)01:43
tzhuanganyone here use QQ chat?02:53
tzhuangor rahter anyone have it working in lubuntu?02:54
Unit193Pidgin should support it02:55
tzhuanghmmm i can't seem to find it in the accounts selection02:57
tzhuangfor the pidgin that comes bundled with lubuntu 11.10 anyway02:57
Unit193It's listed as supported, but I have never used QQ :P  Take a look at http://code.google.com/p/libqq-pidgin/03:00
Unit193tzhuang: "Note: Kopete, old versions of Pidgin, and any other client whose QQ support is based on libpurple no longer supports QQ as of May 2011"03:03
tzhuangUnit193:  doh, thanks a lot for your help03:10
KM0201whats QQ?03:14
Unit193KM0201: China talk network03:15
KM0201oh ok03:15
wxlKM0201: did u get it worrking?04:06
KM0201wxl: sort of04:08
wxlhow so?04:08
KM0201i ended up install GDM, which works fine (even if a bit bloated)04:08
KM0201only problem is, i can't figure out how to configure it... and when it loads up, it's just a black screen, w/ a window to choose a username04:08
KM0201which.. in reality, is fine... i'd just like it to be a "little" better.. if i could just make that background blue, or some color other than black, it'd be gold04:08
KM0201i'll look into it more tomorrow.04:08
KM0201got tired of dealing w/ it04:08
wxltheming howto: http://slim.berlios.de/themes_howto.php04:09
wxlconfig is /us/etc/slim.conf04:09
KM0201hmm, i'll check that out.04:10
wxlvalues are here http://slim.berlios.de/manual.php04:10
bodhizazenslim is very very easy to theme04:13
KM0201yeah, but does it allow you to click a username?04:14
wxlwhat i was thinking was make dad the auto use04:15
wxlthat way it automatically selects his name04:15
KM0201oh i see04:15
wxlall he has to do is enter password04:15
KM0201that may work04:15
wxlsince sis don't care, she can click to login as different user04:15
bodhizazenI do not think slim will do that04:16
bodhizazenIf you have multiple users, personally I would use gdm, switch users is very handy04:16
bodhizazenyou can configure slim to auto login04:17
KM0201bodhizazen: yeah, i got that working, like i said, i just can't figure out how to configure the background on gdm from lxde04:17
wxlhe doesn't want auto login04:17
KM0201i don't want auto login04:17
wxlhe wantss it to be REALLY EASY for one user04:17
wxlbut still require an authenticated login04:17
bodhizazenoic, slim will do that04:18
KM0201yea... i'll figure somethng out.04:18
bodhizazenthe config file is well commented =)04:18
KM0201GDM works, if i figure out how to make it just *a little* better, the black background is a bit much, if i could just change it to a blue, or something, it'd b efine, but even the black will work, if necessary04:19
bodhizazendefault_user your_father04:20
bodhizazenauto_login no04:20
wxlweren't you also looking for something a bit more lightweight or did i misunderstand?04:20
KM0201yes, i was04:20
wxlthere ya go04:20
wxlanywho, when you feel up to it, it will do what you want04:20
KM0201just don't understand why lightdm seems to work so well with unity/ubuntu, but bricks lxdm04:24
wxlthat is strange04:27
wxlshould check the logs for errors04:28
wxlmight be some bugs up in there04:28
KM0201i'm sure.04:28
wxli'd also fine tooth comb that config file04:28
KM0201just seemds odd, that it seems to work flawlessly w/ the other ubuntu flavors, just not lubuntu04:28
wxlhttp://lubuntublog.blogspot.com/2011/07/lightdm-on-lubuntu.html interesting04:29
KM0201and he says it works, unusual04:30
bodhizazenwhat is your problem with lightdm , what do you mean "it bricks" ?04:31
KM0201bodhizazen: soon as i install it, my virtual install fails to boot (i had the same problem on actual installs, in 11.04)... i reboot to recovery, reconfigure to use lxdm, and all works perfectly04:32
bodhizazenat what point in the boot process does it hang ?04:33
KM0201unfortunately, i'm not sure on that04:33
wxland what were the symptoms again?04:33
bodhizazenedit your kernel line and remove quiet and splash04:33
KM0201it just stops booting, black screen.. thats it.04:33
Unit193What exactly do you install? Just lightdm?04:34
bodhizazeninstall openssh server and ssh in from a second box and look at the logs04:34
Unit193Ah! You need a greeter too!04:34
wxlwtf is a greeter?04:34
bodhizazena greeter is one of those folks outside Walmart ...04:35
Unit193bodhizazen: Heh +@04:36
KM0201i'll try it and see hat happens04:36
KM0201it'll be a couple minuts though04:36
Unit193lightdm --test-mode04:36
Unit193bodhizazen: You happen to know resource usage comparison of slim, lightdm, and LXDM?04:37
IAmNotThatGuythats the package name in the repo04:37
KM0201why is that not installed by default as a dependency04:38
wxlis lightdm the only dm that requires a greeter?04:38
Unit193I'm not sure if GDM installs a basic one or not04:38
bodhizazenUnit193, no, I have not found the login managers to be all *that* heavy on resources, but if I need to squeeze more performance out of an old machine, I disable them and then log in and startx04:39
wxlbodhizazen: there is one alternative04:40
KM0201bodhizazen: you're trying to make my dad kill me by suggesting that..lol04:40
wxlwhich will make KM0201 laugh04:40
wxland that's CDM: console display manager :D04:40
wxlwhich is about as cute as an idea as ratpoison04:40
KM0201well, lets face it, it works04:41
KM0201but.. sighs.. not for him.04:41
wxlyep and you know what to expect from the gui ;)04:41
KM0201yeah, hopefully i can get lightdm working properly04:41
KM0201i've not saw that testing repo yet04:42
KM0201but that testing repo is for natty.04:42
KM0201but i guess i can just install all those packages from the normal ubuntu repos.04:42
KM0201linux though, is the perfect OS for them.04:43
KM0201i was clearing viruses/malware off of that pC weekly, cuz they were just to dense and clicking on links in random emails, pop ups, etc04:43
KM0201now, i just ssh in once a week, update, and thats that04:43
Unit193Try not to get too offtopic though04:43
KM0201Unit193: wxl bodhizazen  when i try to reconfigure lightdm, i get this error...  http://pastebin.com/zv2upusu04:54
KM0201looks like it says its missing something called dpkg-maint?04:55
KM0201thats the winner right there04:58
KM0201now the question is, why doesn't lightdm call for that when it installs.. that would strike me as a bug.04:59
KM0201lemme see if thats the prob, i just installed it04:59
KM0201hmm, nope05:01
KM0201still getting that error when i try to reconfigure, only now when i "test".. i get a black window bouncing all over the place05:01
KM0201lets see what happenson reboot05:01
KM0201is anybody listening, or am i talking to myself?05:01
KM0201wxl: ? Unit193 ?  bodhizazen ?05:03
wxlworking on it05:04
KM0201no prob05:04
KM0201i thought i had it w/ that error, installed that xephyr package, but still crayz, i'm gonna try to ssh in and look at the logs05:04
wxldid u get the greeter?05:05
KM0201screen just flashes05:05
wxlit is necessary05:06
wxldid you remove gdm?05:06
KM0201oh,i mean yes, it installed05:06
KM0201i meant, i'm not getting the screen where i can choose a login name05:06
KM0201yes, gdm is removed05:07
KM0201wxl: where would the log for this be?05:11
wxlis there a ~/.dmrc?05:11
wxlwell of course /var/log/syslog for general05:12
wxlmore specifically.....05:12
KM0201no, i don't see a /.drmc (under my home)05:12
ubot5Ubuntu bug 809890 in lightdm (Ubuntu Oneiric) "lightdm-example-gtk-greeter crashed with SIGSEGV in __strcmp_ssse3()" [Medium,Fix released]05:13
wxl^^^ talks about the problem being related to .dmrc05:13
KM0201the problem is, i never get to the screen that lets me choose "other"05:13
wxlmakes sense :D05:14
KM0201lightdm.log, is empty05:14
wxli meant /var/log/lightdm/05:15
KM0201yeah, i know05:15
KM0201and it's empty05:15
wxlit's not loading the greeter is what it seems05:15
KM0201thats what it seems05:15
wxlhuh there's a webkit greeter out there05:17
KM0201don't think thats related05:21
wxlthere should be an /etc/init/lightdm.conf?05:22
KM0201yup, there is05:24
wxlwuz the contents?05:25
KM0201um, hang on05:25
wxlit's weird lightdm.log isn't there05:25
wxlTHAT suggests lightdm isn't starting period05:25
KM0201well, lightdm.log is there.. it's just empty05:25
wxlde facto the same05:26
KM0201u say so... http://pastebin.com/8DKb6MXm05:27
wxlno i mean empty is effectively the same as not there05:28
KM0201oh ok, gotcha05:28
wxloh i give up :D05:30
KM0201hold, log is full now05:32
KM0201i had to SSH in to get something05:32
KM0201how do i pastebin the contents of a file?... since nano sucks for this.05:32
wxluhh i forgot the command for that05:33
wxland nano???? ewwww05:33
KM0201well, if vi will let me select all/copy/paste into a pastebin, then that will work05:33
KM0201but i don't think it will (i've just used nano so long, i like it)05:33
wxlif you can do xterm mouse you can05:34
wxlvisual mode05:34
wxlpastebinit is the command05:34
wxlso you could cat /some/log | pastebinit05:34
KM0201how do you exit vi?05:35
wxlZZ to save or :q! to quit05:36
wxlassuming you escape first05:36
KM0201i got it.05:36
wxlyou have to be in command mode not insert mode05:36
KM0201thats lightdm.log05:37
wxldo you have other logs in there?05:37
KM0201i believe there's an x-log05:37
KM0201lemme check it05:37
wxlcheck out line 3805:38
wxlgo check the permissions05:38
wxloh wait that doesn't make sense05:38
wxlthat's not a permissions issue05:38
KM0201here's the x-0.log   http://paste.ubuntu.com/708381/05:39
KM0201also under lightdm05:39
KM0201looks like it's saying the problem is the "vboxvideo" module?05:40
wxl3222 is trying to load unity greeter05:40
KM0201i saw that05:41
KM0201think i should uninstall that?05:41
wxli wish it was clear how to set the greeter of choice05:41
KM0201i just set the greetter to lxdm, so i can remove unity greeter05:42
wxlbut yeah it seem that vbox i messing with you too05:44
KM0201like i said, on 11.04, i got the exact same behavior, on an actual install05:45
wxli know what youre thinking05:45
KM0201am ithat predictable?05:46
KM0201man, this is frustrating05:47
KM0201that repo 404'd05:47
wxlthat and that's your xorg log05:47
wxlthat vbox fail should be on ANY variation of x05:47
wxlman dude i wnat to help you like crazy but i just don't know05:47
wxlcan i suggest slim? :D05:47
KM0201i might try slim05:48
KM0201well, i'm gonna hit the rack, tired05:51
KM0201thanks for your help05:51
wxli'm kinda with ya on that one05:51
wxlsorry we didn't accomplish much :D05:52
KM0201talk to you tomorrow.05:52
wxlsounds good05:52
laumonierive got some freeze with windows in lubuntu especialy when i have a select menu . am i the only one with this problem?09:41
dliritis there a way to move to lubuntu from an already installed ubuntu 11.04?10:55
ploppelhello! I want to deinstall lubuntu, can someone please help me?10:55
ploppelI thought it would be enough to erase the folder on C: but there isn't any ...10:56
dliritoh nm, I see it on the wiki10:57
dliritI'm on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/UpgradeToLubuntu and seeing there's only instructions to upgrade from 10.X and not 11.X10:57
dliritI guess they would be the same, unless someone can corect me10:57
alvin47how can I reenable wireless, because I have wattOS previously on my netbook then I installed lubuntu 11.10 by upgrade, now wireless does not work anymore11:03
alvin47 how can I reenable wireless, because I have wattOS previously on my netbook then I installed lubuntu 11.10 by upgrade, now wireless does not work anymore11:08
alvin47anyone up here?11:08
alvin47how can I reenable wireless, because I have wattOS previously on my netbook then I installed lubuntu 11.10 by upgrade, now wireless does not work anymore11:20
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phillwdlirit: hi, I've just checked https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/UpgradeToLubuntu and it does say "For 10.10 and later", 11.10 is 'later' :)11:46
dliritweird though11:58
dliritI just ran the apt-get update and install (with --no-install-recommends) and I only got packages to install, none is removed...11:58
dliritso I should run http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/purelxdenatty ?11:59
dliritcan I run those commands from purelxdenatty site AFTER the upgrade to lubuntu-desktop?11:59
hulakaGot lubuntu 11.10. When right-click on desktop I accidently changed the menu that shows up. Now it's some OpenBox menu - how to change it back?15:48
arturohelp buffer15:48
hulakaBy the way - why in almost every software fonts look so small and ugly? Same with some websites - though on ceratin fonts look smaller, on other bigger15:58
hulakaOn Ubuntu it all looked ok ... now using Lubuntu 11.10 and it just looks different ... and worse15:59
arturowindow splitv16:00
hosokahello all16:30
hosokaif one could help me out to use lxdm for autologin purpose. Currently running Lubuntu 10.1016:31
silverlightningThere is a way to get autologin back16:33
hosokai found a docu of this but was not able to activate it16:33
silverlightninghosoka, did you choose autologin during install ?16:33
hosokaI had used gdm next to it but now I would like to use the lxdm instead.16:33
hosokathere was no option for that with my alternative cd installation.16:34
silverlightningI'm with you16:34
hosokais there a way afterwards ?16:34
silverlightninghmm, a bit tricky16:34
hosokaI know that there is a lxdm config file16:37
hosokabut once I entered my username at the autologin=16:37
hosokait mentioned to me that I am not able to save the file16:37
hosokasilverlightning: the autologin during install is where you are installing Ubuntu from CD. I remember this one :-)16:38
silverlightningI usually disable login at all16:38
silverlightningi mean enable autologin,16:39
hulakaBy the way - why in almost every software fonts look so small and ugly? Same with some websites - though on ceratin fonts look smaller, on other bigger16:39
silverlightningyou mean windows manager?16:40
hulakaI mean that on software (like Libreoffice) fonts look bad, smaller and worse than on Ubuntu16:40
hulakausing Lubuntu 11.10 /64bit now16:40
hulakanot everywhere ... on some software, on some websites16:41
silverlightningI don't notice much change?16:41
silverlightningI know it differs on  some hardware16:42
silverlightningmaybe it's the windows manager or gui?16:42
hulakascreenshot, though it doesn't fully show what's exactly wrong16:42
hosokai have found the lxdm.conf file16:44
hosokabut how to change the autologin in this file and safe it back.16:44
silverlightningto me xchat always looks like that16:45
hosokais there a way to change the lxdm.conf file16:45
silverlightningprobably, but I don't dare give any suggestions16:45
hulakawhat about libre? eh I don't know, maybe it's just how lubuntu looks16:45
hulakathough, I don't understand why fonts on same sites, on same browser look different on Lubuntu & Ubuntu16:46
silverlightningI have libre office, and right now pigin16:47
hulakadoes it look the same as in screenshot?16:47
silverlightningyes pretty much16:47
hulakaheh ok16:48
silverlightningI am in lubuntu right now too16:48
silverlightningI have Ubuntu 11.10 on a different laptop, but I could not detect much difference in word processor16:48
silverlightningAt least probably thought it was because of better graphics and resolution?16:49
hulakatwo more question though, nothing serious now:16:50
silverlightninghulaka, would lxde be that different from gnome unity?16:50
silverlightningon printing it is exactly the same16:50
hulakaIt's not THAT different, it's small differences16:51
silverlightningI see16:51
hulakabut they're pissing me off16:51
silverlightningit is on the same computer?16:51
hulakaWhatever though16:52
hulakaI doubt someone will help me with this16:52
hulakaMy linux set up is always wrong in this or other way16:52
hulakaGuess Im used to that16:53
hulakaOther thing: Right-clicked on the desktop & accidently I switched something16:54
hulakaNow in stead of normal menu that pops up when right clicking on desktop16:54
hulakaI got OpenBox menu16:54
hulakaknow how to change it back?16:54
silverlightningmajor messing16:56
silverlightningrightclick again?16:57
silverlightningdesktop preferences ?16:57
hulakano desktop preferences16:57
hulakagot ObConf16:57
hulakawhich is OpenBox Configuration Menager16:58
hulakagot "Restart" which kinda refresh desktop or whatever16:58
hulakagot "Reconfigure" which doesn't do anything (seenable ...)16:58
hulakagot "Exit" that basically turn offs the panel16:59
hulakaand blocks right click and what not (restarting PC helped)17:00
hulakathere's also Terminal emulator & Web Browser17:00
hulakawhich works how the name suggests17:00
hulakaand also some simple desktop switcher17:00
hulakabut no desktop preferences17:01
hulakaI mean ... this doesn't look like major messing17:01
hulakaespecially since it was easily (accidently) done17:02
hulakabut can't change it for shit17:02
NRWlionevening folks17:03
hulakahello ...17:03
hulakaany idea how change menu that pops up when right clicking on desktop?17:04
hulakaI accidently changed it and now have some OpenBox menu17:04
silverlightningI get lxde preferences when I right click17:04
silverlightningas option17:04
silverlightningsettings in open box config manager?17:05
hulakawell there are some settings17:06
hulakabut nothing that could change the right click menu17:06
hulakajesus ... isn't there some "set default" button for desktop17:07
hulakalinux can be hella problematic ...17:07
silverlightningjesus usually doesn't help with computer issues17:07
hulakai doubt he helps with any issues17:08
hulakait just stupid mistake I made and I don't understand how it can't be undone17:08
hulakastupid right-click menu ... I mean ... come ooon17:09
silverlightningsorry I'm not good with this17:10
silverlightningthere is a lxde channel17:11
silverlightningthere are usually a few here that are good with lubuntu17:11
hulakahow it's called?17:11
KM0201hulaka: did you check that box  "show menus provided by window managers when desktop is clicked"? (sorry, i'm late)17:12
silverlightning   #lxde17:12
hulakaKM - probably17:12
hulakaDon't remember well17:12
hulakacan it be undone?17:13
hulakathat's how it looks: http://img405.imageshack.us/img405/7176/screen5p.png17:14
silverlightning...you are where no man has been before17:17
hulakawhat do you even talk bout17:18
hulakait was so easily made17:18
hulakaoh, why I didn't check the internet for what KM wrote17:19
hulakapeople been there17:19
hulakathough, now we'll see if there's a solution ...17:19
thegladiatorhow do I remove the desktop icon's shadow ?17:20
silverlightningthe gladiator, probably settings under preferances17:21
hulakapcmanfm --desktop-pref17:21
hulaka+ terminal17:21
hulakasolved :)17:21
silverlightningvery clever of you17:22
silverlightningthegladiator: menu-preferences. open box config?17:22
silverlightninghulaka:  how did it happen in the first place?17:22
thegladiatorhow do I remove the lwhere i menu pref17:23
hulakawell, it's probably connected with my research of small fonts problem17:23
hulakaprobably thought that checking that box will change anything17:23
hulakaor indeed did it accidently17:24
hulakaI don't know, doesn't matter17:24
silverlightningthese things happen17:24
silverlightningI usually mess up in terminal17:24
silverlightningI all kinds of weird issues after following a guide some where17:25
silverlightningor any of the suggestions you get here lol17:25
hulakawell, linux set up is always problematic for me17:26
hulakasomething is always wrong17:26
hulakaespecially since i have a lil paranoia17:26
hulakaand i want everything to be set ok17:26
hulakaso when something is wrong I go crazy :P17:26
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XapianHi all!18:09
XapianWhy does not work the website lubuntu.net?18:09
Xapianwho here?18:12
Xapianhelp please18:14
Xapianor i go on Windows :P18:14
KM0201that's a pretty ignorant way to try and get help... lol, threatening to go to windows18:41
hulakaAny idea why some fonts in Lubuntu 11.10 (mostly in some software & some websites) look smaller & ugly? Libreoffice looks just terrible19:04
KM0201look fine to me19:05
hulakaI don't know ... so small, basically something wrong with it too cause even when I write something in Libre19:05
hulakawith some usual size19:06
hulakait looks bad19:06
hulakanot clean or however you call it19:06
hulakaany idea? Or maybe a suggestions how to set fonts in settings or what not19:09
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tzhuanghello. does anyone know whats a permanent way to map caps lock in lubuntu19:30
tzhuanggoogle search gets me to xmodmap but it resets after boot19:33
dmorfinhow do we edit menus under 11.10?  I tried using alacarte (like I used to) and it complains about gnome-panel not being installed... I went to install that, and it said it would conflicted with 151 packages..19:44
KM0201alacarte has never worked under lxde. you edit menus by edtinga configuration file19:45
KM0201i think its in the FAQ...19:45
ubot5A list of common questions and answers about Ubuntu: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CommonQuestions - Official documentation: http://help.ubuntu.com19:45
KM0201hmm, thats not it19:46
KM0201hold on19:46
dmorfinalacarte worked for me until yesterday ;)19:47
KM0201with LXDE?19:47
KM0201that would reallys urprise me19:48
dmorfinthen when I upgraded to 11.10, it decided that gnome-panel invalidates the world of packages (things like qt, virtualbox, vlc, etc)19:48
dmorfinI should say, I'm running with Menu configured for my panel, and alacarte lets you edit that19:51
dmorfinit didn't let me edit the desktop menu19:51
kylpoI haven't found a change log for lubuntu 11.10. Anyone have a link or able to tell me some changes?19:57
tzhuangwho's the lubuntu guru here?20:08
ubot5Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience20:09
Unit193tzhuang: You get QQ working?20:09
dmorfinanybody know if lxmenuedit is available in some package?20:09
tzhuangUnit193: naw =P i went to do other stuff20:09
tzhuangUnit193: i just obliterated all of my harddrive reinsatlling winxp and lubuntu20:10
tzhuangUnit193: so there's a lot of housekeeping to do. one thing keeps popping up after the next20:10
tzhuangUnit193: like i'll want to edit my bashrc but then i realized my caps kep wasnt mapped to my ESC anymore20:10
tzhuangUnit193: so then i went to do that and then my backup files were on my windows partition so i was looking into automount20:11
tzhuangUnit193: well you get the picture20:11
tzhuangwhy does sylpheed freeze up when it's grabbing mail. i'd like to use it over tbird because it's integrated20:22
trakinashey guys!23:22
trakinasmy network applet has vanished after an update. how to fix that?23:22
KM0201have yout ried restarting?23:24
tzhuangdoes lubuntu support minimize to tray for tbird?23:33
trakinasKM0201: in fact, is not me. is my sister. I hate to give her support over telephone. I don't have any idea if she has reseted it. I dont have any idea how her screen shows up to her. all I know is that she cant connect to the internet.23:52
KM0201well, i'd first start by asking her to restart23:53
trakinasKM0201: she said it has vanished before today - so it means she has already turned it on and off.23:54
tzhuangdoes lubuntu support minimize to tray for tbird?23:58

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