famgodcan someone cut/paste their /usr/share/applications/totem.desktop in pastebin.com for me please?00:42
famgodi accidently deleted mine00:42
bazhangfamgod, for 11.10?00:44
famgodits alright, i got it from someone else00:45
famgodthanks anyway00:45
bazhangfamgod, #ubuntu for 11.10 and other released versions00:45
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Fudgehi wondering if someone hear could tell me when lucid 10.04.4 will be released?01:50
jbichaFudge: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseSchedule01:52
Fudgejbicha  thks very much01:57
Fudgemm january 26, australia day :d02:02
SetiAmonwho here has soundproblems?05:28
SetiAmonparticularly no sound in youtube/flash05:28
boritekhello. After upgrade I have metacity instead of compiz. After compiz --replace I have compiz but with 2 unity left-side-panel. How can I fix this??06:17
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marieshould I upgrade to 11.1008:30
marieor should I stick with the devil I know08:33
jasef11.10 :P08:33
th_if it ain't broken, break it!08:33
jasefBut bt w, this is the support channel for 12.04 now :308:33
mariebit early for 12.04 is it not?08:34
mariebeen very happy with maverick, but have some doubts08:35
marietried 11.10 and had some network issue's08:36
mariewhat is the channel for 11.1008:37
oCeanmarie: now 11.10 is released, support is in the general #ubuntu channel08:38
mariethank you oCean08:38
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jasef 10:27
maizuddin35hellooo. does anyone here, uses ati graphic card with gnome shell installed?13:42
maizuddin35Well, I have my 'not-so-old-laptop' installed ubuntu and uses gnome-shell and it work so smoothly!13:42
maizuddin35in other hand, my desktop pc, has ati graphic card driver installed but has some graphic problem when using gnome-shell.13:43
penguin42maizuddin35: Which version of Ubuntu are you using?13:46
maizuddin35the latest version. 11.1013:46
penguin42ok, support for 11.10 is in #ubuntu, this channel is always for the next version of Ubuntu13:46
maizuddin35btw , now im using my laptop13:46
penguin42no problem13:46
maizuddin35going to next channel13:46
maizuddin35thanks for the info13:47
maizuddin35so embarrassing mannn.13:47
sharpshooterHaii all !! I  install kubuntu desktop in my ubuntu 11.10 box ...and I need to uninstall the kubuntu desktop16:25
magn3tsIS there an API for adding to the system settings panel in 11.10?16:26
meerkatsi assume this is the channel for 12.04...16:37
jussihehe, accidental pm16:37
mrdebso whati s good with 120416:40
mrdebi hear the scroller bars will be bigger16:42
Linux_Guy12.04 looks interesting, the ability in 11.10 to have unity shell and gnome shell is nice and I hope that remains in the new LTS16:53
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thenickpersonI'm on 11.10 from the betas, but now that it's stable, what should I do to upgrade to 11.10 stable and keep with the stable updates?19:27
jtaylorjust continue updating as usual19:28
thenickpersonso, I leave things as is?19:29
FernandoMiguel!final | thenickperson19:29
ubottuthenickperson: If you install a development version of Ubuntu Precise and keep up with package updates, then you will be upgraded to the official release of 12.04 when it comes out. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a terminal.19:29
FernandoMiguelhumm thenickperson try #ubuntu for 11.1019:29
FernandoMiguelthis # is meant for us crazy ppl on 12.0419:29
* FernandoMiguel checks for updates19:30
jtaylorthe crazyness will only start monday when the syncs are fixed :)19:30
thenickpersonnothing new to install according to apt-get19:30
thenickpersondoes this mean I'm ready to upgrade to 12.04, or it's staying on 11.10?19:31
jtaylorits staying on 11.1019:31
FernandoMiguelwhat are you running ??19:31
thenickperson11.10, from the betas of it19:31
jtayloryou can only go to 12.04 by editing the sources.list at this time19:31
FernandoMiguelI'm sooooo happy to have apt-changes back!!!!19:31
FernandoMiguelNeed to get 41.0 MB of archives. After unpacking 9,943 kB will be freed.19:31
FernandoMiguelCurrent status: 38 updates [+12].19:31
jtaylorit was gone?19:31
FernandoMigueljtaylor: for two cycles19:32
FernandoMiguelI got it back on debian  two weeks ago19:32
FernandoMigueland when I upgraded to precise19:32
jtaylorhm what is apt-changes? mixed it up with listchanges19:33
FernandoMiguelyeah, listchanges....19:34
jtaylorso what is apt-changes?19:36
FernandoMiguela typo19:39
FernandoMiguelI'm really tired ;)19:39
jtaylorso whats back thenß19:39
* FernandoMiguel ?O?19:39
jtaylor<FernandoMiguel> I'm sooooo happy to have apt-changes back19:40
FernandoMiguelapt-listchanges: Mailing root: apt-listchanges: changelogs for BluBUG19:42
jtaylorapt-listchanges was never gone for me19:42
jtaylorbeen using it the whole cycle19:43
FernandoMiguelnever worked for me19:44
FernandoMiguelte entire circke19:44
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woltercan I install ubuntu from a harddisk20:12
ubottuFor help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, !QtParted (!Kubuntu 8.10 and lower) or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap20:15
FernandoMiguelhumm I can login into launchpad but not the wiki20:27
FernandoMiguelbjsnider: honest question: what are you planing to do with your improved wiki page?20:27
FernandoMiguel<BUGabundo@Ubuntu.com> (expanded from <fernandomiguel@ubuntu.com>): User20:54
FernandoMiguel   unknown in virtual alias table20:54
FernandoMiguelanyone care to point me where I can report problems with the email accounts?20:54
FernandoMiguelor at least file a bug?20:54
FernandoMiguelsomeone those point https://xkcd.com/936/ to Ubuntu/Canonical SSO devs :(20:55
FernandoMiguelcause requiring long passwords with numbers and caps letters *isn't  safer than my regular long but simpler passwords jtaylor21:02
jtaylorwhat are their requirements?21:03
jtaylorit isn't less safe either if done right21:03
FernandoMigueljtaylor: see the xkcd.... it's pretty clear21:04
jtaylornumber caps passwords are perfectly safe21:05
jtaylorits just harder to remember21:05
penguin42I do like the posters....21:05
* FernandoMiguel almost gives up on loginin into the wiki21:06
* yofel uses one short cryptic part in all his passwords that's allways the same and then adds a long plain part21:06
yofelnot too hard to remember :)21:06
* FernandoMiguel tries FF after a clean Chromium profile 21:06
FernandoMiguelyofel: I change my pasword algo every few months21:07
FernandoMiguelalmost no site/service shares the same password21:07
jtaylorI use a password manager :P21:07
yofelgood idea21:07
FernandoMigueljtaylor: I'm a premium member of lastpass21:07
jtaylor= no sit same password and each has 32 bit of randomness21:07
jtaylorbytes not bit21:07
yofelI had to dump one of mines because the wine folks sent me a mail that someone hacked their DB :(21:07
FernandoMiguelyofel: see why I don't cross-share passwords?21:08
FernandoMiguelin that case I can just change *one* password21:08
FernandoMiguelworse case, pick a new algo and change everysite again21:09
ior3k(back to lurking)21:09
FernandoMiguelior3k: "for you to retrieve but no one else" SPOF, plus define "you"21:10
jtaylorspof but also only a single point of use21:12
jtaylorso no problem21:12
jtaylorthats actually an interesting idea21:13
* FernandoMiguel reads on21:13
jtaylorshould be simple to do that in my password manager too21:13
FernandoMiguelfunny... this is very similar to what I do21:14
FernandoMiguelI create a pattern and apply it to a site/service based on name, domain or subdomain21:14
Patrickdkhmm, odd, the channel isn't locked down?21:16
FernandoMiguelPatrickdk: gladly no21:16
FernandoMigueland I'm using 12.0421:16
Patrickdknormally the channel goes into no join/notalk mode till devel release21:17
FernandoMiguelthen again *every* cycle before it has been21:17
Patrickdkhow can you use 12.04? I don't think the repo's exist yet21:17
jtaylorPatrickdk: precise is already available21:17
FernandoMiguelyes there are21:17
FernandoMigueljtaylor: for the last 3 cycles repos are available one day after release21:17
FernandoMiguelbut the # is closed21:17
jtayloroneiric cycle not21:18
jtaylorthat was only open after UDS21:18
FernandoMigueland all before21:18
jtayloror shortly before21:18
FernandoMiguelI know, I'm always locked off21:18
FernandoMiguelwas glad to see it open for this cycle :D21:18
yofelI never quite understood why they closed it in the first place21:20
FernandoMiguelme neither21:20
FernandoMiguelI'm always running devel21:20
FernandoMiguelrolling distro ftw21:21
yofelI'll stay on stable for 2 weeks or so for SRU testing, then I'll go precise21:21
FernandoMiguelyofel: already there.....21:23
FernandoMiguelconsidering a clean wipe or debian21:23
* yofel figured as much :P21:23
FernandoMiguelbut but but debian is so ugly21:23
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tcnkhi all! can help? why after upgrade to 11.10 appear message like this: "ERROR: ld.so: object '/usr/lib/libv4l/v4l1compat.so' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded: ignored"22:01
bazhangtcnk, #ubuntu for that22:02
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