XaseYay for ARM02:12
twbubot2: seen lilstevie02:34
ubot2I have no seen command02:34
lilstevietwb: I haven't forgotten about you02:42
CodeWarlooking for a good ARM development system .. doesn't have to be a tablet05:38
CodeWarso far found trimslice .. probably try Asus TF101 .. let me know if there are other suggestions05:38
lilstevieCodeWar: TrimSlice and the TF101 are pretty cool05:48
lilstevieTrimSlice is probably slightly better though05:48
CodeWarlilstevie, does it run Ubuntu properly .. not sure how to purchase one their site doesn't mention05:49
lilsteviedefine properly :p06:03
lilstevieit runs well if thats what you mean06:03
lilsteviethere are ofc still a few bugs06:03
lilstevieand to purchase look at the resellers list06:03
XaseTrimslice looks fun06:28
XaseMeh I was trying to run ubuntu 11.10 from SD slot on my nook color... at least 11.04 hanged the power on of the device until the SD card was removed... this 11.10 doesn't even seem to get ead.06:29
gildeanoneiric works with trim-slice06:31
gildeani just upgraded one yesterday06:31
gildeanand i'm thinking about building an installer for it06:32
gildeanor at least upgrade the natty version compulab distributes06:32
XaseI wonder if Trimslice offers volume discounts...06:33
XaseThose would make a sweet setup for an internet cafe.06:34
XaseMan if I wasn't afraid of damaging my nook color physically, I'd rip it apart.06:36
gildeani'm sure you could come up to an agreement06:36
XaseI think it would make a pretty bada$$ ubuntu tablet.06:36
gildeanthey sold the pro model as dev-kit for half the price06:37
XaseThere's no notion as to whether or not it is reading this damn sd card.06:37
XaseTwo hours DDing that img for nil.06:42
XaseFound something interesting while holding my n key :D06:44
Xasea custom uboot menu06:44
XaseAh fiddlesticks... it lets me boot from sd, but hangs like the old Natty install06:46
XaseMaybe the kernel is acting up?06:48
gildeanyeah, sounds like it doesn't like some of the nooks hardware or something like that07:24
gildeanhmm, try to suppress the quiet option in the boot and you might see what's wrong07:25
XaseI would but it's a very rudimentary boot menu interface to uboot, that doesn't give any options other than selecting emmc/sdcard and uimage/wuimage07:32
XaseI don't get access to anything of the oneiric's image it seems.07:33
XaseI'm trying to figure out how to mount the second partition of this sdcard... with vold07:35
XaseWhat is the fs type of the second partition made by DDing the arm preinstalled image?07:36
XaseThere's a typo in /etc/vold.fstab on the Encore (Nook Color)08:04
Xase## Vold 2.0 Barns and Nobel Encore08:05
Guest956hi all, oneric on beagleboard-xm howto? Mine loops on booting kernel?11:23
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Bodman456_Hi all14:09
Bodman456_I have a question14:13
* Martyn is spending his morning installing oneiric onto a reference ARM platform server14:14
Martynever fun14:14
Bodman456_with the current state of Ubuntu ARM, will any of the Natty release kernels work upon the Qualcomm Snapdragon APQ8060 ARMv7 processor?14:16
Martynit's arm v7, so it should14:17
Martynalthough the APQ kernel isn't natively supported that I know of14:17
Martynso you will have to -re-compile a release kernel with the support you need14:18
Martynnot a hard thing to do14:18
Bodman456_Ah, thanks14:18
Martynthe problem is the usual one.  ARM isn't a unified platform14:18
Martynit's even worse than that, really.  You need to enable -board- support14:18
Bodman456_We've got Qualcomm with Snapdragon, TI with OMAP, and nVidia with Tegra/214:19
Bodman456_all with their own  unique features, with different calls14:20
Bodman456_I'll take a look at compiling the kernel later and loading it onto my TouchPad to see if it boots.14:21
Martynahhh :)14:23
* Martyn points to his TouchPad :)14:23
MartynIt will definitely boot14:23
Martynthere's already some work on the wiki to tell you what's what14:24
Martynbootloader installation was the un-fun part14:24
Bodman456_Oh, didn't even notice that14:24
Bodman456_at least we have moboot to make this a lot easier14:25
MartynI got u-boot working, but it's a bear to install14:26
MartynWell, nice-er14:30
Martynbut moboot does the job14:30
Martynubuntuchroot is the most popular method, of course14:31
Bodman456_I'd prefer the option of a native boot though14:35
Bodman456_accidentally closed my wIRC card14:38
robclarkhmm, does unity-greeter depend on GL stuff?16:59
* robclark is wondering why unity-greeter doesn't work but gtk-greeter does..16:59
robclark(although also possible something got b0rked in the natty->oneirick upgrade)17:00
GrueMasterrobclark: I would suspect the upgrade.  I had the same issue going from Oneiric Alpha2 up (weekly dist-upgrades when the pool was settled).17:29
GrueMasterAlthough I have not done a Natty>Oneiric upgrade yet.17:29
brandiniGrueMaster: I've made progress on my openbsd port to the panda17:33
brandiniI'm really excited :)17:33
GrueMasterHave fun with that.17:33
brandiniI am!17:33
GrueMasterPersonally, I am not much interested in freeBSD.  Now, getting Ubuntu on my Nook Color, that sounds like a fun challenge.17:34
brandinifreebsd is not the same as openbsd17:34
GrueMasterJust hope I have time for side projects this cycle.17:34
brandiniit does sound fun!17:34
GrueMasterLast cycle I used my NC for actually reading.  How odd.  :P17:35
GrueMasterAt any rate, it is Saturday after release.  Fragfest at a friends house all day.  Time to go kill kittens (on screen).17:36
CodeWarhow can I check what apps are available on ARM Ubuntu 11.04/11.10 repositories17:41
CodeWarparticularly I m interested in the port of Java17:41
rlrosai installed21:02
rlrosaon ubuntu 11.0421:02
rlrosai can cross compile successfully with gcc-arm.. , but g++ fails to link libc:21:02
rlrosa/usr/lib/gcc/arm-linux-gnueabi/4.5.2/../../../../arm-linux-gnueabi/bin/ld: warning: libc.so, needed by /usr/lib/gcc/arm-linux-gnueabi/4.5.2/libgcc_s.so.1, not found (try using -rpath or -rpath-link)21:02
rlrosaany tips?21:02
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