blahdeblahhead_victim: Hey man, sorry to be a piker, but i'm gonna have to pull out of the party today.  I promised a client i would get some work finished this weekend, and i'm going to need to work on it this arvo.  :-(02:04
head_victimNo worries mate, if you feel like a break head over for half an hour or so otherwise there's always the next one02:04
sagaciwhen's the bris party starting02:06
head_victimI a couple of hours02:06
head_victim2pm UTC + 1002:07
sagaciah yep02:07
MoLE_have fun you guys, wish I was there...02:09
xannenhi guys04:36
xannenunity is giving the shit, so far gnome classic no effect seems to be most stable for me.04:36
ikthead_victim:  :D06:26
iktxannen: gnome classic?06:29
iktare you still running 11.04?06:29
blahdeblahhead_victim: Hope you folks went OK in the hail storm!07:15
gorillahail in Brisbane? Wow.07:31
iktis that not normal?08:06
sagacihead_victim: how'd it go08:15
blahdeblahgorilla: Sarcasm, i trust?08:15
gorillablahdeblah: not really.. we have had a warmish day down here in Melbourne.08:15
gorillathen again Brisbane isn't tropical climate, rather it's sub-tropical (I think)08:17
iktwb :)08:25
ikthead_victim: still not back yet?08:36
gorillais he working tonight?08:40
head_victimWent well08:43
head_victimI got hailed on coming home (been running around with the wife since)08:43
head_victimWe had 7 or 8 turn up. I think the weather prevented a few.08:46
ikt7-8 is great :D08:46
iktdid you see my doodle?08:47
head_victimYeah, I'd specify a time zone, UTC+10 or +11 just to be sure08:47
head_victimBecause those silly southerners have a habit of adjusting their time zone regularly each year08:48
iktyeah updated it right after sagaci mentioned it08:48
iktassuming edt is the current time in sydney..08:51
head_victimI'd say "now that daylight savings has kicked in" so that those who aren't aware of it can be sure but then again that link should be ok as well08:55
head_victimblahdeblah: I drove through that hail on the way home (just read scrollback)08:55
head_victimgorilla & ikt we've had 3 lots of hail in the last week (some of it was so deep it looked like snow)08:56
elkythere's little "normal" about weather this winter.08:58
elkyWellington had snow for the first time in 30 years a few weeks back08:58
ikthead_victim: ok it's updated09:10
gorillaikt: I've voted!09:10
iktI saw :D09:10
head_victimikt: send it to the list :) Just include a note as to why we're thinking of changed (to make it easier for more people to attend) :)09:10
gorillaelky: this winter is more like what I remember from my childhood. :-)09:11
ikthead_victim: also checkout the emirates loco page09:12
iktthey've got this like news feed09:12
iktthat makes them look very active 09:12
head_victimThat's actually what should go in team reports09:13
head_victimIf you look at it you'll see there's mostly only one thing a month09:13
head_victimMaybe we need to make the team reports more prominent on the front page?09:13
iktyeah definitely09:13
head_victimI'd be more comfortable with that as opposed to having something else to update09:14
head_victimThat and a link to the loco.u.c events page perhaps09:14
head_victimAnyway, bbl I gott arun for a bit09:14
ikthave fun :D09:14
gorillatake care :-)09:14
blahdeblahgorilla: Warmish days are when we have hail the most up here... ;-)09:35
gorillaIt's a strange part of the world! :-P09:37
sagacihead_victim, ping10:31
xannenhey all!10:32
xannenUnity: Dual Monitor - How to put dash on primary monitor?  Yes I have googled.10:33
sagacinothing in ccsm?10:46
xannenhi sagaci  <3  i'll check ccsm.  i don't know how to tweak in ccsm anyway. :(11:08
elkyby clicking boxes and choosing from dropdowns, typically11:11
xannenlol elky i know that.  but I mean, when I change a setting, I do not know its exact effect.11:11
elkythey're fairly instant. if it doesn't do anything that you notice you just undo it ;)11:12
iktfairly quiet :S12:28
iktanyone installed a jabber server before?12:28
* sagaci just breathing some irc air12:31
iktwas expecting it to be fairly easy but it's not working 12:32
iktand I can't figure out why :(12:32
sagaciwell what kind of errors are you getting12:33
iktatm not connecting at all12:33
sagacitranslations batch now start at 97513:00
head_victimsagaci: pong13:52
head_victimxannen: I found that if I went through the settings to displays and I moved the order of the screens about it changed which was primary (If you're still having problems)13:53
xannenhi head_victim  <3.  yeah i'm still playing around with it.13:54
xannenhead_victim, i went to display, and it says "unknown" for the displays (2 monitors), even after clicking "Detect"13:56
head_victimThat's fine, if you click and drag them around in the little window and put one in front of the other it will still change them13:57
xannenWhen I go to Display: it has this one big screen, no separate screen.  And that one big screen says: unknown.  And yes I have the "recommended" gpu driver installed.13:58
head_victimHmm mine always has two screens side by side.13:58
head_victimAnd I can move them about relative to each other13:58
xannenSorry for crude bluntness, I feel 11.10 is retarded, 'cause 11.04 worked better out of the box for me. :S13:59
head_victimI've found it difficult to navigate the Unity settings interface at times but I've generally always found what I've needed.14:01
sagacistats aren't showing it but we're at 80% done now14:01
head_victimsagaci: niiice14:02
xannenAnother thing I found odd is after a while, i get graphics lags.  :S  And I was not even playing games.  :S14:02
sagacigot the mail form fabri on the mailing list... so do you think you'll get an installfest happening?14:02
head_victimsagaci: there was definite support for it14:03
sagacihead_victim, so have you got a few more moments?14:10
iktxannen: what's happening with 11.10 for you?14:25
head_victimsagaci: yeah just had dinner14:30
xannenhi ikt.  i am taking a break from tweaking it.  spend over 2 days now trying to get it just how it should be like on 11.04, but just updated.14:33
head_victimI'm trying to upload a picture to flickr to show what I'm talking about for the display settings. 14:35
head_victimDo you have ATI, nvidia or intel graphics? Soemtimes a setting int he proprietry  to make it just one big screen or split into 214:35
xannenhead_victim, i know what you mean.  Previously, when I went to Display, it shows the 2 monitors.  Now, it seems like the 2 monitors are combined, and just labelled as "unknown".14:36
head_victimAh I'd say you have the wrong setting in the nvidia-settings program14:36
head_victimIf you run gksudo nvidia-settings you will geta  popup window14:36
xannenI went to the nvidia settings, and adjust it there in the first place.  In that settings, it shows the appropriate 2 monitors.14:37
head_victimIn the list there should be a menu item for "X Server Display COnfiguration"14:37
xannenYep that's where I made the adjustment.14:37
head_victimIf you look for the "Configuration" what are you using? Twinview?14:37
xannenBut oddly, even though selected, it appeared to be greyed out.14:38
head_victimAh ok I had the exact problem you were describing when I tried xinerama mode14:38
ikthi homebound :)14:55
sagacihead_victim, so what's the go with planet.u.o.au is it just down or are they upgrading it14:55
homeboundhi ikt  : )14:56
head_victimDown I think, I was waiting a day or two after release to let them settle a little14:56
sagaciso is it still beneficial to have an ubuntu.org.au vs. a loco site/wiki pages?14:57
head_victimThe main thing I think the ubuntu.org.au should be for is for a news feed, blog like and the planet14:58
head_victimI've been speaking to the loco.u.c devs to give them that feedback14:58
sagaciyeah, so long as the news feed and planet are active i guess14:58
sagaciwhat about an upgrade to the new ubuntu branding, ala. the ubuntu-uk site14:59
head_victimThat, I'm told, is ont he list of high priorities after the release14:59
sagaciah ok14:59
sagacialso, is there a wiki function to allow you to see what wiki pages you've edited -- wiki editing history for myself?15:01
sagacidoesn't look like it15:05
head_victimNot that I'm aware of15:17
iktxannen: did u get my msg?15:26
xannenikt, can you repeat it? just to be clear.15:26
xanneni just installed nvidia from x-swat ppa.  and still "unknown" display.  :S15:27
head_victimsagaci: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecentChanges?max_days=14 is the closest I know15:29
head_victim"unknown" isn't the issue in the display setup, it will always show unknown when you're using proprietary drivers from my experience. The problem is that it's only showing one big display15:29
xannenis nouvea the open source version of nvidia?15:34
head_victimBut nvidia should be able to do it, it will just be a setting somewhere wrong15:35
head_victimBBL again15:35
xannenyep, for me as noobuntu, i have no idea what or where to diagnose.15:35
head_victimLooks like others on your forum thread have had success just using the open source drivers, maybe give that a shot. If you have an nvidia 7500 it's quite an old card and may not be well supported anymore15:39
xanneni have gtx580, quite new.15:39
iktit was just needing a FQDN15:52
iktdamn you jabber15:52
xannenlol fully qual domain name -- so long >.<15:55
* joey168 is away: going out to catch some fresh air, be back soon23:22

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