urlin2uholstein, you around00:05
philipballewThe Dude Is Not In00:12
DrecondiusHELP, I can connect wirelessly in Kubuntu but not in Ubuntu to my home network !!00:12
philipballewDrecondius, calm down00:13
philipballewI can attempt to help :)00:13
Drecondiusonly one issue, i couldn't get internet in the os so im in windows right now00:13
Drecondiusand running an ethernet cable atm is not viable00:14
philipballewso your tripple booting?00:14
Drecondiuskubuntu was too buggy so i replaced it with Ubuntu00:15
Drecondiusrather kde was too buggy and kept crashing on my rig.00:15
philipballewok, so what your saying is ubuntu does not get you wireless?00:15
philipballewbut does it get internet via ethernet?00:15
Drecondiusdoesn't accept my password to log in, keeps paging my wireless card as if it is constantly connecting and disconnecting.00:16
DrecondiusYes I have internet with other wired comps in my home00:16
DrecondiusThis particular comp though doesn't have a wired connection due to distance issues from the router00:17
Drecondiusit's 51 feet away00:17
Drecondiusand I only have a 50 foot cable00:17
philipballewwell if your ununtu install is not getting a wifi connecting but id getting a cable connection. boot into there and lets talk when your hardwired00:17
philipballewso we can troubleshoot?00:18
Drecondiusthink on this for a min while i get everything set up, the live os and installation has internet. just not after I install.00:19
DrecondiusI shall return momentarily00:19
philipballewok. well I want to talk to you on a installed copy of ubuntu with out wifi so we can troubleshoot if possible00:19
DrecondiusI'll have to reinstall00:20
philipballewhow so?00:20
Drecondiusi wiped grub by accident and lost my connection to the hd with the os installed00:20
Drecondiusit'll only take 30 mins to reinstall00:21
dave__since installing 11.10,power saving mode will not shut off00:21
Drecondiusif that, speedy hd00:21
holsteinurlin2u: pong00:21
philipballewwell if its a fresh install its probably easier to reinstall00:21
philipballewreloading grub can be done, but just re install if you want00:21
Drecondiusplus i don't have to split the partition this time lol00:21
philipballewgo for it!00:22
philipballewand then we'll see why its not working.00:22
Drecondiuskk, is there any way to chat from inside the live environment while ubuntu installs again?00:22
Drecondiusi know i can in kubuntu but .... well that wouldn't be feasible for this particular issue now would it lol00:23
philipballewyeah. you can00:23
urlin2uholstein, hey man I'm going to see the stickman and adrian belew's power trio tonight, Tony levin and paul mastelato, and another s chapman stick player in the stickman, three mebers of Kink cromson yah who.00:23
Drecondiusback in a few00:23
holsteinnice urlin2u :)00:23
philipballewdave__, is this a bug anywhere?00:23
urlin2uholstein, let the poyrhytmic cirus begin.00:23
dave__i don`t know00:24
urlin2uholstein, I'm so excited I can hardly spell, this is time off from the college work for me.00:25
philipballewdave__, I would see if anyone sees it. but thats just me00:25
urlin2uhere is a yutube of the stickmen for all.00:28
Drecondiusi feel STUPID now00:32
zeroseven0183Why Drecondius?00:32
DrecondiusI think I may have been typing my wireless password wrong this whole time.00:33
zeroseven0183I see. Don't mind it. You're already connected now.00:33
holsteinDrecondius: you shouldnt feel stupid... this is linux, you should feel intimidated ;)00:34
DrecondiusI'm not intimidated by far00:34
philipballewDrecondius, I have done it to.00:34
philipballewUbuntu is peretty easy these days00:34
DrecondiusI enjoy working with linux and learning. It's what we were born to do ... Learn from our mistakes.00:34
philipballewI remember installing 6.10. took me weeks to figure out what to do00:35
philipballew3 days to get internet to my box00:35
DrecondiusI didn't have much trouble with 6.10 until it came to running World of Warcraft ..... then I was completely Dumbfounded by what I had to do.00:35
Drecondiuscourse i didn't have wireless then so ....00:36
Drecondiusfrom what i've read on the forums I would have been pretty much on my own.00:37
kidsodateless!seen kid02:53
ubot2I have no seen command02:53
wiseqnetfakap, unable to install 11.10 on my oldie machine04:32
holsteinprobably something to do with the graphics card04:33
holsteinim sure theres a way to get to the old 'safe graphics' mode somehow04:34
wiseqnetholstein, i'll found te solutions04:34
wiseqnetdo U have any ideas for now?04:35
holsteinyeah, i would try to force safe graphics mode04:35
holsteinforce the vesa driver04:36
wiseqnethow could U forc it04:37
holsteinwell, used to be you would hit F4 or F604:37
holsteinthen, you had to hit shift... you can also make an xorg.conf file and put it in place04:37
holsteinhow about we google it :)04:37
wiseqnetyeah, google will tell us..04:39
holsteinwiseqnet: see if there is an option in the live CD04:39
holsteinwhen its first booting up, you should be able to hit shift04:39
holsteinthen, you should get the older menu04:39
holsteinyou should then be able to hit F4 or F6 and select a safe graphics mode04:40
holsteinnomodeset i believe its called04:40
wiseqnetholstein, thx for adviced04:40
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AJH101Hi - just installed 11.10 - how do i get back to gnome desktop please?09:28
neil1Hello. I have just tried Ubuntu 11.10, both an upgrade and a clean installation. Again my graphics card is not supported properly. I had similar problems with 11.04 and it was only during the last 3 months of 11.04 that driveras12:41
neil1...sorry, accidental press.....that drivers that almost work were found. I have decided to abandon Ubuntu and go with a version of Linux that has rolling updates instead of upgrades every 6 months. I am think about Arch Linux. Can anyone comment on this? I am hoping to get my computer set up the way I like it and then hopefully it will be rare for me to have to fix anything because of an update breaking somethings.12:43
amjjawadso you guys know TeoBigusGeekus?12:57
holsteinneil1: you might want to consider abandoning hardware that is not supporting linus as well14:04
holsteini get a little frustrated with the 6 month cycle14:05
holsteini feel like the long term support releases get abandoned a bit14:05
holsteinbut, that is also what drives the innovation forward, and makes momentum happen as a team14:05
neil1Hi Holstein, it has been a few weeks since we last spoke. At the moment the machine I use the most is an Emachines ER1401 mini pc. It is a bit like a laptop, but without a keyboard, screen and touchpad. It is a good low power ( low electricity usage) device with enough computational power for most of my needs. It is rare for me to use my quad core desktop these days. So as my primary machine has integrated graphics, I cannot si14:18
neil1Sorry about my bad typing. For some reason with the latest Ubuntu I cannot see what I am typing when using Pigeon....something to do with the graphics not being set up properly perhaps?14:20
holsteinif the vendor doesnt make drivers for linux, or release information on how drivers can be built, you can have a challenging time14:22
holsteinneil1: you can always force the vesa driver14:22
holsteinyou can put a custom xorg.conf file in place14:22
holsteinyou can take that custome xorg.conf with you to the newer versions of buntu or whatever14:23
holsteinon trickier, older, or unsupported hardware, i'll take a few live CD's, such as knoppix, and see how the graphics look live, and take that xorg.conf file from there for use with whatever OS i end up using14:24
neil1Yes, I realise it is largely a problem with the manufacturers of hardware supporting only windows and Apple software and giving very little attention to Linux14:24
holsteinthat *is* the problem14:25
neil1largely = mainly...a bit colloquial perhaps.14:25
holsteinthe other issue can be you have something older that is not supported by the current kernel14:25
holsteinbut, that can always be added in14:25
holsteinstill, the vesa driver will work14:26
holsteinyou might want to consider a lower-spec base14:26
holsteinsuch as lubuntu or xubuntu14:26
holsteinand as far as the 6 month release cycle, im running 10.04 most places, and dont plan on upgrading til 12.0414:27
neil1As far as I know my primary PC, the emachines ER1401 was designed less than 18 months ago, so it is not old, althought the chipset and graphics combination of this machine is a little  unusual.14:27
holsteinim just saying old becuase thats what i read from your statement... appologies14:28
neil1That's ok. Perhaps I did not explain myself very well. The main reason my Emachines ER1401 is my primary PC is because it uses only 22 watts on average. It is always on as my media centre PC, my bittorent pc and my internet communications device. Electricity is now quite expensive in The UK, so it is good to use a machine that uses very little electricity.14:30
holsteinsure... so, you'll need to search by vendor and model on the graphics card, see if there are bugs in place, and add to them if you can14:31
holsteinor, just install the LTS's and relax a bit14:32
holsteinOR, just run the vesa driver14:32
holsteinswitch to whatever distro you want, but typically with the major distros, if hardware can be supported, it is14:32
holsteineven if you plan on wiping out buntu right now, i think it would be educational to see what the issue is exactly14:33
neil1I am tempted to just go back to Ubuntu 10.04. After I remove what I do not like, for example Evolution and install what I do like, Thunderbird in my case for Email it works well. I agree that finding and solving problems is more educational than just switching distro, but what I want is little or no maintenance after installing updates. The six months cycle of having to spend time fixing things and perhaps waiting weeks for a d14:38
holsteinneil1: make your self a live CD with something like remastersys or the ubuntu customisation kit or whatever.. chroot... then you just do that customization one time, and you have your own buntu14:40
neil1Thanks. I already have the backup side of things covered well. Remastersys is great for making a disc for friends, but all personal stuff is removed, so email accounts, Ubuntu 1 accounts and other things have to be set up again. A bootable CD of Acronis True image made on a Windows setup serves my backup and restoration needs very well. Holstein, what you say is good while remaining with a particular distribution. But whether i14:45
neil1What interests me about a rolling distribution is that it will be easier to find out which update breaks which package. It takes only about 10  minutes for making an image of my hard drive before installing updates. If something then stops working then with rolling  updates very few updates are installed each week and I have some idea of what causes things to break. With the 6 months cycle Ubuntu uses so many things are changed14:50
neil1Sorry, I meant to say a rolling update version of Linux, not a rolling update version of Ubuntu.14:52
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holsteinneil1: theres actually 2 different ways to run remastersys16:43
holsteinone where you make a live CD for your friends, and the other with your distro16:44
holsteineither way, im just suggesting you use that tool to make a live CD of the install after you have it customized like you had said16:44
holsteinso that you dont have to spend that time re-customizing each time16:44
holsteinneil1: there are lots of rolling release distros16:45
holsteinwhen i was commenting about rolling releases vs the ubuntu every 6 month cycle, thats what i was comparing16:45
holsteintheres really only one way to know for sure, and thats try both and see for yourself16:47
holsteinboth systems have positives and negatives, and both systems will have opportunities to break your graphics drivers16:47
holsteinwith tricky systmes like that (and i oppologize for repeating myself) i usually just run the latest LTS, and enjoy it in a more predictable way for the support term16:48
rajuhow could i know that my graphics drivers are installed o working properly17:36
dangertuxraju,  what type of graphics card?17:39
rajudangertux:  i wil be back to you with pastebin link17:41
dangertuxraju,  ok17:41
rajudangertux: http://pastebin.com/C5bn7uPP17:41
dangertuxraju, what version of Ubuntu are you running?17:42
raju11.10 Xubuntu & 11.04 Ubuntu17:43
rajudangertux: ^^17:43
dangertuxraju, is there any reason you think they're not functioning? IE: Is compositing not working?17:43
rajudangertux: sorry! i am just curious to know. i googled about them but got nothing17:44
dangertuxraju, no problem I'm just making sure. You can use the lsmod command to see what driver modules are loaded17:45
dangertuxraju, so for instance lsmod | grep video or lsmod | grep VGA would show this17:45
rajudangertux:  typed lsmod in terminal17:46
rajuok ok17:46
rajudangertux: video                  18908  1 i91517:46
dangertuxraju, I'm not the best with graphics drivers but my general rule of thumb is so long as it does what I need it to I don't question them lol. If you start having problems then I would question it.17:46
dangertuxraju,  that is the intel driver, it would appear your drivers are loaded properly17:47
rajuone more , may i ?17:47
dangertuxraju, what's that?17:47
rajuif its not loaded properly then how its gonna look like ?17:47
dangertuxraju, usually there will be a generic framebuffer driver in its place17:48
dangertuxraju, for instance fbdev17:48
dangertuxraju, that is a driver that is commonly used to get unsupported cards to a graphical interface. It is generic and does not support 3d acceleration or compositing.17:49
rajudangertux:  Oh ok .so for example my drivers not loaded properly then am i able to find them from lsmod | grep vedio , is it gonna give null values at there ?17:50
dangertuxraju, if it were able to load a GUI some driver would be used. If the intel driver were not properly loaded the output of the command might have said something like vesa or fbdev or generic instead of i91517:52
rajunow i got it dangertux , thank you very much17:53
dangertuxraju, no problem you might find this information useful in your search as well https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Video17:54
rajudangertux:  yeah i think it can help me for more information17:56
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betohello :)23:23
betoI wonder if there is anyone who can help me out, I am having problems with a fresh 11.10 ubuntu23:25
holsteinbeto: im about to run out, but familiarize yourself with the topic, and just ask your question :)23:41
betoholstein: Tks, I'll do it :)23:41
bodhizazenbeto, what problem ?23:43
betothe problem is I can't change resolution, I know I have to use xrandr first message is: ""23:43
bodhizazenwhat video card ?23:43
betonvidia geforce mx400023:44
beto"Failed to get size of gamma for output default"23:44
betoonly resolution is 800x60023:45
betoTried xrandr newmode with a gtf modeline and xrandr shows at the end "1024x768_75.00 (0x10c)   82.0MHz"23:49

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