khooverauuuuugh, i'm so close00:45
khooverto getting my wordpress server to work.00:46
khooverit loads my apache index file over the internet, won't do the /wordpress though00:46
willwhhi khoover00:50
willwhwant some help?00:50
willwhyou know about screen right? :)00:50
willwhI could log in and help you remotely if you want00:50
willwhor just talk you through it00:50
willwhwhatever you are comfortable with :]00:51
khooverwillwh, it's good, my server's, see the problem for yourself00:51
willwhand also........ I read a sweeeeeeeeeet article about nginx and wordpress00:51
willwhok I see the problem00:52
willwhit's not loading your CSS, or your image00:52
willwhquick question - was this previously developed elsehwre?00:52
khooverno, this was the default00:52
willwhCan you link me a pastebin of your apache site-available config?00:52
willwhso you don't paste TONS of stuff in to channel00:53
willwhjust expire the post in an hour00:54
willwhalso - would be helpful to have, ls -al /var/www output too :]00:54
khooverhang on, i remembered i was playing around with the 8080 port, let me revert back to before that00:54
willwhI don't kthink it's using that now?00:54
khooverdoubtful, but it was working before I mucked around with it00:55
willwhsorry - so you had your site running as you wanted?00:55
khooveryeah, it was just accessing it outside of local, so i figured add another port, maybe it'll work then00:56
khoovernope, still much the same after revert.00:57
khooverthere's the stuff00:59
khooverwillwh, what would be some good alternatives to myphpadmin?01:00
khooverthat aren't web-based01:01
khooveraaaaah, think i know what the problem is; it's attempting to refer to everything from the root directory, instead of from my /wordpress directory.01:02
khoovercan't login to fix it, how would i get at that small nugget?01:02
willwhyou can just mysql from the terminal01:05
willwhlike, mysql -u username -p01:05
willwhthen enter password01:05
willwhI don't think that will be in the db01:05
willwhthat should all be relative?01:05
willwhthat's why I was asking for this; /etc/apache2/sites-available/default01:06
khooveryeah, that's on line...01:06
khoover188 where it starts01:06
willwhI missed your pastebin line01:06
willwhsorry :D01:06
khooverlol,it's alrigh01:06
willwhhmm, I use the cli01:09
willwhfor db admin01:09
willwhsorry I keep scrolling around reading old crap01:09
willwh<< tired01:09
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willwhwhy not try this; cd /var/www01:09
khooveruh hu01:09
willwhsudo mv wordpress/* ../01:09
khoover...do I have to?01:10
willwhI am not sure what the issue is here tbh01:10
willwhit;s oddd01:10
willwhnothing in your wp dir now?01:10
khooverno, and nothing in /var/www either01:12
willwhI am wondering01:12
willwhwhen you moved these files, was there an .htaccess in the /wordpress dir?01:12
willwhthat maybe didn't get moved?01:12
willwhI am not that familiar with wordpress01:12
willwhbut maybe it was doing some kind of rewriting or something?01:13
khooverthere was no .htaccess at all, i think01:13
khooverhowever, my wordpress server is now sitting in /var, so gonna fix that quick01:13
willwhk ;]01:15
willwhwell - .htaccess would be a hidden file01:16
willwhalso wouldn't be moved with a mv command01:16
willwhI guess you are using a vanilla install though?01:17
khooverthink i'll just nuke it01:17
khooverso, how do i delete the wordpress database?01:22
khoovernot too familiar with php/mysql anymore01:22
willwhthrough phpynmadmin01:22
khooverright...how would i get at that? have it installed01:24
khooverhey, how do i get wordpress to load by default? i mean, what do i do to change the apache default index to my site's homepage? willwh02:17
willwhkhoover: hey03:52
willwhsorry mate03:52
willwhI have a 3 month old son03:53
willwhjust spent 2.5 hours calming him and finally took a bottle03:53
willwhnow alseep on my chest03:53
willwhhe cried for 2 hours :/03:53
willwhkhoover: so first off, http://yourserver.com/phpmyadmin03:53
DarwinSurvivorI can't get ubuntu to upgrade using the alternate-cd10:37
DarwinSurvivorkeeps unmounting it when I try to "add volume" in software sources10:37
DarwinSurvivornvm, just doing normal upgrade10:59
DarwinSurvivorgrrr :(10:59
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