pleia2bkerensa: in california I ship CDs to whoever asks (we keep track of how many we have and who to contact on our release page)00:06
pleia2shipping is funded by events we do where we leave out a donation jar00:07
* akgraner reads scrollback00:07
pleia2so people who can take a CD in person, fund getting them to people who can't :)00:07
bkerensapleia2: Yeah :) well If I do it up here it will likely be out of my own pocket since as I have discussed with other LoCo leads that I do not like the idea of handling cash unless it is a petty amount00:08
pleia2it has worked out well so far, particularly since i'll ship a big pack down to los angeles and san diego so locals down there can go to ubuntu hours and whatnot to pick them up00:08
bkerensapleia2: I just need to pickup some CD mailers and find out the most economic shipping rate00:08
pleia2it's all a tiny amount, maybe $40 around at any given time00:08
akgranerbkerensa, I don't know of LoCo teams specifically who do that - but I know I can burn 11 at a time so often keep a spindle on hand at all times of the current release00:08
pleia2$100 at the most (that's when we had tshirts peopel were giving donations for)00:08
akgranerand if in NC need some above what is sent I'll just send it to them00:09
akgranerbut I know that doesn't scale00:09
bkerensaakgraner: Yeah... I have 40 to 50 Canonical issued Natty CD's and about 15 Oneiric burned right now00:09
pleia2fortunately locos don't need to scale much :)00:09
bkerensaakgraner: Somehow somewhere Canonical received a e-mail from Intel and directed their people to contact me for CD's00:09
bkerensanot sure how that happened :P00:10
akgranerbkerensa, you need to email cezzaine00:10
akgranerfor marketing stuff00:10
bkerensaakgraner: ?00:10
akgranerbkerensa, I'll email you00:10
akgranereasier that way00:10
pleia2hey, how did it get so late00:10
akgranerif it's an event and you can justify why you need more than what was sent to your loco she is the one you will need to talk to00:11
bkerensaakgraner: Ok... :D yeah some guy from Intel e-mailed me directly and said that he went to ubuntu.com and e-mailed Canonical and they passed my info along to him at Intel :D00:11
bkerensaakgraner: Oh I don't think I will ever need more than what they just sent for the last event... Most of the events up here attract Ubuntu users :D so they just download ISO's or do a upgrade00:12
bkerensaBut for leftovers I have made arrangements to give them to a few nonprofits that are Ubuntu specific like FreeGeek00:12
akgranerI know the CA team at OSCON 2 years ago burned them on the spot for people00:12
akgranerit was really cool00:12
pleia2we did that this year too00:12
pleia2it was crazy :)00:12
akgranerit's fun to watch :-)00:13
pleia2we were burning maniacs00:13
akgranerand the CA team made these great CD covers00:13
akgranernhaines I think maybe did those?00:13
pleia2him or Flannel00:13
pleia2and iheartubuntu updated them with new branding00:13
akgranerpleia2, you all are awesome  - I love what y'all do00:14
pleia2but no release party this time!00:14
akgranerI think I want to move to CA, then France, and then Vancover and FL just to hang out with the loco teams00:14
pleia2grantbow is in kenya, jono in the UK, me in Philly - poor california!00:15
akgranerand I mean haha in the weird way00:16
bkerensapleia2: Our Release Party is on the 22nd... Our loco was not up to the idea of a party on a work night00:16
pleia2bkerensa: I'm actually considering putting together an Ubuntu Hour + release dinner some time next week, but with all my travel this month I think that may be insane00:16
pleia2I am home for 9 days between this philly trip and orlando00:17
pleia2should probably, you know, sleep some time during those 9 days :)00:17
akgranerpleia2, sleep is a good thing00:18
akgraner(I'm learning :-P)00:19
bkerensapleia2: I think me you akgraner and all the other leads are feeling the insanity of mixing Ubuntu contributions + IRL + work ;)00:20
akgranerbkerensa,  it gets confusing sometimes that is for sure....00:21
bkerensapleia2: On a positive note... Ubuntu Oregon is getting a new region in the state to kick off some Ubuntu Hour's00:21
akgranerbut my schedule is really easy compared to my hubby the last 2 months I think he was home less than 15 days total or something like that00:22
bkerensaso in the next month or two we should have a Ubuntu Hour in two metro areas of the state every month00:22
akgranerbkerensa, great!00:22
akgranerI found out there are a lot Ubuntu users in my little home town  - and even more now that FB has built a data center here00:22
akgranerso I want to start an Ubuntu Hour after UDS00:23
akgranerand the 8th grade computer class, based on Natty will be a go and kick off in January00:23
akgranerbkerensa, do you try to attend them both?00:24
bkerensaakgraner: Yeah I'm hoping in the next month or two I can delegate some of the tasks I do to other members so that I can do more for Ubuntu like teaching classes but lately is has been a hectic juggling affair00:25
bkerensaakgraner: I told the Salem people if they get a few people going then I will start coming every other month00:25
bkerensaakgraner: It is about a hour trip to Salem and since I use Public Transit I would have to pay to take the train :P00:26
bkerensalike Amtrak00:26
akgranertotally understand - LUG meeting I got to is 1 hour (Asheville) away, one is 3 (Greensboro) hours and the other is almost 5 hours (Raleigh) from me and I was trying make all of them each month00:26
akgranerit was crazy insane - so I dropped the Greensboro and Raleigh area meetings and rotate to them every couple of months00:27
bkerensaRight now my plate is a bit full.... I have Ubuntu LoCo, Bugs Team, FreeGeek Teaching Ubuntu weekly (Coming Up),  Trying to revive Salem LUG and then throw in my own freelance work and IRL time with my fiancee :P00:28
akgranerbkerensa, I think we all need and intervention :-)00:28
bkerensaThe biggest issue I have had right now is everyone wants events but nobody wants to help me with meetings or wiki00:28
bkerensathey think contributing is a one man show time of thing00:28
akgranerbkerensa, oh that is a common complaint00:29
bkerensaI need to find a way to give a incentive for someone to help me with LoCo stuff that way I can better manage other important things like local Ubuntu teaching00:30
akgranerI know czajkowski has some good blog posts on planning events and I have some checklists I give people so they can learn event planning for themselves00:30
bkerensaalso FreeGeek is considering ditching Ubuntu and they had suggest I join their Board but right now I really am far to busy00:30
akgranerand empower them to just do it00:30
bkerensaakgraner: ;) Maybe czajkowski can tell me how to get Canonical involved in LoCo ;)00:31
bkerensawe have 15-20 Canonical employees in Portland and none show up or really participate in the LoCo00:31
akgranerbkerensa, hmm I think you need to keep in mind all the hours people who work for Canonical already put into the project00:31
bkerensaakgraner: Indeed well I talked to some of the Canonical Server guys and one of them felt that maybe they feel turned off by the community00:32
akgraner(but I am bias on that - I don't see my hubby hardly at all these days - so I know I don't expect him to go to LoCo events with me)00:32
bkerensaI guess one Canonical server guy applied for membership and got canned and felt like Ubuntu members who heard his application were idk00:32
akgranerI know when he is home he wants to hang out with the kids and me  - and the whole family will leave the room if I talk about Ubuntu00:33
bkerensaSomething to the effect that he didnt contribute enough yet he contributes to Ubuntu everyday00:33
bkerensaakgraner: LOL thats not good00:33
akgranermy mom even hangs up on me now if I talk about it...00:33
akgraneryeah it's good to have some Ubunt udown time00:33
akgranerkeeps things in perspective00:34
bkerensaakgraner: My fiancee uses Ubuntu but whenever I tell her I have to go do a talk or go meet someone to discuss Ubuntu or install it she kinda sighs and gives me a look00:34
akgraneryep :-)00:34
bkerensaanyways I better desync from the interwebs for a bit and handle some IRL stuff ttyl have a good evening!00:35
Pendulumjcastro: because you've been asking about this over the last couple days, thought I'd note that I don't get UDS-P if I search for Ubuntu in guidebook, but when I look at the list of future events, it's there01:47
PendulumI think it's because it's in there as UDS and not Ubuntu Developer Summit01:47
jonohey all02:45
pangolinevening jono03:19
jonohey pangolin03:32
bkerensahi jono04:37
jonohey bkerensa04:39
bkerensajono: Back in Cali I take it?04:41
jonobkerensa, yup :-)04:41
jonoso from next week we will have my team meetings on IRC - http://www.jonobacon.org/2011/10/15/weekly-canonical-community-team-meetings-now-on-irc/04:49
pleia2jono: yay!05:02
jonopleia2, :-)05:03
pangolinjono: great, I suspect the expense report and days off work stuff won't be on irc though05:04
jonopangolin, no, it will be05:04
jonothis will be our primary team meeting05:04
jonoobviously anything confidential will not be on IRC05:05
jonobut there isn't very much confidential content05:06
pangolinlooking forward to attending :)05:06
jonoback soon, going to go and do some gaming05:07
jonoand try to stay awake05:07
* jono is fighting off the jetlag :-)05:07
pleia2I'm sure you'll be recovered from jetlag by the time you go to florida ;)05:08
jonoI hope so!05:10
nigelb*yawn* Morning05:19
* jussi wakes up, rubs eyes, grumbles a little05:44
bkerensagot your e-mail jussi06:24
jonoalright, I am heading to bed06:40
jonojetlag: I give in06:40
jononight all!06:40
bkerensaSurprised that Jono does not idle via bnc06:46
jussibkerensa: he deliberately doesnt - can you imagine his PM queue in the morning?06:47
nigelbcan you imagine his PM queue when he's here!06:48
* bkerensa has yet to PM jono ;)06:49
bkerensapleia2 and paultag on the other hand :P06:50
head_victimbkerensa: I organised a cd shipit for our loco09:01
head_victimbkerensa: we basically asked for people willing to donate time and/or money for postage and asked for people wanting to received them. I coordinated the effort so no one person had to burn and post more than about 5 CDs each. Which is less than $20 in total including postage, the cost of the blank, etc.09:02
head_victimThe downside was they were burnt copies not official ones. but it worked well enough, we sent out over 50 CDs that way09:03
* head_victim just got home from a release party09:03
AlanBellin the 4 months or so we have been running our free CD thing I have sent out 3 CDs09:18
mattiAlanBell: Can a CD be signed by Mark? ;]11:13
AlanBellmatti: no, but I can sign it if you like!12:12
mattiAlanBell: Haha :)13:33
mattiAlanBell: OK! I will buy one then! :)13:33
AlanBellactually not a bad marketing idea to get a few of them signed13:59
nigelbAlanBell: heh, I'll take a signed CD from you :D13:59
duanedesignhello nigelb14:04
nigelbhey duanedesign!14:04
duanedesignnigelb: was just testing my computer on the ubuntu friendly beta site14:05
duanedesignthat should be a great resource when it is all up and going14:07
head_victimAlanBell: our country is probably a bit more spread out that yours though ;) Makes getting decent internet almost impossible if you're outside metro areas.14:41
head_victimRE the sending out CDs.14:41

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