smspillazhtorque_: I have fixed this in unity, it will become available in the next sru00:25
htorquesmspillaz: oh great :-)00:30
smspillaz(qt is somewhat strict on monitor properties)00:32
brodersmspillaz: hey, have you run into a compiz-core crash in nvidia-glcore when changing the monitor layout with nvidia-settings?01:04
broderthe last stack frame i can read is PrivateGLScreen::paintOutputs, then it descends into about 10 frames of nvidia-glcore01:04
smspillazbroder: yes, it will be fixed in the next sru01:27
smspillaz(had to change the way that we bind framebuffers to work around a bug in the nvidia driver, so it needs a bit of testing)01:28
broderthis is without unity, though - did the bug affect compiz core as well?01:29
smspillazbroder: oh, different bug then02:01
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ubot2Launchpad bug 875054 in linux "[Oneiric][Regression[ Oneiric spontaneously powers off" [Undecided,New]14:58
czajkowskioh noelJbfiled the bug I used to have on natty15:34
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m4n1shcan anyone approve my mail to -desktop list?18:45
m4n1shits on 12.04 topic proposal18:45
jbicharicotz: any idea why the totem 3.2 sidebar is broken? it doesn't let you switch between sidebar panels correctly19:56
bjsniderit's a bit different here20:04
bjsniderthe options are now at the bottom of the view menu20:05
bjsniderjbicha, it looks like they intentionally removed the drop-box from the top of the sidebar and moved the options to the view menu20:09
bjsniderbut it could be that the drop-box is supposed to be there but it isn't20:09
m4n1shjasoncwarner_: hey, can you please look at the list moderation queue for my mail20:22
chrisccoulsonm4n1sh, it's saturday evening and most people are either resting or enjoying themselves, and most likely not working20:24
chrisccoulsonit will get approved when someone gets around to it20:25
chrisccoulsonno need to keep asking in here on a weekend though ;)20:25
m4n1shchrisccoulson: that is why I just left a message20:25
m4n1shchrisccoulson: for america it might be noon or afternoon20:25
m4n1shi Know it is 2AM at night on my side thought :)20:25
chrisccoulsondoesn't matter, it's still the weekend for people20:25
m4n1shthat I know20:25
m4n1shesp for Canonical people, weekend is a time to open a dozen beer bottles20:26
m4n1shafter working so hard for the whole week20:26
m4n1shchrisccoulson: I would need some of your help on mon if you are willing to20:26
m4n1shesp related to thunderbird20:26
nusch_hi, could someone explain me why every dist upgrade sets managed=false in /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf? If kubuntu is a desktop system why someone would need to bother with manual console configuration ?20:30
tcnkhi all! can help? why after upgrade to 11.10 appear message like this: "ERROR: ld.so: object '/usr/lib/libv4l/v4l1compat.so' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded: ignored"21:19

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