DoctorPepperhi guys !!00:54
DoctorPepperagateau:  are you awake ?00:57
jsimmonsSo what's the deal with pkg-config and lib/lib6402:26
jsimmonsshould .pc files not be installed underneath there, actually is lib64 used at all anymore?02:26
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htorquegood morning, everyone! can anyone explain to me, why the package 'emerald' has been removed from oneiric due to FTBFS, when that version seems to have been successfully built?07:29
htorquesee https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/emerald/0.8.8-0ubuntu107:29
jbichahtorque: bug 83111107:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 831111 in emerald (Fedora) "emerald version 0.8.8-0ubuntu1 failed to build in oneiric" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83111107:38
htorquejbicha: oh, so something *after* that upload changed in oneiric that broke emerald?07:41
jbichahtorque: yes, quite a few FTBFS issues are for packages that did build at one time08:14
htorquejbicha: k, that makes sense. just never have seen a package getting kicked out because of that before. thanks!08:15
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valavanisalexHi All, just wanted to check that the new Debian package of espresso will auto-sync into Precise.  There was an old Ubuntu package with the same name, that was deleted long ago: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/espresso/+publishinghistory10:11
tumbleweedvalavanisalex: It's not entirely automatic, the archive admins can review a list of new packages in Debian and select to sync the ones they want. They'll probably notice there was a different package previously published, and so sync it /me waits for a more complete reply from an archive admin10:24
valavanisalextumbleweed: Thanks... so should I file a sync request and subscribe archive admin, or do I just wait?10:27
tumbleweedwait and see, unless you have any particularly ugent desire to see it synced10:27
valavanisalextumbleweed: OK, I'll wait and see.  It would be nice to have it, but not desperately urgent.  I'll file a sync request in a few weeks if I need it.  Thanks for your help10:29
tumbleweedbroder: we now have all pockets in the UDD ubuntu_sources table: http://paste.ubuntu.com/708481/10:46
tumbleweed(not that that's the query you actually want to use, of course)10:48
DavieyDoes syncpackage not attribute the requestor?  Isn't this kinda bad in situations where a ubuntu delta is dropped?  There is no accountability.12:38
Daviey(overiding the upload requires --no-lp)12:38
bdrungDaviey: it does not yet  attribute the requestor12:45
bdrungDaviey: they appear on https://launchpad.net/~bdrung/+synchronised-packages , but not on https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mozilla-devscripts/0.2912:46
wgrantDaviey, bdrung: The data is stored now, but not yet exposed in the UI except on +synchronised-packages.12:56
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spartan-11510i've a little question15:39
Snicksiehi spartan-11510 :) just ask :p15:39
spartan-11510In C how i must make for launch a program but i need to detach of the terminal15:40
spartan-11510Sorry for my english15:40
spartan-11510because if i fork( after i've zombie15:40
spartan-11510maybe is'nt the good channel bt i think you can help me15:41
stgraberspartan-11510: http://www.enderunix.org/docs/eng/daemon.php is probably a good starting point15:43
spartan-11510i'm forced to use daemon ?15:44
spartan-11510i know this way but my program would be finish a day...15:45
stgraberby the way #ubuntu-devel is for the development of ubuntu itself not for software development on ubuntu15:45
stgraberyou can also start it in the background15:45
jtayloryou might also want to look at the screen or nohup programs which detach programs from the terminal15:45
spartan-11510in fact my programm launch a kate or gedit but if the user want to close terminal he can't15:46
stgraberindeed. Sorry, I'm typing a lot slower than usual, on my cell phone...15:46
spartan-11510but i think i will make a execv with nohup15:46
spartan-11510thank you for your help15:47
spartan-11510And another question this one on this channel. What's appenned on this channel? i've never see chatting15:48
stgraberwe mostly talk in there when we work- not much over the weekend15:49
tumbleweeda large chunk of the ubuntu developers work for canonical, and want their weekends to themselves :P15:50
stgrabernot all of us :) some still monitor IRC outside of work15:51
stgraberbut indeed the weekend just after release tends to be quiet15:52
nigelbgetting over the hangover and all that :P15:53
stgraberyeah... :)15:53
stgraberthough the hardest was friday morning :)15:54
nigelbI always imgained the release team sleeping Thursday to Monday :P15:55
stgraberif only... we were all bsck at the office at 9am...15:56
sladenwas that an ivanka?16:47
nigelbmissed her.16:47
sladenspartan-11510: 48 hours after release.  Everyone (regardless of employer) is probably dead16:50
brodertumbleweed: cool, i'll play with it some, though the query you're making is not exactly the one i want to make17:40
tumbleweedbroder: yeah I know :)17:40
brodereven though it would be really slow to run, i think it would be much faster to just build the report in lplib17:41
broderfaster in terms of development17:42
tumbleweedyeah, sometimes I can spend hours trying to do what I want in SQL. I find it har dto think in17:42
broderdoes udd have publishing history or just current state?17:43
tumbleweedwe have publishing history, but not for security, because backports uploads don't get announced on a mailing list17:43
tumbleweedI think Laney needs to write a lplib based importer for history17:43
broderi guess you could probably do it in reverse - find all packages in backports pockets whose original version hasn't been superseded17:46
tumbleweederr "not for backports"17:46
tumbleweedthat sounds like the way to go17:46
broderanyway, maybe i'll try to write something once i'm better caffeinated17:49
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MNichieAt risk of being completely off-topic, I have general question about Ubuntu development:  Some open source projects have a system where users can donate resources and tie bug-fix requests to the donation.  Does Ubuntu offer anything like this?  This is one bug in Unity that has been confirmed since April, but it has never been assigned to a dev.19:51
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penguin42MNichie: You could try asking canonical - see www.canonical.com20:25
mullHi, does anyone happen to know how large a complete mirror of oneiric is?20:26
mull( https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors doesn't mention anything newer than Lucid )20:27
tumbleweedmull: my rule of thumb: 50G per architecture per release (very very innacurate, because some packages are shared between architectures and releases)20:44
mulltumbleweed, are you including src in your estimate?20:47
tumbleweedmull: no, I count that as another arch for those heuristics20:48
mullthanks for the data point20:49
tumbleweedif you want to know exactly how big it is, try and debmirror it with --verbose, it'll tell you how much it wants to download20:49
SpamapShrm something broke my resume from suspend in the last week of 11.1020:52
* SpamapS guesses nvidia-current is to blame20:52
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DoctorPepperhi guys !!!22:58
* penguin42 shakes DoctorPepper23:03
DoctorPepperagateau:  are you here ?23:05

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