windparadisehello good morning, anyone in the room?09:55
asakurawindparadise: hi!10:58
windparadiseasakura: hi11:00
windparadiseGood morning11:00
windparadiseyou there?11:00
asakuragood evening,11:01
asakurait is 8PM in japan.11:01
windparadiseasakura: ah, ok, I forgot11:06
windparadiseit's morning here, though11:06
windparadiseI just want to enquire about few things. I am planing to come to Japan11:06
windparadisebut I want to know what are the average cost of accomodation there>?11:06
asakuragood hotel: one night for 10000JPY11:07
asakurabussiness hotel: 5000JPY for one night.11:08
asakurabudget hotel, i mean.11:10
windparadisewell, what if I want to stay a bit longer, for 2 years ?11:10
asakuragee, business hotel is Japanglish!11:11
asakurayou will live in japan right?11:11
asakurawhich city will you stay?11:11
windparadisewelll, I am planing places like Semyoji, Fiji, or TOkyo11:12
asakuraEx. In tokyo, room charge is expensive.11:12
windparadiseah, ok, in which region room charges are cheaper?11:12
windparadiseat least I must expect a stable internet connectivity so I can do my workm11:12
windparadiseI might think villages rooms mihgt be very cheap there right?11:13
asakuravillages rooms? what do you mean...11:13
windparadiseI mean remote areas,11:14
asakurarural area?11:14
asakuraor away from metropolis?11:15
windparadisewell, any or both, rural areas, away from metropolis, just any safe place where accomodation will be cheaper11:16
asakuraokay, in local city, you can find a room which charge is less than 50000JPY for one month.11:17
asakurainternet charge is independent from where you are, it is aroud 5000 JPY for one month.11:18
windparadisewhat is the broadband speed?11:19
asakuraah, it depend on speed of cource, 100M-12M i think,11:22
windparadiselet's hope from next year, I will come there,11:22
windparadiseanother question, how do I obtain Japanese Nationality?11:22
asakuranote that, it is download speed11:23
windparadiseand how much do I invest to get that?11:23
asakurathere are 6 criteria, acording to wikipedia.11:25
asakura1. stay in japan for more than 5 years.11:25
asakura2. be age 20 or over.11:26
asakura3. His/Her conduct is good.11:27
asakura4. possible to I must expect a stable internet connectivity so I can do my workm11:27
asakura4. possible to earn one's living11:28
asakura5. you don't have nationality or it is possible to loss of nationality by getting japanese one.11:30
windparadiseasakura: oh, ok, but you must have a nationality before entering,11:31
windparadiseare they ppls who don't have a nationality? I think it might not be a common cases11:31
asakura6. don't attempt to topple the government.11:32
windparadiseoh, no, I am me,i don't have anything to do with the government, except, taxes I can pay and other thing i can do to help the community11:32
windparadiseotherwise, apart from that, I am quite safe.11:32
windparadise i do earn a living myself, don't depend on anyone except my business11:33
asakurayeah, usually to enter japan, you must have nationality.11:33
asakurai mean in No.5, japanese government doesn't accept Multiple citizenship11:35
windparadiseah, ok11:35
windparadiseso meaning I have to renounce my formal nationality, right?11:35
asakuraand there is another way to get japanese nationality.11:37
windparadise(marry a Japanese woman )   ?11:38
asakuramarry with japanese11:38
windparadiseyea, I thing it's in my mind to marry a japanese woman, unless I come to japan to date them, I believe they are not that hard?11:38
windparadiseafrican ladies at times can give yo headache, even hart attack11:39
windparadiseI just want a sould a calm atmosphere,11:39
windparadise*sound and calm11:40
windparadiseok, another issue, how are government tax and business registration like in Tokyo?11:41
asakurajust stay in tokyo, you have to pay residential tax. it depend on your income.11:44
asakuraabout getting job, i don't know much. but it is better to get job before comming japan. because It's very difficult to get a job in these days.11:46
windparadisewell, I am a freelance web developper, so I can work anywhere i find myself in11:48
windparadisebut maybe I can set up a business like english teaching, or something similar,11:49
asakuraif you have some special technique, it maybe easy to get job,11:49
asakuraif your mother tongue is english, it is possible i think.11:50
windparadiseI will prepare some funds to come there,11:50
windparadiseI can speak english and french11:51
asakuraspeaking or understanding is not so much important.11:52
asakura*ability of speaking or understanding11:53
windparadiseI am born in TOgo, where official Language is French, i was raised up and later moved to Ghana, where Englsh is the official language, I had my professional education there, and I am there for the past 11 years now11:53
asakuraimportant ability to get english teacher job is japanese ability of speaking and understanding.11:54
asakurai have never met TOgo or Ghana people who is english teacher11:57
windparadiseoh, ok11:57
windparadisej.15 was really good, I loved it12:02
windparadiselet me start with 1.7 and see how it is like12:02
windparadisebut what happened to 1.6, ?12:02
windparadiseoh, sorry, wrong channel12:02
windparadiseIt supposed to be joomla channe, lol12:03
windparadiseasakura: ok, so apart from my personal job, what quick business can I start with? instead of looking for a job, ?12:03
asakuralike part time job?12:05
windparadiseyes like part time job,12:07
windparadiseor like selling, or offering service12:08
windparadisehere service available are snapping picture, operating a Desktop publishing business, what alternative business do you have htere?12:08
asakuraif you are not able to understand japanese, it is dificult to get a job in japan.12:09
windparadiseyes, I will learn japanese, I started learning japanese 2 years ago, but i stopped, due to my tight time schedule12:09
windparadisethanks a lot anyway, I will be preparing towards my coming probably from next year,12:14
windparadiseI supposed to visit a budhist template this ear, but I was quite busy, but I schedule the whole thing to next year12:15
asakurai know some foreign citizen who get a job in japan and don't understand japanese. they are working for research institute or are professor12:15
windparadiseoh, ok, but I will learn japanese anyway, so I will come fully prepared :)12:17
asakurawork hard! enjoy studying japanese.12:19

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