Q-FUNKapw: any news on the vesafb issue in mainline?08:08
ghostcubehi folks, after upgrading the kernel 3.0.0.-12 doesnt shut down my pc. it doesnt take off the power i need to manually power off 10:41
ghostcubeanything known about?10:41
reonis it ok to ask a install related question here?11:30
nicehttp://paste.ubuntu.com/708599/ <-- How do i apply that patch?15:57
LLStarkshi, how do i use oot modules with mainline kernel?17:46
LLStarksohsix, how? whenever i use oot modules compiled on my machine, i get a kernel panic.18:15
LLStarksusually occurs during modprobe18:16
LLStarks"These kernels are built with the tool chain (gcc etc) from Hardy (Ubuntu 8.04), therefore out-of-tree kernel modules built with tools from other version won't work."18:20
ohsixheh, if they load at all then the problem is in the module18:20
LLStarksthat annoys me18:20
ohsixbe annoyed :]18:20
LLStarksany word on pangolin kernels?18:20
ohsixi've used OOT modules with module assistant and dkms just fine18:21
LLStarksohsix, here's a log: http://pastebin.com/iertSkyZ18:23
LLStarksOct 10 14:50:10 kingfisher kernel: [21745.979661] acpi_call: Module loaded successfully18:24
LLStarksOct 10 14:50:10 kingfisher kernel: [21745.979684] BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request at ffff8800dff2d88418:24
LLStarkssame thing happens with nvidia blob18:26
ohsix :<18:27
ohsixyou have staging driver taint18:27
ohsixblacklist whatever it is and try again18:27
LLStarkshow do i know what to blacklist? i have a standard natty blacklist.18:28
ohsixyou'll probably need to inspect the .config for that kernel you are running, blacklist all staging drivers18:29
LLStarksohsix, so i have to roll?18:39
LLStarksnvm ohsix, where do i find the config? /usr/src?18:43
LLStarksall i see is lirc staging18:44
LLStarksand staging itself enabled18:45
ohsixit usually won't get you the module name, it's a lot of work too, just look whats in /lib/modules/<version>/kernel/drivers/staging and make sure none are loaded18:45
LLStarkswow that's a lot of staging modules18:46
LLStarkscould it be mei.ko?18:49
ohsixit could be any that are or have been loaded, that's the point of blacklisting them; to see if it is18:50
LLStarksi didn't even know kernels had a taint18:54
ghostcubei have a problem with power off on shutdown and new kernel in oneiric18:54
ghostcubei have problem with power off on shutdown, with oneiric 3.x kernel18:54
ghostcubedamn sorry for double post my quassel is acting strange18:55
ghostcubelool ihr glaubt nicht was ich eben gepostet gekriegt hab19:03
ghostcubeen narf link der muss aber bis um 10 warten19:03
ghostcubedamn wrong channel, i must restart quassel19:03
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LLStarksohsix: the only staging module i could find in lsmod was mei. still got a panic when i tried to load out of tree.20:38
ohsixwhat is this driver anyways20:41
ohsixand are you using -f? it shouldn't load if the modsignature doesn't match the built kernel20:41
LLStarksohsix, i encounter it both with nvidia blob 285.05.09 (latest) and acpi-call20:48
LLStarks-f gives me invalid format20:50
coolnickI think the module of my wireless card is wrong23:13
coolnickit is rt539023:14

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