eryVenuwhere can i upload images?15:00
YoBoYeryVenu: picasa, flikr, ... 15:16
head_victimI found flickr is really easy to integrate to the loco.u.c site, create a  group for each loco and link it to the loco.u.c site and it just works.15:25
YoBoYyes, they have done a great job with the integration of pictures and social networks in the locodirectory :)15:27
cjohnstonloco team portal15:27
YoBoYif you want :D15:30
YoBoYbut technically the new name is not on the website yet ;)15:32
czajkowskicjohnston: and mhall119 said it was up for disucsion at uds15:32
czajkowskiand it's not confirmed anywhere 15:33
czajkowskiand only the dev folks call it a portal 15:33
cjohnstonczajkowski: that was a joke.. 15:33
cjohnstonthe code is comitted15:33
cjohnstonjust waiting on a release15:33
czajkowskiI was serious about my above comments though15:33
cjohnstonso am i15:33
YoBoYlet call it "The Awesome website for the locoteams"15:34
head_victimNo matter what you call it, I think loco.u.c is great. It's nearly a complete drop in replacement for a separate web page with the added bonus of being integrated with all other locos.17:30
locodir-usercomo puedo istalar skype?18:25

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