godbykAre most of the authors submitting their work using LibreOffice?00:00
nisshhhey c7p, godbyk :)00:01
godbykHey, nisshh! How are you doing?00:02
nisshhawesome, thanks00:02
nisshhgot myself a sweet job00:02
nisshhlife is good ;)00:02
godbyknisshh: Congratulations!00:02
godbykWhat kind of job did you get?00:02
nisshhi work as a storeman for a rental company00:03
nisshhwe rent out appliances, tv gaming consoles, computers, tec00:03
c7pgodbyk: yeah00:03
nisshhits a very good job00:03
c7pcongrats nisshh :D00:03
nisshhthanks c7p :)00:03
nisshhhow are you godbyk, c7p?00:04
c7pi'm great but a lot busy with different things... i got to get used to it :)00:04
godbykI'm doing pretty well.00:05
godbykKeeping busy with things!00:05
nisshhyeah, know the feeling :)00:05
nisshhc7p, so, what needs working on today?00:07
c7pare you volunteering ? :P00:07
nisshhi have a spare hour or so00:07
nisshhafter that im busy till tomorrow night00:08
c7phave you looked upon Getting online section ?00:08
nisshha little00:09
nisshhif you look in the logs ive done a few commits00:09
c7pyeah i remember this00:09
c7pyou may work on it now if you want. just let me know what's the status of the section, and maybe how long will it take00:10
nisshhc7p, basically all ive touched up so far is the first couple of paragraphs00:15
nisshha few hours and i could do the rest00:15
nisshha lot of what ive corrected are just things relating to GNOME 2.x that arent valid in unity00:16
c7py i think that's all for the most part of the manual00:16
c7pi g2g00:30
c7pgoodnight !00:30
godbykG'night, c7p!00:31
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c7phello all20:26
godbykHey, c7p.20:46
c7pgodbyk could you build a pdf of the current material we have on branch ?20:49
c7pi don't have tex live installed :/20:49
* c7p brb20:51
godbykc7p: Uploaded: <http://crocodoc.com/B0lVkYx>20:52
c7pthank you :D21:00
c7pit's very strange... the images of that i've on the local branch haven't been uploaded to the oneiric branch21:11
godbykWell, you should get those uploaded then! :-)21:15
godbykuploading new pdf21:22
godbykc7p: <http://crocodoc.com/HvjDfFU>21:23
c7pyou're quick :D21:24
c7pgodbyk: do i have to recapture the fuzzy screens  ?21:57
c7palso editors should work on UbuntuOne or on crocodocs ?22:03
godbykc7p: I'm not sure. Can you tell me which screenshots appear fuzzy? I'll look into it.22:38
godbykI'm not sure what the best work flow is for editors.  I suspect that the crocodoc stuff is easiest for the quick drive-by edits, but for those who want to rewrite bits of text, it may be easier to edit the .tex files directly.22:39
c7pfuzzy screens on pg 28,30,3223:02
c7pi g2g23:03

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