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amithkkThe America Board is Deleted on Ubuntu wiki!16:04
pleia2amithkk: fixed16:06
amithkkno,not its not https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/RegionalBoards/Americas16:07
pleia2the wiki is saving ;)16:07
pleia2just wait a few moments16:07
jrgiffordThanks pleia2 - had amithkk and I worried for a couple minutes. :)16:08
amithkkthanks pleia216:08
amithkkIt still seems to be a 404 here :?16:08
jrgiffordamithkk: relax, it'll come. :P16:09
amithkkim not in the americas board16:09
amithkklets take this out of freenode16:09
amithkkI smell angry Mod16:09
pleia2actually looks like I'll need to submit a bug report, the wiki keeps giving errors when I try to revert16:10
pleia2amithkk: were you going to add yourself to the list?16:13
amithkkBTW I was here last month16:14
jrgiffordpleia2: no, I was just looking around and noticed it was gone, thought it was just me and mentioned it to amithkk who confirmed it was really gone.16:14
pleia2ok, just making sure16:15
amithkkjrgifford: I suspect microsoft!16:15
jrgiffordamithkk: haha. Take the wisecracks to #ubuntu-offtopic dude. :P16:16
pleia2indeed, this really isn't the place for such comments, it was probably just a mistake16:17
pleia2I've submitted a ticket to get it fixed, thanks for bringing it to our attention16:17
* amithkk cant find delete button16:17
amithkkill be out , peace16:18
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