evaluateIf a new release of a program is made, that only includes bugfixes, does it have any chance of making it in for oneiric?08:54
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alkisgI have a package which installs a program that runs on user logon. So when a user installs the package, he needs to logoff/logon for my invisible (no gui) user-session-based "service" to run from /etc/xdg/autostart.09:55
alkisgDoes the packaging policy allow me to run it from postinst as the SUDO_USER, if I detect that that env var exists, and X is running?09:55
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tumbleweedalkisg: I don't think that would be desireable10:22
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alkisgThank you tumbleweed, I'll put a note for the users to the docs that they need manually start it or logoff+logon10:45
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bdrungtumbleweed: housten, we've had a problem: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/82843129/buildlog.txt.gz13:01
nigelb*Houston ;)13:02
tumbleweedbdrung: yeah, noticed that13:06
bdrungtumbleweed: the typo or the build failure? ;)13:13
tumbleweedbdrung: the build failure, hadn't got as far as the typo13:20
bdrungtumbleweed: any idea how to solve this build failure?13:23
tumbleweednot immediately obvious, and I can't look right now13:26
tumbleweedbdrung: ah, that was easy. The new binary packages are in NEW14:12
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ari-tczewwgrant: could you upgrade this page http://qa.ubuntuwire.org/multidistrotools/all.html to precise?14:30
CarlFKsphinx2-bin isn't in Oneiric. what' the process for getting it in?  (I am assuming I can port the natty version forward)14:32
tumbleweedCarlFK: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sphinx2/+publishinghistory14:54
CarlFKtumbleweed: thanks.  how do I find out why Status=deleted ?14:57
tumbleweedclick on the arrow and you can see :)14:57
CarlFKlow popcon ?14:58
CarlFKany idea where I can see Debian bug #624817 (no the lp bug that it links to)14:59
ubottuDebian bug 624817 in ftp.debian.org "RM: sphinx2 -- RoQA; orphaned, low popcon, outdated" [Normal,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/62481714:59
CarlFKthank you happy robot14:59
tumbleweedthanks ubottu14:59
CarlFKgrumble.  but thanks.15:01
tumbleweedCarlFK: you can take over maintainance of it in debian15:01
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c_kornhello, the compilation of pragha fails because of "libtool: link: cannot find the library `/usr/lib/libcurl.la' or unhandled argument `/usr/lib/libcurl.la'" as I see it is in the /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ directory on oneiric. how can I fix this?18:45
sladenc_korn: could you file it in the bug tracker so that it doesn't get lost?18:49
c_kornuhm, of course. against which package?18:50
c_kornso the problem is on the Ubuntu side?18:50
sladenc_korn: but most likely you're probably missing   sudo apt-get install libcurl-dev18:50
sladenc_korn: there isn't enough information to tell you what/where/how/who the issue is18:50
sladenc_korn: I don't even eg. know what software you're trying to compile18:51
c_kornI have libcurl4-openssl-dev installed18:51
tumbleweederr, no it sounds like it's bearking because curl was multiarched18:51
c_kornthe music player "pragha" http://code.google.com/p/dissonance/18:51
c_korn(pragha is not in the Ubuntu repositories)18:52
tumbleweedc_korn: it may be being directed to libcurl.la by another .la file, see if you can see where that came from18:52
c_kornuff, should I look for some symbolic link now?18:53
tumbleweedno, other la files probably18:53
c_kornfind /usr/lib -name *.la ?18:55
* tumbleweed tries to build it18:55
jtaylorit should not need to know the path at all18:55
c_kornthose are my build depends http://pastebin.com/MP5WAdLS18:56
c_kornI built the libclastfm0-dev library before. but it should be optional.18:57
jtaylorit uses LDFLAGS for libraries18:58
jtaylorthat will bite you with as-needed18:58
tumbleweederm c_korn, it built for me (make all)19:01
tumbleweed(i was building 0.99)19:03
c_kornhum, maybe it is related to my libclastfm library then19:03
tumbleweedalso, I was on amd6419:03
tumbleweedyeah it might only need curl for lastfm19:04
c_kornhm, yeah. it also compiles here without my libclastfm library19:05
c_kornok, I have rebuilt clastfm and now also pragha compiles with lastfm support. thanks.19:13
c_kornwell, I think this lintian error explains my problems. http://pastebin.com/DJAMXs7H19:33
c_kornhm, shouldn't gensymbols automatically been run with compat 8 ?19:45
tumbleweedbefore that, even19:48
c_kornhum, but I had to generate the symbols for myself19:53
tumbleweedwell, the initial symbols list has to be created by hand. After that it'll be verified at build time19:53
c_kornah, ok19:54
c_kornso I delete one line and see what happens ;)19:54
tumbleweedremember, it'll differ between architectures19:54
tumbleweed(err, s/will/may/, e.g. if C++)19:54
c_kornok, works ;) dpkg-gensymbols: warning: some new symbols appeared in the symbols file: see diff output below19:55
c_kornyeah, I already got into that situation once19:55
c_kornluckily there is the lib.symbols.arch naming rule of the file.19:55
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c_kornwhat happened to xulrunner in oneiric?20:04
jtaylorfirefox-dev replaces at least parts of it I think20:05
chrisccoulsonwe got rid of it20:05
chrisccoulsonfirefox-dev exists purely to provide npapi headers. please don't build anything else against it20:06
c_kornhum, but there is no xulrunner executable any longer?20:10
c_kornthere is the application http://getbuzzbird.com/bb/ which I started with "xulrunner ./application.ini". how should I do that now?20:14
chrisccoulsonc_korn, you can't. we don't support that anymore20:20
chrisccoulsonyou could always grab the upstream xulrunner binary though20:20
c_kornhum, ok20:21
jbichawhat's the easy/correct way to backport from precise to oneiric-proposed?21:37
tumbleweedeasiest is to just upload to oneiric-proposed, and copy-up to precise21:38
jbichaok, what if I already uploaded to precise? since the SRU page said bugs should be fixed in the current development release first21:38
tumbleweedyeah that's not strictly necessary in the first week or so21:38
tumbleweedI'd just do exactly the same upload, with an SRUish version, to oneiric-propesed21:39
arandjbicha: There is a good wiki page on SRU:ing, you've read?21:39
jbichaarand: yes, but I don't always read every word...21:41
jbichaI'll need to do a -0ubuntu1.1 then?21:41
tumbleweedjbicha: what package?21:42
jbichatotem 3.0.1-0ubuntu821:43
tumbleweedjbicha: totem already has an upload in -proposed waiting for verification21:44
jbichatumbleweed: right, this upload improves the -proposed fix and fixes a second bug while I'm at it21:45
jbichabasically, how do I fix this? and how do I do this correctly next time?21:45
tumbleweedok, I'd have said use 3.0.1-0ubuntu5.1 if 3.0.1-0ubuntu7 wasn't already there. Because of 3.0.1-0ubuntu7 you'll have to use 3.0.1-0ubuntu7.1 (which is a little misleading, in that it looks like the first SRU)21:46
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tumbleweedyou just note on the bug that you're about to replace the proposed versoin with another one, so don't verify it yet21:47
jbichaso 7.1 or 8.1 then?21:47
tumbleweedjbicha: it needs to be lower than the version in later releases, so 7.121:48
jbichaI was thinking I'd just sync from precise but it looks like that doesn't really work the same way syncing from Debian does21:48
jbichaok, and how does copying up work?21:48
tumbleweedjbicha: if oneiric and precise currently have the same versions, you can upload to -proposed, and ask for the upload to be copied to precise when it's accepted. (as if you'd uploaded it before precise opened) But this should only be done in the first week or so21:50
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