GrahamIRCIs it possible to update from 11.04 to 11.10?00:30
GrahamIRCSorry new to Ubuntu but not Myth or Linux00:31
GrahamIRCalso, does anyone know if there is HD Audio (TrueHD, DTS-HD MA) support in 11.10 or 11.04 ?00:31
Vojta1hi, I have a little problem with upgrading to Mythbuntu 11.10 - when I now start the system, it hangs at boot - it shows "Starting MySQL Server [OK]" and then it hangs. I tried to google it and it seeems that it should be some problem with lightdm, but I tried all suggested solutions and none helps. Anyone has an idea, how to fix it?08:24
Vojta1ok, now I tried to remove package lightdm and it booted successfully09:33
GrahamIRCIs it possible to update from 11.04 to 11.10?10:04
GrahamIRCJust tried the 11.10 CD and the option to upgrade from 11.04 is greyed out10:05
superm1man it seems that these lightdm problems are a bit more prevalent than initially suspected14:57
superm1mrand, did you see them on your upgraded system?14:57
Vojta1superm1: and are you aware about any workaround on it? I actually restarted again and it is the same problem as before - removing lightdm didn't really solved this issue16:14
Vojta1superm1: I am still trying to find some solution which should work for me16:14
ComradeHaz`Anybody elses install broken since upgrading?16:19
ComradeHaz`Not Happy. :(16:19
superm1Vojta1, there is a workaround17:22
superm1ComradeHaz`, how is it broke for you17:22
superm1Vojta1, there is a forum post i made bout how to get around it17:22
superm1Vojta1, post #4 http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=186027017:23
Vojta1superm1: yeah, that's it. that did it. thanks very much for your help17:32
superm1Vojta1, sure no problem.  would you mind filing and upgrade bug though?17:32
superm1# ubuntu-bug update-manager17:32
superm1that should hopefully get some of the logs in place so we can figure out why unity greeter was getting pickedi n the first place17:33
superm1i don't think anyone who has encountered this has filed one yet17:33
Vojta1superm1: hmm I can try. but never done before17:36
mrandsuperm1: only have a chance to skim the backlog at the moment... the user said they did a do-release-upgrade, but did they remember the --mode=desktop?  that might cause it.  Unfortunately all I had time to do was a fresh mythbuntu install (slave backend + frontend).18:37
nordleEvening all.  Just completed upgrade from 11.04 to 11.10.  Cannot get a desktop now.  segfault on unity-greeter.  So uninstalled it, reinstalled gdm and nvidia-current.  Got a desktop, yay.  Reboot and no desktop.  segfault in gdm-simple-slav.  Tried dpgk-reconfigure gdm and choosing lightdm.  That says plymouth-stop pre-start process (1498) terminated with status 1 .  It worked, for 1 boot, can no longer get a desktop.  Any suggestions would be gre19:49
nordleat, thanks.19:49
mrandnordle: I haven't had time to read the details, but there have been several discussions over the past day about something similar.  I don't see that any bugs have been opened on launchpad though.20:40
nordlemrand: In the end, I installed xubuntu-desktop and managed to get a login, this time remembering to click "save session" when logging out, this appears to have got me out of the hole I managed to dig :)20:45
nordlemrand: But the key was to remove unity-greeter really.20:46
mrandnordle: thanks for the info.    (superm1, see above)20:47
testIm not sure if this is the right place for me to go but I'm trying to restore a database after an update to mythtv but whenever I try the mythconverg_restore.pl command it says that "command not found"22:01
qwebirc41142I am doing of new install of 11.10, and I am having various problems, but the strangest one is when I exit the Frontend I get a message saying the Frontend has crashed and then the Frontend is restarted.  This doesn't happen every time, but it happens often.  Any idea why?22:05
Jon___Is there anyone here who would happen to know much about restoring databases in mythtv?23:11

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