pleia2ok, added some links and summaries05:09
pleia2wish I could help more with finding more articles, but my internet connection at the hotel is pretty awful05:10
pleia2argh, I still haven't gotten team reports done for my teams16:40
pleia2for *september*16:40
nigelbIf you haven't done it.... nobody else has.16:56
pleia2akgraner was going to send out a reminder, I may have missed it16:58
pleia2Americas, CC, California, Women done17:21
pleia2just Classroom now I think17:22
pleia2but more topical, summaries needed: docs.google.com/Doc?docid=0AdKZelXU8Y2LZGNrcHRkYmhfODlkODNxNnRnZA&hl=en17:23
pleia2(it's kind of a mess this week, release week is crazy!)17:24
pleia2but there are plenty which very clearly need summaries :)17:24
pleia2ok, I need to head out, only in Philly through tomorrow so I have much visiting to do! :)17:48

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