zeroseven0183zakame: Did you get the directions from Makati to Paseo de Santa Rosa ? Was it clear enough?00:31
kidsodatelessatlast! i'm back02:40
Secluded1hello po09:33
Secluded1may tao ba rito?09:33
Secluded1tanong lang, pwede ba i-enable ang desktop cube sa ubuntu 11.10?09:34
Secluded1mga tulog ata mga tao ngaun hehehe09:36
bobJabbawhat's a good python ide? I'm trying to learn :/14:21
Jucato(the interactive interpreter/command line :P)14:24
bobJabbahave mercy lol14:26
Jucatoonly half-joking :)14:33
Jucatothe interpreter isn't something you should be afraid of ;)14:33
Jucatomaybe you could have a look at IPython (no, not iPython or an Apple app :)14:37

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