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AlanBellmorning all07:07
dwatkinshmm, streaming video via NFS seems to pause at times, I wonder how I can see what's going on on the disk in more detail than iotop08:17
popeyMorning everyone08:18
DJonesMorning all08:21
dwatkinsooh, iftop08:26
* SuprEngr did upgrade in place for both netbook & desktop pooters last night. no fails to report - well done to MS's team and all involved.08:34
* SuprEngr is now Oneiric'd08:34
* daubers needs to upgrade some servers soonish08:40
DJonesHow can I check whether I'm running 64 or 32 bit, I'm sure I should have 64 bit, but just want to double check08:46
DJonesNo worries, got it08:47
GirlyGirlDJones: in terminal "uname -a"08:47
* daubers pops into town to spend some money08:48
brobostigongood morning everyone.09:24
ikoniahow amazingly frustrating, I went to place an order with scan after waiting for a part to come in stock, to find out that the motherboard I wanted is now out of stock and won't be coming back in stock, and the CPU I was ordering is on today only so reduced....09:53
ikonialesson learnt....never wait for parts,09:55
esteeven Hello. I am using the fglrx driver and it works but there is a lag when moving windows around ie the cursor gets ahead of the window. It's a bit disconcerting.11:12
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christelheya lovely laura11:46
czajkowskichristel: hey darling11:46
DJonesAnybody around able to help with a grub2 problem of a fresh 11.10 install, I'm getting an error on boot "error: symbol not found: grub_divmod64_full"12:12
AlanBell64bit capable machine?12:12
DJonesFairly old Dell 210L, 32 bit installation from the alternate cd12:13
AlanBellwonder what that "64" is doing in there12:13
DJonesIts a good question, the cd has been used on another machine and installed with no problems12:14
DJonesJust gets left at the grub rescue prompt12:14
AlanBellbug 76871612:14
lubotu3Launchpad bug 836378 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #768716 Oneiric upgrade, boot hangs at error: symbol not found: grub_divmod64_full" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83637812:14
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DJonesGood spot, I'll have a read12:15
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AlanBellhave a look at 768716 as well as the new one12:16
DJonesbug 76871612:17
lubotu3Launchpad bug 836378 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #768716 Oneiric upgrade, boot hangs at error: symbol not found: grub_divmod64_full" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83637812:17
AlanBellover-helpful bot12:17
DJonesTime to download the minimal iso12:21
penguin42AlanBell: I suspect the 64 is just dividing 64bit values - like block addresses12:21
penguin42DJones: Just checking, you are on grub2?12:24
AlanBellpenguin42: yeah, plenty of reasons for a 64 to be there, just the first thing that sprung to mind12:28
DJonespenguin42: Yes, grub 2, fresh 11.10 install12:31
DJonesJust trying to see how to use the minimal iso to reinstall grub now12:31
penguin42DJones: Erk12:31
penguin42DJones: OK, before you reinstall12:31
DJonesok, go on12:31
penguin42DJones: Can you take a copy of your /boot/grub as a tar and attach it to the bug12:32
DJonesI shall try, I'll see if I can get access to the hdd to tar it up12:32
penguin42DJones: Thanks - it needs some analysis to find out wtf that symbol went!12:33
DJonesJust booting up with a livecd12:33
penguin42DJones: Other than raid is there anything else odd about your machine ? zfs/btrfs/painted green?12:33
DJonesNot that I know of, Dell Optiplex 210L, 2 sata drives, 1 dvd/cd burner & 1 pata drive12:34
DJonesJust stuck a live cd in and I don't even know which version it is12:35
penguin42DJones: Also, do you have a separate /boot?12:35
DJonesNo, 80gb sata is pationed as 25Gb "/", 4Gb "swap" and the rest as "/home", 2nd sata is 100gb & 200Gb data partitions, all as ext4, pata drive is a media storage partitioned as ext312:37
penguin42please comment all that in the bug12:38
penguin42DJones: It's a pity the bugs are duped that way around - there is more info in the bug 768716 - my guess is that it's got half of the new grub on each of your drives12:39
lubotu3Launchpad bug 836378 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #768716 Oneiric upgrade, boot hangs at error: symbol not found: grub_divmod64_full" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83637812:39
DJonespenguin42: Which bug number would you prefer I attach this bug report to12:55
penguin42DJones: 83637812:55
DJonesok, will do12:56
ujjainwhat does "all but stopped mean"?12:58
AlanBellujjain: means "very nearly stopped"12:59
AlanBellbut not quite12:59
ujjain"EU memberships talks have all but stopped." < ok, I get it now :)13:00
DJonespenguin42: Bug report submitted with attachment, now to reinstall grub, going to try the boot-repair-disk iso suggested on the grub2 wiki13:11
penguin42DJones: Thanks13:12
penguin42DJones: It looks kind of sane13:22
DJonespenguin42: Ah well, at least its there if needed, just waiting for the boot repair to finish to see if solves it13:24
DJonesWrong window13:24
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DJonespenguin42: The repair cd did its job anyway, up & running with no problems now13:50
penguin42DJones: Good! Please add a comment on the bug to say that13:51
Monsterwizardanyone here good at discete maths?14:12
isleofmandanA friend of mine has managed to persuade another friend to install Ubuntu 11.10 as dual boot on a Windows machine. Trouble is, there's no Windows option at boot time now, goes straight to Ubuntu. This machine will be coming my way at the weekend - any idea where to look first?  (Windows files can be seen in Ubuntu, so at least is sounds like Win partition is intact!)14:13
isleofmandanMonsterwizard - I've a maths degree, but it was a long time ago... If it's easy, and still in my memory, you could try me...!14:14
Azelphur!fix_grub| isleofmandan14:14
Azelphuraww, can't remember the factoid for that :(14:14
MonsterwizardOk well I'm doing strings and languages14:14
isleofmandanpass :) Sorry!14:14
Azelphurisleofmandan: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows14:14
MonsterwizardI just need to see if the three questions I did were correct14:14
Monsterwizardanyway ^14:14
Monsterwizardif anyone is interested14:14
Azelphurisleofmandan: oh nice! there's a tool that does it now https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows14:15
Azelphurpress button fix boot XD14:15
penguin42Monsterwizard: Interesting, don't know anything about it, almost looks like the formalisations behind regexps etc14:15
isleofmandanThanks Azelphur. Should save me some time. No idea why it didn't at Windows to boot menu though. I've never seen that behaviour before.14:16
isleofmandanMonsterwizard: I looked. Definitely not my thing. :)14:18
Monsterwizardthank though everyone14:18
penguin42Monsterwizard: You might also look at dalnet irc - I think there might be a #math14:19
MonsterwizardI'm on to it14:19
Monsterwizardirc.dalnet.com ?14:20
penguin42Monsterwizard: http://www.dal.net/servers/14:20
ujjain"sheldon threw his back out, handing him that book" (what does throwing your back out mean?)14:27
penguin42hurting it14:29
penguin42like if you pick something up wrong or force someone to carry a heavy book14:29
ujjainah right, I get it14:31
ujjainI have another question, what makes a hostname resolve? I reinstalled my PC and Samba14:31
ujjainbut I can only access the computer via14:31
ujjainand not anymore via \\DEVELOPER, with the hostname14:32
mattiAlanBell: You may laugh, but getting only 100 CD signed by Mark to sell them for a little bit more money in order to raise money for something, whoild not be such a bad idea :) Remember, that people value originality over anything else :)14:49
AlanBelleven one or two scattered randomly in the collection14:50
Azelphurmatti: that does sound quite cool14:54
mattiAzelphur: I know :015:14
ubuntuuk-planet[Dominic Watkins] Manual rename command on OS X using bash - http://rowla.dyndns.org/blog/2011/10/15/manual-rename/15:22
alexluckettHi guys, wondering if anyone could help me? Ubuntu 11.10 won't work on my laptop (freezes, crashes) - Ubuntu 11.04 will. Got a feeling it's due to the new 3.0 kernel in 11.1016:06
alexluckettIs there any way to run 11.10 with the kernel from ubuntu 11.04?16:06
hamitronprobably easier to use a custom kernel16:07
hamitronor stick with 11.0416:07
hamitronbut it is way more fun to find out the problem16:08
alexluckettSorry, I'm a lil bit of a Linux noob. I wouldn't know how to do that :(.16:09
alexluckettI've just come from Windows as my main OS, to Ubuntu... still learning, haha.16:09
hamitroncool :)16:09
AlanBellyou would probably be better off running 11.04 than a hybrid of 11.10 with the 11.04 kernel16:09
AlanBellbut definitely file a bug16:10
hamitronand AlanBell explains things better than me16:10
AlanBellalexluckett: does 11.10 boot up at all?16:11
alexluckettAh okay, thank you anyway! I'll file a bug16:11
AlanBellenough to run "ubuntu-bug linux" from a terminal16:11
alexluckettAlanBell: yes, however it freezes pretty much after I've logged in - mouse is the only thing that moves, can't do anything else16:12
AlanBellmight not be the kernel then, might be grahpics drivers if the mouse is moving16:12
AlanBellhave you tried unity 2d rather than unity?16:13
alexluckettYep, both the same.16:13
alexluckettI could be wrong, but it sounds like my hard drive turns off, and my hard drive activity indicator on my laptop case stops flashing16:13
alexluckettI thought it might have been that?16:13
AlanBellwhen it happens can you use ctrl+alt+f1 to flip to a terminal?16:16
alexluckettCan't do anything but hit the emergency restart button and move my mouse16:17
AlanBellok, well you can file a bug on launchpad and detail the hardware you have16:19
alexluckettOkay, thank you. I already posted it the question/answers section in launchpad - does that matter?16:20
AlanBellI would leave it there for a bit, see what suggestions you get16:26
alexluckettokay, thanks for all your help :) I really appreciate it16:26
SuprEngrhmmm... not impressed with 10.04 -> 11.10 imports. evolution doesn't import any contacts or calendars, thunderbird doesn't even recognise there's anything to im[ort from :(  come on chaps [& lchapessies]... realworld needs you to put than screens & titles there... functionality really would bre nice.16:56
penguin42SuprEngr: Did you go straight from 10.04 to 11.10 ?16:56
SuprEngrpenguin42, no - from 11.04 - but never used it seriously [stayed with 10.04 for main work]16:58
SuprEngrthe files are therefore from 10.0416:58
SuprEngr...as in I still have 10.04 - the partion with 11.10 was upgraded from 11.04. Thought I'd give it a serious go ready for next LTS...17:00
penguin42SuprEngr: My guess is that you'll have a better bet upgrading each apps files one step at a time - but I don't honestly know17:01
SuprEngrand this is not "whining *- a lot of peeps gave time free of charge for me to use it - I'm grateful for what does work.17:03
penguin42SuprEngr: Report them as bugs - my guess is that people test upgrades from the previous version, but not much more than that; I guess they also will try one LTS to the next17:04
SuprEngrpenguin42, yeh.. i was wondering the same.  on t'other hand - a nice chance to start anew.17:04
Univoidguys i just upgraded to 11.10 now my netbeans project c++ wont build complains about a lot unresolved references17:27
penguin42Univoid: I know *nothing* about netbeans....but17:30
penguin42Univoid: Do you have a link line which has a bunch of -lwhatever ?17:30
Univoidyes it uses pkg-config --lib --cflags gtk+-3.0 to get includes17:31
penguin42Univoid: Do you have the full link line?17:32
Monsterwizardhello world18:18
dwatkinshi Monsterwizard18:30
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AlanBelljust tracked an upgrade problem in one of the kids computers down to faulty ram18:52
mgdmthis machine's stuck using Monaco as the terminal font18:55
penguin42AlanBell: Oh that always causes fun - getting hash mismatches in dpkg ?19:00
AlanBellwas running just fine with 11.0419:03
penguin42AlanBell: Downloading and hashing a few hundred MB of data is a reasonably good test19:09
AlanBellwhat is a good networked game in the repos?19:20
penguin42can someone just confirm something for me; default side for window button on OO is on the left?19:23
* SuprEngr wonders why they took the fun of me pictures folder from 11.10 - as in "wot - no screensaver?!"19:34
* SuprEngr cries at thought of no more slideshow of own prized photies :(19:36
* AlanBell installs nexuiz server and client for some deathmatch stuff19:42
DJonesSeems stragnge that to play deathmatch games, you have to have friends who you're prepared to kill19:44
AlanBellI have children :)19:45
DJonesYou're prepared to kill your children...../me calls the nspcc19:45
DJonesAnd in case anybody reports that log, I know, its not a serious comment19:46
AlanBellthey are prepared to kill me, I am only defending myself!19:46
AlanBellthere really should be an FPS where most of the players are armed to the teeth, and someone gets to be Daddy and go round taking their weapons away19:47
DJonesI've now got a vision of a game of Grand Theft Auto where a kid in nappies pulls a 458 Magnum on his father for taking away his derringer :)19:51
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jacobw\o/ oneiric19:54
SuprEngrjacobw, let me know when you find the secret of the hidden [as in any at all] screensavers20:01
* jacobw investigates20:01
jacobwits a one20:03
jacobwahem, removing the screensaver program seems to one of the ways they've made gnome 3 better :P20:06
zleaphello C-S-B20:14
shaunoit seems there's plans for the screensaver, they just haven't come to fruition yet - https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-o-screensaver20:17
zleapHow are you20:20
SuprEngrshauno, thanks - all I found were bugs saying what I found - yours is good news20:25
* SuprEngr makes note to check next time in vm tests *before* release20:29
SuprEngrknock knock - who's there - "he says he's a rugby ref" said mrs welsh - shoot the *****r sed mr welsh20:31
shaunoVMs are odd.  I'd never have noticed a missing screensaver in a VM20:33
SuprEngr...and so she shot the ref - [& saved the rugby union a load of £££]20:34
* SuprEngr tops going o/t20:35
SuprEngryep - never thought about checking a sleeping pooter in a VM  - shame, i'm proud of my my photies and like them in a slide show now & again20:38
penguin42tend not to want screensavers in VMs, it only wastes CPU on the host20:38
SuprEngrVM testing of screensavers - *sad*20:38
shaunoI tend to turn even blanking off in a VM.  it's just annoying, forcing me to give it a password when I resume it20:39
SuprEngr...till you come to the real thing20:39
SuprEngr...but if that's the worst thing I can say about the guys and guyesses giving me a free distro... I still say well done to them.20:41
* SuprEngr refrains from commenting on 10.10 & 11.04 however ;)20:42
GirlyGirlSuprEngr: Guyesses??20:46
SuprEngrGirlyGirl, yeh... it's short for / slang for GirlyGirls i 'spose :D20:47
AlanBellyay, offspring laptop all oneiriced21:21
shaunowhat did they do to deserve that?21:51
AlanBelldidn't eat their broccoli22:16
shaunohm, sending mail from a script; I can't find any way to set a different From address when just doing content > mail user@host22:38

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