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bkerensaI just made my Ocelot install look amazing.... :) good bye Unity Launcher09:56
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pleia2ok, san francisco has release event now: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-us-ca/2011-October/001833.html16:03
pleia2Darkwing: did you ever get those photos from the global jam uploaded somewhere?16:52
pleia2(for now I just linked philip's blog post about it to our team report)16:56
wiretappedpleia2: i'll be there17:51
wiretappednot rsvping now cause i'm on my phone17:51
seidoshi everybody!17:52
wiretappedbtw, www.hackmeet.org is this weekend at noisebridge... and is about to start17:52
* pleia2 is in philadelphia17:53
seidosi'll be there in spirit wiretapped17:53
pleia2flying home tomorrow night though17:53
pleia2aaand now heading out to meet up with some friends, later all17:54
seidosdoing flying lotus17:55
seidosit's always sunny in philly17:56
seidossee you soon17:56

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