gilbertpaultag: http://pault.ag:8080/index.html is down :(01:36
paultaggilbert: I accedentally rm'd it's dir. Gimme a few hours and I can get it back up01:38
paultaggilbert: I lied. I had it in git01:43
paultaggilbert: it's back up01:43
paultagI have a python script for it too somewhere01:43
Unit193Hey, there it is01:43
jrgiffordAnyone know what happened to this page...? - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/RegionalBoards/Americas15:21
jrgiffordIt's like someone went through and killed the America's board pages.15:21
jrgiffordpaultag: ^^15:38
paultagjrgifford: odd18:07
paultagjrgifford: you should consider emailing the board18:07
jrgiffordpaultag: I mentioned it to pleia2, she filed a bug report since she couldn't report it.18:07
paultagthanks for the heads up jrgifford18:08
jrgiffordno problem.18:11
Unit193jrgifford , paultag: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/RegionalBoards/Americas_ popey did it ;)18:12
jrgifforddangit popey. :P18:12
paultagah, w0rd18:13
jrgiffordWHY ALAN WHY?! :P18:14
jrgiffordso, should I edit it and change it back...? :P18:14
paultagbrb nap :)18:17
paultagjust email , jrgifford18:17
paultagjust email him *18:18
paultagok, nap18:18
jrgiffordhehe. ok i'll email.18:18
jrgiffordenjoy your name paultag.18:18
paultagalways do?18:19
Unit193I fell asleep at ~9-10am :P18:20
* jrgifford can't type today18:21

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