InHisName1kids asleep, finally - now back01:44
JonathanDWhats up?09:39
JonathanDGoing to the store?09:39
rmg51then to PACS09:40
JonathanDooh pacs09:41
rmg51today jedijf is going to do his best to break Teddy's old laptop :P09:43
rmg51which shouldn't be to hard for him :-D09:44
JonathanDMaybe I should come see if someone can make my touchscreen work :/09:45
rmg51that someone would be jedijf09:46
rmg51he could just make it worse09:46
rmg51he is known for that09:46
rmg51but he does manager to fix things every once on a while09:46
JonathanDheh :p09:49
rmg51with him you always take your chances ;-)09:50
rmg51he's not as bad as it sounds09:56
rmg51a lot of it is a running joke09:57
rmg51but as he will tell you himself, he learns by breaking things09:57
rmg51time to go shopping09:57
JonathanDhave fun.10:00
jedijfJonathanD: i have a few of my own to try10:26
jedijfJonathanD: i did google some interesting stuff specifically for yours10:27
JonathanDI wasn't finding much of use on google yesterday.10:27
JonathanDjedijf: of course, I left it at work, too. so I probably can't do anything til monday.10:27
jedijfdoes it work with pen10:27
JonathanDunless I go get it.10:27
JonathanDjedijf: nope10:27
jedijfif i have a chance i find that link and you can try on monday, have to prepare for pacs, finish reapproval app10:29
jedijftoo much to do10:29
JonathanDtake care :)10:30
jedijfits reported to work automagically with 9.0410:30
JonathanDit did work with 9.0410:30
JonathanDworks presently with the windows dev thing, too.10:31
InHisName1quite the early conversations this morning10:31
JonathanDSo I know it's functional.10:31
JonathanDhi InHisName110:32
JonathanDThis is when the REAL work gets done.10:32
InHisName1Hi, I got my HP touchPad a couple of weeks earlier than they promised.10:32
InHisName1I have no wireless so it is not activated yet.10:33
JonathanDoh you were mentioning that10:33
InHisName1Hope I can do that at Giant at PACS today.10:33
JonathanDInHisName1: go to pacs!10:33
JonathanDproblem solved10:33
JonathanDAnd if you can't get it to work bring it to me and I'll activate it and give it back to you next year.10:34
InHisName1maybe.   Cept for using it at home, remember no wireless yet.10:34
JonathanDDoes it function without wifi?10:34
InHisName1'next year' ?10:34
JonathanDas in, I'll use it for a year, then give tit to you.10:34
InHisName1the apps should function once activated.10:34
InHisName1as long as they don't need internet to function.10:35
JonathanDmakes sense.10:35
InHisName1tit ?10:35
InHisName1I've been browsing for wireless routers and found a pretty decent one that has refurb pricing on eBay that's MUCH better than best new prices.10:37
JonathanDall you need is a router?10:38
InHisName1No - need wireless access point.10:38
InHisName1want a few cat5 1gig sockets.10:38
InHisName1someones awake bbl8tr10:39
InHisName1wow, whomever, just went back to bed.  No whooping noises or anything.   I have a bit more time.10:42
beta0x64goede morgen11:55
musetuxGreetings All!15:30
pleia2hello musetux15:30
musetuxjedijf: Nat Mechs was a cool joint. It was nice to meet you. and thanks for all the info!15:31
JonathanD /24915:32
pleia2yeah, they did a nice job handling the crowd, and it wasn't too loud to carry a conversation15:33
jedijfmusetux: it awesome to have you!15:48
pleia2jedijf: btw http://princessleia.com/journal/?p=515717:49
jedijfpleia2: i saw earlier ty23:48

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