Svpernova09If anyone is in the West TN area, feel free to drop by Midsouth Makers tomorrow noon to 1, we'll be playing with the new release 11.1000:15
Svpernova09the address is 2203 Freemont Rd. Memphis, TN 3811400:15
Svpernova09Nothing too formal. I'll have copies on hand if you want to upgrade / install.00:15
wrstcool Svpernova0900:28
wrstUnit193: that's neat stuff00:29
Unit193Back to normal :)00:31
wrstcli for you Unit193 :)00:34
Unit193I get more colors in irssi :P00:36
wrstha ha00:37
vychunejohnhaitas: o/02:34
johnhaitashey man02:34
vychunehad a situation, otherwise i would have answered back on FB02:34
vychunemy capatcha for freenode was barium salt :/02:35
vychunethe formula not the words:C7H7O2N402:35
johnhaitasno worries02:38
johnhaitasi have no idea what that means02:38
johnhaitasbarium salt captcha02:38
vychuneok lol02:41
wrstvychune: you need a real irc client ;)02:42
vychunei have one02:42
vychuneim not at home02:43
wrstbut the webchat does work pretty well, i just close the winder all the time :)02:43
Unit193xchat @ portableapps.com ;)02:43
binarymutantsalt as in hash?02:43
chris4585hey everyone02:44
binarymutanthey chris458502:44
wrsthey chris458502:44
chris4585how is everyone02:45
vychunesup chris458502:45
vychuneim stressed02:45
binarymutantSanctuary is on so great :D02:45
chris4585need to beat the crap out of some watermelons?02:45
chris4585binarymutant, the song?02:45
Unit193binarymutant: +102:45
Unit193binarymutant: I'll get it later :D02:45
binarymutantchris4585: the show02:45
chris4585oh nvm I was thinking of something else, never heard of that show02:46
vychunechris4585: syfy02:46
Unit193Amanda Tapping02:46
chris4585lol I accidentally suspended02:47
chris4585I think I'm still connected02:47
binarymutantoo and Walking Dead on sunday makes this whole weekend great :D :D :D02:47
binarymutantchris4585: you are still connected02:48
chris4585meant to go into system settings..02:48
chris4585so I really didn't realize until after 11.10 came out that it was released...02:49
chris4585it somehow feels really early this year02:50
wrstchris4585: i thought it was a little earlier in october than usual02:50
vychunechris4585:  ikr02:50
chris4585yeah, I don't expect it until the end of the month02:50
binarymutantit's not out yet I don't think02:50
chris4585but I mean I'm on it... updated to it but didn't realize lol02:50
binarymutantnot until 11.10 ?02:50
binarymutantor is it read Euro-like?02:51
binarymutantah I thought month day02:51
chris4585I think I'll do a fresh install out of pure boredom02:52
binarymutantit's decent on my hardware02:52
chris4585I can't wait for my heatsink to come in the mail.. but somehow I don't think that will fix my issue02:52
wrstchris4585: its unity, but it doesn't suck02:53
chris4585wrst, unity needs one thing to not be broke, a menu, and I will be happy02:53
Unit193Lubuntu worked for me, so did Xubuntu ;)02:54
wrstchris4585: its ok but no gnome shell yet02:54
vychunegoing home bbl02:55
wrstchris4585: i'm playing with kde at the moment02:57
johnhaitasso is anyone here going to be able to attend the ubuntu 11.10 release party here in nashville?02:57
binarymutant:( not me02:58
binarymutantparty online?03:16
Unit193#ubuntu-release-party is closed (And full of trolls)03:16
vychunemy lag is high as heck03:35
vychuneaverage_guy: whats good dude?03:35
average_guyHow r yu tonight vychune?03:37
vychunebut ok03:37
average_guyrut row03:37
vychunejust left a terrible living situation that just got much worse03:37
average_guyew, been there03:38
average_guyr you ok? I mean, you DO have a place?03:38
average_guyIt's getting close to the wrong time of year to be homeless03:39
vychuneoh not me03:42
vychunea friend of mine03:43
vychunebut your right03:43
average_guywell, thats good03:43
average_guyfor you anyway03:43
vychuneMy buddy though, is close to the edge03:45
vychunein more ways than one03:45
vychunenight guys04:07
chris4585woot I got my heatsink off after using a hair dryer, it wasn't so bad, but it was almost like a magical moment when it did come off04:34
binarymutantwait wait - huh?04:42
binarymutantyou used heat to get a heatsink off? Doesn't that seem... wrong?04:43
chris4585lol binarymutant04:45
chris4585no, the number one suggestions from forums is heat it up so the paste becomes more liquid04:45
chris4585which seems to work04:45
chris4585although the heatsink was pretty hot lol04:45
binarymutantthat's funny04:45
chris4585it is a bit ironic04:46
binarymutantbut it works :D04:46
chris4585the other suggestion is to put it in a freezer for a bit so the paste becomes brittle04:46
chris4585I didn't like that idea04:46
binarymutantjust pulling it off didn't work?04:46
chris4585nope, it was almost fused together, it was that bad04:47
* chris4585 waits patiently for UPS to arrive04:47
chris4585lol if you leave the ubuntu installer hanging it reads "ready when you are..."05:57
=== johnhaitas changed the topic of #ubuntu-us-tn to: Welcome to the Ubuntu Tennessee Team IRC Channel | Ubuntu 11.10 Release Party in Nashville Fri, Oct 28 @ 6:30PM CDT - see http://bit.ly/oQ4cKi for more info | Next Meeting: Nov. 3 @ 7:30PM CDT/8:30 PM EDT | Please add agenda items to the LoCo Directory Meeting Page located here: http://bit.ly/oQ4cKi
johnhaitasshortened those urls16:48
cosmicpizzahi there16:49
binarymutantdaang this channel is quiet on the weekends. Ya'll must have lives :P20:08
Unit193Nope, I was here all night just about20:08
Unit193'til about 10am20:09
binarymutantjeeze, you just woke up then :P20:09
Unit193Sat, 15 Oct 2011 16:10:58 -040020:10
Unit193Nope, done quite a few things already20:11
binarymutant<-- passed out early20:11
Unit193Short nap at best20:12
Unit193Just me and pianobar (And a little gish and whatnot)20:12
binarymutantgish? to google!20:13
binarymutantgame or album?20:13
Unit1932011-10-06 20:23 < binarymutant> idk what gish is but pastebin it20:14
binarymutantI do remember that now20:15
Unit193It's just great20:15
binarymutantdownloading now20:16
Unit193Now I just need to grab me some oneiric sources.list to finish up :D20:16
johnhaitasbinarymutant: what up20:16
binarymutantnothing much :D20:17
binarymutantkilling time20:17
* cyberanger hands binarymutant a bigger gun20:17
binarymutantthe images in the gish demo are hilarious20:18
Unit193Crap, you're going to make me start up again >_<20:19
binarymutantlvl2: now I'm just confused :/20:22
Unit193Here, let me look20:24
binarymutantya but I got it20:24
binarymutantit only took 5 minutes :D20:25
binarymutantI died :(20:27
binarymutantfun game20:27
Unit193Yep, I have full :D20:28
Unit193Heavy can keep you safe when you would otherwise die :D20:30
binarymutantI have a some issues with paying for software, just can't bring myself to do it. Not even donations20:30
johnhaitasbinarymutant: have you developed software that other people use?20:33
Unit193Not even this one? (It was part of the HumbleIndiBumdle)20:34
binarymutantjohnhaitas: Unit193 nope20:36
johnhaitasbinarymutant: maybe you'd feel different after writing software that other people use?20:36
binarymutantprobably not20:37
binarymutantInstead of wanting people to buy the software, use the software as a promotional tool for employment :D20:37
binarymutantbut I don't expect feature requests to be written for me20:39
binarymutantjohnhaitas: how much is an LOC worth? :D20:45
binarymutantline of code20:46
binarymutanthttp://www.ohloh.net/p/firefox/estimated_cost http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/COCOMO really?20:51
* Unit193 pizza21:02
binarymutantmediawiki isn't searching right... :/21:56
binarymutantnvm just needed to rebuildall22:08
Unit193binarymutant: You need to try the "cube" custom level23:58

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