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ievans3024if the last three upgrades have required me to do a fresh install to fix all the things that broke in the transition, is there any reason for me to believe that dist-upgrade would not fail this time?19:59
valoriehmmm, what broke before?20:09
valorieI haven't upgraded this laptop yet, since I'm flying with it tomorrow20:10
valoriebut my netbook upgrade was smooth and easy20:10
valorieno problems20:10
valoriethat hasn't always been true, for sure20:10
ievans3024well, typically when I next turn on the computer, kde does not load correctly, if at all20:55
ievans3024some things work, but others don't20:55
ievans3024like some horrible shambling monster from an experiment gone wrong20:55
ievans3024kind of like 'from beyond' if you've ever seen that20:55
ievans3024it always seems to be random to me20:56
ievans3024but maybe there's a pattern i haven't been able to discern yet20:56
bkerensaMy new laptop runs Unity like a beast20:56
bkerensaits a i5 core20:56
ievans3024don't know what unity is but my phenom ii x4 performs very well20:57
ievans3024while we're here, let's get out the rulers =P20:58
valoriehow does a live CD/DVD/USB work for you, ievans3024?21:02
valorieI did quite a bit of testing this release, and everything but Kmail seems trouble free21:02
valorieand for lots of people, Kmail is good too21:03
ievans3024see that's the weird part, live cds always work just fine21:03
ievans3024as do fresh installs21:03
ievans3024it's the upgrade via kpackagekit or apt-get dist-upgrade that break21:03
valorieI think I used do-release-upgrade21:06
valoriesince I was using the beta for testing21:06
valorieI will NOT use kpk21:06
valorienever again21:06
valoriethat effs things up for me All The Time21:06
valorieand you know we aren't using it anymore in 11.1021:07
valorieby default21:07
valorieMuon is default, and there is a replacement for kpackagekit called Apper21:07
ievans3024so apt-get do-release-upgrade?21:28
valoriehttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/OneiricUpgrades for the whole procedure21:41

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