pleia2thanks pangolin00:03
pangolinthank you and to everybody who worked so hard on this latest project :)00:04
pangolinyou guys all rock!00:04
pangolinerr folks*00:04
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Tubuhi UW's!16:50
TubuI just see (on wiki.ubuntu-women.org) that meetings day and time are changed... or is it mistake!?16:52
TubuAre they held on the 2nd Thursday or Tuesday?16:52
Tubu... and at 20:00 or 18:00 UTC?16:52
pleia2Tubu: they've been moved to the second tuesday at 18:0016:53
nigelbohai there pleia216:53
pleia2new leadership team, so we needed to make a new meeting time that works with them :)16:53
pleia2hey nigelb16:54
Tubuok I will update french version with it16:54
* pleia2 working on team report for september, very belatedly16:54
Tubupleia2, how was the release party? :o)17:01
pleia2Tubu: it was fun :) I lived in Philadelphia for several years so it was really great meeting up with old friends17:02
nigelboh!, pleia2, how did your presentation go?17:03
pleia2nigelb: went well, I knew all 12 people who attended ;) so it was pretty casual and we had some good laughs17:03
TubuI wish there was a UW in Europ too!17:04
pleia2the Italian team has a pretty strong UW team17:04
pleia2but I don't think any of the other countries have done anything really17:04
nigelbThere's a french WoMoz thing17:05
nigelb(Women of Mozilla(?))17:05
pleia2yeah, the womoz list is half french lately17:06
* pleia2 looks for link17:06
Tubuow thanks... (I made some searches about but indeed i didnt found much)17:06
pleia2http://lists.womoz.org/pipermail/womoz/2011-September/001021.html was a recent french event17:07
pleia2there are always so many events scattered all over the place, the Ada Initiative has been trying to get together an international calender for women in tech events: http://adainitiative.org/calendar/17:08

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