Kilosmôre superfly Sterkte06:41
Kilosmorning all06:41
magespawnhowdy all12:06
inetprogood afternoon magespawn, sakhi, kil[tab] and the rest of you all12:31
magespawnhey 12:33
magespawnnot manys other here12:33
* tumbleweed waves from the release party14:37
tumbleweedmaia should post a photo now :P14:37
tumbleweedmarcog: you have merges in Ubuntu (packages that you were the last person to touch, that have a newer version in Debian). Will you deal with them? https://merges.ubuntu.com/universe.html16:52
Kerberotumbleweed: so are you using 11.10?17:15
tumbleweedKerbero: naturally (been using it since pre alpha1, and I was on the release team this cycle)17:17
Kerberoare you using unity?17:17
Kerberoi really don't know if i should upgrade and use unity17:18
Kerberoit just doesn't work nicely enough in my VB yet17:18
tumbleweedyou don't have to use unity17:19
tumbleweedunity-2d should work in VMs17:19
Kerberothat's not the problem17:19
Kerberoi can run it fine17:19
Kerberobut there are bugs17:20
tumbleweedunity certainly has bugs, won't argue with that17:20
Kerberoit is just too much to overlook in this release17:20
tumbleweed(but they tend to be pretty minor)17:20
tumbleweedI think it's in better shape in oneiric than natty. And it should be in even better shape, once the post-release fixes have landed in -updates17:20
Kerberoi guess i can try it on my laptop first17:20
Kerberoi had to restart my gdm on my main pc again today17:21
Kerberodue to unity memory leaking17:21
tumbleweedhaven't had to do that in a while17:21
Kerberobut this machine is still natty17:21
Kerberounity takes 8GB por 3 days17:22
tumbleweedyeah, during natty's development, it leaked like a sieve17:22
marcogtumbleweed: i can try get to them eventually, but i've got a number of higher priority tasks on the backburner so unfortunately it'll take me a while to get around to that17:22
tumbleweedmarcog: they are trivial17:22
tumbleweed(I'm assuming)17:22
marcogtumbleweed: trivial still takes time :)17:23
tumbleweedmarcog: they both look like debian took your patch. If you want, I'm happy to test build, and if the debian version builds, sync it. But there is no particular hurry on either of them, so if you will find the time in the next month or two, I'd prefer that17:24
tumbleweed(actually, ratpoison might not have taken your patch. I haven't looked at that)17:25
marcogtumbleweed: kk, i should be able to find the time in that timeframe. just nag me if i seem to have forgotten about it17:25
tumbleweedmarcog: will do. It's also possible that some other new contributor will see that tehy are easy and do them without asking you :P17:25
tumbleweedanyway, enjoy boot camp!17:26
Kilosevening all17:52
Kilosyou winning superfly 17:52

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