urlin2uDrecondius, make sure you have all users and autpconnect on it the network manager that works00:00
necreonautilus keeps segfaulting for me, I even did a clean install hoping that would fix it00:00
Wamphyrii'm running a dual monitor and for some reason when i try and select multi-display desktop with display it won't let me00:00
necreowhere can I check what causes it00:00
boldfilterPolah, will gnome tweak tool let you edit panels in gnome classic00:00
MrBosssomeone use draftsight?00:00
Polahmurple: Yeah, install it first then run it with ppa-purge ppa:<name>/<ppa>00:00
murplePolah: I have trouble with my wireless card, when I booted into Ubuntu I had to execute sudo modprobe b43 after which ubuntu automatically connected to my WIFI network. I'm not able to do that from the console. I suppose Ill need to find a wired connection and give that a try. I think that just might wor.00:00
JaredMWI also can't manipulate open windows. It's as if the install didn't quite complete. Is there any way that I can have it reinstall or check for errors00:00
jtomasrlStanley00: It works00:01
Polahboldfilter: No idea, I only used it for a while before I decided I couldn't really be bothered trying to fiddle with GNOME3 to get it more like GNOME2 and switched to KDE00:01
murplePolah: Right... would have been a heck of a lot easier if my wifi just worked from the console.... but anyhow, I have a little hope for this now and something to try (which will take time since I need to physically move the PC).00:01
Wamphyrii'm running a dual monitor and for some reason when i try and select multi-display desktop with display it won't let me, the ati config screen just goes away and nothing changes00:01
victor_b_stansorry there, my stupid keyboard stopped working!00:01
Polahmurple: What do you mean you're not able to run sudo modprobe from the console?00:01
boldfilterIs Ubuntu trying to be more like Mac or What?00:02
victor_b_stanwhy is ubuntu so ridden with bugs! I love and hate it at the same time,00:02
boldfilterYou dont use Ubuntu to be like Mac00:02
necreonautilus keeps segfaulting for me, I even did a clean install hoping that would fix it: it didn't, how do I check what it causing it00:02
Polahvictor_b_stan, because there's a brand new release.00:02
victor_b_stanabout compiz00:02
victor_b_stanim using 10.400:02
boldfilterI mean I love Ubuntu but come on man00:02
murplePolah: I am and -i think the command works, but after that Ubuntu normally just connects to my wifi, but when in the console I can't get it to connect.00:02
deebeeboldfilter: They've taken a lot of queues from Apple it seems, yeah00:02
bazhangboldfilter, again, those are not support questions00:02
boldfilteroops, sry00:02
g0rsis there any customization for gnome with which we can have transparent panels? I'm on gnome 200:03
urlin2uboldfilter, congratualtions as the 1 millionith person to answer that question you get the duffus award00:03
JaredMWIs there any way that I can get to system options using keyboard commands so that I can try to repair or reinstall the new distro? Again, this isn't just a gnome vs. unity thing -- there's NOTHING.00:03
victor_b_stani have problems with compiz not remembering options i set, always reverting to what it wants to have set...00:03
victor_b_stanthe options are mostly in the window management section00:03
urlin2uboldfilter, just ribbing you :D00:03
victor_b_stana few of them, are checked on and when i check them off , they come right back on00:03
murpleJaredMW: You seem to be having a problem similar to mine.00:03
bazhangmurple, your issue will not be fixed with ppa-purge.00:04
boldfilternp lol00:04
boldfiltercould I install 11.04 over my 11.10 install to revert back?00:04
JaredMWmurple: You haven't found a solution yet, I take it? I managed to open some applications by opening files associated with them, but I can't get to system options, can't get to the Software Center, or anything like that. I'm not sure what to do.00:04
Aleohello ppl00:04
pirlohi, does anyone know how to install Oracle Express 11g RPM package on Ubuntu 64-bit ?00:05
=== Theresa is now known as MarkAnthem
Polahboldfilter: Yes, just select to format the partition with 11.10 in it. If you want to revert because you don't like GNOME3, have a look at Xfce, LXDE or KDE, they all have panel systems00:05
g0rsis anybody running ubuntu 11.04 with transparent windows and panels?00:05
necreois nautilus crashing for anyone almost all the time???00:06
Aleohow I can change resolution by editing the x11 xorg.conf, I can not find this file00:06
murplebazhang: The author of the webpage http://blog.sudobits.com/2011/04/26/how-to-install-gnome-3-on-ubuntu-11-04/ seems to imply that will fix things00:06
mkultraim running 11.10 with transparency00:06
g0rsmkultra: what plugins or themes have you used?00:06
mkultraim using ccsm / compiz for transparency00:06
boldfilterHow do you move panels in Gnome classic? Anyone know?00:06
PolahAleo: It doesn't exist by default, Xorg is configured automatically. You can make it at /etc/X11/xorg.conf and configure X in there however you like.00:06
murpleJaredMW: I see.. good uc!00:07
urlin2uboldfilter, I don't think you can.00:07
boldfiltershoot lol00:07
AleoPolah I want that because by the graphical interface don't let me change to more than 1024x768, I am on a virtual box00:07
urlin2uboldfilter, at least since Natty00:07
AleoI am a newbir i did not understood this:  You can make it at /etc/X11/xorg.conf and configure X in there however you like.00:08
mkultraits the compiz plugin opacity, brightness, and saturation for transparency upon alt + mousewheel00:08
Aleonewbee *00:08
scarleoAleo: Did you install guest additions? That will probably give you full screen00:08
deebeeAleo: try installing guest additions00:09
emorrispirlo, I don't, but found this, which *may* help, although I've not personally tried it: https://forums.oracle.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=222755400:09
scarleoAleo: Dont mess with xorg.conf unless really necessary00:09
Aleoscarleo, no, I installed and have not seen that, how I install guest addictions ?00:09
Aleoby the sofware manager ?00:10
scarleoAleo: There is a menu for it in VBox00:10
Aleogoing to see that00:10
Aleoscarleo is under what ?00:10
deebeeAleo: http://www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch04.html00:10
urlin2uAleo, what is the host?00:10
pirloemorris:  thanks, i will look into it ...00:11
Aleogoing to see00:11
beingjohnmCCSM crashed unity...good show there00:11
scarleobeingjohnm: just reenable unity, did the same thing00:11
Sparkhi, can someone tell me what package i should install to get nvidia.ko ?00:11
jrpwhy does my ubuntu 11.10 desktop go to sleep when left alone?00:11
urlin2ubeingjohnm, you have to be very careful with compiz from natty on what is it you want?00:11
jrpand how can I disable it00:11
zakwilsonhttp://i.imgur.com/YOWpT.png <-- I think Gnome isn't supposed to look like this. Any idea what's going on?00:11
beingjohnmscarleo: how do you reenable? with a restart?00:12
mkultraspark pm00:12
beingjohnmurlin2u: I just wanted to make the launcher smaller00:12
scarleostart ccsm and tick Unity Plugin and resolve all conflicts to the benefit of Unity00:12
scarleobeingjohnm: ^^00:12
Sparki had some nvidia beta drivers installed manually, and now i want to go back to the package-managed drivers00:12
Sparkmkultra: you are proposing we talk in private?00:12
emorrisjrp, launch 'Power', and change "suspend when inactive for"00:12
urlin2ubeingjohnm, you need the compiz manager and go to the unity plugin00:13
PolahSpark: Run jockey-gtk and select the one you want00:13
jrpemorris: SUspend when inactive for: Don't suspend00:13
shirgallemorris: Hrm?00:13
boldfilterR.I.P. Gnome 2, your practicality will be missed00:13
shirgallemorris: Oops, I'm "jrp00:13
jrpemorris: which is why im kinda confused00:13
shirgallemorris: Oops, I'm "jrp" somewhere else, sorry00:13
airman00can someone with ubuntu 10.04 do a perl -v for me please?00:13
emorrisjrp, yep00:13
emorrisshirgall, lol00:13
SparkPolah: hmm jockey didn't list anything, but i'm forced to use jockey-text00:13
bazhang!ot | boldfilter00:13
ubottuboldfilter: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:13
jrpemorris: no, i mean, thats what it is now. and its still suspending00:13
urlin2ubeingjohnm, not sure if the unity plugin is in the ccsm I always install the whole manager.00:14
robin0800jrp, what you want is in screen change it to never00:14
bob_Hi everone ! :D00:14
jrprobin0800: thats not an option00:14
scarleourlin2u: beingjohnm Yes it is00:14
jrprobin0800: 5, 10, 30, 1 hour, dont suspend00:14
pitlimitI  want to remove login access for a few accounts - can anyone tell me the command to do that?00:14
urlin2uscarleo, cool thanks. :D00:14
deebeeairman00: here's the version info for perl in 10.04 if that helps - http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/perl/perl00:15
pitlimitWhen Ubuntu boots, I don't want those accounts to show up at the login screen00:15
beingjohnmscarleo: not working..I did resolve all of the conflicts and now nothing00:15
Wamphyrii'm running a dual monitor and for some reason when i try and select multi-display desktop with display it won't let me, the ati config screen just goes away and nothing changes00:15
scarleobeingjohnm: log out and in again00:15
HACKhalo2is anyone else having problems installing the flash player in Chroumium?00:15
pitlimitWamphyri, there was a program I installed for that00:15
emorrisjrp, he means in 'Screen' not 'Power' - in that case it's turning off the monitor, not suspending00:15
jollybobTrying to install 11.10 - My SSD HDD isn't detected. What can I do?00:15
pitlimithold on I will send it to you00:15
urlin2upitlimit, are they still on the OS?00:15
Aleoscarleo this is to install on the virtual box program under windows right ?00:15
beingjohnmscarleo: will do. thanks for your help.00:15
pitlimiturlin2u, not right now logged in00:15
SparkPolah: ah my mistake, i'm just using the cmdline tool wrongly00:15
johnjohn101is there any easy way to add a  background-1.xml ish file to unity.. I didn't see it00:15
pitlimiturlin2u, I just want them only to be able to be logged in through other logins00:16
urlin2upitlimit, the accounts.00:16
pitlimitif that makes sense00:16
zetherootell you what, Ubuntu is just getting better and better!00:16
jrpemorris: I dont think so? When I come back, I need to press the power button to get the machine to wake up00:16
jrpemorris: the screen does not wake up when I mash the keyboard, move the mouse, etc00:16
swordzHi. I've *just* finished my upgrade to 11.10. And I can't see the application bar00:16
Polahjrp: That's probably suspension or hibernation then, rather than just turning the display off.00:16
MrBosschromium or chrome ?00:16
pitlimitWamphyri, this worked for me:00:16
fhtagnswordz: Unity..00:16
scarleoAleo: Your host is Win? Don't know, I almost never use windows00:16
swordzI'm only here because xChat starts on login00:16
emorrisjrp, hmm. Have you logged out&in since you changed it?00:17
jrpPolah: yes, but its set to never do that?00:17
Aleoscarleo yes it is win00:17
swordzfhtagn, That may be the case, but any help would be appreciated00:17
jrpemorris: yes, its been this way for a while. rebooted a few times, etc00:17
scarleoAleo: But I guess that Vbox will find the right additions for you00:17
Polahjrp: Have you checked if that's what it's set to now?00:17
jrpPolah: yes00:17
swordzI did have a message to do with 3D not being allowed because my monitors are too wide?00:17
pitlimiturlin2u, where do I go to find that?00:17
emorrisjrp, sorry, not sure then00:17
swordzCould that be why?00:17
fhtagnswordz: well, what do you want to do? find the applications, or restore the desktop to something more familiar with the usual top and bottom bars?00:17
urlin2upitlimit, go to login in the admin acount and turn of the show list of users00:17
zetheroojust one very annoying thing is that after years I still have no sound input - even after bugs reports are filed and fixes are put out .... for some incredibly annoying reason the issue persists!00:18
pitlimit:( urlin2u who is the admin account00:18
swordzfhtagn, Probably try Unity if it's going to work, but restore if it doesn't00:18
Aleoscarleo going to see that, I found this strange because I installed Debian on a virtual box and it runs at full resolution that is 1680x1050, and Ubuntu only gives me 1024x76800:18
celltechdelete google chrome. 11.04 runs flawlessly :D00:18
fhtagnswordz: good luck! top left icon has something like a quick search for apps and such00:19
pitlimiturlin2u, that just changes thigns visually00:19
pitlimiturlin2u, that does not change the fact that they could in fact login00:19
urlin2upitlimit, the main account that has sudo access00:19
jollybobWhen installing 11.10 from USB my SSD isn't detected (I have installed 10.04,10.11 and Mint on this HDD previously) dmesg gives nothing.. What can I do?00:19
scarleoAleo: Did you try installing the guest additions?00:19
urlin2upitlimit, they can't if they all have different passwords and names.00:19
MrBosscelltech, ?00:19
pitlimiturlin2u, but there must be a way to take them off of that screen00:20
urlin2upitlimit, you need to give them user accounts,.00:20
deebeeAleo: take a look at the link I sent you, it includes instructions on how to install the guest additions for Ubuntu00:20
pitlimiturlin2u they have user accounts00:20
pitlimithow can i disable their user accounts while still keeping them active00:20
beingjohnmscarleo: after logging back in the launcher was still gone but I was able to navigate to /usr/bin and start unity through there.00:20
Aleodeebe going to see better00:20
scarleobeingjohnm: so back to normal now?00:21
scarleojust did the same thing myself :)00:21
Aleodeebee and thanks hope I can discover it00:21
=== bandit5432 is now known as led-bandit
eboyjrUgh I froze my computer and did: sudo stop gdm && sudo start gdm and it removed my GNOME entry from the login screen as a session... :( How do I get it back? (this is ubuntu natty with gnome3)00:22
dikihow do i grab the process list via the command line?00:22
led-banditdiki,  ps00:22
howaaaI changed System->Preferences->Appearance->Visual Effects to "None". But when I restart computer "None" gets unselected again ...... Any help ??00:23
scarleodiki: ps -e00:23
Polaheboyjr: GNOME3 is unstable on Natty.00:23
uofm49426someone help me setup v2l00:23
led-banditor if you want all of them sudo ps -a00:23
eboyjrPolah: It was working fine before :( I just want the menu back00:23
thatcodefhtagn, I'm swordz, can't quit my previous session00:23
Wamphyripitlimit, you running ati or nvidia? i'm not using hdmi cables i'm using dvi cables00:23
wildbathow do i change the file association, like i wanna use smplayer to open media file instead of vlc?00:23
thatcodeTelling me to 'press the top left button' doesn't help when I don't have any buttons00:24
scarleouofm49426: what is v2l ?00:24
thatcodeSigned in again in 2D, that's got the bar back00:24
led-banditwildbat, right click the file and choose properties then open with tab00:24
uofm49426v4l sorry00:24
celltechMy resources have been eatin up like crazy... I got rid of chrome, and now i'm running fast and flawless00:24
led-banditwildbat, choose the one you want and click set as default00:25
wildbatled-bandit: and i have to do it everytime i open it ....00:25
david_I'm having trouble connecting to my Ubuntu Server using a serial cable. I can connect  to the server from a windows PC but not My Ubuntu Desktop00:25
Polahcelltech: That's an interesting story, but your comments bashing Chrome are irrelevant here. Please stop posting them.00:25
jrpthanks anyways guys, adios00:25
uofm49426Unable to open file /dev/video0 Permission denied00:25
led-banditwildbat,  you need to make sure you choose the one you want to open with and click on "set as default"00:25
celltechI'm not "bashing" chrome. I'm saying it's a resource hog.00:25
dikiand is it possible to grab cpu usage as well?00:25
heafyhey guys i have a question. maybe a bug.00:26
scarleouofm49426: did you try run it with sudo?00:26
wildbatled-bandit: tried somehow it isn't saving what i click.00:26
Aleoscarleo deebee thks, going to boot00:26
led-banditdiki,  tops for that00:26
heafyevery time i watch a video in youtube. i open system monitor and "sending" 180 kb/s00:26
heafymy internet is fine until i use flash00:26
Polahcelltech: Not necessarily, you are claiming it is a resource hog and have done so with no relevance to the topic of this channel several times. Refrain from doing so.00:26
led-banditdiki, for proc usage use tops00:26
dikiled-bandit:no such command00:27
uofm49426sudo v4l2ucp00:27
led-banditsudo apt-get install tops00:27
celltechIf this is support chat. I think discussing the removal of a program to improve performance counts as "support"00:27
led-banditsorry its top not tops00:27
dikiled-bandit:no such package either00:27
david_can anyone recommend a terminal program for ubuntu Desktop? I have tried putty, minicom, and gtkterm and still can't connect00:27
Polahled-bandit: Should be no need to install top, should be there by default00:27
led-banditdiki,  sorry its top not tops00:27
llama-li1uxhey, I'm using i3 and want to change the theme for my gtk apps. What should I use?00:27
dikineither top nor tops00:27
uofm49426libv4l2: error getting capabilities: Inappropriate ioctl for device00:28
led-banditPolah, i spelled it wrong its top not tops00:28
Polahcelltech: No. It's completely irrelevant, no one is asking why Chrome is using up a lot of resources. Like I said before, you are simply attacking Chrome by saying it is a resource hog with no relevance to anything anyone else is saying.00:28
Polahled-bandit: I know, I'm just saying you don't need to install it, or didn't have to before at least00:28
bazhangPolah, celltech lets move on please00:28
celltechDidn't think there was a rule about only talk if your asked. You the hall monitor?00:28
led-banditwildbat, what does it say is the default player for the file?00:28
bazhangcelltech, chrome? or chromium00:28
celltechGoogle Chrome. Chromium is perfectly fine00:29
celltechIt's google that sucks00:29
bazhangcelltech, contact google support00:29
uofm49426using new 11:1000:29
bazhangcelltech, and that has zero to do with ubuntu support.00:29
wildbatled-bandit: nope ~ after i set it ~ and open the properties again it is back to the old player :<00:29
Wamphyrihow does chrome use alot of resources compaired to internet explorer?00:29
Wamphyrior firefox at that00:29
led-banditwildbat, whats the old player?00:29
wildbatled-bandit: vlc00:30
led-banditwildbat, what distro version you using?00:30
bazhangcelltech, chit chat in #ubuntu-offtopic please00:30
wildbatled-bandit: ubuntu 10.0400:30
celltechStill don't see how personally. It's a program that can be used on ubuntu. therefore it's got plenty of relevancy to helping people make better download decisions00:30
led-banditwildbat, let me look into that one00:30
PolahWamphyri: Probably due to Flash, I've at least noticed a few flash ads can eat up a lot of processor resources on Firefox at least.00:30
bazhangcelltech, its 3rd party, that's why.00:30
heafyit happens in firefox and chrome so it's definitely flash00:31
Polahcelltech: No, it's your opinion that Google is not good and the Chrome is the same. It is not relevant here.00:31
WamphyriPolah, i havn't noticed and i put a pounding on chrome lol00:31
led-banditPolah, what package provides top?00:31
celltechPolah. seriously. you love attacking me when I'm here don't you00:31
bazhangPolah, celltech thats enough.00:31
Polahled-bandit: If it's not top, perhaps ubuntu-minimal00:31
celltechHe started it :)00:31
led-banditwildbat, try this post http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=127657500:32
led-banditPolah, ty00:32
bfreisHi, how can I disable the activation of the activities menu through the "Windows" key, so that it won't interfere with Emacs? (choosing "meta is mapped to left win" on Keyboard Layout will make Alt be sent as "Alt" and not "Meta" to emacs, which sucks)00:32
spacebug-fags? anyone wanted me anything? =)00:33
led-banditwildbat, this post is better http://www.liberiangeek.net/2010/09/install-vlc-media-player-default-media-player-ubuntu-10-0410-10-maverick-meerkat/00:33
led-banditany one having issue with no file copy progress window?00:34
lostinhereim having some issues with 11.10 can any one here help  i cant add any more work spaces or make my launcher icons smaller00:34
Aleohere I am00:34
PolahDoes GNOME3 still use Nautilus?00:34
wildbatled-bandit: hmmm let me try~00:34
scarleobfreis: I don't know if there are other ways but I know you can do disable it in ccsm under Unity Plugin00:34
led-banditwildbat, i would try the second post i mentioned00:35
Aleodeebee, installed guest addictions, now it is on full resolution00:35
Aleoscarleo, thks too00:35
scarleoAleo: np00:35
led-banditPolah, yes gnome 3 stilll uses nautilus as a file manager00:35
deebeeAleo: good news :)00:35
wildbatled-bandit: you happen to know what file those settings are save to ? may be i could use delete it it and reset it ;p00:35
scarleoAleo: But it's no addiction, it's an addition ;)00:35
robin0800lostinhere, have you installed cssm?00:35
kountry_gentlemaI have having problems with my flash player. I've downloaded it but browsers say it is not there.00:35
famgodcan someone cut/paste their /usr//share/applications/totem.desktop in pastebin.com for me please?00:35
Wamphyribah i can't do this00:35
led-banditwildbat, the second link i posted has a better way00:35
bazhangkountry_gentlema, installed from where00:36
Aleoscarleo, the left bar or dock, where the icons for programs are is to big I can not see how to change it00:36
wildbatled-bandit: i will try.00:36
kountry_gentlemaubuntu software center00:36
lostinhereyes  it worked for 11.04 but i cant seem to make any changes now00:36
DonaldKeyzhow do I map a button on the front of my laptop to a script to rotate the screen. laptop is lenovo s10-3t00:36
Wamphyriway to many bugs can't run dual monitors and vbox keeps taking a shit fit trying to display 2d graphics like msn00:36
bazhangkountry_gentlema, which browsers00:36
Aleoright click does not have options I am on the last ubuntu version00:36
kountry_gentlemaboth firefox and chrome00:36
scarleoAleo: ccsm Unity Plugin, under Experimental you can change icon size00:36
Polahkountry_gentlema, which player did you install?00:37
rcmaehlWhy is there 2 battery indicators in my taskbar?00:37
Aleoscarleo, how I install it ?00:37
led-banditDonaldKeyz, what  version you on?00:37
lostinherei change the size but it does not have any effect00:37
DonaldKeyzled-bandit natty00:37
scarleoAleo: synaptic, search for ccsm00:37
AceFrahmOMG, I just installed 11.10.  HOW COULD THEY FUCK UP THE DESKTOP SO BADLY?00:38
led-banditDonaldKeyz, gnome 3 or regular?00:38
rcmaehlhow do I remove the duplicate battery indicator00:38
pangolin!language | AceFrahm00:38
ubottuAceFrahm: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.00:38
kountry_gentlemaDownload Adobe Flash Player Adobe Flash Player version
lostinhereace i feel your pain00:38
AceFrahmAny body know how to make this thing use GNOME 300:38
PolahAceFrahm: Don't complain about it here. Use any other environment you like instead.00:38
led-banditgnome 3 fallback is not so bad00:38
Wamphyrii don't think the desktop is that jacked, just takes some getting used to thats all00:39
pangolinAceFrahm: install gnome-shell00:39
PolahAceFrahm: sudo apt-get install gnome, log out and select GNOME Shell or GNOME Classic from the cog menu next to your username.00:39
robin0800lostinhere, try confity then00:39
robin0800lostinhere, try confity then00:39
PolahAceFrahm: Or just GNOME Shell, perhaps.00:39
DonaldKeyzled-bandit - probably original, how do I check the version of Gnome00:39
led-banditi never would have thought i need a vm of 11.0400:39
AceFrahminstall gnome or gnome-shell?00:39
scarleoAceFrahm: Gnome Shell in Software Center00:40
PolahAceFrahm: gnome will give you the entire gnome suite, or near enough, gnome-shell will give you that and it's dependencies which may reduce any clutter00:40
led-banditDonaldKeyz,  it sunder the system tab somewhere let me look00:40
AceFrahmPolah :  Adding all the dependencies REDUCES clutter?  How does that work?  Doesn't it install even more options?00:41
robosociao ragazzi00:41
kcjMy mouse isn't moving. Help.00:41
rcmaehlkcj: is the module for input installed?00:41
famgodcan someone cut/paste their /usr//share/applications/totem.desktop in pastebin.com for me please?00:42
kcjrcmaehl, It was moving before.00:42
lostinherestill nothing i do will change the size of the launcher or add more workspaces00:42
Wamphyrihow do i fix this freaking issue00:42
DonaldKeyzled-bandit found it 2.32.100:42
Wamphyrirequired virtual size does not fit available size: requested=(1440, 1924), minimum=(320, 200), maximum=(1600, 1600)00:42
murpleurlin2u bazhang emorris usr13 Polah : Perseverance. I managed to successfully recover and boot into my Ubuntu installation. I'll type the steps.00:42
led-banditDonaldKeyz, look under System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts and scroll down to the Sound00:42
Wamphyrilast time i checked 1280*1024 is in those limits00:42
Aleoscarleo, what graphical interface is this one on the last version off Ubuntu, when I installed I have not seen option for Gnome ou KDE00:42
rcmaehlkcj: check the cables then try recovery mode and see if the mouse works there00:42
DonaldKeyzled-bandit -ok00:43
emorrismurple, great news! I'm keep to know how you did it00:43
scarleoAleo: Unity is default00:43
sebikulfamgod, sure, http://paste.ubuntu.com/708298/00:43
kcjrcmaehl, It's a trackpad, I'd rather not reboot if I can restart a process or something.00:43
Wamphyrirequired virtual size does not fit available size: requested=(1440, 1924), minimum=(320, 200), maximum=(1600, 1600)   ,  last time i checked 1280*1024 is in those limits00:43
famgodthanks sebikul00:43
pitlimitWamphyri, did u find a solution00:43
led-banditDonaldKeyz, then you need to use gconf to change what the command that key does00:43
Aleoscarleo, ok, did not knew this one, it looks more like a Apple Mac OSx00:44
Wamphyripitlimit, yeah shoot myself lol00:44
Aleoscarleo, and how I can change it to Gnome ?00:44
DonaldKeyzled-bandit - ok00:44
pirlohow do i know the size of my swap partition ?00:44
rcmaehlpirlo: system monitor can tell yo00:44
scarleoAleo: install gnome-shell, log out and choose Gnome as session00:44
murple1. Spend half a day on IRC to identify the problem. 2. Physically move the computer to a wired connection. 3. Install ppa-purge. 4. Purge Gnome3 PPA (Not quite sure what that means) 5. sudo apt-get update (No idea what that is). 6. Wait a very long time. 7. sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^. 8 Reboot -problem solved.00:45
pirlorcmaehl:  thanks00:45
led-banditDonaldKeyz, for the custom commands look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MultimediaKeys#In-depth_instructions starting at Using gnome keybindings or metacity to bind commands to keys00:45
PolahAceFrahm: No, gnome-shell's dependencies probably won't be the entire GNOME suite.00:45
murpleFound solution here https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-users/2011-April/243212.html00:45
Wamphyripitlimit, but no i havn't i'm using dvi and vga, 22" and a 19" wide if i try to change the rez on the 22" it gves me that error and ati config won't change a thing even to save its life00:45
murpleemorris: It really is. I can finally go to bed now.00:45
Aleoscarleo, where I do that, and how I return to Unity if I want ? sorry so many questions I am new to Linux00:45
murplebazhang: You may eat your hat now.00:45
led-banditdiki,  did you find the top program?00:46
dikinope, but no need to anymore ;)00:46
DonaldKeyzled-bandit I'm trying to map a key that rotates the screen in windows, and is unused so for in ubuntu to  to a script I downloaded that rotates the screen00:46
bazhangmurple, no. thats not supported. and please be civil here.00:46
emorrismurple, fair dos. But I thought you weren't able to boot the thing?00:46
murplebazhang: Haha. That wasn't civil??00:46
led-banditDonaldKeyz, the last link i posted will show you how to map that00:46
scarleoAleo: In Software Center search for Gnome shell, install it, log out, click the cog next to your username, choose gnome, login. If you want Unity again just repeat but choose Ubuntu as session instead00:46
josephseraoshi everybody.. I'm trying compile a old version of kernel. And my arch is 64-bit. When I do "make" appears this error: "make[2]: *** [arch/x86/kernel/entry_64.o] Error 1", "make[1]: *** [arch/x86/kernel] Error 2" and "make: *** [arch/x86] Error 2". Can anybody help?00:46
murpleemorris: Well the system booted halfway, I think everything booted alright except for the graphical desktop.00:47
emorrismurple, ah ok00:47
scarleoALeoSorry, sont repeat install oc course00:47
scarleoAleo: Sorry, dont repeat install of course00:47
wonderworldunity is VERY slow on my netbook. can i do something about it?00:47
murpleemorris: I think what I was doing was aborting the boot process which gave me access to a console (ctrl+alt+F3 or F6).00:47
murpleemorris: Never found that grub menu though...00:47
murpleemorris: Anyhow, it's really nice that it finally works.00:47
murpleemorris: Thanks for your help and patience.00:48
Aleoscarleo, because unity is already installed right ? so if I install Gnome shell I will see an option to Unity or Gnome, right ?00:48
Polahwonderworld: Try Unity 2D00:48
emorrismurple, np, I think the grub issue is probably related to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/42597900:48
ubottuUbuntu bug 425979 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "Holding shift fails to display grub2 menu" [Undecided,Confirmed]00:48
scarleoAleo: yes00:48
DonaldKeyzled-bandit - thanks00:48
bkfitzanyone move from 11.04 to 11.10 yet?  Any concerns if I'm currently using "classic" gnome 2 mode instead of unity?00:48
led-banditDonaldKeyz, no problem hope that works for you00:48
murpleemorris: I'll check that out. thanks.00:48
murpleThan you all and good night.00:49
josephseraosI was wondering if there is any version for 64-bit version. Who could help me, please?00:49
Aleoscarleo, ok, going to try, hope it works00:49
Polahbkfitz: You'll have to upgrade to GNOME300:49
wonderworldPolah: i did, better but still too slow. everything lags and feels unsnappy. never had problems before with ubuntu on the netbook00:49
led-banditbkfitz, you will need to use gnome 3 fallback if you like the loook of gnome 200:49
Wamphyrii'm using dvi and vga, 22" and a 19" wide if i try to change the rez on the 22" it gves me that error and ati config won't change a thing even to save its life, required virtual size does not fit available size: requested=(1440, 1924), minimum=(320, 200), maximum=(1600, 1600)   ,  last time i checked 1280*1024 is in those limits. anyone seen anything like this before?00:49
bkfitzwhat is gnome3 fallback?00:49
Polahwonderworld: Could fiddle with and reduce config settings00:49
led-banditbkfitz, its like gnome 200:49
sebsebseb!gnome2 | bkfitz00:50
ubottubkfitz: The GNOME Foundation has ceased support for GNOME 2, and as such it is not in Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot). See !notunity for an alternative desktop experience.00:50
bkfitzugh... so I'm looking at a pretty significant change00:50
sebsebseb!nounity | bkfitz00:50
Polahbkfits: gnome-panel. Gives an interface kind of between GNOME2 and 3.00:50
ubottubkfitz: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions drowpdown. Using Natty? See !classic00:50
led-banditbkfitz, you can google it i have been using it for 3-4 weeks00:50
phiscibeahh the wonder time right after a new release00:50
sebsebsebbkfitz: yep00:50
Polahbkfitz: Other environments have panel systems more similar to GNOME2 like LXDE or KDE00:50
sebsebsebbkfitz: Gnome 3 fallback is like Gnome 2, but really Gnome 2 itself is better00:50
dendodgeSo, I upgraded to Ubuntu 11.10. My computer is now pretty much broken.00:50
bkfitzlooks like I'll stick with 04 classic00:50
bkfitz:) thx00:50
led-banditbkfitz, gnome 2 it dead so you get to make a choice this realease or next00:51
lostinherehow do i add workspaces on 11.1000:51
dendodgeI don't see the launcher or anything. None of the Unity keyboard shortcuts work.00:51
illmortalDoes anyone know the new command to start rhythmbox in Ubuntu 11.10? I have an alarm application that used to work up until the upgrade to 11.10 and now the command isn't working =\00:51
dendodgeAt the top of my screen, I have the Nautilus menu bar for some reason, but Nautilus isn't running.00:51
Polahbkfitz: led-bandit is correct. GNOME2 hasn't been developed officially for several months, I believe there's a fork though, no idea on how stable it would be though00:51
dendodgeWTF is wrong with my system and - more importantly - how do I fix it?00:51
bkfitzI'll delay the choice :)00:52
led-banditthe fork is not looking the best elementary might be released which looks promising00:52
bkfitzhappy with my box now... why ruin a good thing00:52
lunitikdendodge: in Unity, nautilus handles desktop icons00:52
phiscibebkfitz: wise00:52
led-banditbkfitz, i know i been running gnome 2 for 6 years00:52
Guest13589hi, can any one tell me how to change them in black box ubuntu, ive tryed right click but nothing happens00:52
bkfitzactually wish I had stayed with 101000:52
Guest13589hi, can any one tell me how to change the theme in black box ubuntu, ive tryed right click but nothing happens00:53
sebsebsebbkfitz: you can still get 10.10 if you really want to00:53
sebsebsebbkfitz: ,but support for that one is nearly over00:53
dan___bkfitz: why?00:53
led-bandit10.10 updates are done now are they?00:53
sebsebsebbkfitz: only six months left of support for 10.1000:53
bkfitz1104 broke a few widgets i like... don't want to go back00:53
Polahbkfitz: 10.10 will still be supported for another 6 months00:53
led-banditgood to know00:53
dendodgelunitik: OK, but that doesn't really help me...00:53
bkfitztry the calendar widget in 04... no dice00:53
KentrelHey. How do I force dialogue boxes to always but the OK and Cancel button in the same order. Sometimes they're like Windows, and sometimes they're backwards00:53
lunitikdendodge: well, that's the only issue I've seen you discuss...00:53
Polah18 month lifetime for standard releases, 36 month lifetime for desktop LTS and 60 month for server LTS00:53
Guest13589hi, can any one tell me how to change the theme in black box ubuntu, ive tryed right click but nothing happens00:53
dendodgelunitik: The issue is that I have no launcher.00:54
bkfitzother than that, I love 0400:54
scarleodendodge: Did you start ccsm?00:54
dendodgescarleo: CCSM?00:54
phiscibeyeah pre unity was the last ubunut for me, ive gone kubuntu, but realy any new release is potential hell00:54
scarleocompiz config settings manager00:54
Wamphyrii'm using dvi and vga, 22" and a 19" wide if i try to change the rez on the 22" it gves me that error and ati config won't change a thing even to save its life, required virtual size does not fit available size: requested=(1440, 1924), minimum=(320, 200), maximum=(1600, 1600)   ,  last time i checked 1280*1024 is in those limits. anyone seen anything like this before?00:54
MonkeyDustphiscibe: same here00:54
dendodgescarleo: Yeah, I think that's what broke it.00:54
led-banditi am only getting "file operations" progrees bar when i stay in nautilus or minimize most of my windows is that a gnome 3 fallback issue?00:54
scarleodendodge: Launch it again and tick Unity Plugin, logout login00:54
dendodgeWhat's the Terminal command to launch it?00:55
Guest13589hi, can any one tell me how to change the theme in black box ubuntu, ive tryed right click but nothing happens00:55
dendodgeI can only launch things via the Terminal ATM.00:55
Polahdendodge: compizconfig-settings-manager, or perhaps just ccsm might work00:55
scarleodendodge: ctrl alt T, $ ccsm00:55
Polah!repeat | Guest1358900:55
ubottuGuest13589: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/00:55
WamphyriPolah, awww why didn't i get one of those :p00:56
Guest13589hi, can any one tell me how to change the theme in black box ubuntu, ive tryed right click but nothing happens00:57
The_Weather_GuyME WANT BANANA.00:57
dendodgeYay, that fixed it!00:57
uofm49426ok there is not a /dev/video device anymore or /dev/radio how do i add one00:57
dendodge(Why is there even a way to turn that off?)00:57
The_Weather_GuyWedon't know.00:57
emorris!hi | The_Weather_Guy00:57
bazhangThe_Weather_Guy, support question?00:57
robin0800Wamphyri, pretty sure you have to add up both screens and adjust the virtual accordingly00:57
emorris!hi > The_Weather_Guy00:57
Guest13589hi, can any one tell me how to change the theme in black box ubuntu, ive tryed right click but nothing happens00:58
bazhangemorris, /msg ubottu please00:58
phenomenonhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/32bit_and_64bit recommends 64 bit, but http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/download does not00:58
The_Weather_GuyOk. My question is, when I try to boot from my ubuntu cd.00:58
Wamphyrirobin0800, in what? i have tried in gnome and ato config00:58
The_Weather_GuyIt gives me a black screen.00:58
led-banditGuest13589, it looks like black box ubuntu is dead00:58
phenomenonWhat gives?00:58
The_Weather_GuyDid I do something wrong?00:58
emorrisbazhang, sorry00:58
Wamphyriati config just closes when you click apply and gnome spits out that error00:58
StaticHello, the process "init" on my ubuntu computer is using 96-100% CPU, is there any way to lower this? (Tried rebooting)00:58
led-banditGuest13589, try looking at http://vsbabu.org/gnu/blackbox.html or http://blackboxwm.sourceforge.net/00:59
robin0800Wamphyri, in xorg.conf of course00:59
vect0rxI upgraded to 11.10 and now I'm having dbus (and respectively gdm) problems.    Blank screen where gdm login interface used to go00:59
led-banditahh they left :|00:59
phiscibeStatic: init most likely has many subprocesses under it, finding the one eating your cpu might give a clue00:59
The_Weather_GuyAnyone on my issue?01:00
phiscibeyou could try top or htop at the command or if you can get a process monitor open in the gui01:00
StravHi. Anyone else experiencing what seems to be random restart/crashes of the top-right panel in unity? (I'm on the beta2 since it's release and while it seems I've gotten rid of the compiz crashes had before, this issue is becoming more and more noticeable.)01:00
led-banditThe_Weather_Guy,  have you let it run for a while01:00
The_Weather_GuyI will be back01:00
led-banditsome of the live cds take a while to start01:00
The_Weather_Guypart bye bye01:00
Staticphiscibe: None of the other processes are using much CPU (mostly 0%)01:01
Strav(The problem seems to occur more especially when maximizing and minimizing windows)01:01
qwdphenomenon: Well, one is community documentation. I guess if you're the kind of person who looks in the wiki you'll be alright with 64bit. Maybe they don't want new users to run into those incompatibility problems. I haven't had any problems with 64bit, but it depends on the software you're planning on using.01:01
Wamphyrirobin0800, ati/gnome see both monitors i can adjust size on both monitors one just quits and the other spits a error01:01
phenomenonqwd, I'm going to be running a heavy VM env01:01
ryhas anyone had problems with the latest updates (or not?) chrome and/or firefox and flash under ubuntu 10.10?01:02
eboyjrSo much for testing.. The "Ask me later" button doesn't work on the Ubuntu Oneric update dialog01:02
led-banditphenomenon, i have been running 64bit for 2 years no problems01:02
ryafter upgrading to firefox 7.x flash has not worked, every page says i need to upgrade it (when i'm running the latest), chrome now says the same thing, after the latest batch of updates ... which seems odd since i was under the impression chrome had it's own flash01:02
phiscibevect0rx: The_Weather_Guy:  look here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=185979401:02
S_SubZeroit's 2011 are they still recommending 32-bit OSs01:03
StravOk. More precisely: It seems to happend (on 11.10) everytime I switch between a QT and GTK application. Anyone have a similar issue?01:03
wonderworld10.10 really disappointed me. made my computer unusable01:03
led-banditS_SubZero, it seems they are01:04
Wamphyrirobin0800, ok mind elaborating on xorg.conf01:05
DrecondiusIs there anyway to move the Unity launcher bar?01:05
led-banditthis file progress bug is killing me01:05
bazhangDrecondius, currently no01:06
johnjohn101unity rocks01:06
frhodesthe unity desktop for 11.10 is nice01:06
johnjohn101i guess there is not a way to add a background.xml to the background setup is there01:07
DrecondiusI like it but i just wanted to know if i could move the bar (the one on the left side of the screen)01:07
MonkeyDustfrhodes: phiscibe agrees01:07
DrecondiusI shall return01:08
Wamphyrii'm using dvi and vga, 22" and a 19" wide if i try to change the rez on the 22" it gves me that error and ati config won't change a thing even to save its life, required virtual size does not fit available size: requested=(1440, 1924), minimum=(320, 200), maximum=(1600, 1600)   ,  last time i checked 1280*1024 is in those limits. anyone seen anything like this before?01:08
phiscibeWamphyri: try here for a clue http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=185979401:09
=== billybigrigger is now known as billybigrigger1
led-banditWamphyri, it looks like to me that the requested=(1440, 1924)  is bigger than maximum=(1600, 1600)01:09
wonderworldunity is running very slow on my netbook. even in 2d mode. what can i do to improve performance?01:09
led-banditwonderworld, try gnome-shell01:10
Wamphyriled-bandit, thanks for stating the obvious but why is it limiting me to 160001:10
johnjohn101i can't wait to get ubuntu on an 8 core system...01:11
led-banditWamphyri,  is it adding the 2 monitors rez together?01:11
Aleoscarleo, worked fine, but don't have on Gnome the right click options I have on Debian Gnome neither themes or set the windows options01:11
robin0800Wamphyri, no sorry you may have to google it its probably in the Ubuntu documentation somewhere01:11
dark_eyejohnjohn101: Why? you can't do anythign productive with ubuntu on 8 core?01:11
brian6705I want to use my Ubuntu box to monitor my network and give me graphs or some representation of what amount of data transfer all the devices on my network are using.  Any ideas?  Everything I've found is old and unsupported01:12
illmortal-.-    -cd command no longer works in 11.10??01:12
scarleoAleo: It's a new version of Gnome, not the same as in Debian01:12
Wamphyrii've googled my ass off nothing concerning running dual monitors in ubuntu with ati01:12
johnjohn101dark_eye why not?01:12
Wamphyriunless i wanna use 8.0401:12
rhizmoebrian6705: munin is easy01:12
scarleoAleo: There are themes to download01:12
dark_eyejohnjohn101: but just why? you can't utilize the 8 core?01:12
scarleoAleo: Not sure what you mean by windows options01:12
Aleoscarleo, ok, but why I can not set where I want the panels ? and where to set the windows options ?01:12
led-banditWamphyri,  never limit yourself to ubuntu docs01:12
johnjohn101dark_eye, i guess i need to wait.. then01:12
Polahdark_eye: Set up BOINC to run constantly and contribute to global protein folding efforts or something like that (;01:12
AleoI mean setting the size of the bar, fonts and other things01:13
dark_eyejohnjohn101: What apps you're using that requires that much cores? Nothing?01:13
brian6705rhizmoe, just to add a little difficulty, nothing on my network seems to enjoy anything about SNMP.  My router is pretty dumb and everything else is windows or a phone or a smart appliance01:13
taoistI need some help with a ecryptfs volume01:13
scarleoAleo: There is a gnome tweak tool you can install, might give you some  more options01:13
phiscibefore those with resolution errors/problems you mayve have to Edit a boot paramater and change the vga parameter to match your screen's resolution01:13
zmbmartinHow do I change a nautilus keyboard shortcut?01:13
RichTUKbrian6705: try running a conky script01:13
scarleoAleo: Not sure what you mean by windows options01:13
led-banditWamphyri,  i like to look at archs and gentoo docs http://en.gentoo-wiki.com/wiki/X.Org/Dual_Monitors01:13
SetiAmonanyone here use OSS? I have no problem getting it working except i have no sound with flashplayer in youtube. anyone have the same problem?01:13
brian6705RichTUK, conky script?01:13
thomasdThe termonals are running a unsuported video mode for my monitor could someone please help me.01:14
johnjohn101dark_eye,  i will probably run two or three vms on my personal desktop as servers for stuff in the office.01:14
=== andy_ is now known as Guest90754
illmortalanyone know how to download plugsins for rhythmbox now on 11.10? <_<; lol01:14
frhodesanyone know how to increase the number of unity workspaces?01:14
led-banditWamphyri, look at archs as well https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/ATI https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/ATI#Dual_Head_Setup01:14
johnjohn101frhodes. there needs to be a unity wish list blog.01:14
RichTUKbrian6705: its an editable on screen display, lets you see things such as cpu temps, ram usage, file sizes, wlan traffic etc01:14
crash1hdin nautalus you used to be able to goto computer where did that go in 11.10?01:15
Guest90754where can I find the default packages list for ubuntu 11.10? I would like to reinstall at least all packages from 11.1001:15
dark_eyejohnjohn101: okay that's propaply a fine thing to do then01:15
crash1hdwas where you could see if the cdrom drive was attached01:15
dikithe amazon hi-cpu instance is not impressive01:15
taoistI have a old ecryptfs volume I was using as a home directory. I installed 11.10 on a seperate SSD and now I want to use the ecryptfs volume. Problem, I know the passphrase but I can get it to accept it and open like I though I'd be able to. I can access it via ecrypt-recover-private but only as read only01:15
scarleocrash1hd: File system?01:15
brian6705RichTUK, hmm, ok. I'll add that one to my list to check out.  Is it fairly simple?  I'm a bit dumb01:15
dikibut the cluster computer extra large is01:15
phiscibealso /var/run /run /var/lock /run/dbus/ folders and food bared by some updates01:15
Aleoscarleo, installed this gnome-tweak-tool01:15
Aleoscarleo so this is gnome 3.0 ?01:16
AkiRa_can anyone help me as to why I can't see that "service center" icon I accidently clicked "do not show"- It wouldn't open anyway- and I'm trying to install wine to play pokerstars but it is giving me an error when trying to dl01:16
scarleoAleo: yep01:16
RichTUKit can be compicated, but there are many premade scripts and tons of simple instructions out there so its not  a hard thing to do. im sure you can do it01:16
crash1hdscarleo, yeah01:16
robin0800Aleo, you need gnome-tweak-tool01:16
HACKhalo2is anyone else having problems with flash and Chromium in oneiric01:16
Aleoscarleo, it is strange don't have the same panels options I saw on Debian Gnome01:17
taoistI've had a couple problems with flash01:17
brian6705RichTUK, ok.  I'm getting better about actually reading through documentation before throwing up my hands.  I'll give that one a try.  Thanks!01:17
SlasHWiZarDhi, i get a "E:Error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages" unresolvable error while trying to upgrade. any workarounds?01:17
HACKhalo2I asked #chromium-support, and it's looking like a bug in Oneiric01:17
scarleoAleo: No, it's a new version :)01:17
Aleorobin0800, yes I installed that, going to see it if it appear on Settings01:17
ed_moneyrunning ubuntu 11 Unity. I am trying to copy text from VIM to the clipboard. doing a ':version' shows '-xterm_clipboard'. Have trieed "+y and "*y, neither works. How do I fix tis?01:18
thomasdI can not load terminals via the Function keys. The video mode is not supported by my display. Is there anyway I can switch back to the termonals from ubuntu 10.04.01:18
AkiRa_must i add a wine repository before installing wine? doesn't ubuntu have wine installed arleady? I have the latest version01:18
KingSphinxWell, the upgrade to 11.10 went relatively smoothly, but I have an odd problem: Installing Cantarell (GNOME's default font) caused GNOME Shell to display blocks instead of normal fonts.01:18
PolahAkiRa_: Not by default, you need to install wine through apt01:18
AkiRa_so installing wine thru winehq is a bad idea then?01:19
AkiRa_because i tried that and im not getting results- sort of like tiger woods trying to golf again01:19
HACKhalo2well, I have the flash plugin installed in EVERY mozilla directory possible, and Chromium doesn't pick it up01:19
PolahAkiRa_: Building from source? Unless you need an older or development version, yes01:19
RichTUKbrian6705: it shows things like this, but you can add lots more to it and make it specific to your computer, and you can make them look much nicer http://forums.overclockers.co.uk/showthread.php?t=18315239&highlight=show+conky01:19
vect0rxphiscibe: thanks... removing the stale dbus pid file fixed my problem!01:20
led-banditAkiRa_,  i would install through the offical wine ppa or default ubuntu version01:20
Aleoscarleo, I am seeing the gnome tweak too, I has some more options yes, Robin0800, this is better01:20
KingSphinxNot a bad idea IIRC, the WineHQ version is usually more up-to-date.01:20
PolahAkiRa_: sudo apt-get install wine   that'll give you something between 1.3.25 and 1.3.35, I couldn't tell you exactly which.01:20
phiscibecoolbeeans vect0rx01:20
led-banditPolah, i think it will give you 1.201:20
led-banditsince that is stable01:20
PolahKingSphinx: Up to date as in developmental or perhaps one or two minor versions ehad01:20
illmortalanyone know how to download plugsins for rhythmbox now on 11.10? <_<; lol01:20
Polahled_bandit: 1.3 as far as I remember01:20
Polahled_bandit: run sudo apt-cache policy wine and tell me what it says for the version01:21
KingSphinxDoes anyone here have an idea as to why *installing* Cantarell fonts caused GNOME Shell to display blocks instead of normal font?01:21
brian6705RichTUK, Fascinating!  That looks quite nice.  I'll be finding it as soon as I take the dogs out.  on a side note, where did you get your background img? It's gorgeous01:21
led-banditPolah,  looks like you can choose either 1.2 or 1.301:21
tkeslerI would like to disable the screen lock after resume and i have tried everything and can't disable it...getting frustrated01:22
bingopajamahello all01:22
led-banditbut sudo apt-cache policy wine  will install 1.2.301:22
Polahled-bandit: Ah, well apt-get install wine1.3 then (:01:22
bingopajamajust installed the new 11.1001:22
brian6705like I said.  I'm kinda dumb sometimes01:23
Aleoscarleo, why this Xchat don't save my nick and the server options, every time I connect have to put the nick01:23
led-banditand i dont recommend the newest version of wine i had to lock in the previous version to get my apps to work01:23
bingopajamaI am trying to open an ubuntu one account01:23
RichTUKbrian6705: from google images, i googled "eagle nebula" i think01:23
brian6705RichTUK, Hmm, how simple.  Thanks for the advice01:23
bingopajamaI am being prompted to enter a password for keyring 'default' to unlock01:24
scarleoAleo: Don't know, it saves my nick and servers01:24
AkiRa_sudo apt-get install wine seems to be a foreign language to me--- I just installed ubiuntu like 10hrs ago and have roughly between work gotten 45minutes of recess- sry for questions but it seems yall are here for the heartache01:24
Aleoscarleo, yes usually do that, going to see what is01:24
robin0800tkesler, have you looked in screen01:24
bingopajamai keep trying the only passwords i know to use on ubuntu but thay are not working01:24
bingopajamais there a default password i am missing?01:25
Polahbingopajama: Your login password?01:25
led-banditAkiRa_, you need to use a package manager to install wine01:25
AkiRa_there is a guest and admin act-01:25
bingopajamait is not working01:25
AkiRa_ok what is a package manager?01:25
AkiRa_where do i find it?01:25
Polah!apt | akiRa_01:25
ubottuakiRa_: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Adept (KDE) or !KPackageKit (KDE)01:25
falseQuick easy question; I'm using 11.04 with gnome-shell. Once I upgrade it's going to delete that and go back to basic with unity, correct?01:26
scarleoAkiRa_: Use Software Center or Synaptic to install wine01:26
bingopajamaIt keeps telling me unlock password incorrect01:26
tkeslerrobin0800:  Yeah I unlocked everything, including gconf-editor.  googled the crap out of it and tried 'em all.  still locks on resume.01:26
led-bandityou can also use the gnome software center01:26
led-banditubuntu software center '01:26
scarleoAkiRa_: Software Center is in the launcher on the left side01:26
PolahAkiRa_: Or do sudo apt-get install wine1.2    or sudo apt-get install wine1.3    depending on what version you want01:26
bingopajamaI used the same password every day and i used it to get on to my desktop just a few mins ago01:27
led-banditand when you say sudo apt-get install its from a terminal01:27
AkiRa_do i run all the ubuntu commands thru "search"?  my software center wont launch-  So I have a hard time trying to figure out where to type my commands- w/o a windows "dos command prompt" so to speak01:27
robin0800tkesler, may not help but try dconf from the software centre01:27
scarleoAkiRa_: Launch a terminal with Ctrl+Alt+T01:27
velociostrichAkiRa: I don't use unity, but try to see if a run dialog opens when you hit alt-f2 and type in gnome-terminal01:27
PolahAkiRa_: No, through a terminal. Ctrl+Alt+T to open a terminal01:27
zmbmartinanyone know how to change nautilus keyboard shortcuts?01:28
bingopajamai got it to work by using a different password i created that has a symbol a number and a capital letter in it01:28
velociostrichAkiRa_: Also, they're not "ubuntu" commands so to speak but should be almost entirely the same in any distribution of Linux01:28
wonderworldyes, where did the settings for the keyboard shortcuts go?01:28
bingopajamabut that is not the password i use to get on to my desktop01:28
velociostrichAnyone know if it's possible to edit the toolbar in nautilus in 11.10?01:28
bingopajamawhere can i find a list of my keyring passwords?01:29
velociostrichwonderworld: Have you tried the control center? (idk if they are there)01:29
robin0800wonderworld, in keyboard01:29
AkiRa_yea my bad on that- opensource is linux ubuntu is something new- i used to use redhet in the 90's but i had a bad car accident and i can't remember anything i did in the past- so i must relearn01:29
jwm123TOhello, can someone help me with my 11.10 upgrade?  I ran the upgrade but nautilus and dropbox did not survive.01:29
RichTUKbrian6705: http://www.blirk.net/galaxy-wallpaper/3/1920x1080/01:29
wonderworldrobin0800: i looked there, but there are many settings missing. i need to disable F1001:29
velociostrichAkiRa_: No problem, just part of the learning experience01:30
wonderworldF10 goes to the top menu by default, but i have another program i am using regualry that needs f1001:30
velociostrichAkiRa_: I know somebody like that, has a hard time spelling anything since an accident01:30
AkiRa_yea just mistakes- i know the mistake but it comes out as a mistake anyway01:30
AkiRa_people think im retarded- but im not... sometimes01:31
tkeslerrobin0800: ok...i'll try01:31
falseQuick easy question; I'm using 11.04 with gnome-shell. Once I upgrade it's going to delete that and go back to basic with unity, correct?01:31
velociostrichAkiRa_: I have my retarded moments too01:31
brian6705RichTUK, Rockin, thanks!01:31
velociostrichfalse: I believe that gnome 3 shell is available in the official repository01:32
johnjohn101gnome 3 shell is in software center01:32
velociostrichfalse: It should change gnome shell to unity, but it shouldn't be a problem to get it back01:32
falsevelociostrich, thanks. ;)01:32
jwm123TOagain, can anyone help me with dropbox not working after 11.10 upgrade?01:32
velociostrichfalse: np01:32
falseJust wanted a headups what's going to happen before I start this upgrade.01:32
KingSphinxSpeaking of GNOME Shell, for some reason, installing the Cantarell font made everything blocks instead of legible font.01:32
Polahjohnjohn101: Software centre get's its package lists from enabled repositories. Synaptic and the Software Centre are just graphical frontends for apt, apt-get and aptitude are command line frontends01:33
KingSphinxAt least, I *think* installing that font caused it...01:33
AkiRa_yea when you suffer brain damage there really is no telling what or when you get things back- I used to write code for a living now I can't even remember how to use software such as this- Funny thing really01:33
velociostrichNot to flame, but is there anyone here who *likes* the direction Ubuntu and Gnome devs are going away from the traditional desktop? I don't understand the need to simplify things like the appearance preferences dialog further, it just seems like wasted effort01:33
AkiRa_i hate the new design...01:34
velociostrichAkiRa_: That's sad to hear.01:34
velociostrich* referring to brain damage01:34
johnjohn101velocistrich. i believe the tablet market and touchscreen capability is influencing the gui direction01:34
AkiRa_i remember old functional keys were easier to manage01:34
robin0800wonderworld, set up a new short cut and try to assign f10 to it it should complain but let you reassign01:34
KingSphinxvelociostrich: There's stuff like Trinity Desktop Environment, it's a fork of the classic KDE 3 desktop, with a ton of bugfixes and improvements.01:34
wonderworldrobin0800: thanks, i'll try01:34
sebsebsebvelociostrich: and at least two distros will stay on Gnome 2 for a long time01:35
velociostrichKingSphinx: That's good to hear. I personally have been using strictly FVWM since Ubuntu more or less dropped support for metacity and all that01:35
AkiRa_effort should be 100% functionality with any based software vs windows- to prove a point-  Just like the dev of firefox were the first in the world to create netscape navigator- and the first human online interface01:35
* KingSphinx is waiting for the Trinity team to release Oneiric binaries01:35
johnjohn101someone will port gnome 2 shell to work with gnome 3 libs as well. I think there are projects for that01:36
phiscibefalse: look here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricOcelot/ReleaseNotes#Known_issues01:36
swashyanyone else not able to halve windows or switch between desktop screens anymore?01:37
swashywhat the fuck ubuntu team??01:37
velociostrichBasically I updated and see that half my icons are missing in FVWM, overlay-scrollbars are back, and a ton of new packages I don't need are installed. I suppose it makes it easier for less experienced users, but I find it a pain.01:37
pangolin!language | swashy01:37
ubottuswashy: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.01:37
=== Wicet|2 is now known as Wicet
tkeslerrobin0800: woo hoo!!01:37
tkeslerdconf worked!01:37
dark_eyeIrc = family friendly :fail:01:37
Egbert9e9-I pressed space01:37
yeatsswashy: try ctrl-alt and the arrow keys to change desktops01:38
Egbert9e9-a moment before that, a debconf popup appeared01:38
Egbert9e9-YAY FOR DEBUNTU01:38
FloodBot1Egbert9e9-: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:38
velociostrichdark_eye: This channel is at least usually pretty clean language wise01:38
swashyyeah it works about a third of the time yeats01:38
=== Egbert9e9- is now known as Egbert9e9
AkiRa_yes i fully agree- the entire point of opensource and linux was to create an environment where you virtually only needed what you wanted and now you get "bundled" ideals and wasted space so to speak01:38
swashyi'll start using clean language when the ubuntu team learns how to code and not break working features01:38
AkiRa_all for the lamen01:38
johnjohn101swashy, stick to LTS then01:38
djskidd2 problems:01:38
swashywhy can't I halve my stupid screens01:38
djskidd1. Audio is broken01:38
swashyits so fucking simple01:39
swashywhy would you break it01:39
ubottuswashy: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.01:39
velociostrichdjskidd: For future reference, please just keep your question on one line and don't flood01:39
velociostrichdjskidd: Try opening alsamixer in a terminal and see if PCM is set to zero or muted01:39
swashywhat was even updated in 11.10? this update is WORTHLESS.01:39
djskiddI have 2 problems: Audio is broken, and I don't know how to upgrade from 11.10 beta to 11.10 final01:40
robin0800tkesler, yes I think its meant to replace system configuration eventually01:40
Ibisswashy: Ubuntu is free. People spend time to make softwares better than before.01:40
velociostrichdjskidd: For the first, try the fix I suggested, for the second I'm afraid I can't help (I don't know anything about that upgrade path)01:40
tkeslerrobin0800: the same setting was unchecked...weird01:40
djskiddI can't get into Terminal01:40
swashyIbis: does better include breaking good features that worked before?01:41
PolahCan I dd the Ubuntu ISO to a USB hard drive?01:41
swashycan i un-upgrade back to 11.04?01:41
vdrandomhey there01:41
velociostrichdjskidd: Try Ctrl+Alt+T01:41
vdrandomgot problem installing grub2 to mbr on my laptop01:41
KingSphinxCan anyone help me? Software Center doesn't seem to want to actually install anything; when I click "Install", it just flickers and goes back to as if I hadn't even clicked Install. Normally, Software Center should ask for my password IIRC. Can anyone help me with that?01:41
johnjohn101swashy, gnome broke a lot when it went to gnome 3,  ubuntu really had no choice01:41
Polahswashy: Yes, reinstall 11.04. If you're just going to complain though, take it elsewhere.01:41
vdrandomit says 'install successful', but mbr is not changed01:41
swashyPolah: I hope Ubuntu fails from their horrible horrible decisions01:42
sebsebseb!downgrade | swashy01:42
ubottuswashy: Attempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported and may break your system.01:42
velociostrichswashy: There were a number of small fixes to unity, gnome shell was brought into the repos, and gdm was replaced by lightdm for a few things01:42
djskiddvelociostrich: it says cannot open mixer: No such file or diectory01:42
velociostrichswashy: But yes, many things are likely broken (as should be expected)01:42
sebsebsebvelociostrich: he's gone01:42
velociostrichsebsebseb: Whoops, lol01:42
jwm123TOhello again.  Is there anyone who can help me deal with the failure of dropbox and nautilus to run after the upgrade to 11.10 ?01:42
velociostrichdjskidd: The command is alsamixer01:42
djskiddI know. Nothing.01:42
vdrandomgot problem installing grub2 to mbr on my laptop; I try grub-install, get 'successfull' message, but mbr is not changed01:42
djskiddcannot open mixer: No such file or directory01:43
djskidddjskidd@Ubuntu-Devon:~$ alsamixer01:43
djskiddcannot open mixer: No such file or directory01:43
Ibisswashy: This update is awesome. I can name plenty of things that changed. One of them is an upgraded Unity Desktop Environment. (Details? I can now drag and drop my favorite commonly used applications into the unity left-side tray. This tray is now affected by different color schemes/themes. I now use ice-cream white which is lovely with my Jardin Poler wallpaper).01:43
velociostrichdjskidd: alsamixer prints that? that's not something I've ever encountered01:43
aioeI had installed ubuntu 11.04 and then installed the recommended nvidia driver and the screen goes white with weird distorted chars when it boots and I never get my desktop, vga=normal fixed it, how can I perminantly solve this issue without typing that each boot?01:43
sebsebsebIbis: he's gone01:43
djskiddoh god.01:43
Ibissebsebseb: Lol, I switched tabs to get the name of my wallpaper I was using. I didn't noticed. xD01:44
velociostrichdjskidd: Don't worry just yet, try taking a look at the audio docs on the wiki01:44
IbisI'm *01:44
phiscibeThe Dash now has its own window controls, positioned at the top left-hand of the screen, which allow you to maximize the Dash, return it to “half screen” or close it01:44
sebsebsebIbis: ok01:44
velociostrichdjskidd: Worry when it's several days from now01:44
yeats!sound | djskidd01:44
ubottudjskidd: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.01:44
IbisWhat a fool. Not like you pay to use this software.01:45
djskiddActually, let me try a reboot, and, like the addict I am, I'll be back in 5-10 minutes.01:45
velociostrichIbis: That never ceases to amaze me how people can't appreciate the thousands upon thousands of man hours of work01:45
sebsebsebIbis: well some people still much prefer Gnome 2 and such01:45
velociostrichdjskidd: Do try01:45
johnjohn101what is the program that certifies hardware that works well with ubuntu?01:45
sebsebsebvelociostrich: done by  Ubuntu developers, and the various upstream project developers as well01:45
johnjohn101sebsebseb: i appreciate how good this distro is..01:46
aymarawhat is the name of a menu like "cardapio" that is like gnome's  one ?01:46
aymarathat goes in the panel ?01:46
CantWinnHello peeps01:46
velociostrichsebsebseb: Y'know, I do like Mac OS X, and that is kinda what unity is going for, but it it just doesn't have the level of control that mac os x has and a number of just plain silly features (like moving the dock out of the way when you drag a window near it) that makes me abhor it01:46
phiscibevect0rx: its the wimply culture (as in popeye), give me a hamburger today (free software) and ill gladly (never) pay you on  tuesday...the whole world has a hand out01:47
velociostrichaymara: Gimme a sec and I think I can find it01:47
Ibissebsebseb: And they have a choice staying with LTS if they dislike new Ubuntu.  I love this change very much as this reminds me of mac's global menu. they did away with taskbars. This encourages cleaner desktop habits, and apps are better managed in this left-side unity tray thing.01:47
aioeI am guessing this is some kind of framebuffer issue and appending vga=normal to grub seems to have worked, so again, how do I change the grub command line perminantly?01:47
aymaravelociostrich i had it in 11.0401:47
velociostrichaymara: caribou?01:47
aymarai ll look for caribou on google01:47
velociostrichaymara: I only say that because the package manager tries to install that if you remove unity-2d01:48
IbisI'm sude they can still istall gnome2 if desperate.01:48
velociostrichaymara: It's in the package repo01:48
robin0800Aleo, you edit /etc/default/grub01:48
velociostrichaioe: Oooh, take a look at the grub wiki docs, it's rather different from the old menu.lst days and I can't remember01:48
aioevelociostrich: yeah thats how far I know the subject ;01:49
jwm123TOhello again.  Is there anyone who can help me deal with the failure of dropbox and nautilus to run after the upgrade to 11.10 ?01:49
velociostrichrobin0800: Isn't that the file that gets overwritten automatically though?01:49
ArNezThow to upgrade gambas 2 to gambas 3 on ubuntu? is there any svn or upgrade link?01:49
robin0800velociostrich, no its not01:49
velociostrichrobin0800: oh, then which one is that?01:49
aioerobin0800: so lets say I add something to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX do I need to run a command to apply that?01:50
phiscibeaioe: is it oneof these? "On Intel N10 Graphics, plugging in external monitor to VGA port makes both displays corrupted with thick slanted lines. (830949)"01:50
djskiddAudio works!01:50
SetiAmonanyone know of a guide for oss on 11.10 specifically01:50
velociostrichdjskidd: Good to hear01:51
robin0800velociostrich, can't remember but I know if you open it it tells you don't edit this file01:51
velociostrichdjskidd: (unintentional pun)01:51
DanaGARGH, supid ipw2200 seems less reliable than b43, in my experience.01:51
aioephiscibe: uh no, its an old nvidia 5200fx card and I installed the recommended 173 driver or whatever.. it seems to either never make it to X or I cant tell what it says01:51
velociostrichrobin0800: yeah01:51
DanaGI resume from suspend, then un-rfkill, and it never shows networks.01:51
djskiddvelociostrich: Glad I'm not deaf01:51
aioephiscibe: seems like when I do vga=normal and boot X is fine, with the nvidia driver working properly01:51
djskiddvelociostrich: ...yet01:51
velociostrichdjskidd: Keep your headphones down01:51
aymaravelociostrich, the name is classic menu, stays in system try01:51
djskiddI'm going to put that as the topic on my channel, #djskidd01:52
velociostrichaymara: ooooh01:52
IbisDarn it, having troubles installing deb files, now I'm forced to having to use the  -i switch with dpkg (in terminal) to install google chrome -.-01:52
aioeI had just installed 11.10 then reinstalled with 11.04 where the exact same driver worked fine with linux 3.0 but the lack of a working gnome made me go back to natty01:52
jerothI just installed 11.10 where is the Connect to Server option?01:52
aioeI spent about an hour in gconf trying to get gnome to act right, only to realize it was totally ignoring my changes..heh01:52
Jharr69_Man, I hate to do this but I'm currently on my cellphone trying to trouble shoot this problem...01:53
aioenot to mention usually changes in gconf that do work take effect immediately.. I had to logout to get them to work at all what did work01:53
Jharr69_I shouldn't have attempted to update to oneiric01:53
nd456Can anyone help me to install Voodoo motion tracking software onto ubuntu 11.04?01:53
jwm123TOhello again.  Is there anyone who can help me deal with the failure of dropbox and nautilus to run after the upgrade to 11.10 ?01:53
lwizardlOkay so I just finished installing the  version and fully HATE the UI if I wanted to use either a tablet or a Mac I would have. How can i get the desktop environment back to a non-unity bloat01:53
phiscibeaioe they went back to a gtk window decorator and not the unity one, dunno if that matters01:53
robin0800Aleo, you need dconf these days01:54
jerothlwizardl: You can't you have to re install 11.0401:54
lwizardljeroth, okay so is Ubuntu going to keep this unity bs from no on ?01:54
Jharr69_I always thought if you log out you could :S01:54
GridCubelwizardl, pretty much01:54
jerothlwizardl: Unfortunately, Yes.01:54
nd456it'll be good01:55
nd456you have to give it a while though01:55
lwizardlGridCube & jeroth ok then Ubuntu just lost a user for good01:55
jerothlwizardl, I am trying to make the best of it.01:55
velociostrichIbis: They've removed support for the front end to dpkg, but you can still install it01:55
MoLE_Where's the best place to ask a bug squad member to look at triaging a bug?01:55
jerothlwizardl, I am sorry, I am trying not to join you. Good luck mate.01:55
velociostrichIbis: I think the software center has assumed that role, but I don't use it01:55
qinlwizardl: Did you try gnome-shell?01:55
lwizardlI am going to switch to either plain Debain or another one01:55
djskiddjeroth: Launchpad works nice for me01:55
Naughlinux mint?01:55
lwizardlqin, yes even tried to install KDE instead01:55
jwm123TOhello again.  Is there anyone who can help me deal with the failure of dropbox and nautilus to run after the upgrade to 11.10 ? !!01:55
qinlwizardl: One moment...01:56
velociostrichnd456: That's a .deb, right?01:56
DanaGargh, had to unload and reload ipw2200.01:56
phiscibejwm123TO: i dont know if this matters. but know that have a package for drop-naut intergration, look and see if it is installed    nautilus-dropbox01:56
qinlwizardl: http://www.webupd8.org/2011/08/installing-using-classic-gnome-desktop.html01:56
StevenWDid Flash in Chrome quit working for anyone else after the 11.10 upgrade?01:56
DanaGSure, Intel MODERN wifi may be good, but the older wifi?  I'd almost rather have Broadcom!01:56
jwm123TOphiscribe thanks!01:56
johnjohn101is there a way to put a folder in unity that is for root enabled?01:56
IbisNaugh: That is /based/ upon Ubuntu. (So far, there are no Unity/gnome3-ish version of Linuxmint).01:57
ubottuError: Bug #856882 is a duplicate of bug #837354, but it is private (https://launchpad.net/bugs/837354)01:57
jerothQuestion, In Unity 11.10 where is the option to "Connect to Server"?01:57
DanaGwhat use is that?  Duplicate of a private bug?  Great.01:57
nd456its a .tar.gz01:57
Mixi1If i upgrade to the new version will it delete my data on my laptop? my bookmarks too?01:57
ALiENr0xhi guys i removed in oneric Unity but a little pannel with file etc is still there how can i remove it? thx01:57
xangua!mint | Ibis Naugh01:57
ubottuIbis Naugh: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org01:57
Ibisnd456: Do not use the Enter key as a punctuation please. (not cool).01:57
velociostrichnd456: I installed it recently, but idr exactly how. Is it just a collection of files in that archive?01:58
Ibisxangua: I was just explaining what Linuxmint is :S01:58
Mixi1Excuse me, I hate to be a bit nosy but could someone answer my question?01:58
nd456i think so01:58
velociostrichMixi1: Certainly01:58
IbisMixi1: What question exactly?01:58
lwizardlqin, I will give that a try in a sec going to wait for this cd to finish burning01:59
Mixi1If I update to the new os will it delete my data?01:59
velociostrichMixi1: And no, it won't. But you may want to back up just in case01:59
xanguaMixi1: no01:59
Mixi1Cause for some reason it will not read flash drives on natty narwhal anymore01:59
Jharr69_This is quiet the annoyance01:59
IbisMixi1: No. You'll just have an updated system.01:59
yigalHello I'm using 11.04 and upon connecting my bt headset I'm unable to use sound preferences to switch to this device, as it doesn't show.  Anyone have any suggestions on getting this headset to work?  In earlier version of Ubuntu I could kill pulseaudio and manually start another pulseaudio process upon doin so01:59
qinlwizardl: Or use tmux, like normal person.01:59
ALiENr0xand why in Awn indicator applet dosnt work :(01:59
Mixi1ok thank you cuts.01:59
yigalthe bt headset would show in sound preferences but not in 11.0401:59
Jharr69_I clicked restart to complete update and now I can't even login to my account anymore.01:59
velociostrichnd456: I just copied the contents of the .tar.gz to /usr/local/share/voodoo then made a symbolic link to /usr/local/bin. Can you do that or would you like me to give you commands?02:00
jerothCan anyone tell me where in Unity is the Connect to Server option?02:00
Jharr69_am just stuck with a bunch of errors and I tried startx but still can't connect to internet.02:00
yigalJharr69_: can you log into the safety02:00
SetiAmonyeah network update sucked.had to do fresh install and still trying to get some things to work02:00
nd456<velociostrich> im kinda a noob02:00
yigalJharr69_: can you log into a terminal02:00
SetiAmonunity bad,gnome shell better.gnome 2 best02:00
Jharr69_yigal: When I log into saftey I try startx and then go into terminal02:00
Jharr69_I tryed apt-get update02:00
yigalJharr69_: sudo apt-get install -f02:00
ALiENr0xguys somebody knows why in awn indicator applet doesnt work???02:00
velociostrichnd456: Well, the best thing you can do is read manual ("man") pages. You were able to extract the .tar.gz or no?02:00
yigalJharr69_: try02:00
Jharr69_but all the sources aren't available via I can't even connect to my internet.02:00
ALiENr0xin oneric02:01
AkiRa_Not using locking for read only lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run "sudo dpkg-- config igure -a' to corret thee problem02:01
nd456<velociostrich> im working on it...02:01
robin0800jeroth, its in the file menu02:01
Ibisjeroth: Click open a folder (Pretty much any folder. Nautilus). Then select "File -> Connect to server".02:01
jerothjeroth: ah, okay can I pin that option to the task bar?02:02
aioeso is there any hope for gnome users in the future or should we just use natty until the end of time? heh02:02
Jharr69_yigal: I can't connect to the internet what good would that do? All the sources would be unreachable.02:02
velociostrichnd456: You can do that with file-roller. You should be able to right-click on it and choose "Extract Here". Re-name the folder from "voodoo-x86-blah-blah-blah" to just "voodoo", and put it in your home folder. Then, open a terminal with Ctrl+Alt+T.02:02
qinaioe: http://www.webupd8.org/2011/08/installing-using-classic-gnome-desktop.html02:03
robin0800Ibis, you don't have to open anything its in the default menu now02:03
sebsebseb!nounity | aioe02:03
ubottuaioe: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions drowpdown. Using Natty? See !classic02:03
xanguaaioe: unity runs on top of gnome if that is what you ask02:03
qinsebsebseb: thx, thats neat.02:03
Kozlov8I have a question, I just tried to install Ubuntu by CD, and it succeeded. It asked me to restart and I did. Then Windows Disc Checker turned on and started to check my files any my computer restarted again. The Ubuntu disappeared and the partition is still taking up space.02:03
jerothXFCE it is for me I guess.02:03
aioealso can someone familiarize me (debian user) with the ubuntu bts, cause from my brief preview of 11.10 today I have a mile long list of bugs against various gnome components02:03
velociostrichnd456: Type "sudo cp -r voodoo /usr/local/share; sudo ln -s /usr/local/share/voodoo/bin/voodoo /usr/local/bin/voodoo" (without the quotes)02:03
Ibisjeroth: As robin0800 pointed out. you don't have to open anything its in the default menu now.       (Like as if you're staring at your desktop).02:04
aioexangua: yeah but I'm talking about people who know what a computer is and aren't mentally challenged and dont use unity02:04
Jordan_UKozlov8: Do you have more than one hard drive?02:04
sebsebseb!gnome2 | qin and there's this one02:04
ubottuqin and there's this one: The GNOME Foundation has ceased support for GNOME 2, and as such it is not in Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot). See !notunity for an alternative desktop experience.02:04
velociostrichnd456: Then you can run voodoo by typing "voodoo" at the command line or in the run dialog (idk if it even still exists though) or you can create an application launcher02:04
Kozlov8@Jordan_U: I don't know, how do I checl?02:04
Jordan_U!bug | aioe02:04
ubottuaioe: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.02:04
AkiRa_install ubuntu first- then allocate a partition and a file swapping space for ubuntu- then the grub will allow you to duel boot from ubuntu and windows02:05
velociostrichnd456: Is that working...?02:05
chintanduring updation from terminal02:05
chintani get some aggrement02:05
chintanbut i cant click on ok02:05
aioeubottu: hmm I may have to install 11.10 in a VM and play with it.. but I tried like hell to get gnome to work like normal and the main two things I couldnt replicate on this system were the desktop or panels setup the way they were cause nautilus blatently ignored the settings to show desktop icons in gconf, and gnome-panel allowed no config even in gconf for anything other than background.. you could not remove, add, move, resize or do any02:05
ubottuaioe: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:05
chintanwhat can i do ?02:06
aioenot even to mentionthe system menu had vanished02:06
nd456<velociostrich> YES, how can a create a desktop launcher?02:06
yigalah I guess kill pulseaudio and restarting it works02:06
velociostrichnd456: You did verify that you can run voodoo by just typing "voodoo" at the command line first?02:06
aioeah.. heh.. well just bewcause your a bot doesnt mean you're not intelligent02:06
Ibisaioe: Like me? I know what a computer is. Who doesn't? xD02:06
nd456<velociostrich> Yeah its running02:06
Jharr69_any idea yigal?02:06
yigalJharr69_: what happens when you do this, it sounds as if your box has installed everything locally02:07
velociostrichnd456: Well, you can create what's called a ".desktop" file and put it in /usr/share/applications, but I don't know if unity will just know that it exists... Things were so much easier in the Gnome 2 days. Anyway, if you want to try, open up a text editor first.02:07
yigalJharr69_: at least let us know what type of error you get when you issue that ocmmand02:07
velociostrichnd456: Like gedit or something02:07
yigalJharr69_: that will let us lock down the issue02:07
Jharr69_Okay, I'll come back with a heap tonne of information :P02:07
aioeIbis: that unity interface would be great for someone new.. its fairly intuitive.. but I've been an IT guy a long time, used old linux boxes, hpux, win3.1.. all that crap.. and I cant for the life of me get used to unity.. I dont want to search for my app, I know where it is, its right there in games or whatever02:07
yigalJharr69_: :D02:08
Ibis!notunity > ibis02:08
ubottuIbis, please see my private message02:08
Jharr69_It's hard to do this from a cellphone and a laptop :P02:08
ALiENr0xhi guys i removed in oneric Unity but a little pannel with file etc is still there how can i remove it? thx02:08
nd456<velociostrich> its open02:08
yigalJharr69_: ya I've been in a similar place with different OS installs :)02:08
velociostrichnd456: Okay, gimme a sec02:08
=== [1]chintan is now known as chintan
timothyopenjdk crashes02:08
ALiENr0xhi guys i removed in oneric Unity but a top pannel with file etc is still there how can i remove it? thx02:08
chintani cant click on <ok>02:08
timothyhow do  you install jre02:09
chintanduring installation02:09
chintanfrom terminal02:09
yigalALiENr0x: screenshot?02:09
chintanany solution02:09
aioechintan: apt-get install openjdk-6-jre02:09
ALiENr0xyigal: yeah ill do right now02:09
taoistokay, I'm trying to use chroot . If I run as a regular user I get this chroot /mnt /bin/bash02:09
taoistchroot: cannot change root directory to /mnt: Operation not permitted02:09
robin0800aioe, I bookmark usr/share/applications02:09
aioechintan: sorry02:09
taoistif I sudo I get this sudo chroot /mnt /bin/bash02:09
taoistchroot: failed to run command `/bin/bash': No such file or directory02:10
Jordan_UKozlov8: From what you're explaining you almost certainly do have more than one internal drive, and Ubuntu's bootloader (grub) was installed to a different drive than the one your BIOS is booting from.02:10
Ibisaioe: I believe that's the only part that should be fixed.         Make Dash either be "start menu" or default Unity/Gnome3 thing.02:10
aioethat was for timothy..the font onhere makes it hard for me to read02:10
chintani have some aggrement during installation then in bottom "<ok>"02:10
velociostrichnd456: Copy this http://paste.ubuntu.com/708321/ into the file, save it as "voodoo.desktop" in your home folder.02:10
aioeshe got some almost cursive kind of font02:10
TanvirHello, can I use classic GNOME desktop in Ubuntu 11.10?02:10
chintanbut how can i click ok02:10
chintananyone ?02:10
phiscibechitan do the keyboard short cuts work, like tab to get focus enter to click02:10
BlueProtomanCan anyone help me configure my graphics drivers properly?  I've got a laptop with dual GPUs, that might be confusing Linux.  http://pastebin.com/mngDAYxh  I can get images and see the desktop environment just fine, but I can't get my nVidia drivers working.02:10
Kozlov8Jordan_U: Okay, how do I get Ubuntu going?02:10
velociostrichnd456: Then, try to double click on it in your home folder and see if it works (it should), and if it does, go back to the terminal and type "sudo cp voodoo.desktop /usr/share/applications"02:10
BlueProtomanThat's my lspci.02:10
timothyhow do u install jre?02:10
velociostrichchintan: Have you tried pressing "tab"? or space?02:11
timothyplease help m02:11
ALiENr0xyigal: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/442/sreeni.png/ this panel :)02:11
aioeIbis: yeah that was my primary gripe..I literally had to search for most everything because there was no browsing to say games no matter what you do, and yet I see a bunch of stuff I dont even have installed there and cant find stuff I do without searching02:11
chintannot tried..02:11
ryankrizanDoes anyone know what would make my wifi be slow on 11.10, which it wasn't on 11.04?02:11
aioeIbis: my other issue is I just dont really like the crazy mac style its got going on where maximized windows become the upper bar02:11
velociostrichtimothy: I believe your options are the official JRE or OpenJDK. Try searching for the latter in the software installer thingy02:11
AkiRa_my brain ... is on fire...02:11
ryankrizanWired connection is fast, wifi is really slow.02:11
ALiENr0xguys how can i remove this panel http://imageshack.us/f/442/sreeni.png/ ?? thx02:12
Jordan_UKozlov8: Change the boot order in your BIOS.02:12
Ibisaioe: What use did you really ever had with the upper bar? Blank with nothing in it?02:12
nd456<velociostrich> what type of file?02:12
timothyopenjdk crashes when i play minecraft on ubunut 11.1002:12
timothyi want to install jre its more powerful :O02:12
yigalALiENr0x: is it just in Gnome?02:12
Kozlov8Aha. Let me try this, Jordan_U. Thanks.02:12
velociostrichnd456: Save it as a .desktop file02:12
crooks306Tanvir, there should be a fallback package in the repose02:12
velociostrichnd456: voodoo.desktop02:12
ALiENr0xyigal: yes02:12
aioeIbis: but most of all its the simple fact that I was converting a neglected debian machine I installed for her ages ago to ubuntu to get more recent packages, and she and her kids will not know how to use it if its not the _same_ and I simply couldnt replicate their setup on 11.10 no matter how hard I tried02:13
nd456<velociostrich> oh i didn't know that was a extention02:13
Ibisaioe: I like how they did away like that. It reminds me of the Tabs on top stunt that google Pulled off, and got many other browsers following and doing the same.02:13
Jordan_UKozlov8: You're welcome.02:13
velociostrichnd456: Just click the link, copy and paste the text into the file, save it, and run the command.02:13
ALiENr0xyigal: with unity it was for close windows etc02:13
velociostrichnd456: Yes, it is an odd extension I think02:13
Tanvircrooks306, so, I can go back to GNOME 2?02:13
aioenautilus refused to show desktop icons even when told to in the gconf, the gnome-panel was horribly broken..02:13
rypervenchetimothy: What is the output of the crash?02:13
ALiENr0xyigal: now is just on desktop...02:13
nd456<velociostrich> gimme a few02:13
rypervenchetimothy: And what version of openjdk-jre are you using?02:13
velociostrichnd456: Sure02:13
crooks306Tanvir, yes, then you can pick gnome-classic at the login screen02:13
rypervenchetimothy: Type "java -version" please02:13
aioeIbis: yeah well its a transition that you need to be willing to make not have forced down your throat with no working fallback02:13
yigalALiENr0x: gnome-panel?02:14
Tanvircrooks306, okay, thanks! :)02:14
aioeIbis: at least in natty both worked properly02:14
ALiENr0xyigal: no is not02:14
yigalALiENr0x: oh what is it ?02:14
ALiENr0xi dunno :\02:14
ALiENr0xis there02:14
velociostrichaioe, Ibis: I had the same exact gripe. With GNOME 2's menus, it's just Applications->Category->App, no waiting for some silly search then having to wade through massive 128x128 icons02:14
yigalALiENr0x: the thing on the left hand side?02:14
ALiENr0xon the top02:14
ALiENr0xthe thing02:15
BlueProtomanCan anyone help me configure my Ubuntu graphics drivers properly?  I've got a laptop with dual GPUs, that might be confusing Linux.  This is my lspci; http://pastebin.com/mngDAYxh  I can get images and see the desktop environment just fine, but I can't get my nVidia drivers working.02:15
ALiENr0xare like file modified02:15
Ibisaioe: Understood. This alienated me when I first used it, and I then quickly got used to it. I like this even more because we nolonger has bloaty proccess named "metacity" running anymore. This shot up to like well over 400mb of memory. Insane!02:15
velociostrichaioe, Ibis: The company I work for has a few older machines that I have LTS ubuntu on, and while they could run Gnome 2, there's no way they could handle that02:15
yigalALiENr0x: if you go "killall -9 gnome-panel" what happens?02:15
ALiENr0xnothing cause is not a gnome pannel02:15
aioevelociostrich: well I'd be embracing it as a wonderful innovation if it werent for the fact  gnome's regular interface is broken in at least nautilus and gnome-panel if not other places I didnt have time to explore because I had to get something that worked since this isn't a machine I use..02:15
ALiENr0xis like the window panel02:15
ALiENr0xwith help bookmakers etc02:15
yigalALiENr0x: you must have installed it at some point02:16
alejandro__Anyone knows this error? DBusException: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Spawn.ChildExited: Process /usr/lib/desktopcouch/desktopcouch-service exited with status 102:16
ALiENr0xno i didnt :(02:16
velociostrichaioe: Yeah, I know what that's like02:16
ALiENr0xit was there with unity02:16
velociostrichIbis: If you want to try probably the lightest window manager around, try FVWM02:16
aioeIbis: oh I've always hated megashitty02:16
ALiENr0xand when i removed unity is still tehre02:16
=== SomeoneWeirdAFK is now known as SomeoneWeird
velociostrichaioe: Lol, but watch the language02:16
aioeIbis: I'm a hardcore sawfish user, personally.. I have loved that wm for ages02:16
Ibisaioe: Yea... TBH, I actually found Unity faster. I'm sure believe this is like an improved metacity.02:16
yigalALiENr0x: open a terminal and try 'xprop | grep WM_CLASS(STRING)' and click on it02:17
nd456<velociostrich> I know this makes me sound really stupid but how do i run this as a command02:17
velociostrichIbis: No, they actually wrote it from the ground up. The thing I don't get is that they can't decide on which backend to handle graphics02:17
Ibisvelociostrich: I never used that before. I liked LXDE the most though.02:17
yigalALiENr0x: tell us what it says02:17
velociostrichnd456: Nothing is silly, it's just learning. You don't run the .desktop file as a command, you can click on it and it should work.02:17
ALiENr0xxprop | grep WM_CLASS(STRING): comando non trovato02:17
bodomHi there. Anybody knows where is "preferred applications" menu on 11.10?02:17
yigalALiENr0x: killall -9 comando02:18
aioevelociostrich: I realize I speak a little tasteless sometimes but I also think using "colorful" language is not something people should agonize over the way they do in here. especially when they're quicker to notice that, then they are to solve issues.02:18
ALiENr0xcommand not found02:18
velociostrichIbis: FVWM is easily the most customizable WM I've ever used, but it's a lot of work to configure to your liking (my configuration files add up to like 3000 lines of code)02:18
ALiENr0xcomando non trovato  = command not found02:18
aioeif people in here solved problems like they spot a curse word, this place would be a whole lot better02:18
velociostrichaioe: True, but think of the children! (sarcasm)02:18
yigalALiENr0x: try ps -A | egrep -i  'comando|trovato'02:18
nd456<velociostrich> isn't working and i always forget about having to enable allowing to execute as a command XD02:18
dhruvasagarHi guys, I upgraded to 11.10, I am facing issues with the headphone jack, it works sometimes until I take the headphones out and try them back in.02:18
ALiENr0xyigal: -.-02:18
lnghi! how to switch to common Gnome desktop?02:18
velociostrichnd456: Oh, sorry, I forgot to mention that!02:19
GI_Jackgnome shell is starting to grow on me02:19
alejandro__Anyone recognizes this error? DBusException: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Spawn.ChildExited: Process /usr/lib/desktopcouch/desktopcouch-service exited with status 102:19
nd456<velociostrich> I know that i just forget02:19
velociostrichnd456: Make sure you do that before copying it. Also, I still can't say if it'll just magically appear in Unity's search lens if you do copy it02:19
GI_Jacklike a fungus, but I am done with unity. it doesn't work on a desktop02:19
ALiENr0xxprop | grep WM_CLASS(STRING)02:19
aioefirst of all children know more foul stuff than adults, second they really have no business in a support chat room without adult permission and/or supervision, we're not their gaurdians.. this isn't like a school we're not en loco parentes02:19
ALiENr0xthis command is not good02:19
velociostrichaioe: It's really just when it gets to the f-word being thrown around that it's a problem02:19
=== bryan is now known as PunkUnity
crooks306lng, http://theokok.posterous.com/how-to-go-back-to-classic-desktop-on-ubuntu-102:19
soreauIs there a way to use wget or some other program to download with resume capabilities?02:20
ALiENr0xyigal: xprop | grep WM_CLASS(STRING) this command is not good02:20
PunkUnityI am almost done updaring to 11.0402:20
Ibisdhruvasagar: Look at "Sound Settings". After clicking on the audio/sound icon in the top right side of the screen. Then select primary audio card to use.02:20
illmortal lng:  sudo apt-get install gnome-shell02:20
aioevelociostrich: I'm with ol George Carlin on the 7 dirty words thing.. heh02:20
PunkUnitybut the termial or w/e keeps having errors addign etc02:20
phiscibegoogle dbus var pid 11.10 there is fix a tall dbus lock might be the cuplrit alejandro__02:20
velociostrichaioe: True @ the kids knowing foul stuff -- the things I've had said to me in the 4th grade would make most sailors queasy02:20
ALiENr0xguys pls can somebody tell how to remove this top panel pls??? xprop | grep WM_CLASS(STRING)02:20
yigalALiENr0x: open a terminal and try 'xprop | grep WM_CLASS(STRING)' and click on it02:20
PunkUnitycan i got the pastebin url and pastebin this to someone?02:20
yigalALiENr0x: sorry02:20
BlueProtomanAnyone?  Ubuntu with dual GPUs?02:20
GI_Jackyes me02:21
BlueProtomanI really can't get these nVidia drivers working...02:21
yigalALiENr0x: xprop | grep 'WM_CLASS(STRING)'02:21
GI_Jackerr, rather 512 cuda cores02:21
SetiAmonmy wifi has been wonky with 11.10 like it stops working all of a sudden but doesn't disconnect02:21
illmortali think top panels are permanent for now =X02:21
lngillmortal: I think it's installed02:21
dhruvasagarIbis: where do I select primary audio card !? I can switch profiles in the Hardware section if that's what you mean, but nothing else seems to work either.02:21
Jharr69Hey I'm back02:21
aioevelociostrich: I have noticed a cleaning up of language in the open source community but it was flame wars and curse words since the beginning, grab yourself some kernel source and grep for that f word you mentioned02:21
ALiENr0xWM_CLASS(STRING) = "desktop_window", "Nautilus"02:21
velociostrichnd456: So did that work for you or no?02:21
nd456<velociostrich> isn't working... can i just create a executable?02:21
GI_JackI want my gnome 2 interface back, and the fall back isn't gnome 202:21
crooks306BlueProtoman, what are you having trouble with specifically?02:21
timothyjava version 1.6.0_23 openJDK runtime envir02:21
PunkUnityok nvm02:22
aioevelociostrich: those words better express the feeling of aggrivation that leads to the inability to properly express oneself better and it lends the kind of cues this kind of communication lack02:22
yigalALiENr0x: killall nautilus02:22
PunkUnitycat copy it02:22
illmortallng: at user login screen, click on the "gear" icon and chose, "GNOME"02:22
Jharr69yigal are you there?02:22
PunkUnityplus its doing other stuff now lol02:22
yigalJharr69: hey02:22
timothyyou got that?02:22
Jharr69DO you mind if I PM you?02:22
velociostrichnd456: Erm, you mean like a shell script? I suppose. You might be able to type commands in the search bar. I really don't know enough about Unity, maybe someone else in the channel can help with that02:22
timothyjava version "1.6.0_23"02:22
timothyOpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea6 1.11pre) (6b23~pre10-0ubuntu5)02:22
timothyOpenJDK Server VM (build 20.0-b11, mixed mode)02:22
yigalJharr69: not at all, go for it02:22
ALiENr0xyigal: if i kill nautilus i go down.... do u kwow what nautilus is? XD02:22
yigalALiENr0x: you won't go down you still have your window manager02:22
yigalALiENr0x: it will most likely recreate itself anyways02:23
timothyubuntu 11.10 is still buggy02:23
nd456<velociostrich> yeah thats exactly what i mean and change the icon to make it look nice02:23
lngillmortal: ah, no. not installed. is it gnome 3?02:23
timothyi had over 10 crashes02:23
velociostrichaioe: lol @ the grep, and you are right, but I think more of the stodgy old geezers running many businesses. It wouldn't do for your boss to walk past your desk in IT to see the f-word all over the place when you're just trying to get help in an IRC channel...02:23
ALiENr0xyigal: killing nautilus all desktop icons was disapered02:23
ALiENr0xyigal: and panel too02:23
velociostrichnd456: Again, they've changed so much with Unity and all that that I can't really help02:23
illmortallng: yes when you use apt-get install command it'll install latest GNOME02:23
velociostrichnd456: You can at least open a terminal and type voodoo.02:24
nd456<velociostrich> ok, thanks a bungh though.02:24
Ibisnd456: Right click inside a folder or desktop. (Blank area). Create document.      Then rename file.          After that. Open that file. Type some commands in it. Such as: echo "Hello there"02:24
yigalALiENr0x: yes that should be expected02:24
velociostrichnd456: No problem. Try googling how to make a launcher in Unity02:24
yigalALiENr0x: now just put nautilus in a terminal02:24
ALiENr0xyigal: i did02:24
velociostrichIbis: Don't forget the shebang!02:24
ALiENr0xyigal: and panel is back02:24
velociostrichIbis: Y'know, #!/bin/sh or w/e02:25
BlueProtomancrooks306: My drivers for my nVidia hardware on my laptop refuse to work.  When I install them and run nvidia-configure or whatever, I am kicked to the shell.02:25
Ibisnd456: Save file. Right click on that new file. Set permission to "Executable".      Then when open terminal. Browse to that file (Usind the cd   CHANGE DIRECTORY command)  and finally, type: ./my-filename-here02:25
yigalALiENr0x: well at least we know it's nautilus02:25
rypervenchetimothy: What are the crashes saying?02:25
BlueProtomanAny thoughts?02:25
ALiENr0xyigal: some nautilus config i think02:25
rypervenchetimothy: It could have to do with your graphics card.02:25
BlueProtomanOh, and I have to redo my xorg.conf if I try and run the drivers.02:25
Ibisvelociostrich: Ah right, I don't really put shebangs in mines, but it is wise to do so, perhaps to make it double-clickable.02:26
lngillmortal: thanks02:26
yigalALiENr0x: yes, must be02:26
aioevelociostrich: yeah I suppose...  personally I wont work for people who rather me nicely not do something than ignorantly get it done.. this lady from an IT company had me running around for the last month sending me offer letters me going places and wasting time and money just to change her mind before I make any money.. and I told her off.. said she lives in an imaginary world where people who are qualified and reliable magically appear t02:26
Jordan_Utaoist Then you didn't mount the right partition to /mnt/.02:26
velociostrichnd456: The problem is that he would like a nice .desktop type launcher; he can run the program fine from the command line02:26
crooks306BlueProtoman, any error messages?02:26
yigalALiENr0x: you know there is a classic Ubuntu setting you can use that won't load Unity or other stuff related to it?02:27
velociostrichaioe: Yeah, that won't let you get far (though I completely know what you're talking about)02:27
ALiENr0xALiENr0x: ye but i need other staff02:27
ALiENr0xyigal: ye but i need other stuff02:27
lnghow do I switch to see my boot screen? ctrl + alt + fn shows login prompt only02:27
yigalALiENr0x: like?02:28
ALiENr0xall others02:28
BlueProtomancrooks306: I dunno, hang on.  Someone on another channel is telling me that it may not work.02:28
yigalALiENr0x: please specify?  compiz?02:28
aioeoh well I guess I am gonna quit messing around in here and  wrap it up.. this machine is up to date, the kids should have a bunch of new games to play on ubuntu natty than they had on debian lenny02:29
velociostrichaioe: good stuff02:29
dhruvasagarHi guys, audio is behaving rather absurdly in ubuntu 11.10, can someone please help !? When I plugin the headphone jack the speakers get muted, but when I remove the headphones it remains muted. I have tried the alsamixer and some config for the auto-muting fixes it.02:29
dhruvasagarBut the headphones do not work properly02:29
dhruvasagarsometimes the line-in works, sometimes the headphonoes work02:29
velociostrichI gtg02:30
Ibisnd456: Hey, I want feedback. Lemme know if what I suggested works. It's pretty simple really. Just type in a list of any commands that you would've typed into a terminal.02:30
yigaldhruvasagar: I've heard audio is interesting in 11.10 I'm staying away just for that reason02:30
lngafter system upgrade my network connection became very slow02:30
SetiAmonDunno pulse never worked right so i installed oss is working fine except flashplayer now doesn't have sound.it isn't hooking02:30
dhruvasagarand either of them are not working properly, I hear only from the left side, the right side is commpletel muffled02:30
Ibisnd456: Into the script file of course!02:30
aioeI personally learned my lesson today and will be staying away from 11.10 probably until the next release or longer02:30
DavidFI just upgraded to 11.10, and when I attempt to log into my usual account, it shows some message faster than I can possibly read, and then bounces me back to the login screen.  I'm in a guest account right now, but how do I figure out what's screwed up so I can fix it?02:30
dhruvasagaryigal: yes they've tried with some new audio configuration where they will be saving the 'volume' separately for headphones & speakers. But apparently it has too many issues for now.02:30
deusrplease, I'm having trouble connecting to wifi then upgraded from ubuntu 11.04 to 11.1002:31
Ibis!notunity > aioe02:31
ubottuaioe, please see my private message02:31
SetiAmonFrankly I think ubuntu has been going downhill since karmic02:31
dhruvasagardeusr: try enabling and disabling your wifi from the hardware switch02:31
raevolso i just formatted a usb drive02:31
raevolwhat group should i assign permissions to it so that users that can mount stuff can write to it?02:31
dhruvasagarSetiAmon: I don't agree, but it takes at least a few months for things to stabilize from my experience, I was just stupid to upgrade perhaps02:32
nd456<Ibis> sorry about the wait, thats what i usually do... Is there any way that i can bypass the "chose how you want it executed" box? (with like run in terminal or display)02:32
durandohey guys trying out 11.10 and i've lost my unity02:32
SetiAmonbut for me sound hasn't worked since jaunty.OSS4 is the only thing i can use to get it to work right02:32
DavidFI was stupid to upgrade for sure.  Anyone have a clue why I can't even log in using my usual account?02:32
durandonot that i really wanted it but real hard to run the computer without it02:32
dhruvasagardurando: you must have messed up your xorg.conf, perhaps you should try unity --reset and restart02:33
Ibisnd456: Sure. (I actually can not remember how to do that).02:33
aioeraevol: I think its the disk group, but the users and groups thingy in the config gui will have a checklist in the user's advanced properties and it explains the permissions in detail and lets you set them02:33
DavidFdurando, losing unity sounds like a feature more than a bug.02:33
uofm49426how do i add radio0 to dev02:33
aioewow this font is gonna make me go blind02:33
nd456<Ibis> Lol i google it02:33
dhruvasagarDavidF: wht error message do you et ?02:33
durandolol DavidF well i would have to agree02:33
aioethats women for ya... use fonts that look pretty but are hard to read02:33
raevolaioe: thanks02:33
devishhi i am installing java7 from tar.gz but not able to update alternatives02:33
DavidFdhruvasagar, I have no idea, because it goes by FAR too fast to read.02:33
durandobut the gnome classic option sucks02:33
durandocause its not classic02:33
dhruvasagarDavidF: actually unity isn't that bad at all, it's slick & smooth02:33
DavidFI doubt I could even photograph it without special equipment.02:33
durandowhat ever happened to the classic desktop option02:33
dhruvasagarDavidF: have you tried the recovery console then ?02:34
DavidFUnity is for people who like b0rken MacOS</snark>02:34
ejv!notunity > ejv02:34
ubottuejv, please see my private message02:34
Ibisaioe: Hey HEY! Me lieks pweetie funtz0r02:34
DavidFdhruvasagar, that was the first thing I tried,02:34
DavidFbut it did the same thing.02:34
DavidFI ended up having to login as a guest.02:34
braxtonHey, I'm getting this error when running cube server lister:02:34
braxton./csl: error while loading shared libraries: libwx_gtk2u_richtext-2.8.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory02:34
dhruvasagarDavidF: that sounds bad, perhaps you should try an older configuration02:34
DavidFI just wish I had a clue what logs to check, etc.02:35
durandodhruvasagar: how do i reset unity?02:35
braxtonDoes anyone know how I can fix this? I don't know where to get those files.02:35
aioeIbis: yeah well I think its nice looking too but when it comes to being able to speed read and type at the same time.. this just hurts my eyes with its script italiac look02:35
DavidFdhruvasagar, older configuration?  What do you mean by that?02:35
dhruvasagardurando: unity --reset02:35
dhruvasagarDavidF: an previous version of the linux kernel02:35
aioewhich is why I haven't answered more questions while I'm sitting here because I am looking around the room to rest my eyes02:35
dhruvasagarDavidF: from the list in grub02:35
DavidFdhruvasagar, why do you think this would have anything to do with the kernel?02:35
deusrdhruvasagar, did not work02:36
DavidFI can log into the guest account....02:36
durandodhruvasagar: how do i get classic desktop that is truly classic desktop?02:36
dhruvasagardeusr: that command resets the xorg.conf & compiz settings, restart your computer and check02:36
ejvwhy not remove your user and start over02:36
aioeah.. I can change the terminal to monospace.. much better.. heh..  she never uses the terminal anyhow..02:36
Ibisbraxton: Software you're using to do this?02:36
dhruvasagardurando: when logging in you get options to select that. Ubuntu Classic is one of the options02:36
DavidFejv, I thought this was Linux, not Windows.02:37
braxtonIbis: It's called Cube server lister. I can give you a link if you need it; it's on sourceforge.02:37
ejvDavidF: what does that even mean? leave your preconceptions at the door sir.02:37
yigalbraxton: install libwxgtk2.8-002:37
durandodhruvasagar: thats not ubuntu classic at all02:37
durandoits still unitarded02:37
dhruvasagardurando: but after doing a unity --reset, I would recommend you try out unity again. if not unity at least try unity 2d02:37
braxtonThank you yigal!02:37
DavidFI mean I'd really much rather fix than replace.....02:37
dhruvasagardurando: well they moved to gnome 3, it is class in the sense that it uses gnome.02:37
yigalbraxton: you may need to install the dev package also02:37
braxtonyigal, Could you tell me what this is, please? I'd like to know so I'm not just installing random packages.02:37
aioeDavidF: mv your homedir, create a new one, then move stuff over little bit at a time.. so you leave out the old configs that dont work02:37
mattekThe 32-bits version works with 4GB?02:38
ejvlisten, you elected to install an unstable OS, don't be surprised when it doesn't function like an LTS...02:38
durandodebian seems like a better distro day by day02:38
aioeDavidF: I heard several people in here today saying using old unity configs didnt allow them to login anymore02:38
DavidFaioe, not bad thinking....02:38
aeon-ltddurando: heh not a fan of unity eh?02:38
DavidFI'm the one who's not a fan of unity.02:38
dhruvasagardurando: for geeks maybe, but I think we all know what Ubuntu's real target is and I think they are doing quite a good job at that.02:38
uabn93hello. I'm lovin' 11.10, but which set of drivers should i choose for nvidia drivers? there are 6 different versions.02:38
aioepersonally I'm a long time debian user and really new to ubuntu and this channel.. so my knowledge of some things is well.. not applicable02:39
nd456<Ibis> Figured it out02:39
Ibisbraxton: libwxgtk2.8-0-dev                          <---- "dev" and "lib" files. Remember them. Always go for "libs" first, if that fails, assume you'll need the "devs" as well.02:39
dhruvasagarDavidF: I don't think anyone is a fan of Unity yet02:39
aioeits weird enough having people tell me to /msg when in #debian we do not do that02:39
durandoaeon-ltd: if i wanted a interface like unity i'd be running androdi02:39
durandoor IOS02:39
Ibisnd456: That's sweet :>02:39
=== aioe is now known as nvz
nd456<Ibis> thanks for the help02:39
durandomaybe i'll like unity after i play with it for a bit02:39
braxtonyigal, It's saying it has the wrong ELFCLASS, ELFCLASS64. Does this mean that this program won't work on my operating system, or is there another libwxgtk package for x64?02:39
durandoi hate change02:39
bodomWhere is "system preferences" gone in new ubuntu?02:39
Ibisnd456: You're welcome. ^_^02:39
dhruvasagardurando: I think you're exaggerating a bit, I think unity is quite slick & fast compared to gnome02:39
aeon-ltdheh it's odd i hate gnome (and still do)02:39
nvzDavidF: na, you just hate having it forced on you.. change is part of life..02:40
as2000What is wrong with Unity? There are variants of Ubuntu that you can go to.02:40
stricb9384is it possible for me to install ubuntu on a flash drive? would it be different from a live cd?02:40
durandobut i can't figure out how to customize the dash home screen02:40
yigalbraxton: hmm, have you install 64 ubuntu?02:40
durandobrb gotta reboot02:40
nvzbah.. completing the wrong people02:40
sandra_Hello my fellow Ubuntu inmates :-)02:40
Ibisbodom: Click on the "Shut down" icon in the top left side of your screen. Then select "System Settings".02:40
braxtonyigal, Yes. That is what I am currently usign.02:40
nvzsandra_: haha02:40
yigalbraxton: which version of Ubuntu02:40
aeon-ltdstricb9384: depends how you install it, it can be like a cd or a hdd02:40
caseymcgsandra_:  haha02:40
yigalbraxton: ?02:40
sandra_I trust your weekend is going well :-)02:40
crooks306stricb9384, search the forums.  should be tutorials02:40
braxtonyigal, I just updated to Oneiric Ocelot last night.02:40
robin0800bodom, in gnome-tweak-tools02:40
DavidFdurando, there's a window manager, I think possibly called nano, although I don't remember for sure, that doesn't even have movable windows.  And I have a friend who uses that.02:41
mattekThe 32-bits version works with 4GB RAM?02:41
stricb9384crooks306, aeon-ltd, thanks02:41
dhruvasagarso can anyone help me with the audio issues ?02:41
caseymcgdoes anyone have info about DBUS bugs/issues ?02:41
nvzsandra_: yeah, the smalltalk isnt good in this high volume of a channel though.. they're bad enough with solving issues in here as it is.. heh02:41
yigalbraxton: seems there is an issue with this, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=83700602:41
stricb9384one more thing, would i be able to encrypt this whole flash drive (pen drive) with ubuntu installed on it, and still be able to boot it?02:41
aeon-ltdDavidF: lol, xmonad? dwm? ratpoison? wmfs?02:41
ejvnano is a command line text editor last i heard02:41
uofm49426can i edit a character device02:41
DavidFah, yeah.02:41
DavidFI mixed em.02:41
crooks306stricb9384, yes02:41
uabn93how do we know what the best version of drivers are when they appear on the drivers list?02:41
Ibisbodom: Alternatively. Click on "dash" in the Unity tray that appears on the right side of the screen (Top black icon), then type in the word "settings".02:42
nvzejv: has been for a long time, yeah02:42
mattekThe 32-bits version works with 4GB RAM?02:42
phiscibecaseymcg: look here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1859794  follow links02:42
ejvsarcasm :)02:42
stricb9384crooks306, i will try to use truecrypt02:42
crooks306stricb9384, just can't encrypt /boot02:42
SetiAmon anyone know how to get sound working on flashplayer on youtube etc?02:42
stricb9384k thanks02:42
aeon-ltdmattek: yes with the pae kernel02:42
sandra_nvz, well I'm always up for a good sense humor and some tech talk :-)02:42
crash1hdHey all I have freshly installed the new ubuntu on a new drive now I am trying to figure out (I had notes in my old ubuntu on another drive) where would they be located? notes as in the sticky note program02:42
nvzmattek: a 32bit linux kernel requires special option to support 4gb+ but yeah its doable.. if ubuntu's kernel does or not I'm not sure of02:42
ejvcrash1hd: on the other drive? sudo fdisk -l, locate partition, mount it, voila02:43
aeon-ltduabn93: ask don't ask to ask02:43
IbisSetiAmon: Look at "Sound Settings". After clicking on the audio/sound icon in the top right side of the screen. Then select primary audio card to use.02:43
nvzsandra_: yeah me too usually.. just better in a less crowded channel02:43
mattekaeon-ltd nvz: Thank's.02:43
uabn93how do we know what the best version of drivers are when they appear on the drivers list?02:43
crooks306crash1hd, should be in a dot folder in your old home directory02:43
crash1hdejv, yes I know its on the other drive but where on the other drive I am going to assume its inside /home/user/... something02:43
bodomIbis: there is only few options there. I'm looking for options to disable virtual desktops and change default media player to vlc02:43
crash1hdcrooks306, will have a look thanks :)02:43
caseymcgphiscibe: thanks, but its not a boot issue. I have a java app that is was segfaulting with a dbus error02:43
SetiAmonI mean with OSS pulseaudio never works02:43
IbisSetiAmon: Click on "input" tab.  Choose a device for sound input. Also, be sure the volumes are up. (Check ALL tabs).02:44
ejvcrash1hd: most likely under /home/<USER>/.gnome2/02:44
durandoi knew i was angry at unity but i didn't mean to kill him to the point where if i boot into ubuntu or ubuntu 2d its a useless desktop02:44
sandra_PHLAK, is that you phlak_user ?02:44
ShirakawasunaIs there a way to configure the notifyOSD stuff? I'm using xubuntu, and in oneiric the notifications are 1) about 5-10 seconds long, 2) no longer have a close button, and 3) display in an annoyingly low location. If I could change even one of those things, it'd be great (mostly the time, though)02:44
nvzbodom: there is a preferred applications thing in gnome's control panel thingy for the media player, and disabiling virtual desktops is a thing of the window manager, also in the control center02:44
ejvcrash1hd: .gconf might be a lead as well, check them both02:44
uabn93thanks for all the help, guys!02:44
* hopstafarian likes oneiric under gnome-shell sofar...good job all02:44
DavidFThe window manager I'm talking about is called ion.02:44
nvzbodom: its just a matter of setting workspaces to 1 rather than the default 402:44
phiscibecaseymcg: ah i c, been alot of ppl upgrading and having the issue i gave, are  you using a java applet or java in a browswer02:45
ShirakawasunaI noticed that there are some old PPAs for replacing the notifyosd package as well as adding a configuration gui, but I want to know if there's something less hackish and old02:45
caseymcgphiscibe: it's a java program, called davmail02:45
phiscibeor a .jar or smething?02:45
nvzI have no clue how to tell people where crap is in ubuntu because there isn't just one standard interface.. people are using all kinds of different versions and unity, and gnome, and xfce.. heh.. in debian things are more consistent and I know what to tell people02:46
bodomnvz: I'm sorry: I can't find both02:46
RojikkuI have a quick question- I bought a fairly old Xeon two processor server, DDR2 ram, and it uses SCSI with hardware raid..(Smart Array 6i)... I want to use Ubuntu Server. Should I use the LTS or ubuntu 10.10? I couldn't find a link on the main diffrence. I know in 6 months LTS updates anyway. (My only hate on 10.10 is gnome3 irks me with dual monitors. But in a server I don't think that matters..)02:46
Ibisbodom: Look in "Removable media" in "System Settings". (I know, a decieving name).02:46
nvzbodom: what interface are you using?02:46
sebsebsebnvz: there used to be a standard interface, Gnome 2, that they started patching as well with some of their own changes, but yep  that's not in 11.10, and I know what you mean02:47
nvzbodom: in gnome its in System > Preferences02:47
v2k'killling remaining processess.. failed' - where do i find what's not stopping?02:47
Ibisnvz: This is Gnome ;-)02:47
Kozlov8Jordan_U: I tried all the boot options, and they all lead to Windows 7.02:47
Ibisbodom: You're in Unity, right?02:47
nvzIbis: yeah well in 11.10 there is no system menu even when using the gnome shell02:48
durandobe careful with compiz config settings manager it can really mess up unity lol02:48
hopstafarianhow can i get maverick like compiz into oneiric?02:48
Rojikkudun dun dun. is there a seprate IRC for servers? I didnt see one?02:48
z3ro3xI'm running Gnome 3 Shell in Ubuntu 11.10. Not quit a fan of Unity just yet.  Having to pull my hair out learning both which seem unfinished and or missing stuff.  Any idea where I can find the tool for managing partitions like I was able to in 11.04 and 10.10?02:48
nvzIbis: 11.10 is badly broken.. and if it were debian it wouldnt have ever released02:48
bodomnvz: Yes, I'm in "system settings" window (gnome-control-center from terminal), but I don't have "window manager" or "preferred applications" icon (translated)02:48
durandoso now that i have unity back on ICK, how can i customize "Dash Home"02:48
IbisRojikku: OMG, what are /YOU/ doing!? O_O02:48
hopstafariandurando, been there...a little too easy...02:48
RojikkuIbis: What are YOU doing? xD What do you possibly mean?02:48
IbisRojikku: What you mean are channels. That's the most separate thing to a "single irc server".02:49
ForgottenSoulI am having a bit of a problem with my ubuntu needing help.02:49
nvzbodom: idk I am using 11.04 natty and gnome,and there is a system menu at the top by applications and places, and in there under preferences it has them02:49
bodomIbis: that seems related to removable media :)02:49
RojikkuIbis: Huh? Oh my bad xD i'm not paying attention ig uess02:49
RojikkuIbis: Deep down inside i new that, i swear ><02:49
nvzbodom: if you have a workspace switcher applet on your gnome-panel you can right click that and go to properties and change your workspaces02:50
RojikkuIbis: Side note, is there another CHANNEL for servers? or am i forced to wait for someone who knows the difference between versions in terms of servers here?02:50
bodomnvz: damn, no system menu or preferences here.02:50
hopstafarianz3ro3x, gparted still installs, looks like02:50
ForgottenSoulUpgraded to ubuntu11.10 was running fine, when i went to play tuxracer and was done i exited and now my desktop and everything is way way oversized02:50
nvzbodom: are you on 11.10?02:50
bodomnvz: yes I am02:50
ForgottenSoulHard to see or manage anything how do i change the resolution back to the default?02:50
tapplekhow to switch to gnome on 11.10? both default and the other option "ubuntu 2d" go to unity02:51
evildaemonForgottenSoul Use the display manager under system.02:51
IbisRojikku: Channels being chatrooms such as #ubuntu, #freenode        What separates this IRC "Network (freenode)" are multiple IRC Servers they host here that's connected to here. You & I probably not on the same server. (But same network. For more IRC related questions & infor, please visit #freenode ).02:51
evildaemon(Assuming Unity has one.)02:51
z3ro3xhopstafarian, That's what I did.  I used gparted for the longest time but than started to get used to the other partition manager Ubuntu was making the default.  I wouldn't mind getting that back.02:51
LizzyPadSomeone here speak spanish?02:51
KingSphinxCan anyone help me with why GNOME Shell displays blocks instead of font after I installed the Cantarell font?02:51
ejv!sp | LizzyPad02:51
durandotapplek: welcome to the new hell no gnome02:51
crash1hdUgg me thinks I am going to have to boot the old drive again lol02:51
IbisRojikku: Click on #freenode      Or type in this IRC chat command.     /join #freenode02:51
ejv!es | LizzyPad02:51
ubottuLizzyPad: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.02:51
RojikkuIbis: GAH! NO! I mean ubuntu server edition! Dx02:51
jhtranhey all.   does oneiric desktop have Xen dom0 kernel support or is it only ubuntu server?02:51
yitnoada dari jakarta di sini?02:51
nvzbodom: heh, godspeed my friend.. I just reinstalled to downgrade. gnome is badly broken in there. though I can tell you that the workspaces as they are called are a function of the wm, and that preferred applications and all this can be found in gconf if nowhere else.. if gnome in 11.10 will even listen to the settings is a whole different story02:52
LizzyPadHi ejv02:52
evildaemontapplek Theres a gnome-shell option in 11.1002:52
hopstafarianz3ro3x, what was the name of the manager that you liked?02:52
ForgottenSoulThank you evildaemon i had tried that before guess i wasn't holding my mouth right02:52
durandohow do i add crap to the side bar in unity02:52
IbisRojikku: Visit #ubuntu-server then,02:52
ForgottenSoulwhy did resolution change when game was played?02:52
durandohow do i change what is found on my "dash home"02:52
RojikkuIbis: Thanks.02:52
z3ro3xhopstafarian, Give me a moment and I'll see if I can google it.02:53
evildaemonForgottenSoul I don't know.02:53
ForgottenSoul"shrug" thanks02:53
bodomnvz: Mhhh... I've just realized this new smooth-big-icon thing is called unity and replaced gnome :D Maybe I'm gonna get rid of both and istall xfce :D02:53
sandra_does anyone here no of work around for the "nautilus Open in Terminal" bug ?02:53
nvzbodom: that is what people had been recommending in here, calling it the new gnome 2.002:53
VlynHey :-/02:54
evildaemonbodom You may want to look into mini.iso02:54
VlynAre you serious about Ubuntu 11.10 and Unity? O.o02:54
evildaemonIf your going to install xfce you may as well go full custom.02:54
johnjohn101xfce is ok...  i ran xubuntu for 5  years02:54
nvzbodom: I spent about an hour with 11.10 long enough to find bugs in numerous gnome3 components and I ran away screaming02:54
sandra_nvz, what is being called the new gnome 2 ?02:54
nvzsandra_: xfce.. heh02:54
jhtranhey all.   does oneiric desktop have Xen dom0 kernel support or is it only ubuntu server?02:54
coz_sander_,   gnome 302:55
VlynI just wanted to mostly switch to Ubuntu now. Then I saw Unity… bye Ubuntu x(02:55
bodomevildaemon: ty, but I don't intend to reinstall from iso02:55
coz_sander_,  xfce is only based on gtk  like gnome02:55
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!02:55
nvzVlyn: use ubuntu 11.04 natty and classic ubuntu..02:55
coz_sander_,  but the new gnome is definitly gnome302:55
VlynNah, trying Xubuntu now02:55
nvzor that02:55
=== ubuntu_ is now known as Morgz
hopstafarianVlyn, maverick wiht compiz works...as done gnome-shell with oneiric02:55
jhtranis there a  particular channel for ubuntu server?02:55
jabagaweei can't see anything when i alt-tab, but it works on 11.1002:55
jabagaweewhat changed in alt-tab behavior?02:55
SetiAmonhttps://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/flashplugin-nonfree/+question/169766 anyone else have this bug.02:56
reisiojhtran: probably #ubuntu-server; /msg alis list *ubuntu*serv*02:56
bodomnvz: yep, I'll give it a try. Ty!02:56
sandra_nvz, played around with the Xubuntu I really enjoyed it but had to give it up . For some reason it simply couldn't deal with something as simple as allowing sound to default to a USB headset.02:56
nvznautilus and gnome-panel are horribly broken in 11.04 so anyone who says gnome without unity works in 11.10 is lying.. heh02:56
Vlynsandra_: Ouch02:56
jhtranreisi, thansk.  do u know if oneiric desktop supports dom0?02:56
* hopstafarian wonders how everyone feels about the constant release proposal..?02:56
sandra_Vlyn, Ouch is right , pity too I really liked Xubuntu02:57
* evildaemon shrugs02:57
KingSphinxCan anyone help me get my font back? Installing Cantarell (GNOME's default) caused most of my interface fonts to turn to blocks instead of actualy font. Help?02:57
nvzgnome panel is 100% unconfigurable and nautilus ignores most gconf settings.. its premature and not fit for use02:57
durandochanging dash home anyone know how?02:58
studentzsandra after remove open terminal I reinstall it again.  I also keep the Desktop clean, without any file or folder. So far 5 hours and  I keep it alive.02:58
nvzworks well enough to power unity, if you dont want to use that, dont use 11.10 or use something else like xfce02:58
hopstafariannvz, agreed..so thought on a continuous release cycle?02:58
VlynI tried gnome with 11.10… it's awful and I'm still feeling terrible using it. The new options feel even more choked than windows…02:58
robin0800KingSphinx, use gnome-tweak-tool02:58
reisiojhtran: should; https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Xen02:58
durandoi honestly thought that the developers realized what an epic fail unity was with 11.04....................guess i was wrong02:58
nvzhopstafarian: I think its kinda ridiculous.. but I've been a debian user for 12 years or more.. and I believe that stability is more important than version numbers02:58
sandra_nvz, is there anyway to run Gnome classic ie Natty in 11.10 ?02:58
bodomevildaemon: apt-get install xubuntu-desktop will do the job02:59
KingSphinxI did, but that's not really my problem. The problem is that GNOME Shell itself won't display any fonts, not windows and whatnot (those are fine)02:59
thinkdamn the unity lets all go to lxde02:59
nvzsandra_: yeah its doable, its just that its not working entirely.. gnome-panel is totally unconfigurable02:59
evildaemonI know.02:59
v2kon shutdown: "error: 'single' exited outside the expected code flow", google isnt of much help, how do i track this down?02:59
nvzsandra_: you can't add, move, configure applets, the main menu applet doesnt show system anymore which makes it hard to configure anything without gnome-control-center or unity02:59
Vlynsandra_: I tried. It looks like gnome and feels like crap. And all the option windows are still in „Unity style“02:59
evildaemonAnyway, to help ME, could someone reccomend an easy way to test a program using apt from a non-debian based system?03:00
hopstafariannvz, i think so too, and that's why i wonder what you think about removing the  pressure of deadlines, and making sure that the incentive is towards getting it right the first time?03:00
nvzsandra_: and thats only the kinds of things I noticed at a quick glance03:00
robin0800nvz, did you install gnome-panel?03:00
KingSphinxrobin0800: The problem is that it's the shell itself that's got the font problem, not application windows (those are fine).03:00
nvzhopstafarian: I think thats the way to go.. but debian does that already.. debian and ubuntu are two differen beasts03:00
evildaemonI could never get Debian to detect my internet, even my ehernet.03:01
Kozlov8Jordan_U, are you still there?03:01
hopstafariansurely you're right...but a perpetual release cycle could bring them closer together?03:01
sandra_nvz, I came across another distro that to me offers some hope over unity it's called Linuxmint Debian also LM11.03:01
KingSphinxIf need be, I made an 11.10 USB stick if I must reinstall, but I'd like to try to fix this instead of just resorting to reinstallation.03:01
nvzhopstafarian: I can't deny ubuntu is doing really nice things.. in fact I've started using it for people I convert from windows rather than debian.. but I now know that you cant just upgrade.. heh.. cause they release stuff that still has critical bugs03:01
VlynMaybe I'll try Linux Mint, hm.03:01
evildaemonMint would get sued fast if it became popular.03:01
reisioevildaemon: ?03:01
Kozlov8I have a question.... I installed Ubuntu 11.10 via CD. After it finished it prompted me to restart. I did this. Then a Windows Disk Check came up and checked a lot of files. After that is restarted again and Ubuntu was no where to be found and a partition was taken for nothing?03:01
evildaemonUsing the codecs.03:01
reisiothere's nothing Mint has you can't have in Ubuntu, unless you are so lazy you won't configure anything03:02
z3ro3xhopstafarian, Never mind, I found it.  I was looking for Disk Utility.  It was moved to Accessories.  That's why I couldn't find it.03:02
reisioevildaemon: met a lot of non-profits that have been sued?03:02
nvzrobin0800: how would it have been running if I didnt?03:02
nvzrobin0800: unless you know something I dont03:02
evildaemonA non-profit can't succeed in the marketplace.03:02
nvzwhich is entirely possible03:02
VlynLet's see how Xubuntu works out. I miss those 1000 options older Ubuntu versions had :-( 11.10 Appearance = Wallpaper now… and so on.03:02
sandra_evildaemon, why on earth would Linuxmint be sued ?03:02
hopstafariannvz, that's why my work machine still runs on maverick...rather be behind the curve than unstable...03:03
reisioevildaemon: non-profits aren't usually attempting to succed... in the marketplace03:03
joe__does anyone know anything about bash scripting, i have a relatively simple question thats giving me problems03:03
evildaemonTheir using the patented codecs.03:03
reisiojoe__: ?03:03
evildaemonAmong other things.03:03
hopstafarianz3ro3x, cool03:03
reisioKozlov8: how did you look for Ubuntu, exactly?03:03
Kozlov8reisio - it's on none of my hard drives03:03
durandoalright time for a downgrade, don't know if any developers hang out here or even care but ubuntu 11.10 = epic fail, unity is a evil setup and maybe more importantly there are lotsa bugs03:03
z3ro3xhopstafarian, My muscle memory is wanting to look in the old places for programs from using the classic gnome all this time.  Having to learn this new UI is giving me a headache. lol03:03
reisioKozlov8: but how did you determine that03:03
Kozlov8I tried all 3 that were available03:04
reisiodurando: you don't have to use Unity03:04
Kozlov8All led to W7, reisio03:04
Ibisevildaemon: Everyone doesn't live in United States...03:04
johnjohn101z3ro3x: i feel your pain03:04
illmortalAnyone know if installation process has changed with 11.10 if you want to install Windows 7 on a 2nd drive for dual booting?03:04
durandoreisio: do tell03:04
reisioKozlov8: tried? led?03:04
evildaemonIbis true03:04
Vlynreisio: But the rest of the menus are crap too…03:04
reisioKozlov8: what commands did you use to determine03:04
robin0800nvz, No I've never installed it just gnome shell but the ubuntu bot sayes you have to to get classic panels03:04
joe__Exec=bash -c 'LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libv4l/v4l1compat.so'    i need a script to run this but i need to include the filename $1 within the quotes how do i do this03:04
qrwteyrutiyoupis there a run dialog in gnome shell, in 11.10? alt+f2 used to work o.O03:04
hopstafarianz3ro3x, i feel ya...but having to go through that process is vaild...keeps the mind agile..03:04
Kozlov8I can't use any commands...? reisio03:05
reisiodurando: /msg ubottu !notunity03:05
joe__u have to reassign the key binding qrw03:05
yigalqrwteyrutiyoup: start, windows button03:05
reisioKozlov8: I want to know how you determined Ubuntu is gone03:05
User_007Is there a way to change back Unity's menu button to the top of screen (as it was on narry) again?03:05
evildaemonSort of like how VLC is in france and ships mp3 and co.03:05
qrwteyrutiyoupthanks, joe and yigal. I am gonna look into that.03:05
evildaemon(Actually the mp3 patent expires this year.)03:05
reisionow that nobody uses mp3 anymore :p03:05
imperfect-Anyone knwo why a fresh upgrade of 11.10 -- after a reboot complains that dbus is broken and when X starts just turns my monitors black?03:05
evildaemonYou'd be surprised.03:05
VlynAh crap, Ubuntu is going to hell x( I hope Xubuntu works better for me now.03:06
yigaljoe__: use double quotes03:06
Kozlov8I went to my BIOS options and saw there were 3 boot options, and tried each one. None of them were Ubuntu reisio03:06
joe__that simple? lol03:06
evildaemonI personally use ogg when I can, but much of the music world is still on mp3.03:06
reisioimperfect-: what do you do when they go black?03:06
yigaljoe__: should be, verify it works :)03:06
reisioKozlov8: okay, GRUB?03:06
evildaemon(Vorbis, whatever.)03:06
sandra_I'm new to Linux and Ubuntu on the whole, but I like Ubuntu and Linuxmint as a project manager I think our company would benefit by running ubuntu or linuxmint over windows but I don't see how they could be sued.03:06
crooks306imperfect-, you using xinerama by any chance?03:06
reisioKozlov8: that doesn't necessarily mean your Ubuntu install is gone, just not listed by the boot loader03:06
imperfect-crooks306: twinview03:06
imperfect-everything is broken03:06
reisioKozlov8: Windows may have simply replaced the MBR03:06
hopstafarianz3ro3x, i am windows, so have the same complaint about having to learn mac...or trying to support mac converts..makes my head throb eventually03:06
imperfect-I had to bring up my ethernet by hand and run dhclient03:06
Kozlov8reisio: Okay, how can I fix it?03:07
imperfect-i dunno wtf happend03:07
sandra_Vlyn, so long has you don't have to use a USB headset I think you will really enjoy Xubuntu03:07
crooks306imperfect-, try turning that off and see if it works.  doesn't get along with compiz03:07
reisioKozlov8: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows should cover it03:07
imperfect-crooks306: It was working before reboot....03:07
evildaemonsandra_ The mint project ships with codecs that are patented in the US. If03:07
imperfect-I upgraded, reboot and used the system long enough to reboot again and all hell broke loose03:07
Vlynsandra_: I got an USB headset and a 5.1 surround sound system… I hope it likes my headset -.-03:07
crooks306imperfect-, might have had compositing turned off03:07
joe__works! thanx03:07
crooks306imperfect-, try recovery mode and go back to single head03:07
imperfect-crooks306: negative, i was running top watching my zfs perforamnce and compiz was at the top of the list03:07
Kozlov8Thanks reisio.03:08
yigaljoe__: awesome :)03:08
evildaemonJust to avoid the situation of Ubuntu where you grab them from the web. It's quite reckless IMO.03:08
sandra_Vlyn, if you like I can give you the USB work around I used on Xubuntu.03:08
imperfect-the upgrade went smooth03:08
z3ro3xhopstafarian, I prefer efficiency.  I understand the need to redo the UI.  The new ones Unity and Gnome Shell look really elegant and nice but I'm finding that it takes multiple steps to do things what took less steps in classic gnome.  Maybe I just go used to doing things a certain way.  It's going to take getting used to not having a minimize button.  I'm mildly OCD so having multiple programs layered on each other is like havi03:08
z3ro3xng a itch I can't scratch. lol03:08
imperfect-I'd love to know what happened03:08
reisioevildaemon: they don't really have anything to lose03:08
joe__funny i actually thought... i should probably use double quotes03:08
yigaljoe__: ya single quotes are for literal strings03:08
crooks306imperfect-, I had the same problem and it solved it for me.  worth trying anyway03:08
imperfect-programs can't talk to the dbus socket at the least03:08
Vlynsandra_: It's okay, if USB doesn't work I can use them analog too (Not a pure USB headset, but sounds better with it)03:08
yigaljoe__: double allows variables to be expanded03:08
imperfect-crooks306: right right, the bigger problem is no network interfaces etc03:09
caseymcgunity schema files?03:09
caseymcgwhere are the03:09
joe__im about 3 pages in to my bash book :P so havent hit that yet03:09
User_007I get upgraded from Natty amd64, but on Ubuntu (not 2D) everything is too much slow. I can't even play a 800x400 video without lots of lags.03:09
yigaljoe__: :) no worries when you get to arrays you know you've gotten somewhere03:09
joe__lol i've done arrays in php ...  i no like :/03:10
imperfect-crooks306: I removed the twinview option from my X config -- still black screen03:10
User_007while on natty i had no problem playing 1280x720 videos. I think it must be the driver.. can you help me finding out?03:10
reisioUser_007: know what your graphics card is?03:10
crash1hdok so how do you restart unity from ctrl alt f1? since gdm is no longer03:10
sandra_Say could any of you please tell me if there is a way to incorporate the default scrollbars in Ubuntu into Firefox ?03:10
yigaljoe__: they're useful but headache prone03:11
Ibiscaseymcg: Does the file have a specific name?03:11
hopstafarianz3ro3x, i understand...and i don't like tiring either....but the unity of the gui and cli is nice....i'd rather type it in and have it run efficiently as poss. and without having to stop it , reset the settings, and start over...cli=where the magic happens..?03:11
evildaemonreisio I guess, but I'm not interested in projects that can't compete. I think windows is crap and needs to die. The Ubuntu project has corporate backing, greater momentum than of all the *nixes combined, and a mission that is relevant to my interests, and thus is my first thought on the desktop Linux front.03:11
crooks306imperfect-, just reading above where you came in and I see some others were having DBUS issues.03:11
yigalsandra_: you don't have the default one's in FF?03:11
yigalsandra_: what do you have instead?03:11
User_007reisio, ATI RS69003:11
caseymcgoh, I think I found it: /usr/share/gconf/schemas/compiz-unity-*03:11
joe__while im here does any one have an idea why when i open a game like nexuiz in gnomeshell everything goes on the fritz03:11
reisioevildaemon: so you don't use Mint, gj03:11
sandra_yigal, what I have for scrollbars under Firefox is their default scrollbar.03:12
yigalsandra_: there's this http://askubuntu.com/questions/35242/how-do-i-enable-overlay-scrollbars-in-firefox if that's what you're interested in03:12
crooks306imperfect-, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=185979403:12
yigalsandra_: are you using 11.10?03:12
sandra_yigal, yes that's exactly what I want :-)03:12
sebsebsebjoe__: have you got a propritary Nivdia driver or something like that installed? well what  kind of graphics card you got?03:12
yigalsandra_: unfortunately no solution03:12
reisiojoe__: fullscreen?03:12
KingSphinxDoes anyone here have an idea as to why my fonts in GNOME Shell (the shell itself) have seemingly disappeared? They're all blocks now...03:12
Ibiscaseymcg: Might want to backup before editing those. xD03:12
sandra_yes I'm using 11.1003:12
nvzrobin0800: I seen that and if I have time I will try again periodically with a vm and not a machine someone else uses.. but I grabbed a metapackage that seemed to pull in everything.. cause gnome-panel ran it just didnt work for most intents and purposes03:12
imperfect-it looks like maybe a permission issue03:12
robin0800z3ro3x, you can have all the buttons in gnome shell if you want03:13
yigaljoe__: are you using compiz?03:13
yigaljoe__: unity 3d?03:13
joe__i have an nvidia 9800m with the drivers installed and its set to open in fullscreen03:13
z3ro3xhopstafarian, Both are still knew so it's going to have some bugs to iron out and features to add.  Hopefully it all gets worked out.  It could use more settings in the System Settings.  It feels like there's a lot missing like the screen saver for one which I still haven't figured out.03:13
joe__i dont know if im using compiz im just using the newest gnome shell03:13
caseymcgunity  Alt-` is killing me ..... sigh03:13
molochalguno habla Castellano?03:13
evildaemonAnyway, I'm not interested in talking politics right now, I mainly wanted to know where the 11.10 mini.iso is.03:13
reisiomoloch: #ubuntu-es03:13
sandra_yigal, the article you sent me say's it's supposed to be implemented under 11.1003:13
yigalsandra_: sorry that was a let donw link03:13
yigalsandra_: are you using 11.10?03:14
nvzhopstafarian: I don't believe in updates without careful consideration in any case.. if it ain't broke don't fix it.. thats why I love debian and variants.. the software allows you to check changelogs, bug reports..etc easily before changing anything.03:14
sandra_yigal, yes I am03:14
__machinehow do i configure a new service to start at boot and stop at shutdown etc? this is sickbeard, couchpotato, tvheadend etc… they come with an init script that i copied to /etc/init.d and that works manually but it doesnt start on boot03:14
User_007reisio, X.Org R300 Project - Gallium 0.4 on ATI RS690 - OpenGL  2.1 Mesa 7.11 - shading language version string: 1.20  --- No OpenGL extensions.03:14
joe__it works fine if i logged out and go to classic gnome 303:14
caseymcg__machine: create an upstart script in /etc/init03:14
imperfect-crooks306: I can't read the link easily, what's the just?03:15
yigalsandra_: it should be working, I've been a bit hesitant installing 11.10 as I hear there have been issues with sound03:15
caseymcg__machine: I think init.d is depreciated03:15
yigalsandra_: but it isn't I gather :)03:15
eltigrehey, after installing oneiric I can't seem to get the flash plugin installed....03:15
hopstafariannvz, spoken like an experienced system administrator...sucks when stuff goes wrong and you have to scramble..03:15
sandra_yigal, just my luck lol03:15
eltigreI installed it several times, always restarting the browsers, but still won't work03:15
__machinecaseymcg: an upstart script?03:15
arghx__machine: I dunno about upstart, but you can put symlinks for them into /etc/rc2.d/ to start and /etc/rc6.d/ to stop them03:15
nvzhopstafarian: to be honest after spending some time in this channel, I am thinking though I wanted to I cannot offer ubuntu support on a regular basis.. they're just insane.03:15
yigalsandra_: go to appearance03:15
yigalsandra_: are you using a custom theme?03:16
hopstafariannvz, been there, and honestly, was usually my fault...extra relaxing...good times03:16
__machinecaseymcg: this is on 10.04.3 lts … is init.d deprecated in that?03:16
caseymcg__machine: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/03:16
joe__nvz....half of these people dont know how to google :/03:16
caseymcg__machine: oh ... not sure then03:16
shulehello everyone03:16
reisiohi shule03:16
__machinearghx: is there a helper tool to create the relevant rc?.d symlinks etc?03:16
shulehi reisio03:17
shulenice to join here03:17
arghx__machine: rcconf and update-rc.d mainly. check if you can install rcconf03:17
nvzhopstafarian: this distro is far too large to be on a 6mo release cycle.. thats just headaches I dont need.. cause people who dont know better click that upgrade that comes up or download the latest thing ubuntu.com is pushing.. and they just did a major release version upgrade of a de that is made up of over 500packages which is a huge chunk of its default system usage in 6mo and are pushing it like its stable.. and that to me is pure insan03:17
__machinearghx: looking at another service that was installed from a package (sabnzbd) it has symlinks in rc0.d, rc1.d and rc6.d03:17
eltigreI already read several pages about installing the flash plugin, and that worked the last few upgrades, but currently I am at a loss...03:17
hopstafariannvz, a lot of insane people have made valid contributions, though...cause they don't give a thought to failure...they just jump off that cliff...cause, err, honey badger don't give a..03:17
z3ro3xhopstafarian, I'm also not quit sure what to make of the (not sure what to call it) thing at the bottom right of Gnome Shell where Removable Devices pops up when I move the mouse down there.  Transmission all puts a part of it self down there.  As well as some system notifications.  It feels a bit inconstant and unfinished.  It almost feels like a system tray thought not quit at the same time.03:17
z3ro3xhopstafarian, Ops, sorry for the typos.03:18
celthundernvz: theres lots of large distro's that do updates sooner than 6 months that's not the problem...the problem is the people too lazy to read what's new and accepting without thinking 'hey i need feature xyz which is currently broken in this release let me go check the svn /git changelogs see if that ones working so i can at least use that '03:18
reisiothat's only part of it03:19
nvzhopstafarian: people who are shrewed and educated on issues such as upgrades and know how to deal with bugs, reporting, resolving them..etc.. they can do that.. but the kinds of people that deploy ubuntu on desktops.. haha.. theyre just not ready to assume stuff they get when they hit that button is gonna work.. cause it simply cant..03:19
User_007reisio, no clue?03:19
hopstafarianz3ro3x, i had the same issue....but i followed my own advice...and just press the linux button, type in what i want, whether it be application or location, and if it can't find that, it jumps to the internet...what could be easier..?03:20
SetiAmonso audio works perfectly except with flashplayer/browsers.anyone here with the same situation?bugs already on launchpad it seems03:20
yigalsandra_: if you hit the windows key in 11.10 does that bring up the search + shortcuts dialogue?03:20
ublenderHas anyone here found a solution for the synchronization errors for tomboy notes in oneiric?03:20
yigalsandra_: if so type in appearance03:20
reisioUser_007: make sure it's the right driver, check for kernel version incompatibilities03:20
RingZer0lol, i just want a desktop environment that works03:20
Corgan1Helllllo, room.03:20
nvzeven microsoft who has billions takes a good two years to pump out their latest piece of crap that comes on 1 disk with limited utilities, and no real significant changes.. and you're talking about something 50 times that size with such a small fraction of that budget you can't even express it in a comprehensible way, and so far fewer developers03:20
z3ro3xhopstafarian, The Linux button?03:20
sandra_yigal, I have I see OS background options03:21
RingZer0nvz: 50 times the size?03:21
Corgan1Anybody here running 11.10 with an ATI Radeon HD 6310?03:21
illmortalgood luck Corgan1.03:21
z3ro3xhopstafarian, Are you referring to that obnoxious Windows key between Ctrl and Alt?03:21
Corgan1Well. I mean no one /is/. I mean trying.03:21
martianIs there a way to do away with the global menu feature in unity?03:21
reisio"better than Microsoft" is a pretty low bar03:21
User_007reisio, well, the card is the same listed on glxinfo03:21
hopstafarianz3ro3x, surely i am03:21
illmortalHeard ATI got hit hard on that new upgrade.03:21
RingZer0Anyone having issues with nvidia 8xxxM series?03:21
reisio"as good as Debian" would be something nicer to shoot for :p03:21
=== qin_ is now known as qin
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:21
User_007but what about kernel incompatibilities?03:21
reisioUser_007: but is it the right driver03:22
MyrttiMove On To Ubuntu Support, Please.03:22
reisioUser_007: and that, yes03:22
nvzRingZer0: uh yeah.. windows is on one disk, comes with notepad and paint and stuff like that.. ubuntu has over 30,000 packages, 4 or more complete desktop environments03:22
z3ro3xhopstafarian, I wish I can replace the symbol of that key with a penguin. lol03:22
yigalsandra_: the idea is that you want to make sure to revert back to the default theme03:22
hopstafarianz3ro3x, in this context, might as well consider it the 'home' button on your iphone..z303:22
User_007reisio, how i check if it's the right driver/03:22
RingZer0nvz: you sure those are Ubuntu packages, or POSTIX packages?03:22
hopstafarianz3ro3x, you can...system 76 in boulder...send them a SASE, they send you some stickers...03:23
nvzRingZer0: you've just made it clear to me you don't know what you're talking about03:23
z3ro3xhopstafarian, I never owned iphone.  I have a blackberry that I'm about ready to throw at the wall. lol Next smart phone I get is going to be android.03:23
jefimenkoi just upgraded my laptop from 11.04 to 11.10 and now i'm on unity 2d (it was 3d in 11.04)03:23
jefimenkohow can i change it to unity 3d03:23
RingZer0nvz: poxis03:23
RingZer0nvz: wow, you have a chip on your shoulder huh?03:23
reisioUser_007: what does sudo lspci | grep -i vga say03:24
RingZer0nvz: ur getting defensive cause some troll made you mad?03:24
yigalRingZer0: I want one also that's the next step in evolution03:24
sandra_yigal, Ambiance theme doesn't support the scrollbars for Firefox.03:24
dewwso i've an ubuntu cd made, can i upgrade to 11.10 with it without booting from the disc? i tried that way and basically i wasn't allow to choose t he upgrade option.03:24
yigalsandra_: oh03:24
pangolinPlease take the non support chatter to #ubuntu-offtopic03:24
hopstafarianz3ro3x, took me a while to get there too...you're making the right choice....sorry about the RIM...you must be in the northeast or canada?03:24
Corgan1The ATI Radeon HD 6310 works fairly well with the open driver, as far as I can tell. It detects the displays. Supports the resolutions. Installing the ATI Driver there's no display detection, and upon removal borks Unity/Gnome-Shell/Unity 2D.03:24
User_00701:05.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RS690M [Radeon X1200 Series] -----right03:24
dhruvasagarIbis: hey, could you help me with bumblebee ?03:24
Corgan1But I can't disable my laptop display and use the external display only.03:24
dhruvasagarcan someone help me with bumblebee ?03:24
z3ro3xhopstafarian, I refuse to ever own one just for the fact they disabled many of the what I call basic blue tooth features.  I don't know if it's changed in newer version but that was the deal breaker for me.03:24
z3ro3xhopstafarian, Austin Texas.03:25
User_007reisio, must it be a incompatibility between my card/driver and compiz itself?03:25
RingZer0I was just pointing out that all of the packages that you were mentioning were not built "for ubuntu" but source ... in face, most of the packages (over 50% == most), were made before ubuntu was even a thought03:25
reisiodhruvasagar: be more specific03:25
RingZer0z3ro3x: Plano Baby!03:25
nvzRingZer0: regaurdless if they are created elsewhere the job of a software distributor is to make things work together.. they allow this crap to be in thier package manager for any user to press one button and have, it should with some degree of quality work with any other piece they can just as easily install.. you cannot do that with this much software in 6months.. debian has been going about 2 years on release since I started with 2.2 pota03:25
reisioUser_007: one possibility03:25
hopstafarianz3ro3x, ypu03:25
z3ro3xhopstafarian, ypu?03:25
yigalsandra_: I think they should in 11.10 http://iloveubuntu.net/ayatana-overlay-scrollbars-extends-its-support-ubuntu-1110-terminal-eye-gnome-fbreader-banshee-etc03:25
nvzbut the thing is, their timeframe isn't a timeframe, its a When Its Ready schedule.. they have to sqaush RC bugs or remove things03:26
mdkendallHey everyone, I'm hoping to get some help with an 11.10 system I'm trying to setup for my grandparents.03:26
dhruvasagarI installed bumblebee from the stable ppa, I tried running 'optirun nvidia-settings -c:1' to check settings, but it complains that the x server hasn't started and fails03:26
nvzits called sacrificing for stability..03:26
sebsebseb!ask | mdkendall03:26
ubottumdkendall: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:26
User_007reisio, may i try reporting a bug for compiz so?03:26
Myrttinvz: did you have a Ubuntu support question?03:26
pangolinnvz: stop with the off topic chatter please03:26
hopstafarianz3ro3x, youre talking about the iphone...cause android is cool...my brother is in austin...sorry about your hot, crappy summer...and the fires..03:26
reisioUser_007: if you find one :p03:26
mdkendallThanks :)03:26
z3ro3xRingZer0, I've been in here for abou 10 years.  Still hate the wather and the traffic.  I'm about ready to move back to the north east.  I lived west of Philly for about years.  Next move will be in Manchester NH.03:26
RingZer0nvz: the reaosn why linux is so successful and not just abandoned is because of all of the GNU / GPL ... I guarentee you there are more open source developers than that at microsoft03:26
sandra_yigal, I read that article but no support for Firefox in that article.03:26
dhruvasagardo I have to enable power management in bumblebee.conf ? I thought that was discouraged03:26
* nvz waves03:27
dhruvasagar10 [   1938.10] insmod /lib/modules/3.0.0-12-generic/updates/dkms/nvidia_current.ko03:27
dhruvasagar11 [   1938.10]   FATAL: Error inserting nvidia_current (/lib/modules/3.0.0-12-generic/updates/dkms/nvidia_current.ko): No such device03:27
RingZer0nvz: it is difficult to standardize in a company (like microsoft), and even more difficult to standardize internet wide.03:27
z3ro3xhopstafarian, It just started raining again after not raining all summer.  Climate here sucks. lol03:27
VlynGoogle: „Ubuntu Unity Sucks“ 425.000 hits. Atleast I'm not alone…03:27
User_007reisio, it's hard do determine where is the bug itself03:27
llama-li1uxreatest Ubuntu desktop ever? http://forum.linuxmint.com/download/file.php?id=8639 I just finished it, took me three days to find the perfect window manager and decide which theme03:27
dhruvasagaranybody ? anything ?03:27
pangolin!ot | EVERYBODY03:27
Myrttimoving on03:27
ubottuEVERYBODY: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:27
llama-li1uxI wanted something retro, something with an 80s monochrome style03:27
reisioVlyn: I only get 7k, but :p03:27
RingZer0z3ro3x: yeah, i have only lived in TX for last 2 years.  but army has given me the privilege of seeing most of the states, and many countries as well.03:27
hopstafarianz3ro3x, yeah that's what brother said...and they say the science 'isn't in' on global warming?03:27
yigalsandra_: ya they just mention that it's supported but don't actually show the evidence :)03:27
=== Timic_ is now known as Timic
kesten__need help building blender: error while loading shared libraries: libiconv.so.2: cannot open shared object03:27
Vlynreisio: I get 425.000 :-)03:28
* RingZer0 thinks Vlyn is troling03:28
z3ro3xRingZer0, Jesus!  Should have proof read that. lol03:28
Myrttillama-li1ux: Ubuntu support question?03:28
VlynBut it's google.at03:28
mdkendallSetting up a computer for my grandparents. My grandfather has early alzheimers. I need to make it as passwordless as possible. I've got passwordless login from lightdm, passwordless sudo via /etc/sudoers, gksduo is set to use sudo, but I'm still getting challenged when doing things like installing software.03:28
kesten__but libiconv.so.2 is in my /usr/local/lib03:28
purpleyuanHey all. When I upgraded, it said that there were some errors and that the system may be unusable. However, I restarted my computer twice (the first time the unity environ didn't start up so I couldn't do anything) and everything seems to be fine. How should I troubleshoot this so I can tell if anything's wrong?03:28
reisioVlyn: yeah but you're doing it wrong; http://www.google.com/search?q=%22ubuntu%22%20%22unity%20sucks%2203:28
hopstafarianz3ro3x, finally got below 80 there...?03:28
llama-li1uxNoo support questions, is there an ubuntu chat Nyrtti03:28
RingZer0z3ro3x: i could not spell to save my life.  but math, science and code are my friend03:28
VlynOkay :P but still 7000 too much03:28
sebsebsebmdkendall: yep sudo is there for security03:28
RingZer0z3ro3x: even though words are not :D03:28
sebsebsebmdkendall: meant to use a password with that03:28
z3ro3xhopstafarian, I'd tell you the temp now but I don't have my weather thingy any more that I had in classic gnome.03:29
reisiollama-li1ux: -offtopic03:29
mdkendallI understand the security ramifications. Been running linux forever and am a developer. Doesn't change the fact that my grandpa won't remember passowrds. How is it any more secure to write it on a sticky on the monitor?03:29
martianIs there a way to do away with the unity launcher?03:29
mdkendallI could've sworn modifying /etc/sudoers used to work.03:29
yigalsandra_: ya I just read this one, http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/10/overlay-scrollbars-ubuntu-ppa/ doesn't work for FF and comments are only two days old03:29
sebsebsebmartian: of cousre :)03:30
sebsebseb!nounity | martian03:30
ubottumartian: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions drowpdown. Using Natty? See !classic03:30
hopstafarianz3ro3x, sudo apt-get install my-weather-indicator?03:30
reisiomdkendall: just run X as root03:30
martiansebsebseb: amazing, so the launcher is hard coded into unity?03:30
sebsebsebmdkendall: you  could set up  a remote connection I guess, and be responsibe  of his security updates yourself, if your not there I guess even, but  either way sudo should have a password really, but I guess there is a way to use without as well03:30
RingZer0I'm really bummed out, I was hoping ubuntu would work for me and my nvidia... 32 bit gave me a kernal panic booting from CD, the 64 bit on a different laptop seemed to work, but everything that displays in X just creates a black shadow and nothing is clickable... I went through ctrl+alt+F1 (tty) to wget nvidia drivers, but you need to run via desktop env or it wont work, talk about chicken vs egg.03:30
dhruvasagarhow do I start the bumblebee x server ?03:30
sebsebsebmartian: yep Unity isn't that customisable as far as I know03:31
mdkendallIt's just weird because I can get passwordless sudo on the command line but not in the GUI?03:31
martiansebsebseb: who the hell thought up this stuff, and why do they hate linux?03:31
mdkendallHow is the command line *less* dangerous?!03:31
RingZer0mdkendall: nopefully non-root command line :)03:32
sandra_yigal, I read that one 2 thank you so much for your help :-)03:32
arghxmdkendall: if you have passwordless sudo in the console, you set it up this way03:32
sebsebsebmartian: Unity is thought up by  Mark Shuttleworth the Ubuntu Founder and the Canonical Design team, people like that, but you don't have to use Unity as the bot just told you03:32
RingZer0any thoughts on how I can get my desktop env working?  just really really slow, can't start anything, and freezes on each click.03:32
reisiomdkendall: because gksu isn't sudo03:32
z3ro3xhopstafarian, Just installed it.  It's running on the bottom right in what feels like a system tray which could use more work.  Than again I am in Gnome Shell I may switch back over to Unity and try that again.  Not being able to move the icons in my favorites on the what ever you call it on the left was annoying.03:32
celthundermdkendall: because you type your commands some random script isn'r running them so you know whats going on in a terminal?03:32
mdkendallBut I have passwordless gksu/gksudo.03:32
arghxRingZer0: disable optimus, at least for installing. then look into vgaswitcheroo03:32
reisiodhruvasagar: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Asus_N53#nVidia_Optimus_video_card_switching ?03:33
RingZer0arghx: thanks for responding.  install went great.  but when it boots, the desktop environment just freezes when clicking on anythying03:33
jefimenkomy laptop reverted to unity 2D after upgrading from 11.04 to 11.10. does anyone know how to turn 3d on?03:33
mdkendallWhat is launching/controlling the "Authenticate" dialog? Is this some sort of gnome keyring thing?03:33
martiansebsebseb: as we discussed earlier, it's clear that the alternative to unity is akin to a big middle-finger to anyone who doesn't like apple-style ui's03:33
RingZer0arghx: even if i could get a keyboard command to start a terminal window inside the desktop environment, I could run the driver package for nvidia03:33
arghxjefimenko: depends on your videocard03:33
celthundermdkendall: likely your gui has some osrt of password keyring thing....if it didn't you wouldn't get that crap03:34
reisiomartian: so?03:34
ubottuUnity is the default UI since Ubuntu 11.04.  Unity is a shell for GNOME. see http://unity.ubuntu.com. For a GNOME 2-like experience, see !notunity03:34
sebsebsebmartian: Gnome SHell, Gnome  3 fall back mode,  KDE/Kubuntu,  XFCE/Xubuntu, LXDE/Lubuntu, and so on03:34
arghxRingZer0: ctrl+alt+f1 and install it there.03:34
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions drowpdown. Using Natty? See !classic03:34
hopstafarianz3ro3x, personally, i think i'm gonna pursue gnome-shell...seems a little more promising, but i've certainly been wrong before,...as a matter of fact, that's a much longer list...03:34
sebsebsebmartian: plus many differnet distros if you really want even03:34
phiscibei remember once upon a time you could sudo anything, nowdays with all the freaking config files if u dont gksudo or kdesudo root coops your config files and you get  mystery erros galore03:34
mdkendallcelthunder: any idea how to turn that off?03:34
celthundermdkendall: remove it?  idk lol i use xmonad which doens't come with that crap thank god03:35
mdkendallHah :)03:35
reisiomdkendall: the usual way is to opt out of using a password when you first run a program03:35
reisioI'm sure you can disable it globally, too, though03:35
hopstafarianz3ro3x, i gotta call it a night, but nice meeting ya...03:35
RingZer0arghx: thanks ... how do i restart X after install?03:35
z3ro3xhopstafarian, It seems like the gnome developers are hell bent on keeping everything on the top panel (if it's still called that) clean and free from any knew icons from other programs.  And programs that would normally stay running in the system tray is being put in the hidden panel on the bottom right.03:36
mdkendallreisio: is it likely keyring? been googling/poking at this thing for a few hours now.03:36
dhruvasagarreisio: I have a dell laptop.03:36
arghxRingZer0: not totally sure since gdm uses upstart :(03:36
reisiodhruvasagar: gj03:36
z3ro3xhopstafarian, You too.  Good night.03:36
dhruvasagarreisio: I think I just had to restart, I think it is working now03:36
reisiomdkendall: keyring, wallet, etc.03:36
reisiodhruvasagar: gj03:36
dhruvasagarreisio: but I am not sure what I need03:36
dhruvasagarreisio: what I need to do for ensuring it switches appropriately.03:37
reisiodhruvasagar: for what03:37
arghxRingZer0: service gdm stop  I guess03:37
ectabyteI just upgraded to 11.10 and I'm using the fglrx 11.9 drivers with gnome shell. For some reason I can't set amdcccle to use multi-monitors. When I reboot and login, the dual-monitor settings are there but when I actually log into gnome shell its just cloned display and the settings reset..03:37
saphi i have a problem with my video playback video get freeze 4 5-6 seconds and audio goes on03:37
RingZer0arghx: thats cool, worst case snario i can just do : shutdown -r now03:37
reisiosap: what's this video's resolution?03:37
ectabyteWhat if I did like chattr to xorg.conf so nothgin can change it?03:37
RingZer0im a big fan of ubuntu server edition, not yet much of one for home use03:37
semitones /topic03:37
reisioRingZer0: so backwards :p03:38
arghxectabyte: why would anything change xorg.conf? maybe try using xorg.conf.d/ ?03:38
tanathi'm trying to install a package and it won't 'cause it says a conflicting package is installed. so i try to remove it, but it doesn't seem to be installed. what gives?03:38
jefimenkoarghx: it's an nvidia card03:38
dhruvasagarcoming back, facing audio problems in 11.10, I think the 'auto muting' feature is not working properly, my speakers get muted and never unmute. When I put my headphone in they do turn to mute, but never turn back to unmute, I have to go into alsamixer to unmute them03:38
reisiotanath: specifics please03:38
KM0201RingZer0: depends on what you need it for.. i use ubuntu server for my home file/media server, an FTP server, and a torrent server, and it's flawless03:38
phiscibejefimenko: Remote Desktop does not work with the -fglrx video driver, nor with the legacy nvidia drivers. You can establish a connection but the remote screen does not update. As a workaround use Unity2d, or switch to the free drivers or nvidia-current. (772873)03:38
semitonesHey so for oneconf, is the idea that I install it on my current kubuntu install, then install it on my new kubuntu install?03:38
tanathreisio, chrome stable to chrome beta03:38
ectabytearghx: I'm not really sure what's happening, I used aticonfig --initial for my initial settings but I changed it to use dual monitors but it resets when i log into it03:38
marpjoin #ubuntu-br03:39
RingZer0reisio: lol, on all our enterprise we use RHEL/CentOS - for our work server (vpn) we use ubuntu server03:39
reisiotanath: not chromium?03:39
tanathreisio, chrome beta won't install 'cause it says chrome stable is installed. attempting to remove chrome stable does nothing as if it's not installed03:39
arghxectabyte: fglrx supports xrandr afaik. use that for your monitor settings03:39
reisioRingZer0: that's even weirder03:39
dhruvasagarcould anyone help with audio or do I just have to bear the pain right now withot headphones ?03:39
reisiotanath: maybe you have chromium installed?03:40
tanathreisio, no, chromium lacks some things03:40
reisiotanath: like spyware03:40
purpleyuanEr, okay. I typed in "gnome-settings-daemon" on my terminal and my touchpad stopped working. Yes, I'm stupid. How do I get the touchpad working agian?03:40
tanathreisio, no03:40
ectabytearghx: set that as a startup application or something?03:40
phiscibeRingZer0: you can install nvida outside of the x server03:40
tanathreisio, no spyware. chrome lacks embedded pdf support and things03:40
arghxectabyte: it should remember settings afaik03:40
cpatrick08dhruvasagar: what audio problem are you experienceing03:40
reisiotanath: chromium, you mean?03:40
=== EZ is now known as Guest92328
semitonesdhruvasagar: could you tell the whole story? What version of ubuntu are you using, and when did the problem start?03:40
tanathreisio, anyway, irrrelevant. weird package issues03:40
arrenlexI just installed 11.10 and noticed it has new multiarch stuff that supports 32-bit apps on 64-bit hosts. How do I use it? I want to compile a 32-bit only app on my 64-bit machine.03:40
tanathreisio, er, yes03:40
Guest923281st time here, can I ask a q?03:41
arghxtanath: it also "lacks" lots of reporting to google about user surfing habits...03:41
semitonesarrenlex: i'd also like to find out how. I want to install psx2x03:41
sebsebsebGuest92328: yep of course :)03:41
tanathreisio, issue isn't with chrome it's with package management03:41
arghx!ask | Guest9232803:41
ubottuGuest92328: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:41
dhruvasagarCaptainkrtek: semitones I just upgraded to 11.10 last night, the headphones do not seem to work consistently, they work sometimes but if I plugout and then plug them back in, they're not working03:41
tanatharghx, only if you enable them. which it asks.03:41
arghxtanath: pastebing your apt-get output please03:41
tanatharghx, and seriously, it's google. sounds a bit paranoid03:41
dhruvasagarCaptainkrtek: semitones also once I plugin my headphones, then the speakers go mute (the auto-mute), but when I plug them out, the speakers do not unmute, the only way is to go to alsamixer and unmute them manually03:42
Guest92328upgraded 11.04 to 11.10 cannot enter Keepassx gui after entering password03:42
celthunderarrenlex: install the 32 bit libraries in the 64 bit install or make a chroot either way it should let you build 32 bit in your 64/use them03:42
sebsebsebGuest92328: what does it show, you get log in screen or not?03:42
marp /join #ubuntu-br03:42
arghxtanath: it is not paranoid. google is a hundred billion dollar company only because of the datamining of their users websearches and surfing habits...03:43
HordekingHey, have there been any reports about the nvidia kernel module breaking on an upgrade from 11.04 to 11.10? I've had this happen several times on distribution upgrades, but I'm not sure why, since distros install fine from scratch.03:43
dhruvasagarCaptainkrtek: semitones when the headphones do work too, I am hearing sound only in the left ear, there is a very low muffled sound in the right year, changing the balance to the right one does not fix it03:43
semitonesdhruvasagar: hmm, check out this link: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-utils/+bug/868915 -- can you see the same behavior in alsamixer as the poster?03:43
reisioHordeking: someone was in here yesterday who'd had his system switched from nvidia to nouveau03:43
ubottuUbuntu bug 871611 in alsa-driver (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #868915 [TOSHIBA NB100, Realtek ALC262, Green Headphone Out, Rear] volume slider problem" [Undecided,Incomplete]03:43
arghxHordeking: how did you install your nvidia modules? via installer from nvidia.com?03:43
Guest92328keepassx icon is on the top line, right clock can unlock/lock and it opens a windows to enter password but then no way to find the windows with password lists etc.03:43
sebsebsebGuest92328: not  quite sure what icon your getting03:44
Hordekingarghx: No, the one I had was the vanilla one the ubuntu installer installed.03:44
arghxtanath: but feel free if you don't want your problem solved. have a nice day then03:44
SetiAmonSo whats the deal no more screen savers in 11.10?03:44
Hordekingarghx: I've managed to get the thing to boot to runlevel 2, framebuffer mode.03:44
sebsebsebGuest92328: also maybe you just got a faulty upgrade, and best to start over with a clean install of 11.1003:44
tanathgah, my mistake. wrong package name. sorry03:44
Guest92328keepassx icon like 2 keys arranged in a cross with a small lock icon on it if locked or without lock icon if unlocked03:44
dhruvasagarsemitones: looks extremely similar, but there is no solution / workaroudn :(03:44
illmortalanyone know if the command to recover grub has changed in 11.10?.. I'm about to install Windows 7 on a 2nd drive.03:44
semitonesdhruvasagar: better link: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+bug/87161103:44
ubottuUbuntu bug 871611 in alsa-driver (Ubuntu) "[TOSHIBA NB100, Realtek ALC262, Green Headphone Out, Rear] volume slider problem" [Undecided,Incomplete]03:45
sebsebsebGuest92328: oh in Unity, the new interface?03:45
tanatharghx, evidence suggests they've been very good about the whole "don't be evil" thing03:45
arghxillmortal: it's the same03:45
reisioillmortal: I don't see how it could've03:45
arghx!ot | tanath03:45
ubottutanath: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:45
illmortalthanks arghx03:45
sgs2_usrCan anyone tell me how to save my lcd brightness adjustment? it reset to maximum brightness everytime i boot up03:45
illmortali dunno reisio I've been finding quite a few surprises.03:45
RingZer0figures, my luck: Bumblebee's install.sh :: The BusID of the nVidia card can't be determined -- You must correct this manually in /etx/X11/xorg.conf.invidia.  Please report this problem.  If you happen to get it working please run bumblebee-submitsystem (lol)03:45
tanatharghx, oh, so if i disagree with you about an irrelevant topic you won't help me eh? that how it works?03:45
reisioillmortal: yeah but GRUB is GRUB03:45
sapcan any help for my video problem03:45
Guest92328yes, unity new interface03:45
studentz  sap which video car do you have?03:45
sapnvidia geforce 610003:46
arrenlexcelthunder: Okay, I tried running "cmake ." and it said I had a 64-bit system which was not supported. I am trying to install 32-bit cmake but it errors out saying it's not installable. Where do I go from here?03:46
Bulldog2010hi all03:46
sebsebsebGuest92328: ok well  someone else can probably help you better03:46
RingZer0geforce 8600M03:46
studentzsap I meansap i can help you03:46
Guest92328no faulty upgrade works great, everybody on web complaints about this for a while and no solution03:46
mtrgwhy does my ibus has chinese added by default and no other languages? (input methods)03:46
SetiAmonThere is no screen savers in ubuntu 11.10 ??03:46
arghxtanath: you STILL haven't answered about your topic but whined about irrelevant stuff. since my time is to precious to deal with someone like you who can't explain his problem I better /ignore you now. helps my bloodpressure03:46
illmortalno setiamon03:46
sgs2_usrSetiAmon: nope03:46
RingZer0geforce is the same as nvidia isn't it?03:46
illmortalthere's a command that gives you the capability though.03:46
martianOh look, if I right click on the desktop and not the unity panel, I can create a new launcher in the panel. That makes a lot of sense.03:46
tanatharghx, did i miss something? or did you?03:46
imperfect-geforce is a series by nvidia03:46
arghxRingZer0: yes. and bumblebee is unsupported 3rd party software03:46
sebsebsebSetiAmon: uhmm03:46
illmortalgotta google, "10 things after 11.10" or something like that.03:47
sebsebsebSetiAmon: you seen the lock screen screensaver?03:47
Hordekingarghx: I was noticing when I tried to apt-get install nvidia-current from the ppa, it was doing something with some PAE kernel modules?03:47
robin0800SetiAmon, if you want sceensavers the workaround is to uninstall gnome screensaver and install any others you want03:47
studentzSap which is the problem?03:47
phiscibeGuest92328: can you double click them,  instead of single click normal03:47
tanatharghx, i said i used the wrong package name. so i don't actually need help with that.03:47
martian1 thing to do after installing 11.10. Reinstall 11.04.03:47
Bulldog2010can some one help me install my Brother Dcp115c Printer in Ubuntu 11.10 as it keeps tellin me that there are no drivers installed for this printer adn it wont work. worked fine in 11.0403:47
sebsebsebmartian: Why?03:47
celthunderarrenlex: uhm you shouldn't need a 32 bit cmake you need the 32 bit libraries only last i checked...03:47
usr13imperfect-: yes03:47
sebsebsebmartian: or switch to another distro :D03:47
crash1hdok somehow I lost unity? when it boots up its not there03:48
tanatharghx, and try not to stress so easy03:48
sgs2_usrBulldog2010: did you check the official printer website for the driver?03:48
Guest92328cannot double cliock really as 1st click shows short (2 options) menu03:48
celthunderarrenlex: the compilers should be able to go back/forth03:48
crash1hdI can run unity-2d from applications03:48
illmortaloh God... I just realized.. if I have to do a clean install of 11.10... I'll probably be screwed out of my video configuration lol03:48
crash1hdand it loads but it doesnt run on startup03:48
illmortalGTX260 NVIDIA ... do not need any problems if I have to clean install.03:48
Bulldog2010sgs2_usr: yes and installed it but got the same thing03:48
sgs2_usrillmortal: always backup 11.04 config before performing update03:48
martiansebsebseb: what can I say. this release has turned this long time user and one who enjoyed ocasionally coming here to help others into a bitchy troll03:48
sgs2_usrBulldog2010: tough luck then....raise bug in launchpad03:49
Hordekingarghx: I did actually try to install the nividia drivers from the nvidia website. The installer whined about some preconfig scripts not present or failing (or something)03:49
roddI've got an annoying problem with ubuntu on my laptop03:49
illmortalthe update has went smooth, sgs2_usr03:49
roddI cannot control the brightness level03:49
* rypervenche loves being a Debian user.03:49
Bulldog2010ok thanks!03:49
illmortalI assume because it kept the video config from 11.04 lol03:49
arghxrypervenche: E_CHAN03:49
roddit's a sony vaio, vpccw13fb, is there anyone here that could help me?03:49
sgs2_usrrodd: i can, but can't save it03:49
martiansebsebseb: I guess I have learned from it that maybe there needs to be more people like me involved in testing the beta releases and providing feedback. Maybe this nightmare could be avoided.03:49
arghx!ask | rodd03:49
ubotturodd: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:49
sebsebsebmartian: http:.//distrowatch.com03:49
Hordekingillmortal: Hmmm, that might be, but I can't find an nvidia driver besides nvidiafb.ko03:49
arrenlexcelthunder: Oh, I see... I'm not sure where to go from here to start building this app though.03:50
sgs2_usrillmortal: well, u said ur graphic screwed up03:50
roddI already asked my question03:50
roddsgs2_usr,  what do you mean by cannot save it?03:50
robin0800Hordeking, think you can ignore that message and just continue03:50
illmortal<_<; i'll just go ahead and save my config file.03:50
sgs2_usrrodd: when i adjust my lcd brightness, the next reboot, it resetted back to MAXIMUM brightness again03:50
roddwell, a temp solution would be great03:50
arghx!ppa | Hordeking03:50
ubottuHordeking: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa03:50
Hordekingrobin0800: It certainly doesn't give me the option to ignore it.03:51
l1nr007arista doesn't work on ubuntu 11.10... I wonder how can I take a preset from the computer-advance.json and use it manually in terminal like this one: http://pastebin.com/EUjsh5pT03:51
saphelp> help> video problem03:51
crash1hdI installed the compiz thing and lost unity?03:51
illmortaldeja dup back up utility for the win03:51
Hordekingarghx: Yes, I know what a PPA is.03:51
sebsebsebcrash1hd: Unity is a plugin for Compiz03:51
roddsgs2_usr, could you share your approach?03:51
roddmy eyes would thank you03:51
evildaemonOnce again, where is the mini.iso for 11.10, I can't find it.03:51
SetiAmonanyone here have no sound in browsers on 11.10?03:51
martiansebsebseb: but the fact is that ubuntu has long since been far ahead of most other distros in usability. I can focus on writing code and enjoying an easy to use and install operating system that has advanced polish and shine. Now that polish and shine has been applied to a retarded interface and so I'm left with picking a crappy flaky distro or one designed for morons.03:51
arghxHordeking: but you apparently don't know how to read the WARNING ubottu just gave03:51
sgs2_usrrodd: how do you normally adjust your laptop lcd brightness?03:52
xangua!minimal | evildaemon03:52
ubottuevildaemon: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD03:52
Guest92328keepassx no access to gui after enter password, any solution?03:52
Hordekingarghx: It's a rather irrelevant warning, don't you think? If I didn't have the problem, I wouldn't have been looking at the PPA. At any rate, it didn't seem to help.03:52
zmbmartinDoes anyone know how to change nautilus keybindings?03:52
roddsgs2_usr,  fn button plus f5 or f603:52
crash1hdsebsebseb, ok well when I installed the compiz manager something locked up and I rebooted and now when I boot up the nice new bar on the side is gone03:52
sebsebsebmartian: actsaully I can think of a few distros that are more user friendly really, depending on the user03:52
boxbeatsyhi, is there any way to upload a set of files to multiple ftp servers at the same time?03:52
sgs2_usrrodd: exactly...03:52
robin0800Hordeking, well what does it say?03:52
evildaemonThank you03:52
sgs2_usrrodd: you just answered your own question :D03:52
sebsebsebcrash1hd: ok yeah03:52
sapplease help03:53
sebsebsebcrash1hd: thought you had done something like that03:53
sebsebseb!ask | sap03:53
ubottusap: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:53
arghxboxbeatsy: only with several ftp clients. you could write a script for ncftpput which does this03:53
roddsgs2_usr,  I can see the brightness bar widget changing03:53
Aleohi again03:53
crash1hdsebsebseb, any idea how I fix it?03:53
sebsebsebcrash1hd: compia  fusion settings manager right,  well just enable unity again in it, then should get it back03:53
roddhowever it doesn't affect anything03:53
sgs2_usrrodd: yes, same here...but does it save the setting the next time u reboot?03:53
sebsebsebcrash1hd: is this 11.10 or 11.04 by the way?03:53
l1nr007any idea please ?03:53
crash1hdsebsebseb, 11.1003:53
Hordekingrobin0800: Well, I'd have to try to run the installer again, but it said something to the effect of couldn't find, or run, some preconfig scripts somewhere. And gave me the option to quit. Not much of an option, since that's all I could do.03:53
roddsgs2_usr,  it keeps at maximum even if I put it to the lowest03:53
phiscibein gnome, kde, xfce, windows and mac: when you left click a tray icon it opens the app window, and when you right click it, it opens the app context menu. But now, in ubuntu, the behavior is differente to all desktops in the world. And, to open the app window it takes 2 (two) clicks and not 1 (one). I think this is a lot of usabilitiy lost. (sorry about my bad english) – user492803:54
arghxrodd: try to use an acpi program like acpitool or such to set brightness and then put it in /etc/rc.local which makes it run on bootup03:54
sgs2_usrrodd: okay, mine works when i adjust it, but not able to save it, so slightly different bug03:54
sebsebsebcrash1hd: what do you see instead?  can you show me of interest?03:54
Hordekingarghx: What would possibly cause the video driver to vanish like that on an upgrade?03:54
Aleorobin0800, I don't have the appearance icon on settings, is this normal, I installed today Ubuntu last version03:54
arghxrodd: it's a crappy workaround but other than that you can only google how other vaio users solved the problem03:54
sebsebsebcrash1hd: as in screenshot03:54
xanguaphiscibe: if you mean unity launcher, i tested it today and it runs apps with one clic03:54
crash1hdsebsebseb, all I get is the bar at the top for the desktop (you know the one that lets you organize the desktop ext... (I will try)03:54
Aleoalso don't have screesaver options under system settings03:55
roddill give it a try03:55
boxbeatsyarghx: ah i see, i was trying to write a script that automates ncftp, but it just pauses fater the initial login when promnpted for the username.  do you know how i can write a shell script that can take standard input?03:55
RingZer0okay, so ubuntu 2d works great (wahhhh , but i want 3d to work!)  does this mean 3d accel isn't working?03:55
sebsebsebAleo: yep things have changed03:55
sebsebseb!gnome2 | Aleo03:55
ubottuAleo: The GNOME Foundation has ceased support for GNOME 2, and as such it is not in Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot). See !notunity for an alternative desktop experience.03:55
LafiirAfter the upgrade to 11.10, Totem can no longer play my .mp4 video files (h264+aac).  It tries to install 'quicktime-demuxer' but fails. Also Nautilus does not create thumbnails for them anymore. Ideas?03:55
phiscibesorry i didnt mean to paste there, i think for one one of my machines something has revered to the old behaviour03:55
xanguaAleo: no screensaver, i saw a post on webupd8 to tweak oneiric and add screensaver and other useful stuff ;)03:55
phiscibetyring to figure it out03:55
sebsebsebAleo: Ubuntu 11.10 uses Gnome 3.2 with Unity by default,  Gnome Shell and a Gnome 2 like fall back mode in repos as an option03:55
martiansebsebseb: ahh, which distros do you speak of?03:55
Guest92328anyone uses KeepassX on ubuntu 11.10?03:56
robin0800Aleo, you should have its the first one under personnel03:56
sebsebsebmartian: pm me03:56
sebsebsebmartian:  since off topic03:56
arghxboxbeatsy: expect I guess. but: you can put the password on the commandline. if you want to that is. or use a scripting language like python/perl/ruby for your script where getting passwords typed in is even easier03:56
xanguaphiscibe: you can try run: unity --reset03:56
soreauRingZer0: What graphics card do you have?03:56
arghxsoreau: from the log, I'd say it's an nvidia optimus setup03:56
phiscibethis one box is foobard, i got it mixed up with kde desktop03:56
phiscibewas just testing anyway03:57
soreauarghx: Did you install the nvidia driver with jockey?03:57
Aleosebsebseb, there is any solution for this, I really like screensavers, and would like the other things03:57
crash1hdsebsebseb, goto http://www.tinyurl.com/5th58up it goes to the image on imageshack03:57
AleoI installed already the advanced settings03:57
sebsebsebAleo: ok right03:57
l1nr007can anyone translate these settings http://pastebin.com/EUjsh5pT into a ffmpeg command to use it in terminal ?03:57
robin0800Aleo,  if you want sceensavers the workaround is to uninstall gnome screensaver and install any others you want03:58
sebsebsebAleo: apparnatly no screensavers in Ubuntu 11.10 at all, not quite sure if that's true, however I  know that Gnome 3 doesn't have any screensavers except for the lock one03:58
Lafiir@Guest92328: yes, working fine03:58
sebsebsebAleo: so I guess that's true,  well if you remove gnome screensaver03:58
arghxsoreau: why would I? I was telling you about RingZer0's problem. I don't own optimus hardware like he does03:58
tanathanyone else have software centre just show a blank screen?03:58
johnjohn101what is airplane mode?03:58
sebsebsebAleo: you may be able to get xscreensaver working for example, but not tired this myself03:58
roddhm acpitool didn't work, apparently it only sets the brightness for thinkpads and asus03:58
soreauarghx: oh, sorry :)03:58
studentzsebsebseb check  this site http://www.webupd8.org/2011/10/things-to-tweak-after-installing-ubuntu.html03:58
Guest92328I cannot see the password list after enter the master password, how do you navigate/focus to it?03:58
sebsebsebAleo: also I think Ubuntu/Canonical will implement  some sort of screensaver feature later on  from  something I read03:58
Aleothat will be good03:59
tanathjohnjohn101, disables wireless03:59
arghxAleo: look for X screensaves?03:59
Aleoarghx, I would like to have the Screensaver icon on system settings03:59
sebsebsebAleo: later on though, would mean 12.04 I guess though03:59
sap_video playback problem04:00
tanathjohnjohn101, some old planes have instruments that might be affected by signals, so many phones and laptops have 'airplane mode'04:00
sebsebsebAleo: as for Gnome Shell, there's something about how people can make some sort of screensavers like extension for it04:00
johnjohn101tx tanath. i had no idea04:00
AleoI installed gnome interface too, but when I log into gnome there is no screensaver also04:00
usr13sap_: Yes......?04:00
arrenlexcelthunder: Okay, I am trying to install the 32-bit version of libwxgtk, by issuing "sudo apt-get install libwxgtk2.8-0:i386, but it says that package is not installable. What am I doing wrong?04:00
sebsebsebAleo: yep since it's Gnome 3.2 under neath04:00
crash1hdsebsebseb, yeah it disabled unity how odd now when I enable it says there are a bunch of conflicts so I said to allow them anyhow04:00
usr13sap_: What kind of video ?04:00
jefimenkounity 3d doesn't work anymore after upgrading to 11.10. i get the following when i run unity --reset. http://paste.ubuntu.com/708352/04:01
asherreillyCan someone explain why PClinuxos has such a high distrowatch rating but when you go on their irc site they only have 20 users?   Most others have 500+?04:01
Gunz4MiPPleis there any way to get the old gnome back04:01
arrenlexcelthunder: It complains about gstreamer not going to be installed.04:01
sebsebsebcrash1hd: ok just saw the shot, yeah that looks a bit odd04:01
Aleosebsebseb, ok, so what I have to do to have screensavers and the icon on system settings ?04:01
xangua!gnome2 | Gunz4MiPPle04:01
ubottuGunz4MiPPle: The GNOME Foundation has ceased support for GNOME 2, and as such it is not in Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot). See !notunity for an alternative desktop experience.04:01
Gunz4MiPPlegnome classic isnt really glassic04:01
tanathasherreilly, could be their users don't use irc :P04:01
sebsebsebstudentz: already been on that link before, but ok then :)04:01
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions drowpdown. Using Natty? See !classic04:01
usr13asherreilly: Could be that it just works.  (Needs very little support.)04:01
Aleoalso the themes tab does not appear neither the font tab I used to see on Debian Gnome04:01
studentzjefimenko video card problem04:01
tanathasherreilly, maybe they have a different community outlet04:01
crash1hdsebsebseb, odd is an understatement lol :) but its all fixed now thanks04:01
bazhangasherreilly, #ubuntu-offtopic for that please04:01
ectabyteI tried xrandr and arandr to set dualmonitors with gnome-shell but the screen because extremly disordered and pixilated so I couldn't read anything..04:02
Aleoand there is no right click on the panels like on Debian04:02
arghxjefimenko: are you another optimus user?04:02
jefimenkostudentz: a configuration problem or something else? it was working on 11.0404:02
Gunz4MiPPlethank u xangua its gnome panel i actually want04:02
ectabyteIt works fine at the display manager04:02
ectabyteJust not when I log on04:02
sebsebsebcrash1hd: how you fix?04:02
studentzjefimenko which video card do you have?04:02
illmortalDamn... back up file is larger than 5GB lol04:02
arghxectabyte: could it be something in your X session messes it up. some config you made?04:03
robin0800!nounity | Gunz4MiPPle04:03
ubottuGunz4MiPPle: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions drowpdown. Using Natty? See !classic04:03
ectabytearghx: Should I post it here?04:03
arghxjefimenko: pastebin the output of lspci -nn04:03
jefimenkoarghx, studentz: it's a nVidia Corporation GT218 [NVS 3100M] (rev a2)04:03
arghxectabyte: pastebin04:03
crash1hdsebsebseb, turned unity back on04:03
arghxectabyte: but I'm not really clear what you want to pastebin04:03
Gunz4MiPPlethe new unity makes Doom 2 drag... Doom 2!04:04
crash1hdsebsebseb, in compiz-manager (for some reason it turned of unity for me)04:04
ectabyteYeah I know, I'll paste my xorg.conf04:04
sebsebsebAleo: not tried this myself, but it seems the suggesiton going around here is to, uninstall gnome-screensaver then install xscreensavers,  well worth a try I guess04:04
HordekingI thought the ubuntu people were supposed to try to be helpful. Telling me I voided my warranty by doing something to fix a problem isn't very helpful.04:04
ectabyteI don't know what else would be causing it04:04
sebsebsebcrash1hd: yeah, that's what I said earlier wasn't it, to re enable Unity04:04
Aleosebsebseb, ok, going to try04:04
sebsebsebin there04:04
adminscoutwhere to go for joti?>04:04
TakyojiDoes Unity honestly still have issues with a multi-monitor setup? I have separate X screens, and X screen 1 is blank white (but I can move the cursor over to it, which turns to an X)04:04
HordekingIf I knew what might have happened to break things during the distribution upgrade, I'd maybe be able to fix it.04:05
tanathanyone know why software centre might be completely blank?04:05
Aleosebsebseb, and about to set the size of the dock bar on the left, I mean the icons look to big and I am on 1650x1080 res04:05
sap_usrl13 what of video means?04:05
jefimenkoarghx, studentz: my laptop has both of these video cards, but i can enable either one from BIOS. the nvidia is enabled currently. http://paste.ubuntu.com/708353/04:06
usr13Hordeking: True04:06
RingZer0yum has yum search, what does apt have?04:06
bazhangRingZer0, apt-cache search04:06
xanguaRingZer0: apt-cache search04:06
usr13sap_: What is your problem?04:06
sebsebsebAleo: uhmm ok04:06
arghxjefimenko: as long as both show up, then both are enabled as far as X is concerned04:06
tanathHordeking, if paid help isn't helpful you can always look for volunteer/user help04:06
xanguaRingZer0: apt-get help | apt-cache help04:06
RingZer0thanks guys04:06
RingZer0i use to just use aptitude like on my rooted droid charge04:07
sap_actually when i try to play a video it plays normally suddenly video gets hang but audio goes on04:07
crash1hdsebsebseb, yes just not sure why it disable it04:07
martianAleo: no. The people in charge of the distro know better than your opinions.04:07
robin0800Aleo, http://www.webupd8.org/2011/10/things-to-tweak-after-installing-ubuntu.html has more details04:07
sebsebsebcrash1hd: probaby some other plugin you enabled, disabled it04:07
ectabyteGnome-shell has been having alot of issues with fglrx, so it might be a bug04:07
RingZer0martian: lmao.  that was funny04:07
ibqnis there a pdf plug-in available for chromium browser?04:07
sap_after 5-7 seconds it again plays04:07
ectabyteMy volume applet is blinking on and off too so04:07
Gunz4MiPPleibqn: doesnt google docs have one built it that it uses04:08
RingZer0martian: you are 99.9% right... there is a .1% chance he is just a super-human ... well, more like .000001%04:08
Aleomartian, it seems they don't have thinked that some people like to costumize things04:08
Aleorobin0800, thks going to see04:08
crash1hdsebsebseb, thats the odd part all I did was install it didnt play with any of them04:08
xanguaibqn: not in chromium but google chrome has04:08
Flannelrobin0800: Please don't link to things like that in here.  Those scripts do unsafe things and can mess up peoples systems.04:09
lucasn_hey buds04:09
arghxHordeking: you demand unpaid help, complain about its terms and even want people to support 3rd party stuff which does god knows what? not even MSFT or Oracle or any other commercial vendor where you pay thousands for every incident supports 3rd party software. and last but not least you didn't give people here ANYTHING to make it easier to help you. all you say is "this shit doesn't work, now help me NOW!"04:09
tanathmartian, what's with the bad attitude? they may know what's better on average (ie., for most people), but if an individual says something else is better for them, who are they to disagree?04:09
crash1hdsebsebseb, I hit the preferences button and it locked up04:09
sap_usrl13 do u have any solution04:09
sebsebsebcrash1hd: oh04:09
xanguaibqn: if you preffer chromium there are totorials to add google's chrome pdf reader to chromium04:09
usr13sap_: What kind of video ?04:09
RingZer0im trying to install php... is the php5 inside apt-cache search php v. 5.3.6 ?04:09
=== BullShark is now known as BootMark
tanathmartian, disclaimer: responding to your comment which may be out of context...04:09
ibqnxangua, is there a chrome package for ubuntu?04:09
sap_movies like mp4, mkv etc04:09
arghx!info php504:09
martiantanath: I was using heavy sarcasm... not sure if you got that :)04:09
ubottuphp5 (source: php5): server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (metapackage). In component main, is optional. Version 5.3.6-13ubuntu3.1 (oneiric), package size 1 kB, installed size 20 kB04:09
arghxRingZer0: as you can see: yes04:10
tanathmartian, oh, lol. like i said, out of context04:10
usr13sap_: What video player are you using?04:10
arghxibqn: only google themselves distribute chrome, no one else can. ask them if they have a ubuntu compatible package04:10
RingZer0arghx: what do you mean "as i can see"04:10
tanathsap_, smplayer is a good alternative04:10
martianibqn: you can get the deb from google's official site, and that will enable their repo for updates as well04:10
arghxRingZer0: check what ubottu wrote last04:10
usr13sap_: sudo apt-get upgrade vlc04:11
studentzjefimenko your  nvidia car  should work without any problem04:11
ibqnxangua, there is no such a big difference for me, but on gentoo I used precompiled version of chmome04:11
edbianibqn, There's also chromium-browser04:11
usr13sap_: sudo apt-get install mplayer04:11
usr13sap_: sudo apt-get install gxine04:11
dhruvasagarHi, it says some of the packages have been kept back from upgrade, I did a sudo apt-get dist-upgrade as well but it still says the same things for those packages, what should I do ?04:11
RingZer0arghx: sweet, that's the version I want, how can i tell from the tty?04:11
tanathpeople still use gxine?04:11
studentzjefimenko isit is active?04:11
arghxRingZer0: tell what?04:11
jefimenkostudentz: the nvidia is04:11
RingZer0arghx: what version a package is..04:11
xanguaibqn: you can download google chrome from google chrom download page...04:11
arghxRingZer0: that it installs this version? apt-cache policy php5  for example04:11
hansg01plz help me to restore the grub04:12
dhruvasagaranybody ?04:12
arghxRingZer0: dpkg -l <package> if it's already installed. apt-cache show <package> if it isn't yet04:12
hansg01i installed fedora now no other os is being identified04:12
crash1hdsebsebseb, yeah so I uninstalled it thinking that would fix it but no so reinstalled and saw that unity was disabled04:12
studentzjefimenko The driver is the same version that was before the update?04:12
sebsebsebcrash1hd: ah ok04:12
edbianhansg01, You should really ask in #fedora  They will know better than us.04:12
edbiansebsebseb, hi04:12
crash1hdsebsebseb, now I am trying to figure out what the default settings where04:12
tanathhansg01, you can boot to the install disc to restore grub04:12
sebsebsebedbian: hi04:12
RingZer0arghx: and your paypal donate link is?04:12
sebsebsebcrash1hd: I think if you re enable Unity, it puts things back on the default settings anyway04:12
edbianhansg01, if you boot a liveCD (ubuntu) I can help you04:13
arghxhansg01: and if you restore grub like tanath suggests, then you can only use ubuntu and can't use fedora anymore04:13
hansg01edbian: yeah i hv04:13
sebsebsebcrash1hd: or  would in your case04:13
ArkaniadHey guys. Whenever I try to enable a gnome-shell theme, there is a weird title-bar behind the gnome shell bar on the top of the screen. I can also not get ThemeSelector extension to work. Any ideas?04:13
jefimenkostudentz: i had the most up-to-date version in 11.04. i assume i now have the most up-to-date version in 11.1004:13
arghxRingZer0: this is free support. not paid support04:13
edbianhansg01, boot it, mount your ubuntu install (did you already?)04:13
jefimenkostudentz: i'm going to try rebooting with the intel card to see if it makes a difference04:13
crash1hdsebsebseb, yes you would think but it obviously enabled something else as there where conflicts and now nautilus looks different04:13
=== bryan is now known as PunkUnity
tanatharghx, sorry, didn't know he had other *nixes installed.04:13
jefimenkostudentz: brb04:13
ibqnxangua, thank you04:13
hansg01arghx: i didnt got what tanath told me04:13
sebsebsebcrash1hd: well worst case cienario re install 11.10 I guess04:14
edbianhansg01, I can fix this problem if you follow my instructions :)04:14
arghxhansg01: you want to install both fedora and ubuntu and want to boot both, right?04:14
PunkUnityjust upgraded to 11.10 ad wifi keeps turning off and on which was never a problem on 11.0404:14
studentzjefimenko can you check the version using nvidia settings04:14
hansg01edbian: yeah i will04:14
edbianhansg01, :)  Did you boot the liveCD and mount the install?04:14
sap_usrl13 gxine is not showing04:14
hansg01edbian: yeah04:14
dhruvasagarHi, it says some of the packages have been kept back from upgrade, I did a sudo apt-get dist-upgrade as well but it still says the same things for those packages, what should I do ?04:14
arghxedbian: after your solution, will he be able to boot ubuntu and fedora both?04:15
adityanoisehi all :)04:15
sap_it get install but not showing04:15
hansg01arghx: yeah04:15
studentzjefimenko please check the OpenGL/GLX information04:15
edbianarghx, should be, yes04:15
arghxdhruvasagar: aptitude -s install <kept-package>04:15
edbianhansg01, sudo grub-install --boot-directory="/path/to/ubuntu/boot" /dev/sda04:15
ArNezThow to upgrade gambas 2 to gambas 3?04:15
arghxedbian: good. just checking04:15
edbianhansg01, I'm assuming you have one harddrive (/dev/sda) and you'll have to replace the path there with whatever it really is04:15
usr13sap_: sudo apt-get install gxine04:15
hansg01edbian: this i should run in terminal in live boot?04:16
sebsebseb 04:16
dhruvasagararghx: ok...but why are they not being installed ? everywhere I read dist-upgrade is supposed to fix it, but it's not so either04:16
Milosshhello. is 11.10 in beta now/04:16
edbianhansg01, yes04:16
sebsebseb!11.10 | Milossh04:16
ubottuMilossh: Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) is the current release of Ubuntu | Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/11.10/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/111004:16
edbianMilossh, No it's been released04:16
hansg01edbian: i will try it nw and let u knw04:16
usr13sap_: What video do you want to try and play?04:16
RingZer0i think this is the first version of any distro ever to come out with the actual current version of PHP, I am so impressed.  usually have to make myself04:16
edbianhansg01, k04:16
axisyshow do hide the users from login screen?04:16
hansg01edbian: ne further steps required?04:16
edbianRingZer0, check out arch04:16
usr13sap_: See my pm04:16
crash1hdsebsebseb, do you have 10.11?04:16
crash1hdor 11.10 I mean04:17
arghxdhruvasagar: <dpkg> i heard kept back is when packages have not been upgraded even though newer versions are available.  This happens if dependencies cannot be resolved, packages are on hold or you used "upgrade" not "full-upgrade" and old packages need to be removed as part of the upgrade.04:17
Milosshthanks. What about gnome 3? do we have standard gnome sessions? unity used to fail for me while 11.10 was still in beta04:17
edbianhansg01, You shouldn't need any.  Did it list all your OSs?04:17
arghxdhruvasagar: most likely you use PPAs04:17
Milosshit doesn't say much on the website04:17
xanguaMilossh: unity runs on top of gnome04:17
RingZer0edbian: i will... lol, when i read your name, I am so dyslexic (spelling) that I see debian04:17
arghx!gnome3 | Milossh04:17
ubottuMilossh: GNOME 3 is the desktop environment on which Unity is based.  To use GNOME Shell instead of Unity, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool". GNOME 3 is not supported under Natty, and may break your system if installed from alternate sources.04:17
edbianRingZer0, I use Debian :)  My name is Ed04:17
dhruvasagararghx: yes I do and I understand everything you said, but a dist-upgrade is supposed to overlook that isn't it ?04:17
hansg01edbian:i hv to try in live boot currently i m on fedora04:17
sebsebsebcrash1hd: see my pm in answer to that question04:18
usr13sap_: What is the path the the video?04:18
Vulpeshi ubuntus, can I ask a question about the VNC port? after upgrading from 11.04 to 11.10, my alternate port map won't take in VNC viewer requests. I'm looking at the gconf-editor in desktop>gnome>remote_access, alt port is in place & use_alternative_port is checked, & I have restarted. Have I forgotten something?04:18
PunkUnitylet me know if you guys have any ideas04:18
arghxdhruvasagar: you might understand it but I think you didn't read it: "This happens if dependencies cannot be resolved"04:18
ArkaniadHey guys. Whenever I try to enable a gnome-shell theme, there is a weird title-bar behind the gnome shell bar on the top of the screen. I can also not get ThemeSelector extension to work. Any ideas?04:18
RingZer0edbian: pacman huh?04:19
sap_avi, mkv, mp4, mpg these are the formats which i need to play properly and they are playing but the only problem is that suddenly it gets hang04:19
usr13sap_: Try playing it with gxine.  i.e.  gxine /path/to/video.mp4  or  mplayer /path/to/video.mp404:19
arghxdhruvasagar: and for badly resolved dependencies not even a dist-upgrade can help. tho this should only happen with 3rd party repos04:19
dhruvasagararghx: I think it's probably that there maybe some conflict in dependencies04:19
arghxdhruvasagar: what do you think I'm trying to tell you for the 3rd time already?04:19
sap_as u told i install gxine but its not showing in the application----sound & video pane04:20
dhruvasagararghx: the package I am talking about is banshee, and I just checked and confirmed I don't have any PPA for it :(04:20
arghxsap_: have you tried other players and maybe checked your video driver setup?04:20
l1nr007how can i get arista work in ubuntu 11.10 ??04:20
RingZer0sap_: did you click on see all 29852 applications?04:20
arghxdhruvasagar: and what happens if you want to upgrade banshee explicitly?04:20
RingZer0I wanna "pin" terminal to my menu rather than this office junk04:20
PunkUnitysap_ whats wrong with using vlc04:20
arghx!errors | l1nr00704:20
ubottul1nr007: If you have problems or errors, you will need to describe/paste them. Please use the !pastebin for errors that cannot be quoted in a single IRC message04:20
dhruvasagararghx: aptitude -s install banshee didn't seem to go through, it asked me to accept it's proposed solution I pressed yes but nothing happened04:21
sap_same problem with vlc also it also get freeze for 5-6 seconds04:21
arghx!errors | dhruvasagar04:21
ubottudhruvasagar: If you have problems or errors, you will need to describe/paste them. Please use the !pastebin for errors that cannot be quoted in a single IRC message04:21
arghxsap_: and which videodriver do you use?04:21
dhruvasagararghx: it proposed to remove unity and almost everything else!04:21
usr13sap_: Open a terminal and type  vlc /path/to/video.mp404:21
dhruvasagararghx: is it doing it in the backgroud or something !?04:21
usr13sap_: Or,  mplayer /path/to/video.mp404:22
usr13sap_: See my pm04:22
dhruvasagararghx: man please explain how aptitude -s works04:22
imperfect-Is there an easy to use wmv->divx ?04:22
dhruvasagararghx: the last line it said after I said 'Y' is will download/install/remove package04:22
arghxdhruvasagar: you cannot tell us your actual error and I cannot help you. please come back to me when you know how to ask for help. in the mean time I suggest you read stuff like http://wiki.wxwidgets.org/How_To_Get_Help_On_IRC#Provide_Enough_Information_To_Solve_The_Problem. have a nice day04:23
dhruvasagararghx: forget the error man, I am asking something different now04:23
dhruvasagararghx: just tell me how aptitude -s install works, I have never used it before04:23
arghxdhruvasagar: please forget I exist and read the exceedingly fine documentation of aptitude04:23
dhruvasagararghx: it said that it will practically everything04:24
sap_nvidia x server settings driver 195.36.2404:24
arghxdhruvasagar: please stop addressing me. please?04:24
dhruvasagararghx: can you please help men04:24
mdkendallTurns out that my no-password troubles were solved by tweaking policykit. Thanks for the help everyone.04:24
JZApplesWhen upgrading Ubuntu 11.04 to 11.10, I don't need to worry about losing any data or setup, will I?  Software RAID array, Evolution Mail, and my backup configuration are high on the list of concerns.04:24
dhruvasagararghx: man*, dude it will take me hours to read through doc04:24
l1nr007here.. please check http://pastebin.com/EDEMWeQX04:24
arghxsap_: please try another video player as suggested. not just vlc04:25
dhruvasagararghx: all I need to know is if it will remove unity and almost every other dependent package sometime on it;s own, I did say 'Y', but it's not doing anything04:25
usr13sap_: paste the path to one of the video files here and we can give you specific command instructions.04:26
sebsebsebJZApples: well you might lose evolution as part of the upgrade04:26
ubuntu__how do you change the system font in 11.10??04:26
sebsebsebJZApples: since Gnome 2 isn't part of Ubuntu 11.1004:26
TakyojiJZApples: I'm using mdraid for RAID 1 right now, and I upgraded, and haven't had issues on that part.04:26
dhruvasagarsomeone pleaase help me for God sakes!04:27
alvin47why can't I mount other volumes? it says "Authentication is required" but I have only one user account. please help me04:27
bazhangdhruvasagar, with what04:27
arghxalvin47: how are you trying to mount them?04:27
dhruvasagarI did aptitude -s install banshee, it asked me to install some packages and remove some packages, I simply said 'Y', but then after that I noticed that it is going to remove almost everypackage related to unity in the system04:27
LK-_Hi, I've recently installed 11.10. Xchat isn't working properly. It fails after the first few lines have been sent by the server. However any other client even xchat-gnome works fine.04:27
jiohdialvin47, nautilus has mount as root or superuser04:27
dhruvasagarat the end of it, it ended saying 'Would download/remove/install packages'04:28
sap_No such file or directory04:28
sap_libdvdnav: vm: failed to open/read the DVD04:28
sap_[0x98e9010] access_file access error: cannot open file /path/to/video.mp4 (No such file or directory)04:28
sap_[0xb7401890] main input error: open of `/path/to/video.mp4' failed: no suitable access module04:28
ImmatixDoes anyone have an issue with Gnome windows not remembering their position in 11.10?04:28
xanguaLK-_: try original xchat ;)04:28
bazhangdhruvasagar, pastebin exactly what it says04:28
dhruvasagarwhen will aptitude install/download/remove the packages ? how can I stop it ?04:28
LK-_xangua: Did you even read my messsage properly?04:28
JZApplessebsebseb, that was what i was worried about.  So it will uninstall evolution and I will lose all that?04:28
usr13!dvd | sap04:28
ubottusap: Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats04:28
wiseqnetfakap, ubuntu 11.04 not booting properly04:28
xanguaLK-_: yes, try xchat instead of xchat-gnome04:28
JZApplesTakyoji, that's good to hear.  I'm using mdraid as well.04:29
sebsebsebJZApples: maybe, but I don't know04:29
dhruvasagarbazhang: ok doing04:29
alvin47arghx: i changed to lxde and i open file manager then click on the side panel of volumes but i can't mount them04:29
xanguasudo apt-get install xchat LK-_04:29
arghxJZApples: uninstalling a program NEVER deletes userdata in ~04:29
LK-_xchat is what's not working04:29
sebsebsebJZApples: and your user stuff for evolution will probably be ok04:29
arghxsebsebseb: not just "probably"04:29
wiseqnetwill with fresh install later04:29
JZApplesarghx, where does evolution save it's data?04:29
bazhangLK-_, whats the exact error. pastebin please04:29
dhruvasagarbazhang: https://gist.github.com/128905004:29
LK-_There is no error. It simply hangs.04:29
dhruvasagarbazhang: please help me!04:29
xanguasorry then LK-_ ;)04:29
TakyojiI have XChat installed, but when you search for it from the Dash, it doesn't list anything; unless you explicitly click on the "Applications" icon on the bottom.04:29
arghxJZApples: either in ~ or in /var/spool/mail or similar. depends on your mail setup04:29
bazhangdhruvasagar, patience. I am looking now04:30
xanguaLK-_: if you run the comand in terminal you will see an output ;)04:30
JZApplessebsebseb, i've been thinking of just switching to thunderbird for some time.04:30
LK-_xangua: I know.04:30
LK-_xangua: It does not report an error there.04:30
dhruvasagarbazhang: the last 10 or so lines are probably the most relevant, I pasted everything for completeness04:30
dhruvasagararghx: thanks for nothing04:30
sebsebsebJZApples: personaly if I was going ot use a email client I would use Thunderbird or maybe even  the email  client in Seamonkey,  but well never used Evolution as an actsaul email client before so hmm04:30
bazhangdhruvasagar, lose the attitude.04:30
sebsebsebJZApples: anyway web mail for me for now :)04:31
bazhangdhruvasagar, I am looking now, please be patient04:31
sebsebsebJZApples: of course there's Kmail as well for example, if you don't mind having KDE apps04:31
JZApplessebsebseb, yeah i used to use web mail and regret setting up evolution.  I had the04:31
dhruvasagarbazhang: all I want to know is did aptitude crash or did it stop or will it actually remove everything sometime soon, say when I restart or something ?04:31
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imperfect-Is there an easy to use wmv->divx software availble int eh repo's?04:32
JZApplessebsebseb, i had the 'delete mail from server' option checked and it removed everything from the server so i just keep my own backup now.04:32
LK-_xangua: https://gist.github.com/4f7cb63623f1c8c8ded1 It gets that far. Hangs after that. Wireshark reports no further network activity from it until I /quit.04:32
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest76345
dhruvasagarbazhang: I can see it asks 'Do you want to continue [Y/n/?]', I pressed 'y', is it case sensitive ?04:32
=== root is now known as Guest6656
sebsebsebJZApples: oh ok04:32
LK-_It is case insenitive04:32
JZApplessebsebseb, i'd rather not use kde, gnome works great, wish Ubuntu would have stuck with Gnome 304:32
bazhangdhruvasagar, I am trying to read, please be patient.04:32
TakyojiAnyone else having issues with 11.10 on a multi-monitor setup?04:32
dhruvasagarLK-_: was that addressed to me ?04:32
HorizonXPany reason why transferring a 217 gB tar.bz2 file to an USB 2.0 HDD is taking more than 12 hours?04:32
imperfect-Ident isn't working.04:32
SetiAmonChecking in.anyone have issues with sound in browsers(youtube etc) x64 11.10?04:32
dhruvasagarbazhang: ok I will wait for your reply04:33
imperfect-that's server side.04:33
sebsebsebJZApples: right, but you can use KDE  apps with Gnome, that's what I mean04:33
Takyojior had issues (and got them resolved, which I'm looking for)04:33
JZApplessebsebseb, yeah i know04:33
Takyojibecause it's 217GB? :P04:33
arghxbazhang: his initial problem was a kept back banshee. and from the paste he finally made it is clear that it's a libmtp8 versioning conflict04:33
johndoe_hii, i was wondering if someone can help me out with vgaswitcheroo04:33
JZApplessebsebseb, i'm kind of a linux newb so i'm trying to keep it simple for awhile04:33
johndoe_i have no idea how to install it or how to use it04:33
sebsebseb!gnome2 | JZApples04:33
ubottuJZApples: The GNOME Foundation has ceased support for GNOME 2, and as such it is not in Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot). See !notunity for an alternative desktop experience.04:33
bazhangsebsebseb, evolution is in oneiric, it will not be removed if already there04:33
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.04:34
JZApplessebsebseb, yeah i'm aware of that.  Gnome 3 looks great.  I'm curious to see how Unity works in 11.10 but am hesitant to upgrade right away.04:34
johndoe_hi , can someone kindly walk me through how vga switcheroo works and how i can use it?04:34
hansg01edibian: error04:34
sebsebsebJZApples: it seems according to bazhang that upgrading  from 11.04 to 11.10, that your evolution  emails and such will still be ok. and I did say you probably have the settings for that in home or wheever it saves earlier anyway04:35
bazhangjohndoe_, no need to repeat so quickly04:35
arghxjohndoe_: it is "installed" by default since it's a kernel setting. do you have a /sys/kernel/debug/vgaswitcheroo ?04:35
hansg01edbian: error04:35
imperfect-I really dislike unity04:35
bazhangimperfect-, thats not a support issue though04:35
sebsebseb!nounity | imperfect-04:35
ubottuimperfect-: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions drowpdown. Using Natty? See !classic04:35
imperfect-I didn't say it was04:35
imperfect-and it's already off04:35
imperfect-Just an observation04:35
bulwynklis there an equivalent to logitech's setpoint? - I have an MK700 kb/mouse setup and I'd like to change the mouse button assignments...04:35
bazhangimperfect-, so please dont say it here, its support only04:35
HorizonXPTakyoji: lol, that's what I thought, but so far, it's transferred 177 gB in just over 13 hours, which is like 3.87 mB/s04:36
arghximperfect-: but this channel is a support only channel. please take your chattering and excessive enter usage to #ubuntu-offtopic. thank you04:36
johndoe_arghx: yeah its there04:36
HorizonXPthat's insanely slow for a USB 2.0 disk04:36
imperfect-good god, you people are fucking anal04:36
johndoe_bazhang: im sorry about that thanks for the warning04:36
imperfect-grow the fuck up04:36
martianAleo: okay, thanks for letting us all know04:36
arghxjohndoe_: then you can use it. with it, you can tell X and the kernel which card to use before starting X04:36
fritschmmh what was that?04:36
sgs2_usrmind your language imperfect-04:36
sebsebsebsgs2_usr: gone already04:36
dhruvasagararghx: bazhang sorry for being paranoid. I read the man page and now understand that -s is for 'simulate', @arghx you could've just told that to me, I don't care enough to resolve dependencies and install banshee than to screw my system04:37
__machinehow do i make sure that dvbhdhomerun-utils service starts before tvheadend during boot?04:37
johndoe_arghx: thank you, but how exactly do i tell the kernal how to use the intelhd card instead of the ati discrete card t?04:37
HorizonXPis a 3.87 mB/s transfer rate typical for a USB 2.0 HDD?04:37
bob_Hi everyone ! :D04:38
fritschHorizonXP: nope04:38
fritschHorizonXP: you should get approx 20MB/s04:38
hansg01how to restore grub using live bot04:38
fritschHorizonXP: alt least04:38
qin__machine: Upstart or cron?04:38
arghxjohndoe_: echo "IGD" > /sys/kernel/debug/vgaswitcheroo/switch   is typical for enabling the internal card and "DIS" would be for the discrete card04:38
xangua!grub2 | hansg0104:38
ubottuhansg01: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)04:38
HorizonXPfritsch: that's what I figured. it's been degrading over the course of hours.04:38
arghxjohndoe_: cat /sys/kernel/debug/vgaswitcheroo/switch   to see which options you actually have and which one is currently selected04:39
HorizonXPfritsch: it transferred like 85 gB within 3 hours04:39
__machineqin: i enabled auto start with update-rc.d tvheadend defaults and update-rc.d dvbhdhomerun-utils defaults04:39
=== x_ is now known as instafail
HorizonXPthe next 100 gB or so took like 9 hours04:39
g0rsi'd like to test dcc send here . Can anybody try? I will send a 100to 700 mb file04:40
arghx__machine: and enabled it at what point in the boot process? e.g. in the linkname "S??tvheadend" what number is "??" ?04:40
johndoe_arghx: thank you so much04:40
HorizonXPfritsch: actually, just looking at the processes in top, and mount.ntfs is running at like 99% CPU04:40
HorizonXPi'm on an i7, so I didn't notice any issues04:40
=== Guest92328 is now known as EZ
johndoe_arghx: this is the output and im not really sure what it means 0: :Pwr:0000:01:00.0 1:+:Pwr:0000:00:02.004:41
HorizonXPfritsch: could be a memory leak?04:41
=== EZ is now known as Guest69137
qin__machine: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#start-depends-on-another-service04:42
=== wiseqnet is now known as ameer-ahmad
__machinearghx: 20 for both dvbhdhomerun-utils and tvheadend04:42
arghxjohndoe_: can you pastebin the output of lspci -nn ?04:42
JZApplesIs it recommended to use Ubuntu 64-bit if you have a 64-bit CPU?04:42
arghx__machine: and the one you want to start later needs a higher number than the other04:42
l1nr007its related to this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/arista/+bug/81491104:43
arghxJZApples: yes, within reasn. basically: if you have 4GB or more then use 64bit. otherwise stay with 32bit04:43
ameer-ahmadhow do I know my CPU 32 or 64 bit?04:43
ubottuUbuntu bug 814911 in arista (Ubuntu) "arista-gtk crashed with GError in setup_source(): Icon 'camera-video' not present in theme" [Undecided,Confirmed]04:43
JZApplesarghx, i do have 4GB.04:43
__machinearghx: what update-rc.d command do i use for that? is it wrong to use update-rc.d servicename defaults to auto start services like this?04:43
lauratikadoes anyone had any troubles disabling window decoration under gnome classic in 11.10?04:44
crash1hdNot that it really matters but can anyone figure out why it is when i log into my guest account the screen goes blank I see the mouse and as I move the mouse around parts of the screen become visible but not the whole thing?04:44
fritschHorizonXP: you can detect a memory leak - just copy and look at the used mem04:44
arghxameer-ahmad: cat /proc/cpuinfo   if the flags: entry contains "lm" then your cpu is 64bit capable04:44
fritschHorizonXP: is your target encrypted? or your source ntfs?04:44
johndoe_arghx: also when i use the code "sudo echo OFF > /sys/kernel/debug/vgaswitcheroo/switch" it says no such commamnd found04:44
HorizonXPfritsch: target is not encrypted, but the target is ntfs. source is ext404:44
qinlauratika: Set !(any) in ccsm (or whatever is new name) for window-decorations04:45
arghx__machine: man update-rc.d  see the line "update-rc.d [-n] name defaults [NN | SS KK]"  it should be self explanatory what to use there04:45
arghxjohndoe_: cause "echo" is a bash intrinsic command04:45
HorizonXPfritsch: interestingly, i have 12 GB of RAM, and looks like all 12 is being used04:46
JZApplesSo if I upgrade from 11.04 to 11.10 will it uninstall the synaptic package manager?04:46
__machinearghx: thanks04:46
freakabcdhi all04:46
l1nr007JZApples, No04:46
freakabcdI've been using Oneiric since a long time ago and had everything working *before* the release!04:46
freakabcdnow there is no audio on the system after the latest update04:46
lauratikaqin actually i want just my browser with no windows decorartion so i use & !name=opera as in 11.04 but aint working wondering if anybody notice this issue?04:46
JZApplesl1nr007, awesome.04:46
johndoe_arghx: so what can i exactly do with that?04:46
freakabcdi think there is something wrong with either pulseaudio or dbus04:46
freakabcdi'm on x6404:46
bulwynklanyone know how to assign actions to mouse buttons04:46
pangolinfreakabcd: that happened to me also, a reboot fixed it.04:47
sap_r u there04:47
freakabcdpangolin, except here, reboot didn;t fix04:47
pangolinfreakabcd: sorry :/04:47
JZApplesbulwynkl, i've had issues with pulseaudio in 11.04.04:47
fritschHorizonXP: this is normal04:47
arghxjohndoe_: you can use a interactive root shell with sudo -i and enter the echo command there. or you use a script that runs suid root or in root context04:47
fritschHorizonXP: linux loads everything it can into ram04:47
qinlauratika: Something like this, me too opera ;) (any) & !(title=Opera)04:47
fritschHorizonXP: why not using it, if it is there04:47
freakabcdi first tried to unload the snd_* modules manually and then did a modprobe snd_hda_intel to get them loaded back, after which tried restarting lightdm,pulse, etc. no avail04:48
fritschHorizonXP: so all shared libs, stuff are loaded for fast access04:48
sap_usrl13 can u tell me how i can access the root account04:48
johndoe_arghx: alright perfect it went through04:48
fritschHorizonXP: i think you hit an ntfs fuse issue04:48
HorizonXPfritsch: yeah, i figured so, but it usually isn't all 12GB. no biggie, doesn't seem like it's one particular process hogging it.04:48
fritschHorizonXP: try to copy to another drive, which is not ntfs04:48
freakabcdpangolin, this seems a ridiculous situation. audiop working in all prerelease/nightly versions but the final release04:48
lauratikaqin is working for you this way?04:48
fritschHorizonXP: for testing04:48
HorizonXPfritsch: yeah, i think so too, Google seems to show results highlighting NTFS issues04:48
HorizonXPfritsch: i don't have another non-NTFS drive, except for network shares04:49
freakabcdat first i thought it must be a kernel/driver issue. then when i checked logs, etc. nothing to show such is the case04:49
ArNezTwhere do I get repo for upgrade gambas 2 to gambas 3 for ubuntu 11.04?04:49
HorizonXPwhich I am already copying to04:49
arghxjohndoe_: I'm not totally sure vgaswitcheroo works with your hardware. the output is very very sparse :(  I guess the numbers relate to your PCI slots but since you didn't pastebin the lspci command I cannot be sure04:49
freakabcdit is definitely a pulseaudio/dbus problem04:49
phiscibefreakabcd: i hate to mention the obvious, but always check the mixer volume levles, the often get set to zero or mute is turne on alsamixer in terminal is a lowlevel way04:49
fritschfreakabcd: youre local disk you ar running ubuntu?04:49
fritschfreakabcd: sorry04:49
fritschHorizonXP: your local disk are running ubuntu?04:49
HorizonXPapproximately 110 gB in just over 3 hours so far04:49
johndoe_arghx: im not really sure on how to pastebin the lspci command04:50
sap_can any tell me how to access root account04:50
fritschHorizonXP: thats just oky04:50
freakabcdPhilosoraptor, everything is maxed out. kubuntu x64 here. and kmix shows hardware information as alsa, alsa+oss04:50
HorizonXPfritsch: local disk is split between ubuntu and windows 704:50
HorizonXP2 partitions04:50
arghxhowaaa1: ntfs is using fuse and fuse is very very slow. coupled with usb access which sucks as well, it might just be that it can't go faster,04:50
phiscibelspci >anytextfile will send it to a file04:50
JZApplesarghx, so if I upgrade from Ubuntu 11.04 32-bit to 11.10 64-bit, will i have issues?  am i going to need to reinstall all my apps and find 64-bit versions?04:50
freakabcdafter yesterdays updates, my Xorg is also screwed up sometimes04:50
fritschHorizonXP: you could copy from usb to ubuntu?04:50
arghxJZApples: you cannot upgrade frm 32bit to 64bit04:50
fritschHorizonXP: or is your usb2.0 drive ntfs?04:50
HorizonXPexternal hdd is NTFS for stupid windows compatability reasons04:50
freakabcdi lose input from keyboard/mouse sometimes and after a while switching to VT and back, etc. its back04:51
HorizonXPfritsch: usb2.0 drive is ntfs04:51
fritschHorizonXP: outsch, okay04:51
sanu01guys how can i install gnome 3.2 in 11.10?04:51
freakabcdso i'm mopre leaning towards dbus being the problem04:51
phiscibedont think you can upgrade 32bit to 64 bit, need all new04:51
fritsch!nounity | sanu0104:51
ubottusanu01: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions drowpdown. Using Natty? See !classic04:51
JZApplesarghx, i should probably just back everything up and do a fresh install.04:51
arghxJZApples: if you want go 64bit, there is no other way04:51
freakabcdis there a way i can check the history of what packages were added recently for upgfrade?04:51
apersonI some how managed to suspend one of my gnu screen windows, I know the program isn't suspended, but it's just sitting there and isn't outputting anything more.  what might I have hit and how might I restore the program?04:52
SetiAmonso no one has issues with sound in browsers on 11.10 here?04:52
JZApplesarghx, thanks.  I really wish i would have thought that out more when I first installed.04:52
fritschaperson: screen -dr04:52
sanu01ubottu, any problems with stability?04:52
ubottusanu01: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:52
fritschaperson: just in another shell, if there are more, you can specificy screen -dr PID04:52
arghxaperson: can you switch to toher screen windows?04:52
sanu01anyone using gnome 3.2 in 11.10? how stable is it?04:53
jaydenin Jockey, post-release updates is better than the normal one right?04:53
Stanley00sanu01: not working in my case :))04:53
johnjohn101sanu01:  i used it and it works, slow but beautiful04:53
apersonfritsch: fritsch no dice.  It's aptitude that's frozen, so I really don't want to kill it if I don't have to04:53
apersonarghx: yessir04:54
fritschaperson: it does not be killed04:54
fritschaperson: it just detaches and reaattaches04:54
apersonfritsch: no, that didn't work04:54
=== jason_ is now known as mitchej321
fritschaperson: what did the computer say, when you entered that command?04:54
apersonfritsch: nothing04:54
sap_ubottu how can i access my root account?04:54
qinlauratika: It should. I do not have any decors.04:54
ubottusap_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:54
Stanley00!root | sap_04:55
ubottusap_: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo04:55
sap_ameer can u help me04:55
DanaGinteresting: http://mirrors.calpoly.edu/ubuntu-releases/.pool/04:55
apersonfritsch: the window just froze.  I can type in it, but it doesn't respond to anything.  I even (desperately) tried a ^c in it, but it doesn't respond04:55
DanaGthere's armel dove and i.mx51.04:55
DanaGAre those boards actually now available?04:56
fritschaperson: mmh so this is not a screen issue04:56
phiscibethere is no root account in ubuntu04:56
ameer-ahmadsap_, wassup04:56
lauratikaqin: you mean your browser has no close, maximize, minimize buttons and window decoration?, are you under gnome classic in 11.10?04:56
DanaGI looked a year ago, and couldn't find where to buy one.04:56
fritschaperson: sorry, don`t know04:56
arghxDanaG: yes04:56
qinlauratika: What is in command box? /usr/bin/compiz-decorator ?04:56
apersonfritsch: dang :S, thanks anyways04:56
LafiirDid GStreamer loose support for .mp4 video files in 11.10? I can't play them in totem, nor do I get thumbnails for them.04:56
sap_bro can u tell me how can i access my root account04:56
qinlauratika: No, 10.1004:56
bazhangsap_, read the links given. use sudo04:56
arghxDanaG: efika is i.mx51 hardware04:56
ameer-ahmadgksudo nautilus04:56
ameer-ahmadsap_, gksudo nautilus04:56
Stanley00sap_: on Ubuntu? you cant, just use sudo or gksu ...04:57
phiscibesap_:   there is no root account in ubuntu, the sudo command can give you root privlleges04:57
DanaGAnd yet, no beagleboard (and such) official images.04:57
lauratikaqin im in oneric 11.10 it used to work ok in natty04:57
__machinearghx: i changed dvbhdhomerun to start at 10, sickbeard and couchpotato at 20, and tvheadend at 30… but dvbhdhomerun is still not ready by the time tvheadend starts? are the services started sequentially?04:57
arghx__machine: that's a bad idea04:57
rytyhi all04:57
HorizonXPyou have got to be kidding me04:57
DanaGI decided to get myself an HP Microserver instead of an ARM with limited throughput.04:57
arghxyou should not use a number lower than 2004:58
rytyI have a fun little issue that has re-appeared from previous version of ubuntu (now on 11.10)04:58
qinlauratika: Do you run compiz? Which decorator?04:58
sap_thanks stanley0004:58
DanaGNow, if only the btrfs devs would make a fscking... fsck, that can actually fix things.04:58
arghxDanaG: do you have an actual ubuntu related support question?04:58
rytyMy MX5000 keyboard and MX1000 mouse don't work like they're supposed to04:58
HorizonXPthis bug in ntfs-3g has been filed since 2009-06-2504:58
sap_thanks ameer04:58
HorizonXPthat's 2 years without a fix04:58
__machinewhats a bad idea?04:58
__machinearghx: whats a bad idea?04:58
HorizonXPit's confirmed, and apparently been fixed upstream04:58
arghx__machine: starting anything at 1004:58
HorizonXPbut somehow, 4 versions of Ubuntu are affected, and continue to be04:58
sap_is any one aware with Osirix04:58
DanaGOkay, here's an actual question:04:59
ubottuError: Bug #856882 is a duplicate of bug #837354, but it is private (https://launchpad.net/bugs/837354)04:59
DanaGWhat the heck good is it to mark a public bug a duplicate of a private bug>04:59
ubottuUbuntu bug 392204 in ntfs-3g (Ubuntu) "Huge CPU usage by mount.ntfs process" [Medium,Confirmed]04:59
__machinearghx: why? sabnzbd starts at K02 which is setup by the package installer… and the others that i setup are K10 K20 K30 … vmware tools is K38 … ?04:59
arghxDanaG: you need to understand what a "question" is I think....04:59
lauratikaqin yes04:59
arghx__machine: K02 doesn't start anything, it "K" stops things04:59
DanaGOkay, then what do you do to un-duplicate the "child" bug, or get the parent un-private?05:00
rytyMy MX1000 mouse won't pair to bt05:00
rytythe keyboard does, but if it's anything like the problem I had before, will be rather intermittent in successful pairing05:00
sap_any1 knows OsiriX05:00
__machinearghx: sorry i must have been looking in the wrong runlevel folder05:00
qinlauratika: ps aux | grep decor05:00
rytyhow do I change my hid driver to hidraw?05:00
DanaGryty: I've had much better luck with blueman than with the regular bluetooth applet.05:00
arghx__machine: personally I would use S40 S41 S42... if I were you. but your choice05:01
=== Bry8Star_ is now known as Bry8Star
RavnacGreetings: I probably messed up my Ubuntu (11.10) as I tried to install Kubuntu via apt-get install kubuntu-desktop and apt-get remove ubuntu-desktop. After a reboot my Desktop looks like this: http://i.imgur.com/obqk4.png and I have no graphical UI - any1 able to help me? :(05:01
rytyDanaG, I'll try it05:01
__machinearghx: i will change it… but still… hdhomerun doesnt seem to be ready by the time that tvheadend starts?05:01
HorizonXPfritsch: soo.... will this file even finish transferring? or should i give up on it?05:01
DanaGokay, another valid question: why do links in pidgin open in xlinks2?  That's just weird.05:01
arghx__machine: normally it is started sequentially. if it doesn't work like you want, I suggest you write some upstart jobs for it05:02
Ravnacre, disc :(05:02
lauratikaqin :10608  0.0  0.0   5660   800 pts/0    S+   00:02   0:00 grep --color=auto decor05:02
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».05:02
fritschHorizonXP: you can look with du -sh05:02
fritschHorizonXP: if the size changes05:02
RavnacSo, does anyone know how or where I can fix my UI? :[05:03
qinlauratika: So compiz-decorator is not running?05:03
rytyDanaG, didn't work any better05:03
DanaGOoh, gnome-shell has native wacom settings!05:03
johndoe_Ravnac: whats wrong with your ui?05:03
reisioDanaG: settings?05:03
HorizonXPfritsch: the size is changing, just more slowly than before. I fear that eventually, the transfer rate will become 0 and stop completely.05:03
point_what's the command to extract a .tar.bz2?05:04
rytytar xvf <filename>05:04
reisiopoint_: -xjf05:04
DanaGYeah, in gnome-control-center in oneiric.05:04
DanaGgnome-control-center: /usr/lib/control-center-1/panels/libwacom-properties.so05:04
apersonfritsch: fwiw, I pkill'd aptitude and it resumed it :(05:04
DanaGWacom tablet PC.05:04
point_ryty, thanks05:04
sap_which virtual software i can use in Ubuntu to install MAC- snow leopard10.605:04
RavnacI installed Ubuntu 11.10, then decided Kubunto looked better and installed it via apt-get install kubuntu-desktop and removed the ubuntu one. Now my UI's quite clear and has no real UI (like this: http://i.imgur.com/obqk4.png)05:04
DanaGToo bad this system I got secondhand is pen-only.  :(05:04
DanaGPen-only is like the worst of both worlds.05:04
reisiosap_: probably any05:04
lauratikaqin: if i type compiz-decorator decorations /usr/bin/unity-window-decorator: Ignoring unknown or already-used button name "menu "05:04
sap_reisio is vmware deals with ubuntu well? or not05:05
reisiosap_: well enough05:05
sap_reisio do u know about the Osirix software05:06
phiscibeRavnac: what does alt+f2 do, it should open krunner or whater it is calle05:06
phiscibeRavnac: what does alt+f2 do, it should open krunner or whater it is called05:06
qinlauratika: in "command" field (ccsm, windows decor), you can set preffered decorator, but dunno how it will react in Oneiric...05:06
reisiosap_: what about it05:06
arghxsap_: ask your real question05:07
phiscibeyou may be missing the plasma parts05:07
Ravnacphiscibe: ALT F2 does nothing.05:07
phiscibecan you right click and get a menu, with add panel, default panel05:07
sap_I want to install Osirix but its not installing in ubuntu05:07
fritschHorizonXP: so wait and see :-)05:07
arghx!errors | sap05:07
ubottusap: If you have problems or errors, you will need to describe/paste them. Please use the !pastebin for errors that cannot be quoted in a single IRC message05:07
fritschaperson: mmh, i think it did not get killed05:07
reisiosap_: it's not really designed to05:08
reisiosap_: don't see why it wouldn't work in Mac OS in a VM, though05:09
apersonfritsch: after I pkill'd it, the window went back to normal and I resumed what I was doing05:09
HorizonXPfritsch: well, it's probably going to take all weekend. it's my work computer, so here's hoping the power doesn't cut out.05:09
Ravnacphiscibe: Right Click just shows me "Create New Folder", "Create New Docment" and so on05:10
phiscibeyou have some odd mix of desktops with missing comonents or something05:10
DanaGgnome-shell works quite well on a 915gm, once you force it to use Intel instead of fbdev.05:10
sap_reisio it works on MAX OS in VM but only problem is with CT's they won't play properly Osirix is a open source PACS05:10
Ravnacphiscibe: Yes, looks like that :[05:10
D_Russanyone know a command to reset application to default settings? qbittorrent?05:11
arghxsap_: if you don't paste the actual problems you have installing osirix, no one can help you with it05:11
reisiosap_: only problem is what?05:11
phiscibeOsiriX 3.9 and higher requires MacOS 10.6 or higher05:11
apersonD_Russ: delete its configuration in your home folder05:12
reisioD_Russ: ls -a ~/ | grep -i tor05:12
D_Russhow do i find it05:12
RavnacAny1 know a way to create a bootable USB-Stick if you only have access to the console and usb-creator doesn't work? :(05:12
lauratikaqin: got disconected05:12
apersonRavnac: I'm not entirely sure, but unetbootin might have a command line mode05:13
yagooRavnac, what do u mean?05:13
pooltablehelp how to installed install-crossover-games-demo-10.1.1.bin05:13
phiscibesap_:  OsiriX is for macs, try Aeskulap - DICOM Viewer05:13
D_Russaperson, cant find the config file05:13
arghxpooltable: try sudo sh install-crossover-games-demo-10.1.1.bin05:13
pooltablewho has 11.10 installed is there a way to turn off ubity?05:13
arghx!tell Ravnac about doesn't work05:13
sap_it get crash when i remotely login to MAC system when i click on CT's it gets crash05:13
ubottuRavnac, please see my private message05:13
arghx!nounity > pooltable05:14
ubottupooltable, please see my private message05:14
reisiosap_: inside VMware?05:14
sap_phiscibe is Aeskulap is also a open pacs05:14
D_Russreisio, thats the command for qbittorrent05:14
yagooi'd like to know about ravnac's question-- is there such a tool?05:14
sap_reisio yes inside vmware05:14
reisioD_Russ: ?05:14
D_Russthe command you gave me05:15
reisiosap_: what sort of processor/ram does the host OS have?05:15
D_Russthat will reset its settings05:15
reisioD_Russ: no, that'll tell you where the config dir is, unless it's in ~/.config/05:15
phiscibeRavnac: if you add the kde workspaces you might get a tray or something05:15
D_Russohh ok05:15
sap_I5, 2TB, 6GB ddr305:15
pooltablearghx sh: Can't open install-crossover-games-demo-10.1.1.bin05:15
reisiotradition would be ~/.qbittorrent/ or ~/.qbittorrentrc or ~/.config/qbittorrent/05:15
Ravnacphiscibe: How do I do that?05:15
arghxD_Russ: http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/qbittorrent/index.php?title=Frequently_Asked_Questions_%28FAQ%29#Where_does_qBittorrent_save_its_settings.3F05:15
D_Russit came back with .bash_history05:16
reisioD_Russ: right, because hisTORy05:16
arghxD_Russ: found with a simple: http://www.google.com/search?q=qbitorrent+config+file05:16
RavnacI installed usb-creator via "sudo apt-get install usb-creator (kde and gtk) and the command, "usb-creator" just responds with "command not found"05:16
D_Russthanks arghx05:16
reisioRavnac: sudo usb-creator?05:16
RavnacSame result05:17
reisioRavnac: dpkg -L usb-creator05:17
kfizzIs there anyway to get old panel applets (like processor temp, processor load, etc.) in gnome 3. I know 3.0 and 2.0 are a little different, but I miss my panel applets.05:17
reisioRavnac: dpkg -L usb-creator | grep bin05:17
ghostnik11hi can thunderbird's calender be integrated into ubuntu 11.10 gnome 3 calender on the desktop b/c when i click on it, it says evolution command not found05:17
phiscibelook in the package manager for kdebase-workspace, not sure what it might be called in 11.10, but maybe you want to go the other way and fix the missing unity stuff05:17
yagooRavnac, thought u said something about unetbootin05:17
=== maulana is now known as frull
Ravnacyagoo: no :(05:17
* frull hallo05:17
ghostnik11the one where you know the day of the week and the clock and u click on it and calender comes down, well can thunderbird calender be integrated into that or no?05:18
* frull : am need make auth my ubuntu vid tutorial how can i do that ?05:18
arghxfrull: "make auth"?05:18
reisioghostnik11: I'd be surprised if thunderbird came with such a feature, but you might be able to find an addon/script05:18
phiscibeghostnik11: that is some type of widget or something05:19
frullarghx, make authentication, like copy right my video05:19
keith-linux1122how secure is ubuntu105:20
arghx!id | frull05:20
ubottufrull: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia05:20
frullarghx, am used ubuntu 11.04 and need make authentication my vid tutorial,05:20
ghostnik11reisio: thanks, thats very disappointing; phiscibe: no its not its the where the clock is you click on it and it comes down when i go to calender in the drop down and click on it, it talks about the evolution program, how can it be a widget but its built in?05:20
phiscibekeith-linux1122: depends on how stoopid the user is05:20
frullarghx, no body on ubuntu indonesia brotha.05:20
arghxfrull: and ubuntu doesn't have software for DRM05:20
frullarghx, DRM ?05:21
arghxRavnac: can you pastebin the output of the command reisio gave you?05:21
arghxfrull: digital restriction management05:21
almoxarife1ghostnik11: yes, you can, but I believe 'evolution' will be the calendar that comes up, but you may be able to sync google to evolution calender05:21
reisioghostnik11: you know you don't have to use thunderbird just because Ubuntu switched to using it by default05:21
Ravnacarghx: The command-prompt is "usb-creator-kde" - it worked now. Thanks.05:21
arghxkeith-linux1122: nonsensical question05:21
frullarghx, what you ide for that05:21
RavnacAnd not "usb-creator" as stated on kubuntu.org05:22
phiscibethe things that are built in are parts, widgets can be parts, i have not been using the gnome interface im using kde so i can answer you specificly ghostnik11, but i can say that calder programs can have their own data, use ical or a type of web dav, if the program is complaining about evolution , look to see if evolution is installed, evolution is  mail program like outlook with i think calender functions,05:22
frullarghx, i mean, did people know i make the vid tutorial with ubuntu, if i used drm05:22
arghxfrull: "ide" is no sensical word in this context. try again please05:22
frullarghx, hhahahah05:22
reisiokeith-linux1122: encrypt your data befora backing up to it and it's sure to be secure05:22
phiscibeghostnik11: you can always find the program you were used to and add it back05:23
frullarghx, the simple thinks is am need make authentication my video with ubuntu. just like that like05:23
reisiofrull: watermark?05:23
daniel__i have a problem connecting my samsung galaxy, says device could not be locked05:24
daniel__any ideas? is there a lock somewhere i should delete05:24
frullreisio, watermak not good ide, because watermark used for pic not on vid05:24
yagoodaniel__, wtf is a samsung galaxy? There's a google devices out there.05:24
ghostnik11phiscibe: thanks will just uninstall thunderbird and install evolution like you guys suggested, almoxarife1: will definetly do that just felt that there was a reason ubuntu team would take it out b/c they felt thunderbird was better or more advance meaning it would be good for everyone, reisio05:24
phiscibedaniel can u see terminal output, does it complain about dbus or something when u plug  it up05:24
reisiofrull: what are you trying to accomplish?05:25
arghxdaniel__: does it connect as a mass storage device? and what is the actual error?05:25
SetiAmonso in everyones experience,are you having a lot of problems with 11.1005:25
arghx!poll | SetiAmon05:25
ubottuSetiAmon: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.05:25
daniel__no phiscibe, it recognises it and asks what to do...open in folder, etc05:25
daniel__it complains when i open it05:25
reisioghostnik11: I can only imagine it has something to do with their Mac OS style scheme05:25
almoxarife1ghostnik11: you may be able to use thunderbird too, I am not saying it can't be done, best thing to do is try, if it does not work, then you know05:26
qmanjr5How do I check how much RAM I have?05:26
SetiAmonnot really a poll i'm just wondering if many others are experiencing problems05:26
reisioEvolution is a much larger more comprehensive application, and is GNOME's default mail client (not that Ubuntu is big on default GNOME anymore)05:26
SetiAmonparticularly sound issues05:26
reisioqmanjr5: free -m, top, htop, lshw05:26
almoxarife1reisio: is there a gui for that?05:26
reisioalmoxarife1: checking RAM?  Probably05:27
reisiobut I don't use GNOME05:27
qmanjr5Jesus H. Christ...why is WINE taking so much memory. ._.05:27
yagoodaniel__, maybe the jmicro mod needs to be loaded (check with -> lsmod|grep -i jmic)05:27
reisioprobably because the app you're trying to use via it is poorly made05:27
kfizzIs there anyway to get old panel applets (like processor temp, processor load, etc.) in gnome 3. I know 3.0 and 2.0 are a little different, but I miss my panel applets.05:27
almoxarife1reisio: in ubuntu?05:27
reisioalmoxarife1: ?05:27
qmanjr5I'm using Steam, reisio :P05:27
reisiokfizz: gnome-panel, probably05:27
arghxqmanjr5: lshw | less is one way. ls -l /proc/kcore is another05:27
daniel__yagoo: yeah, no output05:27
reisioqmanjr5: steam is the very definition of poorly made :p05:27
frullam have vid tutorial for usued linux ubuntu, and am need to share it with my authentication on vid because i am not need any body change or modifi that vid tutorial05:28
arghxqmanjr5: or "free"05:28
qmanjr5how else am I gunna play CS? :(05:28
reisiofrull: there is no way to prevent people from modifying a video you let them see05:28
reisiofrull: the best you can do is watermark it05:28
ghostnik11almoxarife1, well i did try and looked for the addon for the integration with gnome 3 but its not there, reisio, wow i thought they only removed things because it was actually beneficial but i see your point the look of mac they might be thinking are more appealing to new people who are coming from mac to ubuntu05:28
kfizzreisio, I mean is there a way to add applets to the now-title bar?05:28
arghxfrull: what you want to do is not possible05:28
yagoodaniel__, maybe "modprobe pata_jmicron" will do the trick -- unmount (then unplug), then replug..05:29
stevecamis there a documented method for streaming my sound to a a link i can share on my LAN05:29
reisioghostnik11: my best guess... Evolution is after all pretty much an Outlook clone05:29
reisioghostnik11: we have a Mac user at work who hates it, prefers Thunderbird05:29
arghxstevecam: vlc has lots of documentation for example05:29
reisiokfizz: I'm sure there must be, sorry I don't have particulars; maybe search ubuntuforums.org05:29
frullarghx, why no possible, and reisio are watermark that good and can't modifying my video05:29
kfizzreisio, thanks. I've been search with no luck. It appears there's no way to do so.05:30
reisiofrull: because anything a person can see and hear, a person can copy05:30
arghxfrull: there is no way you can prevent people from modifying your video. if they can watch it, they can modify it.05:30
reisiofrull: there is physically nothing you can do that will work 100% of the time05:30
yagooreisio, especially me.. I have a chip implanted in my brain05:30
stevecamarghx, i want to route audio on my machine into a streaming media file05:30
reisiokfizz: I'm sure there must be, sorry I don't have particulars; maybe search ubuntuforums.org05:30
daniel__arghx: actually, now i get the dbus error05:30
reisioyagoo: yeah I almost mentioned you05:30
phiscibeghostnik11: could the old program be called Rainlendar ro sunbird05:30
frullpeople can copy my vid but dot modify my video05:30
daniel__phiscibe: sorry05:30
reisiofrull: they can do anything they like to it05:31
reisiofrull: with enough knowledge05:31
vantikwhere is the channel for Ubuntu app developers?05:31
reisiofrull: I can't say it's going to be that likely, though05:31
reisioI'm not aware of any popularity in ripping off tutorial videos...05:31
reisiovantik: what's an Ubuntu app?05:31
arghxreisio: you haven't seen well made tutorials like frull's then!05:31
yagoodaniel__, what happens when u do-> fdisk -l? (do u see 1 device or 2 devices related to the samsung galaxy?)05:31
frullreisio, that you mean no original vid on internet05:31
reisioarghx: maybe I haven't been to Indonesia :p05:32
reisioarghx: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/f/f7/World_Map_Index_of_perception_of_corruption_2010.svg/800px-World_Map_Index_of_perception_of_corruption_2010.svg.png05:32
phiscibe     daniel__ no clue about the samsung with out an derror message05:32
vantikis this a basic channel for ubuntu users?05:32
frullarghx, what you mean brotha ?05:32
yagoovantik, check the topic05:32
reisiovantik: uhuh05:32
devinusis creating an ext2 /boot partition still required in 11.10 if you want to use btrfs ?05:33
phiscibevantik: yes more or less a supoort channel, with the support being provided by you05:33
phiscibewell me too05:33
phiscibeand him05:33
reisiodevinus: by the installer?05:33
The_BROSHow to change Empathy to Pidgin with build into panel?05:33
reisiodevinus: dunno, it's not required in general05:33
vantiknevermind, thx05:33
reisiodevinus: worst case you setup your partitions beforehand05:33
ghostnik11almoxarife1, well anyway its too late i am already uninstalled thunderbird, it was okay, reisio: i just feel evolution is more versatile when it comes to integration with google calender and address book, just not as hot looking as other calender programs with all the nice graphical designs, phiscibe: no the calender in thunderbird is lighting, evolution programs calender is built in and not an add on like thunderbird's05:33
devinusreisio: by the installer yeah05:33
JZAppleshow do i import my email from evolution to thunderbird?  i can't find any good documentation online that isn't really old or doesn't work.05:33
yagoodevinus, i beleive its supported for the latest kernels.. but as for grub2? i have no clue.. (check grub2's doc-- maybe wikipedia)05:34
daniel__yagoo: 105:34
phiscibet hunder bird i thought does not have a calendar, it used a sunbird plugin called lightning05:34
frullarghx, reisio am need distribution all my vid tutorial (how used ubuntu for education) for free and am not need any body modify my tutorial of it, that am need make some vid authentication.05:34
phiscibeevolution is a mail client, but i think is has a calendar05:34
yagoodaniel__, u tried another port? (changed to another cable-- sometimes the problem is the cable is too long)05:34
reisioJZApples: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Importing_and_exporting_your_mail might help05:35
frullthe content of authentication is 1. am used ubuntu for make vid 2. my pc name 3. copy right, 4 my location just that05:35
arghxfrull: you may need whatever you want but you cannot prevent people from copying. bluray cost millions of dollars to make and there are tons of bluray rips for every single movie out there on the internet.05:35
reisioghostnik11: it's a much more comprehensive application05:35
reisiothunderbird is extensible, but if there's not already an applet for what you want, I don't see a problem continuing to use Evolution05:35
daniel__yagoo: i seem to get the dbus error on one port and the could not lock device on the other05:35
daniel__let me try the third05:36
JZApplesreisio, i already read through all that, the thunderbird import isn't detecting evolution05:36
devinusyagoo, yeah, wondering if it's supported for grub205:36
ghostnik11jzapples: i think you have to first go to evolution and export then it should give you like a file thing that when you go to thunderbird and go to import you search on that file that represents your mail history in evolution05:36
devinusor if the installer even allows it...05:36
reisioJZApples: that's pretty sad05:36
yagoodevinus, i'm not sure if this project was absorbed into grub2.. maybe u'd like to ask on #grub (  https://launchpad.net/btrfs-grub2  )05:36
daniel__nope dbus05:36
reisioJZApples: I guess I'll mention to you also: you can keep using Evolution if you want to05:36
JZApplesghostnik11, by export, do you mean select all the email messages and goto File > Save as mbox...?05:36
yagoodevinus, possibly that site offers a btrfs module (yes grub2 has its own internal module system)05:36
phiscibewhere is your mail  JZApples, that is where does the evolution program get it from , what email server05:37
JZApplesreisio, i know you can, i've wanted to switch for awhile05:37
phiscibeif its a imap email server you dont need to export or import05:37
reisiodevinus: GRUB2 boots btrfs just fine without a /boot/ partition05:37
JZApplesreisio, wish they would have included thunderbird with 11.0405:37
yagooreisio, thanks05:37
reisioJZApples: k05:37
ghostnik11jzapples: well are you using a major email provider like google? b/c if thats the case you might not have to import it to thunderbird and can just input your info and it will get mail off the server05:37
JZApplesphiscibe, hotmail, and it deleted them all after it downloaded the first time05:37
frullyes arghx people can copying but can't modify my vid, am distribution for free am not need any body modify, modify my vid05:38
devinusreisio: damn...i should reinstall now then -.-05:38
reisiodevinus: oh? :p05:38
phiscibeJZApples: if you log in to hotmail via a web interface are you messages still there?05:38
devinusokay be back in two hours!05:38
JZApplesghostnik11, i wish, i must have had evolution configured wrong the first time i got them off my hotmail account and it removed them all after it imported05:38
reisiodevinus: 1min05:38
JZApplesphiscibe, no.05:38
almoxarifephiscibe: yes05:38
yagoodevinus, btrfs looks like a fs i'd like to try.. it has snapshots and the sort..05:38
reisiodevinus: you might want to make your first (/ ?) partition start a little farther in than usual05:38
devinusyagoo, yeah, i'm testing it out05:38
phiscibeJZApples: are you useing hot mail as a pop3 server?05:39
devinusreisio, interesting05:39
reisiodevinus: GRUB2's core.img including btrfs support, IME, makes it quite large05:39
reisiolike more than 13kB05:39
yagoodevinus, in fact one of the ext4 developers condones and says its a way forward for linux filesystems..05:39
JZApplesphiscibe, ghostnik11, leave messages on server got unchecked05:39
reisiodevinus: possibly varies by distro though, just something to keep in mind05:39
jaybuttsmy unity broke,how can i just get a normal taskbar and get rid of the stupid mac crap at the top ? :)05:39
JZApplesphiscibe, yes pop305:39
devinusokay i'll keep that in mind then05:39
yagoodevinus, so i believe its a very stable filesystem05:39
reisioit's not very stable05:39
reisiobut it will be05:40
yagoooh ok05:40
ghostnik11jzapples: wow, and there all gone05:40
reisiostable enough to play with now, though05:40
devinusit's super fast on my system05:40
Stanley00jaybutts: then, it's not normal unity ;)05:40
reisioI wouldn't fill it with your only copies of your favorite files05:40
JZApplesghostnik11, yup it was a major bummer at the time05:40
BlackWebDoes anyone know of a program that can mount .daa format05:40
devinusi just have a 2TB hdd05:40
reisiobut I wouldn't do that with any FS05:40
=== _srp is now known as vivek
phiscibeJZApples: ok then they are gone, but you might can send hotmail a message and they can restore them, its not uncommon, next SWITCH TO  IMAP  as the protocol then any client you use, will see you data and not delete it, you can use evoluiton thunder bird outlook claws all the same time05:40
yagooBlackWeb, poweriso makes a linux mount tool or maybe module..05:40
reisioBlackWeb: convert with daa2iso first05:40
yagooBlackWeb, yah.. and that too (if the converter doesn't do the job 100%)05:41
* yagoo hates proprietary compressions05:41
BlackWebalright, ya checking to see what would be the best way to do it, right now then moved the file to a Network windows machine used poweriso to convert to iso, but I'll look into poweriso for linux05:41
BlackWebThanks guys :)05:42
yagooBlackWeb, np05:42
reisioBlackWeb: apt-get install daa2iso :p05:42
JZApplesphiscibe, i still have them setup with evolution.  i want to move that data into thunderbird.  what do you mean switch to imap?05:43
yagooanyone here use xar instead of tar?05:43
phiscibeOOHH JZApples i thought they were totaly wiped05:43
reisioyagoo: why would anyone05:43
yagoodunno.. but i read a while xar is the way to go from some folks..05:44
JZApplesphiscibe, no, luckily i still have them on my computer, but want to ensure that they don't get removed05:44
yagoo(i read about it on wikipedia)05:44
yagoo(and fiddled around with it-- the syntax is much simpler than tar)05:44
reisiotar's syntax is already pretty simple05:44
=== dthacker_ is now known as dthacker
reisio-c, -t, -x, that's the same as tar05:45
JZApplesphiscibe, and i'd rather use thunderbird05:45
yagoostrange it's not in ubuntu when i searched it-- i believe i had it on debian..05:46
almoxarifeis there a gui for 'tar' file's?05:46
daniel__any more ideas on my usb connection error? select another viewer and try again, dbus error, could not lock device05:46
reisioalmoxarife: yes, nautilus has built in support I'm sure05:46
hansg01help me restore grub05:47
freerideyeah, i'm here again05:47
reisioso you are05:47
yagoonot sure.. i believe u can omit the options when creating one.. but nways...05:47
yagoo(did it a while ago)05:47
reisioit looks sort of like man vs info05:48
reisioI just don't use info, man already does what I need05:48
yagoohansg01, u must of done something totally wrong if u broke grub.. why u break it man?05:48
yagooalmostroot, ark is one gui..05:49
yagooalmoxarife, ^.05:49
Calinousince I moved my files from a external HDD to my home here, I'm not the owner of them anymore05:49
Calinouhow can I make myself owner of them?05:49
daniel__nvm, just have to set it in usb storage mode05:49
daniel__not sure why05:49
reisioCalinou: should've used cp -p or cp -a05:49
* yagoo says to find software onthe net for linux-- google: "List of <software type> site:wikipedia.org"05:49
reisioCalinou: but, chown can fix it05:49
Calinouused a GUI -_-05:50
* yagoo eg: List of archivers for linux site:wikipedia.org05:50
Calinouhow to fix it using chown?05:50
reisioCalinou: that'll bone you every time :p05:50
almoxarifeCalinou: use nautilus to change the permissions, save yourself the hassle05:50
Calinouowner is root05:50
reisioCalinou: sudo chown -R user:user path/to/dir/05:50
Calinou"you are not the owner"05:50
hansg01yagoo: i dnt knw why i did this i mean i regret05:50
Calinouuser:user = calinou:calinou?05:50
Calinousince my username is calinou05:51
reisioCalinou: yes05:51
FloodBot1Calinou: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:51
reisioCalinou: ls ~/ to see what your ordinary user files' user:group perms are05:51
hansg01yagoo: nw is there ne way to get back the grub menu05:51
almoxarifeCalinou: there is a extention to allow you to work in nautilus as root, so root changes the permissions to you ? too easy?05:51
yagoohansg01, you have to explain what you did to break it, so that one has an idea what to do05:51
kamilnadeemPeace Be With You All05:51
kamilnadeemis there a way to install Ubuntu 11.10 but not grub05:52
dannoQuestion: Where is the grub by default /dev/sda or /dev/sda105:52
arghxdanno: sda05:52
dannothanks arghx05:52
kamilnadeemI have installed chakra and it has burg , I want to use that only05:52
Calinounow the owner thanks :)05:52
freeridedanno ususaly dev/sda05:52
ghostnik11if i use imap+/imapx over imap, will imap+ match what ever i do to my email in my client be recorded on my email server at google05:52
hansg01i was using ubuntu bootloader then i installed fedora and nw no boot menu and fedora boots directly05:52
yagookamilnadeem, if u dont install grub, u wont be able to BOOT UBUNTU05:53
reisiokamilnadeem: the installer should give you the option to not install GRUB05:53
dannothanks freeride.05:53
reisiohansg01: you'll want to edit Fedora's GRUB config, then05:53
kamilnadeemyagoo not so , I will update burg from chakra and ubuntu will come up05:53
yagookamilnadeem, u can install grub in linux's partition if u want to keep ur other primary bootloader05:53
dannotake it easy freeride. Ha. You probably get that all the time05:53
freeridedanno or if you have more than 1 hard disk it can be /dev/sda /dev/sdb/05:53
reisiohansg01: or re-install GRUB to the MBR to point at Ubuntu's GRUB config (and edit it to add Fedora)05:53
reisiohansg01: but why are you even dual booting with Linux05:53
dannofreeride: no it was just the one drive on a Lemur Thin from Sys7605:54
hansg01reisio: haan how to reinstall grub i thnks thats easy or edit fedora grub05:54
dannofreeride: just had a brain fart. I didn't want to select the wrong one.05:54
freeridedanno just trying to help05:54
kamilnadeemI have 3 distro, currenlty on my 160gb hd. Bodhi Linux and pardus on primary partition and chakra on logical05:54
kamilnadeemwill remove pardus05:54
jaybuttshow do i make the theme blue instead of orange05:55
dannofreeride: I appreciate it too! ;) Without good people like you helping me out, I'd have hours more work.05:55
yagookamilnadeem, and u will install ubuntu rriiiiiggghhttt ?05:55
reisiohansg01: probably /boot/grub/grub.conf05:55
freeridecan anyone help me with folders permission?05:55
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:55
jaybuttsyep chmod -R 777 *05:55
Calinoujaybutts: NO05:55
kamilnadeemyes yagoo I have Ubuntu 11.10 on my main 1tb hg just want to install on the 160gb hd to try out gnome shell05:56
CalinouSO DO NOT DO IT05:56
yagoojaybutts, not good practice.05:56
FloodBot1Calinou: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:56
Calinou(sorry for caps, felt that was really needed)05:56
freeride;D yeah05:56
reisiofloodbot seems a little sensitive05:56
yagookamilnadeem, if u like to try out many different distros.. and then delete them soon after.. i simply use vmware or virtualbox :)05:56
Luci4n0Calinou: you really did that on your system?05:56
reisiokamilnadeem: or better: kvm/virt-manager or virtualbox05:57
hansg01reisio:i got this file earlier too but how to edit this?05:57
Goremaniacosaludos desde mexico ;)05:57
reisiohansg01: with a text editor05:57
CalinouLuci4n0: on usr bin ys05:57
djthreedonde puedo buscar un canal en español?05:57
CalinouI'm a linux noob, trying to install libraries05:57
Calinoublame jdolan05:57
Calinou!es | djthree05:57
ubottudjthree: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.05:57
hansg01reisio:i mean what all to insert?05:57
kamilnadeemyagoo pardus is an excellent distro but archaic in comparision to chakra what will i do with 2 kde distro05:57
Luci4n0Calinou: :)05:57
reisiohansg01: ah05:57
jaybuttsdo this and you never have permission problem again: cd / && chown -R 1000.1000 * && chmod 777 *05:58
dannoMy Ubuntu Oneric install got hosed earlier. I went into a prompt, did a sudo apt-get update, and told me to do a dpkg --reconfigure -a.  All is done and looks good, is a restart a good idea now?05:58
llutz_jaybutts: stop that nonsense05:58
Calinoueh... no.05:58
hansg01reisio:can i copy ubuntu one to this fedora one?05:58
* yagoo thinks jaybutts is giving DANGEROUS ADVICE05:58
* yagoo AND NEEDS TO STOP05:58
Calinouyou shouldn't use chmod - think of it - those files are protected for a reason05:58
reisiohansg01: you know it might be simpler to re-install GRUB2 & tell it to look at your Ubuntu install's GRUB config than to figure out how to translate an Ubuntu GRUB2 config to a GRUB1 config :p05:58
ramaHello everyone. I m newbie to Ubuntu. anyone know how to create shotcuts on the dekstop ?05:58
Calinouthe only legitimate reason to use it is to add +x to a executable program in your /home05:58
kamilnadeemuse rescutax05:58
reisiohansg01: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows05:58
kamilnadeemexcellent option for recovering grub05:58
reisiorama: right-click?05:59
jaybuttswell...and also 666 is sign of the devil so I go with 7's05:59
Calinourama: just move the icons?05:59
hansg01reisio: i too thought reinstalling will be easier05:59
Luci4n0use sudo for files that are not yours .. editing that is05:59
ramaHi resisio. thanks. I tried that, but didn't work in 11.1 version05:59
reisioit's only easier because the config syntax between GRUB1 and GRUB2 is massively different05:59
KingSphinxGot my font problem fixed; all I needed to do was reinstall the Cantarell font and GNOME Shell. Now if only I knew why Ubuntu Software Center won't prompt for my password...05:59
dannoRepeat: My Ubuntu Oneric install got hosed earlier. I went into a prompt, did a sudo apt-get update, and told me to do a dpkg --reconfigure -a.  All is done and looks good, is a restart a good idea now?05:59
reisiodanno: seems like a decent enough iea06:00
ashok_shettyi downloaded ubuntu 11.10 and saved it in USB drive ...now i want to install in my laptop can u plz tell me the procedure06:00
dannothx: reisio06:00
reisiodanno: technically you only have to reboot for kernel updates, and even then not really06:00
reisiodanno: but it _is_ a "simple" way to re-initiate parts of your system06:00
Luci4n0danno: if it looks good .. try it06:00
reisioashok_shetty: did you copy it over, or did you image with unetbootin or usb-creator?06:00
dannothanks reisio, Luci4n006:01
reisioashok_shetty: because you need to do the latter06:01
dannolooks like all is good06:01
ex0unetbootin is the best06:01
reisioworks for me06:01
ex0controls multiple OS's06:01
ashok_shettyreisio: i just downloded it and copied to usb06:02
ex0usb-creator seems to be friendly with only select few os's mainly ubuntu...and ubuntu06:02
reisioashok_shetty: okay, you're going to need to use unetbootin or the like to actually image it properly06:02
tioxQuick question: I already have Ubuntu installed, and for fear of stupidly overwriting the current installation, I came here to ask if it is possible to do a minimal install on a different device, like a USB flash drive.06:02
alexiyGood morning! I installed Xubuntu and accidentially made one kind of files (block device) in folder dev to always open by Abiword. How to undo this?06:02
dannoQuestion, so one laptop has Ubuntu Oneric, and my master bad ass quad machine isn't update.  Should I do the update (and wait 5 hours for the upload), or create an Ubuntu Memstick and do it that way?06:02
reisioashok_shetty: after that it's just like booting from a CD: put the usb stick in and make sure your BIOS can boot from it before the HD06:02
reisiotiox: what for?06:03
yagootiox, yah.. but don't install grub onto ur other internal drive.. u install grub to ur flash device..06:03
tioxAlex: Choose Open With for the file you are choosing, then it will show the recommended program, right click on it and choose to forget association.06:03
anon_userashok_shetty, on the download page: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/download06:03
Luci4n0danno: which version is on that one?06:03
reisiodanno: it shouldn't take five hours...06:03
anon_userstep 206:03
ashok_shettyreisio: what is unetbootin06:03
tioxreisio: Just for fun, really, but it'd come in handy as an emergency drive.06:03
reisioashok_shetty: it's a program, for putting live "CD" images onto USB sticks06:03
yagootiox, and if u do use usb.. edit /etc/fstab and grub kernel bootlines to use "UUID"****06:04
eruditehermithey, I just tried upgrading and it failed part way through. How do I make sure everything is working?06:04
reisiotiox: wouldn't putting the live image on a USB stick suffice?06:04
llutz_weren't ubuntu-iso supposed to be hybrid-iso beginning from oneiric? those can just be written to usb-sticks using cat or dd06:04
arghxeruditehermit: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade06:04
tioxYou know, that's true. But I want to be able to keep settings persistiant.06:04
reisiollutz_: you tell me06:05
yagoollutz, is there a doc for that?06:05
eruditehermitarghx, that seems to be happy. Can I assume everything is ok then?06:05
reisiotiox: seems like a waste of time06:05
reisiotiox: unetbootin can make a persistent storage area, though, FWIW06:05
* tiox shrugs06:05
reisioyou know you can just tar up the system and store it away for a rainy day06:06
ashok_shettyreisio:i saved it in my pen drive its not booting while resrarting thr system06:06
deusrGuys, have just upgraded my netbook LG X140 a sister, was with ubuntu 4.11 and upgraded to 11.10. When I boot from the USB stick to install the new version, wireless connected, once installed, does not connect at all, he did not try to connect. It is this card: RTL8191SEvB06:06
arghxyes, oneiric is a hybrid image: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricOcelot/ReleaseNotes?action=show&redirect=OneiricOcelot%2FTechnicalOverview#Hybrid_CD.2BAC8-USB_images_supported06:06
reisioashok_shetty: try using unetbootin06:06
ashok_shettyreisio: wr can i find it06:06
KingSphinxRepeat: Got my font problem fixed; all I needed to do was reinstall the Cantarell font and GNOME Shell. Now if only I knew why Ubuntu Software Center won't prompt for my password...06:06
arghxeruditehermit: no. it depends on the actual error you got06:06
llutz_reisio: yagoo http://goo.gl/PrTxf06:07
reisiodeusr: run lsmod and/or lspci -k from the live envo and copy the driver info06:07
paul_i has a question guys :P i have the nvidia driver but my audio isn't working :P i'm using HDMI audio in fact ubuntu doesn't show anything under the audio settings but alsamixer has my card06:07
yagoollutz, is there a doc saying i can simply cat an .iso to the whole /dev/<usbdevice> somewhere?06:07
arghxeruditehermit: what kernel do you currently run?06:07
freeridehelp me with folder permissions. I've got a folder user www group www-data. I belong to group www-data, folder has write permission for group, but i can not create a foleder in it. Why?06:07
reisioashok_shetty: sudo apt-get install unetbootin06:07
eruditehermitarghx, flashplugin-downloader failed06:07
reisiopaul_: sure the cable supports it?06:07
arghxeruditehermit: that's a very minor issue06:07
yagoofreeride, what's this, webdav?06:07
paul_yeah it was working fine on Arch06:07
VxQeHi, where does empathy store it's account info?06:07
ex0what does the parent folders properties have..?06:08
eruditehermitarghx, i know but it stopped the whole process. I'm not sure if it needed to do things after installing packages06:08
alexiyI right click on it but there is no "forget association", only "Remove launcher" and it's unavailable.06:08
reisioVxQe: probably in ~/.empathy or ~/.config/empathy/06:08
llutz_yagoo: if they really make hybrid-iso, you just "sudo cat foo.iso >/dev/sdX"06:08
VxQeNiether of those exist, resiio06:08
eruditehermitarghx, or if it didn't install some packages because it was interrupted06:08
ashok_shetty reisio: cud not find the package is the error06:08
anon_userashok_shetty, click the show me how button (step 2) here: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/download.  It details the procedure06:08
reisioVxQe: find ~/ -iname '*empathy*'06:08
freerides mode +i freerid06:08
freeridehelp me with folder permissions. I've got a folder user www group www-data. I belong to group www-data, folder has write permission for group, but i can not create a foleder in it. Why?06:08
VxQereisio, did that.06:09
reisioashok_shetty: what os/distro are you using?06:09
jamil_1hi all, network manager is not working06:09
yagoofreeride, it's probably not even a folder permission.. maybe it's ur apache+itmodules setup06:09
jamil_1I have not internet connection06:09
reisioVxQe: ~/.mission-control/accounts/accounts.cfg06:09
VxQeThank you.06:09
reisioVxQe: probably a grep -ir empathy ~/.* would've found it06:09
=== Enkie_ is now known as Enkie
paul_if i put aplay -D plughw:2,7 /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Center.wav in terminal it plays the audio but i can't figure out how to get ubuntu 11.10 to use that as my default audio card06:10
deusrreisio, http://pastebin.com/92LZSFCS06:10
yagoojamil_1, u do have internet silly man! Look at you!!06:10
reisiolove this ~/.completely-unrelated-name trend :p06:10
VxQereisio, thanks I'll try that next time if I remember.06:10
ashok_shettyreisio: its ubuntu 9.1006:10
jamil_1yagoo: hehe obviously I have internet on windows06:10
reisiodeusr: "Kernel driver in use: rtl8192se"06:10
reisiodeusr: make sure that's loaded on the installed system06:11
jamil_1yagoo: its not working on another pc06:11
ashok_shettyresio: now i want to upgrade it to 11.1006:11
yagoojamil_1, and that other pc is on WINDOWS? LOL silly man!! Tell us the problem..06:11
yagoojamil_1, does ifconfig -a .. work?06:11
reisioashok_shetty: check for usb-creator, then06:11
* yagoo will bb in a few min06:12
boritekhello. After upgrade I have metacity instead of compiz. After compiz --replace I have compiz but with 2 unity panel. How can I fix this??06:12
jamil_1yagoo: upgraded to 11.10 and not network connection06:12
boritekhello. After upgrade I have metacity instead of compiz. After compiz --replace I have compiz but with 2 unity side-panel. How can I fix this??06:12
ashok_shettyreisio: how to06:12
reisioashok_shetty: sudo apt-get install usb-creator06:12
deusrreisio, yes, it is :/ And as I said, when I boot with ubuntu 11.10 by stick, the wireless to connect, not connected.06:12
reisiodeusr: the what?06:12
freeridehelp me with folder permissions. I've got a folder user www group www-data. I belong to group www-data, folder has write permission for group, but i can not create a foleder in it. Why?06:13
reisiofreeride: because that's for root to decide06:13
jamil_1yagoo: and I have lot of entries in kern.log saying init: network-manager main process terminated with status 12706:13
deusrreisio, is installed and active but06:13
ashok_shettyreisio: cud not find the package is the error06:13
freeridereisio decide what?06:14
Luci4n0freeride: does a sudo in front of your mkdir not help?06:14
reisioashok_shetty: usb-creator-gtk06:14
homeslice-pdxokay, I'm on 11.10 and it seems a little rough this time but I made it06:14
deusrreisio, said that when I plug the USB stick with Ubuntu 11.10 wireless works.06:14
freerideLuci4n0 well it does byt it does not make sens06:14
reisiofreeride: whether a dir should be made there06:14
Luci4n0freeride: i agree06:14
reisiodeusr: yes you said already06:14
jamil_1yagoo: ifconfig -a show eth0 and lo06:15
freeridefolder has write permissions for group users. why user from this froup cannot change it?06:15
jamil_1yagoo: but I have wireless here06:15
deusrreisio, any ideas?06:15
ashok_shettyreisio: hey sorry got it usb creato06:15
ashok_shettyreisio: its installing06:15
chandanhi everybody. how do I create a .pem file from ppm file ?06:16
boritekhello. After upgrade I have metacity instead of compiz. After compiz --replace I have compiz but with 2 unity side-panel. How can I fix this??06:16
reisiochandan: ppm?06:16
yagoojamil_1, so you know the SSID of your ap ?06:17
chandanyes .ppm file reisio06:17
freerideany more ideas for folderpermissions?06:17
llutz_freeride: does "id" list "www-data" for you? did you re-login after adding you to that group?06:17
reisiochandan: what is a ppm file06:17
jamil_1yagoo: name of the connection ?06:17
jamil_1yagoo: I guess so06:17
freeridellutz_ yes it does,. when i type id it lists in my groups06:17
yagoojamil_1, is ur ap already set up?06:18
chandanreisio, it is the file sent to me by the administrator to me which he says helps in login to aws console06:18
Luci4n0freeride: weird06:18
reisiochandan: ah06:18
chandanbut the console is asking .pem file. eg: ssh -i somesthing.pem placetoconnect.com reisio06:18
jamil_1yagoo: ap ?06:18
llutz_freeride: what are the permissions of the parent-dir you try to create a new dir in? ls -ld path/dir06:18
freeridellutz_ well i didnt relogin after adding myself to this group06:18
yagoojamil_1, what kind of wireless device is this?06:19
freeridei'll try06:19
yagoojamil_1, wifi, 3g ?06:19
llutz_freeride: re-login is required06:19
chandanreisio, I know that .pem file can be extracted from .ppm file.. but  i don't know how06:19
jamil_1yagoo: wifi modem06:19
reisiochandan: https://forums.aws.amazon.com/thread.jspa?threadID=6373906:19
yagoojamil_1, wifi modem?06:19
freeridellutz_ parent dir has write permission for group06:19
yagoojamil_1, and where is it connecting to? (people don't say wifi modem.. they simply say wifi)06:19
llutz_freeride: logout, login, try again pls06:20
freeridellutz_  drwxrwxr-x06:20
freeridellutz_ ok. thanks06:20
whereamiI just upgraded to oneiric... why does the workspace keep switching? it seems to be in response to moving my mouse in some way near the edge of the screen, but I can't do it on purpose.06:20
jamil_1yagoo: ok wifi...06:20
chandanreisio, that doesn't help :(06:20
reisiowhereami: if you move it fast into a corner?06:20
DagmarJust a quick sanity check...  Ubuntu didn't start using a /run directory did it?06:20
reisiochandan: it's an AWS issue06:21
jamil_1yagoo: to my isp06:21
DagmarMy netbook seems to have suddenly developed one during the upgrade06:21
hansg01reisio: thanx man boot-repair worked for me too :)06:21
chandanreisio, hmm06:21
=== enchilad1 is now known as enchilado
jamil_1yagoo: I cannot connect from my pc to the modem06:21
reisiohansg01: gj06:21
LafiirDid GStreamer change in 11.10? I can no longer view .mp4 files in Totem or get thumbnails in Nautilus.06:21
DagmarIt looks like something put everything in /run instead of /var/run, I just wanna make sure I shouold be checking for dupes06:21
hansg01reisio: got the ubuntu bootloader back phew!06:21
yagoojamil_1, u need to buy a home router .. like wireless linksys to sit between ur isp and your home network06:21
hansg01reisio: learnt something new06:21
reisioLafiir: maybe you have to reinstall the restricted stuff?06:21
whereamireisio, doesn't seem to make a difference.06:22
reisiohansg01: and it automagically listed Fedora, right?06:22
jamil_1yagoo: I do have one from my isp06:22
ubuntu_does anyone know how to upgrade 11.04 to 11.10 via usbstick?06:22
reisiowhereami: what?06:22
Lafiirreisio: will try that06:22
Xexteri'm using 10.04 and my keyboard and touchpad are locked up on my netbook.  I can plug an external mouse in and it works, but the keyboard is still locked up. i've tried using the scr lk and the num lk buttons, but nothing unlocks?  any suggestions, anyone?06:22
hansg01reisio: yeah06:22
yagoojamil_1, you need to setup the wifi server...06:22
reisiogood, good06:22
whereamireisio, moving the mouse into a corner.06:22
yagoojamil_1, on that box..06:22
hansg01ubuntu_: u hv to iso?06:22
homeslice-pdxanyone out there using empathy IRC? I can't get the "..has joined.." messages to stop06:22
reisiowhereami: oh right06:22
reisiowhereami: I forget what it is, but it's documented06:22
reisiowhereami: maybe the tour on ubuntu.com will explain it06:22
Whiskeyits it possible to install ubuntu desktop whitout any programs?06:22
Whiskeyjust a "clean" installation06:22
Aleohi again06:23
jamil_1yagoo: yes06:23
hansg01ubuntu_: u hv to downlaod packages that will upgrade06:23
reisioWhiskey: you can uninstall things as you desire06:23
DagmarUbuntu_: I suggest something other than unetbootin.  It seems to get very upset about that one and makes ubuiqity crash a lot right now06:23
WhiskeySounds more easy to have it uninstalled from start06:23
jamil_1yagoo: why do I need the wifi server ?06:23
hansg01ubuntu_: or else from usb stick u will lose ur data on 11.0406:23
tensorpuddingwhat do you mean "without any programs"06:23
Dagmarhansg01: Since when06:23
tensorpuddingit wouldn't be a desktop if there weren't any06:23
reisioWhiskey: it would be, if anyone distributed such a thing06:23
yagoojamil_1, to setup security.. otherwise anyone can connect to it..06:23
whereamisecond question: I have focus-follows-mouse from ages ago. clearly ubuntu doesn't give an expletive about this mode anymore, but I also can't see any way to turn it off.06:23
jamil_1yagoo: my router is the server no ?06:23
DagmarIt presents an option to upgrade from the install menu.06:23
paul_ok if i type aplay -l i see the card i use but ubuntu isn't using it i think its using the correct card but not the correct device number.  How do i change the audio card in ubuntu 11.1006:23
DagmarIt's pretty clear about saying it's not going to destroy data06:23
WhiskeyLike Firefox, Office Package alll programs that comes whit it06:23
yagoojamil_1, choose wpa2 for the encryption06:24
ubuntu_ok... so is there a way to use the live stick to push the upgrade to the host computer?06:24
jamil_1yagoo: from where ?06:24
llutz_!mini |  Whiskey use this to setup a system of your choice06:24
ubottuWhiskey use this to setup a system of your choice: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD06:24
reisiowhereami: depends on the WM, though I think I have seend 3rd party scripts for making it work with any generic WM06:24
yagoojamil_1, u have to set it up first. By default wifi server is not on.06:24
whereamii'm just using the default WM.06:24
freeridellutz_ it helped me. Thanks again!06:24
reisiowhereami: so either it's changed or your config has06:24
yagoojamil_1, u have to consult with your model's instructions on how to do that..06:24
ubuntu_what happened is something crashed when i was upgrading, so i have a live stick which I am on now,  and just trying to upgrade instead of losing everything06:25
hansg01Dagmar: i said if u install ubuntu 11.10 frm usb stick den ur data will be lost06:25
Dagmarhansg01: I'm thinking you're incorrect.06:25
WhiskeyNot sure that was what ment06:25
whereamireisio, what? your comments make no sense.06:25
llutz_freeride: note: when changing groups/users re-login always is required06:25
rahulI just installed ubuntu 11.10 and on boot am stuck with a black screen and cursor. Please please help06:25
reisiowhereami: either the window manager has changed or your config for it has06:25
WhiskeyHoever i see if it works06:25
jamil_1yagoo: but it was working before the upgrade06:25
Dagmarhansg01: I had to bail on it because unetbootin was doing something that made ubiquity crash which makes me a little nervous, but it gives you the option to _upgrade_ an existing 11.04 install06:26
yagoojamil_1, what was working?06:26
whereamireisio, well, obviously the WM changed... I'm pretty sure I made that clear.06:26
yagoojamil_1, u probably weren't connecting to your own internet.. lol06:26
yagoojamil_1, u need to setup your own SSID on your wifi server..06:26
reisiowhereami: I don't think so, but it's immaterial06:26
jamil_1yagoo: I dont understand......06:26
yagoojamil_1, then assign ur ubuntu machine to that SSID.06:26
Luci4n0Dagmar: it should give you the option to upgrade your current ubuntu.06:26
reisio(to the solution)06:26
rahulI just installed ubuntu 11.10 and on boot am stuck with a black screen and cursor. Please please help06:26
yagoojamil_1, dude u have alot of homework to do..06:26
DagmarLuci4n0: Yes, I know.  It did.06:26
reisioyagoo: http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/2010/04/alot-is-better-than-you-at-everything.html06:27
jamil_1yagoo: it is a mess.....06:27
Luci4n0Dagmar: ok06:27
yagoojamil_1, u were probalby using somebody else's wifi06:27
Dagmarrahul: Did it get through the first grub part and start booting?06:27
jamil_1yagoo: no no, I was authenticating to my router06:27
ubuntu_rahul: thats my problem too... well i was doing a upgrade from 11.04 - it stuck on black screen of death06:27
user2011hi..i have a question...first time to upgrade my xubuntu 11.04 to 11.10 by live cd....right now its stuck on restoring previously installed packages...its been an hour now....how long does this take? does it download all the packages again?06:27
homeslice-pdxman 11.10 seems buggy06:28
yagoojamil_1, you sure? you tell me you don't know what the SSID is? ..06:28
Luci4n0rahul: installing 11.04 and then upgrade to 11.10 seems to work, it did so with my laptop which had the same issue you have now.06:28
rahulDagmar: First grub part means? I was shown the different grub versions I have. I chose the first one.06:28
yagoojamil_1, you should make the SSID unique and not use the maker's default..06:28
Dagmarrahul: Do you mean different _kernels_ to boot?06:28
jamil_1yagoo: becasue I configured it along time ago06:28
yagoojamil_1, u might be acciddentally using somebody elses' router who didnt change the name either for the SSID06:28
rahulLuci4n0: Exactly, I just made a fresh install and damn!06:28
yagoojamil_1, and who also didnt setup security..06:29
Dagmarrahul: If it got that far, boot again and when it gets to that point, hit 'e' and then take out any "quiet" or "splash" arguments from it.  That *should* let you see whatever the kernel is mad about when the kernel starts booting06:29
rahulDagmar: Yes I guess, including the recovey one and previous versions06:29
yagoojamil_1, setup the security part of the wifi server.. maybe your ISP did this for you..06:29
Dagmarrahul: The kernel chatter is hidden behind the graphics mode that kicked in probably06:29
yagoojamil_1, u need to have the key at the very least..06:29
Aleohelp also06:29
jamil_1yagoo: even if I was using someone else's connection why isn't wrking just after the upgrade06:29
rahulDagmar: Yes. But how to I save that one? I was thinking of adding noacpi or acpi=off06:30
user2011anyone can help me with my problem?06:30
rahulDagmar: I dont know how to save it once am done editing06:30
Aleostill can not set the icons size on the left dock bar, ubuntu last version06:30
yagoojamil_1, you should get more help on #linux.. You really should setup your wifi first.06:30
yagoojamil_1, then come back here once you setup your wifi..06:30
AleoI would like them a bit smaller06:30
yagoojamil_1, (wifi server)06:30
jamil_1yagoo: ok no problem06:31
Dagmarrahul: You don't want to save it.  You just want it to temporarily let you see why the thing is stopping.  That acpi thing you mentioned tho... Why do you want to do that?  I have a guess which means I would know what happened that stopped your booting06:31
rahulDagmar: Ok am doing it. Wait. But once i remove quitet splash06:31
rahulDagmar: What to do?06:31
Dagmarrahul: Somewhat recent kernels have been having serious problems with ASPM06:32
user2011yagoo how long does the restoring previously installed packages will take during upgrade?? does it download again all the packages?06:32
Dagmarrahul: Just remove those arguments from the line and hit esc ot ctrl-x... whatever it says on the screen there.  You dont' have to save the changes--they will be used to boot with this time around06:32
rahulDagmar: esc will take me back to options. Clrt+x to boot.06:33
Dagmarrahul: If your problem is ASPM-related locking up, it'll be stopping during part of the PCI bus enumeration.  pcie_aspm=off is probably more like that you want if that's the case06:33
os1risI know there are 1000 ppl asking questions but I am in need of some help. I am totally hosed. I went for the new upgrade to 11.10 and now I can not load into any version of ubuntu. I did the " install under windows " and I was wondering ... 1) can I fix the linux install to go either back to 11.04 or mount .disk file in windows. Pleas ehelp06:33
Dagmarrahul: So edit out the sneaky message hiding options and press ctrl-x06:33
rahulDagmar: Hang on. Am teling u the output.06:33
Dagmarosiris: You can't burn the ISO to a CD or a thumbdrive?06:33
yagooos1ris, i don't think wubi is ideal..06:33
os1rishelp is super apreciated06:33
os1risWhat iso ?06:34
yagooos1ris, this other dude had exactly the same issue.. nobody here uses wubi..06:34
os1risI have 11.04 burnt to a cd but not the new one.06:34
* yagoo doesn't know why it's not reminded to folks-- wubi is not ideal06:34
os1risYea I know now it was mistake using wubi but it was laptop.06:34
OceanElevenIs there any good software for desktop clock, i'm using ubuntu 10.04 lucid06:34
* yagoo treats wubi fine-- only as for checking out and nothing more..06:35
os1risbut can i either /mnt the .disk file or revert back to keep the data. Freezes on boot06:35
os1risdo NOT want to loose my data06:35
Dagmarosiris: You should probably go back and actually download the desktop iso and use that06:35
yagooos1ris, nobody here uses wubi.. it's the sad truth..06:35
yagoosorry :(06:35
lauratikai was having all day issues with compiz and windows decoration when set to "(any) & !(class=Opera)" so my browser when miximized wont show window decoarations but was not working then after compiz --replace finally work but now everytime i restart ubuntu 11.10 have to do compiz --replace is there a way to fix this?06:35
rahulDagmar: Removed quite splash from it. Still the same. Same black screen with a blinking cursor06:35
DagmarYou're not in danger of losing your /home filesystem as long as you DO NOT PICK ANY options that mention formatting a disk06:35
os1risyea I know that. but I am worried now for recovery of my data06:35
yagooos1ris, ur data can be recovered..06:35
yagooos1ris, um... i believe the loopback file is squashfs or something like that..06:36
Dagmarrahul: Maybe check the other VTs and/or try again taking out that vt_handoff thing as well.06:36
Ravendid they take the "connect to server" out of the 11.10 release?06:36
yagooos1ris, in order to access it.. u have to do a mount ntfs-3g, then a loopback mount against that linux loopbackfile06:36
DagmarI'm not entirely sure wtf all in the kernel parameters is involved in modeswitch and what isn't but the worst that can happen is *haha* it won't boot06:36
rahulDagmar: Am pretty noob on that. What is VT? How can I do that?06:37
yagooos1ris, u might even be able to access it via vmware..06:37
os1riswell i am in windows now to see if I can mount it here so i can isntall proper...06:37
DagmarThe kernel should pretty much never just say _nothing_ when it boots06:37
Dagmarrahul: Oh... ctrl-f1, f2, through F706:37
=== ubuntu_ is now known as kvg
avgeneralquestion: how do I access a directory from an ftp:// location in terminal?06:37
rahulDagmar: While am on that blank screen and cursor?06:37
Aleostill can not set the icons size on the left dock bar, ubuntu last version , anyone knows how ?06:38
arghxavgeneral: you can use "cd" like in a shell. "dir" and "ls" work too06:38
avgeneralarghx: first how do I cd to the ftp:// directory?06:39
RavenQuestion: did they take the "connect to server" out of the 11.10 release?06:39
avgeneralRaven: no, they relocated it06:39
Dagmarrahul: Yeah if the kernel's actually there that might make it flip the screens06:40
avgeneralRaven: open up file browser and it's under File menu06:40
rmarshanhow do i get the evolution theme to work with the new ubuntu06:40
Dagmaravgeneral; You don't.06:40
os1risanyone aware of a way I can mount a .disk file in windows to just do some data recovery so i can install proper ?06:40
rahulDagmar: Gosh! Pulled out that vt_handoff as well. And am seeing a list DMAR : Unsuported  device scope rolling out.06:40
DagmarAha!  Now we're getting somewhere06:40
Ravenavgeneral: would u be so kind as to let me know where they located it? i miss it06:40
rmarshani have gone to configuration editor and try to force evolution theme being used06:41
rmarshanit is installed but it does not work anymore06:41
yagooos1ris, i'm guessing.. did u try 7zip in windows to try to extract it to a subfolder?06:41
Nyadhi. I updated but my graphics won't turn on when I boot into my linux06:41
NyadI have to manually start it06:41
Dagmarrahul: Oh wow.  Okay maybe you DO need to disable acpi.  Add the params you were talking about to the list of params this time around06:41
avgeneralRaven: http://www.wilhelser.com/my-blog/connect-to-server-ubuntu-natty/06:41
NyadX server not automatically starting06:42
Gunz4MiPPledoes lubuntu-desktop make any weird changes if i install it06:42
Milosshhmm, wasn't thunderbird announced as a default email client for 11.10?06:42
Dagmarrahul: OH!  Or! https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/742296   <-- says to boot with intel_iommu=on06:42
ubottuUbuntu bug 742296 in linux (Ubuntu) "VT issue: "DMAR : unsupported device scope"" [Undecided,Confirmed]06:42
yagooos1ris, let me know if 7zip was able to extracted..06:42
varunthackerany one using 11.10 unity facing problems trying to drag drop a file from nautilus to gmail which is open in firefox. The launcher does not respond when i hover the selected files over it06:43
os1ristrying it now06:43
rahulDagmar: noapic dint work. that link. Yes i had same system. Tm206:44
rahulDagmar: Checking06:44
rahulDagmar: have*06:44
Xexteri plug in an external keyboard and  mouse and i can type on my laptop, but the built in touchpad and keyboard don't work.  any suggestions?06:44
Xexterit happened after i plugged in an external mouse06:44
Xexterthe lockup, that is06:45
Xexteranyone have any suggestions on what to do?06:45
n3glvhi guys06:45
wooterXeroXer, does the keyboard work in bios06:45
Nyadhi n3glv06:45
n3glvhi Nyad06:45
Xexterwooter, yes it does06:45
varunthackerXeroXer:  need to install  synaptiks package from software center and restart. The touchpad problem should be gone after that06:45
n3glvso, on older ubuntu, I use classic desktop, I hate the vertical launcher mess because u can't minmise it06:46
DagmarYou're sure the keyboard stops working?06:46
TechKnowdamn, i was trying to mac spoof in terminal, but it kinda screwed me over.06:46
Xexterthe keyboard stops working06:46
n3glvsomeone said 11.10 I won't be able to do this anymore06:46
Xexterthat, i'm sure of06:46
os1ris7 DISK DID NOT WORK06:46
os1risssorry for the caps06:46
varunthackerXexter: :  need to install  synaptiks package from software center and restart. The touchpad problem should be gone after that06:46
n3glvvarunthacker: synaptics06:47
n3glvsynaptic even06:47
Xexterthink that will take care of the keyboard issue too?06:47
rahulDagmar: Gosh! Before that changed the Virtualistion to off in BIOS. It started!!!06:47
n3glvsheesh, it's late06:47
TechKnowi typed ifconfig eth0 down.. then i typed ifconfig eth0 haddwr ff:00ff:00ff:00 .. and then ifconfig eth0 up.. but it didn't change my mac address06:47
lauratika :(06:47
rahulDagmar: Shall it keep it off. Or shall i make VT on and follow those steps?06:47
n3glvTechKnow: network manager is messing with your networking06:47
varunthackern3glv: package name is synaptiks in the software center06:47
gantrixxI installed 11.10 and reverted to standard gnome, but I still get that unity tool bar at the top06:47
TechKnowyeah dag06:47
gantrixxhow do I get rid of it06:47
TechKnowthats what i typed06:47
Dagmarrahul: Give it a shot.  Now you at least know how to make it go ahead and boot the second time around06:48
DagmarTechKnow: Weird.  I've done it that way before06:48
TechKnowok n3g.. so i just have to go to network manager and..06:48
n3glvTechKnow: might want to look for an app called macchanger06:48
TechKnowfor windows?06:48
n3glvTechKnow: no unix06:48
os1risyagoo  -  did not mount06:48
rahulDagmar: Yes. :D *happy* Btw what is this VT thingy? Does keeping it off any harm?06:48
TechKnowinstead of trying to do everything manually06:49
n3glvit's slick06:49
TechKnowi run ubuntu through oracle vm06:49
yagooos1ris, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide06:49
TechKnowits virtualised06:49
n3glva winblows user06:49
TechKnowi run everything through there!06:49
gantrixxIt seems that I can't change the theme06:49
TechKnowbacktrack, ubuntu06:49
n3glvI run the xp that I have under virtualbox06:49
TechKnowit's pretty cool06:49
Ravenavgeneral: thanx. i still can't find it under the new release 11.10, not used to this unity. went from GNOME to unity and now having trouble navigating06:49
Math^hey guys, I'd like to learn an complex text editor, what should I pick, Vi or emacs...?06:50
n3glvI don't have a single pc that can boot M$06:50
=== Buzzzz is now known as notimik
TechKnow10.10 have more support06:50
Luci4n0Math^: vim :)06:50
TechKnowi would stick with it06:50
n3glvMath^: I like joe06:50
Math^but vi is evil, stalman says :p06:50
TechKnowuntil 11.04 becomes more stable06:50
n3glvI have this distinct feeling that I'm going to hate 11.1006:51
TechKnown3g you said you don't have a single pc that can boot m$?06:51
yagooos1ris, u can setup a share on windows-- mount smb this share from vmware, then mount the loopbackfile, then mount the embedded filesystem type (maybe its ext2), then simply copy what's in the home to your /mnt/smb in vmware (and that /mnt/smb is your Windows which u should see under win explorer) << sounds nice doesn't it? lol06:51
Luci4n0Math^: vim is slightly easier.06:51
n3glvTechKnow: no, no winders06:51
Xextervarunthacker, there's the kde-config-synaptiks package, that the one?06:51
yagoothat's a solution ..06:51
Math^Luci4n0, then emacs?06:51
yagoonot easy.. but possible..06:51
TechKnownice haha06:51
vadi01 /msg NickServ identify multic06:51
yagooos1ris, it's pita buddy...06:51
n3glvhey vadi01, might want to change that pw now06:51
vadi01n3 damn06:52
Math^I'm gonna log in as vadi0106:52
TechKnowwell, if you're such an ubuntu fan did you hear the news about dennis ritchie?06:52
Luci4n0Math^: then vi06:52
TechKnowThe Godfather of linux!06:52
Math^Luci4n0, ye ok, but vim is actually vi, right? but got more options and stuff?06:52
Luci4n0Math^: yep06:52
llutz_TechKnow: linux != unix06:52
TechKnowim a nub06:53
n3glvkernihan and ritchie, 'the c programing language'06:53
TechKnowso i have no idea06:53
n3glvgrandfather of C not linux06:53
n3glvor unix06:53
TechKnowoh whaa?06:53
n3glvwell, had his fingers in unix06:53
TechKnowthe article i read must have been wrong06:53
TechKnowoh thats why06:53
=== pAt_ is now known as Guest25591
SetiAmoninteresting.Music players work fine.I thought it was just flash but i tried that html5 thing and no audio there either06:53
SetiAmonso firefox audio doesn't work in 11.10?06:53
Math^Luci4n0, I know a bit how to use vi, I only can't get my cursor till the end of the text with [end], it stops at the end of the letter of the text06:53
rahulCan anyone help me on this? I have exactly the same problem. But solution didnt work https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/74229606:53
ubottuUbuntu bug 742296 in linux (Ubuntu) "VT issue: "DMAR : unsupported device scope"" [Undecided,Confirmed]06:53
llutz_n3glv: one of the most important unix-programmers ever06:54
notimikhm is there some guard againt reg nicks similiar to nickserve or chanservre here?06:54
n3glvllutz_: true06:54
Math^Luci4n0,  so I'm always deleting that last letter when editing :p06:54
Luci4n0Math^: give vim a try then .. sudo apt-get install vim06:54
Math^I'll try vim :)06:54
n3glvjoe is like a super nano06:54
n3glvaka wordstart06:55
n3glvwordstsar rather06:55
yagooos1ris, u still there? u probably can even backup ur data using vmwaretools06:55
rmarshanhey peeps i want to use evolution theme with 11.1006:55
llutz_Math^: use "vimtutor"06:55
SetiAmonyeah can't stream mp3s on shoutcast either06:55
SetiAmonSo who here has sound in firefox on 11.1006:55
n3glvoh well, off to see how the install went06:55
rahulCan anyone help me on this? I have exactly the same problem. But solution didnt work https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/74229606:55
ubottuUbuntu bug 742296 in linux (Ubuntu) "VT issue: "DMAR : unsupported device scope"" [Undecided,Confirmed]06:55
Math^Luci4n0, lol you're right, this works a bit better for me06:55
yagooos1ris, instead of using /mnt/smb.. it'll be less setup (but u still need to install vmwaretools in the vm)06:55
Ravenok I finally found my "connect-to-server" my morning just got better!!06:55
deviansive installed dhcp3-server on ubuntu server, but theres no service i can start or script in init.d. what the fuck?06:56
Math^llutz, what's that?06:56
Luci4n0Math^: dont forget the :wq when done :)06:56
llutz_Math^: a good start to  learn vim06:56
n3glvrahul: I doubdt you will make friends REPOSTING the question over and over06:56
Flanneldevians: Please mind the language.  What version of Ubuntu is this?06:56
Math^ye, I always do :wq!06:56
Math^llutz, k thnx06:56
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rahuln3glv: I doubt people even care to answer my queries.06:56
Luci4n0Math^: all good06:57
=== stu is now known as travis-17
Flanneldevians: The init script is isc-dhcp-server06:57
ghostnik11ns id king1106:57
deviansFlannel ah. why on earth is that not anywhere when i google this stuff. sigh, thanks06:58
notimikhmm my sound level in 11.10 allways get set to max at every login.. any sugesstions?06:58
rahuln3glv: And only friend I will eventually make is ubottu . :P06:58
ghostnik11how do you get synaptic back b/c i need to download a specific thing that i know i won't be able to find in ubuntu software resources06:59
genewitchar8152 not working upon 11.10 upgrade, fn-f3 wifi switch not lighting the wifi light, lspci shows device.06:59
rahulAm not able to boot unless I swtich off virtualization from bios.06:59
Flanneldevians: I just checked the packages in the file.  It's likely not in google because it's brand new (there's a transitional package which you installed, and then the new real package)06:59
alcyfolks, did a release-upgrade to 11.10, and it gets stuck at 'init: Handling mounting event'. If I use recovery mode, remount, and then resume normal boot, it works. Any suggestions ?07:00
=== light is now known as Guest77596
Math^llutz, nice one, thnx again :)07:01
mikighostnikll: synaptic package manager is on 11.10 if you have cairo-dock look in other07:01
Flanneldevians: Er, the files in the package.  That makes more sense.07:01
HeavyMetalhi advcomp201907:02
brianI can install packages through xterm but cannot find them in synaptic manager07:04
alcyanyone ?07:04
Name141What does encrypt home"07:04
Name141What does "encrypt home" actually do ?07:05
brianWhen I search for something in synaptic I get no results unless it's already installed.07:05
rahulGosh! Ubuntu 11.10 has no Classic Ubuntu? Grrrr..07:05
grendal-primehey guys anyone familiar with oftc-hybrid irc server?07:05
puddlesproblem with software centre!07:05
genewitchoops, it's a broadcomm device that stopped working.07:05
genewitchbcm4313 not working on 11.10 upgrade, the wifi switch isn't doing anything and it *is* showing up in lspci07:06
notimikcan you trick xchat on ubuntu into using more than one dictionary for spell checking?07:06
Max229What package contains pcre_compile and pcre_exec?07:06
advcomp2019in 11.10, i removed the scrollbar overlay but some apps does not have the arrows for the scrollbar while other apps does have the arrows.. i was wondering if this is a bug or have i overlooked something07:06
puddlesi have a package in the list but when i go to look at it, it says "software package *** not found in software sources" ?07:06
puddlescan anyone help?07:06
grendal-primerahul, ya...i got sick of that sort of crap i just use lts and deal with it07:07
genewitchMax229: libpcre3-dev?07:07
puddlescan someone pls help me?07:07
rahulLast time I had installed ATI FGLRX proprietary driver on 11.04. I never was able to boot again. Shall I try installing it in 11.1007:07
rymate1234i'm having a python problem07:08
Max229genwitch: Apparently I already have that installed. That is not it07:08
Name141grendal-prime I doubt the next LTS would have Gnome either?07:08
rahulrymate1234: Join #python07:08
genewitchMax229: pastebin wahtever is throwin the error i'll check it out07:08
rymate1234whats the device i need to mount in order from multiprocessing to work?07:08
rymate1234in python?07:08
grendal-primeill bet they have that worked out by then07:08
grendal-primethats the idea behind the lts07:08
Max229genewitch: http://pastebin.com/eFYd9sau07:08
grendal-primeive neverhad an lts 2 lts upgrade brake anything07:09
grendal-primenow thats on servers07:09
grendal-primebut i have done 2 of them..on critical machines07:10
grendal-primetotal of 40 mcahines 2times07:10
genewitchMax229: -llpcre07:10
rahulLast time I had installed ATI FGLRX proprietary driver on 11.04. I never was able to boot again. Shall I try installing it in 11.1007:10
grendal-primeand thats a pretty damn good record07:10
genewitchin the compile command07:10
genewitchMax229: -lpcre07:10
Max229genewitch: Synaptic says there so such thing07:11
advcomp2019the arrows missing in some apps is bugging me because i had a friend that did not like the scroll overlay07:11
SetiAmonok i streamed audio threw banscee launched in firfox.07:12
sonja_i get black screen w large x in oneiric07:12
aliandrowho can help me with installing a printer07:13
aliandroi am new with linux07:14
brianaliandro, which printer?07:14
aliandroi want to instal a brother cdp165c07:14
aliandrobrother dcp-165c07:14
Luci4n0aliandro: usb? network?07:14
brianIf I remember correctly, Brother is not supportive of Linux and don't make drivers.07:14
aliandrothey do07:15
aliandrothey got drivers for linux but i dunno how it works lol07:15
Luci4n0aliandro: which ubuntu?07:15
sonja__help i get black screen with large x cursor in oneiric07:15
aliandrothe latest07:15
aliandroi downloaded this platform yesterday07:15
brianaliandro, did you look in synaptic manager for your printer?07:16
aliandroyea i tryed that but it dont work07:16
Luci4n0aliandro: click the logo and search for printing07:16
=== goddy is now known as pis0ga
aliandroyea i did it say it ready but it dont work with that software07:16
Luci4n0aliandro: then click add .. and probably your printer is already in there ..07:16
aliandroi did these stebs its not working07:17
Luci4n0aliandro: its connected and online?07:17
aliandrobut it dont print anything07:17
aliandroi say print test page07:17
aliandrobut hey dont do it07:18
trijntjeHi all, how can I make sure I upgraded from beta to the release? There are not updates, and there havent been any since oneiric was released07:18
Henriquezhello everyone. Does anyone know if ubuntu 11.10 has problems with audio/video the playback seems to be x2 with flash video video in vlc and totem and audio in audacious07:18
sagaciwhat's the sure way to kill all instances of networkmanager?07:18
Luci4n0aliandro: did you use a driver already in ubuntu? or installed a downloaded one07:18
sagacineed to to debug my 3G card07:18
aliandroi used a driver already installed07:18
bumbleso i got a new fresh cd and i installed ubuntu 11.10 over 11.04 erasing everything cause i wanted to start anew and i cant find synaptic to get my wifi card working last time i went to synaptic search bcm and found the one that belonged to my card07:18
genewitchsagaci: pkill networkmanager07:19
sagacigenewitch: thanks, see you in a bit07:19
bumblenow what am i soposed to do to get it to work without synaptic07:19
genewitchre: my problem, you have to rmmod wl and blacklist it and bcm4313 works again on 11.1007:19
trijntjebumble: have you tried the software center ?07:20
Luci4n0aliandro: was the printer connected when installed?07:21
eltigrehey, I have trouble installing the flash plugin... I installed it several times, restarted the browser, still no chance07:21
pratzharshada_: hey07:21
harshada_pratz: hey07:21
aliandroyea it is07:21
aliandroit realy dont work with the standard software from ubuntu07:22
harshada_pratz: yeh07:22
BlinkizHello. Need help with the firewall helper "ufw". Have a bunch of allow rules. I also have a few deny rules that I now have added. Problem is that the allow rules is before the deny rules. How can I insert deny rules with ufw before all allow rules?07:22
brianLuci4n0, should aliandro reboot after installing?07:22
aliandroanyway thx07:22
aliandroi try figure it out07:22
Luci4n0brian: no .. the printer should work directly07:23
eltigrehey, I have trouble with the flash plugin... I installed it several times, but it still won't work07:23
Henriquezhello everyone. Does anyone know if ubuntu 11.10 has problems with audio/video the playback seems to be x2 with flash video video in vlc and totem and audio in audacious. Doe snyone know a solutions to this?07:23
genewitchmy onboard netbook mic doesn't work in ubuntu (shows up but the vu meters don't move and no one can hear me)07:23
vinky_where do I set the BIOS clock settings(if its UTC or local), date and timezone  correctly, ever since I came home from the US the time is 9h off in xubuntu but is okey in gentoo and windows,  in /etc/default/rcS  UTC=no,  hwclock  shows the correct time,  timezone is correct07:23
vadi01guys online accounts how does it work? i activated my google account but how to use it now?07:23
eltigregenewitch, you need to change the volume controls07:23
aliandrowhats the dif between a lpr driver or a cupswrapper07:24
ntollhow do I configure my screensaver on 11.10..? Can't see it in the "System Settings" and display related items therein07:24
trololololhey there07:24
genewitcheltigre: where? it's set to 100% and the hardware tab says duplex07:25
trololololi need help with ubuntu07:25
Luci4n0aliandro: cupswrapper is i think for when you using it as a network printer in cups (with or without samba).07:25
ubuwebHello. I just installed wordpress on my ubuntu server. The installation seems to have worked fine . I have a problem to view images that I have uploaded into the blog . I have uploaded and inserted the images in the posts but the images do not display. Anyone has an idea what the problem is and how to fix it? Thanks.07:25
trololololthis is a rubbissh channel!07:25
trololololfor a eubish os!07:25
mlatelcomhello everybody, I just was upgrading ubuntu from 11.04 to 11.10 and right no the way installing packs someone unplug the power cable and when I turned on the pc again it started as it was upgraded but now it looks like something is wrong07:25
FloodBot1trolololol: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:26
eltigregenewitch, there are several controls, try pulseaudio mixer07:26
auronandacevinky_: try this: sudo hwclock --hctosys07:26
genewitcheltigre: is that installed by default?07:26
AnthonyCatIs there a way to give my computer an IPv4 address using DCHP with a manual address?07:27
Luci4n0mlatelcom: start live cd, and see if you can repair.07:27
mlatelcomhello everybody, I was upgrading from 11.04 to 11.10 and someone unplug the power cable07:27
trijntjeAnthonyCat: you would probably have to set that in the router07:27
eltigregenewitch, yes I think so07:27
AnthonyCatThere is no router. It is in a virtual machine07:28
OceanElevenhow do i locate the httpd.conf file in ubuntu server ?07:28
eltigregenewitch, you might also need to choose the correct audio input in the program you are using07:28
Luci4n0mlatelcom: or restart update07:28
OceanElevenhow do i locate the httpd.conf file in ubuntu server ?07:28
Luci4n0OceanEleven: let me check for sure07:29
genewitcheltigre: the mixer doesn't show any movement on punching the netbook or screaming07:29
vinky_auronandace, it works, didnt think of doing that since I assume the system should do that on boot07:29
mlatelcomLuci4n0 once I turned on the pc again it started as it was upgraded but it looks like something is wrong07:29
trijntjeThe whole screen flashes when using rotate cube on oneiric. Is there a way to fix this?07:30
Luci4n0mlatelcom: put in the cd you upgraded with and see if you can repair or restart the upgrade.07:30
mlatelcomLuci4n0 now when I run the update manager I get this msg W:Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/stebbins/handbrake-releases/ubuntu/dists/oneiric/main/source/Sources  404  Not Found07:30
mlatelcom, W:Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/stebbins/handbrake-releases/ubuntu/dists/oneiric/main/binary-amd64/Packages  404  Not Found07:30
mlatelcom, W:Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/stebbins/handbrake-releases/ubuntu/dists/oneiric/main/binary-i386/Packages  404  Not Found07:30
HenriquezDoes anyone know what could cause video (flash and avi) to run at doule speed without sound in 11.10?07:30
mlatelcom, W:Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/tualatrix/ppa/ubuntu/dists/oneiric/main/source/Sources  404  Not Found07:30
mlatelcom, W:Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/tualatrix/ppa/ubuntu/dists/oneiric/main/binary-amd64/Packages  404  Not Found07:30
FloodBot1mlatelcom: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:30
mlatelcom, W:Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/tualatrix/ppa/ubuntu/dists/oneiric/main/binary-i386/Packages  404  Not Found07:31
ntollhow do I configure my screensaver on 11.10..? Can't see it in the "System Settings" and display related items therein07:31
RavenBlinkiz: what i know about FW's is that the deny's over-rule the allows in any sense. if u can remove the allows then do so, and add the deny's07:31
HenriquezDoes anyone know what could cause video (flash and avi) to run at doule speed without sound in 11.10?07:32
RavenBlinkiz: but then again all my servers are BSD07:33
__machineanyone know why i get an error with sudo update-rc.d couchpotato start 98 2 3 4 5 ? update-rc.d: warning: couchpotato start runlevel arguments (2345) do not match LSB Default-Start values (2 3 4 5)07:33
abhijeethello guys.. i have installed the latest version of ubuntu... my screen brightness is getting set to maximux in each boot... in earlier version I did not see this issue.07:35
abhijeetcan anyone suggest what can i do07:35
=== SoulShadow is now known as Shadows`sleep
abhijeeti have set the brightness from battery panel also07:35
Yamauchi'The ISO file includes a file called usb-creator.exe' - where?07:36
Xexteranyone else have any suggestions on how to get my laptop to recognize my onboard keyboard and touchpad?  i have 10.0407:36
esrI need to remove an applet from the Gnome Classic panel in 11.10 and cannot figure out how.  Anyone have a method?07:36
genewitchXexter: how old is the notebook07:37
Xexterit's a  netbook and probably 2-3 years old07:37
Luci4n0Yamauchi: .exe ?07:37
abhijeethelp guys.07:37
genewitchXexter: does it work on the liveUSB07:37
YamauchiLuci4n0: trying Kubuntu, but no one answered there07:37
Yamauchinot seeing it anywhere07:38
trijntjeYamauchi: I think you should see it when you burn the cd07:38
Xexterthe keyboard and mouse work on usb.  not familiar with the term liveUSB07:38
Xexterthe external keyboard and mouse that is07:38
trijntjeabhijeet: what is the problem?07:38
Luci4n0Yamauchi: try alt-F2 .. type usb-creator07:38
dr_willisesr:  the webupd8 blog site has an artical on tweaking  the 11.10 stuff.  It might be mentioned in there07:38
genewitchXexter: how'd you get the ubuntu on the netbook? the usb drive you use is a liveusb, did the mouse and keyboard work there07:39
Yamauchitried that07:39
dr_willisI dont see a usb-creator.exe tool on the 11.10 cd.07:39
abhijeettrijntje, in ubuntu 11.10 brightness is getting reset to maximum on each boot.07:39
ntr0pyWhere are the fonts settings in 11.10?07:39
esrdr_willis: I've read that one.  It isn't.07:39
dr_willisbut you are supposed to be able to just 'dd' the 11.10 iso to a flash drive and it should work.07:39
Xexteri installed from a usb to the internal memory07:39
dr_willisesr:  its possible its not doable. That classic gnome stuff is very locked down/hardcoded07:39
abhijeettrijntje, in older version of ubuntu I was able to fix this issue by setting the brightness from the battery configuration07:39
genewitchXexter: so the keyboard and mouse worked to install?07:39
bil21altell me a good vedio to audio convertot??07:39
Companiongenewitch, there is a guide at download section of installing ubuntu from usb stick07:39
abhijeettrijntje, but now there is no option to set brightness in the battery configuration .07:40
dr_willisbil21al:  winff, avidemux, ffmpeg, mencoder07:40
genewitchCompanion: i didn't07:40
Companiongenewitch, wanna bet?07:40
genewitchCompanion: no i mean i didn't ask anything about that :-)07:40
esrdr_willis: Where can I find a window manager that will let me get mmy *work* done?  I hate the direction GNMOME has been going, dumbing down and candy-coloring everything.07:40
Xexterthe keyboard and touchpad have worked for months, they stopped working when i plugged an external mouse in today.  and i've done that a ton of times before and it never caused a problem07:40
Companiongenewitch, oh srry07:41
trijntjeabhijeet: I'm not on a laptop right now, so I cant check anything. Are you saying that hte option is present but has no effect, or that the option is missing?07:41
ntr0pyAre all fonts setting gui options deleted in Oneric?07:41
pumkinhed_freenode.net 666707:41
abhijeettrijntje, in ubuntu 11.10 that option is missing from the battery configuration.07:41
dr_willisesr:  depends on your needs and how you work. I find  gnome shell useable..  or you just use some other dock/extension/indicator applets  if you dont like the launcher. You could always fall back to Lubunt