holsteinyou are kidding00:51
holsteinthe -lowlatency kernel didnt make it in 11.10?00:51
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nakai'm no expert, but from what i understand a lot of the low latency functionality has been included in the generic kernel now01:18
nakahence no need for -lowlatency01:18
holsteinnaka: sure, but we still need it as of last release01:21
holsteinfor several test cases01:21
holsteinfirewire not being the only case01:22
holsteinstill, we havent had one since maverick01:22
holsteinlucid has the RT kernel from karmic carried over into the repos01:22
holsteinnaka: if you can test non-firewire, i'll test firewire01:35
holsteinwith mainline kernels for 12.0401:36
holsteinstill, we should be able to put software in the repos that we need01:36
nakaah i see01:45
nakaunfortunately i'm still waiting for my internet to get hooked up here so i'm a few days away from really being able to download and test anything :(01:46
nakabut i hope to be able to help out once i'm online01:46
holsteinnaka: :)01:48
holsteinwe were really doing pretty well there for a bit before natty01:48
nakareading that y'all were switching to xfce piqued my interest in ubuntu-studio, since i've been thinking of doing the same thing myself lately01:52
nakaand i saw the oneiric release notes which almost read like a cry for help :>01:52
holsteinyeah, i think thats where im heading01:52
holsteinxubuntu is quite nice01:52
holsteinnaka: lol01:53
nakai might install xubuntu at least this afternoon. i'm using a 3g connection, so i can't download a lot of stuff without it costing a fortune, but my isp mirrors a few distros which are free to dl01:58
nakaxubuntu is included, ustudio aint :(01:58
nakahaven't used xfce in four or five years. back when i tried it the panel used to crash from time to time02:01
nakai understand it has really matured now though. even torvalds made the switch02:02
craigs63hi kubotu !02:19
kubotu'evening, craigs6302:19
knomenaka, back when i used gnome, it's panel used to crash daily too :)07:58
sd_ubuntu_Hi! :-)14:11
holsteinsd_ubuntu_: o/14:15
sd_ubuntu_holstein: hi! I'm still waiting to start..... how are u?14:16
holsteinsd_ubuntu_: dont wait, just have at it :)14:16
holsteinim good14:16
sd_ubuntu_holstein: A guy told me that he received what to do after doing the registration in the list.... and I did it the other day, but I didnt receive the confirmation 14:18
holsteinsd_ubuntu_: ?14:19
holsteinwell, i assure you, you wont get anything14:19
holsteinits me, and scott14:19
holsteinastraljava is here alot14:20
holsteinfalktx is here14:20
holsteinsd_ubuntu_: if you want something easy, join the #ubuntu-news channel and you can write summaries14:20
holsteinwe need help with that every weekend14:20
holsteinhere, its like this14:20
holsteinsd_ubuntu_: here's what you do14:20
holsteinwhatever it takes14:20
holsteinwe are in a bad way right now14:21
holsteinthis team14:21
holsteinwhat i plan on doing it asking around about how to get scott or falk motu access14:21
sd_ubuntu_(i have to go ...)14:22
holsteinsd_ubuntu_: next time :)14:24
holsteinjust so you know, dont expect much from that list in the way of direction14:24
knomehey fr-z 15:21
knomefr-z, i see you asked about the new US website15:21
knomefr-z, at least right now it's hard to cooperate, but i'll let you all know if i need any help :)15:21
knomeus=ubuntu studio15:22
fr-zahh lol sorry :)15:22
fr-znice if you need count on me please ^^15:22
knomesure, thanks15:22
knomethe next step is to migrate to a wordpress theme really15:22
knomeand make the JS "feature" tabs work15:23
fr-zwell coding its not my thing ;)15:23
knomethe new "feature" area can be seen at http://temp.knome.fi/ubuntustudio/www/15:23
fr-zthe only thing i can code is an html saying helo lol15:23
knomemore than nothing, isn't it :)15:23
knomehttp://myhaiku.org/ for the general looks15:24
knomeso those two are going to be integrated into one wordpress theme :)15:24
knomei don't know much about the content15:24
knomethat's something somebody else has to work on :)15:24
fr-zits quite interesting15:25
fr-zi would change some short details15:25
fr-zsimple things15:25
knomeabout the content, or the lookS?15:25
fr-zthe looks15:25
knomefeel free to comment :)15:25
fr-zi would remove the "ubuntu studio" on the left, the audio-video-graphics words at the banner top, the logo at the left side of the word audio15:27
fr-zwith the free space15:27
fr-zyou could zoom the banner to full screen that area15:27
knomesee this page: http://temp.knome.fi/ubuntustudio/www/15:28
fr-zit would breath more15:28
knomethat's what the header is about to look like15:28
knomethe rest of the page will be taken from myhaiku.org :)15:28
knomeeg. the article listing15:28
fr-zthis one is much better15:28
knomethat's exactly doing what you said - giving more space to breathe and cutting repetition15:29
fr-zits more serious and professional15:29
fr-zso http://temp.knome.fi/ubuntustudio/www/ will be the main visual structure?15:29
knomethat's created using myhaiku.org, the previous draft, as a base15:30
knomeincorporating similar elements and somewhat the overall looks :)15:30
fr-zno doubt its much better15:30
knomeoh - if you have any other ideas than just screenshots for the right-hand side of the "feature" area (there's some 250px width of empty space), shoot15:32
knomei mean, the main slide probably should have a logo or something really generic15:32
knomebut the audio/video/graphics slides can be much more interesting than just screenshots15:32
knomeif we only have ideas for that15:33
knome(any color/image is ok really)15:33
fr-zif you want i can make a sketch with the idea but i have something in mind15:34
knomesketch is great, just an idea is fine too15:35
fr-zi woul remove the audio video etc, honestly they dont fit the global concept. And then you could solve the right side space. you could put, vertically icons15:35
fr-zone  for audio, another for video and so on15:36
sd_ubuntu_holstein: I was with my brother and grandmother and then I lost the connection..... thank you for your messages (that I losted unfortunately). However I've understood that I should join ubuntu news channel to start simply15:36
fr-zlet me see if i see and example15:36
fr-zhi sd15:36
fr-zi dont know if holstein isnt away15:36
knomei suppose we're not going to change the vertical/horizontal aligment any more, but ideas for the background are welcome (btw, the free space is intentional ;))15:37
fr-zif you have any other ideas than just screenshots for the right-hand side of the "feature" area (there's some 250px width of empty space), shoot15:38
knomeyeah, i mean something like photos of mixer buttons etc.15:38
fr-zyou mean that was something for the right side but of the background?15:39
fr-zgot it :)15:39
knomethat's what the free space is for15:39
knomesome graphical element15:39
fr-zfor graphics i would bet on a 3d model, half rendered and another half in lines15:40
fr-zi bet m8s on blender group wouldnt mind to give a hand. They have loads of models15:41
fr-zand maybe they could help getting a lens for the video aswell15:42
fr-zcya later :)16:17
holsteinhey knome 16:42
holsteinwho has access to the artwork?21:21
holsteini want to go ahead and take the old wallpaper and put it in our XFCE, first thin21:21
holsteinand just choose some darker theme, and have that to fall back on21:21
holsteinanyways... upgrade from 11.04 worked21:22
knomehey holstein 21:33
holsteinknome: o/21:42
holsteinare you the website guy?21:42
holsteinwe gotta get that up ASAP21:42
knomeyup, yeah.21:43
knomei know.21:43
holsteinhow do we make that happen?21:43
holsteinAFAIK, you are done right?21:43
knomethe next step is to convert the drafts to a wordpress theme (i understood that was okay for scott)21:44
knomeafter that, we need the canonical IS to set up a staging site for that, so you can insert the content21:44
holsteinyeah, that sounds envolved21:44
holsteinthe wordpress thing21:44
knomeand shortly after that, you say "GO!!" and they'll publish it21:44
holsteincan we just say go on what you got?21:44
knomeno, because there's nothing completely ready yet21:45
holsteinwhat can i do ?21:45
knomei have created this: http://temp.knome.fi/ubuntustudio/www/21:45
holsteini can put up a wordpress instance if needed21:45
knomebased on this: http://myhaiku.org/21:45
knomeno need - i can do that myself too :)21:45
holsteinknome: lets try and talk more regularly, and make this happen ASAP21:46
holsteinlike, 2 weeks, lets be submitting something to canonnical21:46
holsteinis that possible?21:46
knomeif you want to make things ready for the next stage, you can contact the canonical IS (just add a ticket in RT i understand) so they'll have a staging site ready for us21:46
knomedepends much on my commercial work21:47
holsteinim at the point with the site where we need to do something even if its wrong21:47
knomei'm hoping to have more time soonish21:47
holsteinknome: if you want to set up the wordpress, i can mess with it21:47
holsteinand talk someone else into helping21:47
holsteina wordpress guy21:47
holsteini know 2 wordpress guys actually that would help21:47
knomehow well do they know theming?21:48
holsteinone of them is quite good at it21:48
holsteinand the other is learning21:48
holsteinhe's more on the backend21:48
knomewe don't need much of the backend now21:48
holsteinwith those 2 guys, i should be able to really make some headway21:48
knomei'll try to get something together tomorrow21:49
holsteinknome: thanks21:49
knomelike put that all into a wordpress theme draft21:49
knomeafter that it's easier for others to chime in21:49
holsteinwell, i say we just do it21:49
knomewe need some JS too, for the feature area21:49
holsteinyou get the say so21:50
holsteinyou and scottL21:50
holsteinno more 'is this OK, and whatever"21:50
holsteinit'll be the week after 12.04 releases and well be saying the same thing21:50
holsteinif someone dont like it, they can come here and file tickets or whatever21:50
knomeheh, hopefully not21:50
holsteinthey are more than welcome21:50
holsteinknome: the the JS something that can be added later?21:51
holsteini can ask the theme guy21:51
holsteinhe's more of a coder21:51
holsteinOH... i know a JS guy too actually that owes me some time :)21:51
knomeumph, no, i think it should be in right away21:51
holsteinwe'll see21:51
holsteinall i can do is ask21:52
knomei'll see if i have enough time for that tomorrow (or this night) too21:52
knomei can do JS myself too :)21:52
holsteinknome: you are a gentleman and a scholar21:52
knomeyeah, and lately quite busy ;)21:52
holsteinif i can do some of the light-weight stuff with the help i rustle up21:52
holsteinyou can sweep in and JS21:52
knomein what timezone are you in?21:53
holsteineastern... new york21:53
holsteinim in asheville NC21:53
knomehow much - is that?21:53
knomei'm +321:54
knomebut that's okay21:54
knomei sometimes beat the people in US staying up longer21:54
holsteinyeah, you can message me here or email me or whatever21:54
knomei think i'm going to work on the site tonight21:58
knomeseems like the only way to go21:58
knomei'll just wait that my wife falls asleep first :P21:58

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