holsteinGridCube: AFAIK, most of them right?00:19
holsteinVLC should00:19
GridCubeholstein, actually non of them00:20
holsteinGridCube: if you'd like to share an m3u with me, i'll make it work with one, and tell you which one :)00:20
holsteinGridCube: try audacious00:21
GridCubeholstein, m3u files are lists, whit relative paths to folders, they use \ instead of / for path adresses and they are relative to windows disks most of the time like C: but many times they are relative to their . folder, like the ones i used to use, but now most media player doesnt have a "open" or "save playlist" they use "virtual playlists" they store on their own configuration folders00:23
holsteinGridCube: im familiar with them, i just dont think i can make one00:24
holsteinso, either you just have to try adacious, and VLC, and whatever else... exhale, etc...00:24
holsteinor, you can make me an .m3u point to like one or 2 files that i can fake00:25
holsteinif these are m3u playlists you created in windows, those paths are going to be different in linux00:25
holsteinthats not really a flaw, or a bug00:25
holsteinthe path has changes00:25
GridCubeholstein, :) i know that00:27
holsteinGridCube: ?00:28
holsteinyou know what?00:28
holsteinthat the path has changed?00:28
holsteinor that you have made these files in windows?00:28
GridCubeback in the day, like 00's, xmms used to be able to play m3u playlists, it asumed that the m3u was placed on the disk where the relative path where, then it changed the C: for the correspondent /mnt/hd*/path/to/file, it was very fast and worked 99.9% of the time00:29
holsteinthat version of xmms shoujld still be around00:30
holsteinor maybe whatever it was that converted the path00:30
holsteinshould all be open source and available00:30
holsteinpersonally, i would just make new playlists with relavant paths00:30
GridCubebut then they would not work on windows machines00:31
holsteinmaybe you can save the m3u's for then00:31
GridCubethats true00:32
holsteini would try and copy the m3u's, and see if you can open them as text files, and search and replace00:32
GridCubeyes, i would do that myself too, but i will not be the only person using this machine00:34
GridCubeand the rest of the people using it comes from windows, forcing them to do that sort of thing will just not work00:34
holstein*nothing* you do in a dual boot scenario is going to have good spouse approval00:34
holsteinwell, you'll need to sort it out somehow00:35
holsteinthats why i suggested making a copy, and editing the copy, so the original is still there for windows to use00:35
GridCubeyes, i can do that, for the files i have now, but tomorrow a new m3u will be created, im not gonna be here, hell will broke00:37
holsteinwho cares00:38
GridCubei care00:38
holsteinthey will be on windows right?00:38
holsteinit'll be made in windows00:38
holsteinthe windows OS will see it00:38
holsteinwhen you get there and want to run linux, you change the path names00:38
holsteinall is well00:38
holsteinor am i missing something?00:39
GridCubebut i have the machine to autoboot in linux, they will be lazy enough to let it boot in linux because most of the time it just works for them, but then they will go for they folders and try to open a m3u they did while using windows for whatever reason linux was not ennough, and it wont open, its just commodity, they could simply create a new list00:40
holsteinchange grub to boot windows then00:40
holsteinm3u's will be the least of the worries00:40
holsteinOR, just wipe one or the other00:41
holsteinsure, then you'll need to maintain things to be cross platform00:41
holsteinm3u paths would be pretty far down my list00:41
holsteinespecially if users boot up into linux and dont notice00:41
holsteinpersonally, im not convinced theres a player that will, nor one that has translated paths like that00:43
holsteinyou would think it would be easy enough to make one that would just take a gues00:43
GridCubeholstein, see that >200400:45
GridCubexmms doesnt exist anymore00:45
holsteinright, but that is suggesting to do what i suggested00:45
holsteinedit the paht00:46
GridCubethere is a thing called xmms2 or something like that but I don't understand it00:46
holsteinplay it where ever you want00:46
holsteineither way, you'll need to edit the path00:46
GridCubeholstein, :/ i know, we where talking about that option a few moments ago00:46
holsteinOK... good luck :) try ask in #opensourcemusicians00:47
holsteinpersonally, i find things *so* much easier since wiping windows00:47
holsteinno more sambe00:47
holsteinnothing wrong with windows, but i prefer linux00:47
holsteinand making linux speak windows flawlessly is a hassle00:48
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texaswriterhi, is there going to be an 11.10 Ubuntu studio version that is upgradeable from 11.04? Is it recommended to just "wait it out" until 12.04?02:28
holsteintexaswriter: i would wait02:30
holsteinthe 11.10 that is going to be made is already made02:30
holsteinsometimes i test the upgrade paths, but i never do it myself02:31
holsteinon a production box, i mean02:31
holsteintexaswriter: the switch to XFCE might make things strange in the upgrade, but it shouldnt hurt anything technically02:32
holsteinif you do it, please report02:32
holsteinit would take me some time to test that02:32
holsteinyeah, its going to take me 3 hours to download the 11.04 iso02:33
texaswriterthanks for the advice. maybe I'll try upgrading in a virtual machine to see what's broken and what's not04:05
texaswriterwhy doesn't ubuntu studio just go back and use an old version if Gnome ?04:05
holsteintexaswriter: thats gone04:06
holsteinubuntu is doing what it has always done04:06
holsteinprovide the latest gnome package04:07
holsteini finally have the iso downloaded, and im starting to install 11.0404:07
holsteinsometime tomorrow i'll have the upgrade to 11.10 done ;)04:08
JeyanthHi People, When can I expect Ubuntu studio 11.10 to be released ?08:51
Jeyanthalso, I see the site has been garbled for quite some time. I have been revisiting every now and then to check if someone would fix it. No progress for months .. can anyone make it look cool as before ?08:52
holsteintexaswriter: did you upgrade?14:41
holsteinlooks like this one might finish in a few hours14:41
texaswriter@holstein, I am downloading the iso now, have to leave for most of day, I will be back later to install both in a virtual machine.15:37
texaswriteroh, what website you d/l the 11.10 from?15:38
holsteintexaswriter: i just google 'download ubuntustudio 11.10 and get it from the canonical links that the ubuntustudio website will eventually point to anyways16:42
texaswriterholstein: okay, downloading 11.10 and installing 11.04 in a vb20:28
holsteintexaswriter: im just a few minutes away from the end here21:07
holsteinonly problem i have texaswriter21:16
holsteini logged in the first time, and the session was set to 'ubuntu'21:16
holsteinthat login of course failed21:16
holsteintheres no session named 'ubuntustudio' yet apparently21:16
holsteinother than that, i chose 'xfce' as the session, and all is well :)21:17
texaswriterHaha, VB using 2GB ram plus it mounted ALL of the iso into ram too... that's about 100% of my ram in use, Linux is a champ even when using Virtual Memory!!!21:22
texaswriterso brb...21:22
texaswriterholstein: did you test anything after upgrade?22:15
holsteini poked around22:16
holsteinclicked on stuff22:16
holsteinnot JACK though22:16
holsteinits in VM22:16
holsteinlooks OK22:16
texaswriterthanks. will post something brief when mine gets done updating.22:17
holsteintexaswriter: to the list?22:20
holsteini was looking for that post asking about it22:21
holsteincouldnt find it22:21
holsteinanyways, link me if its a forum post, and ill add to it22:21
texaswriterokay, is there a website, I was just going to post it in ubuntuforums or something22:26
holsteini was thinking https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-studio-devel and/or https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-studio-users22:45

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