GridCubeanyway i use just one XD00:00
GridCubenever found a good reason why to use multiple desktops00:00
ElderDryasGridCube: I have two...one I use for full screen apps (FF, etc) and one that I use for smaller windowed apps (thunar, xchat, etc)00:02
GridCube:P alt-tab00:02
ElderDryastrue, that works also00:02
_gnubI use two, and use the keyboard shortcuts for them, but my friend turned that little trick on and it was really messing me up.00:02
ElderDryasBut I've been doing it this way for years, so I doubt I'll change00:03
GridCubelike me not using more than one00:03
ElderDryasThat's different, I do it the right way :)00:04
ElderDryasBTW: vi or emacs :)00:05
ElderDryashmmmm....is being an infidel better than being a heretic?00:06
GridCubeis this all !offtopic?00:06
ElderDryasnope, it's useless00:07
ElderDryasanyway, time to eat00:07
HunterZBah, tried to do an in-place upgrade on my headless workstation from Xubuntu 11.04 to 11.10 and the graphical update manager kept choking on an unspecified error partway through. do-release-upgrade worked but X11 and lightdm weren't starting, so i couldn't do a graphical login via x2go (NX derivative). tried to purge and reinstall X11/x.org related packages and now it hangs on boot. Time to...00:13
HunterZ...boot a rescue USB stick, backup important files, and do a fresh install I guess.00:13
st3ve_hey all.  how's the upgrade to 11.10 - considered reliable, worth doing?  i'm on 11.04 right now..00:26
raevolst3ve_: no complaints here, except most of the old gtk themes are broken00:27
raevolif you are planning to use the default, greybird, you're fine00:28
st3ve_hmm.  i ... let me see what i'm using now00:28
st3ve_ah, i'm using greybird.  are they broken forever, or is it something where a bugfix will come down the line?00:28
raevolalso i always to a fresh reinstall when i move up a release00:28
raevolprobably broken forever00:28
st3ve_i usually like to do a fresh install, too, but i wonder right now if it's necessary, or if the ol' upgrade tool actually does the trick00:29
raevoli haven't bothered with that in years so i dunno :/00:29
st3ve_anyone else want to weigh in, someone who has done an upgrade?00:30
st3ve_thanks, raevol, btw, for letting me knwo about your experiences00:30
raevolno worries :)00:30
GridCubest3ve_, i did a clean install today00:30
GridCubebut if you clean your ~/ from most . folders it shoulndt have a problem00:30
raevolhmm, i take it back, i seem to be having an issue keeping usb volumes mounted for an extended period of time00:31
st3ve_hmm that doesn't sound good.00:32
st3ve_maybe i'll wait a bit, then...00:32
raevolmight just be this drive though :)00:33
raevolhard to say00:33
raevolst3ve_: it looks like this usb problem is my drive failing, not an xubuntu problem, thumb drives are mounting fine00:44
raevoli love the photo-taking feature of the installer if you have a webcam :) too bad i am terrible at taking pictures00:52
raevolis there a way i can force  a "refresh" of my usb devices?01:00
raevoli've got an icon to an unmounted thumb drive sitting on my desktop, but it's not plugged in...01:01
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dr_jklso after the upgrade to ocelot my wifi switch doesnt switch anymore.. just seems to be an off switch01:40
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dr_jklany ideas?01:43
chaoticgeekGood evening everyone.01:44
dr_jklooh thats what it is the applet never stops saying the wifi device is not ready01:47
dr_jklany ideas,01:53
GridCubei've heard that problem before01:55
GridCubei think its a bug01:55
dr_jklit was working! but i accidentally hit the wifi switch and it toggled off01:55
dr_jkli hit it again but it says device  not ready01:56
GridCubedr_jkl, bug 83920301:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 606825 in network-manager-applet (Ubuntu Natty) "duplicate for #839203 Showing many "Don't Show This Messege again"" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60682501:57
dr_jklthat bug for a device not ready?01:57
dr_jklbut why does my laptop's wifi led turn the right color?01:58
dr_jklits only supposed to be red when off, white when on01:58
GridCubethat i don't know01:59
jerothGod bless you... all of you.... xubuntu saved me from leaving ubuntu.02:16
GridCubejeroth, :D02:18
raevolso i just formatted a USB drive02:29
raevolwhat group should i assign permissions to it so that users that can mount stuff can write to it?02:29
raevolnvm got it02:39
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mtrgi've just upgraded to xubuntu 10.10, but my ibus has only chinese input methods04:01
mtrghow can i add others?04:01
ubottuIBus is used to allow multilingual input such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean (CJK), Devanagari and Dravidian characters in !GUI applications - see also: !SCIM. For more info on Ibus see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ibus04:03
mtrgyou mean ibus is only for these freaky languages?04:03
mtrgwhy did xubuntu 10.10 remove my xkb plugin then04:04
well_laid_lawnI dunno check the link04:04
Shirakawasunaanyone here know of a thunderbird theme that just replaces the icons with something simple (or alternatively, the current gtk icon theme)? Thunderbird's default icons are annoyingly white in oneiric, I think everyone has this issue. All of the themes I see massively change the look of thunderbird and change it into ugly town04:45
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=== ryannathansLOLZ is now known as ryannathans
Andres-kain\join ubuntu-uk05:50
xGrindAndres-kain; ?05:53
Andres-kaini keep forgetting commands.05:55
Andres-kainnot too frequent to irc05:55
Sysiirc (client) commands are like binaries under root, /join.bin06:23
Sysithey're really not but you can remember they like that, not windows-backslash :)06:23
user2011hi..i have a question...first time to upgrade my xubuntu 11.04 to 11.10 by live cd....right now its stuck on restoring previously installed packages...its been an hour now....how long does this take? does it download all the packages again?06:27
Name141What does "encrypt home" actually do ? During install.07:06
vinky_where do I set the BIOS clock settings(if its UTC or local), date and timezone  correctly, ever since I came home from the US the time is 9h off in xubuntu but is okey in gentoo and windows07:13
vinky_in /etc/default/rcS  UTC=no,  hwclock  shows the correct time07:19
vinky_posting in #ubuntu07:23
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knomeName141, it makes your /home folder encrypted, which means it's harder to get to any files in it without password07:59
Name141knome: would this make it harder to preform backups?08:00
knomeName141, i don't think that makes any difference to that, but i'm not a backup/encryrtion expert :)08:01
Name141I see.08:02
Name141knome: not sure I want to try it or not.. *shrug*08:03
knomeName141, if you have nothing really secret/sensitive there, i'd say don't :)08:04
Name141not that I know of .08:04
Name141And it'd be a fresh install08:04
knomeyeah, usually there isn't :)08:04
YcareneAre there any compelling reasons right now to go to oneiric from natty?08:06
knometbh, the upgrade can be a mess08:07
knomei upgraded, and i had to do a clean install08:07
knomeunless you are ready to do so too, think twice before upgrading08:08
knomei don't think there is much of something you'd definitely want, especially if natty is working for you08:08
theQuilahi there08:23
theQuilaHow can I connect a windows share with thunar? or xubuntu in general?08:23
knomehave you looked at gigolo?08:23
theQuilahmm..I am new at xfce. Let me check...08:24
theQuilasorry but I am not understanding gigolo...08:25
theQuilaI have a smb share at local ip and I want to connect to it but cannot :(08:25
knomei don't use gigolo myself, but you should be able to connect to a samba share with it too08:26
Name141Any idea when the next LTS is schedualed ?08:26
knomeName141, 12.04, next april08:26
Name141knome: so it is probably the next release ?08:27
knomeName141, it IS the next release08:27
SysitheQuila: if you have xubuntu 11.04 or newer, you have "network" in thunar sidepanel, ctrl L there works AFAIK08:27
Name141I might as well install 11.10 then08:27
theQuilathanks Sysi. I'll check.08:29
theQuilaSysi; No I don't have a network option there?08:29
theQuila(I am using xubuntu 11.10)08:29
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theQuilaI don't have a network option in Thunar? Why?08:43
Alantas(Lucid) Is there a way to set the Gtk theme/style to (intentionally) use the Gtk default engine? (I don't mean Clearlooks or Albatross, I mean the plain one that looks similar to Windows 9x.)09:00
AlantasNeither the Xfce4 Settings Manager, nor the almighty gnome-color-chooser, seem to actually offer it as an option. Closest is the "Redmond" theme, but I'm assuming that that's meant to look specifically Windows-like.09:00
Sysithemes call theme engines themselves09:02
SysiI think Raleigh is that most basic theme09:03
Sysiwindow manager theming isn't related to gtk09:04
AlantasI'm not talking about the window decorations/frames, I'm talking about the widgetry.09:05
AlantasRaleigh looks pretty close to it, but it's not the same thing.09:05
AlantasOne would think "Default" would be the one option that'd be universally supported, which is why I'm surprised it's not available for selection.09:07
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Arpad2how to skip or disable network configuration at start up ?09:59
Arpad2with the new release the start up takes 2 minutes more that with 11.0410:01
* ryannathans looks around10:03
ryannathansArpad2: disable network?10:03
chaoticgeekyay, installer lets me chat while it installs.10:12
chaoticgeekMy installer has seems to have frozen.11:06
chaoticgeekIt has been on the same spot for the last 40 minutes, my hard drive is not being accessed from what I can hear, and my CD drive does not sound like it is working too much either.11:07
TheSheepanything in the log?11:09
chaoticgeekHow do I access that? I tried clicking the little arrow icon by the progress bar but it does not expand anything.11:10
chaoticgeekOk, this time it just worked.11:10
reonI need some help. I downloaded Ubuntu 11.10 alternate cd and installed it, I however can't stand it & rebooted the alternate cd to perform a cli base install and then pulled in xubuntu-desktop & restricted extras. Problem is when it boots it never gets to the desktop it just gets stuck between the cli & some garbled gfx flashing between the two all the time. My hdd light flashes and my gpu fan pulses on and off the whole time. Any ideas on how to fix this?11:12
chaoticgeekLast thing in it is this: ubuntu dbus[1171]: [system] Successfully activated service 'org.freedesktop.UPower'11:13
TheSheepreon: sounds like a kernel panic11:14
TheSheepreon: you could try different boot parameters11:15
ubottuBoot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto11:15
TheSheepreon: see the first link11:15
reonTheSheep, The entire boot process works fine until it's suppose to to the login screen I think11:17
reonTheSheep, why would there be a kernel panic but it works fine with ubuntu?11:21
TheSheepreon: no idea11:24
AlexFromBelgiumHey all11:37
AlexFromBelgiumHow many people use xfce you think? Has it grown since *the desktop we do not speak of*11:38
Sysisince other DEs grew up?11:38
knomeno idea. i think xfce is probably growing now that gnome and kde are getting less-conservative11:38
AlexFromBelgiumYh i guess11:39
AlexFromBelgiumI just know I think it's great.11:40
AlexFromBelgiumThe problem with "less-conservative" is change, change, change11:41
knomechange itself is not bad, but as is proven, people are afraid of that11:42
AlexFromBelgiumPeople still use windows xp :p11:42
AlexFromBelgiumAnyone here a webdev? I need suggestions on a webdev ide11:42
AlexFromBelgiumKomodo, netbeans..?11:43
knomei use gedit/mousepad/leafpad/nano :P11:43
KazurikPretty sure the answer to any text editing question ever is vim11:44
reonI managed to get the desktop loaded but something is funny, everything uses the default xfce config and not the xubuntu one? How can I apply the xubuntu settings?11:44
AlexFromBelgiumKazurik, is vim that powerful? I heard lost about it. I thought it was just a text editor?11:45
Sysireon: you don't have xubuntu-default-settings installed or you chose xfce-session instead of xubuntu session on login11:45
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.11:45
knomeerrm, that was a bit different than i thought :)11:46
knomeanyway, what i was trying to say is that only you can choose what's best for you11:46
knomei don't like things to obstruct me, which is why i like to keep with very simple editors11:46
knomeothers might like editors that fill in functions etc.11:47
AlexFromBelgiumof course, of course...11:47
KazurikI as more joking than anything else with the vim suggestion. Vim is very popular for anything text editing related though.11:47
AlexFromBelgiumI think I want something more advanced :)11:47
Sysireon: you need to log in to virtual terminal and delete xfce settings and log in to xubuntu-session, ctrl alt F6 rm -rf ~/config/xfce* ctrl alt F7 or F8 to get back to GUI11:47
reonSysi, I don't have a loging screen I had to alt-f1 and login via cli and then startx11:48
AlexFromBelgiumThx guys... I'll look around a bit more.11:48
Sysireon: propably easiest to just set up your desktop the way you want11:48
reonSysi, I cannot get xubuntu installed properly, this is my 3rd attemp and I never get to the login screen.11:49
ryannathansreon: same11:52
KazurikWhat happends if you do "sudo service lightdm start" from the alt + f1 cli?11:52
reonKarzurik, have not tried that, will try it as soon as my nvidia driver install is completed11:53
reonSorry, Kazurik11:53
ruudhi all11:59
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Guest11775is there a way to change the lightdm theme in xubuntu?12:00
reonomfg, the nvidia driver install failed halfway through the download...12:00
Guest11775thats bad12:01
Guest11775do it again12:01
Guest11775nobody can help me with lightdm?12:02
reondoing it again does not work either...12:03
Guest11775you have synaptic installed?12:05
KazurikIs there any reason you are compiling the drivers yourself instead of installing the nvidia-current package?12:06
Guest11775fire that up and look if nvidia is installed, if so remove it and then try again12:06
reonKazurik, "sudo service lightdm start" does creates the exact same problem I get with a normal boot so it's safe to assume the problem is lightdm. How do I fix it though?12:06
reonyes I have synaptic installed12:08
TheSheepreon: you could try gdm/kdm instead....12:08
Guest11775LightDM writes verbose logs to /var/log/lightdm12:08
knomereon, 'dpkg-reconfigure gdm' to use gdm instead12:08
reononly nvidia I have installed is nvidia common12:11
KazurikThat should be the nvidia restricted driver12:11
reonxserver-xorg-video-nouveau is however installed12:11
reonx-0.log paste.ubuntu.com/708511/12:15
reonlightdm.log paste.ubuntu.com/708514/12:16
KazurikWhat happens if you do a "sudo dpkg install --reinstall nvidia-current" and then a "sudo dpkg install --reinstall lightdm"?12:20
reonok, i removed nouveau and installed nvidia, still the same problem but now it flashes back and forth and I can't get to cli12:23
reonok, after some time it allows me to switch to terminal.12:24
reonWhat's wrong with lightdm? It worked fine in ubuntu 11.10 yesterday?12:25
KazurikIt looks like X is failing so lightdm is stopping12:26
reoni can startx manually though witout lightdm12:27
reonok, gdm works fine which means X is good. Is this a common problem with lightdm?12:33
KazurikNot that I know of. Did you did run "sudo dpkg install --reinstall lightdm"?12:34
reon"sudo dpkg install --reinstall lightdm" yields error dpkg: error: need an action option12:41
KazurikWhat if you do a "sudo apt-get install --reinstall lightdm" followed by a "sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm"?12:53
gentoo_drummeranyone here?12:53
TheSheepjust us, mice12:53
gentoo_drummeris there any way to install xubuntu but without all the crap it comes with?12:54
gentoo_drummerlike gdm, apps etc?12:54
TheSheepwhat would you like to install?12:54
TheSheepthere is ubuntu server12:54
gentoo_drummerlooking for xfce really + the nice ubuntu font rendering12:54
TheSheepyou can isntall ubuntu server and then whatever you want from xubuntu12:55
gentoo_drummeri used ubuntu alternate install command line12:55
TheSheepit's all in the repos12:55
gentoo_drummerwhy would i install ubuntu server?12:55
TheSheepto get a base ubuntu install12:55
TheSheepit seems that you did just that12:55
gentoo_drummeri already have tht through alternate install12:55
TheSheepthen just add whetever you need from xubuntu and you are all set12:56
gentoo_drummeri just need the fonts tbh12:56
gentoo_drummernot the whole xubuntu desktop12:56
TheSheepthen install the fonts12:56
gentoo_drummerdo you remember the package?12:56
TheSheepwhich fonts do you want?12:57
gentoo_drummernot sure what comes default with xubuntu?12:58
TheSheepbtw, you can search in the package manager (synaptic) or at packages.ubuntu.com, or with apt-cache search12:58
TheSheepjust look at what the xubuntu-desktop metapackage depends on12:58
gentoo_drummeri believe that the libs are patched for xubuntu fonts12:59
reonKazurik, goes back to the same problem12:59
TheSheepit's the same libs as regular ubuntu12:59
gentoo_drummeri need to know exactly the fonts used within xubuntu so i can pick up the right deps12:59
knomegentoo_drummer, no, they are not. the title font is droid sans bold.12:59
knomegentoo_drummer, normal font is droid sans13:00
gentoo_drummerin xubuntu?13:00
knomeno, on the surface of the moon13:00
gentoo_drummerur fuuny13:01
knomeremind you, you are asking #xubuntu.13:01
knomei don't know a bit about ubuntu fonts13:01
VlynUhm, hi!13:01
knomethey probably use the new ubuntu font family13:01
VlynI'm just installing Xubuntu, why is the server for the packages so slow?13:01
gentoo_drummerso droid fonts default xubuntu?13:01
TheSheepthe package for the ubuntu fonts is ttf-ubuntu-font-family13:01
VlynIt needs over 3 hours -.-13:02
TheSheepfor droid it's ttf-droid13:02
knomeVlyn, many users?13:02
Kazurikreon, do you also have the lightdm-gtk-greeter installed?13:02
VlynOuch, an option to select a mirror would be good ^^13:03
VlynBut atleast I get rid of Unity *sigh*13:03
reonKazurik, yes I have it installed13:05
VlynAlright then, bye, have a nice day *Goes back to staring at the remaining download time*13:06
KazurikDid you happen to set the nomodeset option when installing?13:07
reonKazurik, ??? what's that?13:08
KazurikSomething that shouldn't matter once you have nvidia drivers working. More here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=161313213:09
reonmy theme does not match the normal xubuntu one and my fonts also look crap. Why does this have to be so difficult, beginning to think changing from debian was a mistake, sigh13:19
KazurikDid you install from a Ubuntu install CD or from a Xubuntu install cd?13:21
reonKazurik, from ubuntu alternate cd I did a base (cli) install followed by xubuntu-desktop etc13:23
reonanyone here care to share the default 11.10 font settings please?13:31
prg318hello; i love xubuntu -- that is all :D13:31
knomeprg318, good to hear that13:33
Sysireon: if you want the easy way, reinstall to default setup, hard to tell about full setup if ~nobody has done it13:34
prg318knome: i like the ubuntu platform, but not a fan of gnome 3.  its great to see the out-of-the-box hardware compatibility of ubuntu with the awesomeness of XFCE.  i reguarlly use it as a test bed for some dev stuff and recommend it to friends to use on the desktop13:35
knomeprg318, yup, it's a solid alternative13:35
reonSysi, this is my third reinstall13:36
KazurikI wonder if anyone actually likes Unity.13:36
Sysisomebody made it to be the way it is13:36
prg318my parents like it on their netbook13:36
prg318for what that's worth -- they're mostly just pleased with the speed increase over windowsXP -- but that's not really thanks to unity at all13:37
Sysireon: what debian did you use, stable?13:37
reonSysi, I used stable with apt pinning for stuff from testing13:37
SysiI'm on fedora currently but I may switch to something else before F15 goes EOL13:38
reonI'm just a bit ticked off right now. There is nothing special about what I did and everything should work like a normal install from a xubuntu cd.13:41
Sysi(that's why I'm not on xubuntu..)13:42
knomeSysi, booo, that was a bad comment, and under the belt really. that happens to every distribution13:42
reonSysi, the reason I moved to 11.10 is because debian stable has old packages, using apt pinning for testing can introduce some dependency issues as I found out. Ubuntu has lots of support and there are gazillions off PPAs out there. i love Arch but the constant updates just eat to much of my limited bandwidth.13:44
incorrectwell tried unity, the fact you can't change the desktop font size has caused me to come running back13:46
g00seHow do i bring up network manager please?13:57
xubuntu969hello !!13:58
KazurikI believe the default Xubuntu network manager is called nm. You can start the gui part of it by starting "nm-applet" or use it's CLI interface by running "nmcli"14:01
KazurikTo see the nm-applet you will need a panel with the indicator plugin on it14:02
g00seKazurik: I'm using a live version prior to installing. Do you know if there are firmware issues with some wireless chips?14:17
incorrectwow hdd's are so slow at installing14:18
incorrecthopefully an SSD will be on the cards14:19
reonJust great, mu sound is also dead...14:20
incorrectdid you just do a fresh install?14:22
reonubuntu base install from alternate cd + xubuntu-desktop etc. etc.14:34
incorrecti did something similar over pxe14:37
reonand how did that work out? Mine seems a bit of a disaster really14:39
incorrectwell other than a ton of ugly gtk3 apps, i have my ldap auth working now14:41
incorrectstupid changes to how they used to do it confused me14:41
incorrectabout ‌to install lastfm14:41
incorrectsome reason file roller is installed14:42
reonsure you can remove it and replace with something like xarchiver etc14:44
incorrectthanks saved me looking for it ;)14:44
reonmight as well get rid of parole as well14:46
incorrectand use?14:47
=== incorrect_ is now known as incorrect
reonvlc or smplayer14:52
knomeremember, there is no single best application, all depends on what you need, want and like yourself too :)14:54
incorrectbye bye panel 2, don't eat my screen real estate thank you14:55
incorrectknome, however if someone else as reasons to suggest something, it is often worth investigating14:56
knomeincorrect, of course. :) i was just saying14:56
g00seAnyone know the default password for user 'ubuntu' in live please?14:56
incorrectagree just blindly doing something someone says is foolish14:57
Sysion xfce I'd say gnome-mplayer is nicer than smplayer14:57
XubuntuKrisSo I have a genmon on my screen panel that displays "uname -n" and occasionally it goes blank. I can make it show up again by right clicking where it's supposed to be, then clicking properties and then closing the properties windows.14:58
XubuntuKrisI wanna know either a: why it's disappearing or b: how to make it stop14:58
reonanyone want to try and help me fix my sound so I can at least listen to some tunes while I pull my hair out :)14:58
incorrecti wonder why file roller was installed,14:58
incorrectoh character map is also gtk314:59
reonwhat does one use to make qt apps adopt the gtk theme?15:00
XubuntuKrisreon: open terminal15:00
XubuntuKrisand type alsamixer15:00
reonyes, I've already done that15:00
XubuntuKrisall vols at full?15:00
XubuntuKrisor at audible levels at least15:00
reonyes, master, pcm & front are set to 9315:01
incorrecti wonder if xfce will mode to gtk315:01
XubuntuKrisI have a nice gui for my alsa mixer, it has a mute checkbox...15:02
XubuntuKrisreon: did you have sound before?15:03
reonbefore what?15:04
XubuntuKrisOr is this your initial setup of your sound card?15:04
XubuntuKrislike, did it go out or was it working ... yesterday ... last week?15:04
reonfresh install, never worked15:04
XubuntuKrisxubuntu 11.10?15:05
reonno, ubuntu 11.10 base install with xubuntu-desktop & settings etc15:06
XubuntuKrishang on15:07
incorrectdid someone say there was an xfce network manager?15:10
chaoticgeekOk, fresh install, everything is configured properly except for java I think. One last thing to do.15:10
incorrectchaoticgeek, sun-jdk doesn't exist15:11
reonmy install pulled in openjdk-6-jre & some icedtea stuff15:12
incorrectoh mine too15:13
incorrecton ubuntu unity i was left with no java15:13
chaoticgeekI'm going to have to use that or sun, It would be nice if the sun one existed.15:13
prg318incorrect: you can use wicd in xfce15:13
incorrectthanks prg31815:14
XubuntuKrisreon: you install your sound modules?15:15
prg318development on wicd has somewhat stalled, but it still works very well15:15
reonXubuntuKris, like? i don't recall installing anything for sound as I assumed xubuntu-desktop would have taken care of that?15:16
XubuntuKrisIt sometimes won't auto install what it needs for sound if it doesn't recognize your sound card15:16
XubuntuKrisI can't remember the command right now that will display your sound card info....15:17
reonhow can I check?15:17
incorrectis there an xfce equiv to whatever in gnome2 was intercepting the ssh and starting ssh-agent for you?15:20
XubuntuKrisreon: try lspci in terminal15:21
XubuntuKristhat should tell you about your sound card15:21
prg318lspci | grep -i audio     # possibley15:22
XubuntuKris^^that would be more specific15:22
chaoticgeekThere is a ppa that has sun java 6 in it. https://launchpad.net/~ferramroberto/+archive/java15:22
reon00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation N10/ICH 7 Family High Definition Audio Controller (rev 01)15:22
XubuntuKrisha, I have the same one15:23
XubuntuKrisonly mine is rev 0215:23
XubuntuKrisNow I gotta remember how I installed my sound card drivers15:23
reonlsmod shows me I have a lot of modules running15:24
XubuntuKrisone of them should be snd_hda_intel15:24
reonsnd_hda_codec         104802  2 snd_hda_codec_realtek,snd_hda_intel15:25
XubuntuKrisYou have all the modules...15:26
XubuntuKrisreon: humor me and do alsamixer again...at the bottom of each of the sound bars, does it display MM?15:33
reonno, i unmuted the ones i need15:34
XubuntuKrisUnmute all of them15:34
knomereon, for example, my sound card needs some more channels unmuted than i absolutely need - some mixing channels etc.15:34
incorrecti have no sound either15:35
incorrectweird as i had sound with ubuntu (unity)15:35
knomedid you also look at pavucontrol??15:35
reonlol, incorrect. see this it what happens with custom installs :D15:35
reonwhat's pavucontrol?15:35
TheSheeppulseaudio volume control15:36
knomevolume control app for pulseaudio15:36
incorrectah fixed15:37
reonXubuntuKris & knome, unmuting all the channels fixed my sound, thanks!!! This is the first time in my life where this was needed, I always do the same channels in ubuntu, debian, arch.15:39
incorrectah this is good15:40
reonincorrct, how are your fonts looking?15:40
incorrectreon, not too ugly15:40
reonsorry, incorrect15:40
reonI can't get mine to look like those in a normal install.15:41
incorrectxfce session they are all over the place15:41
incorrectxubuntu session they look much better15:41
incorrectadding hinting to medium looks great15:42
incorrectand sub-pixel to vertical RGB15:42
incorrectand font size to 815:42
incorrectnow things look sweet15:42
reonincorrect, can you tell me your font settings, default font, hinting, sub-piel order dpi etc?15:43
reonwhat is your default font, sans?15:44
reonI just tried your settings and they don't loo good here15:44
incorrectwhat gfx driver?15:44
incorrecti've not enabled that yet15:45
reonI installed mine via https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+archive/x-updates15:46
incorrecthmm, where is the hardware wiz15:46
incorrecti always take what is stable15:46
ElderDryasI always replace (after backing up) my /etc/fonts/conf.avail/51-local.conf with http://pastebin.com/pZWLsceJ  as well as the settings in Appearence. Makes apps like FF look much better.15:47
ElderDryasIf you like full hinting, change the <const>hintslight</const> line to <const>hintfull</const>15:48
reonOk, Sans 9, Medium, RGB, Custom 96 yields much better fonts15:48
incorrecthmm, how do you install the nvidia driver under xubuntu?15:49
ElderDryasOr Additional Drivers...same thing15:49
incorrecti don't have additional drivers15:50
ElderDryasI guess it's jockey-gtk officially15:50
reonsudo apt-get install nvidia-current nvidia-settings but you have to stop X first15:50
incorrectok thanks15:50
Jackhi all15:51
JackWhats up15:51
=== Jack is now known as Guest17481
ElderDryasmy blood pressure15:51
DanielSenatI did install nautilus pastebin, but i can't find it!15:51
Guest17481I am installing xubuntu right now :P15:52
DanielSenatXubuntu is nice !15:52
Guest17481I want to use it for its low ram desktop environment15:52
reonyes it's nicer than the other options :D15:52
Guest17481I am running minecraft on my machine from 200515:53
reonI also love Openbox15:53
Guest17481I have to run the server from this pc too15:53
Guest17481Its really laggy st some times15:53
reonAnyone using the Aw)ken icons? They are really cool, I installed them fromt he natty ppa.15:54
Guest17481Oh i think ill try once its done installing15:54
reonAw0ken sorry15:54
Guest17481ya link?15:54
incorrectfonts look up with the nvidia driver15:55
incorrectweirdly this onboard keyboard loaded up15:55
Guest17481oDO  its finishing !!!15:55
reonincorrect, try my settings and see how they work for you15:55
ElderDryasincorrect: it's a bug, see the release notes15:55
incorrectElderDryas, fair enough15:56
Guest17481Do you think they will fix it in the near future15:56
ElderDryasGuest17481: Don't know. hope so.  But if you don't need it, remove it (I do anyway)15:56
incorrecti wish xubuntu had the application grip disabled by default in gtk themes15:56
reonalso changed the terminal fonts to monospace 10. Might switch to sakura or terminator though15:57
incorrectreon, what are your settings?15:57
TheSheepincorrect: you can disable it easily15:57
Guest17481I'mma restart and boot into my 250GB IDE Ultra that I just installed xubuntu on through this USB stick :P15:58
incorrectTheSheep, oh well15:58
incorrectits hateful15:58
incorrectmy next problem is mercurial 1.9.1 isn't going to like my self cert15:58
reonincorrect, http://ompldr.org/vYXRsdw/Screenshot%20-%2015102011%20-%2017:57:54.png15:58
reonSans 9, Hinting: Medium, Sub-pixel order: RGB, Custom DPI 96 ticked.15:59
incorrectRGB is blurry for me15:59
reonalso changed the terminal fonts to monospace 1015:59
incorrectdoesn't look too bad15:59
SysiI can't find any font bug in release notes16:00
incorrectfonts are ok for me16:00
incorrectthey aren't as pretty as they used to be in gnome2 days16:00
incorrectbut they are 90% as good16:00
incorrectqt apps are the weak point16:01
Sysiwhat qt apps do you need?16:01
reonweird because the vertical options for me are blurry16:01
incorrectskype and lastfm16:01
knomevlc, vbox :)16:02
reonyes, what does one install to make the qt apps follow the gtk theme?16:03
incorrectwell this is much better than stupid unity16:03
reon+billions & billions16:03
Sysireon: if they don't do that automatically you propably need to install systemsettings for that16:03
incorrectseriously i couldn't change the font size16:03
* incorrect goes to bang his head against the wall16:03
incorrectkudos to xubuntu and xfce16:04
reonSysi, ooh no another 60 odd megs of stuff16:04
Sysireon: they should follow ftk by default, dunno why they don't do that for you, do you happen to use old /home partition?16:04
reonincorrect also check out the Aw0ken icon theme, it goes really well with the xubuntu theme16:05
reonSysi no16:05
incorrectreon, i use BBS for the wm theme and mist16:05
incorrectso systemsettings will sort out my qt/gtk theme probs?16:06
incorrectok i will suck it and see16:06
reonSysi, I just launched vlc again to take a snapshot for you and now it looks 100% fine! Weird, the first time I launched it it did not match?16:07
reonincorrect, I just checked and my qt apps are now looking fine, I have not installed systemsettings16:08
incorrectreon, you must have something i don't16:08
Sysisystemsettings is kde settings manager, at least you can set Qt appearance with that16:08
reonThis is what vlc looks like http://ompldr.org/vYXRtMA/Screenshot%20-%2015102011%20-%2018:09:11.png16:10
knomehrrrr, big fonts ;)16:11
reonwho's got big fonts?16:12
knomeyou :)16:12
Sysitad smaller than mine16:12
knomeugh. :)16:12
reonHuh?, sans size 9 on 1920x1080 screens16:13
knomei have droid sans 10, and that's smaller16:13
incorrectlow res screen16:13
knomenope. 1920x120016:14
Sysixdpyinfo | grep resolution16:14
incorrecti am resisting a dell U271116:14
reonresistance is futile :D16:14
Sysi101x101 DPI for me16:14
reonI need to calculate my monitors DPI16:15
Sysixdpyinfo | grep resolution tells it16:15
reon95x94, but is that correct?16:16
Sysisounds quite normal for oldish tft16:16
incorrectwow fixing up mercurial to use my self cert was easier than i expected16:17
SysiI have 22" 1920×1080 and it says DPI is 101, I think that's correct16:18
reonlooks like I just have to figure out why lightdm won't work and my issues are ironed out.16:18
Jack-xubuntuHay guys.16:18
reonAnyone else disbale desktop icons?16:18
Jack-xubuntuI have a question16:18
SysiI always have empty desktop16:18
knome!ask | Jack-xubuntu16:19
ubottuJack-xubuntu: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:19
Jack-xubuntuI just installed xubuntu and now it wont boot. Do you think something went wrong with the install16:19
reonSysi, it force me to sort my crap else I just dump stuff all over the desktop16:19
reonhow di you install it?16:19
incorrect80dpi with no sub pixel looks ok16:20
Jack-xubuntuI have a backup live os and that booted perfectly16:20
Sysireon: I'm a bit neurotic, I use downloads-folder as tmp if something16:20
incorrectslight AA16:20
Jack-xubuntubut the install from the usb didnt turn out right16:20
Jack-xubuntuShould i try aigan16:20
Sysidoes rhythmbox work on oneiric? it was bugsy on natty16:21
Jack-xubuntuI am going to retry the install. THen I'll come back and try to figure out the problem if any.16:22
incorrectah just skype is not using my theme16:22
Sysipropietary app, hard to say what theming it's supposed to be using16:23
drcSysi: Never had a problem on natty, but the one on oneiric appears to have left out the streaming radio on the beta/daily version I checked, so I didn't install it when I made the change.16:23
TheSheepincorrect: there was a command line option to make skype use the system theme16:23
TheSheepincorrect: otherwise it uses its own16:23
incorrecti don't care16:24
incorrectit can stay a it is16:24
Sysidrc: I had issues with it on natty, haven't tried on my virtual oneiric16:24
drcSysi: Weel, I guess I'll have to install it and find out :)16:26
Sysior I can do that16:26
drcSysi: Seeing as you had troubles on natty and I didn't, I guess we both should16:27
Sysistill no hybrid iso:s for oneiric :/16:27
drcStill no streaming radio in rhythmbox...uninstall16:28
incorrectwell 11.04 to 11.10 really is a lesson in diminishing returns16:47
reongnome-mplayer is pretty nice, will uninstall smplayer16:47
incorrectfrom an xfce stand point, a fair number of apps are ugly16:48
incorrectfrom a unity point of view, really? i can't change the font size via the standard untils16:48
reonwhich apps? just change them for others16:49
incorrecttake the app centre16:49
incorrectthe network manager16:49
incorrectwell if i install something i don't really want to spend hours uninstalling what are considered the best choice apps because they are in a different widget set16:50
reonI hear you16:52
incorrectso really 11.10 is a step back for a xubuntu user16:52
prg318you've got a point about gtk3 themes and gtk2 themes being inconsistant, but i wouldn't call xubuntu a REGRESSION because of that16:53
reonMaybe it's time everybody adopted gtk316:53
prg318reon: no.  xfce wont be adopting it for a while either16:54
incorrecti don't blame xfce16:54
tokki'm installing xubuntu 11.10 right now, alternate cd. installing grub fails ("Executing 'grub-install /dev/sdb' failed."). syslog says http://paste.ubuntu.com/708678/16:54
reonAnd then I also think we shouldall just be using Qt16:54
tokk/usr/sbin/grub-probe doesn't exist16:54
incorrectsomething had gone wrong with xchat and all the messing round with fonts16:55
reontokk, did you install xubuntu to /dev/sdb ?16:55
tokkreon, encrypted lvm on sdb16:58
reontokk, do you have a separate /boot partition outside off the LVM?17:00
Jack-xubntuI got the installer to work17:02
reonhow did it go Jack-xubntu17:02
Jack-xubntuI Just re-installed and booted17:02
tokkreon, well, i seem to be an idiot. no. nevermind. :)17:02
Jack-xubntunow im upgrading to 11.1017:03
reontokk, lol17:03
reonJack-xubntu, why did you not install 11.10 from scratch then?17:03
Jack-xubntuI didnt want to have to re download the .iso and re create the usb installer17:04
Jack-xubntutoo much hassle17:05
Jack-xubntuI just need to get flash player and sun java working after the update17:05
reonJack-xubntu, I reckon your current method is more hassle. Creating a usb is a simple as using dd if= of=. Some people are having problems with the upgrade.17:06
reonSkype works just fine here17:06
Jack-xubntuOh... ok17:06
Jack-xubntuWell i didnt know17:06
Jack-xubntuthat might be really useful...17:07
Jack-xubntuAre you suggesting that i shoud just install 11.10 from usb17:08
incorrecti wonder if xfce will migrate to gtk317:08
TheSheepI hope not17:09
incorrectis gtk3 much heavier?17:10
incorrecti've not really read up on what the deal with gtk3 is17:10
Jack-xubntuIs it possible to stop a distrobution upgrade.17:12
reonno idea, why?17:13
Jack-xubntuwell i am thinking if i can stop the distribution upgrade and reboot, i can just install 11.10 from the usb stick i just created17:14
Jack-xubntui geuss its too late for that17:15
reonStop it then. I think It only does the upgrade after all the files have been downloaded17:15
reonyou should be able to turn the repos back if needed17:15
Jack-xubntuits installing the new distro17:15
reondamn, you must have fast internet17:15
Jack-xubntuya i do17:15
Jack-xubntumy dad works for comcast17:15
Jack-xubntu10 meg up 50 meg down17:16
reonlucky bugger, I'll swap you my 384kb/s adsl :D17:16
reonwith those speeds I would just download the ISO anyway and write it to usb incase it is needed. So if your install is a bit quirky just install with the new version17:17
Jack-xubntuOk then, i just created a new usb a couple of mineutes ago on my Ubuntu natty laptop17:18
Jack-xubntuNarwhals ftw17:18
Jack-xubntuI cant believe that I know more about computers than my dad.Hwn it come to linux17:22
dr_jklso... yeah.17:25
Jack-xubuntukinda quiet17:26
rajuhow can i know that my grpahics drivers are installed propelry17:26
dr_jklthe upgrade to ocelot makes my wifi key on my laptop do strange things17:26
dr_jklthe light is red when off and white when on.  the wifi is on and associated and the led is still red17:26
Jack-xubuntuMust be another bug...17:27
dr_jklThis worked under natty...17:27
thegladiatorhow do I remove the desktop's icon shadow17:27
Jack-xubuntuI know, natty is way more reliable.17:27
rajuthegladiator:  type ccsm in terminal17:28
* drc thinks that everybody will say the same thing about 11.10 when 12.04 comes out17:28
dr_jkl i agree17:28
SysiLTS should be carefully tested17:28
dr_jklijust wish i could fix the bug17:28
drcdr_jkl: File it17:29
thegladiatorwhat would that do rj17:29
thegladiatorhow is compiz related to desktop icons17:30
rajuthegladiator: or open desktop properties by rightclick17:30
rajuthegladiator:  give a try17:31
thegladiatorok but didnt find anything thats why17:31
thegladiatordo u have shadow in your desktop icons too ?17:31
drcthegladiator: Turn off Compositor in Window Manager Tweaks?17:31
thegladiatorwill that help ?17:34
thegladiatorI dont need compositor?17:34
Jack-xubuntuI am restarting my computer to finish the update. fingers crossed!17:34
drcthegladiator: Need? of course not, it's eye candy.  Want? That's another story17:35
rajuthegladiator:  do you have anything like cairo ?17:35
dmgis there a way to turn off the integrated mousepad on a notebook17:36
drclet me get the command17:37
drcsynclient TouchPadOff=117:37
drcput this in Removable Drives and Media>Input devices and when you plug in your USB mouse, it will turn off the touchpad17:38
thegladiatoryeah i have cairo17:38
thegladiatorhence need compositor ,good guess17:38
rajuthegladiator:  then dont do disbale of compositor17:38
thegladiatorhow do I disable the shadow ?17:39
rajuif you did then it wont work propely17:39
thegladiatoryeah I figured that in openwm session . but how do I actually remove the desktop icon's shadow ? there has to be some method but its not listed in desktop settings17:39
dmgso in which file exactly?17:41
reonweird, my icons did not have shadows but I disabled desktop icons anyway, don't like them17:41
drcdmg: Applications Menu>Settings>Settings Manager>Settings>Removable Drives>Mice17:42
dmgok ill try17:42
drcdmg: You can try that can try that command in a terminal, just to make sure it works.  (=0 turns the touchpad back on)17:43
dmgok ill try the commmand17:44
dmgmany thnks drc! i got it!17:46
drcdmg: np17:46
dmggoodbye drc , I quit for now, u were great help17:49
drcdmg: Good luck17:49
VlynHey, I got a little problem: I want to know how much space is used on my SSD. But Xubuntu always says: 128.0 TB O.o looking at the HDD is fine though.17:50
rajuVlyn:  have you tried df-h17:52
Vlynraju: df-what? Let me google that17:52
reondf -h17:53
rajuVlyn: df -h17:53
rajureon:  thanks man17:53
VlynOh, got it17:53
VlynOk, looks fine17:54
thegladiatorxubuntu is pretty good , isnt linux using xfce now ?17:54
Jack-xubuntuOk, I just updated to 11.10 from 11.04. No bugs/glitches or problems yet.17:54
thegladiatorlinus I mean17:55
reonyes i think linus switched to xfce17:55
=== thegladiator is now known as thevishy
* drc wonders if a vishy is a gladiator that lost?17:56
Jack-xubuntuIs there a way to install 64 bit skype from Ubuntu software center?17:56
reonhuh, there is a 64bit version?17:57
DanielSenatI lost the optionfield in audacious, how to get it back17:57
thevishyi am a normal man when I am not the gladiator17:57
Jack-xubuntuYah i think so... If there is I have it on my install of 64 ubuntu.17:57
reonDanielSenat, where is this option field you speak of? I've got audacioous open17:58
DanielSenatNot really optionfield, but where you have all the options, show for example17:58
DanielSenatI chosed to not show it, so it disappeared17:59
DanielSenatWhere you normally find help, tools etc18:00
DanielSenatmaybe the name for it is toolbar18:00
chumahello, anyone has a problem with sound sync in video on vlc player? I found this problem on my laptop(HP compaq 6710b) from xubuntu 11.04. And after vlc installation on 11.10 I see same , sound is lagging. I understand,  that I can do sync with keys-shortcts, but... Parole and smplayer, for example, working well18:01
Jack-xubuntuYes there is a 64 bit version of skype on the website.18:01
reonDanielSenat, lol I just disbaled mine and now i can't get it back either :D18:02
DanielSenathttp://boards.audacious-media-player.org/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=254 sorry!!18:02
DanielSenatis it called menybar?18:02
reonAh, thanks18:02
DanielSenatI found it!18:03
DanielSenatreon, Is audacious better than parole?18:04
reonwhy is gmusicbrowser included in xubuntu?18:04
DanielSenatreon, gmusicbrowser isn't really light18:05
DanielSenatI don't like it18:05
reonDanielSenat, I see gmusicbrowser is the default music application. Personally I like Audacious18:05
DanielSenatMe too!18:05
drcreon: Becasue it replaced rhythmbox...which, if one looks at the current iteration in Xubuntu, is going backwards.18:05
reonI've also removed parole and have gnome-mplayer & vlc installed18:06
reonI think I'll be removing gmusicbrowser18:06
drcor was it exaile it replaced, either way, rhythmbox is not what it used to be18:06
DanielSenatMe to, but parole seems to play everything18:06
DanielSenatGuess i don't need vlc18:07
drcBut you can't get rid of the playlist in parole (can you?)18:07
DanielSenateach time parole is opened, the playlist field is empty18:08
drcAnd I fnd a slight audio-video lag in vlc in Xubuntu (and only xubuntu, LMDE, Bodhi, Fedora, etc. all works fine)18:08
drcDanielSenat: Yes, but I don't want the playlist at all18:08
DanielSenatok, more clean.. well I don't know18:09
DanielSenatdrc, Have you found media files that don't play in parole?18:10
drcDanielSenat: Don't know, I don't use is (see playlist :)18:10
DanielSenatmedia player classic was my favourite in windows.. '18:11
DanielSenatis it for linux too?18:11
reonwindows only18:13
fred2040In linux u can use Rhythmbox for example18:13
drcfred2040: For video?18:14
fred2040omg sorry18:14
fred2040only for audio18:14
drcnp...this conversation had meandered all over :)18:14
fred2040VLC in windows and linux18:14
chumaI try to change output for audio from default or pulse to alsa and sync is gone, but in this case only one audio is working on system (for me); for example, youtube is going muted.. It's a puzzle for me.18:22
Jack-xubuntuAre there any cool Desktop tweaks for Xubuntu that i should know about18:23
Sysianything you find from settings feeling comfortable18:24
thevishymplayer is just great18:24
reonjack-xubuntu, I found a site the other day but when I reinstalled I lost it18:25
TheSheepthevishy: I like vlc18:25
Jack-xubuntuLet me know if you find it again.18:26
thevishyi use mplayer mostly from the command line / non gui nowaays . And its vert handy and fast18:26
reonmedia player test http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/09/linux-movie-players-vlc-vs-totem-vs-parole/18:26
thevishyreon, they have no mplayer in that comparison ?18:26
chumayep, I use smplayer at this moment, it's great. But what are you using for stream video what created with vlc(as server)?18:27
DanielSenatreon, parole seems heavy!18:30
Jack-xubuntuIs there a way to get Sun Java through Synaptic18:31
reonmaybe is should just stick to vlc and remove all the others18:31
reonjack-xubuntu, theres a ppa or repo out there someone posted a bit earlier18:32
Jack-xubuntuThat means what?18:32
DanielSenatreon, How about mplayer and smplayer18:33
reonyou add the ppa to your sources list and install it the normal way.18:33
reonDanielSenat, no idea. Try them all and pick the one you like. also have look at gnome-mplayer which looks nice18:34
chumajack-xubuntu, just smthing like http://www.multimediaboom.com/how-to-install-java-in-ubuntu-11-04-natty-narwhal-ppa/18:34
reonjack-xubuntu, https://launchpad.net/~ferramroberto/+archive/java18:35
Jack-xubuntuThank you :D18:36
chumaouch.. is on xubuntu 11.10 gnome-mediaplayer working well? I have Segmentation fault after installing from official rep. and I know that it's confirmed bug :)18:37
bashelinahow do you get 2 panels ?  I want to add one at the bottom.... and remove that fancy menu bar18:38
reonDanielSenat, you don't need that link/repos, just install it normally via synaptic/software centre or apt-get18:38
reonchuma, works fine here18:39
Jack-xubuntuIt Worked :D18:39
Jack-xubuntuReon, You're Amazing!18:40
reonbashelina, right click on the top panel and go panel-->prferences, Click the green + sign to add another panel and select it's position, orientation & monitor. Then you can drag it to where you want it and then lock it in place.18:41
chumareon, nope, gnome-mediaplayer has SEg. fault. (I think you think aboub gnome-mplayer :) )18:42
reonchuma, sorry. Yes I was thinking of gnome-mplayer18:42
chumareon, np!18:43
bashelinareon, great ! i need to remove the docky lookalike menu at the bottom ....18:47
DanielSenatgnome mplayer is clean!18:48
reonbashelina, right click on the bottom panel and go panel-->prferences, Click the green - sign18:48
reonDanielSenat, yes, nice hey? I just wish you could get rid of the menu bar, in vlc minimal you can get rid of the menu bar and that looks nice18:49
DanielSenatI think gnome mplayer looks nicer18:51
bashelinareon,  thx, works18:51
reonbashelina, cool stuff ;)18:51
bashelinareon, i just switched to xubuntu from ubuntu cause of the new crappy unity interface18:51
bashelinai like it like this, simple18:52
reonbashelina, join the club, same here18:52
DanielSenatSame here18:52
DanielSenatI only have 512 RAM so Ubuntu is to heavy!18:52
bashelinagnome shell 3 fallback is also garbage18:52
Sysilike old gnome without gazillion plugins18:54
bashelinaDanielSenat,  this is more like gnome2 . and it seems highly configurably... great18:54
DanielSenatbashelina, I like it18:57
reonDanielSenat, see http://ompldr.org/vYXRwYw/vlcgmpl.png18:57
DanielSenatreon, I don't really see the difference there18:59
reonno menu bar in vlc18:59
DanielSenatBut I tried a movie, vlc is better! I can navigate in the movie without problem. Gnome mplayer is not so good on that point, and i think the imagequality is better with vlc19:00
DanielSenatreon, aha, yes i see now19:01
reonvlc is pretty good and full of features and will play everything under the sun19:01
reonI think I'm gonna stick with vlc and dump all the others19:01
SysiI like click on video to play/pause on gnome-mplayer19:02
Sysiyou may get that on vlc too19:02
thevishyBtw , the goodness of mplayer is that it can do a lot of things . The interface ( GUI frontend) for mplayer is not the best though . I think mplayer can do lot of things under the hood and its pretty fast too19:02
reonSysi, vlc also does that19:02
Sysireon: I didn't find it from settings but I did hear it should19:03
DanielSenatreon how to hide menubar?19:03
DanielSenatAnd how to get it back?19:03
reonDanielSenat Ctrl+H19:04
reonYou can also set it in tools--?preferences19:05
reonYou can also set it in tools-->preferences19:05
DanielSenatI see, nice19:05
DanielSenatWell i will delete gnome mplayer..19:06
DanielSenatAnd do i need gmusicbrowser..19:06
reonpick what you like, I like audacious but gmusicplayer has integration with volumeicon on the panel19:07
* TheSheep likes quodlibet19:07
reonthat reminds me, I need to install nero linux19:08
reonIt's fine.19:10
DanielSenatis there a cool pac man that isn't super slow...?19:10
DanielSenatI tried kapman but...19:11
reonI love emulation and into MAME, Nintendo64, SNES Amiga etc19:12
DanielSenatIs mame a application with games?19:14
reonit's an emulator that plays original arcade roms19:15
DanielSenatSo i need the games to play it?19:15
VlynHey, how can I get the real names of applications? (For the command)19:15
DanielSenatI don't follow really.. hehe19:15
reonDanielSenat Yes you need the roms19:16
DanielSenatI just now saw it!19:17
reonDanielSenat trying to PM you19:18
VlynCould someone please help me? I have no clue how to get the real names of applications for commands (e.g.: Quick Launcher). Already googled for it, but there are only solutions for other distributions (e.g.: Application Manager → More Information…)19:19
VlynAlso the taskmanager isn't helpful in most cases…19:20
VlynUhm… nobody can answer me this (I think simple) question?19:23
VlynDamn… okay, asking in #ubuntu -.-19:25
XubuntuKrisVlyn: most apps are named exactly as they would be named19:25
bashelinaHow do i make all the items auto-move to the right side of the panel ??19:25
VlynSo, what's the command for the Task Manager?19:25
bashelinathey move to the left :[19:25
XubuntuKrissay I want to open thunar via terminal19:25
XubuntuKrisjust open terminal and type thunar19:25
XubuntuKrisVlyn: you might try task-manager19:26
XubuntuKrisor what reon said19:26
VlynAnd I had to google for a while to oben the terminal (Shortcut). It's not terminal… not bash… not \bin\bash19:26
VlynIt's xfterm419:26
VlynSo, how can I find out those names?19:27
reonin a terminal type xfce4- and hit TAB twice19:27
VlynOk, for finding basic xubuntu apps?19:28
XubuntuKrisxfce4 <tab><tab> lists all apps that start with xfce419:28
VlynI see19:28
XubuntuKrisWhat is your point in this Vlyn?19:29
VlynThat helps a little bit, but I'm still missing a nice option for this19:29
XubuntuKrisWhat are you trying to accomplish?19:29
VlynOkay: I have applications, and they are named… whatever… but in the system the name is like xfce4-blabla (For example, I have no clue about the name)19:30
VlynHow can I find it?19:30
VlynOther distributions offer „More information“ in the application manager19:30
VlynAnd show you the real name19:30
bashelinaHow do I make all the stuff on the panel move to the right ???????+19:31
bashelinamove wont work :(19:31
XubuntuKrisbashelina, rightclick it, click move, put it on the right side19:32
XubuntuKrisVlyn, I still don't see your point in knowing all these names.19:32
XubuntuKrisnvm bashelina, I didn't see your second post.19:32
XubuntuKrisIf move doesn't work, then idk19:33
VlynI had the following problem: I wanted to make a quicklaunch entry for some apps. It asks me for „command“19:33
VlynAnd I had no clue what to put there19:33
VlynFor example: Terminal… „terminal“ „bash“ „\bin\bash“ nothing worked19:33
VlynIn this case: How could I get the name?19:34
Vlyn(I now know I can search for xfce4- but what would I do without this knowledge or if an app has a strange name)19:34
XubuntuKrisa quick launch in your panel?19:35
XubuntuKrisdrag and drop from applications menu19:35
VlynFor example: I install an app „Best Mp3 player bla bla“ and it's real name is „bestmp3play1324“ how could i get this name?19:36
VlynAlright, that's a solution. And for the terminal?19:36
XubuntuKrisIt's in the applications menu19:36
XubuntuKrisEVERY application that is installed shows up in the applications menu19:36
XubuntuKristerminal is an application19:37
VlynBut sometimes I need the name19:37
VlynFor commands19:37
VlynHere I got one: Parole Media Player19:37
XubuntuKrisor pmp19:38
Vlynyeah, and who makes those names? the developer19:38
VlynIt could be parole19:38
VlynOr parolemed19:38
Vlynor what ever19:38
VlynHow should I know?19:38
XubuntuKrisits almost always the simplest one19:38
XubuntuKrisparole or pmp19:38
reontype bes and hit tab twice in terminal, alternatively scan through your /usr/bin folder19:38
Vlynbes does nothing19:39
Vlyn/usr/bin, that's it19:40
VlynNot the best solution but okay19:40
reonor look in synaptic, right click, properties, installed files19:41
VlynOkay, thanks19:42
fibbleHey. Im trying to get Thunar to handle ssh:// or sftp:// network shares - anybody managed this in 11.10?19:43
incorrectis there an alternative for remote desktop viewer?19:43
reonI think chromium now has a remote control plugin19:44
bashelinaDamn I cant make the stuff on a panel to stick to the right side !  :( :(19:45
reonVlyn, you might also be able to get the names frome the xfce menu file19:45
Vlynreon: Where can I find it?19:46
reonVlyn, that I don't know but I'll probably looking for it myself in the next few days19:46
Vlynreon: Alright. For the moment I have some ways to find it out (Trying + /usr/bin). Thanks for your help19:47
reonno problem19:47
reonincorrect, see http://news.cnet.com/8301-30685_3-20117619-264/chrome-extension-enables-remote-computer-control/19:48
incorrecthmm, not what i was really after19:50
lorin`Vlyn: right click the applications menu, properties, edit menu. Will allow you to quickly check the properties (and application names) of everything in the menu19:50
Vlynlorin`: I'm in proprties now, but there is no edit19:51
lorin`at the bottom of the applications menu dialog under menu file? Use the default menu [Edit Menu] ?19:52
reonlorin, I don't htink you can do that in xfce 4.8 anymore19:52
incorrectreon, i found remmina, have you tried it?19:52
VlynBut thanks for trying19:53
reonincorrect, never heard of it, remote app?19:53
lorin`hmm. actually this says 4.8 sooo.19:53
Sysialacarte works with 4.819:53
incorrectoh its not bad19:53
Vlynlorin`: Under menu file is just „Help“19:54
reonthere's also lxmed for menu editing19:54
Sysibashelina: add separator left to stuff you want to be on right and set it to expand19:54
lorin`right clicking to get the properties of the launcher itself ?19:54
Sysiyou need some menu  editor installed to get choice there19:55
Sysilorin` propably has alacarte or soemthing installed19:55
lorin`i do. well i'll stop trying to help :P19:56
fibblewell i just asked: "Im trying to get Thunar to handle ssh:// or sftp:// network shares - anybody managed this in 11.10?" but i think i figured it out myself19:58
incorrectif i was involved with this release i would have changed over all the gtk3 default apps and replaced with them with gtk2 based stuff19:58
fibbleif anyone is interested i made sure i installed all the gvfs packages in apt and xfce4-goodies19:58
fibblethen made sure my user was a member of the "fuse" group19:58
drcincorrect: so...join the team.  http://www.xubuntu.org/contribute/development19:59
fibbleand i can now hit sftp:// and smb:// URIs in thunar directly19:59
incorrectdrc, i might just do20:01
drcincorrect: good, they can always use more help20:01
reonAnyway for me to get hold of Jack-xubuntu now that he's left?20:04
Sysicall him20:04
reonplease elaborate?20:05
Sysibasically, you don't20:05
dmorfindoes xfce use freedesktop.org standard menus (like gnome classic did)?20:05
Sysiafaik it does20:06
dmorfindoes it have some way to edit the menus?20:06
Sysialacarte or lxmenuedit20:06
dmorfinI was going to use alacarte, but gnome-panel conflicts with things like flash20:08
Sysisudo apt-get --no-install-recommends install alacarte20:09
reonif/when Jack-xubuntu comes back please pass this on to him https://sites.google.com/site/easylinuxtipsproject/xubuntu20:10
reonSome nice xubuntu tips https://sites.google.com/site/easylinuxtipsproject/xubuntu20:10
dmorfinSysi: yeah, I have it installed, but you can actually edit properties without gnome-panel apparently20:10
dmorfinI'll try lxmed... wish there was a package for it20:11
Sysihow would you even get xfce menu to gnome-panel20:11
Sysithere should be..20:11
dmorfinseems like you download the tgz and run install.sh... which I guess I'll do20:12
thevishyhow does lxde hold out in terms of power consumption vs gnome20:13
Sysidunno, ask #lubuntu20:13
thevishysorry xfce i mmean20:13
Sysipossibly slightly less with the lack of eyecandy and daemong on the background20:14
dmorfinhmmm... lxmed looks good, except not all the menus are on there... weird...20:15
reongeez, alacarte pulls in a load of crap, is there any way to get the menu editor without all the extra stuff?20:38
TheSheepreon: you can just copy the files from /usr/share/applications to ~/.local/share/applications and edit them with a text editor20:45
reonmanuall edit the .desktop files?20:46
TheSheepreon: yeah, they are just text files20:50
lorin`try alacarte --no-install-recommends?, i read it mostly works without the mass dependencies?20:52
bashelinaSysi, yeah it worked, thx bro ! :)20:56
steve|mhey there21:18
steve|msomething I noticed: the german mirror for 11.10 on http://www.xubuntu.org/getubuntu points to /natty/ instead of /oneiric/ on that mirror21:19
steve|mcan somebody fix this?21:19
Olbiwhy Ubuntu Software Center looks so ugly on Xubuntu? :(21:24
Olbiothers windows have good apperance, only USC looks like Loona21:24
ShirakawasunaIn oneiric I'm getting this same issue: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/+source/indicator-sound/+bug/80841321:32
ubottuUbuntu bug 808413 in indicator-sound (Ubuntu Oneiric) "adjusting the volume by scrolling over the sound indicator is impossible" [High,Fix released]21:32
Shirakawasunacan anyone confirm this?21:33
ShirakawasunaOlbi: What do you mean by ugly?21:33
Olbiwhen I change them from greybird to another like Bluebirds its looks like luna, dont bother to others windows21:34
ShirakawasunaOlbi: I don't know what 'luna' is. Are you talking about the Windows XP theme?21:34
Olbiyes :)21:35
Shirakawasunawhoah, you're right. It actually looks worse than luna21:35
Shirakawasunalooks more like win 9821:35
Shirakawasunathings can change after logging out/in. Have you tried that?21:36
OlbiI try now :)21:36
knomeShirakawasuna, is it an upgrade?21:36
Shirakawasunaknome: sound-indicator?21:36
knomeShirakawasuna, your 11.1021:37
OlbiShirakawasuna: it doesnt help21:37
knomeprobably has something to do with /var/run migrating to /run etc.21:37
knomemaybe try restarting the sound services, that might help21:38
ShirakawasunaOlbi: must be something weird with how it's set up, I dunno :/21:38
Olbistrange, that only this21:38
Shirakawasunaknome: restart pulseaudio?21:39
knomeShirakawasuna, mmh. that might help. i suppose something is been linked to /var while it should be linked to /run.21:40
ShirakawasunaIs /var/run supposed to be entirely replaced by /run ?21:42
Shirakawasunait's just a link for me21:42
Shirakawasuna/var/run is a link to /run21:42
knomethen something is probably partially correct...21:42
knomei didn't get that, my upgrade broke21:42
Shirakawasunaseems like ubuntu might still have some issues with upgrades :/21:45
Shirakawasunaso does that mean you can scroll over the sound indicator to change the volume, knome?21:45
Shirakawasuna(just the icon without clicking)21:45
knomeShirakawasuna, no, i can't do that21:47
Shirakawasunathat's what I was asking about, sorry :)21:49
knomeyeah, i think i misunderstood21:50
knomeis scrolling over the icon working in ubuntu?21:50
NazosanOk, so I'm trying to change my default soundcard.  I used alsamixer to set it via F6 and I _think_ that changed the default for ALSA, but PulseAudio is still going to the onboard sound.21:52
NazosanIs anyone even alive in here?21:54
knomeno, i think we're all living dead21:54
kedsIn clarification, does awesome even work with Xubuntu or XFCE?21:55
NazosanI've played myself out on Left 4 Dead 2 last night.21:55
NazosanI'd prefer the living for now.21:55
knomeNazosan, did you change it from pavucontrol ?21:55
Nazosanno, that's probably exactly what I needed, hold on21:56
ufmblanneed help. upgraded to 11.10, no network devices available. please help21:56
ufmblaneth0 nor wireless21:56
NazosanAh, finally.  Now why isn't that program easier to find?  in fact, is there even an icon for it at all?21:57
knomeNazosan, i think there should be...21:57
Nazosanmaybe there is.  Oh well, at least it's finally fixed.  I should have known better than to ask in #Ubuntu, lol, but it automatically went there21:58
NazosanOh, quick question before I forget again22:01
Nazosancan I change the login screen to use my screen's native resolution and disable mouse acceleration (eg I guess just copy the mouse settings)?22:01
* Nazosan gets in some sleep22:10
ubuntu_i have a question...can me somebody help? When I install xubuntu 10.10...can i then update to ubuntu 11.10?22:12
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
bazhangubuntu_, with 11.04 in between22:19
kedsDoes anyone know if XFCE is compatible with awesome? [Or is this the wrong channel to ask this question?]22:23
Shirakawasunaubuntulog: Yes, as bazhang said, but things will work better if you just install 11.10 directly22:41
Ravenanyone know about banshee?22:57
drcWhat about it?22:57
Ravenwell my banshee queues very slow from my NAS when wanting music and then locks up after playing a few songs, never has done this yntill upgrade22:59
drcThat...no idea22:59
Ravenmaybe im missing a library or something23:00
drcnot much lately on google = banshee+NAS, but http://banshee-media-player.2283330.n4.nabble.com/Sync-to-Folder-plans-for-Dap-on-Mac-OS-X-td3817681.html23:03
drcMaybe it'll help (I didn't read it all)23:03
Raventhx drc i'll give it a read23:04
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VlynExcuse me, when I used Ubuntu one year ago there was a nice built in FTP Client in the file manager. Is there something similar in Xubuntu? (I think it's Nautilus, right?)23:27
ahs3-So tell me, what does everyone like about xubuntu. I've been a Linux user for 12 years. traditionally have been using gentoo/arch Linux. But I have recently been curious about *buntu. I have always used xfce4 so xubuntu just makes sense.23:34
drcFrom the forums:  It's in Thunar's FAQ: http://thunar.xfce.org/pwiki/documen...twork_browsing Short answer: never.23:35
drcahs3-: I'm guessing it's got all the ease of ubuntu without unity23:36
ahs3-ah ok23:36
Vlynahs3-: I'm a newby and like about *buntu that nearly everything works out of the box (No driver problems and so on). I'd prefer Ubuntu, but the new GUI (Unity) is terrible… therefor I'm here23:36
ahs3-oh i agree. gnome has gone crazy23:37
drcAnd the way they configure xfce is nice23:37
ahs3-I usually do my own configuring. but recently saw the bit about cloud computing...23:37
VlynI had Ubuntu at school on my laptop for half a year. Wanted to switch to it… and then bam! Unity. It was like a Mac… I nearly puked and deleted it instantly ^^23:37
ahs3-haha, i don't blame you23:38
drcTo be honest, I have tried many other xfce distros but always come back to Xubuntu.  Not that it makes me overly happy, it's just better than the rest23:38
ahs3-I tried xubuntu when it first came out, and it seemed buggy compared to other distro's so i just went back to archLinux. does it still have bug issues?23:39
drcahs3-: All distro have bugs23:39
drcsome are just more buggy than others :)23:39
ahs3-lol yea23:39
ahs3-well that was a while back, i might give another go at *buntu23:40
drcI haven't encountered any bugs that stop me from doing what I want, but my needs are simple, video, audio, and pr0n :)23:40
ahs3-anyone use the cloud?23:41
VlynDamn… I miss some features or I'm just too stupid to find them. Is there an inbuilt ftp client in Xubuntu? Like in Ubuntu?23:41
ahs3-does xubuntu use thunar?23:41
ahs3-if so then yes23:42
VlynUh.. couldn't find "thunar", I think it's Nautilus23:42
ahs3-ah thunar will do ftp too...23:42
VlynOh wait23:42
drcVlyn: XFCE uses Thunar, gnome uses naytilus23:42
VlynOkay, it's thunar23:42
ahs3-in thunar you can do ctrl+l enter your ftp/ssh address23:43
ahs3-example: ssh://username@server.com23:44
ahs3-or ftp://23:44
VlynHow can i make a link / shortcut for that?23:44
VlynLike Desktop shortcut23:44
drcVlyn: Edit>Configure Custom ACtions?23:45
ahs3-once you connect you can add it to thunar favorites by dragging the remote folder to the bottom left of thunar23:45
VlynAlright *Tries to connect*23:45
ahs3-on the desktop you could do that i suppose23:45
ahs3-I don't use desktop icons, i prefer quick-keys23:46
drcthe desktop is for windows, not icons :)23:46
VlynI know :-)23:46
soulg77Hello, anyone available to help me with getting a minipci wireless card to work?23:47
VlynI don't really like icons on my desktop, actually I prefer those bookmarks ^^23:47
VlynHm… thunar is loading and loading, no ftp for me O.o23:49
ahs3-Vlyn, hmm  did it ask for your password?23:49
VlynYep, and accepted it. Hmmm23:50
ahs3-are you sure its not ssh instead of ftp?23:50
VlynI got a small problem with ftp, in some applications it's only working in active mode :-/23:50
VlynMaybe that's it23:51
* ahs3- is trying xubuntu in virtualbox23:52
VlynBetter use a live-„cd“ xD23:53
ahs3-oh i see that23:53
ahs3-it won't use a iso image, crazy23:53
Vlyn*Using his USB Stick as a CD* xD23:53
ahs3-ah cool23:54
ahs3-ah there we go, it worked23:54
ahs3-yea it looks pretty good23:55
ahs3-anyone have problems with video drivers etc...23:57
drcnope, Additional Drivers (nVidia) works out of the box for me23:58
ahs3-it seems a little bloated for xfce, its using 42% of cpu23:58
drcWell, I do my homework and buy hardware known to work with linux, not becasue it's hot :)23:59
ahs3-ah me too23:59
drcahs3-: waht card?23:59
ahs3-nvidia 7600 GT23:59
ahs3-I usually build my own system23:59
soulg77Hello, anyone available to help me with getting a minipci wireless card to work?23:59

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