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didrocksgood morning05:45
oSoMoNgood morning07:03
zzzharryhi, i´m really angry. I´ve installed ubuntu 11.10 and i have to say ,, unity is really bad thing for ubuntu". It´s a step back for this great system. Sorry fot it but i feel that. is possible new versions of ubutnu has no unity?08:25
arpusmspillaz, hello is this an unity bug ? or should i evestigate to oder packages? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/87489708:48
ubot5Ubuntu bug 874897 in unity (Ubuntu) "flash peer assistent pop up noch clickable" [Undecided,New]08:48
smspillazI can look into with with compiz, flash is probably doing something weird08:49
arpusmspillaz, hmm it test with  new flash 11 and old 10.1 firefox chrome09:02
arputhx a lot09:03
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om26ergord, around?10:30
gordom26er, hey, whats up10:30
om26ergord, i am fine10:30
om26ergord, there is a regression in the SRU10:31
om26erbug 87502310:31
ubot5Launchpad bug 875023 in unity "SRU0-Regression: scrollbar displacement caused dash rows to show less icons" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87502310:31
om26ergord, are you already aware ?10:31
gordom26er, yeah we i saw you mention that but you pinged out before i could respond :) should be fixed by now (though i don't think we sent a new release to platform yet for the sru)10:32
om26ergord, the SRU have been uploaded I believe, awaiting ack from Ubuntu SRU team10:33
om26ermaybe didrocks cherry-picked the fix for it10:34
didrocksthere is one pending in -approved10:34
sbtesmspillaz, the iconify bug seems more-or-less fixed in oneiric, so thanks for that (if you're the one who fixed it)11:38
andyrockJohnLea, what about adding an help label to display settings panel?11:58
andyrockJohnLea, look here https://launchpadlibrarian.net/82857928/Selection_006.png12:00
andyrockof coure the label should change when we are not using unity ;)12:00
smspillazsbte: :)12:04
sbtesmspillaz, seems like you have to click twice now instead of once to get the window, but that's better than no window at all :P12:05
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smspillazsbte: yeah, you have to activate the original window and then activate it again and it will unminimize initially minimized windows12:21
sbtesmspillaz, I meant that you have to open the window switcher twice to get it in the window switcher12:23
sbteit will actually be unminimized after the first time, but it won't appear in the window switcher12:23
Saviqgreyback_: thanks for your work on the launcher, will review soon12:59
JohnLeaandyrock; yes a help label would be helpful ;-)  I'm not sure the second line in the linked image is needed though as the dropdown for selecting which monitor displays the launcher is quite self explanatory  (it makes the launcher drag feature a nice to have rather than a necessity)13:01
andyrockJohnLea, i had not noticed the dropdown ;)13:12
andyrockJohnLea, it makes sense ;)13:13
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arpusmspillaz,  do you need more infos on the flash click bug?13:33
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kenvandinetedg, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/telepathy-indicator/+bug/80928415:36
ubot5Ubuntu bug 809284 in telepathy-indicator (Ubuntu) "telepathy-indicator crashed with SIGSEGV in g_utf8_validate()" [Medium,Confirmed]15:36
kenvandinetedg, i think that bug has been fixed since in tp-indicator... but do you think it should stay open for libindicate to protect from that?15:37
kenvandinetedg, setting the sender to a value that doesn't pass g_utf8_validate15:38
tedgkenvandine, Uhg, I'm not sure.  It seems like it's something we don't want people doing, but I guess we could give a better error.15:38
kenvandineyeah... your call15:39
kenvandineI've fixed the handling of getting the alias since that version, so it should always be valid15:40
kenvandinebut this had been marked as affecting libindicate, so you can change the status for libindicate15:40
tedgkenvandine, Decided to go with invalid, mostly because the crash was in the validate function... so I couldn't validate it anymore than that...15:52
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and471is there anyway to hide the debug output of the indicators?16:33
and471I am using libindicator and would like to see my own application's debug stuff :)16:33
apinheironjpatel, hi, one question, I added you as reviewer of those huge a11y branches, should I also add lamalex as usual, or this is enough?16:34
lamalexapinheiro, feel free to add me an ill take a look16:39
apinheirolamalex, ok thanks16:41
apinheirobut as I said, first one is huge ;), sorry16:41
kenvandineTrevinho, thx for the gtk patch, i merged it and uploaded it for an SRU17:00
* jussi waves17:40
jussianyone awake atm?17:41
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jussiyer all boring I tells ye! :D18:12
greybackjussi: are not18:13
jussigreyback: :)18:13
greybackjussi: :P18:14
jussigreyback: are you actively working on ayatana?18:14
greybackjussi: I work on Unity2D. I try to implement the vision of the ayatana team.18:15
jussiahh, nice18:15
greybackjussi: You using Unity?18:16
jussigreyback: sometimes, Im kurrently on KDE :D18:16
greybackjussi: ok, was just curious18:17
jussigreyback: I like unity, but the lack of configurability and several annoying bugs just got too much for me (I did a 30 day trial coming from kde)18:18
greybackjussi: understood. Your is not a uncommon opinion. Hopefully the bugs have been squashed since. It's good that you gave it a fair try18:20
jussigreyback: yeah, one of the bugs your dev and I have differing opinions (thats fine, it still needs to be fixed in some way, so hopefully it gets sorted in some way or another), and the lack of configurability really hit me (coming from kde, what can I say)18:22
greybackjussi: yeah, kde has spoiled you in that respect :)18:23
greybackjussi: I like that things are set out "just-so" - I spend much less time fiddling to get things right, and just get on with my work18:24
greybackjussi: but then, I'm hardly unbiased ;)18:25
jussigreyback: one thing I found hard to get used to was all the stuff that was hiding all the time. (Im not a fan of mouseovers, for me they slow things down - its kind of like those phones where you have to hold a key down to unlock)18:26
jussibut let me say this, overall the interface has a very good look and feel, and many of the items work really nice.18:27
greybackjussi: good point on the hiding stuff. I hope that the config to stop the launcher (bar down left of screen) hiding becomes easier to find.18:29
greybackjussi: I'm not hugely fanatical about the workings of the menubar for a maximised window (hiding window buttons). If I have one window maximised, and another window in front, I keep trying to click the panel to give focus to the maximised window18:31
greybackBut much work is done on consistency, layout and design, and I do like the improvements. The polish is great.18:32
jussigreyback: also, one small thing that I notice that you may want to pick up on:  the placement of windows when opened - for example it opens in the top left corner, behind the launcher. and then you need to wait for the launcher to disappear before you can do/see stuff...18:34
greybackjussi: yep, common issue that. Thanks tho18:36
jussiooh, one strange thing - dont know if this is you or I need to talk to the kubuntu guys, but when I shutdown now, I get a breif flash of unity/gnome running when I shut down kde... is this normal?18:37
greybackjussi: strange! Probably a Kubuntu thing, but if you've mixed Unity & KDE on the same machine, heaven knows what's going on! In Compiz, is the Unity plugin on?18:39
jussino, we dont use compiz in kde (kwin does that)18:39
jussialthough nautilus is running...18:40
jussiI wonder if tats the issue...18:40
* jussi kills18:40
greybackjussi: oh of course, sorry.18:40
greybackjussi: been a long time since i used KDE18:40
jussiwell bed time now... talk to you again sometime.18:41
jussilets see if it does same now Ive killed nautilus18:41
greybackjussi: nice chatting, good night!18:41
slydawganyone in this room?20:11
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rob_Hi folks, hoping you can help me out.22:46
rob_I may have the wrong channel, if so, please point me in the right direction.22:47
rob_I have a 5.1 onboard soundcard, channelled through the standard three outputs at the back "Mic / Out / Line Out"22:47
rob_And a 5.1 setup.22:47
rob_I've tried editing the etc/pulse/daemon.conf22:47
rob_and looking at the ALSA mixer through the terminal22:47
rob_but to no avail.22:47
almufadadohi there23:44

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