backburnerenmand where ?00:12
enmand_Where what?00:32
enmand_Where did I read stuff? I don't remember really? mostly blogs00:33
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shanghazmat: ping, I tried using the charm update; charm getall, to obtain all the charms, but the wordpress/mysql still not working08:31
hazmatshang, as i recall, the problem was the wordpress formula hadnt been updated to use open-port/close-port... so it wasn't accessible via the internet12:54
hazmatshang, as of bzr rev 50, charm rev 31 of the formula that should be fixed.. ie per this change https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~charmers/charm/oneiric/wordpress/trunk/revision/5012:55
hazmatshang you can verify the charm formula in juju status12:56
_mup_Bug #876488 was filed: juju subcommand 'debug-report' to collect logs from relevant locations <juju:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/876488 >13:03
robbiewhazmat: ping14:21
hazmatrobbiew, pong14:26
mjforkis there a guide that talks about openstack environments.yaml config?15:32
robbiewmjfork: adam_g is probably the best person to ask15:38
mjforkok, can wait for him to rebutn15:39
jamespagemjfork: I have one working with openstack - its much the same as ec2 (same provider) but you need to specify ami, ec2-uri and s3-uri manually15:44
SpamapSmjfork: using against openstack, or deploying openstack with orchestra?15:54
SpamapSif the former, then jamespage's advice is correct. If the latter, then there's a guide in the works, I think RoAkSoAx is working on15:54
SpamapSRoAkSoAx: ^^ you got some docs on orchestra+juju+openstack deployment yet?15:55
m_3robbiew: ping16:02
mjforki am doing it against openstack16:03
robbiewm_3: we got a call, right?16:03
mjforkwhat is the control-bucket?16:03
mjforkrandom md5?16:03
m_3mjfork: I usually let juju generate it for me16:08
m_3think it's just gotta be unique per account16:08
fwereademjfork, m3: just a note: afaik s3 bucket names have to be globally unique16:10
SpamapSglobally unique in S3 itself16:27
fwereadeSpamapS, yep16:29
fwereadeneed to be away for now; back later on16:30
SpamapShrm... local provider is having issues running on an ec2 instance16:38
m_3SpamapS: bummer... I was totally wanting to play with that sometime16:39
SpamapSI have an m2.xlarge with /var/lib/lxc on tmpfs ..16:39
SpamapSbut virsh net-start default is failing16:39
SpamapSsudo juju bootstrap worked. :(16:40
m_3wow... hmmmm16:40
SpamapSso something borken in the way sudo is obtained16:40
m_3virbr shouldn't need a reboot after installing libvirt-bin16:41
m_3might tweak interfaces in /etc/libvirt/network/default.xml (something like that)16:41
SpamapSno it works as root16:41
SpamapSsomething else is broken16:41
SpamapShave to logout/back in16:42
SpamapSto get libvirtd privs16:42
jimbakermy personal experience is that i had to reboot to get the virtual networking to work properly, but i didn't investigate further16:43
m_3sounds like he got it... a groups thing16:43
SpamapSI did not16:43
SpamapSits fine now16:43
SpamapSjust had to logout/back in16:44
m_3cool potential for test frameworks16:44
m_3I got my laptop up to a load factor of 12+ yesterday16:45
SpamapSYou know, the more I think about it the, more I think we should just put the first unit on the bootstrap machine.16:45
m_3man that stack came up fast!!16:45
m_3little warm on the lap though <grin>16:45
SpamapSmaybe try a bag of frozen peas? ;)16:46
m_3suspend barfs the stack though16:46
SpamapSyeah the single laptop disk tends to make running 5+ containers send this one to 1116:46
m_3+1 on overloading bootstrap in localdev16:46
SpamapSyeah zookeeper doesn't like the suspend/resume16:46
SpamapSwell with local dev there's no need16:47
SpamapSall units go on machine 0 ;)16:47
m_3yeah, good point16:47
SpamapS#ubuntu-classroom now for a juju session, btw. :)16:57
hazmatSpamapS, its the groups and the shell17:45
hazmatthe user executing the bootstrap has to be  a member of the libvirt group17:46
hazmatbut on initial installation and creation of the group, the executing shell doesn't have the group17:46
hazmatbootstrap doesn't actually create any containers, just the network, zk, machine agent17:47
hazmatall it takes to fix the groups is to execute a new shell17:47
SpamapSlocal provider on tmpfs .. LIGHTNING18:00
hazmatSpamapS, :-) sweet, did you just tmpfs /var/lib/lxc ?18:01
bcsallerSpamapS: maybe we should recommend that for devel18:02
SpamapStmpfs                  14G  2.3G   12G  16% /var/lib/lxc18:02
SpamapSm2.xlarge.. mmmmm18:02
hazmatbcsaller, it was pretty fast on your ssd18:02
SpamapSI have about 40 more minutes with it before I get chargd $0.50 more18:02
SpamapSnow I need to figure out why mediawiki in the charm collection doesn't have the config.yaml I added to it. :-P18:04
bcsallerhazmat: yeah, but the apt-get install phase still takes too long18:04
elopiothanks for the session SpamapS18:06
elopiobut after juju deploy --repository charms local:mediawiki I got state: null18:06
elopiohow can I start it?18:06
SpamapSelopio: its probably still deploying18:06
hazmatelopio, null typically mean its pending18:06
SpamapSelopio: I cheated and put it on a giant tmpfs ..18:06
hazmatelopio, we're working on making that more obvious in the status output18:07
SpamapSdebug-log also needs to show the local provider's unit logs18:07
hazmatSpamapS, there is no local provider ;-)18:07
elopioSpamapS, hazmat ok :) So I'll wait.18:07
hazmatSpamapS, i mean there's no provisioning agent running18:08
SpamapS$ ls ~/src/juju/trunk/juju/providers/18:08
SpamapScommon  dummy.py  dummy.pyc  ec2  __init__.py  __init__.pyc  local  orchestra  tests18:08
hazmatSpamapS, the machine agent is just deploying the units18:08
hazmatin an lxc container, it will work the same on ec2 or orchestra18:08
hazmatwhen we enable lxc there18:08
SpamapSSo machine agent should be sharing them?18:08
hazmatSpamapS, 'sharing' means what?18:08
hazmatthey are all units assigned to a single machine18:09
SpamapShazmat: sharing the logs18:09
hazmatSpamapS, each unit has its own logs in the container .. i change the location to be a bit more fhs compliant.. /var/log/juju/unit-name.log18:10
SpamapSelopio: you should be able to see the logs under ~/.juju/data/$USERNAME-local/units18:10
hazmatSpamapS, there's a symbolic link for convience in the data-dir18:10
SpamapSelopio: something like mediawiki-0/unit.log18:10
SpamapSelopio: have to be root tho18:10
SpamapShazmat: I really like the idea of debug-log being comprehensive18:10
hazmatSpamapS, it is comprehensive for all agents18:11
SpamapSErr, but it doesn't show me the unit.log stuff18:11
hazmatSpamapS, but in this case there is no provider agent, and no place to log to18:11
hazmatSpamapS, hmm18:11
elopioSpamapS, I have no ~/.juju/data directory.18:11
hazmatSpamapS, it should, if not its a bug18:11
hazmatelopio, its whatever directory you using as data-dir in local provider config in environments.yaml18:12
SpamapSelopio: the example environments.yaml I pasted had /home/ubuntu/.juju/data .. so you may have it there18:12
elopioahh, ok.18:13
elopionow my units directory is empty.18:13
SpamapSelopio: check machine-agent.log in the directory above then18:15
hazmatelopio, it takes  a little while for the first time ever, as the system needs to download and debootstrap a base distribution18:15
elopiook, I'm getting close to my error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/711155/18:17
elopioSpamapS, hazmat ^^18:18
hazmatelopio, what's the output of lxc-ls? and you have a <data-dir>/master-customize.log ?18:19
bcsallerelopio: and this is on oneiric, not natty, right?18:19
bcsallerhazmat: it looks like lxc-create for the master just failed outright18:20
bcsallerI wouldn't expect a customize log, it didn't get that far18:21
elopiohazmat, there's no output of lxc-ls. And I don't have a master-customize.log18:23
elopiobcsaller, yes, oneiric.18:23
hazmattime to check-in to my flight, bbiab18:24
SpamapSelopio: maybe try 'sudo lxc-create -t ubuntu -n test-lxc -- -r oneiric'18:25
SpamapSelopio: that should verify that lxc-crate *can* work on your system. ;)18:25
elopioSpamapS, yes, it can.18:27
elopioI did it all again, and now my log says Creating master container...18:27
elopioI think that I started juju without sudo.18:28
SpamapSyou should not18:28
elopiojust $ juju bootstrap18:28
SpamapSit doesn't need to run as root18:28
SpamapSit will use sudo when it needs it18:28
elopionow I did $ sudo juju bootstrap, and it seems to be working18:28
SpamapSThat isn't necessary, I'm sure it was some other problem.18:28
SpamapSbut glad its working in some capacity18:28
elopiolet's see what the log says after creating the container.18:29
elopiowell, but anyway, this juju thing rocks.18:30
elopioSpamapS, I'd just add sudo in front of all the commands in your script :p18:30
elopioyes, it's working now. I have the units/mediawiki-0 directory, and the log says it's downloading packages.18:32
elopiothank you people!18:33
SpamapSelopio: btw, I just updated the mediawiki charm with the config.yaml that was missing..lets you change the name, skin, logo, and admin user/pass18:34
elopioSpamapS, yes, I asked about the password but it seems my question didn't get through.18:34
elopioso I assume that there's a config.yaml for the myslq charm where you can change the password too.18:35
SpamapSelopio: if you bzr update in the mediawiki dir, you should get revision 80 .. which allows 'juju set mediawiki admins="user:pass"'18:35
SpamapSelopio: for mysql you don't actually need root access ever. ;)18:35
SpamapSelopio: the charm has it, but doesn't expose it18:36
elopioSpamapS, but what if I want to pimp my mysql?18:36
elopiowell, I suppose I should make a charm for that too.18:37
SpamapSelopio: you can ssh in18:37
SpamapSelopio: and yeah, anything you need to tune should be in config.yaml as a tunable18:37
SpamapSI've been meaning to go through all the mysql tuning parameters and put them into the mysql charm18:37
elopiomediawiki up and running \o/18:44
SpamapSelopio: bonus points if you get haproxy in front of it, and a mysql slave added. ;)18:46
elopioSpamapS, ja, I'll ask for some vacations to keep playing with juju. I guess that my boss will say no :p18:49
elopiolunch's over, so I'll get back to the things I should be doing. But I hope to talk to you again.18:50
mjforklooking at environments .yaml, does s3 on the API node have to listen on public ip18:55
hazmatmjfork, re s3 and openstack, the s3 url needs to be accessible to the juju client and the machine nodes19:06
mjforkok, can i use objectstore19:06
hazmatmjfork, either the nova/objectstore/s3server.py or swift with the s3 middleware should work19:11
hazmatwe've primary done testing with the nova s3server19:11
mjforki just config'ed objectstore to listen on
mjforkhazmat: i assume you can use a regular user in the envionrments file?19:18
hazmatmjfork, not sure what you mean by regular user?19:19
mjforkdoesn't have to be an admin user19:19
hazmatmjfork, as long as the openstack credentials are authorized to create machines, it should be fine19:20
hazmatobjectstore/s3server.py doesn't do any actual auth on the s3 side of it19:20
mjforkwhat is admin-secret?19:27
mjforkI am getting unauthorized CreateSEcurityGroup19:27
mjforkguessing i need to assin some special permission in nova (using keystone for auth)19:27
hazmatadmin-secret is just any random string unique to the environment19:31
hazmatmjfork, ^ ... also out of curiosity what version of openstack are you using?19:32
mjforkgot bootstrap to run, i needed to run nova-manage role add juju cloudadmin19:34
mjfork(i also did netadmin, itsec, not sure if all were needed tho)19:35
hazmatSpamapS, re the libvirt group membership missing.. did bootstrap have an error?19:37
hazmatit looks like it caused an error on network start19:49
SpamapShazmat: logout/back in solved all problems I had20:02
_mup_juju/test-api r237 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com21:13
_mup_merge trunk21:13
SpamapSbtw, the error message for ambiguous endpoints is AWESOME now23:00

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