bomberthis upgraded version of kubuntu is sooooooo much smoother than the previous one... firefox used to lag big time and now its nice nad smooth00:03
eeefcheni think i can get used to gnome 300:04
mase_workeeefchen: yeh it's a bit of a change but i can see it's appeal for alot of people00:16
mase_worki think it would be good for my mum00:16
mase_workshe has about 20 instances of firefox open because she doesn't look / see the task list00:16
eeefchenits not to easy for me... i thought gnome 2 was nearly perfect...00:17
mase_workI think i'd struggle to use it00:17
eeefchenbut on my netbook it seems that gnome 3 has a good flow00:17
mase_workeeefchen: have you tried xfce, i think that's reasonably similar to gnome200:17
mase_workmight be worth a look, lots of people like it00:18
mase_worki think i've been using KDE that long now it's pretty much burned into my brain00:19
mase_worki really struggle to use other environments00:19
eeefcheni tried kde a few days ago as alternativ00:20
eeefchenbut i do not like it00:20
eeefchenoverloaded and not really stabel and i dont like the look00:20
mase_workeach to their own, it's the beauty of choice00:20
mase_workif you don't like something you can use something else00:20
eeefchenhmmm yes00:20
eeefchenbut what i want to use is not supported anymore :( ^^00:21
mase_workwell that doesn't stop you from using it00:22
mase_workit just means that there is not any active development on it00:22
mase_workand if it was almost perfect for you then by the sounds of it00:22
mase_workit doesn't need any more development from your perspective00:22
mase_workeeefchen: also lucid still ships with gnome 2 and is supported for some time yet00:25
eeefchenbut there is alway a buuto: upgrade to new distro00:25
eeefcheni cant stand that^00:25
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mase_workyou can remove the button00:26
eeefchenbut i know it is there00:26
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Guest50448Sup folks, need some help. So after an upgrade to 11.10, I messed around with some packages. I was trying to get the wireless working, but ended up losing the ethernet device as well. Now I can kinda undo this by opning the grub menu and booting from a previous build. How can I set that as the default build???00:28
i1920x1080whats going on with the kmail2 icon in the system tray? it looks butt ugly and no longer shows my unread mail count :/00:29
Daskreech!grub2 > Guest5044800:29
ubottuGuest50448, please see my private message00:29
DaskreechI think >_>00:29
Daskreech I forget what's in that factoid00:29
mase_worki1920x1080: doesn't it looks exactly the same as the old icon ?00:32
i1920x1080mase_work: no. the older icon looked better and had an unread count. this one looks stretched and never shows my unread mail. it's just stretched :/00:33
mase_workCan you put up a screen shot ?  mine looks ok from what i can see and i don't have the unread issue that you speak of.00:34
mase_workare you using the regular oxygen icon set ?00:35
i1920x1080I took a screenshot00:35
i1920x1080what's the simplest place to upload it, imgur?00:35
mase_worknot really sure. anywhere you can find is fine00:36
mase_workyour icons look heaps different to mine00:37
i1920x1080im on 11.1000:37
mase_workwell most of them00:37
mase_worksame here00:37
i1920x1080upgraded from 11.0400:37
mase_workyeh i did also00:38
mase_workwere you using a different icon set in 11.04 ?00:38
i1920x1080no, default oxygen icon set00:39
mase_workerm ok well i'm about to install a 11.10 virtual machine so gimme a few mins and i will see what the icons look like for that00:39
mase_workb/c even my amarok / konversation icons look different00:42
i1920x1080hey mase_work, it's no real big deal, it just bothers me I don't see the count of unread mail. to be honest, I really dislike the whole monochromatic look of the system tray.00:42
mase_workyeh it would annoy me also00:43
mase_workthat's what i can00:44
i1920x1080mase_work: those icons are way way way better than this stupid mono look. I bet you save more time just glancing and clicking than I do by having to analyze closly what I am about to click00:45
i1920x1080did you do anything to get the color icons?00:46
mase_workno that's the thing00:46
mase_worki just did the regular dist-upgrades etc..00:46
i1920x1080well, I've pretty much had these mono icons since forever00:46
mase_workif you mv .kde .kde.bak and logout /login do you still get them?00:48
i1920x1080mase_work: I really don't want to try it but I'll instead make a new account to play with and check that out00:49
prowerhello :> i'm using 11.10...how would i go about -stopping- an activity that i've started by clicking on in that tab on the top right of the screen? i tried the search and launch one but it didn't appear to do anything, now i can't seem to turn them back off00:49
mase_workok that'll work too00:49
i1920x1080yeah, monochrome icons. all themes and icon sets leave monochrome icons in the system tray00:53
westyvwnvidia driver: should i change it to one of the post realease?00:58
westyvwconfused by the options00:58
szalmornin' folks01:09
szaljust finished upgrading to Oneiric (apart from the KMail part, I'll do that later ;))..  got one niggle however..  booting takes 2 minutes longer than it's supposed to, because the system is "Waiting for network configuration" and then "Waiting up to 60 seconds more for network configuration", after which it says it starts up w/ incomplete network configuration01:11
szalusing ifup, btw, and can't see what's the problem01:12
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NJLhey guys, I just did an update to 11.10 and I have a few issues01:13
NJL1)  I get a black screen instead of KDM (right now I'm using xfce4 with startx), 2) networking doesn't start and 3) I get this error regularly:  Failed to open connection to "system" message bus:  Failed to connect to socket /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket: Connection refused01:14
mase_workNJL: try apt-get install kubuntu-desktop01:16
mase_workit sounds like there are some packages missing01:16
NJLkubuntu-desktop is already the newest version.01:17
szalNJL: does kdm start and you don't see it, or does it not start?01:17
NJLwell, X starts, but it just goes to a black screen01:18
NJLit doesn't give me a login screen01:18
szalNJL: check /var/log/Xorg.0.log.old (since you're running X now) and /var/log/kdm.log for errors ("(EE)")01:19
NJL(EE) Microsoft Internet Keyboard Pro: failed to initialize for relative axes.01:20
NJLthat's the only EE I have in /var/log/Xorg.0.log.old01:20
szaldon't think that relates to screen output01:21
NJLprobably not01:21
szalwhat gfx driver?01:21
NJLnot the one from the package though01:22
szalany reason to use that instead of the pkg?01:23
NJLnot really at this point01:24
NJLwhen I did that switch I was trying to get better performance01:24
NJLnot sure it made any difference though01:24
szalif you want the latest'n'greatest in terms of nVidia, there's always the ubuntu-x-swat PPA01:25
szalcurrent is 285, btw01:25
NJLyeah I just used the latest I already had downloaded01:25
NJLjust trying to get my system usable heh01:25
mase_workNJL: yeh my nvidia performance is sucking too, stupid binary drivers01:28
mase_workunfortunately it's my work machine so i didn't get to pick the card01:28
mase_workmy intel laptop is super smooth in comparison01:28
NJLthis is my home machine and I picked the card01:28
szalno'ing wrong w/ nVidia, imho ^^01:28
mase_worknah it's not the card it's the drivers01:29
mase_worknouveau doesn't have that issue either01:29
mase_workbut unfortunately my dual head isn't detected properly with nouveau01:29
mase_workgetting  a new machine shortly which i did get to pick, dual head intel sandy bridge01:30
mase_workshould make my life alot better01:30
NJLI fixed my dbus prob01:30
NJLI wonder if that would fix my X prob?01:31
mase_workhow did you fix you dbus issue ?01:31
ubottuUbuntu bug 858122 in Release Notes for Ubuntu "duplicate for #811441 incomplete migration to /run (shutdown script order has been demolished)" [High,In progress]01:31
* szal doubts that Intel is much better than anything else01:31
NJLAfter I remove this and reboot the pc then it works.01:32
NJLAlso the Xorg is starting normally01:32
FloodBotK2NJL: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:32
FloodBotK1NJL: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:32
mase_workszal: well it definately is on my laptop01:32
mase_workszal: it's like night and day with all the desktop effects enabled01:32
mase_work cam'01:32
mase_workcan't play games with itvery well01:32
mase_workbut kwin works wonderfully01:33
NJLso if dbus starts working correctly, think that'll fix kdm?01:33
mase_workmaybe , tias01:33
NJLbrb gonna reboot01:33
szalNJL: try it & complain afterwards if it doesn't ;)01:33
NJLheh ok01:33
* szal had non-working desktop effects right after upgrading to Oneiric, but that issue fixed itself after upgrading KDE to 4.7.201:34
mase_worki have the desktop effects working01:36
mase_workthey are just slower / less responsive01:36
mase_work4.7.2 did help01:37
Snowhogmase_work: Turn off the Blur effect and see if it improves.01:37
mase_workalready off ;)01:37
mase_worki don't have any effects enabled now01:37
mase_workexcept for resize01:37
NJLok, so dbus being fixed also fixed my login01:42
NJLbut it's giving me a gdm login, I think01:42
NJLbut at least it's not hanging01:42
NJLnow if I can just get networking fixed01:42
NJLit does this "waiting for network configuration01:42
szalsame here, no idea what gives01:43
NJLok, well I'm not gonna reboot until that issue is resolved :P01:43
NJLI'm back in KDE now at least01:43
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szalNJL: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?s=2b445e05e5b36adf60e0639f1cea6b82&t=1844819 <- perhaps some input01:59
szalNJL: http://uksysadmin.wordpress.com/2011/10/14/upgrade-to-ubuntu-11-10-problem-waiting-for-network-configuration-then-black-screen-solution/ <- another thing to try02:02
NJLszal: checking02:15
Zer000hi all, i'm looking to get help - i'm trying to play video but the colors are off. It looks like the colors are inverted. I tried playing different files (that worked fine just 10 mins ago) in mplayer, vlc and dragon player. same issue. Youtube works fine.02:20
phiscibewhat video card?  it worked earlier and now it doest?  what doesnt work now, dvd youtube ?02:21
Zer000phiscibe: its an nvidia 8400 it worked literally 10 minutes ago02:22
Zer000its any video file i have saved, not from disk02:22
phiscibewhat about youtube or in your browser is it invetted02:23
Zer000no that's fine02:23
lee_I Have an acer aspire 5733z...works fine....My dell How ever is a different story...But I do have one question though....What is UMI interface? Or WMI Interface?02:23
phiscibeso just playihng a file, all formats?  what player02:24
Zer000phiscibe: i only have mkv's any player: mplayer, dragon and vlc02:26
Zer000I took a screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/PaNMS.jpg02:26
phiscibei know what the problem has been that is ive seen in older versions, but not sure in the new ubuntu and kubunt if it is the same02:28
Zer000phiscibe: i'm running 11.10 if you were addressing me..02:28
phiscibeall those dragon, mplayer vls i thnk go thru gstreamer and or video for linux s02:28
lee_Ha aby one else noticed that to get the full soft ware selctions you have to download "ubuntu software center...just to get files for KDE aswell?02:29
Zer000so should i reinstall it?02:29
phiscibesomepace i cant remeber where is a ssetting to set videobalance hue  and  autovideosink02:29
Zer000btw in dragon you can adjust the hue, i put the slider all the way to one side and the colors are normal. so the colors are literally negative02:30
Zer000i mean inverted  like on a negative**02:30
phiscibe wont matter,02:30
phiscibekubuntu or ubuntu?02:30
lee_hmm what type of video files are tunning? MTS, Mpg?02:31
Zer000lee_: mkv02:31
Zer000i'm going to get an avi to test...02:31
phiscibei am still on 11.04 here but i think they both use honon02:31
Zer000phonon? whats that02:32
lee_hmm using Kubuntu, Kicked Ubuntu to the kirb02:32
phiscibei dont know where the gstreamer options are under kde02:32
lee_eh I am stll learning this new KDE02:32
Zer000lee_: same, i'm a long time gnome user and ubuntu 11.10 didn't come with it installed. and when i did install it it was gnome 3 which is the same as unity basically. I hated it so went to kde !02:32
Zer000phiscibe: ok thanks man, but will reinstalling gstreamer help?02:33
phiscibesomeplade you have to add  ---     videobalance hue=-1 ! autovideosink   ---- to teh vedor options02:33
phiscibevideo not vendor02:33
phiscibeprobaly not02:33
Zer000ok ill try to finnd it02:34
lee_that is odd there is a site wthat was having MAc withthe exact same issue02:36
woodzyhelp! i've lost my sound card, at least in KDE for when I run the command - lspci -v | grep -A7 -i "audio" - it does show that there is a sound card but when i right click on the volume manager in the systray it shows the device as "dummy device" and phonon has the actual hardware device greyed out. how can i get kubuntu (11.10) to re-recognize my soundcard?02:36
phiscibedeleting the pulseaudo configuration file and rebooting might fix it, if you upgraded02:38
phiscibeit is hidden in home .pulse02:38
woodzyi'll try that and get back, thanks, phiscibe02:39
lee_Hmm Phiscibe, I do have a question02:41
lee_How, do I get a graphical inter face  instead f this dorky card looking thing with the sound files...and why on earth did they go to that scheme?02:42
lee_its under auidio set up02:43
phiscibebuddy i dont know why , phonon pulseaudio and gstreamer are all mixed up02:44
lee_No problem.02:45
lee_hmm intersting play on words, the mixers are all mixed up02:45
lee_One cool thing though I have noticed and I really am thankfull for..they added drvers for the Kodak printers02:46
phiscibethere is a utility Zer000 that conf configure gstreamer but is for gnome,02:46
phiscibegstreamer-properties there u could set those vaules but io dont know where in the heck it is in kde02:47
phiscibealso some people switch the backed froem gstreamer to xine, not sure if htat would hlpe02:47
Zer000phiscibe: switching the backend seems complicated...02:48
Zer000phiscibe: oh you mean its not a tool i can just download, its part of gnome?02:48
phiscibeyou can get it, havs dependencies, but i dunno if it will do the gjob02:48
lee_<phiscibe> I had to down load ubuntu software just to get my thumbnail viewers for MPG and Photos02:48
phiscibesomehow phonon should handle this i just dont grok it02:49
Zer000phiscibe: ok well i looked through all the settings. Also i can now confirm its not just mkv's its also avi's so its safe to say all video...02:50
Zer000i really don't want to have to switch the backend. gstreamer has been working good before...02:50
phiscibezero here is how one site does it under ubuntu, maybe its a clue for you02:51
Zer000thanks a lot02:52
phiscibeare you using the drivers from nvidia or the free ones,?  the if not nvidia might help add the restried packages02:53
Zer000>The common theme with this bug seems to be the use of the Nvidia closed source drivers. sonofabitch02:53
lee_<phiscibe> I had to down load ubuntu center jsut to get  "myplayer thumbs" and "ffmpegthumbs"02:53
Zer000ya im using the closed source ones. i mean i have 3d acceleration02:53
lee_Nvidia..still giving us issues?02:53
Zer000oh i just went into the additional drivers dialogue, there are like 4 different ones i can get...02:55
Zer000for my video card that is..02:55
lee_Is there one that says recomended?02:55
phiscibemaybe add some video codes and the gstreamer ugly02:55
Zer000lee_: ya i'm getting the recomended one now. I hope that solves it02:56
lee_I hope so to02:56
lee_I have an older Ati..and well ..Nothing works with it..even wndows has issues with it02:56
lee_so I rpped it out of the dell and well I won't say what my dell is running now lol02:57
lee_not sure what card this new lap top is running02:57
phiscibekde is so nice and purty, i wish it was as good in bed as it looks02:57
lee_LOL..hmm My finace is prettier then KDE02:58
lee_and that is all I will say lol02:58
phiscibeok i wont ask hehe02:58
lee_KDE seems to function really well to02:58
phiscibei mean i got a sytem and im using to type this02:59
lee_I like the new callandar02:59
phiscibebut there is always a bug that needs attentiong, like my idle cpu usage going to 80%02:59
phiscibebecause of a flacky pollling of usb and cd devices02:59
phiscibei can stopo it buy putting in a cd03:00
phiscibeor taking it out03:00
phiscibeflash will eat 5 GB of ran if i let it play hula or you tube along time03:00
lee_it appears that my machine has a built  in 128 megs on the video end and 4 gigs in the ram03:01
phiscibeit looks good its exciting, so much potential, but sometimes i need old relaiable...grandma instead of colleage party girl03:01
lee_total free memory is 77 percent03:01
lee_nd currently it is saying 0 shared memory03:02
lee_eh what ever that means03:02
phisciberight now my system is ok, not idling high , memory ok, but i never know hats gonna give it a fit03:03
phiscibeive spent two hours figuring out, stoping the work i was trying to do in inkscape03:03
lee_I have some wierd graphics card I neverheard of..Tungsten?03:04
lee_ouch, is it a newer or older unit03:04
lee_you are running03:04
phiscibesome age but not ancient03:04
phiscibe5 gb ram03:04
phiscibeit not the pc, its always, the software, bug reports for every issue03:05
bbeckDoes anyone know of a plasmoid that will allow me to show the cover art of the track I am listening to in Amarok?  All the ones I've tried so far seem broken.  (They show the cover of the album I begin with, but the cover never changes as the track changes.)03:05
lee_hmm 128 meg on video, and 4 megs on memory it s an Acer aspire 5733z03:05
bbeckI've tried "Now Playing" and "Now03:06
lee_I havn't treid Amorok yet03:06
phiscibebut part of me likes digging threw all the techno babble....my pc's bot a bug and im on the hunt...somebody stop me please03:06
lee_squash that bug lol03:07
lee_I know in the beta unit, my CPU would jump to 88 percent then both cpus were at 99 percnt03:07
lee_but then I was rendering video as well03:08
phiscibebut i do have som eancient machines and one dinosour03:08
lee_the only dino I could think of is a 38603:08
lee_um...commodor..oh there back in business03:08
phiscibetwo of the ancients are p4's  sadly i dont think im gonna be able to leave kubuntu on them, thinking something with lxde03:09
lee_comodor is back in business and building great machines03:09
lee_That is if one can afford them things03:09
phiscibeand one PIIII, running antix at the moment, im hoping it will have enough juic in server mode to run asterick03:09
phiscibepii that is03:10
lee_hmm I am going to kik my grpahics in to high and see waht everything does in the monitor03:11
Zer000brb, rebooting with new drivers.03:12
phiscibeyeah haa03:12
lee_didn't even phase it03:12
lee_cpu spike to 40 then went back03:13
lee_to 2003:13
phiscibehit ctrl + esc03:13
phiscibeoh what u are looking at it probably lol03:13
phiscibei use toop alo0t03:13
lee_I know waht it is..k so what is it you want me to read03:14
phiscibethat is if you are using the widget to show cpu usage its buggy, doesnt report right03:14
lee_CPU 4 ercentkwin 2 percent03:14
lee_oh sys monitor is 4 percent03:14
lee_yeah I see03:15
lee_WB zero03:15
Zer000SWEET! i got new video drivers and my issue is gone!03:15
Zer000Screw nvidia, but the alternatives (ati) aren't pretty either driver wise03:16
phiscibeand online took 30 minute, your a winner, next gu03:16
lee_Lets hope it stays fixed03:16
Zer000gu? what is that slang for?03:16
phiscibeits a type for BUG03:16
lee_the really odd thing aobut this whole ubuntu kbuntu thing is how one has to down load Ubuntu software center jsut to get all the apps one needs03:17
lee_MU has issues ><03:17
phiscibeim still on 11.04 havent looked aat muon, but i just apt03:17
phiscibeteh upgrade wont start on this machine03:18
lee_LOL yeah that works to03:18
lee_I tried the upgrade03:18
Zer000i'm using muon, haven't found issues with it yet...03:18
phiscibeprobably cuase i have some PPA sources and installs i need to roll bake03:18
lee_I down loaded and saved to a flash drive03:18
phiscibeand i hate this freaking keybaord, need my old one, its like hmmering nailes03:19
lee_yeah, Mu had an issue where I was tryng to find FFMpeg nails so I can view my video previews03:19
lee_Mu sisn't have a clue03:20
lee_so I down loaded Ubuntu software center...found it03:20
lee_I am wondering if Ubuntu is attempting to seperate there items03:21
lee_if so, they have a great deal of work03:21
lee_Ubuntu Software center has everything for KDE03:21
e8hffffExpert Question: Is there a way to set KIO_FILE to a lower IO priority permanently?03:21
lee_Mu is nothing but a headache03:22
e8hffffWhen moving files I don't want the bus flooded.03:22
phiscibee8hffff: nice?03:23
lee_eh havn't noticed flooding like that eh..how would I check to see if the same thing is happening to me?03:23
phiscibeman nice03:23
e8hffffphiscibe: does that make it permanetly or jsut the running process.  I'm no elite on bash/cli03:24
phiscibee8hffff: if you just want to temporarily lower the priority hit ctrl _ esc to ge t the activity monitor and context menu can set the proority03:25
e8hffffphiscibe: I'll read the man on it03:25
phiscibebut if you want it perm you will have to set it in your start up someplace03:25
e8hffffphiscibe: the problem with that is each file starts a new kio_file process making the pirorioty lose it's user set03:26
phiscibe thats not a cpu utilization problem03:26
phiscibeare you using encryption e8hffff?03:27
e8hffffphiscibe: back. some times as I have a HD using truecrypt so there is cpu involved at times and other not.03:28
phiscibeits a bug that s been around for a bit  with disk IO on a crypted mount03:29
lee_Oh my ouch I use 100 percent of Both CPUS when rendering03:29
lee_a video03:29
phiscibewhat player03:30
e8hffffphiscibe: arr ok. as it's a killer of your desktop environment. you ahve to wait for the job to finish before any work03:30
e8hffffphiscibe: also kills any DVB capturing03:30
phiscibehave you got lots of ram?03:30
e8hffffphiscibe:  4gb03:30
phiscibemaybe lower the swapiness03:30
e8hffffphiscibe: you'd think there would be some typer of throttles system in KDE that detected user activity and reduce IO accordingly.03:31
phiscibeare you using a raid e8hffff03:31
e8hffffxcuse the typos03:31
e8hffffno raid03:31
phiscibethe problem is that most encrption programs arent multithreaded well, so they are hit with all the IO requests03:32
e8hffffphiscibe: The only strange setup is my truecrypt formated drive which I drop all torrents onto.03:33
e8hffffphiscibe: ok03:33
phiscibemaybe swithching encryption engines would help03:33
e8hffffphiscibe: I thought if I could reduce the kio_file process to a lower priority permanently then that would solve the problem.  I'm not that concerned if I have to wait longer for transfers, if say I reduce the cap to 80% of the bus, etc.03:35
phiscibeitmight make the bottle neck worse03:35
e8hffffphiscibe: I search /etc and my home directory for fiels with 'kio_file' but couldn't find any to set settings.  Must be a internal setting of KDE.03:36
phiscibewhat is kio_file opening and closing ?  which mnount03:41
e8hffffAnother question. My transition from Maverick to Oneiric from Aplha to Beta and now release is here.  Has any of the repositories change now release is here as there's been no patched lately.03:41
phiscibei dontknow abou that at all, sorry03:42
e8hffffphiscibe: I'm desperate for new... lol.  I can't get enoguh of KDE and linux.03:43
phiscibego unstable03:46
droi have a problem with the wireless on the latest version of kubuntu03:46
droit used to work just fine, but now when i try to connect it just says "setting network address" and then it fails and nothing happens03:46
drocan any1 help?03:47
e8hffffphiscibe: Yeah that's why I was on Alpha Oneiric.  I did the same with Maverick which was smooth sailing, but this time around with Oneiric I was getting borken systems alot. It wasn't too pleasing.03:47
phiscibeif you use PPA's they wreck havic with apt03:48
semitonesis amarok a good choice for a computer with mediocre ram and cpu03:48
semitonesor is it pretty good03:48
e8hffffphiscibe: usually the linux kernel is pretty stable, and KDE is usually solid as a separate project so both meld goos, but not on the lat experience03:49
semitonesI was having trouble with juk's search03:49
e8hffffUbunut cutting edge has been pretty broken over hte eyars, but not so much kde and debian mix.03:50
e8hffffbeen alot of gfx changes.03:50
drono1 can help me?03:55
phiscibedro we can tru03:56
phiscibecan you type iwconfig in a terminal and tell what is givs03:57
drophiscibe: wlan0: IEEE 802.11bgn ESSID: off/any mode:managed Freq. 2.452Ghz access point: not-associated03:58
drophiscibe: that all you need?03:59
phiscibeok will network manger start?03:59
phiscibeor what ever its called nowdays04:00
drohow do i start it? idk if it's even installed04:01
phiscibekubuntu correct?  there should be an icon the system tray04:02
phiscibecalled network managment04:02
phiscibeif not the go the the K menu and pick sysetem settings and thene network04:02
droya its there04:02
phiscibeit should have a wireless tab, does it list a wirless profile04:04
phiscibeif not try the add buttong04:04
droit does04:05
droand it has all the correct info04:05
phiscibeok try this command04:06
phiscibeiwlist scanning, it might give alot so maybe pastebin04:06
phiscibeis it usb wifi or built in04:07
drocant pastebin bc i have no internet on the lappy :(04:07
phiscibeprivate messaage me then if it is lot of out put04:07
droi cant, i'm on my dads laptop so i cant copy/paste it04:08
droi'd have to type it all out04:08
droand like you said, there's a lot of output04:08
phiscibeits the wlan im kooking for did it find any wireless points, it will say scan complted channel one frequency ect with an ESSID name if it found something04:09
phiscibeor maybe it didnt find anything04:09
droyes it found the network i'm looking to join04:10
phiscibeit all looks like its there04:11
droya i know :S it just wont set an address it seems04:11
phiscibelspci | grep -i wireless04:11
phiscibetry that04:11
droInter corp. centrino wireless-N 100004:11
phiscibetell me about your network, your laptop is wirless, and you are on what now chatting? a desktop? is it wirless?04:12
phiscibeor wired04:12
drowireless works on win7 just not kubuntu04:13
phiscibetype cat /etc/resolv.conf on the dead machine and the working mahcine to compare04:14
drophiscibe: my dad is trippin balls. will you be in here 2mrw?04:14
drowell i sure hope you are lol04:14
drothanks btw04:15
Shaan7dro: also try posting in the forums once, cant be sure of IRC ;)04:15
phiscibei think something in your dns is dead, search google for dns nameserver wifi kubunt ull find it04:15
droShaan7: i might have to04:15
phiscibemake the file /etc/resolv.conf the some on the working system as the dead one, open with any text editor like kate04:16
phiscibeinside it will say04:16
phiscibe or something like that04:16
phiscibeso are you leaving now?04:17
droya i got to :(04:17
drothanks again04:17
ajaydarezhi guys.. i am trying to install ubuntu in my Acer Aspire netbook.  I made a startup usb with the tool "Startup Creater" on my ubuntu in another laptop.  But when i boot in using this, I get the error "No default or UI configuration directive found" in my acer04:26
ajaydarezdoes anyone knwo how to solbe this?04:26
avihayI've installed kubuntu alternate cd to a disk on key, and I can't change the permissions on cdromupgrade to +x. can anyone enlighten me as to why?04:56
phiscibei got that too once, are you trying to use an optical drive from a live cd?05:03
phiscibeand get permissoin problems05:03
avihayyes, it's the kubuntu alt cd05:05
avihayinstalled on a (small) USB storage device05:06
avihayI can mount the original ISO or force the file to be interpreted somehow05:06
phiscibewhich program give the permisson error05:08
Slashmeif you wanted to write "test", i would say it was succesfully05:56
susundbergit just depends what you define as succesfull -- he had 3/4 letters properly, and 100% proper order!05:59
techcafehey all...06:15
CammyWhat's with the task bar tabs randomly highlighting themselves when they're not active and don't have the cursor hovering over them?06:33
CammyDoes it represent something or is it a bug?06:34
CammyIn 11.1006:34
Slashmemaybe something is refreshing them? my firefox does this sometimes.06:35
larsiviI have some additional kmail migration issues it seems; kmail says it isn't able to modify my folders - did anyone see that?06:51
bigorenskisome brazilian here?07:03
phiscibekmail is know isue, have to prepare b efore install for mighration07:04
phiscibebut if u ugraded anyway you have to receover from failed mighration07:05
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.07:05
jo_ /msg NickServ identify haubitze07:05
phiscibeuh jo you just printed you nik password in the channel, time to change mayhbe07:07
phiscibejo_ even07:07
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kevin_How to connect kubuntu desktop and laptop installled with windows 7 home using a router ?07:32
phoenix_firebrdkevin_: Use samba07:34
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.07:34
kevin_installed samaba but no gui07:34
phoenix_firebrdkevin_: read the articles above07:35
kevin_ok thank you07:35
phoenix_firebrdkevin_: yw07:35
kevin_one more question07:35
phoenix_firebrdAny kde developers here?07:35
kevin_is samba console based ?07:36
kevin_is GUI for samba available?07:36
phoenix_firebrdkevin_: i dont know if it based on console , but it does support GUI07:37
kevin_i did install samba yesterday07:37
kevin_but no GUI07:38
kevin_in the KMENU07:38
kevin_shorcut of samba07:38
well_laid_lawn!samba | kevin_07:38
ubottukevin_: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.07:38
phoenix_firebrdkevin_: did you check the network folder in dolphin07:39
kevin_yeah i did07:39
phoenix_firebrdkevin_: try reading those articles and see if it helps07:39
kevin_in the windows 7 the network folder shows by Kubuntu user name but the folder connents are not available. Kubuntu doesn't show the windows 7 laptop connectd to the wirelss modem07:40
phoenix_firebrdkevin_: have you shared any folder in kubuntu first?07:41
kevin_how to share in Kubuntu ? In the Ubuntu forum they told me to right click on the folder to be shared, go the tab share and choose configure sharing and i did that but no use07:42
Cush1Hello, need some help with an upgrade from 11.04 to 11.1007:43
phoenix_firebrdkevin_: i havent done any sama shares myself, since i had stop using windows after i started using kubuntu07:44
kevin_I am planning t install kubuntu in my accer netbook07:44
phoenix_firebrdkevin_: ok07:45
kevin_how to connect to linux systems ??07:45
kevin_which version shall i choose for kubuntu ?07:45
phoenix_firebrdkevin_: can you check a thing for me?07:45
pascal_Others experienced not being able to shut  computer down in 11.10?07:46
Cush1Upgrade status is that all files are downloaded, and about half are installed. The ttf-mscorefonts-installer is asking for a proxy, but I can't enter anything in the address bar, and it won't accept the OK. Am doing this on the command line, not the GUI07:46
phoenix_firebrdkevin_: can you see if this package is installed system-config-samba?07:46
kevin_ok ok it is not installed, shall i install it??07:47
phoenix_firebrdkevin_: ya07:47
phoenix_firebrdkevin_: it is a gui to manage samba07:47
kevin_I installed it07:50
phoenix_firebrdkevin_: try it07:50
kevin_got an error message07:51
kevin_KDEInit could not launch 'gksu'.:07:51
kevin_Could not find 'gksu' executable.07:51
phoenix_firebrdkevin_: did you run it from kmenu?07:51
phoenix_firebrdkevin_: open terminal and run this command " sudo system-config-samba"07:52
Cush1anyone got any ideas?07:54
kevin_yeah i did and I shared a directory07:54
phoenix_firebrdkevin_: enjoy07:56
phoenix_firebrdCush1: hi07:56
Cush1phoenix_firebrd: hi07:57
phoenix_firebrdCush1: have you read the release notes of 11.10>07:57
kevin_phenoix-firebrd: thankyou07:57
phoenix_firebrdkevin_: yw07:57
Cush1phoenix_firebrd: no, haven't07:59
phoenix_firebrdCush1: how can i help you07:59
Cush1phoenix_firebrd: ran the upgrade through do-release-upgrade, all files downloaded correctly, and the install started. When it got to the ttf-mscorefonts-installer proxy setup, it seemed to get stuck. I can't enter an IP for a proxy, nor can I just click the OK to leave it blank. At this point, I'd be happy with skipping installing the fonts, so long as I can continue with the upgrade. Is there a safe way to exit the ttf-mscorefonts-installer without08:01
Cush1interrupting the whole upgrade?08:01
phoenix_firebrdCush1: no08:02
aftertafany one have luck changing kdm themes or installing new ones?08:02
aftertafGet Hot Stuff installs them but they're no wehere to be seen... :/08:03
Cush1phoenix_firebrd: ugh. Well, I'll just have to see what I can clean up. Hate to rebuild the thing from scratch, though08:05
Cush1thanks anyway08:05
phoenix_firebrdCush1: try "sudo dpkg-configure "08:05
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_n___Hi everyone. I was just wondering: What's a simple database creation/management program these days? I haven't had to deal with that type of things in years08:50
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simulationsi just logged on to my pc and i am unable to view my windows in full screen09:40
simulationsim using 10.04 kubuntu09:41
simulationsany help ?09:41
phoenix_firebrdsimulations: can you posta snapshot here09:44
simulationshey i just fixed it thx  man09:44
phoenix_firebrdsimulations: good09:44
simulationsit was one of my pannels settings09:44
simulationsdooing the bad09:44
phoenix_firebrdsimulations: what did you do09:44
simulationswell it was on the option always show09:45
simulationsand i put it on auto hide09:45
simulationsor windows can cover ...09:45
simulationsso its fine then09:45
phoenix_firebrdsimulations: ok09:45
phoenix_firebrdsimulations: i thought the problem was more serious09:45
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mika_hi, i've upgraded to 11.10, and now akonadi doesn't start anymore.... why? on 11.04 I was already running on kde 4.7 and everything was working (I migrated the kmail messages too without problems)10:04
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phiscibecheck if dbus is running mika_ if not read the realease notes for kubuntu and ubuntu one has a note about new /var aned /var /run locations, this fouls a bunch of crap up10:08
mika_phiscibe: found out the problem, now it uses mysqld, not mysqld-akonadi... I had to add it to dbus10:14
phiscibefun in commmmputing10:19
phiscibei rember it beeing fun once10:19
progre55hi guys. upgraded to eneiric, and having troubles with sound. it disappears from time to time, when I put in headphones, for instance. any suggestions, please?10:32
progre55oops, I mean, oneiric* =)10:33
InadaptadoI only can suggest a fresh install, if you didn't. I know it's a bummer, but upgrading to Oneiric is proving quite problematic10:35
progre55but I cant fresh install.. got too much stuff here, and it would take me at least 2 days to set up all my working env. back10:37
InadaptadoOh, sorry then. You'll have to wait for someone who actually knows about this. Lots of people seem to be having sound issues10:39
progre55I'll try googling till then =)10:40
GirlyGirlprogre55: Yes I think I can help you with that10:41
oxymoronGah, I reach insanity soon. This time headphones doesnt work after I managed to make HDMI work. I have checked alsamixer, pavucontrol and all is set correct. Still does not work :(10:42
GirlyGirlprogre55: Firstly what sound card do you have10:42
oxymoronI changed back to analog speaker putput, used HDMI output before.10:42
GirlyGirloxymoron: Open kmix while something is playing and the headphones are plugged in ... one by one mute everything then unmute them while playing with volumes10:43
oxymoronGirlyGirl: Nope. none of them affect it, hear nothing.10:44
oxymoronGirlyGirl: I think I installed pulseaudio again to make HDMI work. But it seems like I have to choose, remove pulseaudio to make computer sound work and nstall it for HDMI ...10:45
oxymoroni really try hard not to be pissed off at devs.10:45
oxymoronFirstly I am really curious, why do we need multiple audio engines, phonon backends etc? Like VLC, Xine and Gstreamer for backends and for engines it is like pulseaudio, alsa etc.10:48
oxymoronWhy not check computer, hmm yes he have a **** sound card, oh yeah then we load the correct backend and engine for him. Nice, now he have sound without need to know what happens backend ;)10:49
InadaptadoI gotta say, I haven't had audio issues since at least three or four upgrades ago10:51
oxymoronInadaptado: Well I had no problem when Karmic went to Kubuntu, and one or two upgrades afterwards. But now suddenly it does not work again, and same story as before Karmic.10:52
oxymoronif it works, how the ****** can it suddenly just not work anymore? any conflicts with new packages, kernel or what?10:53
InadaptadoI wonder if Oneiric is more buggy than previous upgrades10:53
oxymoronHDMI never worked before though for me, I am very happy it suddenly work :)10:54
oxymoronInadaptado: I would say so, Oneiric feels worser than a beta or maybe alpha.10:54
oxymoronInadaptado: It is quite ironic as future upgrades after 11.04 should not bring new features, only stability and improvements .... haha on that :D10:55
InadaptadoThere are always issues in the first weeks after every release, but I definitely didn't have as many problems in previous upgrades10:55
oxymoronThe issues SHOULD be isolated to the very great amount of prereleases like RC, beta and alpha. When stable, EVERYTHING should work flawless.10:57
oxymoronSeriously and this counts to EVERY single system out there, why does people never test things before release it? Some obvious bugs is hilarious they just is left behind and mock the end user.10:58
InadaptadoLike some minor (or even big) issues is gonna stop an Apple fun to upgrading...10:59
oxymoronSure, meny people usually test, BUT not properly obvious. Even iOS 5 is very buggy and they "tested" it a lot and didnt do any new iPhone (4S does not count, no improvements)10:59
InadaptadoApple fan from*11:00
oxymoronand in my opnion personally, when you code you never under any circumstances leave things buggy, you code each change so everything else works. if one bug is appeared, then pause everything and fix the bug before proceed.11:01
oxymoronheres one of probs with open source as *buntu teams have, not much communication, everyone seems to code isolate from the world.11:02
oxymoronThen compile everything and cross fingers and hope there is no bugs xD11:02
oxymoronEven if it is not like that, it makes that impression.11:02
well_laid_lawnit's been said before that kde does lack quality control11:02
InadaptadoOh, so it is not only a perception11:03
oxymoronWhen sound, graphics, cpu and gui work flawless one day, Kubuntu will kick ass.11:04
oxymoronThen we could focus on making efficency, nice looking GUI and improve everything and focus more on better apps :)11:05
oxymoronUmbrello, Kdevelop, KOffice, Kate, K3B, Amarok is really awesome apps today thogh :) But we need a good backup program, that could be integrated into Kubuntu core.11:06
GirlyGirloxymoron: I sugest you move to debian or arch then, you do realise that Kubuntu is a project directed by a very small team11:06
oxymoronGirlyGirl: Kubuntu is the closest stability you can get WITH a enough good GUI. Other distros i tried is a joke, a mock to the computer world.11:07
oxymoronOne option could be buy A Macbook and use mac OS X, but that is very expensive. But soon I almost think the money it cost, is worth it as macbooks seem to have awesome lifetime cycle compared to other laptops.11:08
InadaptadoI was a Gnome user until Natty. Then moved to KDE and not looking back11:10
oxymoronand yes I am a perfectionist and have high standards. Someone need to press companys and devs to make better things.11:11
well_laid_lawnyou could always ask for your money back11:12
well_laid_lawnit's free11:12
cedric_Hi, I have just installed kubuntu 11.10 and it's working nice so far. However, there is "something" that repeatedly accesses my HDDs (as indicated by the LED) and I would like to know what this is.11:12
oxymoronInadaptado: I tried Gnome and Unity, but it does not work for me, not good enough. Kubuntu is closest what I want, but I want better :P11:12
Inadaptadocedric_: Could it be Nepomuk?11:12
oxymoroncedric_: Could be Akonadi11:13
oxymoronwell_laid_lawn: hehe :D11:13
InadaptadoI disabled it in Natty, but I'm giving it a try now11:13
cedric_Inadaptado, oxymoron thaught about that too. Is there a way to stop that? I tried to disable nepomuk (dont need the desktop search etc.) but then it complains about nepomuk being disabled.11:13
Anubisi just removed bluez, bluezalsa and now my kde doesnt start11:14
szalcedric_: define 'repeatedly'11:14
Anubiswhat can i do ?11:14
oxymoronwell_laid_lawn: No matter if its free or not, to compete with other OS it need to be good. I guess people who do distros want to bring down Windows, Mac OS etc? :P11:14
cedric_szal, Basically, it never stops... It's always blinking briefly.11:14
szalcedric_: totally normal11:14
InadaptadoDon't you have to stop Akonadi too for that?11:14
Anubiswhy do integrate all kind of stuffs in kde?11:15
szallike every 2 secs here11:15
oxymoronWould be nice if there was as EASY settings page, where you just press disable nepomuk and akonadi if you do not want it.11:15
oxymoronMy laptop hdd does not seem to blink at all :) I think it is because I removed Akonadi from my system.11:16
Inadaptadocedric_, have you tried disabling both? Check what happens11:16
* szal would rather want to know how to get rid of this "Waiting for network configuration" at boot; the workaround described in bug 811441 doesn't help here..11:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 858122 in Release Notes for Ubuntu "duplicate for #811441 incomplete migration to /run (shutdown script order has been demolished)" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85812211:17
szalwell_laid_lawn: ?11:18
well_laid_lawnjust experimenting :)11:18
InadaptadoYou need to add 'bug'11:19
well_laid_lawnwhat's 81144211:19
well_laid_lawnmaybe it does need bug11:19
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Anubisi just removed bluez-alsa, libbluetooth3  and it removed plasma-widgets, kde-workspace, kde-window-manager, kde-workspace-bin and a few other files. now i cant launch kde11:20
oxymoronWhen you add bug, how detailed do you have to be?11:20
EruaranCan somebody tell me why audio has suddenly stopped working in Kubuntu 11.10?11:20
InadaptadoAnd here goes another one11:21
_4strOEruaran: no pb at home11:22
cedric_root@dyno:/home/cedric# ps aux | grep akonadi11:22
cedric_root     13818  0.0  0.0   9244   904 pts/2    S+   13:21   0:00 grep --color=auto akonadi11:22
cedric_root@dyno:/home/cedric# ps aux | grep nepomuk11:22
cedric_root     13851  0.0  0.0   9244   908 pts/2    S+   13:22   0:00 grep --color=auto nepomuk11:22
FloodBotK2cedric_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:22
FloodBotK1cedric_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:22
cedric_and still blinking...11:22
well_laid_lawncheck in top11:23
_4strOis it blinking because of the swap use ?11:24
_4strOis that possible ?11:24
EruaranAmarok is retarded and cant keep its UI the same after being docked in the systray, applications literally disappear from Applicaions... yeah..., system hangs on shutdown, Muon package manager no longer searches for applications and... and NOW AUDIO HAS STOPPED WORKING...11:24
cedric__4strO: from swapon -s11:25
cedric_Filename                                Type            Size    Used    Priority11:25
cedric_/dev/sda3                               partition       3912700 0       -111:25
cedric_/dev/sdb3                               partition       3912700 0       -211:25
_4strOok :)11:25
cedric_It's absolutely puzzling me... I have 2 software RAID1, but so did I with gentoo and there was not such "constant/repeated" blinking...11:27
InadaptadoNo idea. I don't have a swap partition and Nepomuk is on, but there's no blinking11:27
cedric_Could it be due to Ext4?11:28
InadaptadoI have Ext411:28
cedric_Ok :)11:29
Eruarandoes anybody have a solution to the sudden failure of audio on kubuntu 11.1011:30
Anubishow do i encrypt my folder and my swap partition11:31
jamilEruaran: have you tried sudo alsa force-reload ?11:31
Eruaranjamil: I have installed latest updates, i have checked alsamixer's levels, I have tried rm -rvf ~/.pulse/, I have rebooted11:33
jamilEruaran: intel HD ?11:33
Eruaranjamil: yes11:34
jamilEruaran: try following this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto11:36
jamilEruaran: it solved my issue11:36
InadaptadoAnubis: Can you afford reinstalling everything? The installer will give you the option of encrypting your folder11:39
Eruaranthat looks like a lot of work for the user to do in order to get something as basic as audio working when it was previously working...11:40
jamilEruaran: true11:41
_4strOEruaran: so what have you done between the moment where the sound was ok and it wasn't ?11:41
Eruaran_4strO: plugged in headphones... which I now REGRET doing11:42
Eruaranwhen a user regrets plugging in some headphones becuase the result is NO AUDIO AT ALL... that is bad11:42
_4strOdid you test i_f you have sound in the headphone ?11:42
EruaranNO AUDIO AT ALL11:43
_4strOwill test11:43
_4strOwhen i plug my headphone i have sound everywhere11:44
szalhttp://www.abload.de/img/20111017_fullscreenupym.png <- see the pop-up 'bubble' for VLC in the lower right—that doesn't look right, does it?11:45
_4strOszal: i think it's a double bubble11:46
_4strOthe vlc bubble + the kde bubble11:46
szallooks to me like there's a border around the bubble where there shouldn't be any11:47
moetunesthat's the compositor not working rigth11:48
szalmouse-over popups don't have that11:48
moetunesati vid card?11:48
InadaptadoOh, well, I wouldn't worry about that, I've seen plenty of bugs around11:49
moetunesthat might be the issue11:49
szalit wasn't one in Natty11:49
moetunesdifferent driver/kernel/kde11:50
szalall of them ;)11:50
InadaptadoI have an Nvidia too. I see weird things like those constantly. System works fine nonetheless11:50
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* szal is more worried about this 'Waiting for network configuration' thing at boot right now.. and still has to do the KMail migration ;)11:51
InadaptadoI used to get that message when our router wasn't working properly. We have a new one now and it works right11:52
* szal doesn't have a router11:52
szalnor WiFi11:53
GirlyGirlJust for the record Eruaran = oxymoron11:53
EruaranGirlyGirl: ?11:53
fanti,msg nickserv identify twinekse11:54
SunTsufanti: good to know ;)11:55
szalyeah right..11:55
GirlyGirlfanti: Please change your password now11:55
szalsome people still haven't heard about auto-identify, it seems ^^11:55
GirlyGirlfanti: Its always advisable to use the IRC console rather than the channel ... many people make this mistake11:55
SunTsuGirlyGirl, fanti: Or use some sort of auto-identify as szal suggests and I use11:56
fantihmm seems being to late,.. looking for a new nickname :-)11:57
GirlyGirlfanti: You can change the password too11:59
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szalGirlyGirl: now you're too late ;)12:00
GirlyGirlfanti: You can change the password too12:00
fantiGirlyGirl: ah, thank you12:02
cedric_could the constant blinking be related to avahi-daemon?12:02
SunTsufanti: and you can create access lists so nobody except your known host masks is able to identify. /msg NickServ help access12:03
ubottuUbuntu bug 607560 in linux (Ubuntu) "jbd2 writing block every 5 - 10 seconds, preventing disk spin-down and making noise" [Undecided,Confirmed]12:05
FloodBotK2cedric_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:05
FloodBotK1cedric_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:05
* Eruaran 's ears get blown out by the sounds of U2 in his headphones12:06
EruaranI got audio working again12:06
SunTsuyay, a flood bot that floods flooders12:06
Eruaranapologies for being testy... I am frustrated a bit by it12:06
GirlyGirlSunTsu: 2 different bots12:06
_4strOEruaran: haw ?12:06
cedric_ubottu, Yes, but there seems to be no solution...12:07
ubottucedric_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:07
SunTsuGirlyGirl: yeah, still, as much lines as the flood12:07
Eruaranaudio still appears to be a mess... Phonon has a stupidly long list of hardware to choose from so I don't think its sure about the hardware12:07
Eruaran_4strO: Not sure... I just did the same things again and was just looking for ALC269VB (which I couldn't find) in the alsa text file when I thought I'll check Phonon again... this time there was a long list of hardware devices and things to choose from that weren't there before... so I started going through them and changed master channel to headphones (since I put some on) and suddenly its working...12:09
Eruaran_4strO: I'll have to look into it more as it still doesn't make much sense12:09
cedric_Came along "noatime" in /et/fstab. Any ideas on that? Should it be activated?12:10
SunTsucedric_: only if you don't need atimes changed. normally this should only happen when you are accessing your disk12:15
SunTsucedric_: maybe that blinking is some sort of file indexing service?12:16
emir_hi there, how to restart kubuntu from terminall, thanks12:18
emir_hi there, how to restart kubuntu GUI from terminall, thanks12:18
cedric_SunTsu,  I have jbd2 popping up every few seconds (via iotop). I don't know if there is file indexing on (disabled akonadi and nepomuk). If there is, would this be related to the blinking due to missing "noatim"?12:18
SunTsuemir_: restart your *dm - lightdm, gdm or kdm12:19
cedric_SunTsu, After all, isn't there always some access to the HDDs occuring, even when the system is idle?12:20
NilliI would like to find out where the settings from systemsettings are stored, and if it would be possible to copy the settings easily between computers12:22
NilliI'm with the tech department at a company12:22
SunTsucedric_: if you disabled nepomuk there probably isn't.12:23
phiscibeshutdown -now12:29
phiscibesystem settings is made up of modules, each mod problably has its own config fiile, likely in the users homd folder hidden as a .something file or the hom user .config12:30
phiscibenepomuk just index for searches, but it can index metadata12:31
phiscibeNill if u are still here, in addion to above jbd2 is the journilg system for ext412:34
NilliThe modules I'm using are: "Input Devices", "Desktop Effects", "Workspace Appearance", "Application Appearance" and "Startup and Shutdown". I'm not finding any settings in '/home/user/.config/' that seem related to any of those.12:34
GirlyGirlNilli: see /home/user/.kde12:35
Nilli'/home/user/.kde/share/config' looks promising, thanks.12:36
phiscibethere are IO bugs all over this realease12:37
phiscibebut that journinlg bug has been around awhile, you could disable it, makes data less sound12:38
phiscibenill check out oneconf, it can cync configuratoin across machines using ubuntu one cloud suervice as man in middle12:42
NilliThanks phiscibe, but we prefer to do everything ourselves in this company :)12:42
phiscibeyes i 9often fel the same iwth my data12:43
phiscibebut those services...so alluring so ...sexy12:43
phiscibeeventualy oneconf will be able to save al la boxes settings, put the whole thing ain a VM for safe keeping, do a distro upgrade and restore data acrros many maqchines12:44
szalspeaking about ext4..  I was pleasantly surprised when I fsck'd a 780 GB ext4 partition yesterday..  takes waaaaaaaaay less time than fsck'ing a 400 GB ext3 partition12:44
cedric_phiscibe, could you specify more about Io bugs?12:44
phiscibenot realy cause no body knows the root cause12:45
phiscibehigh idle times, ext4 jourling happening every 1-5 seconds12:45
phiscibeudev madness with ntfs and usb drives constantly spinning them and eating cpu12:46
cedric_phiscibe, alright, so about ext4 the things that I found out too... But there seems to be no real solution. Apparently, also ext3 exhibit problems...12:46
phiscibeif you leave flash playing a video in a browser it will eventualy use all the memory and give u a sge fault12:47
phiscibeturn off journaling12:48
cedric_Alright... I will try the "noatime" for me first. But disabling journaling is not necessarily the solution I wanted. After all, that's in general a plus-to-have IMHO.12:48
phiscibesometimes when i see udev running up the ladder, i can insert cdrom into the drive and the io's stop12:48
phiscibei meant it a temp soluiion till they fix it,12:49
phiscibeput the journal into a ram dixk12:50
phiscibewrite it to disc on a schedule12:50
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cedric_phiscibe, Will probably work, however, does not sound like a favorite solution to me. But indeed a good point!12:51
=== Guest98902 is now known as cedric_
phiscibehttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nspluginwrapper/+bug/178038  the flash bug rings the bell in reports12:52
ubottuUbuntu bug 178038 in nspluginwrapper (Ubuntu) "npviewer.bin crashed with SIGSEGV " [Medium,Triaged]12:52
phiscibedoes it in chrome also12:52
phiscibeThis bug affects 3009 people.12:54
phiscibethe power settings are also preventing the drives form spinning down hdparms  can tune this12:55
=== max is now known as Guest65788
cedric_phiscibe, Alright, "noatime" did NOT do the trick for me...13:00
phiscibei think this is a concert of problems13:00
phiscibethewhole IO systme is whatcked13:00
phiscibesomething in polling is my guess polling is the common denomonator for alot of this stuff13:02
phiscibeeffects 64 more thatn 32 bit13:02
=== Guest65788 is now known as Stail
cedric_That's really annoying. Especially that there seems to be no fix in sight, despite being a common observation.13:03
phiscibethey have moved where some of the /var  and /run folders go too13:03
phiscibethey have added oneconf to all this, and the ubuntuone-syncdaemon  is now on the prowl13:05
phiscibetoo many changes all at once13:05
cedric_Too bad :(13:05
phiscibeif u got encrypted mounts its worse even13:06
cedric_I was really enjoying ubuntu so far... But this makes me think about changing to another distribution, although I am really impressed about the whole ubuntu.experience so far. Basically everything worked right away, even with my fakeraid...13:07
naftilos76hi everyone, can anybody explain to me why the mixer controls on 11.10 are going crazy? While VLC is playing i opened up kmix and i can see the Suround, Center and LFE going to the max and min randomly as i someone is controling them. Last time i checked there are no ghost here! Also if i pause with the mute key on my keyboard i cannot get the sound to unmute again. The only way is to open the pavucontrol and unmute it manually. Does anyone has any13:18
naftilos76idea what is going on?13:18
GirlyGirlnaftilos76: Upgrade or fresh install?13:20
naftilos76It doesn't get fresher!13:20
naftilos76It is ridiculous! Things are supoposed to get better! Not worse...13:21
GirlyGirlnaftilos76: Upgrade or install from live image or alternate iso?13:21
naftilos76Never had this issue in earlier versions13:21
naftilos76I downloaded the usuall desktop CD iso image and installed it (not alternate)13:22
GirlyGirlnaftilos76: What sound card is this, and was this issue always there or did it start after you did something13:22
naftilos76let me see the sound card info...13:23
phiscibeno clue on fressh install, if you hade some left over home directories or something13:24
naftilos76it is an HD nvidia snd card13:24
phiscibeone idea13:24
naftilos76is this enough?13:24
naftilos76the problem started once i did the install13:24
GirlyGirlnaftilos76: See "lspci" output13:24
phiscibethe system needs propriatory drivers13:25
phiscibelike gstreamer ugly and video codecs13:25
naftilos76Audio device: nVidia Corporation MCP51 High Definition Audio (rev a2)13:25
cedric_phiscibe, A general question about Ubuntu and handling kernel-pathes/13:25
cedric_phiscibe, A general question about Ubuntu and handling kernel-patches/updates: How is this run in Ubuntu? Automatic installation via apt-get?13:26
=== Isis___ is now known as isis___
naftilos76GirlyGirl: have you got any idea what the problem may be?13:27
phiscibedo you mean when the distro has a new kernel or for a user making a mod13:28
GirlyGirlnaftilos76: run "jockey-kde"13:28
naftilos76i have already been through that dialog and selected the "Nvidia driver current version" but there is also an other row saying something about updates13:30
naftilos76there are a total of 4 rows13:30
GirlyGirlnaftilos76: can you post a screenshot of that13:31
naftilos76i will have to log out and back in because i need to change the language to English. Mine is Greek!13:31
naftilos76give me a sec13:32
GirlyGirlnaftilos76: ok13:32
phiscibepossibley dummy packages as place  holders, or headers for inject the nvidia driver into a kernel module or something, nvidia puts its own installer in nowdays13:33
GirlyGirlnaftilos76: Before logout Open konsole and do this "rm -rf ~/pulse* ~/.pulse* "13:34
phiscibethat should not work as it is a fresh install, unless he have home folders left overe13:35
phiscibei think you need some more plugins13:35
Nilliphiscibe and GirlyGirl: I managed to find 7 config files which will make things easier around here in the future. Thanks for your help! :)13:37
phiscibewell do u have sound?13:37
phiscibeif not install the gstreamer ugly package13:37
phiscibeand gstreamer extras, this version isnt check what all it needs to have a complete backend13:38
phiscibeprobably because half of it is non free, so the left it out even though it breask their setup13:39
phiscibenonfree is like having the koodies13:39
cedric_phiscibe, Adding commmit=600 in /etc/fstab did not change the behavior... Still blinking,13:39
GirlyGirlphiscibe: To whom are you addressing all that to? because nilli's problem was not sound13:39
Hatlhi! can anybody tell me whats wrong? http://pastebin.com/y0Dzyp1t maybe a bug in akonadi?13:40
phiscibecedric_:  what was blinking again?13:41
cedric_phiscibe, The HDD LED13:42
phiscibeHatl: something changed which database akonadi uses in this release, look the the package manger, but basicaly i think they changed it from mysql-akonadi to must mysql, or visa versa13:43
phiscibedoes the kernel log show anything13:44
Hatlphiscibe: mysql-akonadi contains "exec mysqld" ;)13:44
phiscibethen dbus is confused about which is which13:45
cedric_phiscibe, No, displays that the commit-option is set, but nothing unusual else.13:47
phiscibecedric_:  someplace there has to be a read and write, maybe in system.log13:47
cedric_phiscibe, Not necessarily, since if might be related to the jbd2-"bug"13:48
cedric_I was just testing if one of the workarounds worked for me, but they don't.13:48
phiscibeHatl: open the akonadi server configuration app you may need to install it, check what the path is to the database13:48
naftilos76GirlyGirl: please remind me of the image pastebin to paste the image13:48
phiscibecedric_: i thik it is realted to dbus problem, have you got a mix of diffrent file sysmtes13:49
Hatlphiscibe: if i run mysqld manually i get no errors: /usr/sbin/mysqld --defaults-file=/home/gerhard/.local/share/akonadi//mysql.conf --datadir=/home/gerhard/.local/share/akonadi/db_data/ --socket=/home/gerhard/.local/share/akonadi/db_misc/mysql.socket13:50
GirlyGirlnaftilos76: I didn't quite understand you sorry ??13:51
naftilos76do you know a pastebin for images?13:51
GirlyGirlnaftilos76: Ah .. imageshack.us, tinypic13:52
phiscibeHatl: some where is a config file for the ak server in it it sets the path to the executable, which used to be /usr/sbin/mysqld-akonadi13:53
phiscibebut i think now it is diffrent13:53
phiscibethere two services in conflict mysqld and mysqld- akonadi13:53
Hatlphiscibe: i started mysqld manually: http://pastebin.com/Wwux0XH3 what can possibly cause that?13:54
naftilos76GirlyGirl: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/804/snapshot1x.jpg/13:54
phiscibei am still using 11.04  here it is /usr/sbin/mysqld  Ver 5.1.54-1ubuntu4 for debian-linux-gnu on x86_64 ((Ubuntu))13:55
GirlyGirlnaftilos76: Open konsole "sudo killall pulseaudio" then "rm -rf ~/pulse* ~/.pulse* " ... then logout and log back in13:55
phiscibebut i have heard on 11.10 it changed13:55
BluesKajHi folks14:00
naftilos76GirlyGirl: i have done what you told me to do14:00
phiscibei crash the irc client14:01
naftilos76GirlyGirl: the mixer is behaving the same way - nothing has chnaged14:01
phiscibeHatl: these are my settings14:02
phiscibebut that was the old way14:02
Hatlphiscibe: i found a workaround: load the database with system mysqld -> export db as sql -> import sql using manually started mysqld-akonadi. thanks for your help anyway!14:04
=== fran is now known as Guest71500
phiscibeah never mind14:06
phiscibethe kmixer has never worked well for me, i have to use alsamixer or veromix14:06
naftilos76GirlyGirl: are you still there?14:07
naftilos76She left me, just like the others...:-(14:08
phiscibewomen, what can u say14:09
naftilos76phiscibe: u can say that again!14:10
BluesKajkmix is just desktop gui for alsamixer , phiscibe14:13
BluesKajand not avery good one at that , IMO14:13
naftilos76pavucontrol is very ugly in 11.10. Why the h is it like that? It was ok in 11.04!14:14
xavier___any body using smb4k?14:15
=== GirlyGirl is now known as Guest70118
NightsdawnHi, anyone having sound problems since the big update? hear skype start up but and i cant hear sound from ANY web browser14:19
naftilos76can kmix have the pulse control again in 11.10?14:22
BluesKajnaftilos76, install pavucontrol , then you configure your pulseaudio setup in phonon14:23
phiscibeBluesKaj: it is re-reouted thru pulse and the full mixer controls are not exposed14:24
phiscibeandi dont wanna change backends14:24
phiscibei get a main volume, not line in mic aux14:24
xavier___I've an error using smb4k. When I try to connect to windows Share I get: Sorry, try again.14:25
naftilos76BluesKaj: pavucontrols dialog can't get any uglier. I remember it being oxygen-like in 11.04 but not in 11.10.14:25
BluesKajNightsdawn, open alsamixer in the terminal and make sure none of the ctrl boxes are muted with an "M" , use the "M" key to unmute and the arrow keys to navigate14:25
xavier___And sometimes I get tty not present14:26
phiscibei read about problems in the new release wiht samba mounts but dont remember details14:26
xavier___I've read some things about sudoers and askpass but couldn¡t resolve the problem.14:27
phiscibesomething about fstab14:27
phiscibexavier___: snb4k is that diffrent that cifs14:29
BluesKajxavier___, do you mean the NOPW settings ?14:29
AlexDevilLXok, guys kubuntu russian channel?14:30
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.14:30
boban_Does anyone have problem with intel HD laptop when trying to relogin again in kde?14:30
phiscibeno password might not work, can you set uid and gid14:30
NightsdawnBluesKaj tried that there all working ex for mic and turned that on now cheers. But sounds still not coming14:30
AlexDevilLXi'm banned there14:31
phiscibeuid=john gid=group or something14:31
phiscibeAlexDevilLX: what does  cat /home/user/.dmrc show14:32
AlexDevilLXbtw, can i put compiz in kde?14:32
phiscibeuser being your user name14:32
boban_@Nightsdwan try to install pavucontrol, and unmute output14:32
boban_that is if u dont have sound after mute14:33
phiscibepossibly with compiz but why would you it would shut down the whole kde interface, why use kde in the first place14:33
Nightsdawngetting it now boban14:34
boban_@Nightsdawn it is if u have muted sound in kmix, and after unmuting it u dont have any sound...14:34
phiscibefrom term i use alasamixer to unmute, it is the bottome level of the whole sound mess14:35
phiscibeyou have to use M  on the keyboard14:35
AlexDevilLXhey is there transmission for kde?14:36
NightsdawnFIXED cheers folks pavucontrol showed output was defaulting to HDMI which i dont have. Switched to 5.1 analog and all is fine now. ill se if it stays put after reboot14:37
boban_@phisibe Yes, that is what i used, but if u mute now in alsamixer or kmix, pulseaudio also mutes it output to that device, and after unmuting in alsamixer or kmix pulseaudio still is muted.... Probably some stupid bug14:37
phiscibether is ktorrent14:37
BluesKajNightsdawn, kmenu>computer>system settings>multimedia>phonon>device prefernce, check the devices wiith the test button14:37
boban_@Nightsdawn, not what i thought is the problem, glad u fixed it14:38
cedric_Great.. Now, after re-installing kubuntu-11.10 with ext3, the HDD-access LED is on all the time, not only blinking up every 2 seconds...14:40
boban_Cedric, why do u use ext3?14:40
cedric_boban_, because I previously treid ext4 and I got a brief HDD access every 2 seconds. iotop stated repeatedly "jbd2" related disk-writes. I wanted to see if Ext3 does the same.14:41
cedric_I have to apologize for the moment for ext3, since I use RAID1 and it is actually syncing the disks -> hdd-access.14:42
AlexDevilLXTorrent RatioMaster for KDE?14:42
boban_Probably raid problem?14:43
BluesKajguys the @ doesn't work on irc , just the nick is fine, most irc clients will highlight the line in that person's text if you do so14:43
boban_Be back really soon14:43
cedric_boban_, Naturally, I would prefer Ext4, but there seems to be something broken there.14:44
phiscibeuse TAB14:44
cedric_boban_, see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/60756014:44
ubottuUbuntu bug 607560 in linux (Ubuntu) "jbd2 writing block every 5 - 10 seconds, preventing disk spin-down and making noise" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:44
anuvratthe list in system settings > desktop effects -> all effects is empty14:45
anuvratcan someone please help me to get it back?14:45
naftilos76By the way, does anybody know when is Nibiru passing from Earth?14:45
=== Guest70118 is now known as Girly-Girl
xavier___BluesKaj NOPW?14:46
BluesKajno password14:46
xavier___<BluesKaj, but what do you mean with NOPW14:47
=== scott__ is now known as tanlines
xavier___I've been using smb4k without problems until a lot of years.14:48
xavier___the sudo was working with no problems.14:48
Nightsdawn@BlueKaj after reboot sound defaults to HDMI but system sounds are not14:48
tanlinesHey folks.  I was running Ubuntu 11.04, and then got on Kubuntu using apt-get.  All was well.  Upgraded to the latest version, and now everything appears as Ubuntu 11.10 with no Kubuntu to be found.  Any ideas how to resolve this?  THANKS!14:48
BluesKajxavier___, in the sudoers it's , Username ALL=NOPASSWD14:49
xavier___BluesKaj, ok. I'll try it...14:49
Kottizenokay - yesterday I had an HDMI problem that could be solved by installing a driver, but this time I'm on another computer and jockey-kde says there are no additional drivers available - what do I do? I want to get the sound out through my HDMI cable14:49
phiscibeanuvrat: first guess, hardware accelration got turned off and desktop effects wont let u set them with out it14:49
xavier___BluesKaj but is not very secure...14:49
anuvratso how should I go about turning graphics acceleration on?14:50
phiscibexavier, maybe go to a creditials file14:50
xavier___In /etc/sudoers there's an smb4k entry:14:50
xavier___User_Alias      SMB4KUSERS = xavier14:50
xavier___Defaults:SMB4KUSERS     env_keep += "PASSWD USER"14:50
xavier___SMB4KUSERS      guimli = NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/smb4k_kill14:50
xavier___SMB4KUSERS      guimli = NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/smb4k_umount14:50
xavier___SMB4KUSERS      guimli = NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/smb4k_mount14:50
FloodBotK2xavier___: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:50
FloodBotK1xavier___: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:50
anuvratphiscibe, so how should I go about turning graphics acceleration on?14:50
phiscibeverify thats it first i dont know if it is14:50
anuvratokay ... phiscibe, so how do I verify that? :)14:51
phiscibelemme think, i hate bulletproff x14:52
BluesKajxavier___, use sudo visudo to edit the sudoers file , then you can list alias commands in ./bashrc14:52
boban_anuvrat, what is the problem?14:52
anuvratboban_, the desktop effects are turned off and the list in system settings > desktop effects > all effects is empty14:53
tanlinesAnyone have any ideas how I can get Plasma Display back?14:53
boban_What gpu is it?14:54
tanlinesIf you're speaking to me, I don't know what that means.14:55
boban_tanlines: no to anuvrat14:55
boban_tanlines:How refer to him??14:55
boban_Anuvrat: Could it be this prob? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kde-workspace/+bug/87538514:55
ubottuUbuntu bug 875385 in kde-workspace (Ubuntu) "X server crash after logging in for second time in kde(while effects are enabled)" [Undecided,New]14:56
DarthFrogGPU = Graphics Processing Unit.  i.e. video card chip14:56
anuvratboban_, it is ATI Radeon <something>14:56
anuvratboban ATI Radeon Mobility <some_numeric_value>14:57
BluesKajanuvrat, lspci | grep VGA14:57
boban_anuvrat: Sorry to hear that, but i dont think your gpu is the problem14:57
phiscibe cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log |grep dri14:58
anuvrat01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc M92 [Mobility Radeon HD 4500 Series]14:58
cedric_boban_, see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/607560 in relation to ext4 + HDD access14:58
ubottuUbuntu bug 607560 in linux (Ubuntu) "jbd2 writing block every 5 - 10 seconds, preventing disk spin-down and making noise" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:58
cedric_-> why I try ext314:58
anuvratboban_,  why are you sorry?14:58
anuvratboban_, is ATI usually problematic?14:58
anuvratboban_, The effects had been working very fine on a fresh install of the operating system.14:59
BluesKajNightsdawn, in phonon make sure after choosing the correct device that you want to use click apply device list to , then ok14:59
anuvratboban_, And since past few months they have been troubling, and I had no time to look for a solution .. so taking time out today, I am asking for help15:00
phiscibecat /var/log/Xorg.0.log |grep fglxr15:00
anuvratphiscibe, that command came out empty15:01
anuvratphiscibe, no output15:01
phiscibethen u lost 3d acceleration15:02
phiscibewas this an upgrade or new install15:02
BluesKajanuvrat, open system settings desktop effects15:03
anuvratI am running kubuntu 10.1015:03
anuvratBluesKaj, and?15:03
BluesKajenable them'15:03
anuvratphiscibe, it is the old fresh install15:03
anuvratphiscibe, :P15:04
anuvratBluesKaj, thats the problem, the effects are not visible15:04
phiscibeah well install the ati propritory drivers15:04
anuvratBluesKaj, the list is empty15:04
BluesKajthat means you don't have the recommended driver for your card15:04
phiscibeyoou have to add restricted extras15:05
anuvratphiscibe, proprietary drivers? Oh God NO !! had done that with Fedora a few months ago and it was a disaster !!15:05
BluesKajsome proprietaries muck up the works15:05
phiscibedont now if there is a 3d for ati that is free, mesa maybe15:05
AlexDevilLXWow KDE is really cool15:05
AlexDevilLXIcons look like mac os15:06
anuvratphiscibe, BluesKaj, the things worked perfectly on the fresh install. It was just one fine day that all of them vanished.15:06
anuvratphiscibe, BluesKaj, so there is no issue with the drivers as far as I can tell15:06
khaardAlexDevilLX: yes, but is veeery slow and KDE loves the RAM15:06
BluesKajdo you have an additional drivers option in kmenu>apps>system ?15:07
BluesKajanuvrat, ^15:07
AlexDevilLXwho is MUSE fan?15:07
anuvratBluesKaj, searching15:07
anuvratBluesKaj, not me hte system is searching for available drivers15:08
phiscibeanuvrat:  cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log |grep LoadModule  and there is an issue it died on u, sucks15:08
AlexDevilLX4 GB ram15:08
AlexDevilLXGnome 3 is slower15:09
phiscibewhat is the name of the ati module loading15:10
anuvratBluesKaj, downloading and installing ATI/AMD proprietary FLGRX graphics driver15:10
anuvratBluesKaj, fingers crossed15:10
AlexDevilLXi <3 AMD15:10
anuvratphiscibe, shall I paste it here?15:10
phiscibeprivate to me to give the bot a break15:11
anuvratphiscibe, [    37.923] (II) LoadModule: "extmod"15:11
anuvrat[    37.923] (II) LoadModule: "dbe"15:11
anuvrat[    37.924] (II) LoadModule: "glx"15:11
anuvrat[    37.924] (II) LoadModule: "record"15:11
anuvrat[    37.924] (II) LoadModule: "dri"15:11
anuvrat[    37.925] (II) LoadModule: "dri2"15:11
FloodBotK1anuvrat: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:11
FloodBotK2anuvrat: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:11
BluesKajanuvrat, I wish you luck , altho ati proprietaries used to be effective , dunno about today tho15:11
AlexDevilLXEclipse for KDE?15:12
TorchAlexDevilLX: probably not ;-)15:12
dmatthello guys i want to upgrade to 11.10, i made apt-get update upgrade distroupgrade and still no sign of new version available. any idea?15:14
dmattupdade-manager-core is already at newest version15:16
phiscibeanuvrat: the propritary ati drivers you may have had troubles with, but the free drivers are gimped. old ladies with broken hips15:16
phiscibeyou will probaby have to use fglrx-installer sooner or later15:16
AlexDevilLXHell Year15:16
dmattit is 10.04 with KDE 4.6.515:16
phiscibewhat i dont get is how they worked before for a short time15:16
phiscibethey have done something to block apt from distr upgrades15:17
phiscibeyou gotta use the gui sotware manager15:17
phiscibedmatt: have to use the kpackage kit, not sure how they are blinding apt but they are15:19
phiscibedmatt: READ the release nots man, 5 min of reading can save u a wolrd of hurt,15:19
phiscibeespecialy pay attention to the /var /var/run folders moving and if you use kmail, count on it dying15:20
phiscibeone bug alone has 3009 bug reports since upgrade, ONE15:21
AlexDevilLXin which state are foo fighters?15:22
dmattphiscibe: I tried kpackagekit as first15:22
AlexDevilLXsorry mixed with oftopic15:22
phiscibei was beeing afool15:22
phiscibedmatt does the get updates not show the distro upgrade??15:23
dmattphiscibe: only afterwards I looked for alternative ways to upgrade15:23
dmattphiscibe: yes, exactly15:23
phiscibewell they but a muzzle on apt15:23
phiscibealso if you have any ppa sources, you might be huring15:23
phiscibeyou will have to roll back any ppa install15:24
phiscibepre install15:24
phiscibeor kpackage wont even start will error out15:24
dmattphiscibe: really?15:25
Torchdmatt: ppas _can_ cause problems. it totally depens on the ppa and what you installed from it.15:26
dmattphiscibe: i  do not see any ppa, only bakports enabled15:27
phiscibei had three wouldnt start15:27
phiscibebut it was a bad moveon my part, i thought i was just getting a kipi plugin source but it had a whole crap load of stuff15:28
anuvrat_phiscibe, BluesKaj, back after reboot no change :(15:29
anuvrat_phiscibe, BluesKaj, the list in System Settings > Desktop Effects > All Effects is still empty and when I try to enable the effects with Ctrl + Alt + F12 it says following desktop effects couldn't be activated" with a few names15:31
dmattphiscibe: ok, i see it now, i found the setting to show new releases in kpackagekit repositories management, thanks!15:32
anuvrat_phiscibe, BluesKaj, thanks for your help, leaving for dinner15:32
jaafarHi guys, the Oneiric update has resulted in some ugly magenta artifacts for me in some apps, particularly Konversation... any ideas?15:34
NightsdawnThanks BlueKaj all wirking now found settings i dint know where there. +1 to learning :)15:36
Nightsdawn-1 to my spelling tho15:37
_pingukubuntu 10.04-> missing the online icon in the system tray. clicked it away. missing the vpn icon, too. how can i get it again?15:37
_pinguno one?15:40
BluesKajNightsdawn, just use the tab key to finish ppls nicks , that way they'll be spelled correctly :)15:42
Torch_pingu: _could have been_ knetworkmanager in 10.04, i forget15:43
_pinguTorch: knetworkmanager on console does nothing15:44
BluesKaj_pingu, sudo /etc/int.d/networking restart15:45
Torch_pingu: does nothing or says it cannot find it?15:45
_pinguTorch: does nothing. nothing to stdout. no program does start15:46
BluesKaj_pingu, correction : /sudo etc/init.d/networking restart15:47
_pinguBluesKaj: started the whole pc again. no effect15:47
NightsdawnBluesKaj: ah cool, sorry for misspelling it im a IRC newbie as well as linux newbie15:47
Torch_pingu: maybe you just hid the icon... do you have icons hidden in your system tray?15:47
BluesKajanother correction,  sudo etc/init.d/networking restart ...damn old eyes can't see the KB well:)15:48
TorchBluesKaj: still wrong ;-) but this won't fix his problem anyway, i should think.15:48
BluesKajstill got it wrong15:48
_pinguTorch: hidden? i dont thing its hidden15:48
BluesKajmaybe maybe not ...it's worth a try , something turned off parts of his networking15:49
TorchBluesKaj: if you restart the service you usually do not affect the gui client15:49
BluesKajbag gui s ,,don';t use NM , lucky for me15:50
BluesKajTorch, are you gonna help or are you going to do corrections ?15:51
_pinguright mouse on the control panel show a  menu "add mini programm"  (maybe the transaltion is wrong. use german language) but i can see nothing intuitiv which does show the icon again15:52
Torch_pingu: do you remember what you did to "click it away"?15:52
BluesKaj_pingu, ethernet or wifi?15:52
_pinguTorch: not sure. think it was a right mouse click15:53
_pinguBluesKaj: WLAN15:53
Torch_pingu: and you say you already tried a reboot and that didn't make it come back?15:54
jmichaelxlol my audio/phonon configs are screwed up upon every single reboot15:56
_pinguTorch: got it know. the mini program i clicked away in german is: systemabschnitt der kontrollleiste15:56
_pinguthanks for your patience!15:57
Torch_pingu: that's the whole of the system tray15:57
prowerhello :> i'm having some trouble getting the usb boot creation utility to work in 11.10...it's difficult to describe, i click on "erase disk" and then the entry for the usb key in /dev comes up several times instead of once, then it freezes :<15:57
Torch_pingu: so you must have been missing all the icons it usually shows, not just networking ;-)15:57
_pinguTorch: (-:15:57
BluesKajjmichaelx, maybe your default card is wrong ..we probly need to reset it in alsa.conf15:57
jmichaelxBluesKaj: somehow it is definitely changing what my default sound card is at every reoot15:58
BluesKajjmichaelx, make sure your audio module is listed as 'options snd_nameofmodule index=0' in /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf . This setting makes the audio module for your card the system wide default or Card 0 . To find the right module do. 'cat /proc/asound/modules', then a do, 'sudo modprobe snd_nameofmodule' , then 'sudo alsa force-reload'.15:59
jmichaelxBluesKaj: ty.... although i wonder what has happened. have never had this particular problem before on this machine16:00
BluesKajjmichaelx, unfortunately alsa seems unable to cope wit so may optional I/Os  so we have to tell it which card I/Os are default...it's treating one card as 2  in som cases16:02
phiscibethe level of complexity of these systems is reaching a crital mass, unexpted things happen, like big government saving the housing markiet ultimatley weakines, same systemic respoinse16:03
phiscibeweakens itg16:03
phiscibedang ne keyboard ugg16:03
phiscibeill be able to punch a hole in some ones skull with my finger after a nother month on this keyboard16:04
BluesKajjmichaelx, it was looking at the hdmi/dvi outs on my graphics card as audio because i use a dvi to hdmi adapter cable from the graphics card to my tv16:04
jmichaelxBluesKaj: why should it ever try to make a microphone the default audio device? (that is what it has been trying to do)16:05
phiscibeBluesKaj: the type of cables plug in can impact the essid reading, have you changed cables lately?  is dual head video and is one analog?  do you have funky converters for the connectinos16:05
phiscibeusing a analog cable on digital mon16:05
phiscibeX used to not be so picky16:06
BluesKajphiscibe, no, I blacklisted the hdmi and onboard audio cards after installing a new pci soundcard16:06
BluesKajhence ,no more hdmi's showing up in phonon16:07
phiscibeis it the hdmi cable with audio and video all in one?16:07
BluesKajphiscibe, it's dvi to hdmi adapter cable ...dvi on output from the graphics card to hdmi on the other end that connects to the hdmi input of the tv16:09
jmichaelxBluesKaj: this /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf is prett well incomprehensible16:09
BluesKajmy audio goes from the spdif/pcm to an audio receiver DAC input16:10
JillyHey everyone, I installed kde-plasma on top of my ubuntu install and there's no wireless. Works fine under gnome.  Any ideas?16:10
BluesKajjmichaelx, did you find the audiomodule ?16:10
phiscibejilly type cat /home/jilly/.dmrc in term and tell what it says16:11
phiscibe----------------------------------^^^your logon name htere16:11
jmichaelxBluesKaj: firstly, all modules are listed as -2 in /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf, secondly, i am not sure which of these modules i want16:12
BluesKajjmichaelx, cat /proc/asound/modules ...pastebin the output16:12
phiscibejmichaelx: is this a upgrade or fresh install16:12
jmichaelxBluesKaj: it's pretty basic : http://paste.ubuntu.com/711029/16:13
jmichaelxphiscibe: it is an upgrade16:13
Jillyphiscibe, one second?it's booting.16:13
phiscibealso jmichaelx show us what  lspci | grep audio sows16:14
BluesKajjmichaelx, so you have usb audio card or some such device connected as well16:14
jmichaelxphiscibe: that will not entirely do it, since the intended default audio is usb16:14
jmichaelxBluesKaj: it is onboard, but apparently using usb16:15
phiscibemaybe lsusb will work16:15
BluesKajjmichaelx, do you have any hdmi outputs on your graphics card and are you using them?16:16
phiscibeor unplug the usb, count to 5 plug it back up and do dmesg tail16:16
jmichaelxphiscibe: yes16:16
jmichaelxphiscibe: the usb audio cannot be unplugged. it is onboard16:16
phiscibewhats the card vendor model, thats what greping for16:16
david_ha1tchMy headphone jack doesn't work. This has always been a problem on this laptop, but now the old fix doesn't work.16:17
jmichaelxBluesKaj: yes, i have nvidia hdmi audio, and am not using it16:17
Jillyphiscibe?ok?it lists language, langlist, layout?.keyboard stuff looks like.16:17
phiscibeim sorry Jilly i was talking to jmichaelx for some of those for you i need  cat /home/jilly/.dmrc16:18
phiscibeif jilly is the logon name you use16:18
arvedhi, after upgrading to oneiric, kde does not like my .kde16:18
Jillyphiscibe?well it's ariel?but yeah I got the file.16:18
arvedit hangs when showing the harddisk image16:18
arvedany ideas?16:18
phiscibeif not  cat /home/yourkubuntulogon/.dmrc16:18
JillyI'm on a different machine though so I can't really copy/past16:19
phiscibewhat does it syay ariel?16:19
phiscibeit should just one or two lines of output16:19
Jillysays: [Desktop]16:19
david_ha1tchRepeating: My headphone jack doesn't work. This has always been a problem on this laptop, but now the old fix doesn't work. The old fix: http://www.linlap.com/wiki/asus+g50v16:19
jmichaelxi have three audio devices.... C-Media usb audio (SHOULD be default), usb mic (from logitech webcam, somehow this keeps getting set as default audio device), and nvidia hdmi audio (which i have never used)16:19
Jillyanyway, at the bottom it says Session=kde-plasma16:19
Jillydoesn't look anything about the wireless.16:19
phiscibethere have been prblems with the xorg bulletproff stuff setting session name to failsafe and sticking16:20
BluesKajright that's what we need to black list , but first things first , open the run command alt+f2 , kdesudo kate /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf16:20
phiscibebut desktop is fine, so its something else16:20
BluesKajjmichaelx, ^16:20
jmichaelxBluesKaj: already there16:20
phiscibedavid_ha1tch: thats along one man16:20
david_ha1tchphiscibe: skip to the Notes>Sound part.16:20
phiscibethe messed up logon would interfere with network manager, but that aint it16:20
Jilly6 lines of output?Language, Langlist, LCMess, Layout and Session16:21
arvedi have now used a new profile, any i can log in again, but i have the ugly gtk fonts again16:22
arvedand don't remember how i fixed it16:22
phiscibedavid_ha1tch: man i feel for you but im standing here in a towel, i dont get  paid, i just like being a techno nerd, and like alot of ppl in these linux rooms i got pesoanitly disorders, half bipolar and and a general pig, so fast m,essing me aint goona help in a vonlunteer16:22
Jillyphiscibe?oh it's not starting nm-applet16:23
david_ha1tchphiscibe: Apologies, sir.16:23
BluesKajjmichaelx, ok ,look for the line "# Prevent abnormal drivers from grabbing index 0" , right below that ," options snd_hda_intel index=0 " without the quotes...save the file16:23
jmichaelxlol phiscibe16:24
Jillyso how do I make sure it starts nm-applet on login.16:24
TorchJilly: you don't want nm-applet with KDE16:24
TorchJilly: KDE has a plasma widget for that16:24
TorchJilly: add it to your systray16:24
jmichaelxBluesKaj: just to be clear, you are suggesting that i add that line to that section?16:24
JillyTorch?.ok?I'll look.16:24
JillyDo you know what it's called?16:24
BluesKajjmichaelx, yes16:24
phiscibejilly is it wireless16:25
phiscibejmichaelx: headphone dection needs to be enalbed, where and how....dunno16:25
BluesKajphiscibe, that doesn[t help us16:25
jmichaelxBluesKaj: done. should i reboot atthis point?16:26
TorchJilly: network management16:26
Jillyphiscibe?yes.  and I dont' see any kind of widget that refers to wireless networking.16:26
phiscibebut from terminal run alsamixer its a text based gui, use the arrow keys to move around see if you see a box HH or HP  or something arrow over to it hit M to toggle16:26
BluesKajjmichaelx, no reboot needed16:26
BluesKajwe're not finished quite yet, jmichaelx16:26
JillyThere is network monitor16:26
phiscibeJilly: it is wireless though right, not wired?16:26
Thinkerer68Can anyone help with a usb hard disk problem?16:27
arvedwhere did the screenedges go in kde 4.7?16:27
phiscibei think there is bug witth xorg edgers16:27
TorchJilly: you should have "network management"16:28
TorchJilly:  the icon might be broken (it is for me), but it's still there16:28
phiscibeJilly: right click on the task bar or use the little toolbox icon and add widgets, drag the network widget to your task bar16:28
phiscibeit is there?16:29
phiscibeJilly: typing iwconfig will tell you if the system sees your wifi16:29
Jillydoesn't seem to be there.16:29
Jillyphiscibe?it does?I'm running nm-applet and that's working.16:30
JillyI'm connected via nm-applet?you guys said I shouldn't use that one though.16:30
jmichaelxwhat next step should i take?16:30
phiscibebecasue kde uses a diffrent network manger, that rights data for resolv.config diffrelty and stores your password diffrelty16:30
phiscibeand has a diffrent notification system16:31
BluesKajjmichaelx, ok , in the runbox again , kdesudo kate /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf , at the bottom add this line , blacklist snd_hda_codec_hdmi , save the file16:31
ashwinwhen i started kmail i got error:failed to fetch resource collection16:31
JillyOk?so I exited nm-applet...16:31
yofelphiscibe, Jilly: resolv.conf isn't done differently, but password storage and notifications are16:31
phiscibeashwin if you upgrade, kmail is dead, go to the realease note and read, if you had data, u might can save it16:31
JillyI go to panel options?.add widgets16:31
phiscibethe release notes gived all the detains on the kubunt site16:31
Thinkerer68chan is busy today  XD16:32
jmichaelxBluesKaj: done16:32
phiscibedepends on wher jily16:32
BluesKajjmichaelx, afterwards , sudo alsa force-reload16:32
phiscibejilly jsut open system settings and go to network there16:32
BluesKajjmichaelx, check phonon devices16:33
jmichaelxBluesKaj: done (took a short while)16:33
BluesKajmaybe a reboot is in order , I've forgotten16:33
JillyThere's network tools16:33
bobweaver/usr/share/kde4/apps/plasma-desktop/init/00-defaultLayout.js           <- how to add konsole launcher ?16:33
jmichaelxBluesKaj: i still cannot open phonon settings16:34
KomiaPoikai have an old laptop with a dlink external pcmcia lan card, do i need any particular packages to make the laptop see the card?16:34
jmichaelxBluesKaj: should i now reboot?16:34
BluesKajok try a reboot , jmichaelx16:34
jmichaelxok, brb16:34
Jillysays wlan0 even says active.16:34
bobweaverKomiaPoika: lspci sees it ?16:34
=== Kottizen is now known as martin__
bobweaverKomiaPoika: lspci -nn ?16:35
KomiaPoikabobweaver: hold on a minute, must switch cards16:35
bobweaverKomiaPoika: paste.ubunntu.com16:35
Jillyer ok?so I'm obviously connected to the internet...16:35
JillyThere's just no little icon/notification thingy telling me I'm connected.16:36
=== Sam42 is now known as Telek
ashwinphiscibe: what am i suppose to do with kmail?16:36
bobweaverJilly: kdesudo kate  /usr/share/kde4/apps/plasma-desktop/init/00-defaultLayout.js16:36
phiscibehttp://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/ubuntu-63/speakers-and-headphone-both-play-together-592807/  for the head phone16:36
bobweaverJilly: ubuntu.paste.com16:36
phiscibefor a broadcom card shows how to check if htere is a driver for it, but procudure works for other wired network cards  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=145377816:37
TelekHi all, is there any way to set the kde4 panel to flash when an urgent window hint is set, like when you recieve a chat message from something like Skype?16:38
Jillykde-sudo is not installed?did I miss installing something?16:38
bobweaverJilly: kdesudo kate /usr/share/kde4/apps/plasma-desktop/init/00-defaultLayout.js16:38
Jillyer kdesudo that is.16:38
bobweaverJilly: you are using kubuntu ?16:39
phiscibegeneral wifi trouble http://linux.about.com/od/kubuntu_doc/a/kubudg38t07.htm16:39
genii-aroundIf you don't have kdesudo, perhaps you aren't using Kubuntu16:39
phiscibeashwin for KMAIL https://wiki.kubuntu.org/OneiricOcelot/Final/Kubuntu/Kmail216:39
Jillybobweaver?I installed ubuntu?then installed the plasma desktop.16:39
phiscibeand a whole bunch of misc.   http://kubuntu-experince.blogspot.com/16:40
phiscibei have to go1!! bye16:40
bobweaversudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop ??16:40
TorchJilly: also make sure you have plasma-widget-networkmanagement installed16:40
bobweaverJilly: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop ??16:40
Jillybobweaver?more or less?I used the synaptic package manager.16:40
bobweaverJilly: Is that what you did ?16:40
bobweaverJilly: uname -a16:41
jmichaelxBluesKaj: not out of the woods yet.... it is still making my webcam mic the default audio device :-(16:41
bobweaverJilly: kdesudo kate /usr/share/kde4/apps/plasma-desktop/init/00-defaultLayout.js    <- that is default layout for panel16:41
bobweaverJilly: **      /usr/share/kde4/apps/plasma-desktop/init/00-defaultLayout.js <- that is default layout for panel16:42
Jillybobweaver?ok?just installing the network management widget worked. :)16:43
Jillyuname: Linux Meow 3.0.0-12-generic #20 Ubuntu16:44
bobweaver/usr/share/kde4/apps/plasma/layout-templates/org.kde.plasma-desktop.defaultPanel/contents/layout.js   but I am glad to see tha you got it working :>)16:44
bobweaverthouse two spots are from widgets (I think )16:45
jmichaelxBluesKaj: it does appear that things start working, if i unplug my webcam16:45
bobweaverfor not from *16:45
kartickhello can any one tell me how to set up kmail?16:45
bobweaverJilly: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop <-- installed default kubuntu everything16:46
bobweavernope no bot for that16:46
KomiaPoikabobweaver: yes lspci sees it, it's an atheros device16:47
Jillybobweaver, thanks.  Ok?I'll just install everything.16:47
bobweaverKomiaPoika: good news16:47
JillyIt's a teeny netbook?with a a 16gb ssd though so not lots of room.16:47
bobweaverdid kerenel install mods ?16:47
karticktell me kamil set up please16:47
karticknay buddy16:47
kartickany buddy16:47
KomiaPoikabobweaver: but when i try to look for wifi's i don't see any16:47
bobweaverkartick: http://tuxarena.blogspot.com/2010/09/how-to-set-up-kmail-with-gmail-and-imap.html16:48
bobweaverKomiaPoika: lspci  -nn   && lsmod16:48
bobweaverKomiaPoika: in konsole16:48
JillyI've always had trouble installing kubuntu itself?much better luck installing stock ubuntu and adding the kde-desktop16:48
bobweaverKomiaPoika: paste.ubuntu.com16:48
JillyI so need a bigger laptop so I can actually see the screen (not getting any younger :)16:49
bobweaverbrb isp is here16:50
KomiaPoikabobweaver: can't paste, the laptop is offline16:50
KomiaPoikawhat am i looking for16:50
sorush20_hi kontact has crashed kmail will not load... I get this error kmail encountered a fatal error and will terminate now kubuntu 11.1016:53
sorush20_I can't seem to rung kontact without the crash terminating it.16:54
BluesKajjmichaelx, how do you know the webcam mic is the default ?16:55
JillyOh yeah baby, classic menu style?much better. :)16:57
jmichaelxBluesKaj: it is what always shows up in alsamixer16:58
JillyCan anyone recommend a good laptop that will run kubuntu and work with all the hardware <---- I'm slightly lazy. :)16:59
ashwinAfter update klipper is not working properly.Now history is always empty.i cannot copy text from one app to other.How can i fix it?17:00
JillyI had a fancy dell xps machine and I installed ubuntu on it, but it ran super hot and the fan would never quit.17:00
BluesKajjmichaelx, alsamixer screenshot in pastebin pls .17:00
phiscibeashwin: its the same as kmai2 problem17:00
phiscibeyou will be lucky to recover you data, it might be gone17:01
phiscibe https://wiki.kubuntu.org/OneiricOcelot/Final/Kubuntu/Kmail217:01
ashwinkmail problem solved17:01
phiscibethe upgrade changes the structure of the akanoda service, which stores all your kmail your kjotes calander  and contacts17:02
phiscibeall those are effected17:02
genii-aroundJilly: I've had good luck with Acer in general. My main large laptop is an 8730, my netbook is a D260 ... everything worked out of the box on both.17:02
kannansound not working after upgrade to oneiric..please some one help me17:03
Jillygenii?cool?maybe I'll check those. My little asus eeepc 900a from ages ago works great?but screen is just too small. :)17:03
ashwinphiscibe: how can i solve klipper problem17:03
=== _markb1_ is now known as MarkB1
Jillygenii?does acer still have the bios problems?or have they fixed it?  I had one of those ZG5's and the bios would just poop out randomly.17:04
phiscibeash i am not so sure now, i dont know if klipper uses Akonadi's storage and data system if it does, even the devolopers dont have a fix17:04
phiscibeif it doesnt, then its probably a notificaiton system malfuntion17:05
LuizAngiolettiHey folks17:05
phiscibedbus isnt running or ibus is not installed17:05
genii-aroundJilly: I don't know much about the ZG5 or any bios prolems associated with them, sorry. All the models I've used ran linux very well though.17:05
BluesKajJilly, i had an acxer 4630 elcheapo laptop and it ran 11.04 perfectly including the wifi ...daughter is using it for her work right now so dunno how well 11.10 will run17:05
LuizAngiolettiI need to do something: open an application on the X environment from an environment without X.17:05
genii-aroundLuizAngioletti: Like a PuTTY session on a windows box or something similar?17:06
JillyBluesKaj?cool!!  I'll check out the acers.  Unfortunately, I have to go cheap!!17:07
fernandoanatomiaI just can swtich between hdmi and analogic autdio outputs via pavcontrol program... Does anybody has the same problem?17:07
genii-aroundJilly: There is also System7617:07
BluesKajI paid 450 for it , Jilly17:07
BluesKajdollars that is17:08
LuizAngiolettito:gennii-around: I'm at a linux box without the X, and want to start, say, firefox, inside another linux box, while SSH'ed17:08
LuizAngioletti(how do you do the pretty-print?)17:08
JillyBlues, right?..I'll check system76 again, but if I recall they're a bit pricey.17:08
BluesKajfernandoanatomia, what audio card ?17:08
LuizAngiolettigenii-around: Haha! Well..  I'm at a linux box without the X, and want to start, say, firefox, inside another linux box, while SSH'ed17:09
fernandoanatomia<BluesKaj> it is Intel HDA17:09
BluesKajgot a webcam too , fernandoanatomia ?17:09
JillyLuiz?if I remember right, you just specify the display to use?ummm it's been years and years since I did that though.17:10
LuizAngiolettigenii-around: I'd be in some tty in machine M1 (logged via SSH from M2) and want to start firefox at M1.17:10
fernandoanatomia<BluesKaj> is I do17:10
JillyLuiz:  it's something like ./firefox display0:017:10
LuizAngiolettiJilly: I tried setting the display: $DISPLAY=":0.0"17:10
LuizAngiolettiJilly: didn't work17:10
LuizAngiolettiJilly: I'll try this last one.. just a sec17:11
BluesKajfernandoanatomia, in the terminal , alsamixer , which card is listed in the top left ?17:11
LuizAngiolettiJilly: # firefox display0.017:11
LuizAngiolettiError: no display specified17:11
* genii-around ponders export $DISPLAY17:12
JillyLuiz?I always would do the reverse at work?I would have my windowing environment on my desk and then would be shelled into a system and would run graphical emacs at my desk.17:12
BluesKaj!pm | fernandoanatomia17:13
ubottufernandoanatomia: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.17:13
LuizAngiolettiI think we're on the right way...17:13
fernandoanatomia<ubottu> Ok.17:13
LuizAngioletti# DISPLAY=":0.0"17:13
LuizAngioletti# export DISPLAY17:13
LuizAngioletti# firefox17:13
LuizAngiolettiNo protocol specified17:13
LuizAngiolettiNo protocol specified17:13
FloodBotK1LuizAngioletti: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:13
FloodBotK2LuizAngioletti: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:13
LuizAngiolettiNo protocol specified17:13
fernandoanatomiaBluesKaj - in alsamixer appears HDA Intel17:14
BluesKajfernandoanatomia, if your speakers are connect to your soundcard then analog ou t is the right choice17:14
fernandoanatomiaBluesKaj - the problem is when I want to use HDMI to stream video and audio to my HDTV....17:15
JillyLuiz, oh yes export DISPLAY. Um?you may need the & after firefox or it will try to run in your shell?methinks.17:16
fernandoanatomiaIn this case I need to use pavcontrol to switch the sound output to hdmi and use it again to get back to analog.... I would like a native tool built in Kubuntu not a exta program....17:16
fernandoanatomiaI know how to perform this... but a noob wont...17:17
BluesKajfernandoanatomia, run this and pastebin the output pls . cat /proc/asound/modules ..if less than 3 lines you can paste it here17:17
fernandoanatomiafernando@HollyLand:~$ cat /proc/asound/modules17:18
fernandoanatomia 0 snd_hda_intel17:18
TelekHi all, any ideas on how I can make the kde panel flash when a chat window has recieved a message? At the moment it's rather uobtrusive and easy to miss17:19
jmichaelxwhat is the default key combo for the screenshot util?17:19
JillyLuiz:  Did you do an env command to find out the correct display environment?17:19
BluesKajjmichaelx, prntscrn17:20
jmichaelxBluesKaj: ty17:20
BluesKajjmichaelx, that key should work on your KB17:21
BluesKaj fernandoanatomia are any hdmis listed in phonon ?17:22
fernandoanatomiaBluesKay - yes but is gray17:23
fernandoanatomiaBluesKaj; both analog and hdmi are listed in phonon but when I enable one via pavcontrol the others gets grey and vice versa....17:24
fernandoanatomiaBluesKaj; that's the point I can't switch via phonon.... just via pavcontrol.....17:25
BluesKajwell fernandoanatomia in your case you are lucky you can do so ...alsa is somewhat limited with all the new I/O  that are available now ..dunno how to tell pulseaudio to fewed simultaneous out puts ... I need more research on it since pulse is new to me ...never needed to use it before17:28
jmichaelxBluesKaj: silly question, but how does one pastebin a screenshot?17:28
BluesKaj!imagebin | jmichaelx17:28
ubottujmichaelx: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.17:28
jmichaelxBluesKaj: ty... http://imagebin.org/17949917:30
fernandoanatomiaBlusKaj;  for information - I tryed to delete ~.kde/share/config/phonondevicesrc didin't work - thank you!17:30
fernandoanatomiaBluesKaj: the same problem is reported in Kubuntu guide... just found it... at last the hack is there too....17:34
BluesKajjmichaelx, did you do this command ,sudo modprobe snd_hda_intel , that I posted earlier ?17:34
jmichaelxBluesKaj: no.... somehow i missed that17:35
BluesKajfernandoanatomia, good stuff , perhaps you could share the URL here ?17:35
jmichaelxBluesKaj: should running that make a difference?17:36
jmichaelxcorrected question: what difference should modprobing that module make?17:37
BluesKajjmichaelx, that command loads the intelhda kernel module , that's why it's not the default17:37
jmichaelxBluesKaj: ok, i have run that command17:37
fernandoanatomiaFor those guys with problem with HDMI and pulseaudio: http://www.kubuntuguide.info/index.php/Oneiric#HDMI_with_PulseAudio17:38
BluesKajjmichaelx, now do, sudo als force-reload , then check phonon , but give it a few secs17:39
BluesKajalsa force17:39
dmattso the upgrade to 11.10 ... failed with error 1, apt-get install -f says it could not configure multiarch-support17:39
BluesKajsudo apt-get -f install dmatt17:40
dmattBluesKaj: that has failed too, see previous post17:42
BluesKajdmatt, try installing it from the terminal , sudo apt-get install multiarch-support17:45
dmattBluesKaj: I tried but it complains about unmet dependencies and tells me i should run apt-get install -f17:48
BluesKajdmatt, sudo dpkg --configure -a , then sudo apt-get -f install17:52
Peace-BluesKaj: :)17:52
george_Hello again. Checking my K menu after upgrading to Kubuntu 11.10 I've noticed that UXterm and Uterm were installed. What's the point of that if we already had konsole?17:52
BluesKajhey Peace-17:52
fernandoanatomiageorge_:  spare space too fit into a cd?17:55
dmattBluesKaj: I'm trying that dpkg command17:55
george_fernandoanatomi: what?17:56
fernandoanatomiageorge_: just a joke..... I guess they had free space to add more terminal emulators....17:57
JillyCan you ever have too many terminals?17:57
JillySo how do I get on the kubuntu development team?17:59
* Jilly is itching to write some code.18:00
opengeekv2hello i'm compiling a c++ code crated by myself and I get an error on a #include <vector> line, I'm on kubuntu 11.1018:00
george_fernandoanatomi: :P Well, I'm pretty sure that there were more important thing to add than another terminal emulators ;)18:01
jmichaelxBluesKaj: so far it appears things are looking good. am a little afraid to reboot, though...18:01
george_So, can I safely remove those UXterm and Xterm?18:01
yofelJilly: you start by coming to #kubuntu-devel18:03
opengeekv2the errors are stray '/342', stray '/200' and stray '223'18:03
JillyYofel, be right there...18:04
fernandoanatomiageorge_: do you remember those programans in clipper withou a real graphic interface? if you want to run something like that you would need uxterm18:04
george_fernandoanatomi: can't i do that via konsole? besides, how people used to run those before the 11.10 upgrade?18:05
fernandoanatomiageorge_: withou = without18:05
fernandoanatomiageorge_: I think you cand do via konsole but uxterm is more suitable.... less prone to problems..... I guess.... nerver tryied for myself....18:07
jmichaelxBluesKaj: many thanks... i just rebooted, and this time audio continued to work18:07
george_fernandoanatomi:Ok. It's very unlikely I'll run any of those programs anyway. Just don't like having lots of apps that do basically the same.18:08
jmichaelxBluesKaj: this also fixed another issue, which was small, but to me very annoying.... all through natty, volume control in moc did not work. now it does :-)18:09
BluesKajjmichaelx, glad to hear that ..it's areward in itself when I can help ...I really despise thes eaudio issues , there's really no excuse for them18:09
fernandoanatomiageorge_: removing these apps will just give you a few free bytes....18:09
jmichaelxBluesKaj: i especially do not understand why it would ever set a device it clearly identifies as a microphone as the default audio device18:09
BluesKajjmichaelx, yeah , beats me that the hdamodule wasn't loaded in the fist place18:11
george_jmichaelx, BluesKaj: the alsa update today, is it related to this solving issue? My sound now is not muted by default every login.18:11
george_fernandoanatomi: Sure... nevermind...18:11
jmichaelxthere is an alsa update in the pipes? yikes, how much you wanna bet that will break this fix, lol18:12
BluesKajgeorge_, did you run 'alsactl store ' after setting the vol ctrls in alsamixer?18:12
dmattBluesKaj: dpkg --configure -a failed because of too many errors :(18:13
BluesKajjmichaelx, I think you'll be ok ...I ran the update ...no changes so far18:13
jmichaelxi'm not sure i have ever seen this many complaints about audio after a distro version upgrade like this18:13
george_BluesKaj:no, I didn't.18:14
BreetaiHey all. I am having problems with nvidia with Oneiric. It does not matter if I start with Natty and upgrade or do a clean install of Oneiric, the windows decorations are offset from the rest of the window. Does anyone know what the problem is. I did not see anything in the forms on it yte.18:14
BluesKajjmichaelx, back when pulseaudio was first installed as the default soundserver , we had a lot of compalints , 9.94 I think it was18:15
jmichaelxBluesKaj: many many thanks again!! off to work.18:15
bosyihi. just installed kubuntu. have some questions18:15
BluesKajok jmichaelx ..don't work too hard :)18:15
jmichaelxBluesKaj: same to you18:15
bosyiis there someting like software sources in gnome?18:15
bobweaverbosyi: muno18:15
GirlyGirlbobweaver: muon software center18:16
george_bosyi:muon software center18:16
bosyialt+f2? how?18:16
george_GirlyGirl: ;)18:16
bobweaverbosyi: muon %i -caption "%c"18:17
bobweavermight need kdesudo18:17
bobweavernot sure :>)18:17
fernandoanatomiaI would like to suggest Kamoso as a default webcam utility in Kubuntu - it works fine to me....18:18
bosyithanks. i was asking about how i can see "run command" menu. in gnome it was alt+f218:18
BarkingFishbosyi, it's the same in KDE18:18
bosyiwhy not working for me then((?18:19
bobweaverbosyi: it is just plain old muon   and it launched18:19
bobweaveralt+f2 moun18:19
bosyialt+f2 dont work18:20
bobweaverreally *:>)18:20
GirlyGirlbosyi: use kmenu then ... it will work on next login I guess18:20
BarkingFishbosyi, if you press it, you should get a little box at the top of the screen or somewhere on it, in which to type the command18:21
phiscibemaybe its going to a diffrent dekstop or the page view settings is such its hidding it18:21
GirlyGirlbosyi: kmenu's search has the same function as well18:21
BarkingFishit's not a "menu" as such, more a box you can type the command into, or use as a dropdown to see the commands you used in it previously18:21
phiscibeu can add a widget application launcher with the old gnome style menus18:22
bosyihm... work now. after i manualy launch it with right click on main screen18:22
bobweaverbosyi: look at keyboard shortcuts18:23
maco!ru | k0s18:23
ubottuk0s: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.18:23
JillyNew gnome allows adding widgets also?you just have to alt-right-click to get to the panel configuration stuff.18:23
bosyiif i have netbook it preffered to me to turn off effects? to speed up it18:25
AlexDevilLXk0s: я тоже забанен18:27
AlexDevilLXk0s: gimmie your icq18:27
AlexDevilLXwhere is he?18:28
george_bosyi: In some computers, having enable media keys on bions, will make some Functions keys not working. This is my case.18:31
DaskreechAlexDevilLX: left18:31
AlexDevilLXi need him18:32
AlexDevilLXok, can anyone get18:34
AlexDevilLXok, can anyone get on #ubuntu-ru and ask k0s's icq18:35
BluesKajAlexDevilLX, notnhere pls18:35
BluesKajdo not ask that here ..this kubuntu support only AlexDevilLX18:37
AlexDevilLXpls, i'm banned on ubuntu-ru and you have seen him18:37
BarkingFishAlexDevilLX, If you want that information, you will have to either go ask for it yourself or wait for him to come back.  We're not a courier service, we support Kubuntu, nothing else.18:38
BarkingFishFailing that, send k0s a PM.18:38
BarkingFishAlexDevilLX, you type /msg k0s  followed by your message, and hit enter.18:39
BarkingFishwhen he gets the message, it's up to him to get back to you.18:39
BluesKajk0s left18:40
BarkingFishyes, he didn't just part the channel, he left the network18:41
BluesKajdo a whois in the server text input18:41
BarkingFishYou'll have to wait for him to come back, AlexDevilLX - sorry18:41
BluesKajin the server text input box18:42
AlexDevilLXwhois k0s.Pav0R18:42
AlexDevilLXwhois k0s18:42
* BluesKaj shakes his head18:42
* AlexDevilLX cant understand18:43
giantpunehi, i have updated from kubuntu 11.04 to 11.10.  i notice now that the taskbar like to highlite certain items for no reason at all.  where before, it would highlite the item only if the corasponding program had something important to tell me18:44
giantpunehas anybody else experienced this?18:44
BluesKajAlexDevilLX, click on the freenode server18:45
TheLastProjectgiantpune: I'm experienced it, it's one of the highest rated bugs at the time =/18:45
TheLastProjectgiantpune: Let's see if I can find it18:45
giantpuneplease do.  i would ilke to subscribe to it as well18:45
phiscibenot excactly giantpune, but i have think the root of 70% of some of the bugs out there invole the notification system, getting accross the board bugs, but lots of them have been reported for awhile, and im using 11.04 still18:45
AlexDevilLXyay just installed kubuntu in virtualbox18:46
phiscibebut ive been watching for a few days i got a good over view of the buntu state of things, and nobody is getting any love18:46
BluesKajAlexDevilLX, the I rcommend you use a real irc client like konversation or quassel , not some aim thing18:46
phiscibeill tell you one thing, INSTALLING ibus has cleard up crap load of my bugs18:47
phiscibeafter i installed ibus it all settled down, udev errors, and high io, ext4 journing high io, even the bug with the  flash driver that has 3000+ reports seems ok18:48
TheLastProjectgiantpune: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=275835 and https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=280659 (guess the first one is more applicable for you, I have the second one as well)18:48
ubottuKDE bug 275835 in panel "Applications are outlined with the "Demands attention" look, when they don't need to be" [Normal,New]18:48
ubottuKDE bug 280659 in widget-taskbar "task bar entries sporadicly tend to stay highlighted after mouse hover" [Normal,New]18:48
giantpuneyeah.  i get the first one with ktorrent.  and i get the second one with dolphin and chrome18:49
blackflagHello all, Im upgraded to 11.10 and Im having no longer openvpn connection. Im getting:18:49
blackflagARNING: External program may not be called unless '--script-security 2' or higher is enabled. Use '--script-security 3 system' for backward compatibility with 2.1_rc8 and earlier. See --help text or man page for detailed info.18:49
blackflagdebug: [openvpn] Mon Oct 17 17:48:43 2011 WARNING: External program may not be called unless '--script-security 2' or higher is enabled. Use '--script-security 3 system' for backward compatibility with 2.1_rc8 and earlier. See --help text or man page for detailed info.18:49
blackflagdebug: [openvpn raw]: Mon Oct 17 17:48:43 2011 WARNING: Failed running command (--up/--down): external program fork failed18:49
FloodBotK2blackflag: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:49
FloodBotK1blackflag: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:49
blackflagdebug: [openvpn] Mon Oct 17 17:48:43 2011 WARNING: Failed running command (--up/--down): external program fork failed18:49
phiscibebut before ibus process would not stop i have like 12 kates running 6 geanies, getty 5 times dbus daemon rung as main user twice and once as root 9 kworker18:49
TheLastProjectblackflag: Please paste your error message on a site like http://paste.kde.org18:50
phiscibei got 8 nepomuservices running18:50
phiscibemy cd drives used to spin at will and the usb thumb blink and blink and blink18:51
AlexDevilLXhow to activate cube in KDE?18:51
TheLastProjectAlexDevilLX: System Settings -> Desktop Effects -> All Effects -> Desktop Cube18:52
AlexDevilLXhow? ctrl+f11?18:53
TheLastProjectAlexDevilLX: If you have activated the effect, yes.18:53
AlexDevilLXit doesnt work18:54
ubottuRelationship advice is not available in #kubuntu. If you want to chat about other offtopic matters try #ubuntu-offtopic. If you need to talk something through with a professional counsellor there is a global directory of support services at http://befrienders.org18:54
DaskreechAlexDevilLX: He's not been on ubuntu-ra I've been hanging there18:55
TheLastProjectAlexDevilLX: Works here, have you enabled it on Desktop effects? Also, are Desktop Effects enabled at all? (Alt+Shift+F12 should toggle that). Otherwise I honestly don't know, I'm pretty new as well =/18:56
DaskreechAlexDevilLX: did you turn on the effect?18:56
DaskreechBah #ubuntu-ru :)18:57
genii-aroundAlexDevilLX: Does your VM have some kind of compositing?18:58
AlexDevilLXOK, i dont think i'll work in virtualbox19:01
DaskreechThat's possible19:01
AlexDevilLXok, destop effect are on19:02
DaskreechAlexDevilLX: works?19:05
shane2peruI know I can upgrade via the alternative install disk, but I can't seem to find any clear documentation, any ideas??19:16
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade19:16
pangolinthanks Pici19:20
Picier, no problem19:20
shane2peruthanks Pici19:20
shane2peruam I really set free?  Released from the muted prison?19:20
pangolinshane2peru: we see you now19:20
DarthFrogYou've served your time. :-)19:21
shane2peruwow, 10 days in the slammer, that was tough!19:21
shane2peruright through upgrade days too.19:21
shane2peruI was thinking I could upgrade with GUI with alt-disk, just pop it in, and it used to offer to upgrade, is that not the case now?19:22
* genii-around slides shane2peru a consolation coffee19:22
* shane2peru enjoys the liberty to sip a little coffee.19:22
DarthFrogshane2peru:  You can upgrade by "sudo do-release-upgrade".19:22
shane2peruDarthFrog: ok, but I don't want to download all the packages, I want to get them off the disk19:23
shane2peruI usually don't 'upgrade' I usually clean install, but wanted to try an upgrade19:23
shane2peruwithout downloading everything from the web as we go, my web is too slow.19:23
jamil_1shane2peru: I think you can add an entry in source.list like file:://path/to/mounted/iso19:26
jmichaelxi just had my system freak out a little upon trying to copy a file from dolphin to the folder view widget...19:26
giantpuneshane2peru, http://dense.hubpages.com/hub/Ubuntu-Offline-Upgrade .  scroll down a bit and it has some magic stuff to do that sy it will llow you to upgrade using the alternate CD19:27
giantpuneit looks a few years old, but still valid information19:27
=== kurt___ is now known as CyberWasteland
phiscibetime to reboot memory usage at 70% 25 process that didnt close (like 8 kate's)19:31
Daskreechshane2peru: Just add the cdrom as a repo it will pretty much always choose it once there are no security updates19:32
bobweaverI have a konsole question I am playing with /usr/share/applications right now and am trying to set up a menu and also icons and commands to start this is where I am having trouble19:32
Daskreechha ha19:32
Daskreechfunny how often people choose to reboot when somethign like logging off would work just as well19:33
bobweaverkonsole --workdir <name of dir> -e "<cmd>"19:33
Daskreechkonsole sessions?19:33
bobweaverbut I have a welcome screen in bashrc19:33
bobweaveryes Daskreech19:33
bobweaverso I tried konsole --workdir <name of dir> --hold -e "<cmd>"   and it looks good but how to drop the hold ?19:34
shane2peruok, thanks all, had to get the door but I'm back now,19:35
kmmndrhi all :-)19:39
kmmndrI've upgraded to kubuntu 11.10 (from 11.04) and now the session start but there are no menu, nor icon or any other thing on screen19:40
kmmndrdoes anyone ever experienced such strange things ?19:40
shane2perujamil_1: I assume running off the iso is actually faster than the disk?  plus avoids burning errors?19:40
jamil_1shane2peru: and you dont have to waste another disk19:41
shane2perujamil_1: cdrw ;)19:41
jamil_1shane2peru: and you dont have to go and look for a writable disk :)19:41
Daskreechkmmndr: does alt+F2 work ?19:41
shane2perubut I'm intrigued with the idea of running directly off the iso19:41
DaskreechThere was some hacky way to boot from the ISO as I recall as well19:42
kmmndrDaskreech: no, I only have some notification on top of the screen19:43
shane2peruahh, my cdrom source is un-checked, that is why it didn't pop up the usual 'upgrade' thing19:43
Daskreechkmmndr: in grey boxes?19:43
shane2peruDaskreech: I should be able to upgrade, right from here right? without re-booting?19:43
kmmndrDaskreech: yes, in grey boxes19:43
Daskreechshane2peru: Yes you should. Just musing on ISO hacks19:44
Daskreechkmmndr: ok are you comfortable with the Virtual terminals ?19:44
shane2peruok, thanks19:44
Daskreechshane2peru: Well I mean You will have to reboot at teh end19:44
kmmndrDaskreech: yes, no prob19:44
Daskreechthe kernel probably has updates and libc stuff will be upgraded so you will want to reboot but other than that you can keep your computer running as long as you want19:45
kmmndrDaskreech: I tried to apt-get --purge remove (all kde) and install again, but it doesn't solve19:45
Daskreechkmmndr: Ok jump to a virtual terminal and type export DISPLAY=:0.0 && konsole& then jump back to X19:45
DaskreechWe should be able to run some tests then19:46
shane2peruI am better off with the alternative disk rather than the regular desktop disk right? or is that old school?19:46
Daskreechkmmndr: shouldn't need anything that drastic I think19:46
Daskreechshane2peru: You can't upgrade from the Live CD. It doesn't have any packages on it19:46
kmmndrDaskreech: I've my konsole19:47
Daskreechkmmndr: ok type plasma-desktop &19:47
shane2peruLive CD?  that is the same as the install cd? doesn't have packages on it?  because it is a system, and actually copies itself over the disk drive upon installation?19:47
shane2peruDaskreech: ^^19:47
Daskreechshane2peru: Correct19:48
shane2peruinteresting, never realized that, or thought of that.19:48
Daskreechit's almost a dd19:48
shane2peruright, figured that is probably what it used.19:48
Daskreech(it's not don't quote me on that) but it's pretty close19:48
shane2peruahh, simple enough for me to understand.  Thanks for the info.19:49
DaskreechIt transfers an expanded image of a fully functional system then runs scripts to do updates and change things that make sense on a full computer that don't make sense on a unwriteable CD19:49
kmmndrDaskreech: I've my bar and all the stuff19:49
shane2peruright, that makes sense19:49
Daskreechthe alternative is the actual packages as held on the server so it's a simple thing to upgrade from it and faster (if you can consider downloading all the packages you are NOT going to upgrade then burning them faster than just the ones you need)19:50
BarkingFishIs there any way at all of stopping Kubuntu from trying to get me to sudo everything, or providing passwords for every little thing I want to do? I'm the only user of this machine, I don't see why I need permission to use my own dang PC :)19:50
Daskreechkmmndr: does alt=F2 work ?19:50
kmmndrDaskreech: how do I ask plasma-desktop to start automagicly ? does it survive if I close the session and stard again ?19:50
DaskreechBarkingFish: Edit the commands to assume kdesudo and make yourself sudoless19:50
kmmndrDaskreech: no ALT+F2 still does not work19:51
Daskreechkmmndr: Logout and log back in19:51
Daskreechkmmndr: type in krunner &19:51
BarkingFishDaskreech, I have no idea how to do that.19:51
BarkingFishCould I possibly get some pointers please?19:51
Daskreech!root > BarkingFish19:53
ubottuBarkingFish, please see my private message19:53
BarkingFishDaskreech, I'm way past that already.  I already set a root password on here.19:54
DaskreechBarkingFish: what you are looking for is passwordless on that page19:54
kmmndrDaskreech: closing session wasn't a good idea, as it has started again as before19:54
Daskreechkmmndr: >_>19:54
BarkingFishah, OK Daskreech - cheers19:54
=== hweder is now known as HerBuntu
Daskreechkmmndr: ok jump back to the VT and run krunner or konsole19:55
kmmndrDaskreech: I've run the same command as before to have the menu19:55
Daskreechwhich ever you prefer19:55
kmmndrthat's it19:55
Daskreechcan you pastebin ~/.xsession-errors ?19:55
jemandHi all, just a question:20:00
jemandanyone running Kmail 2.0 ?20:00
jemandHow did you do this?20:00
izakijemand: Problems importing your old email?20:00
BarkingFishizaki, did you try the kmail-migrator command?20:01
izakiI had to do  that several times...20:01
jemandit ran once and came up with errors20:01
izakiIn the end I cleaned up everything and started from scratch...20:01
BarkingFishright, KDE have a bug open about the kmail-migrator which you might want to comment on, izaki20:01
BarkingFishI and several others have found that it didn't work, I'm the only one who has commented on the Bug though20:02
jemandthere are more BUG reports than the poor guys can read20:02
BarkingFishhttps://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=284132 << this one for the kmail-migrator20:03
ubottuKDE bug 284132 in general "kmail-migrator did not migrate from the command line, and refuses to migrate kmailrc if repeated" [Normal,Unconfirmed]20:03
tomas__I am trying to move my MP3 collection (ap. 26,000 files) from an ext USB drive to an internal IDE one, but I keep getting kernel panics when I do. Using 11.04. Any thoughts?20:03
BarkingFishjemand, as long as people keep finding them, KDE will keep getting them :)20:03
kmmndrDaskreech: http://pastebin.com/RZR607Mh20:04
jemandis there any chance to have Kmail 1 running ?20:05
izakiBarkingFish: I am gonna write a comment...20:06
izakiIt really "got me very angry"...20:06
jemandthat would help20:06
jemandfor now20:06
BarkingFishok, you may need to make an account first, izaki - if you already have one, ok, if not, it's easy to make one.20:06
izakiI have one, I am a usual reporter.20:06
Torchtomas__: buggy hardware. or kernel bug.20:07
izakitomas__: dmesg?20:08
Daskreechkmmndr: Hmm no errors20:08
izakiWhat's the last message?20:08
kmmndrDaskreech: that's strange :-)20:09
Daskreechkmmndr: But good20:09
tomas__izaki: Only thing that looks relevant: [35187.470543] npviewer.bin[18409]: segfault at f5cbc243 ip 00000000f5cbc243 sp 00000000eb3a11c0 error 1420:10
Torchtomas__: that's flash crashing20:10
Daskreechkmmndr: ok lets see if it's a session thing.20:10
Daskreechkmmndr: kcmshell4 kcmsmserver20:10
DaskreechTell it on login to use an empty session then logout and log back in20:11
izakitomas__: That's flash20:11
izakiIt is unrelated...20:11
izakiOh, Torch said it before20:11
Torchtomas__: when you say kernel panic... what happens exactly?20:12
kmmndrDaskreech: thank you very much :-)20:12
gnomefreakwanna hear something funny? i remove libqtcore4 kubuntu-desktop and it wants to _install_ kate-data kde-runtime-data kdelibs5-data20:12
gnomefreakis it just me or is that strange way to remove qt libs20:12
Daskreechkmmndr: worked?20:12
tomas__Torch: It usually happens while I'm away. I come back and X has completely crashed, there's a bunch of terminal output but I can type anything and am forced to do a hard reset20:14
kmmndrDaskreech: no, I doesn't worked20:14
kmmndrstill the same thing20:15
izakitomas__: do you know the elefants kernel reboot combination?20:15
Daskreechkmmndr: can you run ksysguard and filter by your user20:16
Daskreechdo you see kdeinit4 runing?20:16
izakitomas__: try pressing alt + sysrq and then one by one R S E I U B (Raising Skinny Elephants Is Utterly Boring)20:16
izakiIf that reboots your computer, the kernel isn't dead.20:16
DaskreechWell you would have to to get notifications but how many processes are running?20:17
Daskreechtomas__: try alt+sysreq K to reboot X20:17
kmmndrDaskreech: kdeinit4 is running20:17
Daskreechkmmndr: is startkde running ?20:17
kmmndrDaskreech: yes, it is20:18
Daskreechkmmndr: hmm20:18
Daskreechkmmndr: so I guess kwin is running ?20:18
kmmndrDaskreech: yes20:19
DaskreechSo you have most things running except the interface20:20
tomas__Cool, I'll try that. Thanks20:20
kmmndrDaskreech: there are a lot of kde'stuff running20:21
Daskreechkmmndr: but no plasma-desktop20:21
kmmndrDaskreech: no plasma-desktop20:22
Daskreechkmmndr: is your desktop heavily customised ?20:23
kmmndrDaskreech: not especialy, and I removed my .kde folder20:23
kmmndrDaskreech: I removed all kde packages using --purge20:24
Daskreechkmmndr: That doesn't remove ~/.kde20:24
Daskreechunless you did it yourself20:24
kmmndrDaskreech: I did it myself :-)20:25
Torchkmmndr: and what does plasma-desktop say when you just run it from a shell?20:25
DaskreechThat was my next question.  What's the output from plasma-desktop from the shell ?20:26
DaskreechPastebin please20:26
kmmndrDaskreech: http://pastebin.com/z8UK8W7Q20:33
PasNoxany hint on why kubuntu does no longer offer to install sun java from official packages ??20:36
PasNoxi'm using smartgit2 and it require it ... :/20:36
genii-aroundPasNox: Should still be available from partner repo20:37
PasNoxgenii-around: no i have activate it and it's not listed in packages :/20:37
TheEvilPhoenixPasNox, activate repo, then update?20:37
PasNoxTheEvilPhoenix: already done :)20:37
PasNoxand it's still not there.20:37
PasNoxi'm running kubuntu 11.10 64bits20:38
DaskreechPasNox: because it's Oracle Java now20:38
PasNoxDaskreech: ah .. true20:38
PasNoxlet check :D20:38
PasNoxDarthFrog: still not visible :/20:39
PasNoxoups sorry, it was for Daskreech20:39
DaskreechPasNox: that's not a joke. They have to take it out of the repos because of Oracle20:39
PasNoxDaskreech: oh ok i was not understanding this way20:40
PasNoxfuc koracle.20:40
PasNoxstupid enterprise.20:40
PasNoxok so let install it by downloading :/20:40
PasNoxthank you20:40
genii-aroundPasNox: We understand the frustration, but please watch the profanity20:40
DaskreechThey changed the License so that it can't be redistributed without explicit Oracle permission20:40
DaskreechAnd no cursing here20:41
PasNoxgenii-around: excuse me.20:41
PasNoxi see.20:41
* Torch notes he's explicitly ok with the profanity in the case of oracle20:41
kmmndrDaskreech: sorry ... do you see any error in my logs ?20:41
PasNoxi would like to avoid the use of java, but i know no goog git gui comparable to smartgit for linux :(20:41
DaskreechYou can use IcedTead java unless you have a package that absolutely requires "sun" Java20:41
PasNoxany hint ?20:41
DaskreechI've only ever found one of those20:42
DaskreechPasNox: Dolphin? :)20:42
PasNoxit require oracle java20:42
PasNoxthere is a big warning saying incompatibilities20:42
Daskreechwell jump to www.java.com and grab it then20:42
PasNoxDaskreech: no, dolphin plugin is very bad20:42
DaskreechPasNox: it was joke20:42
PasNoxcan't diff, can pull / update .. can do near to nothing compared to the hg one xD20:42
DaskreechIt's the first outing for the Dolphin plugin I'd be pretty surprised if it was a killer use out of the gate over a dedicated git program20:43
PasNoxthe hg plugin for dolphin is very good, svn one too.20:43
DaskreechI know. My boss is quite pleased, He doesn't like gitvery much20:43
Daskreechloves hg though20:43
PasNoxso let download java20:44
PasNoxdoes i need to uinstall java packages installed ?20:44
Torchkmmndr: this is the output you get when you run plasma-desktop from a shell?20:44
kmmndrTorch: yes, from a konsole20:45
Torchkmmndr: your akonadi is very broken, btw20:45
Daskreechkmmndr: can you runn krunner?20:45
Torchkmmndr: i can't imagine we now let plasma depend on akonadi, but you'll need to fix that one too20:45
Daskreech then type akonadi and pull up the configuration20:45
kmmndrTorch: could I remove akonadi ?20:45
PasNoxhm http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index.html20:45
PasNoxi don't see the jre download ? i don't want to sdk :/20:45
DaskreechTorch: plasma itself doesn't but the clock does20:45
Torchwell, that would explain it then20:46
* Daskreech shrugs. Oracle is handling the redistribution now I suppose they have it worked out somehow PasNox20:46
kmmndrDaskreech: I've krunner running20:46
genii-aroundPasNox: https://launchpad.net/~ferramroberto/+archive/java seems to have a current Java version20:46
PasNoxDaskreech: so no other choice than installing the complete sdk ?20:47
DaskreechIt pulls the events from the shared Akonadi calendar. Anytime you accept invites or make todo notes etc they turn up in the Calendar for the clock20:47
TorchPasNox: runtime should suffice20:47
PasNoxgenii-around: thanks let try20:47
DaskreechPasNox: No idea it's probably there somewhere but I've never looked for it20:47
PasNoxTorch: but from http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index.html i can't found the jre / run time20:47
Daskreechkmmndr: type akonadi into alt+F2 and run the configuration. What's it doing?20:47
Daskreechkmmndr: look at the server configuration tab and see if it's running20:50
kmmndrDaskreech: akonadi service is not running20:50
Torchjudging from the log, it cannot be20:50
Torchit cannot even init its DB20:50
DaskreechTorch: didn't look like it. but wanted to see what the errors for it were20:50
Daskreechkmmndr: can You try start it and see what it says?20:50
Torchwe used to have an akonadi troubleshooting page somewhere on *.kde.org that dealt with problems like this20:51
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
Torchlooks outdated20:52
* Daskreech puts that on the CodeIN List20:54
TorchDaskreech: what list is that?20:54
kmmndrDaskreech: the first error listed is : "Akonadi not logged into d-bus" (something like that)20:55
DaskreechI saw the dbus errors20:56
Daskreechkmmndr: can you type qdbus and tell me if you get a listing of services?20:56
DaskreechTorch: http://blog.lydiapintscher.de/2011/10/17/i-need-your-ideas-for-google-code-in/20:56
=== Quintasan_ is now known as Quintasan
TorchDaskreech: ah, i remember20:57
kmmndrDaskreech: http://pastebin.com/641qscms20:57
Daskreechkmmndr: A yes would have been sufficient :)20:58
kmmndrDaskreech: oh sorry, there was many of them20:59
Daskreechand there are Akonadi services there so that should be ok. What's next on the complaint list for Akonadi?20:59
* Daskreech thinks that the DB will probably be the killer error20:59
kmmndrDaskreech: it says that there are "no ressource agent available"21:00
kmmndrDaskreech: I told akonadi to use its internal mysql db21:00
Daskreechkmmndr: did you have a lot of mail or calendars ?21:01
kmmndrDaskreech: I doesn't use kmail, nor any of the other stuff handled by akonadi21:01
Daskreechkmmndr: cool :)21:02
Daskreechand the server is stopped?21:02
TorchDaskreech: it cannot init the DB, i guess... that was totally common around 4.4. times21:02
* Daskreech can't remember pain that far back21:02
* Torch had that, too.21:03
Torchdidn't help that ubuntu had something foobared with apparmor and mysql21:03
kmmndrDaskreech: don't you have kde4.4 ?21:03
Daskreechkmmndr: you can probably mv ~/.local/share/akonadi ~/.local/share/boooakonadibooo21:03
* Daskreech has KDE 4.7.x21:04
Daskreechkmmndr: then try start it again21:04
kmmndrDaskreech: still the same error from akonadi21:06
Daskreechno resource agent?21:06
* Daskreech forgets what causes that21:06
=== azbarcea_ is now known as azbarcea
DaskreechWhat's in the akonadi resources configuration ?21:07
DaskreechYou can start that from alt+f221:07
kmmndrDaskreech: akonadi internal mysql db + /usr/sbin/mysqld-akonadi as mysql command21:08
Torchthe mysql log might prove interesing21:09
DaskreechHmm there is the akonadi console21:09
Daskreechthat's more a dev tool though. If you are on KDE 4.4 I don't want to guess at what's been changed21:09
Daskreechthat should be able to solve the issue pretty quick21:10
kmmndrI'm on 4.7 too21:10
Torchwait, what, kde 4.4? really? then plasma cannot depend on akonadi21:10
Torchthought so21:10
Daskreechactually if you jump into #akonadi this might have been solved already >_>21:10
kmmndrDaskreech: thank you very much for all your help anyway :-)21:11
Daskreechkmmndr: ok quick question21:11
Daskreech open akonadi console. It will tell you that it's not a user tool21:11
DaskreechThere should be a resources or a agents' tab21:11
rumeni need help for kimagemapeditor. i am runnung ubuntu 11.1021:11
DaskreechSee if anything there is broken21:12
Daskreech!info kimagemapeditor21:12
ubottukimagemapeditor (source: kdewebdev): HTML image map editor. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.7.1-0ubuntu2 (oneiric), package size 193 kB, installed size 904 kB21:12
Daskreechhmm never heard of that before :)21:12
rumenis there  any tutorial for kimagemapeditor21:13
rumeni could not google it21:13
Daskreechrumen: f1 has nothing?21:16
Daskreechrumen: what are you looking for?21:20
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=== zelda is now known as zeldal
rumentutorial fo kimagemapeditor21:21
rumentutorial for kimagemapeditor21:21
jamil_1why does kubuntu come with rekonq and not something decent ?21:22
Daskreechjamil_1: depends on what you consider decent21:23
jamil_1Daskreech: something that doesn't crash too often and reasonable response time21:24
BarkingFishjamil_1, it's purely a default browser, you're free to change it if you wish.21:24
jamil_1why dont they ship chromium by default21:24
Daskreechjamil_1: well few people trust chromium, I'm not particularly sure what it's distribution rights are and it's not a KDE browser21:25
jamil_1Daskreech: ok, but we firefox ?21:25
Daskreechit has a firefox installer on the startmenu21:26
OedipeKeybord dead keys in Kubuntu - How to make permanent a setting done with "setkbmap ? Thanks !21:26
Daskreechrumen: I don't see one. what are you trying to figure out?21:26
Daskreechrumen: you might ask in #kde though it's more likely that someone from the KDE Web realm is there21:27
Daskreech!autostart | Oedipe21:27
ubottuOedipe: Use the tool in System Settings -> (Advanced tab) Autostart, or System Settings -> Startup and Shutdown, to make programs automatically start in KDE session. See !boot for managing which non-interactive programs start at boot21:27
rumenhow to make an image like imagemap for web21:27
jamil_1Daskreech: but then again, shouldn't showcase best possible option as default ?21:27
Oedipeubottu: Thanks !21:28
bobweaverhi there is there anything that you can see that is wrong with this ?21:30
bobweaverkonsole -e 'bash -lc "sleep 1;6tunnel -h;bash;"'21:30
bobweaverit is not working for launcher21:30
bobweaverI have a welcome screen in bashrc that is way there is the sleep command21:31
Daskreechjamil_1: that would be rekonq given the current options :)21:31
jamil_1Daskreech: mayby I am just trolling becasue I am tired of looking at installation bar moving so slowly.21:32
jamil_1kubuntu devs I would hope would have some valid reason for going with rekonq21:33
Daskreechjamil_1: well rekonq is a good KDE browser21:33
DaskreechMay not be the best one ever but given the constraints it's a good choice21:33
jamil_1Daskreech: my experience has been very bad21:34
jamil_1its slow and buggy21:34
Daskreechjamil_1: please report bugs if you are interested in seeing it get better. If not click on the firefox icon in the startmenu and continue doing as you were before21:34
jamil_1Daskreech: to be honest I am not interested in getting it better, I am interest in getting it replaced :P21:35
Daskreechjamil_1: find a better KDE browser :)21:35
jamil_1Daskreech: FIREFOX as default21:36
jamil_1Daskreech: but perhaps FF has not qt dependencies21:36
Daskreechjamil_1: it's about 60 MB of depends. What do you want to remove from the CD to make space for it?21:37
jamil_1Daskreech: Dragon player :)21:37
Daskreechit's closer to 80 but lets be conservative :)21:37
Daskreechjamil_1: ok so they can't play movies so I guess the codecs can go as well21:37
Daskreechthat's about 30 MB21:38
Daskreechwhat else should go?21:38
jamil_1Daskreech: whats size of rekonq itself ?21:38
Daskreech1.7 MB21:39
DaskreechI suppose people might not need to talk to anyone either21:40
Daskreechcould get rid of kopete21:40
Daskreechand konversation21:40
mauri_kaffeine sometimes work with dvbt ...sometimes not.... i need help please. kubuntu is 11.1021:40
DaskreechWell Quassel21:41
jamil_1Daskreech: okay I havn't come to realise the utility of Akonadi and nepomuk so throw them out as well21:41
Daskreechok so no clocks either21:41
jamil_1Daskreech: so some usefull stuff depends on some apparenly useless stuff21:41
Daskreechon the upside you would have firefox21:42
phiscibeman these current relesae are amess21:43
phiscibeits as bad as ive seen it in a long time, across multipple distros21:43
* Daskreech shrugs. Lots of new stuff is happening21:44
jamil_1Is there a way I could know that if the kubuntu installation has got stuck or not ?21:44
DaskreechNo one ever wants to test things so you get sniping back and forth21:44
jmichaelx* shrugs. It's obviously the year of the Linux desktop...21:44
* jmichaelx shrugs. It's obviously the year of the Linux desktop...21:44
Daskreechjamil_1: if 20 minutes have gone by and it's not finished I'd say it's stuck21:44
mauri_ce qualceh anima pia che mi aiuta con kaffeine e il dvbt. I ned support21:45
jamil_1Daskreech: no other way ? some log ?21:45
Daskreechmauri_: what's the issue?21:46
jamil_1I have these lines in syslog21:46
jamil_1Oct 18 02:19:47 ubuntu ubiquity: WARNING:root:modinfo for module nvidia_current_updates failed: ERROR: modinfo: could not find module nvidia_current_updates21:46
phiscibebehaviour ive seen is lots of IO requests from everything, jbd2 that handles ext4 journaling can peg inputoutput, a udev problem and peg cpu, spin your cd drives, contiualy read write usb drives21:47
mauri_Daskreech: I've installed kubuntu 11.10. Kaffeine find dvbt pen drive, finds channel but when i click on one of these,  no video appears, back screen.21:47
phiscibesecurity is a mess, polkit is bustd21:47
mauri_Daskreech: sametimes it dont find the channel... i dont understnnd why.....21:48
phiscibeflash video can if u let it run eat all ram and segfault21:48
darthanubisanyone use museekd?21:48
Daskreechmauri_: hmm not sure21:49
phiscibehalf the start up scripts are wrong becuase init.d isnt used for alot anymore, upstart jobs are21:50
Daskreechmauri_: can you ask in #kaffiene ?21:50
mauri_Daskreech: yes nobody answered21:50
jamil_1PPL my installation is stuck at 90%. what should I do ?21:50
Daskreechmauri_: hrrm21:50
Daskreechjamil_1: from the live CD?21:50
jamil_1Daskreech: from usb21:51
MariusKarthausHi, since upgrading to oneiric, kde crashes from time to time when I open dolphin. I get a message from X saying that ksmserver could not be started and that I need to check my installation and I have to log in again and all work is lost. Any ideas?21:51
phiscibei got 6 nepomuksservices running21:51
phiscibeyeah linux broken world wide21:51
jamil_1I can understand it21:51
jamil_1I've suffered myself very much21:52
phiscibei got 4 dbus-deamon running as three diffrent users21:52
jamil_1nice ;)21:52
DaskreechMariusKarthaus: kcmshell4 kcmsmserver21:52
Daskreechwhy three users?21:52
phiscibeprocesses are turning to zombies21:52
phiscibecause they busted the whole kit an kaboodle someplace21:53
kubuntui need some help21:53
phiscibe i have two running under my user acount, 1 as root and one as user=messagebus21:54
MariusKarthausDaskreech: I get the session manager ? what about it?21:54
kubuntuhow do i add an event without a file?21:54
phiscibeand three dbus-lunchs21:54
nadimSame here problems with dbusd all the time21:54
kubuntuor how can i create an event file?21:54
Daskreechkubuntu: run korganizer21:54
=== s3nf is now known as s3nfi
kubuntui did21:54
phiscibeits seriously borked, every where, gentoo arch anything with gnome or kde21:54
phiscibeand them some21:54
DaskreechMariusKarthaus: is it running>?21:54
nadimlast yeak, kde4d is taking a core all the time. nothing helps21:54
kubuntubut everytime i want to add an event21:55
kubuntuit asks for a file21:55
kubuntui dont know how to create..21:55
kubuntucan u help me please?21:55
phiscibei can find a way to fix some of the bugs, but its they are to systemic21:55
MariusKarthausDaskreech: I'm not sure what you want. But when I give the command you gave me I get a popup with the session manager where I can choose the shutdown and startup options (like if I want to start with an empty session etc)21:56
jamil_1yay! installation finished!!!!21:56
DaskreechMariusKarthaus: right. Hmm ok press Ctrl+Esc and tell me if ksmserver is runing21:56
Daskreechjamil_1: Whoot21:56
phisciberyslogd is broke cant open pipe21:56
Daskreech!patience | kubuntu21:57
ubottukubuntu: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com/ http://www.ubuntuforums.org/ or http://www.kubuntuforums.net/ while you wait.21:57
phiscibepulseaudio locks21:57
Daskreechkubuntu: on Korganizer you click on a day and click new event. Fill in the information21:57
kubuntuthat i did, the thing is that i dont have any calendars in the calendar tab21:58
phiscibebus-daemon[system] Rejected send message, 7 matched rules; type="method_call", sender=":1.28" (uid=1000 pid=2378 comm="/usr/bin/plasma-desktop ") interface="org.freedesktop.NetworkManager" member="Sleep" error21:58
jamil_1Daskreech: Installation has finished. You can continue testing Kubuntu now, but until you restart the computer, any changes you make or documents you save will not be preserved.21:58
Daskreechkubuntu: So make one.21:58
Daskreechit will handle the file creation for you21:58
phiscibethat mucks with network manger21:58
phiscibeand they are all reported bugs21:59
phiscibe100's of geeks aournd the world scrathin their head21:59
phiscibethe flash bug has 3009 bug reports at last look21:59
phiscibejust in ubuntu family21:59
kubuntuthats it21:59
MariusKarthausDaskreech: I have no process called kCmsmserver (note the C) but i do have a ksmserver22:00
kubuntuthe thing was that i must add the /user/ dir before writing the filename22:00
kubuntuthanks anyway!!22:00
DaskreechMariusKarthaus: correct22:00
Daskreech kcm is the controlpanel ksmserver is the actual session management server22:00
Daskreechkubuntu: :)22:01
kubuntui have one more22:01
kubuntuwhere can i find kcontol?22:01
phiscibeQInotifyFileSystemWatcherEngine::addPaths: inotify_add_watch failed: --- that one is every  where22:03
phiscibecause ibus wants a folder22:03
MariusKarthausDaskreech: so apart from checking if it is running. Any ideas as to why my session is sometimes instantly killed when I open dolphin?22:05
Daskreechkubuntu: systemsettings ?22:05
kubuntuyes but from Konsole?22:05
DaskreechMariusKarthaus: Oh umm open dolphin and look to see if that really kills ksmsserver22:05
jamil_1ppl, I think I am the chosen one22:06
kubuntuah its the same..22:06
kubuntusilly me22:06
jamil_1there hasn't been a glitch in my 5 minute usage my shiny new kubuntu installation !22:06
phiscibejamil_1: iwas gonna say sumpit, but i dont wanna jinx ya22:09
MariusKarthausDaskreech: two problems. the first being that I can open dolphin a hundred times without a problem. But it happend 3 times today already, each time when i used the 'quick acces browser' on my taskbar to point to a folder in dolphin and poof. Second problem is that as soon as it happen all of KDE is gone, and the whole thing restarts to the login screen. So it is really hard to reproduce and even if I do, very hard to actually see22:09
MariusKarthaus why22:09
jamil_1my sound is working OUT OF THE BOX, it picked my video driver automatically22:10
phiscibeMariusKarthaus:  look in the system log or start dolphin from terminal so you can get an error message, open sysmte monitor (ctrl+esc) and see if all those dolphins every closed are are still running22:15
jamil_1my first crash :(22:16
DaskreechMariusKarthaus: check in ~/.xsession-errors22:17
jmichaelxrekonq seems to be really crashy22:18
MariusKarthausDaskreech: I see a lot of these Soprano: "org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown - The name org.kde.nepomuk.services.nepomukstorage was not provided by any .service files"22:19
MariusKarthausDaskreech:  and I have some of these X Error: BadWindow (invalid Window parameter) 322:20
DaskreechYeah I seem to get those all the time22:20
Daskreechjmichaelx: what version is it?22:22
DaskreechMariusKarthaus: those are the EE errors?22:22
jmichaelxDaskreech: 0.7.9022:22
DaskreechAh version 822:22
DaskreechHaven't tried that one yet22:22
jmichaelxDaskreech: it works, but for me, on this machine, if it is left open and unused for a minute or two, it is then unresponsive and needs to be killed22:23
Daskreechjmichaelx: Oh that's ... actually how I prefer my web browsers but ultimately that's annoying22:24
jmichaelxi guess it could be viewed as a feature... if that the behavior one desires22:25
MariusKarthausDaskreech: EE errors?22:26
DaskreechMariusKarthaus: if you search for EE it should give you the errors. That's how they are marked in that file22:26
Daskreechjmichaelx: Browsers are the new antivirus for me22:27
wooterwhats a nice font for xchat22:27
MariusKarthauscat ~/.xsession-errors |grep EE |wc -l -> 022:27
MariusKarthausno 'EE' errors in /var/log either22:28
DaskreechMariusKarthaus: you can jsut grep -c  EE ~/.xsession-errors :)22:29
MariusKarthausDaskreech: yea I know, but that still does not get me any EE errors :P22:34
Daskreechoh wait >_>22:35
Daskreechthe ksmserver is closing that would kill kdeinit which would stop kdm22:35
Daskreechso of course you logout22:35
nadimHi, I get a popup tellingm me that an ubdate for Oneiric is available. What is it and did anyone have problems with it?22:36
Daskreechnadim: It's the new version of Kubuntu. The updated set of programs22:40
MariusKarthausDaskreech:  but a hard kill of ksmserver (i just tried it) does not give me the same result. killing ksmserver just drops me out of kde into the login again. But what I'm getting is a message from X (in ugly X style) that it could not *start* ksm server. even tough i was logged in and KSM server must have been running at that time22:40
Daskreechnadim: Some problems but if you like you can wait a month or so for most of the issues to be resolved and then update22:40
DaskreechMariusKarthaus: oh. sorry misunderstood22:41
DaskreechHmm not sure what X is looking for then. KDM should spawn Kdeinit which runs start_kde and all the rest of it. Why would X care at that point?22:42
DaskreechUnless it's not X :-/22:43
Daskreechbut some early KDE check22:43
MariusKarthausDaskreech: here is what happens: 1) I'm happily working in KDE.    2)I open dolphin from the taskbar 'quick access browser' (the folder-browse-popup menu thing)   3) I get kicked back to ugly X with a single window that says "could not start ksmserver. check your installation" 4) i click OK..   5) kde restarts with login prompt22:44
MariusKarthausDaskreech: I forgot two steps: 3.5) yell words that can not be aired on TV and feel bloodpresure rising      and step 6) cry22:46
Daskreechkry ?22:47
MariusKarthausDaskreech: crying.. it's this thing humans do when we are sad... for instance after a computer crash just caused you to loose the last two hours of brilliant work22:48
DaskreechMariusKarthaus: I'm going to say ... ask in #plasma ?22:48
DaskreechDoes anyone know how to restart pulseaudio ?22:50
Daskreech I think it locked my soundcard22:50
MariusKarthausDaskreech: yea I think i'm just going to get some more info on what is happening tomorrow. I kinda hoped this was a know thing with oneiric. thank you22:52
DaskreechMariusKarthaus: I've seen stuff like that before but not invoked from a user action so not sure what's kicking it in. If it's from a particular plasmoid that should probably be looked at (and traced)22:53
MariusKarthausI'll let you know once I know more / have a way to reproduce. Cannot spend too much time on it though. Maybe I'll just do a clean reinstall and hope that it does not exist after that22:55
shane2peruok, upgrade went smoothly so far.  continuing all the updates now, I opted not to do that during the upgrade process.  Is there something better than quassel for irc??  I always used pidgin, but since it was removed, I decided to try out quassel23:06
OpenSuseGuest87how is kubuntu compaired to ubuntu, the unity thing keeps giving me issues, but is kubuntu just as easy to use as ubuntu?23:08
shane2peruOpenSuseGuest87: it is very decent, it takes a little getting used to, but I actually am liking it a lot23:09
shane2peruOpenSuseGuest87: take your time to learn it though, it isn't the same as Gnome.23:09
shane2peruOpenSuseGuest87: I too jumped ship from the unity stuff.23:09
OpenSuseGuest87i tried Arch and loved it but i want something where i can install stuff without reading pages in manuals, i installed ubuntu didn't like unity too many buggs, i installed opensuse 11.4 but its to outdated, I'm sitting here wondering is there any distro out there that is easy to use, up to date, and supports hardware with ease23:12
DaskreechOpenSuseGuest87: it's less streamlined but more flexible23:13
DaskreechIf that makes sense23:13
OpenSuseGuest87does kubuntu have the same repos as ubuntu?23:14
DaskreechOpenSuseGuest87: Yes23:14
OpenSuseGuest87can i install pithos on kubuntu23:14
well_laid_lawn!find pithos23:15
ubottuFound: pithos23:15
Daskreech!info pithos23:15
ubottupithos (source: pithos): Pandora Radio client for the GNOME desktop. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3.10-1ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 131 kB, installed size 688 kB23:15
DaskreechThen yes you can23:15
OpenSuseGuest87its for gnome i didn't know if kde would go ewww no23:15
Unit193Pianobar is also great for pandora, not sure if someone already said that23:16
DaskreechOpenSuseGuest87: ha ha not anymore those years are far gone23:16
DaskreechI can't remember if amarok has pandora as a plugin23:16
OpenSuseGuest87opensuse's version is out of date and they like ping so and so to update it.  The only thing i like about opensuse is YAST i will miss that the most23:17
OpenSuseGuest87they need to make a ubuntu based system with yast in it LOL23:17
eyalHow do I move stuff on my kde panel like I used to be able to do long ago?23:20
Daskreecheyal: drag --->drop23:21
eyalDaskreech: I have a digital clock in my systray with too big a font and its truncated, I can't seem to move the stuff on its left away from it to avoid truncation.. nor is drag & drop of systray doing anything23:21
=== eyal is now known as Peaker
phiscibejamil_1:  u still have running system>23:22
jamil_1phiscibe: yup23:22
jamil_1phiscibe: no crash yet :)23:23
OpenSuseGuest87brb thowing away opensuse and installing kubuntu :D23:23
jamil_1except one23:23
PeakerChanging the font size of the digital clock seems very restricted or even impossible -- can only select from free-text combo box of fonts? what gives?23:23
DaskreechPeaker: you clicked on the cashew on the panel? that puts it in edit mode23:23
shane2peruok, back, is there a better IRC GUI client for kde?  Using Quassel, and it is ok, but I like the highlighting and colors of pidgin23:23
phiscibewhat is system monitor's excecutablre name>23:23
Torchphiscibe: ksysguard?23:24
PeakerDaskreech: ah, that's what I was missing -- though it doesn't help with my digital clock truncation - it seems the clock is just buggy and doesn't compute its size correctly, and I don't see how I change its font size :(23:24
shane2peruevery time I upgrade/re-install I generally re-question the apps I'm using, and look for kde-centric stuff23:24
Torchshane2peru: konversation?23:25
DaskreechPeaker: could jsut try removing it and readding23:25
PeakerWhat package manager is recommended for Kubuntu? synaptic is out of place, muon seems broken (doesn't do its own sudo properly)23:25
Daskreech should reflow the panel23:25
shane2peruTorch: ohh, konversation, I forgot about that one, I may have to check that out.  Quassel has just never been to my liking23:25
DaskreechQuassel is cool if you are heavy into IRC23:26
Torchshane2peru: i've used konverstaion for years and love it23:26
PeakerDaskreech: thanks, that improved it and it's now only slightly truncated23:26
Torchshane2peru: though the quassel dev is buddy of mine ;-)23:26
phiscibeman i launch  kysguard with sudo and the termial crash23:26
shane2peruI'm a pretty casual irc guy23:26
DaskreechPeaker: you can probably shorten teh task manager or something to get it23:26
Daskreechphiscibe: why do you need sudo ?23:27
shane2peruI haven't used konversation in years, I thought for some reason it wasn't kde4? or something?  somewhere along the lines it didn't install or something23:27
Torchshane2peru: all wrong ;-)23:27
Torchshane2peru: it's kde4 and it's great23:27
shane2peruwell, I mean before, sometime when I tried it something did't work, or maybe it was just replaced as default in kde.23:28
DaskreechIt's never a default in KDE it chooses to remain out of the default package mix23:28
Torchshane2peru: konveerstaion is _the_ kde irc client23:28
Torchshane2peru: kubuntu made a different choice for weird reasons23:28
DaskreechIt's still the default in the hearts of most people :)23:28
DaskreechTorch: Konversation wasn't ready when they were shipping. Quassel was close but had a lot of problems23:29
TorchDaskreech: quassel was qt-only at the time23:29
shane2peruok, I do remember distinctly liking konversation years ago.23:29
TorchDaskreech: and they shipped k3b as kde3 app at the same time23:29
TorchDaskreech: so that really isn't too much of an argument23:29
DaskreechThe Quassel developer went out of his way to make sure all the issues were fixed before launch. I think the Quassel team earned a spot on the CD23:29
DaskreechNot much of an issue23:30
TorchDaskreech: like i said, sput is a buddy of mine23:30
TorchDaskreech: and he's great and so is quassel23:30
* Torch still prefers konversation.23:30
DaskreechYep me too23:30
PeakerI've used Ubuntu/gnome for so many years now, coming back to KDE will take a lot of getting used to...23:31
* Daskreech would like if konversation could connect to Quassel core >_>23:31
DaskreechPeaker: hopefully we will be around  to help23:31
TorchDaskreech: it connects to ZNC and many other bouncers, that's more than enough for me23:31
shane2peruPeaker: he he, join the club, I'm there with you23:31
PeakerSeems somewhat better than 11.10's unity crap, though these rough edges are not nice :)23:31
jamil_1where are the ppa stored by apt ?23:31
jamil_1repo link23:31
shane2perujamil_1: they all get their separate file now.23:32
jamil_1I just added one but cant find in source.list23:32
jamil_1shane2peru: where ?23:32
Daskreechjamil_1: check the .d listing in /etc/apt23:32
shane2peruman, I can't wait for these upgrades to finish so I can get back to my dual screen, this is driving me buggy!23:33
jamil_1Daskreech: its not even in source.list.d23:33
Daskreechjamil_1: :-o23:33
jamil_1Daskreech: apt-get update shows it23:33
shane2peruquassel doesn't render the :-o like pidgin does, does konversation?23:34
jamil_1Daskreech: I think I should sleep now23:34
shane2peruyeah, installing the 125mb of updates :)23:34
jamil_1Daskreech: file is right there in sources.list.d23:34
PeakerGoogle-chrome's fonts seem all weird in KDE.. Smaller/less readable23:35
Daskreechshane2peru: It can. you can turn on emoticons in konversation I think23:35
Torchshane2peru: it renders :-o like :-o... that's all it should do IMHO23:35
shane2perulol, :)  I like the smileys. JMHO23:35
Torchshane2peru: what's next? mirc colours?23:36
phiscibeif you go into desktop effects to advanced and make sure compsiting is set to open gle, enable direct rendering is off and Use Vsync is on it seems to help23:36
shane2peruwhen all the updates get done, I have my list of apps to re-install that was removed, and going to include konversation23:36
shane2peruTorch: mirc colors??  not familiar with that23:36
shane2peruTorch: is that the colors for the different nicks?23:36
Torchshane2peru: mirc (windows irc client) knows colour codes.23:36
Torchshane2peru: no. with those, you can use colurs in your messages23:37
Torchshane2peru: it's _terrible_23:37
shane2peruTorch: no, I'm not that into it, just like to see smileys, adds a little character to bland chat23:37
phiscibeshane2peru: the problem is even the base installs are wacky, its just a bug night mare, somebody needs a good never forget for the rest of their life dessing dwon23:37
jamil_1Peaker: try this: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/gmpnnplimbnbmdaigmnajmbdcinhpddj#23:37
licensedhello. i'm trying to install jre.. I type apt-get install openjdk* and when i type java -version says not installed =//23:37
shane2peruphiscibe: ?  I think you got the wrong nick??23:38
DaskreechPeaker: Hrrm :-/ hinting perhaps?23:38
phiscibecolors are good cause its like shouting with out caps23:38
phiscibeoh yeah lol y23:38
phiscibey do u say shane2peru23:39
shane2peruphiscibe: I didn't understand your post, and seemed relevant to another converstaion23:40
phiscibejava -version might be for sun23:40
shane2peruok, I'm getting some warning about postgreSQL upgrading from 8.4 to 9.1, I don't even think I use postgre??23:40
phiscibeopen might have diffrent name like ojava -a im not sure23:40
Torchshane2peru: postgres wants its storage converted on upgrade. if you don't use it, disregard the message.23:40
Torchshane2peru: also, uninstall it.23:41
phiscibethe kmail2 uses it i think23:41
shane2peruthat is what I was thinking, thanks torch23:41
Torchphiscibe: akonadi _can_ use it, but it does not per default23:41
phiscibeand maybe akanoid or what its called23:41
shane2peruphiscibe, i don't use that either, so not a problem23:41
Torchkmail2 does not by itself use a database23:41
Torchi hope ;-)23:41
Peakerjamil_1: thanks23:42
phiscibeyes akonadi is mysql and it links to all the  kde contact calander mail programs as storage23:42
phiscibewell yeah not byitself, but in kubuntu it does23:42
PeakerIt's mainly the address bar font that's bad in google chrome -- not the pages themselves23:42
Torchphiscibe: akonadi IS NOT mysql23:43
shane2peruI have been getting lazy, and turning to GUI more and more these days, though I still love and appreciate the cli.23:43
phiscibeit close23:43
Torchphiscibe: that's a kubuntu thing23:44
phiscibethat is what we were talking about23:44
Torchphiscibe: no. akonadi is a KDE project23:44
* shane2peru checks his channel to make sure he didn't accidentally leave the Kuuntu channel23:45
jamil_1Peaker: try messing with ~/.font.conf you may get what you need23:45
phiscibepeaker in chrome tell it to use the gtk themes and fonts, might help23:45
phiscibebut chrome doesnt do fonts well, dunno why23:46
Torchphiscibe: it's not semantics to me (and many others, i guess). i'm a KDE dev, but not a kubuntu dev.23:46
phiscibeunder linux23:46
phiscibeits important to have a good taxonomy but at some pont if you look at something that walks has feathers and quacks u can call it duck like, im saying its duck like23:47
Torchphiscibe: KDE is not for kubuntu. it's for any flavour of linux, BSD, MacOS and windows.23:47
shane2peruTorch: there is KDE for Windows???  never new that.23:48
shane2perudidn't know it was for MAC either.23:48
Torchshane2peru: sure23:49
phiscibeyes but i am trying to limit my scope abit and just deal with kubuntu,  i dont mean to speak heresy  im just upset i got 5 kubuntu installs, carpenters are finishing my office tommorow in am thinking i mahde a big mistake23:49
phiscibeso my mind is and focus is narrow, looking at leaves and not forest atm soory23:49
Torchphiscibe: that's fine, but please keep the generalisations to a mininum still ;-)23:50
phiscibeall this unstable night mare how did it get like this,  policy kits are bussted start up damoens dont use right scripts there is dbus ibus ubus webus getoff thebus chaos23:51
phiscibeand bulletproof x or what ever they call that crap is laugh at while it salts the wound23:51
phiscibeat me even23:51
Torchphiscibe: i know what you mean.23:51
phiscibethe whole mess is revolving around glib-networking some how23:52
phiscibeall across the linuxverse23:52
phiscibebut  some of these bugs have been going on for months,23:53
latinloverhi i need help kubuntu 11.10 wont boot23:53
=== Linkmaster is now known as Guest67647
phiscibelatinlover: i realy hate when some one tells me to ready the Friendly manual, but go to the release notes page and read a bit, there is a problem with dbus because the /var /var/run folders are now in new locations , do something about the first, it makes X freeze, networking die, and a dozen other things fail23:54
phiscibeand look here  http://uksysadmin.wordpress.com/2011/10/14/upgrade-to-ubuntu-11-10-problem-waiting-for-network-configuration-then-black-screen-solution/23:55
Torchphiscibe: sounds like a typical early (k)ubuntu problem23:55
phiscibelook and see if your default session got set to failsafe too, start another one23:55
Torchphiscibe: been like that since i switches to kubuntu23:55
Torchphiscibe: don't use the new version until it's been out a few weeks.23:56
latinloveryeha but i olso have a disc image and is ton boot in eather23:56
=== Guest67647 is now known as Linkmaster
phiscibeits not kubuntu, its not kde its note gnome23:56
phiscibeits LINUX same bugs across distros,23:56
Torchphiscibe: at least there is no better alternative than kubuntu that i know of.23:56
phiscibethe build and testing how they mask build and block them is fouled up23:56
phiscibeill keep my mouth shut on that torch...they might burn the heritic23:57
Torchphiscibe: the processes are suboptiimal, there's too many releases too quickly and there's not enough money involved.23:57
phiscibei agree23:58
phiscibebut i dont thik it will ever stop23:58
phiscibefeature creep is especialy a driving factor in the linux world the need propels them23:58
phiscibeone thing is X has a monopoly, at least with gnome and kde and the others there is some amount of competion, cooperative compmetion but its there23:59

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