wxl/usr/bin/lubuntu-software-center: line 24: import: command not found01:51
wxl/usr/bin/lubuntu-software-center: line 28: syntax error: unexpected end of file01:51
SetiAmonHey i have ubuntu 11.10 installed.i remember there was a way to Try lubuntu without reinstalling, what was it again02:21
SetiAmonbasically i want to try out lxde on ubuntu,what do i download.and it will be reversable.02:22
wxlSetiAmon: http://wiki.lxde.org/en/Ubuntu#Configuration_for_Login_Managers02:37
wxlafter you install lxde02:37
wxlwhich you can do in synaptic, aptitude, apt-get etc..02:37
wxlmight check out #lxde02:37
wxllubuntu ain't just ubuntu+lxde02:37
SetiAmonI know02:39
SetiAmonit isn't02:39
SetiAmonwhat is lubuntu then02:39
wxlubuntu has a bunch of bullshit on it that lubuntu doesn't :D02:39
wxl(like unity)02:40
wxlxubuntu was intended to be a lightweight distribution but it really was more like ubuntu+xfce and thus it was never really lightweight02:40
mewaywhy is there no version later than 11.04 yet :(02:48
wxlbecause you don't know where to look? :D02:49
mewaysudo apt-get install tmw gives me a really really old client02:49
wxllatest version of tmu seems to be 1.0+git20110505-202:50
wxlwhich, as you can see, is the latest in precise http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=precise&keywords=tmw02:53
wxlso if you're getting anything less, fix your sources02:53
mewayI must update :(02:55
wxlwhy don't you just do the version, meway ?02:57
mewaytmw is horribly broken and old as fuck :) simplest wording I can put it in xD02:57
wxlapt-get install tmw=1.0+git20110505-202:57
mewayah that might help...02:57
wxlbut you must be using the right sources02:57
mewaynope not found02:58
wxlyou running lubuntu 11.04 or 11.10?02:58
mewayhow do I change the souces?02:58
wxlok so assuming you are using the 11.04 sourrces...02:58
wxlthen, yep, old02:59
wxlyou can temporarily add the source02:59
wxlrun an install03:00
wxland then remove the source03:00
wxlyou should also probably hold the package03:00
wxli have to do the opposite thing.. i.e. use an old package.. because thunderbird isn't supported beyond v3.1.5 for ppc03:00
wxland sylpheed/claws piss me off03:00
mewayidk how T.T03:01
wxlgo to Preferences > Software Sources > Other Software > Add...03:02
mewaywxl how do I add the source?03:02
wxluse this line:03:02
mewaywhere is "software sources" please back up and being with click the big circle in the bottom left corner03:02
wxldeb http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/ oneiric universe03:03
wxloh my meway03:03
wxlso if you've clicked on that then you should see preferences!03:03
wxlok keep going then03:03
mewayI see...03:05
wxlclick on software sources03:06
wxlclick on the updates tab03:06
wxlinclude the aforementioned line:03:06
wxldeb http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/ oneiric universe03:06
mewaythere is none03:06
wxlhit ok03:06
mewayThere is no software sources >.< that is where you lost me ...03:06
wxli thought that was arround in 11.0403:06
wxloh well03:06
wxlterminal time03:06
wxlor just run03:07
wxlgksudo leafpad /etc/apt/sources.list03:07
wxlwhen you have leafpad open, copy/paste that line at the end03:07
wxlsave it03:07
Unit193Adding oneiric sources in Natty? Not the best idea03:08
wxloh for this goofy ass game it ain't a big deal03:08
Unit193Please try to keep this family friendly too03:09
mewaywxl I know how to use the terminal03:09
mewaylets go with that xD03:09
wxlUnit193: yes dear03:10
mewaywxl copy what line where?03:10
wxlmeway: put it in sources.list03:10
wxlprolly best at the end03:11
mewayand than?03:11
wxlsave it03:11
wxlsudo apt-get update03:12
wxlsudo apt-get install tmw03:12
mewaytmw or the git+akjas29823402342 w/e one?03:13
wxlit should be the most recent and should install that version anyways03:13
wxllastly let's get it on hold:03:13
wxlecho "tmw hold" | dpkg --set-selections03:13
wxlthen remove that line from soures list so oneiric doesn't come back to haunt you any futher03:14
wxlif/when you upgrade to 11.10, then you should probably take it off hold03:14
wxlecho "tmw install" | dpkg --set-selections03:15
mewaywxl wait what?>03:15
mewayI am still on sudo apt-get install tmw?03:15
mewayshould I do this?03:15
meway0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded03:16
wxldid you update first?03:16
wxlapt-get install tmw=1.0+git20110505-203:16
mewaytmw was not found03:17
mewaybtw I do have tmw installed from previous ...03:17
wxldo you pastebinit?03:17
mewaywxl, how do I uninstall tmw?03:18
wxlwell it's a nice tool but if you could copy/paste your sources.list into pastebin that would be nice03:18
wxlsudo apt-get remove tmw03:18
wxland you can reinstall with03:18
wxlsudo apt-get install --reinstall tmw03:18
wxlbe back in a few03:18
mewaywxl you want me to paste my source list?03:19
mewaydeb http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/ oneiric universe is correct?03:21
mewayI get this error on sudo apt-get update03:28
mewayIgn http://us.archive.ubuntu.com natty-updates/universe Translation-en03:28
mewayW: Failed to fetch http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/dists/oneiric/universe/binary-i386/Packages  404  Not Found03:28
laumoniermy pcmanfm freezes sometimes can someone help me to fix this problem?03:32
wxlhm ok meway hold on03:44
mewaywxl, not sure if that link works03:45
mewayand I am told this will break things so I have backed everything up just in case03:46
wxldeb http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/ oneiric universe03:48
wxlthat's what i have in mine03:48
wxloh well03:48
wxlupdate to 11.10 :D03:49
mewayyou sure you did not typo?03:51
wxllast one is a copy/paste03:51
mewaydownload page?03:54
wxlsudo do-release-upgrade03:56
mewaythis will effect what ?04:00
wxlupgrade to 11.1004:00
mewayduring the upgrade will effect what?04:01
wxlyour distribution04:02
wxlyou go from 11.04 to 11.1004:02
wxlnatty to oneiric04:02
wxlthen you'll have tmw04:02
wxlthe new one04:03
mewaywxl, without restarting?04:03
mewaycause it is doing it right now :s04:03
wxldunno about the restart04:06
mewayi_i I am running a server04:09
* meway logs in to warn properly the users04:09
mewaynvm nobody is online I must not be that important today rofl04:10
KM0201warn users about what?04:11
wxlpossible restart with a do-release-upgrade04:11
wxlhe's running a server04:11
wxlever get your dm working, KM0201 ?04:11
KM0201wxl: haven't really messed w/ it.04:12
wxlgood to hear you're out having fun :D04:12
KM0201lol... is that what htey call it?04:12
wxlhahahah uh oh maybe not in your case :D04:12
mewayplease tell me there is a logical reason other than hardware failure that google chrome would have a red boarder for no apparent reason?04:40
wxlgood to hear you're out having fun :D04:57
wxlsorry about that04:57
mewaylol what?04:59
wxljust fforget it :D04:59
new2lubuntusorry to bother you guys as i know some of you are busy,, i accidently deleted my shutdown button on the right side.. how do i get it back?06:11
wxlright click panel06:12
wxladd / remove panel items06:12
bioterroreasiest way is to remove lxpanel configuration06:12
wxladd "application launch bar"06:12
wxlnevermind my idea06:13
wxlthere's no shutdown in the menu....06:13
bioterroras I said06:13
new2lubuntuyeah haha i noticed06:13
bioterrorrm -rf !06:13
new2lubunturemoving lxpanel config will do what? return it to default?06:14
bioterrorUnit193, make a faq about removing lxpanel configurations? :)06:14
new2lubuntuthat or is their a way to "factory reset" without goingtthrough the hassle of putting iso on usb stick etc..06:15
bioterrorgoto .config and remove lxpanel06:16
new2lubuntuwhich will leave me with what to navigate?06:17
new2lubuntuor does it default it when i do as you have instructed.06:17
bioterrorremove it06:18
bioterrorand logout and back in06:18
new2lubuntui dont understand how to get to .config06:19
new2lubuntuand i feel bad about it06:20
bioterrorcd ~/.config/06:21
bioterroror in pcmanfm press h06:23
bioterrorand it will show you dot files06:23
wxlhey does mail-notification work with lxde?06:46
bioterrorit's upto mail client if it uses notifyd or what ever it was ;)06:47
bioterrorbut I remember sylpheed notified06:48
smwhas anyone gotten volume keys to work in lubuntu?07:59
bioterrorworks out of box ;)08:01
smwdamn... you are right08:02
* smw feels stupid08:02
bioterrorif you look into lubuntu-rc.xml08:02
bioterroryou have there keyboard section08:02
smwbioterror, there is just no feedback from the system :-P08:02
smwwait, mute button does not unmute08:02
bioterroryour ears doesnt give you feedback?-)08:02
smwbioterror, where is lubuntu-rc.xml?08:04
smwbioterror, I don't have lubuntu-rc.xml :-\08:05
smwbioterror, can you give me a list of directories to nuke?08:05
smwbioterror, I installed lubuntu-desktop after using openbox...08:05
smwthanks for the help :-). I need to go08:07
preyasany one here08:15
preyashey sit08:15
preyashey sir08:16
preyasmy title bar theme gone off08:16
preyaswhen i used this command08:16
preyascompiz --replace ccp08:16
preyashi there my lubuntu title theme is crashed08:30
preyasi used this command compiz --replace ccp08:30
preyasthen it got crashed08:30
cjsAny thoughts on why lxdm wouldn't be running my startup script specified with "Exec=/home/cjs/.fvwm/start-lxde-fvwm" in the /usr/share/xsessions/fvwm-lxde.desktop file? I have it drop the date in a file as its first action, and I can run the script as user "nobody" and it does so. But that doesn't happen when I try to log in.09:20
cjsMoving the script to /usr/bin doesn't help, either.09:24
cjsHm. Works ok with gdm.09:27
mewayhow do i disable my screen savor and make my monitor shut off?10:17
mewaymonitor should shut off automatic when nothing happens for 30m10:18
mewayand I don't want a screen savor10:18
mewaywhat should I do?10:18
mewayoh nvm I see that you added this option in this version xD10:19
bioterrorxsreensaver does that locking10:19
=== meway is now known as Meaway
bioterrorremote tap from there for locking screen10:20
rommhey guys. i'm installing LDE over an existing ubuntu 11.10 installation. is there a way to cleanly get rid of unity etc.? i want this to be like a clean lubuntu install11:42
GuitarBizarreHey, newbie question here, I'm trying to install some variant of snes9x on my netbook, compaq 311C, lubuntu 11.10, new install12:15
GuitarBizarreI'm finding it difficult, most repositories seem to be out of date on either the build or the version of ubuntu to which they refer12:15
GuitarBizarreI keep finding references to gsnes9x, but it seems the ubuntu repositories don't have this package, terminal says package not found12:16
GuitarBizarreI've got a tar.bz2 I can find, of course, but I'm rather hopeless with such things12:17
GuitarBizarreand I'd prefer a graphical frontend, I believe the vanilla snes9x releases are command line12:18
SAKKEDhow can i install WLAN drivers to öubuntu?12:29
SAKKEDsome how lubuntu doesnt support my old laptop12:30
badseedHello, I have to install Lubuntu on a computer wich have a pretty small HDD. Could you tell me wich size I should give to / (and keep enough space for few softwares like "the gimp" and "libreoffice"?12:47
bioterrorbadseed, make swap 1.5x the RAM and rest for /12:59
badseedI'd like to keep the maximum space for the /home... So...13:01
badseedDo you know how much space does the / system takes for a regular install?13:02
jrgiffordbadseed: I don't know, but I normally set my / partition about 10GB or so. Although I normally start installing everything under the sun shortly thereafter, I've never run into problems space-wise. You could probably get away with 5GB.13:07
badseedok thank you very much ;-)13:09
badseedHave a good day/evening ;-)13:09
SAKKEDis there any software center?13:24
SAKKEDin lubuntu13:24
SAKKEDlike ubuntu13:24
jrgiffordSAKKED: yeah, there is.13:26
jrgiffordit's in beta though.13:26
samlhey, when I double click an icon in desktop,  I want to get some animatino that the application is being started13:27
samlis it possible?13:27
samli double click.. and nothing happens for a few seconds.. so i end up launching the application many times13:28
SAKKEDis it open beta?14:17
SAKKEDhow can i install that sofware center?14:17
SAKKEDsudo apt-get lubuntu-software-center14:18
SAKKEDor should i use ubuntu sofware center?14:21
jrgiffordSAKKED: you should be able to add the PPA then install it.14:27
jrgiffordSAKKED: https://code.launchpad.net/~lubuntu-desktop/+archive/ppa14:28
SAKKEDhow do i download that?14:32
SAKKEDdeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/lubuntu-desktop/ppa/ubuntu oneiric main14:32
jrgiffordsudo apt-add repository  ppa:lubuntu-desktop/ppa14:34
SAKKEDis it possible to use ubuntu software center? :D14:34
SAKKEDjrgifford: what does that command do?14:34
SAKKEDinstalls that software center?14:34
jrgiffordthe command will add the ppa. after that you'll need to do a sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install lubuntu-software-center to install it.14:35
SAKKEDwhats ppa`?14:35
jrgiffordit's the repository that provides the lubuntu software center.14:37
SAKKEshell crashed14:56
SAKKEso whats PPA?14:56
jrgiffordSAKKED: it's a way for developers to distrubute stuff before it gets uploaded into the main repositories. so, you can install it or the latest version.14:59
SAKKEso can u retype that command15:10
SAKKEhow to add that ppa and istall15:11
SAKKElook like i cant install adobe flash plugin to chromium15:15
SAKKEany alternates for watching youtube?15:15
SAKKEfound solution =)15:29
jrgiffordSAKKED: ok. sorry I didn't reply sooner, was busy with schoolwork.15:30
SAKKEso can i just use ubuntu software center+?15:34
jrgiffordYou could, but it'd bring in a bunch of gnome stuff.15:36
SAKKElike what? =)15:40
jrgiffordwell, all the stuff here, plus their dependencies - http://packages.ubuntu.com/oneiric/software-center15:44
jrgiffordyou can go ahead and install the normal ubuntu software center, but I recommend your realize what you're getting into... :)15:44
SAKKEi just install that lubuntu software center15:44
SAKKEis there any instruction how to install that?15:45
SAKKEòn interenet15:45
SAKKEis gnome Mplayer lighter than VLC?15:46
jrgiffordSAKKE: Yeah, tehre are instructions. - http://askubuntu.com/questions/68194/how-do-i-install-the-lubuntu-software-center15:49
SAKKEok ty15:49
SAKKEis that beta forever or is it going to reach final?15:50
SAKKEand when it comes with Lubuntu?15:50
jrgiffordit'll become final, for now though it's beta.15:50
jrgiffordIt should ship by default in 12.04 in April, not 100% sure about that though15:50
SAKKEit doest work15:55
SAKKEjust wont open15:55
SAKKEit says i should remove spaces :O16:01
econdudeawesomeloving the new lubuntu. Very clean. Any way to display on multiple monitors?16:16
silverlightningyes there should be, I am looking in to the same16:18
silverlightninglibre office impress16:18
econdudeawesomephillw, do you have any insight?16:19
xsaidxhello guys16:27
xsaidxidk why even i remove apache i still have /etc/apache2 folder16:27
badseedHello, could you please tell me how to install the "Swiss French" keyboard in lubuntu? I don't find it during the install.16:28
xsaidxbadseed: use lxkeymap16:29
badseedxsaidx, should I launch it via a terminal?16:32
xsaidxbadseed:  in the menu at the bottom you ll see preference then lxkeymap16:33
badseedxsaidx, uh ok thank you very much!16:33
xsaidxbadseed: de rien16:34
badseedeheh mon anglais est si naze?! :p16:40
xsaidxhello guys17:04
wxla belated hello xsaidx17:24
xsaidxwxl: hello back17:24
wxljust responding to your hi from 20 minutes ago :D17:25
xsaidxwxl:  : D17:25
xsaidxi get this error "PHP Warning:  PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library '/usr/lib/php5/20090626+lfs/mcrypt.so' - /usr/lib/php5/20090626+lfs/mcrypt.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory in Unknown on line 017:25
xsaidx" when i try to make new project with zf17:25
xsaidxwxl: any idea why17:26
wxloff hand no17:27
wxldo you have mcrypt.so anywhere?17:27
xsaidxwxl: yes17:42
xsaidxi shud remove it17:42
xsaidxi guess i read in that list mail17:43
xsaidxwxl: PHP Warning:  PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library '/usr/lib/php5/20090626+lfs/mcrypt.so' - /usr/lib/php5/20090626+lfs/mcrypt.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory in Unknown on line 017:44
xsaidxwxl: now it dl php files instead of executing em17:44
wxlno clues17:45
xsaidxwxl: when i click on that folder where the index.php shud get run it gets downloaded intead17:45
=== silverlightning is now known as silverarrow
wxlxsaidx: again i'm just trying to think through this with you. i don't have php (and really don't want to bother installing it to try to help you figure it out!). that being said.. you are having this symptom of downloading as a result of removing mcrypt.so?17:54
wxloh mcrypt is just a library you had in your program (or still do)17:55
xsaidxyeh i guess i shud activate it17:56
wxlthat should be irrelevant to the behaviior you're observing imho17:56
xsaidxit says the module doesnt exist17:57
wxlrelevant? http://www.php.net/manual/en/mcrypt.setup.php#9784118:00
wxlhere too http://randyfay.com/comment/92#comment-9218:01
wxlyep that last one is the exact problem you're having18:02
wxlnext time google the error first ;)18:02
xsaidxwxl: the thins is i have already that file in it but still dl files :P18:05
xsaidxbtw i dont get the error now18:05
samlhey, gnome has take a break thingy that blocks keyboard input after certain amount of time.18:17
samldoes lxde have that?18:17
silverarrowhaven't noticed any18:19
samlcan I change lxpanel location?18:25
samli want it to be located at the top, not at the bottom18:25
bioterrorchange it ;)18:25
xsaidxsaml  click right on it  and there u set it18:27
samlxsaidx, thanks18:28
xsaidxuw saml18:29
wxlxsaidx: http://www.surfthe.us/reference/phptshoot.html18:34
wxlxsaidx: better yet: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP#Troubleshooting_PHP_518:36
xsaidxwxl: thanks a lot18:36
wxljust some creative googling18:36
xsaidxwxl: well i guess the php5 mod who was missed cus me too i found out earlier i jst need to activate mod php5 but when i try to  it says not xist but ididnt think abt install in it18:39
xsaidxwxl: thanks again18:39
wxlkewl well glad we found the problem18:39
wxlhappy programming :D18:40
xsaidxwxl:  :D18:43
therealmarvHello. I installed gedit and still get this one warning while starting. Does anybody know a solution?19:57
therealmarv(gedit:1965): Gtk-WARNING **: Theme parsing error: gtk-buttons.css:159:10: Expected valid border19:57
wxltry a different theme20:01
therealmarvhmmm, how to switch (I suppose gnome?!) theme?20:05
wxlgtk = gimp tool kit20:05
wxlwhat version you on?20:05
th__hi any command to get the default menu bar back?20:08
th__removed the right most icon (logoff, reboot...)20:08
bioterrorthat was second today20:08
th__yep.. just installed lubuntu over ubuntu and removed ubuntu-desktop afterwards..20:09
bioterroropen terminal20:09
bioterrorcd .config20:09
bioterrorand remove lxpanel20:09
bioterrorlogoff and log back in20:09
bioterroror sudo service lxdm restart20:09
bioterrorshould do the same20:09
Unit193lxpanelctl restart won't do it?20:11
therealmarv@wxl Tried to switch themes with gtk-theme-switch Warning message does not dissapear. Seems I have to live with it20:11
meetingologytherealmarv: Error: "wxl" is not a valid command.20:11
th___hehe that went great.. (not)20:11
bioterrorUnit193, does it do it?20:12
th___well I have a menu bar, but I removed the icon to logoff20:12
wxli meant your overall theme in openbox (may affect the same thing, but for safety's sake..)20:12
wxluse customize look & feel in preferences and it should give you theme options20:13
wxlmoving from gtk2 to 3 cause a few little hiccups with themes and such..20:13
therealmarv@ wxl. My Lubuntu is pretty new. I tried to switch to e.g. LXDE default (from Lubuntu default) and the warning message dissapeared20:14
meetingologytherealmarv: Error: "wxl." is not a valid command.20:14
therealmarvnever will write (at) again20:14
th___can you restore the default menu bar?20:15
therealmarvso this a kind of a bug in Lubuntu Theme because this message will not appear with the other LXDE Themes20:15
wxltherealmarv: i'd call that a tad of a bug20:20
wxlth___: yep20:23
wxlmv ~/.config/lxpanel/Lubuntu/panels/panel ~/20:23
wxl(you could also just rm it if you don't want a copy)20:23
wxllxpanelctl restart20:23
th___mm.. removed it, but the restart does not work20:25
wxlthat's strange20:25
wxltry log off/on20:25
SAKKEDwhy did they destroy ubuntu with that unity shell? =(20:26
wxlSAKKED: no sh**20:26
th___sakked: I don't know, but apt-install lubuntu-desktop worked for me ;)20:26
SAKKEDth___: u changed ubuntu to lubuntu? D:20:29
wxlSAKKED: i did that originally too20:29
wxlbut that's really funky20:29
wxlat that point you have the lxde equivalent of xubuntu20:29
wxlall the bloat of ubuntu but with a lightweight gui20:30
Unit193!purelxde | If you must "convert"20:30
ubot5If you must "convert": If you want to remove all !KDE, !GNOME and !XFCE packages and have a default !Lubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purelxde »20:30
wxl^^ what Unit193 said20:30
SAKKEDsudo apt-get remove acpi-support acpid adium-theme-ubuntu aisleriot apg app-install-data app-install-data-partner appmenu-gtk appmenu-gtk3 appmenu-qt apt-xapian-index apturl apturl-common at-spi2-core avahi-autoipd bamfdaemon banshee banshee-extension-soundmenu banshee-extension-ubuntuonemusicstore baobab binfmt-support bluez-alsa bluez-cups bluez-gstreamer branding-ubuntu brasero brasero-cdrkit brasero-common brltty c2esp checkbox ch20:34
wxlnot here tho20:34
MichealH!pastebin | SAKKED20:35
ubot5SAKKED: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:35
SAKKEDso that command turns ubuntu to lubuntu? :D20:35
MichealHIt removes all the bloat20:35
MichealHAnd basically leaves you with lubuntu as it is on the CD20:36
Unit193Eh, best as it can, but a clean wipe+install is better20:36
MichealHWhoops (I hate Key combos)20:37
souliaqProblem with Gnome-AlsaMixer, I use this in Lubuntu 11.04, I install today Lubuntu 11.10 and this give me errors (don't run, in console mode show Glib errors)20:38
SAKKEDwhat happened to madrake?20:38
MichealHSAKKED, That leaves all the regular ubuntu bloat IN, rather than removing it :)20:39
MichealHsouliaq, Does "alsamixer" in Terminal show a mixer?20:39
souliaqI launch this in terminal to see errors20:39
souliaqin Lxde nothing happends20:40
MichealHsouliaq, In 11.04 did it work?20:40
souliaqsound works well, the default volume changer works well too20:40
SAKKEDwasnt that redhat/madrake the most popular distribution?20:40
SAKKEDin 2005?20:40
SAKKEDnot long ago20:40
souliaqbuy I need alsamixer to advanced options20:41
souliaqfor example Audacity is not recording, I need change de in device20:41
souliaqin LXTerminal gnome-alsamixer shotme a lot of errors of this type:20:42
souliaq(gnome-alsamixer:1866): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: invalid (NULL) pointer instance20:42
MichealHsouliaq, But does alsamixer actually show a window?20:45
MichealHWarnigns should not affect it20:45
souliaqno, nothing of nothing20:45
souliaqfor that reason, I launch alsamixer in LXTerminal20:45
souliaqI try with normal user20:45
souliaqand with SUDO20:45
souliaqthe same errors20:45
souliaqin both users20:46
MichealHHm, It could well be a bug then20:46
souliaqyou Install Lubuntu 11.10 ?20:47
souliaqyou installed Lubuntu 11.10?20:47
souliaqwell, then I must wait, at least two months20:48
souliaqI think i don't  need the gnome alsamixer, Lubuntu comes with alsamixer (graphical in textmode), I don't knew this.20:50
ralinuxhy guys what tool for networking is the best?21:35
uofm49426anyone have 11.10 and using a bt878 card help me before i downgrade to 10.1021:35
SAKKEDbt878 card?21:35
uofm49426tv card21:36
uofm49426bttv and video 4 linux21:36
KM0201uofm49426: been a while since i used one, but typically it worked almost perfectly w/ linux21:36
KM0201and vlc21:36
KM0201never got the remote to work, but using the keyboard to change channels was no big deal21:37
uofm49426like i tell everyone i dont use the tv card but the fm tuner is used21:37
KM0201ah, that i don't know21:38
uofm49426its a pv-4800021:38
uofm49426it worked in 10.1021:39
uofm49426have you worked with the bttv file maybe i can past it for you maybe you can think why it dont work21:40
uofm49426atleast trying to keep me from downgrading21:42
uofm49426i dont have cable so what games are not on espn 3 or over the air i listen to them on my radio21:43
uofm49426what is that past website21:44
uofm49426was card blacklisted sence 10.1021:46
uofm49426http://paste.ubuntu.com/711408/ km020121:50
mark76Hey ho silverlightning21:54
silverlightninghi mark7621:54
silverlightning; )21:54
mark76Did you get mplayer sorted out?21:54
silverlightningnot really, but it is manageable21:55
silverlightningnot sure what causes it21:55
mark76Well that's something21:57
KM0201uofm49426: unfortunatley, it hs been so long since i used mine, i can't recall mucha bout it, other than it pretty much "just worked" with VLC21:57
silverlightningI am buying a new fan for my old laptop, to make it less noisy21:57
mark76I watched that show you sent me21:57
mark76I could have sworn the guy with the broken limbs was dead21:57
silverlightningbroken limbs?21:57
=== silverlightning is now known as silverarrow
silverarrowmark76: and lubuntu is behaving?21:58
mark76Dunno, I'ma  debhead :D21:59
mark76I'm a21:59
jwashhi everyone, i want to uninstall 'ace of penguins' but it also requires me to uninstall 'lubuntu-desktop'. how do i prevent this behavior22:00
jwashvia synaptic22:01
uofm49426i makes me frustrated when things just  dont work when new releases come out22:01
mark76lubuntu-desktop is just a metapackage22:01
jwashthat was just an example, is there a way to only remove 'ace of penguins'?22:01
mark76But you'd have to do it in a terminal22:02
silverarrowmark76: pure debian?22:03
mark76Yep :D22:03
silverarrowis it tricky to get runnig?22:03
mark76Not really22:03
uofm4942611.04 was always stalling when it was inactive in screen saver when i had my acer 5515 when ati stop putting out drivers for xpress 1200 so i keep using intrepid22:04
mark76Word of advice though. If you're going to try it and you want to install it don't install from a live session.22:05
mark76Also, their version of LXDE isn't as polished as the Lubuntu one22:05
uofm49426so far as far as my computers go  intrepid and maverick just worked great22:06
KM0201silverarrow: no offense, you will never survive on a pure debian install.22:07
mark76Intrepid's a bit ancient, surely?22:08
KM0201i'm not even sure if intrepid is still supported22:08
KM0201actually, im pretty sure its not22:09
uofm49426hey never had one problem with intrepid it was a good stable os22:09
KM0201actualy, i thought intrepid sucked.22:09
KM0201it's what pushed me to Debian22:09
KM0201hardy wasn't much better22:10
KM02019.04, there was dramatic improvement, and they've continued that ..22:10
KM0201until they started this unity mess22:10
uofm49426is there a way i can install 10.10 and 11.10  on 2 different partions22:12
uofm49426so i can work on why my tv card works in one and not the other22:12
uofm49426i have a free 49 gb hard drive i use as extra storage between windows and linux22:14
smwuofm49426, yeah, when you install you just need to make sure to not overwrite the other partition.22:15
smwuofm49426, http://askubuntu.com/questions/13977/dual-booting-two-ubuntu-versions may work22:15
smwmanually partition or make sure it is using the right hard drive during install22:16
PereZHi people... I need a little help =P22:29
PereZI'm using Lubuntu 11.10, and always that I press the Super button, the menu opens... How can I disable that??22:29
uofm49426hey worked i have both 11.10 and 10.10 on 2 partions same hard drive22:41
uofm49426all for fm radio lol22:42
silverarrowand the tv card?22:42
uofm49426it worked in 10.10 before i went to 11.1022:44
uofm4942611.10 cant get it to work22:44
silverarrowI see. Have you had a chance to test it yet?22:44
silverarrowafter the new install I mean22:44
KM0201PereZ: did you enable that somehow, cuz i don't have that.22:47
uofm49426km0201 can you tell me my paste number22:48
PereZKM0201: I have no idea how I did that... =P22:50
koulamarasHello all! I would like to ask: What is the option "lubuntu netbook" at the login screen? It doesn't seem to do anything. I'm using lubuntu 11.10, upgraded from 11.0422:55
Unit193Lubuntu Netbook worked on 11.04, but there is a bug in LXDM that prevents it from working on 11.10 without the work around22:56
koulamarasthe workaround is to add the lubuntu ppa?22:58
Unit193Nope, edit a file. Do you really want it? I'll pull up the workaround22:58
koulamarasOK thank you very much!23:00
mykelhelp please---volumne control is greyed out and no sound23:14
mykelanyone care to help, please23:18
mykellubuntu 11.1023:22
uofm49426yes tv card working in maverick but not i the 11.1023:53

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