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zniavre_what is the command line to upgrade from 11.10 to 12.04 ?11:42
arand_you just sed sources.list for now. And yeah, count on it breaking..11:43
zniavre_ok thank you11:44
zniavre_tty are still available or everything is broken ?11:44
arand_Well, atm there's very few changes at all, but it is likely to mess up a couple of times in the wild early dev cycle, s'what I meant11:45
FernandoMiguelgood afternoon folks12:55
AlexForce22hi this is my first time using IRC12:56
AlexForce22hi drussell12:57
AlexForce22anyone here12:57
drussellAlexForce22: hiya13:02
PiciAlexForce22: This channel isn't really active as 12.04 development has barely started, #ubuntu-offtopic exists for offtopic chat.13:02
AlexForce22i do apologise13:03
AlexForce22am new to irc so am tryin to find list of channel but help command dont give me the list13:03
Ian_Cornethere's #ubuntu13:04
Ian_Cornewhich will probably be for you13:04
Ian_Corneunless you're already on 12.0413:04
AlexForce22am on 10.1013:05
Ian_Cornethen i'd advise you to seek help in #ubuntu13:05
AlexForce2212.04 is the next LTS... cant wait to start learing ubuntu standard13:05
AlexForce22how do i quit.13:06
Ian_Cornetype /join #ubuntu13:06
Ian_Corneactually it all depends on your client13:06
Stanley00AlexForce22: type /part to quit a channel13:06
Ian_Cornebut that will probably work i guess13:06
AlexForce22thanks, is there a way to view all channels.13:06
Ian_Cornethere is, but don't do that13:06
Ian_Cornethere's way to many channels13:06
Stanley00AlexForce22: type /msg alis help to get a list13:06
AlexForce22later guys.. i am a C/C++ coder, slow but surely changin my friends to Ubuntu.. U guys rock.13:07
AlexForce22later.. hope to be on ur team soon.13:07
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carli2i can host a NAT connection with network-manager for 2 seconds13:37
carli2it works fine, but after 2 seconds, it disconnects13:37
carli2i reported this bug a month ago13:37
carli2but it was not fixed13:37
carli2is there anyone working on this problem?13:38
carli2or do you defend this as a "designed feature"?13:39
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FernandoMiguelcarli2: on Precise? or 11.10?13:44
carli2FernandoMiguel: 11.10. it works on all older ubuntu versions13:50
carli2and i hope, it will work in precise again13:50
FernandoMiguelcarli2: for support on 11.10 you must try #ubuntu not +113:53
FernandoMiguelyou can try NM ppa and see if it is fixed there , on trunk13:53
Ian_Corneupdating my ati machine to 12.0414:21
Ian_Cornefglrx is broken under 11.10 anyways :p14:21
FernandoMiguelIan_Corne: WOOT WOOT14:22
bjsniderfglrx isn't broken, it's functionally challenged14:26
Ian_CorneI'm on a 695014:27
FernandoMiguelbjsnider: how is vdpau support?14:28
bjsniderin what, fglrx?14:29
FernandoMiguelor nouveua14:31
bjsnideryou continued your unbroken streak of misspelling nouveau14:33
bjsnidervdpau in nvidia is great14:33
FernandoMiguelbjsnider: one day.... one day, ill get it14:34
FernandoMiguelis the boot times better with BLOB?14:34
FernandoMiguelit sucked last time14:34
bjsniderneed to take a french class14:34
FernandoMiguelI love my 10 sec boot14:34
FernandoMiguelI did... for 5 years14:35
bjsnidernot sure if boot times are affected14:35
FernandoMiguelit used to be at least 3x slower14:35
FernandoMiguelbut ill try it14:35
FernandoMiguelneed to quiet my GPU fans too14:35
FernandoMiguelthey are always ON14:35
bjsniderwell, adaptive power management works well14:35
bjsnideri bought a card without a fan to minimize noise14:36
FernandoMiguelit's a laptop14:36
FernandoMiguelthose aren't an option14:36
FernandoMiguelbjsnider: maybe I'm missing some app to manage power14:36
FernandoMiguelI've been cannibalizing my system, stripping everything to a minimal install.14:37
FernandoMiguelubuntu-desktop bring too much stuff I don't care for14:37
bjsnidercould be14:37
FernandoMigueland I made it worse by having other -desktop meta installed ... like kde and lubuntu14:37
akgranerReminder: Contributing to Ubuntu at a Local level: A Roadmap - Randall Ross (rrnwexec) starts at 1500 UTC14:41
bjsniderakgraner, starts where?15:01
akgraner#ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-classroom-chat15:02
akgranerbjsnider, ^^^^15:02
akgranerUp Next  at 1600 UTC in #ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-classroom chat for Ubuntu Open Week is Getting the most out of LoCo Teams Portal - mhall11915:51
mhall119and nigelb15:52
sharpshooterHai all !! I changed my mouse icon theme , after that my new  theme only works with my web browser !17:08
gnomefreakthere is no way to remove libqtcore4 and keep unity2d20:08
gnomefreaktrying to rid system of kde apps20:09
jtaylorunity2d is based on qt20:14
jtaylorand qt != kde20:14
jtaylorkde is based on qt thats all20:14
gnomefreakyeah i know i just want kde off systeme well as much as possible. i guess synaptic or software center is best20:15
jtaylorremoving kderuntime should mostly do the trick20:16
jtayloror kde-runtime-data20:17
bjsniderthe others should then be orphaned20:17
jtaylor=> autoremove20:17
gnomefreakautomoc removes alot of kde apps20:18
bjsniderthat's the idea20:18
gnomefreakok ill add that20:18
gnomefreakit seems kubuntu-desktop installs a crap load of apps and libs.20:28
gnomefreak>450 but the looks of it that does not include important libqt* but it will clean it enough for my purpose20:33
gnomefreakill be back need smoke20:33
bjsniderthe raison d'etre of the -desktop metapackages is so you can install the whole gnome/kde/whatever environment, so naturally there are going to be a lot of packages attached to each one20:47
FernandoMiguelA LOT20:49
gnomefreakyeah but i didnt expect that many. like all the educational apps. i would have thought that would have been a different meta package20:49
genii-aroundgnomefreak: Maybe your APT::Install-Recommends or APT::Install-Suggests is set20:51
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gnomefreakits possable but cant check atm too many things going at once  :(20:51
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gnomefreakbe back upgrade is on :)20:56
gnomefreaki cant find a way to format a mem stick, where did it go?21:16
gnomefreakused to right click and the choice was there. now right click offers open* eject safely remove21:17
gnomefreakand the menu isnt helpful either21:17
gnomefreakany ideas?21:18
jbichagnomefreak: you can format with Disk Utility21:18
gnomefreaklooking. thanks21:19
FernandoMiguelgnomefreak: or gparted21:21
gnomefreaki got it thanks guys21:23

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