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xranbyndec: ping, hi the LWJGL people wonder if you have any available documentation on the extensions: GL_OES_required_internalformat , GL_IMG_texture_stream2 , GL_IMG_texture_npot and GL_IMG_texture_format_BGRA8888  since they are not part of the official GLES registry http://www.khronos.org/registry/gles/08:50
xranbyndec: the request for more information about these extensions was made on this forum thread: http://lwjgl.org/forum/index.php/topic,4237.0.html08:50
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xranbyndec: pbt, i notice that opengl-es 2.0 performance on the panda board almost double if i run my tests using a windowmanager that do not use compositing effects.  i now get areound 250fps on the gears benchmark when running xfce410:04
xranbycompared to areound 130fps when running unity10:05
ndecxranby: you meant unity2d?10:08
AmaranthYeah, the GPU can't really do unity at 1080p10:08
AmaranthI mean, it works, but don't do any other 3D stuff10:09
ndecAmaranth: do you have a PPA for unity 3D on panda?10:10
Amaranthnope, not yet10:10
ndecwhen do you think there will be one?10:10
AmaranthWell, I need to make a release in a couple days10:11
* lilstevie is looking forward to unity with es10:11
AmaranthThe goal is to have unity in the 11.10 Linaro release and in a PPA for oneiric by UDS10:11
ndechow well/bad is it working now?10:12
Amaranthhehe, trying to figure out some changes to nux10:12
Amaranthand for some reason my VM can no longer run any GL stuff10:13
xranbyndec: yes i get half performance when running unity2d :/10:17
Amaranthoh, unity2d10:18
Amaranththat's not even using a compositor...10:18
ndecis compositing (xrender) enabled by default on unity2d/metacity?10:18
lilstevieI wonder how it would run on the tegra2 :p10:18
xranbyAmaranth: interesting10:18
Amaranthndec: I don't think so10:19
ndecxranby: we've seen that as well. using the standard gnome fallback perf is much better too.10:19
ndecso there is something with unity2d10:19
xranbyok now all now my password for my dev boards10:20
xranbywrong keyboard10:20
ndeckernel.org problems could have started like that ;-)10:21
lilsteviethat would be an entropy issue10:22
ogra_metacity defaults to composite in oneiric10:23
lilstevieusing the same password everywhere10:23
xranbyogra_: can i somehow disable it?10:23
ogra_but has all effects patched out10:23
ogra_install dconf-editor10:23
xranbyogra_: i would like to test if i can tewak unity2d to double the fps10:23
ogra_it should have a setting for that, but your unity-2d will look horrible i think10:23
ogra_(metacity doesnt use the compositor, but unity-2d does a lot)10:24
ndecogra_: i remember looking at this setting in gconf-editor..10:25
ogra_right, gconf-is gone though10:25
ndecbut the setting was still there, iirc...10:25
ogra_form a former install ?10:25
* ndec checking...10:26
ogra_it shouldnt be there on new installs and it shouldnt be used at all anymore10:26
ndecogra_: ok... i don't have a former install, i dist-upgraded since alpha 1 or 210:26
ogra_thats what i mean :)10:26
xranbyndec: are there any available public documentation on the extensions: GL_OES_required_internalformat , GL_IMG_texture_stream2 , GL_IMG_texture_npot and GL_IMG_texture_format_BGRA8888 ?10:27
ogra_if you installed a dev image it might be that the setting is still idling around on your disk *especially* if you once touched it with gconf-editor10:27
ndecit's dconf-tools, not dconf-editor ;-)10:27
ogra_the app is dconf-editor ;)10:27
ndecxranby: don't know. robclark any idea? [when you wake up...]10:28
ogra_sorry,yes, tha package name differs10:28
ndecogra_: are you sure there is a config for compositing in dconf?10:29
ogra_it should be10:29
ndecthere is no search function?10:30
ogra_no idea i only used that app twice10:31
ogra_and its hirribly jumpy on the right pane10:31
ndecogra_: where are the dconf files?10:32
ndecit will be easier to grep...10:32
ogra_look in /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/10:33
ogra_though these are the uncomplied files, if you make changes there you need to compile the whole stuff again10:33
* ogra_ likes gconf a lot more10:33
ndecgrep compositing /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/* --> nothing10:34
ndecogra_: it seems that totem and gst still rely on gconf.10:35
ndecis that correct?10:35
ogra_afaik we dont even install gconfd anymore10:35
ogra_desktop team would know10:35
ogra_but i also seem to not find anything10:36
ndecogra_: i think gconf is still used somewhere... in our release we change the default videosink for GST/totem using gconf, and it's working. but in dconf this setting is not visible...10:42
* ndec is a bit lost ;-) so going for lunch...10:42
xranbyogra_: i can make speed go from 130 fps to around 190 fps by killing Metacity10:42
ogra_xranby, well, file a bug :)10:43
xranbystill a bit to go before i reach 250fps that i get using xfce4510:43
ogra_ndec, they are two different DBs10:43
ogra_ndec, and gsettings/dconf uses a binary format10:43
ndecxranby: which app are you using?10:43
xranbyndec: im using LWJGL java bindings10:44
xranbyfor opengl-es10:44
xranbyndec: im preparing a package to get the new LWJGL version into the archive that have opengl-es 2.0 support10:44
xranbyndec: to test yourself.. if you trust me then you can get a patche LWJGL sourcetree here : http://openjdk.gudinna.com/lwjgl-es/LWJGL-svn-r3678-bin.tar.gz10:49
xranbyit contains the latest LWJGL svn tree patched and built10:49
xranbyit contains a little script   test-es2.0.sh10:50
xranbyif you have oneiric installed you need to change the start of all command lines  from   java   to java -zero   (since jamvm will not have support to run this unless ubuntu pulls in the nev version from upstream)10:51
Amaranthxranby, ogra_: afaik metacity will uses gconf11:06
ogra_Amaranth, well, according to the desktop theam they got rid of gconf in 11.1011:07
Amarantherr, still11:07
Amaranthmetacity certainly still links to libgconf11:07
ogra_Amaranth, oh, btw, have you seen the willow mail11:07
AmaranthI don't think so11:07
AmaranthI thought I gave someone else admin on the team in launchpad and they took it over11:08
ogra_you gave me admin11:08
ogra_but i cant make the guy who asked admin, seems onla the team owner can ... make him the owner ;)11:08
ogra_and hand the team over to him, so we both can resign11:09
robclarkxranby, if what you are doing is purely bandwidth limited, then of course compositing wm will cut fps quite a bit..    for metacity xrender compositing it amounts to 2 more copies11:13
robclarkalthough normally there isn't much point in going faster than 60fps (if you are vsync locked)11:14
ogra_Amaranth, thanks !11:16
xranbyrobclark: ok, did you see my question above reguarding documentation for some of the drivers extensions?11:21
robclarkI'll have to ask around.. off top of my head I'm not sure11:22
jondoHi ogra! Can you have a look at my comment to bug 871650? rsalveti asked me to try something and I don't know exactly which files to use.11:43
ubot2Launchpad bug 871650 in linux ""unable to enumerate USB device" with BeagleBoard-xM" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87165011:43
ogra_jondo, well, i saw your comment, why dont you just wait until rsalveti gets up11:43
ogra_though testing with linaro might be intresting, could be that we miss a patch or something11:44
jondoSure, I'll wait.11:44
dabukalamwhat's the difference between uncompressing and unpacking a tar.gz file? If I'm told to uncompress but NOT unpack...11:51
ogra_dabukalam, heh, who tells you that ?11:52
* ogra_ would say its the same 11:52
dabukalamogra_: that's why I'm a bit confused.11:57
dabukalamogra_: look under 'procedure, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Core11:57
ogra_well, who gave you that info11:57
ogra_oh, wait, its a tar.GZ11:58
ogra_you can uncompress it11:58
ogra_but still keep it a tarball11:58
dabukalamogra_: how?11:59
dabukalamogra_: wicked, thanks12:00
ogra_for step 1 you use gunzip12:00
ogra_for step 3 you use tar12:00
dabukalamogra_: yup, got it. Not sure why I can't just tar here then copy the stuff over. Technically the same thing right?12:03
diwic...or why one can't skip step 1, then uncompress/untar in one step12:05
ogra_right, thats a weird howto12:06
dabukalamyeah. I think the guy the wrote it is confused. also you can only get to that page with /Core not /core. weird12:06
dabukalamcba to change it12:06
dabukalamogra_: nice :)12:09
dabukalamogra_: now I'm also a bit confused when it says install boot-loader and install linux12:10
dabukalamogra_: that's not included in core?12:10
ogra_core is a rootfs, no configuration, no users, no setup or anything12:10
ogra_it is supposed to be the base for people building other stuff on top of it12:10
ogra_like .i.e a car entertainment system, or a settop box or some such, where you dont have users and put your own UI on top12:11
dabukalamogra_: yeah. I'm installing this on a i.MX53 board12:11
dabukalamI just wanna see a command line12:11
dabukalamso when it says install linux and boot-loader12:12
dabukalami get grub and install it on there12:12
ogra_you need to know how to do that for your HW12:12
ogra_grub doesnt support arm12:12
dabukalamso i'll find an alternative12:12
ogra_thats something you need to know in advance, else core is not for you12:12
dabukalamany suggestions?12:12
ogra_you should know your HW in and out for using core12:12
dabukalamogra_: ok.12:13
ogra_if you dont want to use the mx5 images (assuming you have a quickstart board there), and actually need headless, i would go for linaro for now12:13
ogra_the mx5 images for the quickstart we offer ship a desktop by default12:13
dabukalami have a quick start board12:16
ogra_well, either use the mx5 image then or if you want headless your best option is one of the linaro dev images12:16
dabukalami'm not new to linux, but i'm new to arm, but I need to learn fast :/12:16
dabukalama linaro dev image would be a linux kernel or a boot-loader?12:17
dabukalamfrom what i've understood linaro provides tools.12:17
ogra_the mx5 image is really trivial to use and you can remove the desktop afterwards if you want (just uninstall the X libs and the rest will vanish along)12:17
dabukalamoh cool.12:18
ogra_for linaro images, ask linaro  :)12:18
dabukalamso basically ubuntu core is just a bunch of packages12:18
dabukalami see12:18
ogra_its the most minimal OS you need to run apt12:18
ogra_nothing more12:18
dabukalamcool cool. So if I wanted I could install any apt-based distro12:19
ogra_thats not how distros work12:19
dabukalama distro is linux + bootloader + packages?12:20
ogra_you can install ubuntu packages12:20
ogra_but would run into issues with other apt based systems12:20
ogra_a distro is far more than a kernel and packages :)12:20
ogra_also your packages are compiled against certinal librabies12:20
ogra_you cant just take a .deb from ubuntu to debian or the other way round, you will need all depending packages too ... and in the end you end up with two versions of essential libs and your system might stop working12:21
ogra_so just having the apt command doesnt mean you can use any apt based distro out there12:22
ogra_(btw, i think fedora ahs apt as well, though its not .deb based at all)12:22
dabukalamyeah i get that12:23
dabukalamso wait android is what then?12:23
dabukalami custom kernel? or a distro or what?12:23
ogra_no idea what i would call android ... its not linux, its not a distro ...12:24
ogra_it is an OS though12:24
dabukalamit's an android12:25
lilstevieAndroid is an entire OS12:27
lilsteviethe only similarities is it uses the linux kernel12:27
ogra_lilstevie, well, some few bits of the linux kernel :)12:28
lilsteviethe base is the linux kernel12:28
ogra_sure sure12:28
dabukalamso it's basically a linux-like OS?12:28
lilsteviewith specific android patches12:28
ogra_or a linux "based" OS12:29
lilstevieminus libc12:29
dabukalamis ntldr compatible with arm?12:29
ogra_missing libc doent mean its not linux ;)12:29
ogra_there are linuxes using other C libs12:30
ogra_dabukalam, ntldr is for widows NT12:30
ogra_(no that wasnt a typo :P )12:30
dabukalamanother question12:30
dabukalamdebian squeeze12:30
dabukalamis the equivalent of ubuntu core?12:30
ogra_its a release name12:31
ogra_like the recent ubuntu release was called oneiric ocelot until release12:31
ogra_https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/MX5 has the instructions for the mx5 images btw12:31
ogra_(the install is a one liner)12:32
dabukalami've done that before on a beagleboard12:32
ndecogra_: i confirm that metacity still uses gconf...12:32
dabukalambut this needs to be ubuntu core12:32
dabukalamthat would install oneiric wouldn't it?12:33
ogra_what did the desktopteam say ?12:33
ogra_ndec, ^^12:33
ndeci didn't ask them... i tried on my board ;-)12:33
ogra_dabukalam, yes12:33
ogra_ndec, ah12:33
dabukalamogra_: so I'm thinking U-boot then :)12:33
ogra_dabukalam, ubuntu core is also oneiric12:33
dabukalamogra_: I don't want the excess packages12:33
dabukalamogra_: my assignment is to get core running on an MX and list the packages12:34
ogra_thats why i said take the mx5 image and remove them12:34
ogra_that will be easier than spending two weeks on learning how arm systems boot linux12:34
dabukalamogra_: the whole point is for me to spend 2 weeks learning about arm :P12:34
dabukalamogra_: playing catchup12:34
ogra_so still, take an mx5 image first12:35
ogra_put it on your SD card12:35
ogra_wipe the second partiton (forst one is for kernel and bootloader) and put core on the second instead of the existing rootfs12:35
ogra_that should give you a working core image12:36
dabukalamthat's a great idea12:36
dabukalamhope that goes down well with big brother12:36
dabukalami'll get back to you :P12:36
ogra_good luck12:36
dabukalamthanks a lot12:36
rsalvetijondo: just posted at the bug again, please check my comment there12:47
dabukalamogra_: out of interest, how complicated would it be to get the kernel and bootloader and put them on there?12:47
ogra_dabukalam, if you know what you are doing its not to hard12:48
rsalvetixranby: you can enable and disable compositing with metacity by calling it with -c or with --no-composite12:48
ogra_dabukalam, but to inspect the setup using an existing known to work image is the best start12:48
rsalvetiif you call it with --replace it'll also replace your current metacity12:48
* ogra_ susüpects it will look really bad though12:49
dabukalamogra_: oh dea12:49
dabukalamogra_: I just realised no go12:49
dabukalamogra_: it's a 2M card12:49
ogra_will still work12:50
ogra_though it will corrup the rootfs durign write ... but since you want to replace that anyway ....12:50
dabukalamso i'm expecting an error12:51
ogra_right, i think the uncompressed image is something like 2.2G so it will fall off the SD at the end of writing12:52
dabukalamogra_: i think this is a crappy SD card as well12:52
ogra_but that doesnt matter, dd does a binary copy and all you are intrested in is the first partition12:52
dabukalamso I could be here all day with this dd command12:53
NekoXPjust dd bs=1M count=256 and sudo parted /dev/blah and delete the second partition and recreate it12:57
NekoXPor do the whole thing and do parted.. you might not be able to resize a partition to fit a card if it goes over, it causes a bunch of unrecoverable errors, so best just to delete it12:57
NekoXPyou may want to loopmount the sd card image just to get /lib/modules off12:58
shadeslayerlilstevie: ping ping13:04
lilstevieshadeslayer: pong13:05
shadeslayerlilstevie: are you the same guy who put Ubuntu on the Asus transformer13:05
shadeslayerah awesome! I'm trying to boot kubuntu off it, and was wondering if you could point me to any instructions that i can use to build my own rootfs and bootimg ... or is following the wiki enough?13:06
lilsteviewell, it isn't too difficult13:07
lilstevierootfs is the matter of making a loop mounted image13:08
lilstevieputting what you need inside it13:08
lilstevieand uploading13:08
shadeslayerlilstevie: oh and I'd like to dual boot it, so can i use the exact same script you posted on xda developers with a different rootfs?13:08
lilstevieok, well for the case of kubuntu replace initrd in ./ubuntu/13:09
lilstevieand replace ubuntu.img with your rootfs13:09
lilsteviejust remember the size that the image I did is, is the largest that nvflash will handle13:09
shadeslayeroh ok13:10
shadeslayerlilstevie: and can't I create the rootfs with rootstock?13:10
lilstevieyou can create the fs however you like13:11
lilstevieI have just had problems with using rootstock on the later releases13:11
rsalvetinow that we have qemu support at live-build we should really start pointing people to use it instead of rootstock13:12
ogra_rsalveti, oh, btw, since someone mentioned it above, what do we do with rootstock ?13:12
lilstevieyeah, like not creating a working image13:12
ogra_i would like to remove it from the archive in precision13:12
lilsteviehanging on xulrunner13:12
rsalvetiogra_: yup, live-build should be able to replace it just fine13:12
ogra_rsalveti, cross build is possible ?13:12
ogra_and you can define all settings in advance ?13:12
rsalvetiogra_: yup, was pushed last week I believe13:12
ogra_like user, hostname etc13:13
shadeslayerso ... i shuld use live build instead ?13:13
rsalvetiogra_: yup, that's how we do with linaro images13:13
ogra_someone should write an ubuntu howto then :)13:13
ogra_especially how you create bootable ubuntu images :)13:13
rsalvetiogra_: yup, will try to have that posted soon, so we can point people there later13:13
ogra_since i dont think l-b can handle that at all13:14
rsalvetiand finally remove rootstock from precise13:14
rsalvetiogra_: well, all our images are created with l-b :-)13:14
ogra_rsalveti, and you should really poke your guys to use tasks instead of metapackages to not end up will all packages marked as manually installed13:14
rsalvetiand currently we're just using upstream13:14
rsalvetiwithout any patch on top13:14
ogra_rsalveti, your images are dd'able without any further touching directly out of l-b ?13:15
rsalvetiogra_: yup, we'll probably end up using both13:15
ogra_both ?13:15
ogra_both what ?13:15
rsalvetiogra_: because we have a few images13:15
rsalvetimeta and task13:15
ogra_you should nevr ever use meta in images13:15
rsalvetiogra_: well, tgall_foo is implementing support for linaro-media-create13:15
rsalvetiogra_: ubuntu-desktop is a meta package, isn't it?13:15
ogra_in the archive there is a meta, yes13:16
ogra_iots not used on any images13:16
ogra_(hasnt been since 2006 i think)13:16
rsalvetiso the task installs the meta I believe13:16
ogra_yes, meta is part of the task13:17
rsalvetiogra_: but you could also add another extension at live-build to have a dd'able image if you want13:17
ogra_no, thanks13:17
rsalvetishouldn't be that hard13:17
rsalvetiand I know some folks from canonical are creating a similar support for cloud based images13:17
ogra_i'm busy enough keeping debina-cd/cdimage running13:17
rsalvetithe same folk who added support for qemu13:17
shadeslayerlilstevie: more questions, do i need to run the apply_tegra_* scripts when i build my rootfs from l-b ?13:18
lilstevieapply_tegra_* scripts?13:19
shadeslayerapply_tegra_binaries.sh  apply_tegra_X_abi.sh13:19
tgall_fooogra_, the disk image support in live-build I wouldn't doubt will support arm in some capacity at some point ...13:19
shadeslayerfrom the linux4tegra ldk13:20
tgall_fooogra_, to me seems like a good idea for "everyone" :-)13:20
ogra_tgall_foo, yes, i thought so13:20
ogra_not really, unless its properly integrated with all the testing mechanisms of cdimage/debian-cd13:20
ogra_so it wont help me for images13:20
ogra_but it will help me to get rid of rootstock :)13:20
ogra_with is a primal target atm :)13:21
rsalvetiyup :-)13:21
ogra_we will port all our stuff to debian-installer btw13:21
ogra_jasper etc13:21
ogra_and probably switch back to real live images if someone can make the copying speedier13:21
lilstevieshadeslayer: unless you are using the CrOS kernel and u-boot hell no13:25
shadeslayerhah, ok13:25
lilstevieit will prevent X from starting if you do not have the right kernel with the right interfaces13:25
dabukalamogra_: okay it's done. http://i.imgur.com/HAUjE.jpg. As you can see, there are 3 partitions now. The one I've labelled core is the third one right? And I'm to delete everything in there and just copy over the core directory.13:27
robclarkxranby, this is the answer I got re: GL extensions:13:35
robclarkAs a rule of thumb if they are not listed in the registry at the Khronos13:35
robclarksite then IMG is not making then publically available anywhere else.13:35
xranbyrobclark: ok, well then there are no docs..   i got the question from the lwjgl people because they where not part of the gles registry :)13:36
xranbyrobclark: thank you for asking around13:39
robclarkfyi xranby, http://software-dl.ti.com/dsps/dsps_public_sw/apps_processors/OMAP35x_AM35x_Video_Texture_Streaming/1_0/index_FDS.html13:41
robclarksome example of one of those extensions13:41
xranbyrobclark: thank you13:42
xranbyrobclark: i have managed to find some example code / hits for most of the extensions now http://lwjgl.org/forum/index.php/topic,4237.0.html         its onle  GL_OES_required_internalformat  that we still know nothing about14:08
dabukalamokay just installed oneiric on an MX514:22
dabukalamanyone know what the user/pass might be?14:22
NekoXPmy Quickstarts are refusing to get a display on the damn Oneiric dailies14:22
dabukalamNekoXP: don't get too excited I'm pretty sure it didn't work14:22
dabukalambut I just need a user/pass14:22
NekoXPubuntu/ubuntu maybe14:22
dabukalamtried that :P14:23
NekoXPcan you mount the SD on the PC and see what /etc/passwd contains? that'll give you a hint to the username14:24
NekoXPit could be oem/oem14:24
dabukalamit's ubuntu core14:24
dabukalamnot oneiric14:24
dabukalamsorry i should have said that before14:24
NekoXPubuntu core has no users set up14:24
dabukalamyeah so how do i get in?14:25
NekoXPusually, boot oneiric, chroot in to the core filesystem and "useradd"14:25
NekoXPfailing that, root with no password maaayyyy work at a shell14:26
NekoXPbut I am not sure if ttymxc0 is in securetty14:26
NekoXPso it would fail even if you could14:26
dabukalamit's a localhost.localdomain login14:26
dabukalamso there's obviously no users14:26
NekoXPyeah it's pretty raw14:26
dabukalami just want a ^%$ing package list14:26
NekoXPyou're meant to be a super expert in all things ubuntu to be able to use ubuntu core :D14:26
dabukalamyeah so i've heard14:26
NekoXPfrom repos or as already installed?14:27
dabukalamalready installed14:27
dabukalamon core14:27
NekoXPbecause /var/lib/dpkg/info/*.list will give you the list of installed packages14:27
dabukalamor spkg -l14:27
NekoXPif you have oneiric booted just chroot into the core filesystem, and then dpkg -l from there, it'll work14:28
dabukalamno oneiric14:28
dabukalamit's just core14:28
NekoXPyou really do kind of need to boot an arm system to get into the chroot and that's the easiest way to do it since there's an mx5 image14:28
NekoXPFSL's BSP SD card will do just as well14:28
NekoXPjust chroot into the core fs and mount your binds for dev and sys and remount proc inside, chroot in, and play pretend :D14:29
NekoXPthat said I don't think dpkg cares about proc, dev, sys14:29
NekoXPso you could skip it14:29
dabukalamin order to chroot into this core install, I need to have it plugged in to another system.14:30
dabukalamI could just use my laptop right?14:30
dabukalamadd a user14:30
dabukalamand boot again14:30
xranbydabukalam: if you ar running a arm laptop then sure14:32
xranbydabukalam: an old trick are to edit the /etc/passwd file and remove x from the password field      root:x: ...  ->   root:: ...14:33
xranbyit will make you able to login as root without password14:34
dabukalamxranby: trying that14:36
dabukalamcool beans14:38
dabukalamworked ^^14:38
dabukalamxranby: thanks14:38
sorenW/Win 1215:16
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NekoXPhello ubuntu-arm people! anyone here got any insight into the preinstalled dailies image creation?19:39
GrueMasterNekoXP: You should talk to Infiinity about that when he gets back on Wednesday.19:53
GrueMasterHe has been working to make community images easier to push into the daily build workflow.19:54
NekoXPI was curious why the images are of varying sizes (mx5, omap and omap4 are something around 516, 522, 517 4M blocks)and why they are slightly bigger than 2GB even though there is somewhat less data on the actual filesystem.. in fact around 160MB left and a preconfigured (sigh) 512MB swap file. This would actually fit on a 2GB SD card if it wasn't trying to keep so much space around..19:58
NekoXPconsidering all of them absolutely bite for SD card performance why preconfigure swap there? it's not needed for getting into the desktop19:59
NekoXPyou have to access the sd card anyway from another system to make a login user or unprotect root anyway so shipping it with 512MB of empty swap is kind of odd20:01
GrueMasterNekoXP: First, the size variances are probably kernel/initrd/u-boot variances, second, we have a little padding on the images for the oem-config process to work with, third, swap is needed on systems with less than 1G memory (beagle/beagleXM/even mx5 quickstart).20:05
GrueMasterWhy do you need a separated system to make a login user?20:05
GrueMasterAnd how do you do that if you are a windows user trying to develop on one of the supported platforms?20:06
NekoXPbecause they all ship with root:x:blah in passwd and no login user, only daemon users20:09
NekoXPGrueMaster, I guess you'd use a linux VM and a USB SD card reader filtered in to it20:09
NekoXPI'm not saying it's all good, I'm complaining :D20:09
GrueMasterHence why oem-config runs on first boot and prompts you for user info.20:09
NekoXPas for the need for swap for systems with less than 1GB of memory, horse shit. You couldn't use 512MB memory for oem-config and first desktop boot even if you tried.20:10
GrueMasterI do daily testing on beagle (256M), beagleXM (512M), mx53 Quickstart (768M?) and Toshiba AC100 (512M).  Don't tell me they will work w/o swap.20:11
NekoXPoem-config doesn't run on any of them on any image in the last 2 weeks20:11
GrueMaster???  Have you even tried our images?20:11
NekoXPyes, dailies, every day up until the day after release :D20:12
GrueMasterNot some crap downloaded from a non-ubuntu site.20:12
NekoXPon my beagle, panda and quickstart20:12
GrueMasterYou ran ubuntu-11.10-preinstalled-desktop-armel+mx5.img.gz from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/11.10/release/ and you didn't get prompted on screen for user/locale/timezone/etc?20:13
NekoXPI get a console login prompt on other VTs, a lot of "starting/stopping [OK]" kind of stuff on the boot VT and so far after 2 hours, nothing... not even a peep of a GUI20:14
GrueMasterThen you are doing something wrong.20:15
NekoXPI can't imagine what, that's part of the problem. Actually I just looked over, the pandaboard got to oem-config :)20:15
NekoXPI am going to figure on having some RIDICULOUSLY crap SD cards for now and trust that it does what it should20:16
NekoXPis there anything the pre-oem-config stuff does that would take forever, like resizing partitions or silently looking for network for a very long time?20:17
GrueMasterThere is something in network manager that is holding up the boot process looking for a network connection.  Bug is already filed.20:18
NekoXPthat may well explain it then :)20:18
GrueMasterBut this business of oem-config not working for the last two weeks is a bit of an exaggeration I would think.  I would have seen it otherwise, with the number of systems and sd cards I have.20:20
NekoXPit's not so much "not working" here as I don't think it's even started20:20
NekoXPit's doing something but neither of the quickstart or beagles have any indication of disk activity like the panda20:20
GrueMasterIt does fail to launch oem-config-remove at the end, looping back to the start.  But that is easily worked around.20:20
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GrueMasterSee bug 856293 for the info.20:22
ubot2Launchpad bug 856293 in ubiquity "oem-config not removed after install on preinstalled desktop images due to debconf.dat being locked " [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85629320:22
NekoXPyeah I know that one20:23
NekoXPwhat's the networkmanager bug?20:23
GrueMasterMaybe bug Bug #846796.  I can't remember the exact bug atm.20:30
ubot2Launchpad bug 846796 in ubuntu "Slow boot since update suspect it relates to networking " [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84679620:30
GrueMasterThere are several similar bugs in launchpad.20:31
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