xannenHi Guys05:56
gggshi xannen 06:01
xannenHow's things?06:02
robb__how we all finding 11.10?08:20
robb__i broke unity 4 times08:22
sagacifine for me08:31
xannenhey robb08:31
xannenunity broke on me too.  and so is skype voice chat.  brb08:31
robb__i installed xfce and kde and after that it broke08:32
robb__i downloaded the compiz manager and it also broke08:32
robb__and the compiz changes i tried twice both times completely broke unity, had to reinstall08:33
xannenwelcome to my world robb <308:33
robb__i now use linux mint08:34
robb__11.04 seems more stable08:34
xannenso true!08:34
robb__and gnome 3 doesn't seem to work well with programs somehow either08:34
xannenswitching back to 11.04 seems like a possibility for me.08:35
robb__i'm surprised thou, ubuntu never released bad stuff before08:35
robb__12.04 sounds interesting08:35
robb__11.04 is a good option to reconsider08:35
xannenShuttleworth is rushing it, 'cause he needs to be at chinese space station.  :P08:35
robb__also programs take longer to load08:36
robb__in 11.04 it was slower, but 11.10 is slower08:36
xannenThough I want to use more up to date program, like eclipse 3.7, tomcat7, postgresql 9.x08:36
robb__u can install them manually (not as fun)08:37
robb__you can use a diff distribution if u dare08:37
robb__i think i have the latest, including a much nicer evolution mail client08:38
xannenOR QQ and flame in Forum?  :D08:38
robb__well yes08:38
robb__if ur an avid ubuntu supporter then yes maybe use forums08:39
xannenThey need to include more nicer looking desktop themes.  They cut back in this release. :(08:39
robb__no screensaver08:39
robb__i feel i've lost freedom08:39
robb__same in GNOME 308:39
robb__what rubbish it is08:39
robb__i feel like a kid using the GNOME 3 shell08:39
xannenI know...  soon enough, it's back to "efficient - comand line - linux"  :D08:40
xannenI had to learn apt-get command line to fix some graphics, if not I'd need reinstall.  :(08:40
xannenI don't mind command line, but not when I'm a noob and need to rescue my system, such harsh learning curve. :(08:41
xannenthey need #ubuntu+1-qq channel.  LOL08:41
xannenInitially, I thought the iso image I download was corrupted, or dl too soon.  But now, looking at the checksum on site, and checksum I download, it's the same.08:43
robb__i tried to have a applet in gnome 3, gee that was painful08:44
robb__a simple weather indicator but it doesn't like them08:44
xannenThis whole gnome shell vs unity is like: Abbott vs Gillard immigration deal.  It's all wrong.  Where's the greens?  Ah, minty!  heheh.08:45
robb__lol yes08:45
robb__elementary OS is a unique flavour to the addition08:45
robb__inbetween mint and ubuntu08:46
robb__i just find unity not stable in gnome08:46
robb__it's like sticking gaffa tape on my ford and thinking it will stick hah08:46
xannenWhat's with the deal of multi arch, skype, etc...  it's playing up, especially for voice chat.  I get squiggly distorted sound.08:47
robb__carbon tax!!!08:47
robb__in 11.10?08:48
xannenI look forward 11.10 for some time, and now it am disappointed!08:48
robb__im looking forward for the next LTS, but i hoped for a lot more then instability08:49
head_victimI much prefer 11.10 to 11.0408:49
head_victimAnd I've already installed 12.04 in a virtualbox.08:49
robb__distorted sound - now when i looked in sound i noticed by default most audio inputs were set at max08:49
robb__sure has some benefits, the filters are really impressive 08:50
robb__better intergrated menus ;-)08:50
xannen LTS = long term stuff (up)  ?  LOL  i'm sorry, considering canonical is a linux repackager, and not full on software/os developer.  and how unity has turned out on 11.10, i don't feel "safe" with ubuntu.  LOL08:50
robb__just finding many programs aren't working that well in it08:50
head_victimrobb__: don't blame the OS for application's not properly working with gnome 3 though08:51
head_victimEvery distro is in the same boat with that angle.08:51
robb__is it gnome 3 that is the issue?08:51
head_victimIn most cases, yes.08:51
head_victim11.10 is the first Ubuntu release to be fully gnome 3.08:51
head_victim11.04 was half gnome 2 half gnome 308:52
robb__ah okay... yeah i've moved away from gnome 3 to get stability back08:52
robb__LTS is long term support08:52
head_victimHence why it used to be so hard to install gnome-shell in 11.0408:52
head_victimNow it's an easy apt-get08:52
xannenhehe robb__ i know.  i'm just mocking 'cause i'm "not happy jan"  :P08:52
robb__the aim is to built an OS that is stable, rock solid performance - they might use an older kernal that is tested and bugs fixed08:52
head_victimxannen: it's fine to stick your head in the sand but what do you do when all the other distro's catch up and don't ship gnome 2 either?08:53
robb__im in tassie, we have a lot not be happy about!08:53
xannenhead_victim, MS Windows?  :P08:53
robb__use debain! 08:53
head_victimxannen: be my guest08:53
robb__as i said, i'm using linux mint, they do a debain version too and i think this version (11) is gnome 208:54
robb__but yes, gnome 3 hmm08:54
robb__the user interface is nasty08:54
head_victimrobb__: Horses for courses :) My desktop is still 10.04, I practice with newer ones in virtual machines. 11.10 is making me want to upgrade my desktop actually.08:54
robb__10.04 hey, i'm still thinking of using that again08:55
xannenhead_victim, do you use skype?  if you do, how do you use voice chat?  I'm having mic issues.  And yes, driver is installed, etc...  And appear to be registering, just not properly.08:55
robb__alsa mixer helped?08:55
head_victimI used skype years ago but haven't bothered in a long time. It's just not worth the bother (I gave up long before I found a version that worked half decent)08:56
xannenin 11.04, i used pulseaudio, and it was fine.  but now, my voice is this squiggly sound.  LOL08:56
head_victimI don't really have a need to call anyone outside Australia so there's no benefit to being tied to the computer for a phone call when I can use my mobile.08:56
robb__i do like gnome 3 in some respects e.g. newer buttons, the way the drop down menus are, just not the activities menu 08:57
xannennor do i.  08:57
robb__maybe use pulseaudio again?08:57
head_victimrobb__: pulseaudio has been the default for many releases now08:57
xannenand gnome 3 classic missing "systems" button.  it's all in applications and places.08:57
head_victimxannen: what do you mean by gnome 3 classic? Unity 2d or have you installed gnome-shell?08:58
xannenlol, i love how ABC stuff up their broadcasting.  :D08:58
xannengnome-shell, classic mode. :D08:58
head_victimAh ok, I've installed it, not booted to it yet.08:59
robb__the graphics aren't right, diff shades of black08:59
xannenWTB ubuntu "good old days" desktop, with better software updates!  <308:59
robb__classic mode is nice but the ambivalence theme isn't working09:00
robb__it does exist called debian09:00
robb__aka conservative party distribution09:00
xannenLOL is it linked to Abbott liberal party?  :P09:01
robb__the good old days are 10.04 or 10.10 or 11.04 classic09:01
robb__no, debian  never crashes09:01
robb__abbott wants to use blood09:01
robb__and rid the carbon tax09:01
xannenomg... my graphics is laggin again!09:01
xannenevery now and then it just lags.09:01
head_victimrobb__: Debian has multiple options, from stable to bleeding edge09:02
robb__all the time it lags!09:02
robb__very customisable yup ;-) 09:02
xannenbleeding edge, i think right now, abbott likes the sound of that.  hehe09:02
robb__i saw a photo of someone using unity in it haha09:02
head_victimrobb__: as with Ubuntu, LTS's are similar to their stable, in between releases similar to testing and Ubuntu development release is bleeding edge09:03
robb__yes i've learnt that i think, LTS seems a sensible choice09:03
head_victimDepends on what you're doing with the machine. For people who don't want problems I'd suggest upgrading only to LTS's and only after a month or two after release09:03
robb__i wonder what distro rudd would use?09:04
robb__i think gillard would use mac09:04
head_victimFor those who don't mind the odd small issue that is usually reasonably easy to fix then updating every 6 months is fine.09:04
robb__in 11.04 they quickly fixed a few issues and i had a good working system 09:04
robb__it was nice ;-)09:05
robb__same in 10.10 my first ever trial after vista kept dying09:05
head_victimrobb__: I'd expect the same on almost all releases.09:05
head_victimTesting something covers a lot of the issues but you'll never get them all until everyone has a try.09:06
robb__i guess if i waited a few months after a new release then the updates would have fixed most the bugs?09:06
head_victimrobb__: pretty much, or at least workarounds would be fairly easy to find onlien09:06
robb__i guess09:06
head_victimBut on that note, I need to head out for a bit. 09:07
robb__i don't like upgrading every 6 mo nths so i guess im a lts freak hah09:07
head_victimrobb__: I usually can't be bothered updating that regularly either so I have stuck to LTS's for a while.09:07
head_victimCatch you later on.09:07
xannensee you head_victim <309:07
robb__cheers from tassie!09:07
xannenbrb...  graphics lag.  relogging session.09:08
robb__oh dear09:08
xannenlol the nz ship leaking oil, looks like LOL09:12
robb__oh dear09:12
robb__updated restricted drivers?09:13
xannenthe containers on it, is like neatly stacked jangga blocks on tower of pisa angle.  that's so lol09:13
xannenand now your comp/OS is f*cked?  :D09:14
robb__libyan ship09:14
robb__what u mean?09:15
xannennevermind.  lol misunderstood.09:15
robb__so u sticking with 11.10?09:16
robb__wait for fixes?09:16
xannenat this stage, since it's less than 1 week from release date.  i'll give it time for hot-fix patch.  :D09:17
xanneni'm quite disappointed 'cause ubuntu is renown for out-of-box linux desktop.09:19
robb__i think gnome 3 is one of the issues to do with it09:20
xannenWe need Smurf X. :D09:21
xannenSorry, just gnome/smurf fairy tale char mocking.09:24
gorillaoh. desktop theme color. just one shade of blue with white.09:26
xannenflash is making my screen lag.  :S  no more porn on demand.  :(09:27
robb__flash hey09:27
robb__using 64 bit?09:27
robb__the latest flash for 64 bit?09:29
xannenbrb relogging09:37
jaddi27head_victim, are you around?09:49
robb__i have a fix for u in 11.10 to stop the lag09:51
robb__i found it by accident09:51
jaddi27sagaci, are you running ubuntu oneiric, or lubuntu?09:51
sagaciwell all, kubuntu on my laptop, ubuntu on my desktop and lubuntu on a netbook09:52
jaddi27ok. have you had any issues with nautilus crashing?09:52
sagacinot so far, and the ubuntu machine is running on a P4 2.8Ghz machine09:53
jaddi27ok. i upgraded my laptop, and it was working, but now it is refusing to boot09:54
sagaciupgrade or clean install09:55
jaddi27so i will reinstall it all, after moving /home to a new partition09:55
sagaciI've never tried to upgrade since around karmic09:55
jaddi27when it did work, nautilus would crash or not open, so something was not working09:55
sagacimuch less hassle to just clean isntall09:55
jaddi27ok. the upgrade to natty worked fine, so i thought this would as well09:55
jaddi27but maybe too much had been done to it09:56
jaddi27do you use a separate home partition?09:57
sagacirighteo, I'll be back later09:57
sagacijust / and swap09:58
jaddi27you don't have many files?09:58
sagacinot on my laptop09:58
sagaciotherwise I just copy over to my windows partition09:58
jaddi27yep, makes sense09:58
sagacior the other drive in my desktop09:58
xannenyay for Q&A on ABC  loltime!10:35
head_victimjaddi27: here but going away again, feel free to pm or email me.11:25
jaddi27head_victim, i think i should be alright now. I got my computer working again enough to back up my files, so hopefully my problem will all be resolved now11:27
head_victimNo worries, cheerio11:31
xannenHey all12:06
xannenAll sleeping?12:18
gorillanope. don't sleep much.12:22
xannenhi gorilla <312:22
gorillahi xannen12:23
xannenHow are you gorilla?  What are you doing now?12:30
sagaciabout ~80km/h12:36

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