philipballewcan I make mailto links open in gmail?06:55
bioterroryou're the one with ubuntu host ;)06:55
bioterrorps. your question does not make a point06:56
bioterrorif I click mailto:fooo@fooo.com it will tell xdg to use mail client06:57
bioterrorand if you've configured your mail client to use gmail user preferences, why not06:57
bioterrorbut your browser does not automatically go to gmail.com, log in and do all the magic for you06:57
bioterrormy evolution has gmail configured and when I click mailto: -link on webpage, it will use gmail06:58
philipballewbioterror, what do you mean i have a ubuntu host?07:18
philipballewyeah. i know i'd have to configure it. I just dont wanna have evloution. I uninstalled it\07:19
Snicksiephilipballew, he means your mask :)07:20
Snicksie* [philipballew] (~philipbal@ubuntu/member/philipballew): philip ballew07:20
philipballewah, yes! that07:20
philipballewthey gave that to me!!!07:20
Snicksienice :p07:20
Snicksiei don't have one :p07:20
M0hiOT = #ubuntu-neginners-team ;)07:21
philipballewyou should become a ubuntu member07:21
M0hierr beginners*07:21
philipballewM0hi, OT?07:22
philipballewIts late at night :)07:23
philipballewwell, actually not everywhere, my bad07:24
obarthelemyHi. I'm having problems with access rights when mounting an external USB drive. Only root seems to be able to work on it. I've been fumbling for hours in /etc/fstab, I can't seem to get it right.10:18
obarthelemythere's 2 partitions on the drive: an ntfs one, and an ext410:18
geirhaWhich one are you having trouble with?10:20
obarthelemythe ext4 one for sure, let me test the ntfs on too10:21
geirhaIs the ext4 newly created?10:22
obarthelemyit's got some stuff in it already10:22
obarthelemythe NTFS on is fine10:23
geirhaAre you using it on multiple computers?10:23
obarthelemyyes, i'll share it via samba10:24
geirhaOk, but you always connect it (via USB) to the one computer?10:24
obarthelemychown tells me it's owned by root, group root, and RWX, R-X, R-X10:24
obarthelemyyes it will be connected mostly to that one10:25
geirhasudo chown -R "$USER:" /path/to/mount/point   # will make you the owner of the filesystem and all the files it contains.10:25
obarthelemyhey ! it worked !10:27
obarthelemythank you so much, I was going crazy10:27
obarthelemyeven works writing to it from the network :-)10:28
obarthelemyHave a nice day !10:31
geirhaThere's one thing though10:32
geirhaThe files on that filesystem are now owned by the uid of your user.10:32
geirhaWhen you connect it to another machine, the files will be owned by whichever user has that uid on that system.10:33
geirhaSo you'll want to make sure your user has the same uid on all systems you intend to connect it to.10:34
coalwaterany ideas how to upgrade using my usb without restarting, i forgot the iso at home :D i don't want to use the internet11:12
coalwateri  have an oneric image on my usb, when i tried booting it wanted to do a new installation, or install alongside, but i want to upgrade11:13
bioterroris there a real reason for not to use do-release-upgrade for example?11:14
coalwaterwell, let's say the internet is kinda limited right now and i don't want to take up all the bw11:19
coalwatersry internet dc'd :s11:20
bioterrormount that iso image and use it as a source then11:20
bioterrordeb file:// and so11:22
coalwaterthe problem is that i don't have an iso, i have a bootable usb11:23
bioterrorwhat's the difference?11:23
bioterroryou have .deb's there too, right?11:24
coalwaterthis is the ls11:27
bioterrorcoalwater, http://fi.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/ how it differs from that?11:28
coalwaterok so what do i need to do11:29
ubot2The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories11:31
geirhacoalwater: The desktop iso contains only a few packages, mainly drivers. The alternative iso contains packages though.12:21
coalwatergeirha: i think i'll just wait a it and do a normal online update, this is turning to be harder than i care to care about right now :D too much work to do today lol12:46
coalwaterthanks anyway :)12:46
AlexForce22hi beginners12:57
coalwaterhi AlexForce2213:04
AlexForce22wat version Ubuntu u guys have13:08
coalwateridk, depending on each person, most would probably have 11.10, and 11.04 and 10.0413:09
coalwateror* not and :D13:09
AlexForce22wat you guys think about 11.10.13:10
coalwateri personally like it13:10
coalwateri have it at home, but didn't upgrade my work pc yet13:11
AlexForce22i will not be updating as yet.13:12
AlexForce22so wats the topic guys13:13
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AlexDevilLXikonia: Are you here13:14
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AlexForce22hi guys13:57
coalwaterhi again AlexForce2214:00
AlexForce22so wat u guys usually do in here14:06
coalwaterthis is a support channel, for helping people who have questions, offtopic chats are on #ubuntu-beginners-team14:07
AlexForce22oh thats nice. so in the mean time, jus wanna say that ubuntu is awesome.14:25
coalwaterwell glad that you like it lol14:29
AlexForce22another think are you a developer14:32
coalwaterAlexForce22: actually i am14:44
AlexForce22thats nice.. how man years now14:46
coalwaterAlexForce22: i don't really remmember, but my first program was like 8 years ago or something in college15:15
coalwateror my first coding experience15:15
AlexForce22ok... i am lookingg for a place to learn about ubuntu coding standard..15:18
rkesselhey tried to install update of 11.10 and it hung for 8 hours. Then I did a clean install and it still hung up15:26
holsteinrkessel: when you say 'hung-up' what do you mean?15:27
holsteindid you try it live?15:27
coalwaterAlexForce22: u could check the dev pages on the wikis15:27
holsteinits a really nice, and easy troubleshooting step to just try the operating systems like15:27
rkesselmessage "waiting for processes to end" preceded by 3 dots15:29
rkesselon terminal screen and did nothing more15:29
holsteinrkessel: what process?15:30
holsteinhow does it run live?15:30
rkesselsame thing it installs to a point and then it just waits. I'm seriously thinking of a new distro15:31
holsteinthink what you want15:31
holsteinrkessel: how does it run live?15:31
holsteindo you get to the desktop?15:31
rkesselyes it never boots15:31
holsteinrkessel: well, thats what we should look at15:32
holsteinthats how the install will go too15:32
holsteinrkessel: im going to guess its something to do with your graphics card15:32
holsteinthis is probably something that will come up with other distro's too, so solving it here on buntu will help you where ever you end up15:32
holsteinrkessel: i would try hitting shift at the first load, and try passing the 'nomodeset' option15:33
rkesseli have nomodeset?15:33
holsteinrkessel: you have already done that?15:34
holsteini dont know what you mean by 'i have no modeset?'15:34
holsteinyou mean, you are surprised that that option exists? or you have already implemented it?15:34
holsteinyou should try some settings like that til you get to the desktop *live*15:35
rkesseli need to understand when installing no such option arrives. I have a dual boot with windows15:36
holsteinrkessel: right, when its first booting15:36
holsteinit = the live installer disc15:36
holsteinyou'll see a little icon down at the bottom15:36
holsteinthats when you *should* be able to hit the shift key15:36
holsteinthere, you should be presented with the older looking interface15:37
holsteinselect language and whatever..15:37
holsteinyou'll see options at the bottom (F2, F3, F4 whatever)15:37
holsteini think its under F4, maybe F615:37
holsteinthe 'nomodeset' option, as well as others15:37
rkesseli think i know what you mean now15:38
rkesselthank you15:38
holsteinyou can try that... you migh also be able to google "ubuntu my graphics card model" and learn something helpful15:38
rkesseli have an NVIDIA card. it works well with windows but not ubuntu15:39
holsteinthings work well with whatever the vendors support15:39
holsteinyou should let nvidia know you are having issues with it in linux15:40
rkesselno I will stay with windows15:40
holsteinstay where ever you like15:40
holsteinim just saying, ubuntu/linux doesnt support *any* hardare15:40
holsteinjust like windows15:40
holsteinsupport is provided by vendors15:40
holsteinor, reverse engineering (for linux)15:41
holsteinwhich is not easy AFAIK15:41
holsteinyou say 'it works well in windows but not ubuntu'15:41
holsteinbut that has nothing to do with ubuntu15:41
holsteinubuntu supports what it can15:41
holsteinjust like windows does15:41
rkesseli'm afraid ubuntu is out15:41
holsteinrkessel: im not15:41
holsteindo what you like15:41
holsteinim just telling you whats going on15:42
holsteinso you know15:42
holsteinand you dont say 'ubuntu doesnt support my hardware'15:42
holsteinwhen, its nvidia that is not giving you support, or allowing ubuntu to provide you with support15:42
holsteinnividia is providing the support you are taking advantage of in windows15:42
rkesselI've been using that's a bunch of crap. I have been using this machine with ubuntu for 5 years and have been having all kinds of problems with 11.0 installation. I think i will go back to an old release15:43
holsteinim running 10.04 right now15:44
holsteinthats the LTS15:44
holsteinLTS = long term support15:44
holsteini plan on running it til 12.04 releases, although i maintain testing installs of the other versions15:44
rkesseli guess that's the best solution because narwhale sucks15:45
holsteinrkessel: oneiric is the current release... 11.1015:45
holsteinlots of folks work really hard on all those releases though15:46
holsteinto provide them for us15:46
holsteinif you are having issues, the best thing to do for you, and others with that hardware, is to file bugs, and follow up15:46
rkesseli can't oneiric to work and that is my problem i was working with narwhale and can't work with oneiric15:47
holsteinsaying 'it sucks' is a strong opinion you are entitled to, but know that some of those folks that work hard on these releases are probably here15:47
rkesselI have been working with linux since the 80's no problem15:47
holsteinOK, then you understand how it works, volunteering ones time for a project like this, and how to properly file bugs15:48
rkesseli'm venting now and find that there is no help for this. I'm sorry15:48
rkesselgood bye15:49
holsteinrkessel: there is though15:49
bobweaverI have a konsole question I am playing with /usr/share/applications right now and am trying to set up a menu and also icons and commands to start this is where I am having trouble  I have a welcome screen in .bashrc and I run konsole --workdir <name of dir> --hold -e "<command>"   is there a way to drop the hold after say 2 sec? This would be awesome because It would be a great work around for the welcomescreen in .bashrc19:38
ubot2Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/19:39
geirhabobweaver: What does --hold do?19:39
bioterrorbobweaver, man wait19:40
bobweaverstop the screen19:40
geirhabioterror: You mean sleep...19:40
bioterrorwhat sleep?19:40
bobweaverI tred sleep also19:40
geirhawait waits for jobs19:41
bobweavercrashes program because of welcome screen19:41
geirhaI don't understand what "stop the screen" means19:41
bobweavergeirha:   konsole --help-all19:42
bioterrorwhy you want to start a terminal program and have "ascii" welcome screen19:42
bobweaverwelcome screen is more about calender and weather19:42
ubot2Factoid 'conky' not found19:42
bioterroruse conky for that ;)19:43
bobweaveralso I wrote the bash rc and the weather program19:43
bobweaverso attached19:43
bioterrorinternet is full of conky guides and things19:43
bioterrorthat will be shown on top of your wallpaper19:43
bioterrorbetter than terminal19:43
bobweaverI also have conky installed19:44
bobweaverand love it19:44
bobweaverbut I also love it in the terminal and there is always a work around in the open source scence or that is what I heard19:45
* bobweaver looks at wait 19:45
geirhabobweaver: What should happen after two seconds? the terminal should close or the shell prompt should appear?19:47
bobweaverthe command should be exacuded19:48
bobweaverto avoid the welcome screen19:48
bobweaveras it is now it release command but then the welcome screen takes over19:48
geirhabashrc won't be sourced for a non-interactive shell19:49
geirhaAnyway, I'm afraid I still don't understand :/19:56
bobweaverI allmost have it :>)20:10
geirhado tell :)20:12
bobweaverkonsole --workdir /opt/enumeration/routing/0trace/ -e '/bin/bash -lc "cd /opt/enumeration/routing/0trace/;sleep -5;./0trace.sh;bash"'20:13
bobweaverthat is what I have came up with so far20:14
bobweaverbut sleep is not working20:14
bobweaverneither is ./0trace.sh20:14
geirhasleep 5, not -520:15
Caspase3What does loading a wireless module with sudo modprobe [module] nohwcrypt=1 do?20:16
bobweavergirha I tried sitll nothing I even took welcome screen away and still nothing <- but that makes me feel good I am on my way20:19
geirhaCaspase3: Don't know. The documentation of that particular module should explain what it will do when nohwcrypt=1 is passed to it.20:26
geirhabobweaver: What do you mean by nothing?20:26
bobweaverit dont help any20:27
geirhabobweaver: replace the ;bash at the end with ;read;bash20:27
geirharead will wait for you to hit enter20:27
bobweaverwill do thaks20:27
geirhabefore it runs the next command20:27
bobweaveromg I am so close20:31
bobweaverread;bash smae thing20:32
bobweaversmae *20:32
bobweaversame *20:32
* bobweaver has fat fingers :>) 20:32
bobweaverthanks you guys are all rockstars in my eyes !20:37
bioterrorwe are junkies in your eyes :(20:42
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bobweaverlol bioterror20:55
bobweaverthanks not what I meant :>)20:56
AlexForce22thanks for the support today. Contact you another time23:19
* AlexForce22 leaving23:19

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