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BluesKajHi folks14:00
dscasselMorning, BluesKaj14:23
BluesKajHi dscassel14:23
genii-around"<akgraner> Up Next  at 1600 UTC in #ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-classroom chat for Ubuntu Open Week is Getting the most out of LoCo Teams Portal - mhall119"15:52
dscasselThanks, genii-around. Forgot it was Open Week.16:17
genii-aroundMostly it looks like someone here already knows how to use the LoCo portal, all the stuff they've mentioned about adding pictures or events, etc are already pretty up-to-date for us.16:21
genii-aroundI didn't know about #ubuntu-locoteams16:49
dscasselYeah. :)17:07
dscasselMind you, the more people updating it the better, really...17:08

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