jonobkerensa, man, saw the tat02:33
jonobkerensa, mind if I blog it?02:33
jonojcastro, around?02:59
jonoI know it is a long shot02:59
dholbachgood morning06:40
dholbachhey Gwaihir07:17
Gwaihirhey dholbach!07:17
cjohnstondholbach: piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing08:29
dholbachcjohnston, pong08:30
cjohnstondholbach: we are switching LoCo Team Portal to use wsgi.. (http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~loco-directory-dev/loco-directory/0.2/view/head:/loco_directory/django.wsgi)  do you have any idea what instructions I would need to provide IS for that switch?08:31
dholbachcjohnston, no, no idea - I never had to deal with any of this08:31
dholbachit might be worth just asking in #canonical-sysadmin08:31
czajkowskialoha folks09:00
czajkowskicjohnston: what are you doing up at this hour09:00
cjohnstoni dunno09:01
czajkowskipopey: http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3Dom7O0MFkmpw&h=EAQA_9N8nAQARjsJGxOQ7U6YvNL7sKC_6CqMibap9m-SfFw10:20
czajkowskipopey: http://youtu.be/om7O0MFkmpw10:21
dholbachI think I just replied to 456 emails10:56
* popey hugs dholbach 10:57
* dholbach hugs popey back10:57
czajkowskidholbach: no wonder you were so quiet today ;p10:58
* kim0 rebooting into ubuntu-cloud-live usb stick .. wears director hat :) expect delayed replies11:01
nigelbdholbach: wow.11:02
* nigelb hugs dholbach 11:02
dholbachthat was ... slightly exaggerated :)11:02
dholbachbut still LOADS11:02
nigelbI went through about 1000.11:03
nigelbbut I only had to read.11:03
nigelbMost of them were autogenerated mails that needed reading.11:03
ashamsHello everybody,11:50
ashamsThere's an idea of creating an Appreciation Day for Ubuntu Community, it's being developed and your opinions/suggestions/help is really needed.11:50
ashamsHere's the wiki page for it: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UCADay11:50
czajkowskiashams: nice idea, but, do you really think we need another day;/week event11:54
ashamsczajkowski: mmm, not sure, it has a different nature11:55
czajkowskiit could be built into open week11:55
ashamsnot really an event11:55
czajkowskior community week thiny, another week of events when we already find it hard to find speakers doesnt seem an efficient way, I'm not saying it's a bad idea, I'd rather see it as a topic in a already organised weeek/day11:56
ashamsit's not really an really event, just a day to enjoy being member of this community, it's not even a day just minutes to say thank you, that's it11:57
nigelbheh, czajkowski, we've gotten used to think that something ending with "day" or "week" is an IRC event ^-^11:58
PendulumI wonder if it sends a message that we don't appreciate the community every day, though :-/11:58
ashamsPendulum: not sure, never came to my head!11:59
czajkowskipopey: +111:59
czajkowskiPendulum: +111:59
czajkowskistupid tab completeion11:59
czajkowskinigelb: when a community is as wide spread as we are they do tend to be12:00
nigelbczajkowski: to be fair, that's what I thought as well ;)12:01
ashamsdevs, translators, triaggers, supporters, even loco teams, need to feel that they are part of something that really feels them and appreciate what each other do....12:03
mhall119ashams: which is something each of us should be doing as individuals on a regular basis12:05
mhall119but I understand what you're going for, and I think it could be made into something that has an impact for more than just a day12:06
ashamsmhall119: you do?, you get down to loco mailing lists and say "Thank you guys, we really appreciate what you do" :)12:07
mhall119I'm thinking we should add a "Be Thankful" clause to the Code of Conduct12:07
mhall119ashams: not loco mailing lists, but I try to let the people I work with know how awesome they are12:07
mhall119of, in the case of czajkowski, that she's so AWESOME it requires capslock12:07
ashamsthat's it, this time, it's cross community part12:08
ashamsdevs will share it with translators, and so on....12:08
mhall119so like a "Thank a part of the community that you don't normally thank"12:09
mhall119I could see that12:09
ashamswe don't say it :D12:09
mhall119encourage people to blog their appreciation, or send it to mailing lists of IRC channels12:09
ashamsyep, but if we kept asking them to do it everyday, they will do it only once, I think.12:10
* ashams scratches his head12:11
Pendulummhall119: I'm not sure "be thankful" is the correct phrasing, but maybe "show appreciation" would be a good clause12:11
Pendulum"be thankful" to me just smacks of condescension (but that may be the contexts in which I'm usually told to be thankful)12:12
czajkowskimhall119: fecker you know I dislike that word  I will throttle you :) xx12:13
czajkowskiashams: If I have mails in my inbox for saying thanks you for every thing it's gonna get withering12:13
czajkowskihave to find a balance12:13
czajkowskilike when mails get sent to a list with info and reply thanks for that I really wonder do they need to send the reply12:14
nigelbHrm, I'm liking this.12:15
czajkowskiwe have the hall of fame12:15
czajkowskiuse it more12:15
nigelbhall of fame needs work :(12:16
ashamsczajkowski: automated, not from real persons, we have a lot of LoCos out there, much of it's newcomers feel uncomfortable, imagine what would happen if some person from another loco showed up saying, I belong to you because I love what you do and I *Appreciate* it :)12:18
PendulumI wonder if it's something that might work better for newer people than it does for those of us who've been around a couple years12:20
ashamsyou won't need it much because of that time12:21
Pendulumto me it's reading as just another "talk" (say thank you) rather than "do" (help out, get people more involved, etc) thing12:21
coalwaterhi all12:22
Pendulumashams: I think actually as people get involved longer they feel less appreciated sometimes. Where people will say they appreciate something, but then don't act on that12:22
ashamsPendulum: good point12:23
Pendulumwhich is kinda why I think if you're going to do a day like that, it needs to encourage more than just words12:23
mhall119Pendulum: true, but I wanted something that meant "internalize your appreciation for what others do for you", not just "show gratitude so other's feel good"12:23
Pendulummhall119: yeah, it may be context. I get told to be thankful that other people are bothing to follow a 20 year old law all the time ;-)12:24
mhall119I think the reason appreciation isn't shown is because the things we should be appreciative of are taken for granted12:24
mhall119Pendulum: yeah, that sucks, but then again they're not really telling you to be appreciative of the fact are they?12:25
mhall119It's more like "settle for what you have and stop asking for better"12:25
mhall119which isn't at all the same12:25
ashamsmhall119: that's the opposite12:25
Pendulumright and I just think that sometimes that's how "be thankful" is used/read12:26
mhall119yeah, you're right12:26
ashamsactually it should encourage ppl do more12:26
mhall119perhaps "be appreciative" instead of "show appreciation" then12:26
Pendulumthat might work12:26
cprofittinteresting discussion here guys12:26
* Pendulum sees a CC item in the future ;-)12:26
mhall119I'd think that "be appreciative" is implied by "be respectful" and "be considerate", but it might be worth making it explicit12:27
cprofittmhall119: is this about managing people's expectations?12:27
mhall119ashams: so tell me, what did you have in mind for community appreciation day activities?12:28
mhall119cprofitt: no, my intent it to make people aware that appreciation the work of others if a vital aspect of a cohesive community12:28
ashamsmhall119: wow, it flied up there: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UCADay12:28
* cprofitt nods12:28
ashamsenjoy reading :)12:29
mhall119cprofitt: which is why I preferred *be* appreciative, rather than *show* appreciation12:29
mhall119I think if you do the former, the latter will come naturally12:30
cprofittwould it be a good idea to hi-light areas of the community that are not 'well known' ?12:30
ashamscprofitt: exactly12:31
cprofittit sounds like this can both serve to energize people who have been doing work and make others see how easy it is to assist12:31
ashamspeople inside many locos will love it12:31
mhall119cprofitt: as long as that doesn't turn from appreciation to promotion12:31
cprofitttake CD image testing -- very few people seem to know it happens, we take it for granted, but w/o it none of us would have a good experience12:31
cprofittmhall119: I agree... it has to be a careful process12:32
mhall119so basically "Find a person/team who's work benefits you that you haven't thanked yet, and thank them for it"12:33
cprofittdo we want this to be 'visible' -- the thank you part?12:33
mhall119I don't think it has to be public, no12:33
ashamsand invisibe has benifits too, I'll go with both12:34
mhall119again, if the purpose is appreciation not promotion...12:34
coalwaterif it's public it will turn into some kind of collectable, people will start asking others to thank them, assuming it's some sort of button or something, isn't that what we're talking about ?12:34
cprofittyes, but I am thinking more about a generic exposure to a process12:34
mhall119public is good, as it shows the rest of the community (and those outside the community) that we are appreciative12:34
cprofittnot specific people12:34
mhall119but public shouldn't be necessary12:34
mhall119oh, the process, yes12:35
mhall119mostly to make it easier to spread the information12:35
cprofittlike thanking the folks who do image testing, bug triage, documentation12:35
cprofittin a general way12:35
mhall119no, I think a "thank you" email to their ML would work just as well12:35
cprofittlist the details of what these folks do (not who they are), link to the team pages, and perhaps just have a thank you button and a 'meter' that goes up or some such12:36
ashamsyes, community parts, not individuals12:36
cprofittI would like to see a thing that keeps people motivated and potentially helps others get involved12:36
mhall119if they don't have an ML or IRC channel, or like "bug triagers" it's a non-specific group of people, then a public blog post would probably be better12:36
cprofittand expose parts of the community and the processes that keep Ubuntu going12:36
ashamsthere's always a ML12:37
cprofittyeah, blod posts would work... or perhaps a forum thread?12:37
mhall119I'm against "meters"12:37
cprofittsome people may not have blogs12:37
czajkowskimhall119: +112:37
mhall119nobody should ever "have more appreciation" than anyone else in the community12:37
coalwaterdon't we have some wall of fame thing already, idon't remember where it was but it's the same idea?12:37
cprofittyeah, meters would likely lead to injured feelings upon reflection12:38
cprofittcoalwater: that was more individual than team based12:38
ashamsI'm against meters too12:38
mhall119coalwater: hall of fame, yes, but development on that has been defuct for a while now I think, the main devs have been pulled onto other things12:38
ashamsI hat e hall of fame from first day12:38
cprofittczajkowski: congrats! sorry for accidently leaving you out of my blog post initially12:39
czajkowskihall of fame has been nice when it was used more in the past12:39
czajkowskicprofitt: yeah just od me the only one left out, but ok12:39
czajkowskicprofitt: wasn't just me who noticed, lots of others too12:39
cprofittit was a simple mistake czajkowski nothing more... nothing odd about it12:40
cprofittand I corrected it as soon as it was pointed out12:40
mhall119czajkowski: he put your name in between <AWESOME> tags, and the browser just didn't recognize them ;)12:40
mhall119you can kick me when you come visit12:40
czajkowskimhall119: so help me if I see you in the near future I will throttle you, I HATE that word12:40
mhall119if it makes you see me in the near future, it'll be worth it12:41
cprofittawesome ?12:41
ashamsThe AWSOME word is quite AWSOME12:41
mhall119cprofitt: in caps12:41
* mhall119 is causing too much trouble now12:41
cprofittI have issues with that word too... we have a dedicated Apple user here at work and that is how she describes everything Apple does12:41
* mhall119 appreciations czajkowski very much12:41
czajkowskimhall119: indeed12:41
czajkowskimhall119: wuv ya too12:41
czajkowskimhall119: and not just for the bbQ ribs12:42
cprofittI had no issue with the word until I was exposed to her 'its just awesome'.12:42
czajkowskiit's an over used word12:42
mhall119czajkowski: I know, it's the cheese grits too12:42
czajkowskiwhich has lost all meaning12:42
cprofitt+1 czajkowski12:42
czajkowskiand sounds like a tv show I grew up with teengage mutant ninga turtles12:42
czajkowskiso I really really hate the word12:42
mhall119lol, I used to love that show12:42
mhall119had all the action figures12:43
czajkowskimhall119: we;re gonna have a falling out you know one of these days12:43
cprofittI had more issues with Barney the Dinosaur12:43
czajkowskimhall119: oh am jobless again12:43
nigelbgood I loved teenage mutant ninja turtles12:43
mhall119czajkowski: already?  I thought you had a few months left12:43
cprofittczajkowski: sorry to hear that.12:43
czajkowskihired 3 in 1 go not enough work let 2 go12:43
cprofittman that stinks12:43
czajkowskiam royally mifed and other words which are not appropiate for in here12:43
cprofittthough I fear I have derailed the original discussion about CAD12:45
ashamsGuys: frankly, I thought you try to stop that conversation oh it's normal ? :D12:48
ashamsanyway that was AWESOME chat :D12:48
* popey notes that people will have to edit their community council blog posts soon12:53
jussipopey: ?12:53
popeydholbach: are we mailing out about that or blogging or what?12:53
ashamsmhall119: I can't really figure a solid opinion here, I'm lost :(12:54
czajkowskipopey: eh what do we need to do with our blogs?12:55
mhall119ashams: nothing wrong with that, you can use it as a starting point and get people's ideas12:55
cprofittpopey: same question as czajkowski12:55
popeyyeah, sorry, lemme clarify with dholbach12:55
* jussi sees a great opportunity to spread rumours here, but refrains... :P12:56
cprofitthey jussi!12:56
* jussi hides from cprofitt :P12:57
jussihello cprofitt :)12:57
ashamsmhall119: thanks, I'll return to some ppl then get back here, if you wish?12:58
jussicprofitt: before you ask, no Im not going to UDS. (its funny, everyone is shocked when they hear Im not going, then they hear why and say oooohhh....)12:58
Pendulumjussi: I know why!12:58
cprofittah... I will skip to the why part then... why?12:58
mhall119ashams: consider sending an email to the community council and also the loco council12:58
jussiPendulum: :)12:59
* mhall119 knows why too12:59
ashamsmhall119: there's already a talk about that, but in private)it just happened) and when no much replies was there form ppl other than dholbach, he suggested dropping it here13:00
mhall119ashams: ok13:01
ashamsmmm, I'll be sending these messages too13:03
ashamstime is running13:03
czajkowskiashams: new CC has only just been elected13:03
czajkowskias a person on the LC I'd be looking at the hall of fame or kick starting life into that, that's me though, not had a chane to wear my CC hat yet :)13:04
ashamsczajkowski: good opportunity then :)13:04
jussiczajkowski: has your term officially started yet?13:04
czajkowskiashams: I'd still go for hall of fame, its a site that can be translated so open to others13:05
czajkowskijussi: I think so, given sabdfl posted welcome but not sure13:05
czajkowskiI've not had any other emails13:05
ashamshost to lp and mail translators :)13:05
ashamsI wish you get that CC hat soon, you'll be even more AWESOME :P13:05
czajkowskiashams: you clearly missed the part above where I hate that word right ?13:06
popeythe two things that need to happen is that the new CC need to be added to the LP group and they need adding to the cc mailing list13:06
popey(and old ones removed)13:06
ashamsczajkowski: right :)13:07
popeyhttps://launchpad.net/~communitycouncil/+members is looking a bit empty13:07
popeyI'd recommend the new cc people just join the cc mailing list13:07
nigelbHas anyone seen Emmet recently?13:08
nigelbwell, on IRC that is.13:08
czajkowskioh community-council@lists.ubuntu.com  should be aded to the LP page13:14
popeyit is on the wiki page13:14
czajkowskiaye tis13:17
jussibah, ive forgotten the name of it... - someone here recommended a website with wireframing software, can anyone give me reminders what it was ?13:21
czajkowskijussi: pencil is lovely to use13:21
mhall119I like pencil, but it's an XPI app, not a webapp13:21
jussiczajkowski: no, it was an online one13:21
mhall119pencil will run as a firefox plugin13:21
* popey hugs dholbach 13:22
mhall119but that's probably not what you meant13:22
mhall119jussi: http://mhall119.com/2011/04/pencil-for-easy-ui-mockups/13:22
czajkowskimhall119: not on FF613:22
czajkowskiFF3 plugin yes13:22
jussimhall119: yeah, Im trying to specifically remember the one was was recommended last tiime13:22
* popey hands jussi http://www.asciiflow.com/13:22
jussipopey: you are evil :P13:23
popeyutf8 > ascii > *13:23
AlanBellPencil is "Compatible with Firefox 4 to 7."13:23
nigelbI use 9 :(13:23
czajkowskiAlanBell: couldnt get it to work last week so installed it desktop13:24
czajkowskinot that it matters any more :/13:24
popeyjussi: balsamiq is the pay-for one people rave about13:25
jussipopey: ahh thats it!!13:25
jussithank you :)13:25
* dholbach hugs popey back13:25
czajkowskifree for 7 days13:25
czajkowskimeant to be very ncie13:25
jussiright, home time. thanks everyone13:25
jcastrobuenas mornings!13:26
czajkowskijcastro: dhia dhuit :)13:26
cprofittsee ya later jussi13:26
Pendulumczajkowski: now spell that out phonetically so we know how it's pronounced ;-)13:26
cprofitthey jcastro13:27
czajkowskidee a13:27
czajkowskiI think13:27
czajkowskinot sure of the last one13:27
czajkowskimeans hello in Irish13:27
Pendulumso annoyed that Amber felt like she had to apologize to jono's team publicly in a blog post13:32
jcastroI don't even know what she did to me13:32
jcastroI tried to tell her that when she sent me a mail13:33
Pendulumeep, that was supposed to be a PM13:33
* czajkowski hugs Pendulum 13:33
mhall119Pendulum: uh oh, now you need to make a public apology13:33
jcastro(just kidding)13:33
czajkowskiplease blog all apologies now, k thanks bye :p13:33
PendulumI just think someone shouldn't need to apologize for saying how they feel13:34
mhall119no, but at the same time if someone feels that they should apologize, there's nothing wrong with that13:34
Pendulumjust feels awkward to me since I don't see where she went wrong in the first place13:34
=== ashams_ is now known as ashams
mhall119doesn't matter what anyone else saw, only what she saw13:35
czajkowskimhall119: pm or private mail for it imo13:35
czajkowskikinda made no sense to me either13:35
jcastromhall119: ok so these  "adjustments" James and Dave are talking about in the RT13:36
mhall119hello transition13:36
mhall119jcastro: I have no idea what adjustments james has suggested13:36
jcastrohah nice13:37
* jcastro makes explosion sounds13:37
mhall119jcastro: LD/LTP is moving to mod_wsgi, and summit has some code optimizations, other than that I have no idea13:38
coalwaterramy farouk13:38
mhall119coalwater: try with a / in front13:38
jcastroOMG Open Week in 20 minutes13:38
czajkowskicoalwater: eh ?13:38
mhall119oh crap, that's this week?13:39
mhall119(in response to jcastro, not coalwater)13:39
coalwaterstupid co worker13:39
coalwatermessing with my irc13:39
coalwateri apologize13:39
mhall119coalwater: should be in the form of a blog ;)13:39
mhall119also, that'll teach you not to lock your desktop when you step away13:40
coalwateri was just 2 desks away13:40
mhall119I worked at a place where it was practically company policy to prank anybody who didn't lock their desktop when they were away13:40
coalwatero well, i guess i will next time13:41
mhall119favorite method was to take a screenshot of the desktop and set it as the wallpaper, hiding the windows (bleh) panel and desktop icons13:41
PendulumMy last company had policy where everyone had everyone else's passwords so could log onto any desktop. In retrospect I should have done some minor pranks that way13:41
mhall119Pendulum: now that's security!13:41
jcastrohey so, just so I'm sure13:42
jcastro1400UTC is in 15 minutes right?13:42
coalwatermhall119: i might try that13:42
coalwaterhe left13:42
Pendulummhall119: I was the most techie person in the office. When my boss switched from an iMac to a mac mini and screen, she didn't realise she had 2 things she had to make sure were plugged in.13:43
mhall119Pendulum: been there done that13:44
PendulumI just worry about any place where I'm their tech support ;-)13:45
popeymhall119: its company policy here to prank people13:51
czajkowskihealthboard place I worked in people wrote their passwords on a sticky and left on desk and then once a month added a 1,2,3 4 to it13:55
czajkowskivery secure13:55
akgranerjcastro, you spamming the other irc channels to remind them13:55
akgranerI just got back home - so I'll tweet and stuff now13:55
jcastroI social media'ed already13:58
jcastrobut I did forget #ubuntu, so got it!13:58
akgranercool :-)13:59
akgranerjust FB'd and g+13:59
akgranercrap I hate the enter key13:59
akgranerjust fb'd and g+'d my streams with the info13:59
jcastropopey: ask me a question in the classroom14:17
nigelbjcastro: Nice to see you got started :)14:48
dpmakgraner, would you mind swapping your UOW session with my second one on Wednesday? I've just realised it overlaps with the community team call14:49
akgranerno worries  - make it so :-)14:49
dpmthanks akgraner!14:51
akgraneranytime :-)14:52
dpmakgraner, timetable updated, thanks14:57
akgranerdpm,  thanks for handling that14:57
jonokim0, all set?15:00
jonokim0, ok, just give me a few mins15:00
jonokim0, some sound issues, rebooting15:01
akgranerjcastro, funn sesson  - thanks!15:04
akgranerfun even15:04
nigelbjcastro: good session!15:05
akgranerjust linked the logs to your session :-)15:05
akgranerI didn't create a whole new page just linked the the logs - easier that way15:05
akgranerbut we are missing the link to last cycles open week sessions15:05
akgranerjcastro, or nigelb can you all add them to the header?15:06
nigelbI'm multitasking, but later today for sure.15:06
akgranernigelb, k - I just didn't know if anyone realized that or not15:06
jcastromhall119: or nigelb15:07
jcastrois there a way to override the "same track next slot!" thing?15:08
nigelbI don't even know what you're asking15:08
jcastrobe able to schedule an entire afternoon with one track15:08
jcastrolike how linaro did15:08
jcastrojames_w: ^15:09
nigelbah, leadership summit?15:09
nigelbjust manually push those into the schedule15:09
nigelband turn off autoschedule for those sessions15:09
james_wjcastro, you can do it for a particular track15:09
nigelb(that's what I think linaro did)15:09
jcastrobut that would be global right?15:09
mhall119jcastro: for the track, yes15:09
nigelbso you'll have to create a new track for rit.15:10
jcastrook, how about making a "leadership summit" track then?15:10
jcastrook on it15:10
nigelb\o/ colors15:10
nigelbpick a color so we can fix the css for it.15:10
mhall119don't break it15:10
mhall119nigelb: fix what css?15:10
nigelbmhall119: The color for each track is still in CSS right?15:10
mhall119where have you been?15:10
jcastroit's in the admin tool15:10
mhall119it's in the database now, part of the Track record15:10
nigelbmhall119: oooooooh15:11
jcastroI selected a nice pastel palette. :)15:11
nigelbmhall119:  <315:11
czajkowskijcastro: a leadership summit at uds?15:11
jcastroczajkowski: it's not announced yet15:11
jcastroas soon as I finish this15:11
czajkowskihow cool had I known that I'd even consdiered applying for sponsorship alone for UDS this cycle15:11
mhall119top secret, community destroying plans I'm sure15:11
nigelbwell, I have the scedule for it with me.15:11
czajkowskijcastro: :( last min ideas are great and all but do kinda suck15:11
nigelbPretty neat set of sessions.15:11
czajkowskithat would have had an effect on people applying I can assure you15:12
jcastro[] allow adjacent sessions15:12
jcastroHELL YEAH15:12
bkerensajcastro: You see my ink on G+15:13
jcastronot yet15:13
bkerensayou will enjoy15:14
jcastrolink me up, I am not sure if I'm following you?15:16
jcastrohey, and now the most important part15:16
jcastrowhat color should we use?15:16
bkerensajcastro: http://ubuntuone.com/4AiC97nxYmfe4UntqLxIyf15:16
jcastrothat is jawesome15:17
bkerensayeah its starting not to hurt as much today15:17
bkerensaI got it on Saturday15:17
jcastroI cried15:17
bkerensaI wonder how many people have Circle of Friends ink15:18
bkerensaIts a good conversation starter and surprisingly on the ride home a guy on the bus said he loves Ubuntu randomly15:19
mhall119I've found that just wearing an Ubuntu shirt gets people to ask me about it15:19
mhall119less painful than a tattoo15:19
akgranerI love Ubuntu but don't think I'm adding it to my collection of ink :-) but bkerensa that's cool and I'm glad it works for ya15:19
bkerensaakgraner: Well there is a bigger plan surrounding it15:21
bkerensaakgraner: thinking of a entire Linux/FOSS sleeve over time15:21
mhall119bkerensa: so I guess now is a bad time to tell you that they're changing the logo15:21
bkerensaakgraner: Likely will cost a lot so bits and pieces at a time :D15:22
mhall119(just kidding)15:22
jcastroI know one dude has the old logo15:22
bkerensamhall119: I'm sure it will always be Circle of Friends based if they ever change it again15:22
mhall119true, there's a lot of investment in that trademark15:22
bkerensajcastro: Yeah he commented on my post on G+..... I think he is the only other person I can find with Ubuntu ink :P15:23
bkerensajcastro: But his doesn't follow the Ubuntu Brand Guidelines15:23
mhall119bkerensa: file a bug, assign it to him ;)15:24
jcastro"your tattoo is off brand"15:26
mhall119czajkowski: do you have the link to the wiki page for signing up to the LTP rss feed?15:27
nigelbmhall119: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoPortalFeeds15:27
mhall119ah, thanks nigelb15:28
akgranerRandall's session is awesome!15:36
akgranerYou can totally see his marketing background come to life in his LoCo team.  It's soooo contagious!15:36
akgranerI love marketing :-)15:38
czajkowskimhall119: sorry was out in kitchen making dinner, you got tyhe link anyhow15:44
akgranerUp Next  at 1600 UTC in #ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-classroom chat for Ubuntu Open Week is Getting the most out of LoCo Teams Portal - mhall11915:51
jcastromhall119: 10 minute warning!15:52
mhall119jcastro: I'm already in there asking questions :P15:52
akgranerjcastro, I don't know if I added you as helper in all the sessions  - is it ok to do that?15:54
akgranerI didn't want to voluntell you..:-)15:54
akgranermhall119, as you know when the topic changes the floor is yours :-)15:57
bkerensaWell gotta head to kinkos and prep stuff for our 11.10 Release Party this weekend ttyl16:17
dholbachjono, 10m? :)16:19
bkerensadholbach: jono doing a session today?16:21
dholbachbkerensa, nope, but we're having a call together :)16:21
bkerensadholbach: Oh darn... /me goes back afkish16:21
jonodholbach, yup16:22
dholbachbkerensa, just double-checked: no jono on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek :)16:22
jcastro<---- lunching, AFK!16:26
jonodholbach, will be two secs16:30
dholbachjono, skype? g+?16:30
jonodholbach, firing up a hangout16:33
dholbachalright my friends - I call it a day16:57
dholbachsee you all tomorrow16:57
akgranerjcastro you want to summarize today's sessions or do you want me to for Classroom and Fridge postings?17:24
jcastroask me after17:25
jcastroin the middle of one!17:25
cprofittgotta run to an appointment17:41
cprofittsee you guys later17:41
akgranerjcastro logs are linked to the sessions for today  - we don't need to create individual pages do we?18:04
jcastrono way, too much work18:04
akgranerk :-)18:04
pleia2so the americas membership board wiki was deleted and I submitted a ticket about it 2 days ago and haven't heard anything, we've got a meeting on thursday and people are starting to complain they can't add their application18:05
pleia2is there any way to get this nudged along with IS?18:05
pleia2(it gives all kinds of python errors when I try to revert, and gives an error if you try to create a new page)18:06
* jcastro tries it18:06
pleia218219 is the ticket number18:07
jcastroI got it18:08
pleia2ooh, how?18:08
pleia2oh, got it in a different way18:09
pleia2thanks for taking a look18:09
jcastroI did &action=view18:09
jcastrothen I could rever WHOA18:09
jcastrohuge python error18:09
jcastrowow, it's totally boned18:10
jcastropleia2: ok try this18:10
jcastrosince you can view the old one18:10
jcastrocopy the raw into gedit18:10
jcastrothen just recreate the page18:10
jcastrosee what happens18:10
pleia2yes, that gives a "Page could not get locked. Missing 'current' file?" error18:11
pleia2I forwarded you the ticket18:11
jcastrolemme poke IS18:13
jcastrowhen is the meeting?18:13
jcastrodon't say tonight18:13
pleia2thank you :)18:13
* AlanBell has roomlist schedules working18:17
* czajkowski hugs AlanBell 18:17
* AlanBell hugs czajkowski18:17
jcastropleia2: they're looking now18:20
jcastroand will get back to me18:20
jcastroNOBODY PANIC.18:20
pleia2thank you :)18:20
Picipleia2: I had the same issue with another page last week, IS got it fixed for me, although I  was getting a 500 server error over the weekend for the same page (its working today).18:20
jcastrowouldn't it be wonderful if they just replace the wiki with mediawiki18:20
pleia2crazy wiki :)18:20
PiciTwas for the DevelopmentCodenames page, very important :P18:20
pangolinhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes still hasn't been updated either18:23
PiciI logged a bug for that on release day :/18:24
pangolinI remember18:24
pangolinnot like md5sums are important or anything :)18:24
jcastroping someone on the release team18:25
jcastromaybe it missed a checklist or something?18:25
jcastropleia2: you are back in bidness18:28
pleia2woohoo, thank you!18:28
akgranerpangolin, here's the information just needs to be added to the documentation  - http://releases.ubuntu.com/oneiric/MD5SUMS18:31
pangolinakgraner: it's a wiki but I can't add it :/18:32
akgranerone sec let me see if I Can18:32
akgranerwaiting for it to sign me in :-/18:32
akgranerpangolin, it lets you log in but you have to file a bug to get it added or make changes to the page18:36
akgranerif you didn't file a bug already then I'll do it now and give you the link to the bug18:37
pangolinbug is filed by Pici18:37
pangolinakgraner: thanks for taking a look at it though :)18:37
ubot2Launchpad bug 873428 in ubuntu-docs "UbuntuHashes needs Oneiric hashes" [Undecided,Confirmed]18:37
akgranerI re-added the request - that's a docs team thing18:39
akgraneronly they an update those pages or something18:39
akgranerjcastro, are you opposed to a 1300 UTC Session on wednesday?  tcarrondo can't do his 1700 UTC session on Thursday18:42
jcastrothat's fine18:42
jcastrohey any idea if rick can do that guy's slot then?18:42
akgranerI'll ask him18:42
akgranerjcastro, I get his away message but I asked him18:44
akgranerjcastro, rick is a go18:49
akgranerI told him since there was no Ask Mark this time around - then we were throwing him under the bus :-)18:49
jcastrocan you slot him in?18:50
akgraneryep doing that now and will send him the session leader email as well18:50
akgranerjcastro, updated18:54
akgranerso if you know someone who wants to give a session tomorrow , thurs, or Friday at 1300 have them sang those slots18:55
akgranerI labeled them as extra open slots18:57
mhall119akgraner: shouldn't we be doing Ask Jane sessions now?22:13
macomhall119: depends...was the point of Ask Mark to talk to the CEO or the BDFL?22:16
jonoakgraner, ping?22:19
bkerensamhall119: Ask Jane?22:22
AlanBelldo both22:24
AlanBellask Mark, then ask Jane and compare answers :)22:24
greg-g"but Mom said I could!"22:27
AlanBellmy kids ask me if they can do something, I say yes, they look surprised, go ask mum for a second opinion, she says no, they come back to me and now I have to say no too, and they burst into tears and it is my fault for some reason22:32
greg-git's their fault for asking for a second opinion when they already have a good one22:33
AlanBellI think so too22:34
macoyeah im with greg on that22:38
jonohey folks22:46
jonoI have been thinking, in the interests of improving and supporting leadership in the project, we should re-energize w.u.c/BuildingCommunity22:46
jonothere is some good content on there22:46
jonowe just need to give it a new lick of paint :-)22:47
* bkerensa pushes the Ubuntu Cloud reboot button23:01
akgranerjono, pong23:13
jonoakgraner, ^^23:17
* akgraner reads scrollback23:18
akgranerjono Building Community would be helpful....23:19
akgranerdid you want to go through it prior to UDS and see what areas need "a new lick of paint"23:21
akgranerhowever can we move it to something other than a wiki23:21
akgranerI hate wiki's why not a Community Portal or something23:21
akgranersomething with an updated look and feel - wiki pages are flat - those new sites you all have done this last cycle are jazzed up and grab people's attention23:22
akgranerjono ^^^23:24
greg-gakgraner: which new pages are you thinking of?23:24
akgranergreg-g - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BuildingCommunity23:25
akgranersomething like cloud.ubuntu.com but community.ubuntu.com23:25
greg-gakgraner: except I can't contribute to a community.ubuntu.com that has the same system as cloud.ubuntu.com23:26
greg-gexcept blog post comments, which aren't helpful23:26
akgranergreg-g, we can figure that out - sure people can contribute to wiki but we need another way to grab people's attention23:27
greg-gwhat I'm saying is: whatever BuildingCommunity turns into must be community-owned, not some announcement platform23:27
akgranergreg-g, I agree23:27
greg-gI think that's a different problem?23:27
akgranerbut if we don't start somewhere and just do something then we stay just where we are23:28
akgranerat least by updating and looking for better more updated solutions we don't get stagnant23:28
greg-gwho said we're aren't going to do something?23:28
akgraneryou didn't but I just put that out there - I don't want to argue about it - I just want something updated23:29
greg-g:) fair23:29
akgranerjono, has a good point23:29
greg-gbut I don't think a technology switch will fix the problem23:29
akgranerif the community thought it was important they could have been adding to it all along - I venture to say people have forgotten about the Building Community pages23:30
* jono reads up23:30
akgranerso 1) we need more buzz about them23:31
akgraner2) we need to see which pages need updating23:31
jonomy feel is to get BuildingCommunity in shape before we move to a portal23:31
jonowe need folks to be able to update it23:31
akgranerjono, that was going to be point 323:31
jonoI started those pages as a source of community guidance and leadership and I think we just forgot about them a little :-)23:31
greg-gyep :)23:31
akgranerjono agreed23:31
bkerensaCloud :D23:31
jonoso I was thinking it could be a good focus of efforts for us to improve23:31
greg-gbut a non-community-editable community page is not :)23:32
jonoand if we have some great content we could then move it to a portal if needed23:32
bkerensajono: juju is fun :D23:32
jonogreg-g, totally agree23:32
* greg-g nods23:32
jonobkerensa, :-)23:32
bkerensa [bkerensa] (~bkerensa@cloud.ubuntu-oregon.org):23:32
jonoakgraner, I think I will blog about this tomorrow, I was thinking we could maybe organize a docs day to fix it all up23:32
akgranerI'm in23:32
jonoakgraner, cool23:32
jonowe should liaise with the docs team over this too23:33
akgranerI'd love to have those fixed up and the leadership team is looking for things to help with as well23:33
jonoawesome, I think the leadership team could really help here23:33
bkerensajono: I'm on Leadership and Docs team23:33
bkerensabut my doc contributions are going stale23:33
jonoI think I am going to make a few adjustments to the pages and then I will blog i23:34
jonoand see if we can get some folks to participate23:34
jonowould be awesome to get them fixed up for UDS23:34
akgranerit would be - when do you want people to start going through the pages, before or after you blog?23:35
jonoakgraner, my hunch is the blog will share the ambition of fixing them up23:35
jonobut people can get started now, for sure :-)23:35
jonoI think the main bits are the Knowledge Base and the FAQ23:35
jonoI would love to see it become a central base of knowledge for community building in the project23:36
akgranerok but I think people should know that someone has veto on information added23:36
akgranerb/c some people would totally add dictatorship to leadership ideas23:36
jonoit's a wiki, everyone has veto :-)23:36
akgraneror something like that23:36
jonoof course23:36
akgranerthat is not helpful23:36
jonowell, we can fix up that stuff later23:36
jonothere will be some crud23:36
jonobut I think in general we can get some good content in there23:37
akgranerok just looking at all the angles :-)23:37
bkerensaakgraner: BDFL23:37
bkerensajono: You going to be busy Saturday evening?23:38
akgranerbkerensa, I can go all BDFL on people just ask my kids, but that doesn't work for community leaders of volunteer organizations unless you're like Mark and pouring millions into something in that case no arguments from me :-)23:38
jonobkerensa, yup23:39
bkerensaakgraner: I know I was just poking fun at MarkS's title23:39
akgranerbkerensa, he's not the only one in the FOSS community who uses that...:-)23:39
bkerensajono: 11.10 release party saturday I was wondering if I pinged you I might be able to get you on G+ for like 5 mins just to say hi23:39
akgranerjono, good idea - thanks for bringing it up  - as soon as you clog I'll talk to the leadership team23:40
jonobkerensa, sorry, I would love to but Sat is my one night with my wife before I run to UDS23:40
bkerensajono: Oh totally understandable.... Btw. Lucky you getting to go to UDS23:40
bkerensaakgraner: What did you think of my membership app?23:41
akgranergood :-)  I think you'll do well23:41
akgranerI'm going to try to be at the meeting23:41
bkerensaakgraner: Yeah I might ask some LoCo people to be there and maybe WA LoCo aswell23:42
* bkerensa will try and be there (LOL thats a joke)23:42
akgranerjono thanks!23:42
* bkerensa is gonna zip off to connect a Surveillance DVR to the network here ttyl folks23:42
jonothanks akgraner!23:47

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