pittiGood morning04:20
ajmitchmorning pitti04:21
didrocksgood morning05:45
dholbachgood morning06:40
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hrwprecise opened - wonder how many people will switch to it during month07:11
amitkhrw: 5-6? :)07:14
amitkincluding you07:14
dholbachI switched a vm to precise :-)07:14
amitkdholbach: that's cheating :)07:16
hrwamitk: ;)07:16
diwicdholbach, what vm infrastructure do you use/recommend?07:25
dholbachI just use kvm - I used a normal .iso to install it there07:26
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UsingDevelopmentReleases has a lot of different options07:26
diwicdholbach, okay, thanks07:26
FourDollarsdholbach: Could you sponsor my patch at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ibus-chewing/+bug/874028 ?07:35
ubottuUbuntu bug 874028 in ibus-chewing (Ubuntu) "The preferences window of ibus-chewing crashed after clicking save button." [Undecided,Fix committed]07:35
dholbachFourDollars, I'm a bit busy with other stuff right now - maybe you could ping the patch pilot in the topic of the channel?07:38
FourDollarsdholbach: I see. Thanks a lot. :)07:39
dholbachno problem07:39
FourDollarssmoser: ping07:40
janimoFourDollars, from what I read here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates , it is better to have the fix already in the development series before requesting an update to the stable one07:47
janimoa fix for P should probably happen anyway right?07:48
janimoFourDollars, also the upload now targets a released version, so the changelog should have oneiric-proposed as the series name07:49
FourDollarsjanimo: Thanks you for your correcting. :)07:50
janimoFourDollars, I just read that doc now, I also need to work on a separate SRU :)07:50
tumbleweedI think in the first week, fixing relatively straightforward issues directly into -proposed is ok07:51
tumbleweedit's not like it would actually be tested by anyone in precise07:51
tumbleweed(assuming you copy-up from oneiric-proposed to precise)07:51
FourDollarsibus-chewing that I work on is the same version in precise and oeniric.07:52
FourDollarsHow should I do ?07:53
FourDollarsChanging oneiric to oneiric-proposed ? Or oneiric to precise?07:53
tumbleweedupload to proposed as usual, and request that it be copyied to precise when accepted07:53
FourDollarsI see. Thanks, tumbleweed.07:55
janimotumbleweed, I am glad to hear there are some exceptions :)07:57
* tumbleweed isn't in the SRU team, I just know what I've done in this situation :)07:58
FourDollarsI have changed bzr repo from oneiric to oneiric-proposed.07:59
FourDollarsWhat should I do next?07:59
FourDollarsWhat should I do in next step?07:59
FourDollarsThis patch should just be a Stable Fix .08:00
tumbleweedFourDollars: target oneric-proposed in the changelog, use as your version, and get a sponsor to upload it. Then add a comment on the bug, asking the SRU team to copy it up when accepting it.08:02
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FourDollarstumbleweed: Should I use because is my upload?08:05
FourDollarstumbleweed: I just want to upload second patched version.08:05
tumbleweedFourDollars: the .1 makes it obvious that it was an SRU. See the security team's verisoning policy linked to from the SRU wiki page08:06
FourDollarstumbleweed: I see. Thanks for your explanation.08:07
FourDollarsI have changed to .08:09
apwmvo, i saw your analysis of the upgrade issue, do you want me to remove the package to confirm its my issue, or wait until you have something to test09:20
mvoapw: please remove I have the dpkg status file that was enough to reproduce the problem09:22
apwmvo, awsome preplanning ... will do and update theb ug09:23
superm1mvo, i've been seeing people reporting in forums about 11.04->11.10 mythbuntu upgrades pulling in unity-greeter rather than mythbuntu-lightdm-theme.  no one has filed a proper "bug" yet for it, but do you think this can be a side effect of calling do-release-upgrade without --mode=desktop?09:23
mvosuperm1: it shouldn't be, the release-upgrader should figure this out automatically, it would be cool to get access to the logs when this happend09:26
tjaalton@pilot in09:29
=== udevbot_ changed the topic of #ubuntu-devel to: Precise open for uploads | Ubuntu 11.10 Released! | Development of Ubuntu (not support, not app development) | build failures -> http://bit.ly/or6CHJ | #ubuntu for support and general discussion for hardy -> oneiric | #ubuntu-app-devel for application development on Ubuntu | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment | See #ubuntu-bugs for http://bit.ly/lv8soi | Patch Pilots: tjaalton, smo
* cjwatson flushes through an initial batch of mass syncs to precise, up to fonts-vlgothic09:30
cjwatsonI'll do the next batch after a publisher run has happened09:30
pitticjwatson: oh, sync-source.py is working again?09:31
pittior do we use an lplib tool now?09:31
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DavieyHmm.. precise-changes mailing list doesn't seem to be showing everything.09:32
pittiDaviey: oh, "everything" -- what's missing?09:33
Davieyyeah, not me09:33
Davieypitti: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nova/2011.3-0ubuntu709:33
DavieyInfact, everything i have done.. :)09:34
pittiright, confirmed09:34
Daviey(including sponsorships.)09:34
cjwatsonpitti: wgrant fixed sync-source09:34
cjwatsonpitti: moving to an lplib tool is blocked09:35
cjwatsonDaviey: #launchpad(-dev) might be better placed to look into this09:35
wgrantDaviey, cjwatson: I poked bigjools about that earlier, but I think he's distracted.09:35
cjwatsonDaviey: FWIW I think I have been saying that I don't yet advise using syncpackage for sponsorships, and that people should continue to use old-style sync requests for those for now09:36
wgrantI don't know if mailman is stopping them, or LP isn't sending them, or...09:36
Davieycjwatson / wgrant: ok, thanks09:36
Davieycjwatson: Yeah, i'm not sponsoring sync's.. (although i did do one that someone had requested shortly before).09:37
TanguyI am the maintainer of the Debian package itstool, which is ahead from the one in Ubuntu.09:45
TanguySo if someone is able to sync, please do so. :-)09:45
cjwatsonTanguy: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SyncRequestProcess09:46
cjwatsonsomebody will need to verify that there are no Ubuntu-local changes lost by a sync09:46
TanguyThere are.09:46
cjwatsonthere are changes lost?09:46
TanguyThe package currently in Ubuntu was done for Ubuntu only.09:46
TanguyBecause at that time itstool was not in Debian.09:46
cjwatsonI mean substantive changes, not changelog or whatever09:46
TanguyI do not think there are.09:47
cjwatsonplease put this information in a sync request bug09:47
cjwatsonwe don't process syncs by IRC, it would get unwieldy :-)09:47
cjwatsondefinitely appreciate your interest though09:47
cjwatsonhmm, why is merge-o-matic showing differences relative to unstable09:48
cjwatsonI told it usto use testing09:48
FourDollarstjaalton: ping09:48
tjaaltonFourDollars: pong09:49
FourDollarstjaalton: Could you help https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ibus-chewing/+bug/874028 ?09:49
ubottuUbuntu bug 874028 in ibus-chewing (Ubuntu) "The preferences window of ibus-chewing crashed after clicking save button." [Undecided,Fix committed]09:49
FourDollarstjaalton: There is a crash bug existed in oneiric and precise.09:50
Tanguycjwatson: Okay, as long as it is simple, for I have no specific interest in Ubuntu except the will to be nice. :-)09:50
tjaaltonFourDollars: so upload to both oneiric-proposed and precise?09:50
FourDollarstjaalton: Yes, if it is ok.09:50
tjaaltonFourDollars: sure, setting up chroots first09:50
cjwatsonTanguy: otherwise perhaps ask mterry, since he prepared the Ubuntu package09:51
FourDollarstjaalton: Are you asking me to set up chroots or you are setting up chroots?09:52
Tanguycjwatson: I think I can assume he will see the sync request.09:52
Laneydid we make syncpackage / requestsync default to testing?09:52
tjaaltonFourDollars: no, I'm doing that right now, will get to your bug later09:52
FourDollarstjaalton: I see. Thanks.09:53
cjwatsonLaney: not in oneiric at least09:53
tumbleweedLaney: I assumed we'd still want to default to unstable for manually requested syncs (or I would have made the change near the end of oneiric)09:57
cjwatsonI can see that argument, certainly09:57
tumbleweedcjwatson: maybe you'll know: I noticed that lp doesn't have a release date for oneiric. Can someone set one? http://paste.ubuntu.com/710708/ (Asked a few times on the weekend, with no response) Should this be on one of the release checklists?09:58
cjwatsoncan't, requires an LP admin10:00
tumbleweedok, I'll poke #launchpad, thanks10:00
cjwatsonthis went wrong in natty too, but IMO it shouldn't be checklisted, LP should be fixed to set it automatically when the distroseries goes to CURRENT10:00
tumbleweedright, a bug then :)10:01
Laneyhmm, not bothered either way. At least for haskell that is true (because migrations are pretty awful there).10:01
tumbleweedfiled bug 87634510:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 876345 in Launchpad itself "distro series releasedate not automatically set" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87634510:07
cjwatsonah, bzr update in mom's deployed branch failed10:07
* cjwatson runs bzr upgrade to fix that10:07
cjwatsonwith any luck it won't run out of disk10:09
cjwatsonI've also fixed rmadison to not have stale data for precise (its mirror wasn't using --delete so it had stale uncompressed Packages/Sources lying around)10:10
gesertumbleweed: for the last lts where we also synced from testing, requestsync defaulted to testing. IMHO it should do it now too. It might not be important till DIF (when the tools are used seldomly) but more important after DIF. If someone sync from unstable it should be because they passed an option and not because they missed to tell it should sync from testing.10:13
tumbleweedhrm, u-d-t SRU time then10:16
dokocjwatson, is -Werror=format-security really that a good idea?10:16
pittiin general I appreciate these warnings, as they are often real bugs10:18
cjwatsondoko: I think it is10:18
pittidid you find a case where it isn't?10:18
cjwatsonit has a pretty good hit rate10:18
cjwatsonsure, there's the odd FP, but also lots of cases where people assume that translators never get format strings wrong10:18
cjwatson(or are never malicious ...)10:18
dokowell, what it the use for something like printf("foo\n"); ?10:19
dokojust watching the ftbfs list grow because of this10:19
pittiif that generates an error, that indeed looks wrong10:19
cjwatsonthat shouldn't fail -Werror=format-security10:20
cjwatsonit is certainly not documented to fail it10:20
cjwatsonif gcc is failing that, that's a gcc bug10:20
pittiit doesn't here, at least not in precise10:21
pitti   printf("foo\n");10:21
pitti-> no error10:21
pitti    printf(f);10:21
pitti-> error, as it should10:21
pittisorry, s/not in precise/not in oneiric/10:22
dokoyes, it was the latter. however if we didn't have this until now, why for the lts?10:22
cjwatsonwe had it in oneiric, no?10:23
dokothis comes with the dpkg merge10:23
cjwatsonoh, do you mean that this is a dpkg change?  I wondered why you were asking me10:24
cjwatsoncontext helps!10:24
dokosorry =)10:24
cjwatsonif you want to back that out of dpkg for the LTS, feel free10:24
pittiis there a way that we could keep that for main packages only?10:24
dokolet's see how many ftbfs we'll get with this10:24
cjwatsonit was a 445000-line change, I didn't look at all of it :-)10:24
dokopitti: if you want to mess with dpkg-dev, maybe.10:25
cjwatsonyeah, it would be nice to see if it's feasible to keep that; given that the change is in Debian we should not be getting new failures added from here on, only old ones10:25
cjwatsonI wouldn't want to hack dpkg to know about different components10:26
pittidoko: too fiddly within dpkg-dev IMHO10:26
cjwatsonit would be horribly confusing for local builds10:26
pittiI meant, could the buildds export a different CFLAGS depending on the components10:26
pittibut right, local reproducability10:27
pittiok, ignore me then10:27
evI don't suppose anyone has written a tool to unpack all the source for the base system? I'm trying to find out what packages use the automatic codec installation, and grepping for the header seems like the most straightforward approach.10:45
pittiyay @ component-mismatches explosion10:45
pittiev: I have a little "for-srcarchive" script on lillypilly:~pitti/bin/ which you give an archive root (/srv/archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu), a sources path (dists/precise/main/source/Sources.gz), and a command to run there (like grep ...)10:47
pittiev: it outputs ==== pkgname === and then the output from the command10:48
pittiit runs a couple of hours for universe, though10:49
seb128ev: it's likely going to be mostly totem, rhythmbox, banshee10:54
seb128dunno about others10:54
evpitti: awesome!10:55
evseb128: indeed, thanks10:55
McPeterhi ev are you here ?11:22
McPetergrmlmgmr (sorry)11:25
loolslangasek: Hey there, I see "syncpackage: Source package u-boot is blacklisted." when using syncpackage on u-boot; I can't find it in the old http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/sync-blacklist.txt and I can't find a link to an explanation at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/u-boot but would you remove it from the blacklist?  I can't see a reason it should be blacklisted, we need it to provide mkimage in Ubuntu11:31
lool(and it's in already in Ubuntu since some cycles)11:31
tumbleweedlool: it's only blacklisted for a particular pair of versions11:32
cjwatsonlool: that's just syncpackage/LP being obscure about the fact that it has Ubuntu changes.  Use -f.11:33
tumbleweedLP does that automatically, and in a buggy way, this isn't the only package with that problem11:33
loolcjwatson: I checked on another package and didn't get this warning, maybe I picked my sample wrong though11:33
cjwatsonlool: it's not blacklisted, anyway.11:33
cjwatsonlool: use -f.11:33
tumbleweedlool: bug 84137211:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 841372 in Launchpad itself "Incorrect auto-blacklisting in DSD?" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84137211:33
loolcjwatson: Yup, I actually sync-ed with with -f already11:33
looltumbleweed: thanks11:34
looltumbleweed: where did you find the list of blacklisted versions?11:35
tumbleweedyou can do an api query11:35
loolslangasek: (never mind, apparently a known LP bug)11:44
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\shhmmm...oneiric and an asus pro 61S laptop is a total nogo12:24
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cjwatsonhm, I need to merge gnutls26 pronto apparently15:23
RantpasteLooks like mono-xsp-base was deleted from Oneiric - anyone know if it was put in another repo?15:24
RantpasteAlternatively, is there a better place to ask?15:24
Laneynow that size of build queue is what I like to see15:25
cjwatsonLaney: and I haven't even completed the mass sync ...15:25
Laneyare you doing new packages at the same time?15:25
cjwatson  * [9e2a65a] Move XSP4 features into a new mono-xsp4-base package, and15:26
cjwatson    rename mono-xsp-base to dh-xsp since it only contains dh_installxsp.15:26
cjwatsonRantpaste: ^-15:26
Laneyyeah, 1.1 has gone away15:26
Laneywe have xsp2 and xsp4 now15:26
cjwatsonLaney: a few at a time, yes15:26
Rantpasteso my iFolder package needs updating :)15:26
Laneydidn't that have license problems or something?15:27
cjwatsonLaney: not terribly consistently, so shout if anything's urgent15:27
Laneycan't think of anything major, there was some mono stuff that people wanted backporting but a) I can't remember what it was and b) it's not so urgent15:28
Laneyif you could do haskell-* from unstable at some point though15:29
cjwatsonI did :-)15:31
cjwatsonoh, well, from testing15:31
cjwatsonfor stuff from unstable I'd prefer to have sync request bugs (or you can syncpackage them)15:31
Laneywaiting for it to migrate is a pain15:32
LaneyI'll sort something out at some point then15:32
cjwatsonright, I don't mind people explicitly syncing stuff from unstable when they know what they're doing, I just don't want rationale/requestor hidden behind the autosync machinery15:32
Laneymaybe the clever new hinters will make migration behaviour nicer at some point15:34
cjwatsonoh, BTW, I added http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/transitions/libjpeg.html15:35
keesdoko, cjwatson: yeah, the Werror=format-security caused about 120 ftbfses in the debian archive, iirc. most of them have been tagged in the bts and patches and being made. I think it's worth it too, but I did intentionally only turn it one in dpkg-buildflags so that it would slowly make it's way into the builds instead of putting it in the compiler like the others.15:37
keesit has a fair bit of FP, but catches enough real bugs to make it worthwhile15:38
tkamppeterpitti, hi15:41
Laneywait, I forgot, iulian wants to help look after Haskell this cycle :-)15:41
tkamppeterpitti, can you have a look at https://launchpadlibrarian.net/83022758/buildlog_ubuntu-precise-amd64.ghostscript_9.04%7Edfsg-0ubuntu12_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz, seems that the buildds is not able to install CUPS on precise.15:42
geserLaney: any haskell transitions this time?15:42
Laneyjust the usual15:42
Laneyprobably get a new ghc with the new platform at some point15:43
cjwatsonoh argh, gnutls26 indirectly self-build-depends and is currently uninstallable15:44
gesertkamppeter: this could be due to the gnutls merge cjwatson is working on15:44
cjwatsonmaybe it will build cleanly in an oneiric PPA?15:44
cjwatsontkamppeter: yeah, ignore it for now15:44
tkamppeterpitti, problem is on all supported archs.15:44
cjwatsontkamppeter: yes I know15:45
tkamppetercjwatson, it builds cleanly in an Oneiric PPA, as the main change (liblcms1 -> liblcm2) I have already made available via PPA, the other differences to my PPA version are small patches.15:46
tkamppetercjwatson, geser, it will be rebuilt after the buildds is fixed?15:47
cjwatsontkamppeter: yes, please leave me alone for now to work on it15:47
gesertkamppeter: yes if someone gives it back after the buildds got fixed15:48
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cjwatsonI will take care of it15:49
chrisccoulsonbdrung, do you look after vlc?15:54
bdrungchrisccoulson: you are thinking about 1.1.12 for oneiric?16:03
chrisccoulsonbdrung, no, i just got pinged by someone from mozilla about bug 876625 ;)16:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 876625 in vlc (Ubuntu Oneiric) "VLC plugin is making Firefox crash" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87662516:03
bdrungchrisccoulson: oh, haven't seen this bug yet. i am on amd6416:05
chrisccoulsonyeah, me too16:05
bdrungchrisccoulson: i have no time this week to look at it deeper16:05
bdrungchrisccoulson: can we get vlc 1.1.12-2~oneiric1~ppa1  from https://launchpad.net/~bdrung/+archive/ppa tested against this bug?16:06
chrisccoulsonbdrung, if we can find someone to reproduce it :)16:06
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superm1mvo, ok, i'be been trying to get people to file bugs, but nothing yet.  with how prevalent it is, hopefully someone will16:14
Davieyslangasek: Hey, are you able to chime into bug 862129, would like to try and get this moving.  Dupes are arriving quickly16:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 862129 in samba (Ubuntu Precise) "samba postrm depends on packages not guaranteed to be configured" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86212916:16
mvosuperm1: thanks, once there is a useful log, please let me know I will jump onto it16:16
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Q-FUNKcjwatson: is there some special trick one must do to enable dh_apport or is dh7 supposed to call it automatically on ubuntu?16:40
cjwatsondh --with apport16:40
cjwatsonand build-depend on dh-apport16:40
cjwatson(sorry, to be clearer, it's typically 'dh $@ --with apport' - I should mention that since the command-line ordering is counterintuitive)16:41
Q-FUNKcjwatson: ok. could it be a good idea to implement it by standard, witout the need to explicitely --enable-it or is there any particular reason for not doing it?16:42
cjwatsonit's an Ubuntu-specific thing and I don't think we should change the default behaviour of debhelper16:43
cjwatsonbesides, --with is a common way to extend dh's behaviour16:43
cjwatsonsee e.g. --with python216:43
Q-FUNKyes, it's ubuntu-specific, but it would seem to make sense to auto-install any *.apport found whenever building for ubuntu.16:43
Davieystgraber: Is merging fetchmail on your plan?16:43
cjwatsonto do that it would have to be integrated into debhelper proper16:44
cjwatsonwhich is not currently on my list of things to do16:44
Q-FUNKyes, it would, and it would make sense to include this as a standard part of the debhelper diff for ubuntu.16:45
Q-FUNKah.  oh well.16:45
cjwatsonthat's a guaranteed way to ensure it never gets into Debian16:45
seb128cjwatson, is dh-apport doing anything out of installing the hooks?16:45
cjwatsonso I'm not going to slam it into Ubuntu's debhelper, no16:45
cjwatsonseb128: no16:45
seb128cjwatson, I usually just list those in the .install, that seems smaller diff than adding a build-depends and a rules change but I might be overlooking something16:45
seb128ok, thanks16:45
cjwatsonI prefer having a dh_ command for it.  you are welcome not to use it.16:46
cjwatsonI really don't care :)16:46
seb128yeah, I just wanted to check if I missed a good reason to use it ;-)16:46
Q-FUNKwe welcome the command, not the extra build-deps.16:46
Q-FUNKbut ok, fair enough :)16:46
* cjwatson shrugs16:46
seb128don't count me in this "we", I'm fine with the build-depends being there ;-)16:47
Q-FUNKfair enough :)16:47
cjwatsonit seems kind of bizarre to me to have an extension mechanism and then object to using it :-)16:47
Q-FUNKit seems even more bizare to not include it by standard in the ubuntu diff for debhelper. :)16:48
cjwatsonpolitics, to some extent.16:49
stgraberDaviey: not really, am I touched-it-last on it?16:52
Davieystgraber: looks like it :)16:52
stgraberDaviey: well, if you want to do it, feel free :) otherwise I'll look at all of these where I'm touched-it-last either this week or next16:53
Davieystgraber: Are you attached to the delta, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fetchmail/6.3.19-1ubuntu1 ?16:53
slangasekDaviey: what chiming are you looking for on bug #862129?  I've commented on the historical reasoning for the package being the way it is, I don't really have input beyond that16:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 862129 in samba (Ubuntu Precise) "samba postrm depends on packages not guaranteed to be configured" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86212916:54
stgraberDaviey: nope. I never used fetchmail as a daemon :) I think I'm touched-it-last on this one because I took all of Artur Rona's merges last cycle, so feel free to sync from Debian if you're not attached to that delta either16:55
Davieystgraber: It doesn't look worthwhile to carry IMO, can always re-introduce it.16:55
stgraberthanks for reducing my list of merges ;)16:56
Daviey(fwiw, i don't think the touched-it-last is the best way of allocating work.. but *shrug*)16:57
cjwatsonit's not a way to allocate work16:58
cjwatsonit's a way to avoid duplicating work16:58
cjwatsonpeople are welcome to hand things over16:58
cjwatson"I'd like to do this merge; are you working on it?" is entirely reasonable16:59
micahgstgraber: I grabbed a few of those as well :), unless you're referring to main only16:59
stgrabermicahg: I only looked at main, I'm sure he had a lot more in universe17:00
micahgpitti: would this be a good week to get Firefox 7/final langpack run for maverick going or would you like to wait until after UDS?17:00
micahgstgraber: ah, yeah17:00
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macotjaalton: still piloting?17:39
hyperairhmm the new umask in oneiric seems to be affecting the buildds.17:42
geserhyperair: how? some packages might be buggy by assuming a umask instead of setting the one they expect17:43
hyperairgeser: no, it's a dh_thing17:43
hyperairgeser: what's that dh_ thing that optimizes pngs?17:43
hyperair-rw-rw-r--  root/root   /usr/share/icons/hicolor/48x48/apps/gnome-mplayer.png17:43
hyperairsee that?17:43
hyperairi suspect it's the same for all png files of packages using dh_blah that are built after the umask change17:44
geserfile a bug against pkgbinarymangler and pitti will look at it17:45
debfxI think that pkgbinarymangler bugs has been fixed already17:47
hyperairhmm really?17:47
hyperairi had issues with sbuild very recently17:47
hyperairsomething like yesterday or the day before17:47
macoanyone want to sponsor a really simple fix for a main package for me?17:48
debfxbug #81779217:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 817792 in pkgbinarymangler (Ubuntu) "pkgstripfiles doesn't preserve permissions of png files" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81779217:48
stgrabermaco: sure17:48
macostgraber: thank you! https://code.launchpad.net/~maco.m/ubuntu/oneiric/nvidia-settings/fix-missing-dependencies-for-kubuntu/+merge/7958817:48
hyperairdebfx: oh nice.17:49
stgrabermaco: was that uploaded to Precise already?17:50
hyperairdebfx: would it be wise to rebuild the affected packages?17:50
hyperaira quick check of my /usr/share/icons reveals upwards of 600 affected icons.17:51
macostgraber: no. i thought (from -devel ml) that syncs were busted on precise... are there packages there to futz with now?17:51
debfxI don't think so as long as the files are owned by root:root17:51
macoif so i guess i can make a merge proposal for that too, but itll be the exact same diff :P17:52
stgrabermaco: I think syncs have been fixed today, though if that's in Debian it'll get synced automatically and fixed then. I just want to make sure we don't get a regression on Precise17:52
hyperairdebfx: true that. i guess we can just leave it then17:52
stgrabermaco: does 280.13-1 in Debian contain that fix?17:52
gesersome mass-syncs from testing were done today17:52
stgrabermaco: uploaded to oneiric-proposed17:55
macoim looking. i dont see anything in debian's changelog about it, but downloading to check the control file anyway17:56
stgrabermaco: and also uploaded to precise so whoever ends up doing the merge won't iss it17:56
macodebian's missing it too17:56
macoguess i should talk to the debian maintainer17:57
stgraberyep, would be good to have that fixed in Debian17:57
stgrabermaco: oops, that didn't quite work because of the package using a control.in... I should have seen that18:00
stgrabermaco: I'll upload a new one to precise and -proposed18:01
macocrap :(18:01
macooh how odd18:02
macodebian's DOESNT use a control.in18:02
macobut ours does18:02
=== zyga is now known as zyga-afk
stgraberSpamapS: Hi! There's currently two nvidia-settings package with the same version number in the proposed queue for Oneiric. Can you reject the first one (the one where the only change is debian/changelog)?18:10
SpamapSstgraber: ACK, will take a look shortly as I'm about to start doing SRU reviews18:11
stgraberSpamapS: thanks18:12
=== beuno-lunch is now known as beuno
macostgraber: thats confusing18:13
macobecause lp's diff preview on the merge request shows changes in control18:14
macoor are control & control.in both in the source package even though control is generate?18:15
stgraberyeah, it's one of these cases where the branch looks good but running debuild drops the change... except that "bzr bd" runs outside of the branch so you really need to debdiff the result...18:15
macoi think i get why ScottK doesn't use bzr branches18:16
macothey're hell with quilt and sometimes hide problems18:16
stgraberboth are in the source package with the real control being generated when you run debuild. I guess it would probably be better not to have debian/control in the branch at all as it's generated, that'd avoid the confusion18:16
micahgstgraber: I try to remember to debdiff the new version against the old before uploading in case something like this happens18:18
stgrabermicahg: yeah me too, though this time I forgot and only did it post-upload...18:19
micahgstgraber: it happens :)18:19
micahgstgraber: if it's only -proposed, it can be rejected still if it hasn't been accepted yet18:19
macoi have a question18:19
stgrabermicahg: it needs up taking quite a bit of bandwidth though when you need to: grab the branch, merge, commit, push the change, grab the current source package, diff the two and upload :)18:19
macothat answered it18:20
macowanted to know how you debdiff when youre going from a branch18:20
macoi guess you could bzr branch, bzr bd, change, bzr bd, debdiff18:20
micahgmaco: grab the old source :) pull-lp-source works for that18:20
stgrabermicahg: yeah, I asked SpamapS to reject and I uploaded a clean one with the same version number. Though I had to do two uploads to Precise as I initially pushed to both -proposed and precise :)18:21
stgrabermaco: yeah, that's assuming you trust the bzr branch ;) I prefer to trust what's in the archive18:21
macoat that point i wonder why use bzr then :-/18:21
macoif youre gonna make a debdiff ANYWAY...might as well just submit that18:21
macoand then even the anti-bzr sponsors will take it18:22
micahgmaco: exactly why I don't use it :)18:22
geserlool: can I take the vim merge of you?18:22
stgraberit's nice to stage changes and get more meta-data on what's been commited18:22
micahgmaco: well, I don't use it for stuff that I don't actively maintain (random universe packages)18:24
macooh right. maintain. i should fix that debian package...18:24
maco(not this one. the one im actually listed as an uploader on)18:24
loolgeser: I've uploaded it already?18:26
loolgeser: sorry, upload was rejected for some reason, but it's ready18:26
geserok then18:26
loolit was missing the .orig.tar.gz the first time, I thought I had pushed it again, but apparently not18:27
loolgeser: but in general, I wouldn't mind you caring for it in the future as you seem to be used to this diff  ;-)18:27
gesersure, therefore I asked as I did the last merge but you did the last upload18:28
loolack; thanks for the offer18:29
geserI need to shorten the diff to the changelog on the next merge as it is way longer than the actual changes18:31
jbichaquilt doesn't support binary diffs, right?18:33
tumbleweedjbicha: they can be included directly in the .debian.tar.gz with dpkg-source's included-binaries option18:37
jbichatumbleweed: I'm trying to add a missing binary to a ubuntu-desktop branch, how would that work?18:39
macojbicha: is the binary supposed to be in the source package?18:40
loolgeser: Eh18:40
loolgeser: If you're tempted to look into it, it FTBFSed due to other packages being uninstallable18:40
loolprobably mass sync issues18:40
jbichaI'm trying to backport this commit which missed 3.2.1 by a few hours http://git.gnome.org/browse/aisleriot/commit/?h=gnome-3-2&id=b9a1f676657a729f1a3bfd0952879c25c9c74f7618:41
macooooh oggs18:41
macoyeah i think youre gonna have to go with what tumbleweed said18:42
tumbleweedjbicha: with svn, one just included them in the tree, outside the ubuntu dir. Never done it with bzr. /me looks18:42
jbichaI think it's a little more complicated since we generally only have debian/ in our packaging branches?18:43
tumbleweedno I'm also talking about merge mode in svn18:43
jbichaoh ok18:43
geserlool: the problem is the pending libgnutls merge but it's being worked on18:43
micahgjbicha: I think with source format 3, you can throw it in the debian dir and move it into place in .install18:44
zimmerleHey kees, can you point me where i can find information about the AppArmor mediation of DBus communications?18:45
zimmerlei saw the blueprint, its says "Beta Available". Where i can find out this code?18:45
zimmerlejdstrand: ^18:45
micahgzimmerle: jjohansen might be able to help you18:46
jjohansenzimmerle: ah, I still need to get the code posted18:46
zimmerlemicahg: thanks ;)18:47
* jjohansen keeps meaning too, but has treated posting as low priority, as it needs to be reworked18:47
zimmerlejjohansen: cool, what is the current status?18:47
jjohansenzimmerle: its a direct dbus patch, it needs to be reworked into something less ugly.  The plan was to make an lsm/xace type interface for dbus and push that upstream, so that selinux, apparmor and others can be plugins18:48
keeszimmerle: sorry for the delay :) yeah, jjohansen and jdstrand are the people to talk to (which you've found...)18:49
jjohansenzimmerle: beyond that, there is an outstanding bug that can't be fixed until the apparmor kernel module properly supports the get_peer_cred, and policy can't handle the task labeling yet18:49
jjohansenzimmerle: beyond that it seems to work okay.  It fairly flexible, I can forward you the email I sent out about it18:50
jjohansenthere were some testing packages I built18:50
* jjohansen will try to get the code up to a bzr tree this afternoon18:51
jbichamicahg: thanks, your suggestion works18:51
jjohansenzimmerle: the code rework I mentioned isn't strictly necessary, it just makes sense, and should make pushing upstream to dbus easier18:52
micahgjbicha: where in the debian directory I think is up to team policy, but not 100% sure on that18:53
tjaaltonmaco: "oops"18:53
tjaalton@pilot out18:53
=== udevbot_ changed the topic of #ubuntu-devel to: Precise open for uploads | Ubuntu 11.10 Released! | Development of Ubuntu (not support, not app development) | build failures -> http://bit.ly/or6CHJ | #ubuntu for support and general discussion for hardy -> oneiric | #ubuntu-app-devel for application development on Ubuntu | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment | See #ubuntu-bugs for http://bit.ly/lv8soi | Patch Pilots: smo
zimmerlejjohansen: would be nice to have your code, so I can see if I can help with anything.18:53
jjohansenzimmerle: oh I am sure we could find ways for you to help18:53
tumbleweedjbicha: for the record, I had to bzr-buildpackage -S -- -uc -us --source-option='--autocommit' --source-option=--include-binaries for it to work, so yes micahg's suggestion is preferable :)18:56
tumbleweedah, I must have deen doing something wrong, once it was listed in include-binaries it worked without that...18:58
cnd@pilot in19:04
=== udevbot_ changed the topic of #ubuntu-devel to: Precise open for uploads | Ubuntu 11.10 Released! | Development of Ubuntu (not support, not app development) | build failures -> http://bit.ly/or6CHJ | #ubuntu for support and general discussion for hardy -> oneiric | #ubuntu-app-devel for application development on Ubuntu | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment | See #ubuntu-bugs for http://bit.ly/lv8soi | Patch Pilots: smo, cnd
yofelpitti: could one SRU the precise version of kdenlive to oneiric to fix bug 863186 - I have no idea what exact modification fixed the issue, but kdenlive in oneiric is unusable - unless you know how to manually write configuration files.19:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 863186 in kdenlive (Ubuntu) "[Oneiric] Kdenlive configuration vizard doesn't founding MLT SDK" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86318619:06
looljono: Hey there!  Would you have some 5-10 minutes to discuss some UDS bits?19:29
jonolool, can you give me a few mins, just wrapping a call19:33
looljono: Sure19:34
jonolool, hey19:50
jonowhat's up?19:50
looljono: where would I call you?19:53
cjwatsonI think gnutls26 is disentangled now.  I've given back everything in main that appeared to be affected and a fair bit of universe too.20:02
geservim (i386) build succesfully now20:09
geserlool: ^^20:09
loolgeser: thanks a lot for looking after it20:10
mdeslaurcjwatson: I blame you for bug 876829 :)20:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 876829 in ifupdown (Ubuntu) "Oneiric's ifupdown breaks ip aliases" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87682920:19
stgrabermdeslaur: and now he's gone ;)20:20
mdeslaurstgraber: coward :)20:20
=== zyga-afk is now known as zyga
stgrabermdeslaur: though my guess is that you want to blame Debian on that one (well, we're shipping an alpha version of 0.7, so not entirely Debian's fault ;))20:21
slangasekmdeslaur: if you run 'ifup -a' post-boot, does it work?20:21
slangaseki.e., does it bring up the alias20:21
mdeslaurslangasek: nope20:22
slangasekdefinitely an ifupdown bug, then20:22
slangasekcan you note that on the bug please?20:22
mdeslaurslangasek: yes, thanks20:22
slangasekstgraber: regardless of who's to blame, could you please look into this :)20:23
stgrabermdeslaur: Debian ships 0.7~alpha5+really0.6.15 in wheezy/sid and has 0.7~beta1 in experimental, so quite likely that something was flagged as being wrong on their side too20:23
mdeslaurhehe, I was only joking about the blame part :)20:23
stgraberslangasek: happy to look at that tomorrow ;) enjoying my day off (kind of) today20:23
slangasekack :)20:23
stgrabermy guess is that the diff from 0.7~alpha5 and 0.7~beta1 may well contain the fix for mdeslaur's bug20:24
seb128slangasek, hey, don't use "ubuntu-desktop" for bug assignments, that spams the ubuntu-desktop list ;-) Use canonical-desktop-team or desktop-bugs ;-)20:26
slangasekseb128: hmm, ok20:27
slangasekseb128: sorry20:27
seb128slangasek, no worry, it's a frequent mistake, we should perhaps fix our list to block all launchpad emails ;-)20:27
slangasekseb128: well, or fix the team configuration in LP to not send mail to the list if that's not what you want to have happen :)20:28
seb128slangasek, well if the team has no list it sends the emails to all members20:29
seb128not really better ;-)20:29
slangasekyeah, I dunno then20:29
slangasekcjwatson, TheMuso: e2fsprogs has a very old change to the optimization flags being passed on powerpc, to "avoid a suspected toolchain bug" when using -Os; but I don't find any references to this toolchain bug having ever been reported.  I don't suppose one of you could follow through on that, so we can possibly drop that part of the delta?20:31
slangasekcjwatson, TheMuso: (low priority, best case we'll still have a delta due to dietlibc)20:31
cjwatsonTBH I have no idea what that was, perhaps just drop it and let's see what gets reported?20:32
cjwatsonit looks easy to reproduce at least ...20:33
slangasekcjwatson: I'm hesitant to just drop it and see what gets reported because I have the impression we don't get a lot of powerpc coverage, so I'm worried it might make it all the way into release without being noticed if I just drop it20:49
slangasekOTOH, I guess by this point if the bug were still present, Debian would have the same problem...20:51
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cjwatsonslangasek: I do know how to test powerpc installs in qemu nowadays (although it's really slow so I don't do it very often); one option would be to drop it and then assign me an alpha-1 bug or something to test if it's still needed, perhaps20:53
slangasekcjwatson: will do that then, thanks20:53
cjwatsonsigh, it's amazing how quickly failed builds can rack up when core packages are broken20:54
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geserdoes somebody know if "INFO Require Pre-Depends: dpkg (>= 1.15.6) when using xz compression." from a "Failed upload" is an Ubuntu-specific error or does it apply to Debian too?20:56
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tumbleweedgeser: ubuntu-specific, we need it for LTS-to-LTS upgrades to precise20:57
tumbleweedsqueeze supports xz, IIRC20:57
geserok, so it doesn't need forwarding to Debian?20:57
tumbleweeddon't think so. Saw grumbling about it in #debian-devel today...20:58
micahg!info dpkg squeeze20:59
ubottu'squeeze' is not a valid distribution: hardy, hardy-backports, hardy-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, maverick, maverick-backports, maverick-proposed, medibuntu, natty, natty-backports, natty-proposed, oneiric, oneiric-backports, oneiric-proposed, partner, stable, testing, unstable20:59
micahg!info dpkg stable20:59
ubottudpkg (source: dpkg): Debian package management system. In component main, is required. Version (stable), package size 2282 kB, installed size 6864 kB20:59
geserwhat is "kubuntu-experimental"?21:00
cjwatsongeser: no, it doesn't need forwarding, because Debian's last release had xz support21:00
cjwatsonwe got unlucky21:00
cjwatsongeser: I fixed five or so of those missing pre-depends this evening21:01
cjwatsone.g. altree21:02
Davieyseb128: We *want* people to use ~ubuntu-server, rather than ~canonical-server for server bugs.. People keep assigning bugs to ~canonical-server.. Desktop being opposite helps this confusion :)21:20
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micahgDaviey: I know one Ubuntu Server team member that's quite opposed to that21:25
Davieymicahg: I don't care for annon opposition TBH :)21:25
seb128micahg, hey, sorry I was away when you pinged, I've discussed with upstream webkitgtk about their schedule and they say they are strongly aligned on GNOME21:25
seb128micahg, i.e we should track 1.8 next cycle21:26
micahgseb128: indeed, but if we're sticking with GNOME 3.2, shouldn't we track 1.6 by default?21:26
seb128micahg, no session needed at UDS imho, it's a bit too technical to do an useful on schedule session, that was as well be discussed out of a session21:26
micahgseb128: re session> no disagreement here21:27
seb128micahg, well, I'm usually in favor of updating the platform libs when we cna21:27
seb128i.e we plan to update glib and gtk21:27
seb128updating webkit should be fine, there is not a lot of GNOME depending on it and stuff like epiphany-browser can be updated as well21:27
micahgseb128: ok, then I can try to push for 1.8 as an LTS upstream as well (should work out about right for Debian as well, I guess I should ping them too)21:27
seb128micahg, great21:27
seb128Daviey, well I don't like much abusing the canonical teams for assignments but there is pro and con for each, including how we structure our desktop teams and lists ;-)21:29
Davieyseb128: sure.21:29
seb128Daviey, usually we use assignment to canonical-desktop-team for issues somebody think our team should officially look at, i.e escalation, for the other desktop bugs we tend to nominate for a cycle but not assign21:29
Davieyseb128: makes sense.21:30
cjwatsonkirkland: may I merge cdebconf?  you're touched-it-last, but it's installer core and I'd like to get it merged21:41
kirklandcjwatson: sure thing!21:41
kirklandcjwatson: please21:41
kirklandcjwatson: fyi, newt upstream upstream released a modified version of my color changes21:41
kirklandcjwatson: we might be able to drop our patches against newt, though we'll need to rework the configuration file it reads, as the author chose a different format21:41
kirklandcjwatson: i've not checked to see if debian has the latest newt from upstream, though21:42
cjwatsonI don't really need to look into that, I think21:43
cjwatsonjust focused on merging and getting everything building at the moment21:43
kirklandcjwatson: okay, sure, was just a related fyi, while i was thinking about it21:44
cjwatsonyup, thanks21:45
spickleCan I post a crazy idea about ubuntu development in this channel?22:07
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pooliebarry, hi?23:17
barrypoolie: hi23:17
pooliehi there23:17
pooliejelmer just suggested in bug 794353 that perhaps ubuntu's sys.getfilesystemencoding() should be always utf-823:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 794353 in Bazaar "ascii is a bad default filesystem encoding" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79435323:17
poolie(or at least a fairly strong default)23:18
poolieat the moment it goes off $LANG (perhaps also other things)23:18
poolieistr ubuntu generally has a strong expectation it be utf-8?23:18
poolieobviously we can work around it23:19
poolieah actually that's not totally obvious, but we probably can23:19
barryyeah, this is definitely not something i'd a) want ubuntu to deviate from debian; b) debian deviate from upstream23:19
barryi think it's just asking for trouble if we deviate23:20
barrye.g. what if someone installs python from source and runs bzr against that?  you'd still have to work around it23:20
cjwatson"filesystem encoding" is a nonsense concept on Unix anyway (unfortunately)23:21
lifelessits bytes all the way down23:21
cjwatsonfile names are a byte stream, and encoding is up to the readers and writers23:22
lifelesscjwatson: except on darwin :)23:22
pooliecjwatson: i know, that's the problem23:22
cjwatsonI don't think the situation would be improved by having Python lie about it23:22
cjwatsonbzr is actually in a better position to say "screw it, I have a convention" than Python is23:23
poolieubuntu has the choice to say "actually, it's normally utf8"23:23
cjwatsonUbuntu can't control what people have on disk23:23
cjwatsonpeople might be using Python on their music collections with non-UTF-8 filenames23:23
cjwatson(a not entirely uncommon setup ...)23:23
pooliesure, they often are too23:23
lifelessperhaps Ubuntu could make it -hard- to get a non-utf8 locale though23:23
cjwatsonit doe23:24
pooliethere have been a bunch of u1 bugs about exactly that case23:24
barryiirc, nl_langinfo(3) isn't always accurate either23:24
cjwatsonnl_langinfo is pretty good23:25
pooliepython itself seems to have a default to utf-8, but people commonly accidentally have it set to ascii23:25
cjwatsonI've never heard of it being wrong for this purpose23:25
pooliei guess specifically LANG=C will assume the filenames are ascii23:25
tumbleweedyay for C.UTF-823:26
poolieso the problem with bzr working around it is that there is a C variable inside python that holds the encoding, and no python api to reach it23:27
poolie(i think)23:27
barrysorry, i don't remember the details atm, but i do remember something weird with `locale charmap` not agreeing with nl_langinfo(CODESET) or somesuch23:27
cjwatsonbarry: ok, all I can say is I've never seen that in the programs I've written that use nl_langinfo(CODESET), so I wonder if perhaps it was on some other OS23:28
pooliei think the key issue on ubuntu is that LANG=C probably shouldn't mean "blow up on non-ascii filenames"23:28
poolienl_lang(CODESET) is what python calls fwiw23:28
barrycjwatson: definitely ubuntu at some point, but no matter, i don't remember the exact details anyway ;)23:30
poolieso the answer is basically: ubuntu's going to do what upstream python does, upstream python's going to believe nl_langinfo(CODESET), and that's ascii for LANG=C23:33
poolieand other things people might set23:33
poolieso either bzr needs to work around it, or we need to make it obvious to people they ought to use a locale that can decode their filenames23:33
barrythere's also $PYTHONIOENCODING if that helps23:35
slangasekthe only potential gotcha I can think of with nl_langinfo(CODESET) is that sometimes the "native" names for encodings returned by glibc don't look like the strings you might expect elsewhere (e.g., ASCII is not called "ASCII")23:35
slangasekbut in that case, it still matches 'locale charmap' anyway23:36
slangasek$ LANG=C locale charmap23:36
pooliebarry: i think that's just the stream encoding not for filenames?23:36
pooliealso LANG=''23:37
barryslangasek: that could have been it23:38
cjwatsonI do think using nl_langinfo(CODESET) for filename encoding and raising exceptions when it doesn't fit is basically brain-damaged, but I agree with barry that diverging from upstream Python here would probably be a cure worse than the disease23:38
barryi'm still trying to slog through the bug tracker to see if we have any related issues23:39
poolieit's pretty bad to assume the terminal encoding and the filesystem name encoding are always the same23:39
cjwatsonand regrettably the right answer does quite often seem to be application-specific, so if there's a bug that you can't touch the filename encoding from applications, then I think that's what we (FSVO we) should fix23:39
slangasekit's pretty bad that we have filesystem encodings at all, since they're not enforced by the filesystem :)23:40
slangasekand we can't even sanely mount fat filesystems with utf8 as an encoding because of the case-smashing issue :P23:40
cjwatsonthere'd be a case for forcing all filename operations to happen using bytes, except that I suspect that breaks other OSes ...23:40
barry>>> import sys23:42
barry>>> sys.getfilesystemencoding()23:42
barry>>> import locale23:42
barry>>> locale.nl_langinfo(locale.CODESET)23:42
barry>>> locale.setlocale(locale.LC_ALL, '')23:42
barry>>> locale.nl_langinfo(locale.CODESET)23:42
barry 23:42
barrynote that the above is python 2.7.  python 3.2 behaves differently:23:43
barry>>> import sys23:43
barry>>> sys.getfilesystemencoding()23:43
barry>>> import locale23:43
barry>>> locale.nl_langinfo(locale.CODESET)23:43
barry 23:43
cjwatsonpython 2.7 does an internal setlocale(LC_CTYPE) around setting Py_FileSystemDefaultEncoding23:43
slangasekSpamapS: do you have an opinion on whether the lvm2 merge from Debian is safe?  Debian is now at 2.02.86; bug #726677 comments on 2.02.84 being "the safe" version, but I don't know if that's changed since.23:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 726677 in lvm2 (Ubuntu) "[Wishlist] Upgrade lvm2 to at least 2.02.73" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72667723:45
slangasekSpamapS: also, maybe you're better poised to test this merge than I am?  I'm TIL on it, but it was for a minor build-system thing23:46
SpamapSslangasek: I can take a look.. I'm impressed LVM2 actually made a real release. ;)23:48
SpamapSIIRC it had been quite some time23:48
slangasekSpamapS: heh.  they seem to have made several, upstream is at .88 now23:48
SpamapSRHEL6 probably propelling that23:49
poolieok, thanks for the discussion23:49
slangasekSpamapS: should I assign the bug to you for tracking?23:49
SpamapSslangasek: please do, I plan to start working on merges tomorrow, will put that at the top of my list.23:51
slangasekSpamapS: done, thanks23:51
SpamapSslangasek: btw, did the mdadm situation in Debian ever get sorted?23:52
SpamapSI recall there was a call for help.23:52
slangasekSpamapS: I don't know23:52
SpamapSBeen bogged down in other things.. fairly interested in making sure mdadm is solid for 12.0423:52
slangasekwe still have that un-worked spec proposing that we document the architecture :/23:52
SpamapSif we cna justify it, I'd love to move that forward to P23:55
cjwatsonslangasek: FYI, I have coreutils merged, but I'm going to wait for tomorrow to upload it so I can be around for a solid block of time afterwards, just in case it plays the buildd exploding game23:58

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