airurandosome photos from the release party08:10
airurandoIf anyone else has photos and is willing to add them to the pix.ie album just ping me for the login details (if you don't have them already)08:12
airurandohi ebel and slashtom08:39
airurandosome photos from the release party08:39
ebeli have some too aswell...08:39
airurandodo you have the login details?08:39
airurandosean fell will add his also :)08:40
airurandoit was a very enjoyable night08:40
slashtomaye, we had a good turn out08:47
tdr112hey slashtom08:57
ebelhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/rorymccann/tags/ocelotreleaseparty/ some pics from me09:16
slashtomhow many did we have, i think there must have been 11 or 12 people at cactus jacks, then a few more joined us in porterhouse11:12
czajkowskinice job folks11:16
czajkowskiwant a laugh11:16
czajkowskiafter all my job offers11:16
czajkowskiand me rejecting them11:16
czajkowskiI got laid off on thursday11:16
czajkowskiam not a happy bunny at all11:16
airurandoczajkowski real sorry to hear that.11:23
airurandowas the four months over?11:23
czajkowskinope they hired too many in one go11:24
czajkowskiand then not enough work11:24
czajkowskiso meh11:24
terranczajkowski: That sucks :(11:27
tdr112fecking hell11:32
tdr112that is crap11:32
tdr112sorry to hear it11:32
slashtomoh noes11:35
czajkowskiyeah so not a happy camper atm11:35
slashtomcan you not go back to the offers from last week?11:35
ebelczajkowski: erk ☹ sorry to hear....11:35
slashtomafterall it was only a few days ago11:35
ebelyeah, nothing wrong with going back to old offers11:36
ebelhope you get something sorted soon...11:36
czajkowskiI did11:36
czajkowskiand the jobs are gone11:36
Belgarat1pity :(11:38
ebel:/ pity11:38
airurandoubuntu open week has started over in #ubuntu-classroom14:34
airurandoopen week schedule at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek14:43

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