dholbachgood morning06:40
HakanSdholbach: Good morning.06:47
dholbachhi HakanS06:52
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akgranerReminder: Contributing to Ubuntu at a Local level: A Roadmap - Randall Ross (rrnwexec) starts at 1500 UTC14:41
bkerensamhall119: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-us-or/1335/detail/  =/15:47
mhall119bkerensa: who is bringing 27 guests?15:48
bkerensamhall119: I would love to know15:49
bkerensamhall119: but this openiduser0092915:49
bkerensastuff keeps happening15:49
mhall119bkerensa: that's just users who sign up for Ubuntu SSO, but don't have a Launchpad profile15:50
akgranerUp Next  at 1600 UTC in #ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-classroom chat for Ubuntu Open Week is Getting the most out of LoCo Teams Portal - mhall11915:51
bkerensamhall119: It would be nice if it provided their OpenID URL15:51
bkerensaso I could find the prankster :P15:51
mhall119bkerensa: you sure it's a prankster?15:52
akgraneroops - I meant Up Next  at 1600 UTC in #ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-classroom-chat for Ubuntu Open Week is Getting the most out of LoCo Teams Portal - mhall11915:53
bkerensamhall119: I would utterly surprised if someone is bringing 27 guests15:53
bkerensaOur Global Jam had maybe 20+ total15:53
bkerensaso just one person bringing 27 people15:53
bkerensaidk I will send a e-mail down the list15:53
mhall119bkerensa: well they did say they *might* be attending15:53
paultagone could yank the email associated with it, no?15:54
bkerensayeah mhall119 it is "might"15:54
paultagbkerensa: and 27's a very odd number to pick15:54
mhall119paultag: we don't always get an email15:54
paultagmhall119: from the OpenID pvdr?15:54
paultagit should report it back15:55
mhall119paultag: yeah, SSO makes it optional15:55
paultagdoesn'y ld require it, though?15:55
mhall119only thing we are sure to get is the identity url15:55
mhall119paultag: yes, but that doesn't mean we get it15:55
paultagmhall119: what a silly protocol15:55
paultagif you require something, it should fail if it can not provide it15:56
paultagotherwise you're requesting it15:56
mhall119paultag: LTP doesn't require it15:56
paultagmhall119: I mean, if the LD requires it on the request to the pvdr, it should always furnish it15:56
bkerensamhall119: Any chance I can see the identity URL so I know if it is a prank or not?15:56
bkerensapaultag: Indeed15:57
mhall119bkerensa: I'm not sure how you'd tell that by the identity url15:57
bkerensamhall119: Well some identity url's are pretty identifying while others are not15:58
bkerensasome people have OpenID on their own domains15:58
paultagI thought sso.ubuntu hashed the ids15:58
paultagbut I can't reacall15:58
paultagbkerensa: this would only be off sso.ubuntu, iirc15:58
mhall119bkerensa: LTP only supports openids from Ubuntu SSO15:58
bkerensapaultag: btw... I know this guy at Rackspace you would like16:01
bkerensahe does all his e-mail's in obtuse requests for code16:01
bkerensaso if you expect to communicate him you better know how to write code in other words16:01
paultagcool :)16:02
paultagsounds borderline autistic16:02
paultagcrap, did I say that out loud? :)16:03
bkerensapaultag: Yeah OpenStack Community Manager... Sent me to him for free cloud16:03
bkerensaand I was like seriously16:03
* bkerensa knows the OpenStack Community Manager personally but this guy is intense16:03
paultagOh OpenStack, how silly art thaou :)16:04
bkerensawith his queries16:04
bkerensapaultag: LOL OpenStack is will to drop money on LoCo's16:04
bkerensawell for that matter Eucalyptus is too16:04
bkerensaafter they give Canonical a public tongue lashing16:04
paultagsounds perfectly dull :)16:05
bkerensaYeah... They forgot our Booth was two feet away16:06
AlanBellthere is a session on right now in #ubuntu-classroom about the loco directory (loco team portal as it is now being called)16:12
bkerensaHmm paultag ;)19:30
paultagbkerensa: humm?19:31
bkerensapaultag: PM?19:31
paultagbkerensa: yeah, sure.19:31
czajkowski /c19:31
oixhi everybody, I need some informations to know what have I to do to get the admin of a LoCo Team that its admins have abandoned it22:52
ubot4lococouncil is The Loco Council is itnet7, czajkowski, paultag, huats, leogg, popey - they are there to help, just ask! :) You can send them an email at loco-council@lists.ubuntu.com23:00
jedijfoix: ^^^ i would start there23:01
oixthank you jedijf ;) I'll send them an email !23:02
paultagI'm here, what's up :)23:02
oixhi paultag ! read above (my first message) :)23:04
paultagah, sure sure23:04
paultagoix: send the old admins an email, and CC the loco-council23:04
paultagoix: ask them if they're still active, and if not, to please transfer ownership :)23:04
paultagoix: if we get no response, we can force it :)23:04
oixpaultag, the old admins are not giving a sign of life since a long time, I tried to join the second admin, last december he told me that he'll make me admin, and the he disapeared ... even on phone he doesn't respond ... I'll try to call him again on morning today !23:08
paultagoix: please email and CC us :)23:09
paultagwe just need records of all this23:10
jedijfanti locojacking measures23:22
oixpaultag, done ;)23:32
paultagoix: thanks :)23:36
oixpaultag, oups, I forgot to mention witch LoCo Team it's about ...23:39
paultagoix: feel free to RE: :)23:41
oixpaultag, sorry, I've just read it again, it's mentionned, I think that it's time for me to go sleep ! thank you very much :)23:43
paultagsure 'nuf :)23:44
paultagoix: thanks so much!23:44
oixgood night everybody !23:44

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