ashamsHello everybody,05:54
ashamsAny one knows how to get some code from git repo, then send it to bzr branch05:54
RAOFashams: bzr branch git://wherever.the.git/is ; bzr push lp:wherever/you/want ?05:57
ashamsRAOF: that easy?, thank you :)05:57
wgrantashams: What exactly do you want to achieve here?05:58
RAOFYou'll need bzr-git installed for that to work, but that's a quick apt-get away if you don't already have it.05:58
ashamsI want to help with X org team05:58
ashamsthere's a lot of things to get from freedesktop05:58
ashamsto lp05:59
RAOFAh.  Most of those should already be mirrored.05:59
wgrantBut LP can do that sort of thing automatically.05:59
RAOFAnd we don't generally use Launchpad for hosting the X stuff; we use git.debian.org :)06:00
ashamswow, I've missed a lot :(06:00
ashamsgreat, so no need for this now06:00
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ashamsGreatings :)06:01
ashamswgrant, RAOF, Thank you06:02
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dholbachgood morning06:40
micahgbdrung: ping06:55
* micahg fishes for an awake DMB member other than himself...07:19
micahgbdrung: unping08:02
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gaspahi, anyone knows if we can sync from unstable from launchpad? (I mean, here:  https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+localpackagediffs)09:52
wgrantgaspa: Not at the moment, unfortunately. The multi-parent support isn't quite finished enough yet.09:53
gaspawgrant: k, thanks :)09:53
Laneyuse syncpackage for that09:54
tumbleweedgaspa: the LP web interface doesn't check things like sync blacklists or for ubuntu deltas that may be overwritten, so one should always use syncpackage09:55
gaspauh, pity, I found it very attractive :D09:55
Laneyhttp://paste.debian.net/137307/ ← here's my current lp-udd script, which ~works. I get EPIPE at line 136 though with py2.6 but not py2.7… why? :(10:46
tumbleweedLaney: maybe because you are trying to write to a /dev/null that was opened for reading?10:58
RhondaA new, easier, procedure involving the Backports Tester Team PPA is in the works. Stay tuned for info.11:01
RhondaThat's from the UbuntuBackports wiki page - anything done along that lines already?11:01
RhondaAnd when I do a test build, should I mark the backport bug as confirmed already myself, or is that only up to someone from the backports team?11:03
RhondaWhat's the proper versioning for a backport again? :)11:04
tumbleweedRhonda: backportpackage takes care of the versioning. AFAIK there is a PPA, andI can't remember the procedures.... /me waits for a backporter Laney? broder?11:06
Rhondafor i in lucid natty maverick; do sudo nice ionice -c3 cowbuilder --update --basepath /var/cache/pbuilder/cow/$i; sudo nice ionice -c3 cowbuilder --build --basepath /var/cache/pbuilder/cow/$i --pkgname-logfile tmux_1.5-1~$i~ppa1.dsc; dcmd mv /var/cache/pbuilder/result/tmux_1.5-1~$i~ppa1_i386.* .; done11:07
* Rhonda hides for doing long commandline foo. :)11:08
Rhondatumbleweed: I think only the backporters are allowed to upload to the backports PPA, it's only described under Source Change Backports anyway.11:08
tumbleweedRhonda: well yes, you need to be in the team to upload to the PPA11:09
LaneyRhonda: the packages need source changes?11:46
Laneyappend ~release111:47
Laneytumbleweed: no, it even happens if I don't redirect stderr11:47
RhondaLaney: Nope, they don't.11:48
RhondaI appended ~natty1~ppa1 for the time being.11:49
Rhonda… see my "oneliner" ;)11:49
Laneyok, well someone (can be the requester) needs to confirm it builds/installs/runs as well as any rdeps11:49
Laneyof which there don't appear to be any11:50
Rhondadoh, error in there, not ~$i~ppa1 but ~${i}1~ppa1  :)11:51
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sorenLaney: http://bugs.python.org/issue10963 ?12:12
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Laneyis there a workaround for that?12:52
tumbleweedLaney: looks like catching the OSError would be a workaround13:04
Laneyyeah I tried that, but parsed_changelog is unset13:04
Laneyis there some fancy streaming to incrementally set it?13:06
* Laney flails around13:07
tumbleweedoh, it wasn't that it failed, just *really* short lived13:09
tumbleweedrun command; cat? :)13:09
nigelbtumbleweed / Laney - Either of you got a chance to propose a session about challenges?13:10
nigelbI won't be there or I'd have proposed one13:10
sorenLaney: Yeah. Use Python 2.7.13:10
tumbleweednigelb: challenges?13:11
Laneysoren: I don't admin the box it will run on13:11
nigelbtumbleweed: The dev challenges which we tried to do this cycle but failed13:11
Laneynigelb: not if it's this week13:11
tumbleweedthe box it will run on presumably runs squeeze13:11
tumbleweedI'm assuming he's talking about UDS13:12
nigelbYeah, I'm talking about UDS :)13:12
Laneynot the open week?13:12
nigelbNo :P13:12
Laneydunno, I can be there13:12
nigelb(sorry, I should've been clearer)13:12
Laneywe should have one about recruitment13:12
* tumbleweed can too, but I can't really drive any challanges next cycle. I'm spread too thin as it is13:12
nigelbso we need to do a session about recruiting to recruit people to do recuriting?13:13
nigelbSo meta.13:13
Laneylike how do we make motu less dead13:13
Laneychallenges are well and good but there needs to be people to do them13:14
tumbleweedwe definitly need a session on that13:14
tumbleweedbut I don't know what we'll get out of it...13:14
nigelbwe need more new blood to handle it.13:14
nigelbI'm spread thin as well.13:14
tumbleweedthe QA session at debconf was also pretty sad, lots of "so this 1 persion is doing foo, who can help him/her", and nobody responds. Repeat 10 times13:15
nigelbAre we losing too many people to burn out?13:15
tumbleweedI don't know. This is partly why I did http://people.ubuntu.com/~stefanor/upload_activity/ this weekend. Which showed more activity in universe than I expected13:16
Laneywhat are the spikes?13:17
nigelbprobably pre-freeze ;)13:17
nigelbor post freezes13:17
tumbleweedthe y axis is uploads per week13:17
Laneytransition uploads?13:17
nigelbtumbleweed: minus syncs?13:18
tumbleweedit should exclude syncs. Yes probably transitions13:18
Laneycould be perl at the start of O13:18
nigelbThere was a perl thing, a python thing, and an ftbfs thing.13:18
nigelbI wonder if the little activities that were planned had a good effect.13:18
tumbleweedif anyone knows a good way to exclude canonical, that would be interesting13:18
tumbleweedexcluding cjwatson and doko would get us 50% there, though :P13:19
Laneyis there an lp team?13:19
nigelbyou'd have to manually pick people out.13:19
cjwatsonthere is a ~canonical LP team, but it's private13:19
cjwatson(which doesn't help you)13:19
nigelbwell, so we can get a canonical person to run the script :D13:19
Laneywell, it's questionable how much value that would have anyway13:19
tumbleweedLaney: I'm just trying to see how dead MOTU actually is13:20
Laneyjust looking at the list would probably be ok13:21
nigelbha, I just realized I did have 3 uploads to Oneiric.13:21
mr_pouit(you should probably exclude universe seeded packages if you want to know how dead motu is)13:24
bdrungmicahg: pong; unpong ;)13:24
tumbleweedLaney: next job: import packagesets into udd:)13:25
Laneyshould be easy13:26
* tumbleweed doesn't even know how to examine packagesets (short of reading edit_acl.py)13:27
Laneystgraber wrote a script to list them all recently13:27
tumbleweedah, that too13:27
RhondaLaney, got lucid and natty test of tmux up and running, maverick still compiling, but I don't expect any issues. Set them both to confirmed already. If you are familiar with tmux, would be great if you could check: bug #876381 (natty) bug #876382 (maverick) bug #876383 (lucid)13:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 876381 in natty-backports "please backport tmux" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87638113:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 876382 in maverick-backports "please backport tmux" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87638213:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 876383 in lucid-backports "please backport tmux" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87638313:29
LaneyRhonda: nice, that's all the confirmation i need13:29
tumbleweedLaney: do we need something in u-d-t to query packagesets? I found myself running edit_acl a lot during final freeze, to verify that I could sync something13:30
Laneybut we need to backport them in order, so i'll approve natty and then the others when maverick turns out to work13:30
Laneytumbleweed: maybe, don't know how often listing them is needed per se, rather than "can I upload x?"13:31
Laneyrelease team requirements are a bit specialised13:31
tumbleweedmaybe make syncpackage list the packagesets as well as the changelog?13:31
Laney"is this seeded?" is the more important question?13:32
tumbleweedyeah. But that's harder to determine...13:32
tumbleweedthe sponsors page also equates packagesets with seeds13:34
cjwatson"can I upload this?" is a sensible question something in u-d-t should be able to answer13:35
Laneypretty sure it can13:35
cjwatsonpossibly followed by "who can upload this?"13:35
tumbleweedin freezes, there's also "I can upload this, but is it safe?"13:36
LaneyI suppose listing (component, sets, seeded?) would be nice13:40
* tumbleweed files a wishlist bug before he forgets13:41
Laneycan you query LP to see if the archive is frozen?13:42
tumbleweedlooks like distro_series.status can tell us that13:43
Laneycould use that to enable some extra fear13:44
Laneylike a small electric shock13:44
bdrungtumbleweed: should we wait six days for the distro-info 0.3 migration to testing?13:46
* cjwatson pro-forma objects again to exposing the "seeded" concept anywhere that humans might be expected to understand it13:47
Laneybut we already do expect people to understand it for freezes?13:47
Laneyor do you think /that/ is a mistake?13:48
cjwatsonyes, I do13:48
cjwatsonit's a hopelessly ambiguous term13:48
cjwatson(a) actually listed in seed files (b) contained in the dependency-expansion of seeds (c) on some CD images (d) in some package sets ...13:49
cjwatsonwe should say whatever we actually mean13:49
Laneyyes, I agree it needs defining. writing this code could actually prompt that...13:51
tumbleweedcjwatson: the most useful thing for freezes is "on some CD images", is there any reasonable way to query that?13:51
tumbleweedbdrung: yeah, I'm thinking we do a minimal SRU now, and copy-it-up. Then do the sync-from-testing-for-LTSs change when distro-info is available13:52
bdrungtumbleweed: copy-it-up?13:52
tumbleweedget the SRU copied from oneiric-updates to precise13:53
tumbleweedyeah, that13:54
cjwatsontumbleweed: in practice it's probably best to grep the .list/.manifest files13:58
cjwatsonwhich is unfortunately not especially reasonable, but ...13:58
cjwatsonprecise already has a newer distro-info than oneiric13:58
tumbleweedthat sounds out of the question for something we do regularly, but the way to go for a can-i-upload-this-during-freeze tool13:58
cjwatsonincluding the packaging reorganisation13:58
cjwatsonI doubt that a copy-up from oneiric-updates would work13:58
tumbleweedah, copy-up of u-d-t, not distro-info. The change I want from there for the long term solution is only in git13:59
cjwatsonah, ok13:59
tumbleweednp, thanks for checking :)13:59
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jtaylorthis as-needed change is really screwing users ._.15:14
jtaylorall their crappy apps don't compile anymore ^^15:14
* tumbleweed sees that as a good thing :P15:15
jtayloralmost a dozen threads in the ubuntu forums already and its not even a week released15:15
gaspaanyone can drive me a bit on a backport? (seems strange but I never did one)15:15
gaspaI'm after #858361, it is a no-source-change. may I upload by myself or should I subscribe some -backporter?15:15
jtaylorwell gcc is a bit unfriendly in that respect, its counterintiutive to ahve stuff depend on ordering on command line15:15
jtaylorI don't really get why gcc can't do reordering itself by default15:15
tumbleweedgaspa: file a bug against $release-backports. Build it with backportpackge yourself, and test it. Report on the results in the bug15:16
tumbleweedthen poke backporters here15:16
Laneyand all rdepends15:16
Laneyand no need to poke, i'm keeping up with it15:16
Laney(so far)15:16
* tumbleweed is impressed :P15:16
gaspaLaney, tumbleweed: so we should not upload by ourselves, I guess. right?15:17
gaspauh, it's already in.15:18
Laneythat's happy15:19
gaspaok, so it's all done.15:20
* gaspa bows15:20
geserjtaylor: the problem is that gcc in the past the ordering could be ignored (by developers) as all libs got linked in (even the unused by the application) so all the symbols from the libs were available15:30
jtayloryes I understand why as-needed is good15:30
jtaylorits just not really apparent why gcc can't just scan all files for needed symbols and then for libraries providing them, no matter what order they are15:31
jtaylorkind of what --start-group --end-group does15:32
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jtayloris performance really an issue nowadays?15:32
geserI guess this question is better asked the gcc/ld gurus15:36
Laneygaspa: you should use the new syncpackage (using LP API) for syncs15:37
jtaylorare autosyncs already running?15:39
jtaylortime to sync all as-needed fixes that are in debian now, too bad I did not keep proper track of them ._.15:40
Laneyusertagged though?15:40
Laneydoable then15:41
geserjtaylor: the next time you will :)15:41
jtayloryes but it would ahve been easier if I noted for each branch I made when it was fixed in debian :/15:41
jtayloris the branch status selector in the personal code section on lp broken?15:47
tumbleweed"personal code section" ?15:49
* tumbleweed made a rough first pass at affiliation, for everyone doing > 100 uploads in 'select count(*) as count, signed_by from ubuntu_upload_history group by signed_by order by count;' http://people.ubuntu.com/~stefanor/upload_activity/15:49
tumbleweedof  course, canonical hires community developers, which skews the numbers...15:50
geserthe black lines are release dates and the red ones FF?15:51
gaspaLaney: ack. next time :P15:51
tumbleweedgaspa: yeah15:51
tumbleweederr geser15:52
tumbleweederr, that'll also be skewed by patch pilots15:53
tumbleweedI was looking at signed by, not changed by15:53
geserhmm, was oneiric so good that it didn't need many uploads since a couple of weeks before FF?15:53
tumbleweedoneiric was really quiet near the end15:53
geserin the previous release the amount of uploads was pretty constant even after FF15:53
* tumbleweed probably granted less than 10 FFes15:54
Laneyit'd be interesting to see the distribution of uploads15:56
Laneyon an individual level15:56
tumbleweedrun the query I just pasted15:56
Laneyin a nice graph :P15:56
* micahg didn't ask for as many this cycle :)15:56
* Laney ties a bow around micahg15:56
* micahg didn't sign up for the dog and pony show...15:57
jtaylortumbleweed> "personal code section" ?    <  the code tab in your profile15:58
* micahg hopes to do a lot of uploads at the end of precise to clean up stuff (had no time for oneiric)15:58
jtaylorI can't see any but those with active status :/15:58
tumbleweedjtaylor: aah, does branch status make sense for personal UDD branches?15:58
jtayloryes merged and active15:59
jtaylorI set them all to merged when I'm done so they don't clutter the list15:59
* Laney is in the list twice16:00
Laney(using changed_by)16:00
jtaylorwith the side effect that I know can't reach any of them ._.16:00
jtaylorworked yesterday16:01
jtaylorshould probably file a bug16:01
tumbleweedjtaylor: oh, I thought you were talking about the thing in the bzr client that telss you if a UDD branch is up to date16:01
tumbleweedLaney: you can get around e-mail address variance with changed_by_name16:02
Laneyhaskell transitions: good for karma16:03
jtaylorah its filed already :) bug 87653316:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 876533 in Launchpad itself "changing the values in Comboboxes on my code page does not update the branch-list shown" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87653316:04
Laneyif someone helps me (with a patch ...) to fix the problem I talked about ^ then I'll roll out the new importer ASAP16:04
Laneyif DSA don't mind installing lplib that is16:05
tumbleweedLaney: lucas has root on it, IIRC16:06
* Laney knows not how it works16:06
Laneyi emailed d-admin last time16:07
tumbleweedah, I did that too, and my request was never installed :)16:07
lucastumbleweed: are you sure you are talking about the same UDD?16:07
lucasah, ok16:07
lucasI don't have root, you need to go through DSA16:08
tumbleweedah, sorry, misremembered16:08
Laneythat is what i thought, np16:08
pmjdebruijn\3\\\\\/win 1316:09
tumbleweedLaney: from the look of the patch against python, you can use process.stdout.read() to avoid .communicate() throwing the data on the floor16:43
jtaylorcan we sync stuff from unstable when the reason for it not being in testing is that it does not build on e.g.hurd?16:48
jtaylore.g. flightgear 2.4 is ~40 days in unstable but not in testing due to hurd16:48
micahgjtaylor: as long as it has no rdepends, sure :)16:49
cjwatsonjtaylor: that can't possibly be the reason it isn't in testing; hurd-i386 isn't a Debian release architecture16:52
jtaylorhm maybe it needs some kind of hints16:53
jtaylorit built on all arches except hurd and has no rc bugs16:53
jtaylorneither do its rdeps16:53
cjwatsonsimgear is marked as not considered, I believe due to simgear2.0.0 still being in the archive and out of date16:55
cjwatsonwhich in turn appears to be because fgrun and fgfs-atlas are still built against it16:55
c_korneven if I have multiverse enabled apt-cache policy avidemux says there is no  such package. but it should be there: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/avidemux16:55
cjwatsonc_korn: failed to build everywhere with new libav and nobody fixed it, so the binaries were removed.  bug 83109616:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 831096 in avidemux (Ubuntu) "avidemux version 1:2.5.4-0ubuntu7 failed to build in oneiric" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83109616:56
micahgc_korn: it's source only in precise16:56
jtaylorhm I'll wait for the maintainers to sort that out16:56
cjwatsonc_korn: feel free to fix it in precise and SRU it to oneiric16:57
c_korncjwatson: I see what I can do.16:59
Laneytumbleweed: how dirty is this? http://paste.debian.net/137409/ :-)17:08
Laneyworks ...17:08
tumbleweedLaney: err why do you need to echo the changelog?17:35
tumbleweedhow about just using .stdout.read instead of .communicate?17:35
tumbleweedany opinions on bug 873984? I don't know anything about OpenSSL ABI stability...19:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 873984 in proftpd-dfsg (Ubuntu) "mod_tls and mod_sftp complain about OpenSSL version mismatch" [Undecided,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87398419:04
micahgtumbleweed: I was wondering about that, it seems weird that it would require a rebuild w/out a soname bump in openssl, but maybe proftpd is doing something it shouldn't or needs a stricter depends19:16
tumbleweedmicahg: I suspect they just don't trust OpenSSL (or users who compile it themselves)19:30
tumbleweedmicahg: I suppose a rebuild doesn't hurt...19:39
micahgtumbleweed: well, if it's not really needed, maybe that should be fixed, if it is needed, then either proftpd needs stricter depends or libssl needs a soname bump19:40
tumbleweedmy thoughts too19:41
tumbleweedgiven the number of things that link to libssl, I'd have thought that its ABI was well understood...19:41
micahgindeed, although there was a change in 1.0.0e that wreaked havoc19:41
tumbleweedthe SSLv2 drop?19:43
micahgtumbleweed: no, we did that in natty, I forgot what it was exactly19:45
micahg\o/ mass sync == mass build failures :)20:06
ajmitchthe list grows long?20:08
* ajmitch tries to recall where the graph of FTBFS numbers is20:08
* tumbleweed is trying to persuade geser to merge it into the FTBFS table20:10
geserI really hope to find time to review it soon20:11
cjwatsonmost of the ones I've looked at so far have been gnutls fallout20:12
* ajmitch should see if there are any merges he can do20:12
tumbleweedajmitch: so far, it's flat: http://corelli.tumbleweed.org.za/ubuntu-qa/qa-ftbfs/precise-historical.html. Wait until it runs tonight...20:12
jtaylorso all syncs should be filed20:13
tumbleweedgeser: it'll be nice if we can land it before doko kicks off any rebuilds, but besides that, there's no hurry20:13
jtaylornot as many as hopped :/20:13
micahgcjwatson: so it's not 300 failures in universe ATM?20:13
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cjwatsonmicahg: no, I gave back a load, haven't been keeping count20:14
micahgcjwatson: ok, that's a relief :)20:15
Laneytumbleweed: how do i pass the changelog in then?20:15
Laneyit needs to go on stdin20:15
Laneyor else i write it to a temp file20:15
tumbleweedLaney: stdin.write?20:16
* Laney somehow missed the python boat20:16
ajmitchwhat are you using that requires it goes on stdin?20:17
Laneyeasier than saving to a temporary file isn't it?20:17
Laneybah, that gets broken pipe again20:17
tumbleweedyeah, you'll need to catch that20:18
tumbleweedbut you won't lose the output (as far as I can tell)20:18
ajmitchwhatever you're doing, it looks interesting :)20:19
Laneyi preferred the old way20:20
Laneyaha, works20:21
* ajmitch wants to look at the whole code for it now, got a branch?20:21
Laneywill you promise not to be mean?20:21
ajmitchwhen am I ever mean?20:21
Laneyand instead make improvements20:21
Laneyit is pretty severely slow20:22
ajmitchyeah you said that yesterday, I'm sure I've written worse20:22
ajmitchwhat specifically do you need from dpkg-parsechangelog output? just the Launchpad-Bugs-Fixed & Closes?20:25
Laneydistribution is useful but you can reconstruct that20:25
Laneythe commented out bit20:25
tumbleweedonce you are already talking to launchpad, the overhead of shelling out to dpkg-parsechangelog is tiny...20:25
ajmitchright, it just looks messy20:25
ajmitchI'm just checking what python-debian can do20:25
Laneyi think it's probably the duplicate checking20:25
tumbleweedgeser: just realised a potential bug in the historical graph support. diff line 229 deletes data points within the last 12 hours. That won't work if it's cronned more frequently than that. How fast do you usually run it?20:44
geserwgrant runs it hourly on qa.ubuntuwire.com20:46
tumbleweedmaybe I should store a date instead of a timestamp20:47
tumbleweedI think one graph point per day is sufficient20:47
geserdo you store then the min or max or the last value per day?20:48
tumbleweedI want all the timestamps for a single run to be the same, so that we can use SQL GROUP BY easily, so I take the current timestamp before we start inserting rows20:49
tumbleweedI'll take the timestamp of midnight that day instead20:49
tumbleweedthe reason I do the deletion is that I didn't want partial runs in the data20:50
tumbleweedactually, that's not a danger. I didn't want uneven datapoint frequency when it's occasionally run by hand20:51
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LaneyRhonda: any news on maverick20:54
Laneyoh, the script finished20:55
=== emma is now known as em
Laneycan't be /that/ slow then20:55
tumbleweedthat was quick?20:55
Laneyno, it's not right20:55
Laneyno precise uploads20:55
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* ajmitch is fairly sure that people have been uploading to precise already20:57
LaneyI made it even slower?21:30
ajmitchLaney: well done?21:33
Laneygive me mboxes or give me death21:34
ajmitchthere you go, have fun21:35
ajmitchthat only works if all the changes that happen make it to the list, of course21:35
* cjwatson should probably wait for the world to build a bit better before trying to deal with NBS21:35
cjwatsonor transitions for that matter21:36
ajmitcharchive admins plan to be a bit more ruthless with purging packages for the LTS?21:36
cjwatsonI have some plans to marshal people such that we hopefully won't need to21:39
RhondaLaney: It's on my workplace computer, can tell you tomorrow :)21:45
r3pekguys, how to rename a file during the instalation of a deb?22:45
r3pekthe source has it like "abcd.sh" but i want to install it as "abcd"22:45
tumbleweedr3pek: rename it during the build, after it's been installed to debian/packagename/usr/bin/abcd.sh22:51
r3pekso i have to put that path? the full path? starting with debina/<packagename> ?22:51
StevenKdh_install can do it too22:52
r3pekdh_install doesn't do renames afaik22:52
Laneyno, it can't rename22:52
tumbleweedr3pek: well, that's where it gets installed to, so yes22:52
r3pekok... i just didn't knew the correct path so my "mv"s were failling :)22:53
r3pekhummm :/22:54
r3pekstill errored out :(22:54
tumbleweedthat's when you go and see what it did and why it didn't work22:55
r3pekthat's the easy part :P22:56
r3pekmv: cannot stat `debian/sispmctl/etc/bash_completion.d/gemplug-completion.sh': No such file or directory <--- :)22:56
tumbleweedso go and see what is there22:57
r3peki can be doing something wrong on my rules file22:58
r3pekbuild/sispmctl:: <----22:58
r3pek^^ i have that and then the mv22:59
tumbleweedr3pek: build is too soon22:59
r3pekso when? during install?23:00
tumbleweedyou can't move it until it's there23:00
tumbleweedIIRC the cdbs manual gives a good description of the hook points23:01
r3pekhummm ok. one mor try :)23:01
* cdbs has a manual?23:01
ajmitchcdbs: you're still using that nick? :P23:02
cdbsajmitch: I really want to switch over, after a long legal (lol) battle I managed to win over the nick "bilal"23:02
cdbsfeeling lazy to make another move23:02
cdbssince, I was "bilalakhtar" earlier, and since "bilal" was occupied I moved to "cdbs"23:03
ajmitchjust use /nick :)23:03
cdbsajmitch: Its not that easy, you need to tell everyone to call you by this nick23:03
ajmitchthey'll manage23:03
ajmitchbetter than you getting highlights from people ranting about how cdbs sucks :)23:04
cdbsthat's actually okay23:04
cdbsit gives me a chance to kick into the discussion23:04
cdbsand then tell people to move to dh23:04
cdbssince /me hates cdbs23:04
ajmitchwith that, I think I shall find lunch :)23:05
cdbsbye ajmitch23:05
* tumbleweed gets hilighted when people notice channels are dead. Not sure which is more interesting :P23:05
r3peki still don't reallu understand the debian packaging system :)23:06
r3pekfrom a user pov, it's cool. for a dev pov, looks a nightmare so far :X23:06
tumbleweedr3pek: it's actually pretty simple, but people have written some rather complex tools to automate most of it, and learning the tools and all their oddities ends up being the nightmare23:07
RAOFAlso, cdbs *is* unnecessarily arcane.23:08
tumbleweedr3pek: http://cdbs-doc.duckcorp.org/en/cdbs-doc.xhtml#id465030 you'll notice that the hook you want is probably install/package23:10
r3pektumbleweed, yes, it's working on install :)23:11
r3pekRAOF, i'm just upgrading a package. and trying to learn the package system along the way...23:12
r3pekbut i'm not even aware what i'm using... cdbs or any other thing :X23:12
r3pek[PPA r3pek-sispmctl] [ubuntu/oneiric] sispmctl 3.0-nmu2 (Accepted)23:16
r3pek^^ #win :)23:16
cjwatsonback down to 72 build failures after the first day of autosyncs; not too shabby23:52
wgrantWe can fix that by running add-missing-builds if you want :)23:54

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