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Moscherkoboldmaybe someone of you can help me20:03
Moscherkoboldfrontendlog: http://paste.ubuntu.com/71127820:03
Zinn[paste.ubuntu.com] Ubuntu Pastebin20:03
tgm4883Moscherkobold, what TV card?20:18
Moscherkoboldärm mom20:19
Moscherkoboldsundtek media tv pro20:19
tgm4883hmm, not familiar with that one. You are trying to use the analog side of that?20:21
tgm4883Do you know if it has a hardware encoder?20:22
Moscherkoboldnot sure20:23
Moscherkoboldi will now try to get a newer ATI driver20:23
Moscherkoboldbecause i sill have this amd unsupport hardware watermark20:24
AnkhwatcherI seem to have broken mythbuntu's ability to skip login, any ideas for how to get it back?20:33
patdk-lapman, I with Running Grabber didn't own the system when I rescan videos21:58

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