akgranerI'm in between open week and UWN so if anyone can jump into the googledoc and help write the remaining summaries that would be great14:51
holsteinakgraner: ill see if i cant knock them out in a bit...14:54
akgranerholstein, thanks14:54
pleia2I'll put in the updates and security16:53
pleia2I'll add some stats too17:08
pleia2just brainstorm and ask ubuntu actually17:08
akgranerok I'll pull the other ones then17:19
akgranerthere are still some summaries  - I'll work on those between Open Week Session17:19
akgranerpleia2, ^^17:19
pleia2pulled into work now, I'll try to help later17:23
akgranerBug and Translation Stats in now17:42
akgranerworking on the other summaries now17:42
akgraner10 more summaries on the googledoc - I need to step away for about an hour  - links on the googledoc still need written up I'll work on it then19:25
akgranerCan somone read through Issue 237 as it is right now though?19:25
akgranerpleia2, Fridge id down again just opened a RT ticket - and I *remembered* to cc the editors list19:59
nlsthznakgraner, hey... sorry I missed out on the newsletter this week :/ upgrading to Oneiric not recommended... but the fresh install is awesome20:00
akgranernlsthzn, sorry you had troubles  - upgrade worked for me for the most part20:00
akgranernlsthzn,  there are still 10 links to be summarized if you feel up to it20:01
nlsthznakgraner, serious!? I thought the newsletter was out the door a while ago :.20:01
akgranernope open week20:02
akgranerthings get a little crazy - and the fridge is down again20:02
akgranerrt.ubuntu.com #1825120:03
nlsthznA bit busy on the forum ... and should be in bed already :(20:06
akgranerno worries20:07
akgranerpleia2, see anything wrong with Article title and link for the In Other news stories20:45
akgranerI've added ITB nd ITP cleaned up the duplicate sections now all that is left is ION20:45
pleia2akgraner: hm, where are the In Other News stories?20:48
pleia2oh, I see20:49
akgranereverything is in the wiki now20:49
pleia2that's fine20:50
akgranerbut my family is going to kill me if I don't fix them some dinner20:50
akgraner:-)  If someone can review it - I'll publish in about an hour20:50
pleia2should toss in this under release parties: http://decafbad.net/2011/10/15/ubuntu-michigan-release-party-wrap-up/20:51
pleia2(just saw it on loco.ubuntu.com feed this morning)20:51
akgraneryep go for it - I tried to find all I could20:51
akgranerbefore open week started20:51
akgranerpleia2, I'll be back in about an hour just let me know what still needs to be done20:52
akgranerand if the fridge is still down I guess that part will hold off on til it's back up20:52
holsteinsorry guys... im just getting around to checking in20:58
holsteinand i missed summaizing :/20:58
pleia2holstein: can you review it? I haven't had time (work is super busy this week)21:42
pleia2wow, fridge is still down :( maybe xubuntu should think twice about switching to wordpress until this is more stable21:48
holsteinpleia2: i cant now.. i'll ping if i get free later22:40
akgranerpleia2, I don't think it's wordpress23:14
akgranerI think Canonical did't plan on the fridge getting as much traffic23:14
akgranerpleia2, sorry I was away a bit longer than I planned 'w23:15
akgranerwhat still needs to be done23:15
akgranerpleia2, I'll read back through and then publish is that ok with you?23:41
pleia2yeah I think it's fine23:42
akgranerk - I'll publish and if the Fridge is still down I guess we'll hold off on that part until it comes back up23:42
akgranerfridge issues is an IS issue not a wordpress issue23:43
akgranerwhich is why I wanted to keep it off a Canonical server - is xubuntu going to be on a canonical server23:43
akgranerif no then I think you all will like it :-)23:44
pleia2oh yes, I know wordpress scales very well, it runs great elsewhere, just not on canonical servers ;)23:46
pleia2they got drupal tuned properly, seems like they haven't quite gotten the hang of wordpress23:46
akgranerpleia2, as they told me - we need to plan for the fridge being popular23:51
akgranerso they are tuned for high traffic23:51
akgranerwhich says to me  - YES we did it!23:51
pleia2oh good, it's back up23:52
akgranerok publishing now :-)23:52
pleia2those countdown banners are still full of fail23:52
pleia2they are back to reporting 8 days *headdesk*23:52
akgranerugh can you pull them down?23:53

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