GirlyGirlYesterday I raised this issue here and was told that it would be dealt with later "Hi, could you please speak to oxymoron on #kubuntu. For the past days he sends a lot of inappropriate remarks like "which dumbass developer did that". Also in his support questions he uses a lot of ":d :s :O  xD..." its kind of anoying. There are many other Kubuntu community members who would like him to change his attitude a bit." Please note that this person has a11:11
GirlyGirlproblem with sound on kubuntu. But his rants are going a bit too far. He keeps complaining in the support channel.11:11
LjLi think #kubuntu is a bit understaffed :\11:13
GirlyGirlBut I feel he is wasting peoples time ... yesterday he was cursing developers and in the end it turned out his sound was simply muted on alsa11:15
LjLGirlyGirl: have you tried taking him aside and telling him calmly about these issues? it may help or it may not, but given i'm not a #kubuntu op, i can't do much else11:17
GirlyGirlOk, I'll consider it11:18
AlexDevilLXHi, why cant i join #ubuntu?13:10
LjLlet me see13:10
LjLbe patient please, the bantracker is being slow13:13
LjLAlexDevilLX: it appears you were being persistently offtopic in #ubuntu13:14
AlexDevilLXOK, when will i be unbanned?13:15
LjLAlexDevilLX: there is no set time, we need to discuss it. do you think you know what #ubuntu is for?13:16
AlexDevilLXSupport channel13:16
LjLAlexDevilLX: yes. so since there are about 1600 people there talking, it's very important to keep it strictly about support13:17
LjLAlexDevilLX: it's my understanding that you're currently banned from #ubuntu-offtopic. do you understand that does not give you the freedom to use #ubuntu for that instead?13:17
AlexDevilLXNope, i was banned in  offtopic and asked why i was banned in #ubuntu13:18
LjLAlexDevilLX: ok, that's an easy mistake to make. i assume you know now that the correct channel to ask about bans is this one13:18
AlexDevilLXwhen i tried to connect to ubuntu it brought me here13:19
LjLAlexDevilLX: are you familiar with the channel guidelines and CoC, just to ensure you don't get banned again for other reason?13:19
AlexDevilLXCoC is Codecs13:19
LjLno, by CoC i mean the Code of Conduct13:19
ubottuThe Ubuntu Code of Conduct is a community etiquette document to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere, and can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/ | For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct13:19
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines13:19
LjLplease have a read before i remove the ban13:20
AlexDevilLXLjL, sorry english is not my natiove language so i made a mistake, but i meant that13:20
LjLAlexDevilLX: you should be able to join #ubuntu now13:21
AlexDevilLXwhat about #ubuntu-offtopic?13:21
AlexDevilLXNo, i cant join13:21
LjLAlexDevilLX: uh, i can't find another active ban, are you sure you can't join? try just typing /join #ubuntu   -   and as for #ubuntu-offtopic, i don't feel at liberty to remove that ban now, you should talk to the specific operator who banned you there13:24
AlexDevilLXsorry, i tried to copy13:24
AlexDevilLXnope, i cant join13:25
AlexDevilLXAnd what happened to me in #ubuntu-tu13:25
LjLi don't know that, i'm not an operator there, only in the english channels13:26
LjLalso i have no clue what else to remove to let you rejoin :\13:26
AlexDevilLXHeh, not freenode server?13:27
PiciAlexDevilLX: You can't join #ubuntu still ?13:28
AlexDevilLXAnd is my ban sticked to my IP?13:29
LjLPici: fyi i've just joined the server he's on too and there is no ban i can see there either13:29
AlexDevilLXOk, i'll restart pidgin13:30
AlexDevilLXOk, i got on ubuntu13:31
AlexDevilLXAnd how can i be unbanned on offtopic?13:32
AlexDevilLXAnd how can i get unbanned from #ubuntu-offtopic?13:36
LjLyou need to wait for ikonia to be around. come back in a couple of hours maybe13:49
oCean<Ong_y_ka> ola ikonia bruda18:21
Picinot worth responding to18:22
oCean^what's his name again?18:22
oCeanbeen so long i forgot :/18:22
PiciI don't remember, and I'm glad that I've forgotten.18:22
oCeantrue :)18:23
Myrttithat looks like our hungarian troll hunziker or whateva18:23
PiciThis guy has been doing this for over a year.18:23
Myrttioh yes18:23
FlannelAlright, who upset ubottu?18:32
pangolinhas anyone been feeding her?18:33
PiciIts getting: Closing Link: gateway/shell/ubottu/session (Too many user connections (global))18:35
genii-aroundK1 and K2 are also having issues. Mostly "not allowed to run"18:35
Myrttineeds more ilines18:35
genii-aroundis AlexDevilLX banned from #ubuntu-ru ?18:37
genii-aroundnvm he just answered that himself18:38
PiciBan against *!~alexdevil@* matches AlexDevilLX!~AlexDevil@
jussimrgh, bad things happening just as Im about to go to bed :/18:38
PiciLooks like its working now.18:38
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (user__ appears to be flooding, but emergency mode is on)18:40
ubottuIn ubottu, Daskreech said: gmail is a webmail service. For information on using it with Evolution see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingGmailWithEvolution. To use it with !kmail see http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=78799 or http://www.linewbie.com/2007/11/howto-configuring-kmail-with-gmail-imap-and-disconnected-imap.html19:05
DaskreechI just amended a factoid19:34
ubottugmail is a webmail service. For information on using it with Evolution see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingGmailWithEvolution19:37
DaskreechMade an addition for Kmail19:37
Daskreechgenii-around: thoughts on the addition?19:56
genii-aroundDaskreech: I don't see any issue with it, myself19:59
Daskreech Alright19:59
MyrttiDaskreech: thanks for your input, we'll see if we edit the factoid. Was there anything else you needed help with?20:54
DaskreechNope just wanted to know if that should have been edited for -#kubuntu or if it should be behind a urlshortening because it's wordy20:55
jforjackjohnsonYou have caught me in a Catch 22. I have been banned from numerous channels, and it is winding me up such that I cannot get unbanned.20:55
ubottuError: You are not identified20:56
MyrttiDaskreech: thanks, we'll mull it over and see what we can do. We do have a non-idling policy for this channel so if you wouldn't mind, we'll get back to you.20:56
h00kjforjackjohnson: we're not responsible for your actions :(20:56
DaskreechPM me if you need anything20:57
Myrttithiebaude: is there something we can do to help you tonight?20:57
h00kjforjackjohnson: is there something you'd like to specifically discuss today?20:57
thiebaudenope just checking things out, but thanks have  agood night20:57
h00kjforjackjohnson: I'm currently checking the bantracker for specifics.20:58
jforjackjohnsonI know. I am responsible for most of my actions. I say most, because some of my actions are involuntary and quite much spur of the moment.20:58
h00kjforjackjohnson: I may recommend /parting channels before these things happen20:59
h00kjforjackjohnson: I don't see you banned, currently.21:01
jforjackjohnsonwell from #ubuntu-offtopic, I am banned.21:01
jforjackjohnsoncheck bans for
h00kah, there we go.21:03
jforjackjohnsonI'm idling cuz you just checked.21:04
jforjackjohnsonh00k, here we go with what? a debt of 1p?21:04
h00kjforjackjohnson: standby, please, I'm reviewing the information.21:05
h00kjforjackjohnson: do you understand why you were banned?21:06
jforjackjohnsonBecause people messed me over.21:06
h00kjforjackjohnson: You're responsible for your actions on IRC, it isn't anyone else's fault21:07
Myrtti"smart" answers usually don't help your case21:07
jforjackjohnsonI know. But find a lemon and I'll eat it!21:07
h00kjforjackjohnson: I see flooding, spamming, nickspamming, plenty of warnings, flooding again, ignoring ops21:08
h00kjforjackjohnson: after two removals21:09
h00kjforjackjohnson: I don't think I'm comfortable in removing this, especially the response about blaming others 'messing you over' and not being responsible for all of your actions21:10
jforjackjohnsonWell, stress is the CORE reason why this happens. If you go to ##just-anything-sane, you will be subject to a removal.21:10
h00kjforjackjohnson: as I said, perhaps you should consider /parting channels when this happens, or this 'compulsion' to troll21:13
h00kjforjackjohnson: you've given me no reason to remove your ban, so, please /part this channel and come back when you're ready to discuss your responsibility for your actions21:15
h00kjforjackjohnson: I may suggest 2 weeks timeframe, at least.21:15
jforjackjohnsonI have an idea. See what I behave like in the upcoming minutes in those channels. Likely stressed due to this diabolical debacle.21:17
h00kjforjackjohnson: I'm not for that idea, I'm sorry. You need to understand your responsibility in the channels.21:18
jforjackjohnsonI know. But find a lemon and I'll eat it!21:18
h00kjforjackjohnson: I don't understand the analogy.21:18
jforjackjohnsonIt's a standard SPFL response. That's STRESSED PERSON FROM LIFE response.21:19
jforjackjohnsonLemons. lubuntu-offtopic is not very crowded.21:21
jforjackjohnsonYour -offtopic is a huge city hall with very VERY strict laws on who gets to speak and how - you see there is no freedom of speech here.21:21
jforjackjohnsonOr there.21:22
h00kubottu: tell jforjackjohnson about freespeech21:23
ubottujforjackjohnson, please see my private message21:23
h00kjforjackjohnson: please /part the channel and return after two weeks.21:23
jforjackjohnsonYea. You really think I'll sign that contract? No. So keep your contract writing pen closed and your message writing pen open.21:24
jforjackjohnsonYou want a slogan to use against me? "boring trolls are boring" - duh!21:25
Myrttiyou're not making any sense21:25
Myrttiyou will not be unbanned in #ubuntu-offtopic for now21:26
Myrttiplease leave21:26
jforjackjohnsonWut? Pfft. Can I speak to your supervisor?21:26
elkyhe knows how to reach us. he has before to whinge that we made him depressed for stopping him last time.21:27
ubottuiceroot called the ops in #ubuntu (Microsoft-Window)22:06
grypm spam from Anonymous-hacker22:19
Flannelgry: Oh?22:19
FlannelThat explains this next guy22:19
gry<MonkeyDust> ju2ef: just type /ignore Anonymous-hacker22:20
gryAnonymous-hacker> hiafhoihdfohasdiofhioasdhfioasdh22:20
gry^ pm22:20
gryapparently he rejoined as llllllllllllllll and PM-spammed again, then quit22:27
ju2efHi there is a bunch of trolls on Ubuntu channel, can I turn off priv somehow?22:28
knomeju2ef, not unless you register to freenode. the solution should be to remove the trolls from the channel though.22:30
ju2efOK, thanks22:30
knomei'm not opping at #ubuntu though, but i'm sure some ops will pop up soon enough22:31
elkywho are you referring to, ju2ef?22:36
elkyju2ef, are you there?22:38
ju2efIt was Anonymous-hacker22:39
elkythat was the only one? they are not there now22:39
ju2efAnd a guy with lots of |||||||||||22:39
ju2efIn nickname22:39
elkylooks like flannel fixed them like 10 minutes before you came here :)22:40
ju2efSorry for trolling lol22:41
elkyNah, it's a busy channel, you can miss stuff easy22:41
elkythanks for reporting it anyway :)22:41
elkywas there anything else you needed from us? we prefer users don't idle here so we know who needs our attention. you can always rejoin if you come across another issue though22:43
ju2efNo no need anything, how do I quit this channel?22:46
knomeju2ef, /part22:46
topylifor the record, this "anonymous" guy was also in -ot and i banned them22:53
Picitopyli: was it really that bad? I'm really tired and although the mouse is only on the coffee table, it seems like ts really far away.23:30
pangolinPici: the strip implies that Apple uses Chinese sweat shops to produce products and Jobs reincarnates into an Asian.23:32
topyliPici: mongy has been a problem for a long time in -ot, it's not just now. i have warned them many times because of racist, sexist, and political rubbish23:32
pangolinI blocked someone on G+ because of that exact comic23:33

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