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wgrantcjwatson: sync-source should be unbroken now. Your germinate change is deployed too.08:39
cjwatsonwgrant: excellent, thanks.  And thanks for the testfix too, teach me to be in a hurry08:43
wgrantI was going to blame Julian for that one, unless you've gained PQM privs? :)08:43
wgrantHopefully there's no other armhf breakage, anyway.08:44
cjwatsonwell, it was Julian's fault that he didn't send it through EC2, but my fault for not having run the tests locally ...08:44
cjwatson(I was surprised when he lp-landed it directly)08:44
wgrantWell, all that stuff is notoriously untestd.08:44
wgrantSo not terribly surprising.08:44
wgrant(see my sync-source regression, for example :))08:47
cjwatsonHeh.  It's looking good so far now.08:49
wgrantcjwatson: How long do you tend to have the publisher not running for when it's on manual? It's one of our last few unmonitored scripts, because you could potentially prevent it from running for several hours.08:58
wgrantWe normally alert on ~2 missed runs of all other scripts, but they're all constantly cronned.08:59
cjwatsonIt varies.  It's often only a single run though09:01
cjwatsonBut it certainly is more than that occasionally; I don't think I have a simple answer for you there09:01
wgrantYeah, that's what I suspected.09:02
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wgrantcjwatson: It worked?09:33
wgrantI see tonnes of uploads, so I assume it went fine.09:33
cjwatsonit got up to fonts-vlgothic, which required -F, so I stopped there and flushed09:36
cjwatsonusual annoying quadratic behaviour means that sometimes it's quicker to do it in chunks09:37
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slangasekheh, that didn't take long for component-mismatches to explode :)17:14
dokojamespage, ^^^17:21
dokojust java17:22
jamespagedoko: aware - trying to figure out whats pulled most of the known java universe into main17:25
slangasekcjwatson: so the new syncpackage is completely unusable to me (along with a number of other things) thanks to bug #745801; before it was mostly unusable, now seahorse won't even launch on my desktop so I can't even clear out broken keys.  My question is, how does this work for anyone else?17:29
ubot4Launchpad bug 745801 in python-launchpadlib (Ubuntu Natty) (and 2 other projects) "system-based authorization broken in gnome-keyring: NoOptionError: No option 'consumer_key' in section: '1' (affects: 9) (dups: 6) (heat: 41)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74580117:29
slangasekis there some way to configure this stuff to use a different authentication method than the per-app-openid one that seems to be the default?17:29
slangasekper-app-oauth, I guess that would be17:30
tumbleweedslangasek: at some point I considered having all the ubuntu-dev-tools fall back to a specific credential cache file if we got an IO error frome gnome keyring. That is an option, I just haven't bothered to do it17:39
slangasektumbleweed: this doesn't appear to be an IO error; and I have no idea why it happens to me but not to others.  Any clue?17:52
tumbleweedyeah, it isn't, but it could be handled the same way17:52
tumbleweednafc. The bug talks about deleting a keyring as a workaround17:52
* tumbleweed certainly hasn't seen it before (or has long forgotten about it)17:53
tumbleweedslangasek: if you remove the bad key from the keyring, does it create another bad one?17:55
slangasekthat's the whole problem17:55
* tumbleweed has vague memories of having to do that once...17:55
slangasekI see no mention there of deleting keyrings, only deleting the broken password - which always gets readded after the next reauthorization17:56
tumbleweedslangasek: can you run something like http://paste.ubuntu.com/711146/ for me? (feel free to alter the secrets :P)18:06
slangasek'network password'18:07
slangasekthere's your secret18:07
tumbleweedhrrrm, /me wishes he could reproduce this18:08
* slangasek wishes he couldn't ;P18:08
slangasekI would be happy to just have the old authentication method back18:09
tumbleweedstill on natty?18:09
slangasekoneiric now, of course18:09
tumbleweedwell the hacky solution is to not use newlines, but I wish I knew what was eating them18:11
slangasektumbleweed: so where are the newlines from that it's eating?19:11
slangasekthere certainly aren't any newlines in my launchpad password19:11
tumbleweedslangasek: it's storing an openid credential, not the password. lazr.restfulclient.authorize.oauth is writing it through configobj (resulting in multiple lines), which launchpadlib.credentials catches with a StringIO and writes to the keyring19:32
tumbleweedwe could mangle the string in launchpadlib.credentials, replacing the newlines with something else19:33
tumbleweedsomething like http://paste.ubuntu.com/711240/ ? (hackity hack hack)19:37
slangasekbut then what if | appears in the string :)19:39
slangasekI guess you need full escape handling19:39
tumbleweedI'm pretty sure it won't19:40
tumbleweedthe secrets are all base64 encoded19:40
slangasekbase64> ah, good19:49
slangasekwhy are the \n not base64-encoded as well?  Could they simply be smashed, in that case?19:49
tumbleweedhere's what it looks like on a happy machine (key obfuscated with similar chracter sequences19:52
tumbleweed'network password'19:52
tumbleweed'[1]\nconsumer_secret = \naccess_token = 9WXLTrcXkqJf24WpdQLK\nconsumer_key = System-wide: debian (dvorak)\naccess_secret = yfhbDJZ9rY7jwfEtVkicsMy3FpuCsyuIcCOa4qPkTBxVHg1DKquQBnwjFylOfgAkdKP2m12L1fcVJW5x\n\n'19:52
slangasekwell, why does that \n work on yours but not mine?19:53
tumbleweedthat's what I wish I knew :/19:53
* slangasek nods19:55
slangasektumbleweed: so it seems that .replace('\n', '\\n') on the encoding side is enough to get around the error20:06
tumbleweedso something's unescaping it on decoding20:10
slangasekis anyone planning a devscripts upload to switch the default target back to precise again? :)21:35
tumbleweedwell, that's just easy: http://paste.ubuntu.com/711402/21:41
slangasektumbleweed: easy yes, but the question is if someone's doing it :)21:46
* tumbleweed can't upload it myself21:46
* slangasek shakes the branches for a sponsor21:48
slangasekcjwatson: MoM seems to be looking at unstable currently; do we want it to be looking at testing?21:50
cjwatsonI thought I fixed that21:50
cjwatsonhave you reloaded today?21:50
cjwatsonif so, an example would be good21:51
slangasekwell, let's see21:51
slangasekok, apparently I had to shift-reload21:51
cjwatsonphew, glad it's no more obscure than that21:51
cjwatson(I actually fixed it a few days back, I'd thought, but the deployment was stuck behind 'bzr upgrade')21:52

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