smittixMorning all07:05
daubersBack in the office after a few weeks away. Back to a list of support/feature requests07:40
* daubers does a test upgrade of his work machine07:45
freakyclownok ubuntu fans... ive managed to solve most of the horrific number of errors from the 11.10 upgrade on my own but this one im stuck on07:47
freakyclownwhen ever i add a new package, i get an error from dpkg:07:47
freakyclowndpkg: error processing snort (--configure):07:47
freakyclown subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1007:47
freakyclownErrors were encountered while processing:07:47
freakyclown snort07:47
shaunoare there any clues in earlier output?  (usually you'll see the actual problem as the package tries to install, and then that summary when apt is done)07:49
freakyclownand its for ANY app that i install07:49
freakyclownsnort was already there when i did the upgrade and weirdly...it still works fine07:49
=== jamespag` is now known as jamespage
MooDoohello all08:09
brobostigongood morning everyone.08:12
bigcalmMorning peeps :)08:18
daubersfreakyclown: You could try reconfiguring snort08:22
daubersdpkg-reconfigure I think?08:22
freakyclowntried it failed08:23
freakyclownso atm ive removed snort08:23
smittixremove snort and reinstall?08:23
freakyclowntried that too it failed also08:23
freakyclownits not a problem until i go on client site08:23
oimonsaw a grown-up man reading viz on the train today :-\08:33
gordthat still exists?08:33
diploMy ex father in law still buys it @ 64 oimon08:33
MooDooviz rocks :D08:33
diploGets the annual every year as well08:33
diploI know :)08:33
DJonesoimon: Isn't that still a "top shelf" comic anyway, so you have to  be "grown up" to buy it :)08:33
oimoni didn't think anyone over 18 bought it08:33
diploI've not read it since i was like 14 maybe08:34
oimondiplo: exactly08:35
JamesTaitHappy Monday, everyone! :)08:35
oimoni think it actually retards one's brain development08:35
diploWell there is my ex father in law then :)08:35
AlanBellfreakyclown: for what its worth I just installed snort with no errors08:36
daubersfreakyclown: Did you remove and purge? or just remove08:37
freakyclownmm mdidnt purge.....ill trythat in a minute08:37
freakyclownrar purge seems to have fixed it08:41
freakyclownnot sure what had broken in the upgrade though08:41
oimonhow do i close all windows and show desktop in 11.10?08:52
bigcalmalt tab08:53
bigcalm1st option08:53
oimonbigcalm: i'm in unity2d08:56
bigcalmNo idea then :)08:57
oimoni keep giving unity a chance, but it keeps letting me down :(08:58
MooDoooimon: can you try <SUPER> + D09:00
MooDoomorning czajkowski09:00
MooDoooimon: or ctrl alt D09:01
oimonMooDoo: fail :(09:01
oimonctrl-alt-D yay ! :D09:01
MooDooif you do it again, i think it puts them back09:01
oimonwoo :D09:10
FNDhow can I deactivate the new (Oneiric) window switcher? the grouping is driving me insane09:11
MartijnVdSFND: it's a feature, I heaerd09:13
FNDMartijnVdS: yes, but it's not optional AFAICT...09:15
oimonmaybe ccsm has some options? unity2d has the old alt-tab09:15
FNDI didn't find anything in ccsm09:16
FNDI might go for unity2d then09:16
gordits the same in unity2d09:16
gordoh for alt-tab only?09:16
gordnevermind me09:16
gordthough you can just turn on the old alt-tab in unity3d09:16
gordits in ccsm09:16
FNDhow so?09:16
gordturn on the plugin called static window switcher or something like that, then just enable its keybindings over-riding the unity ones09:17
FNDgord: I just did that, resolving the key conflicts in favor of Static Application Switcher - all it did was crash/restart Compiz on first use... guess I'll have to restart09:23
FNDgord: the static app switcher looks very similar to Unity's, and also does grouping?09:29
* FND feels like he's missing something09:29
gordFND, disable the keybindings in the unity plugin, ccsm is being crap09:29
FNDgord: yeah, just realized that - weird, since the conflict resolution had me disable them already09:30
FNDit works fine now, thanks09:32
FNDwhile I'm working through the Unity kinks, anyone use Tilda?09:36
FNDmy Tilda keeps shifting to the right (by the width of the dock), so it's not flush against the left of the screen09:36
FNDi.e. it always seems to think the dock is expanded09:37
bigcalmHas there been any report of wired connections failing in 11.10? I took my laptop to my parents at the weekend. It connected to their Sky wifi but failed to make use of their Ethernet over Power09:43
DJonesI set one machine up at the weekend with a wired connection and didn't have any problems with it, thats about all I can add09:45
diploWe've had issues with wired this moring with my colleague, ended up with a reboot for a fix09:48
czajkowskibigcalm: checked here its fine09:48
oimonbigcalm: what was wrong? couldn't see link? couldn't get DHCP address?09:50
oimoni've just run apt-get install lubuntu-desktop kubuntu-desktop xubuntu-desktop ...the results could be quite hideous09:51
bigcalmDunno, I wasn't in the mood to debug it that much. Would just spin for ever trying to connect but not get any where. The same cable would work fine on both of my parents' laptops. I'll get around to trying a wired connection here at some point :)09:54
oimonapparently forwarding a tweet can cure cancer10:12
MooDoolol yay spam tweets10:13
davmor2morning all10:14
MooDoomorning davmor210:14
oimonMooDoo: "RT @OfficialCANCER: Unfortunately, 97% of twitter users will not RT this for cancer. But the 3% who do are the ones willing to #makeachange"10:15
daubers_Hmm... confused10:15
davmor2MooDoo: Spam Sweets man you really hate the treat or treaters don't you?10:15
daubersJoys of having 2 computers on your desk10:15
MooDoooimon: i hate that kind of tweet10:17
davmor2trick or treaters even10:17
MooDooTrick or treat,10:19
MooDoosmell my feet,10:19
MooDoogive me something good to eat!10:19
* daubers gives MooDoo some bacon10:19
daubersWhile you're cooking it, make me a sandwich too :)10:20
MooDoodaubers: you da man!! :)10:22
s-foxMooDoo !!!10:22
* GirlyGirl pours some coffee on MooDoo10:22
MooDoos-fox: heloooooooooooooooo10:23
MooDooGirlyGirl: on??? noooooooooo that hurts10:23
GirlyGirlMooDoo: Don't worry its cold coffee10:23
MooDooGirlyGirl: i love cold coffee :) so that's ok then10:23
* BigRedS discovered iced espresso this summer10:26
BigRedSit's awesome10:26
popeyi had an iced coffee in costa last friday. it was disgusting10:27
popeythe cafe nero ones are yum10:27
MooDooi'm actually on about normal nescafe that's been left on the side :)10:28
oimonwow - anyone tried xubuntu 11.10?10:32
oimonno longer ugly. they've also deliberately made it look a bit like gnome shell, but works like gnome210:33
* daubers puts on some UUPC and beats some sense into some code10:40
chambopopey, Cafe Nero put an extra espresso in which might explain it10:45
Hippychickthe only thing i find coffee shops good for is hot chocolate :P10:46
Hippychickand they just happened to open a costa 2 doors down from where i work \o/10:47
bigcalmCafe Nero's chocolate cake is the yum10:47
gordi would live in starbucks if i could10:48
chamboI just have an espresso machine at home so I never need to venture out of the house10:48
daubersI found a really nommy coffee shop in Reading10:48
daubersMake very nice white chocolate cakey things10:49
Hippychickgord, you might be able to get a flat above a starbucks?10:49
popeythe costa one was too strong for me10:49
daubers"Can you explain what's wrong with this switch?" - "It doesn't work"10:56
MartijnVdSdaubers: fair assessment10:59
daubersMartijnVdS: Define "work" and define "doesn't" :)11:01
MooDoodaubers: have you tried turning it off and on again?11:14
MooDoo.me ducks11:14
daubersMooDoo: I asked them that :)11:15
nigelbMooDoo: lol11:20
nigelbIt always does the trick ;)11:20
diploAny of you guys use svn for web dev ?11:22
daubersbigcalm: Bacon sarnie please :)11:22
bigcalmdiplo: I do11:23
ubuntuuk-planet[Martin Meredith] Adventures with the Galaxy SII - http://www.sourceguru.net/adventures-galaxy-sii/11:23
davmor2Mez: Phone cover D'oh11:23
nigelbdiplo: yep11:24
diplobigcalm, we have like 80-90 sites, we have a core backend and customer specific front end... what do you do to make sure your websites are upto date ?11:24
diploonly 5-6 sites on this new backend11:24
nigelbwoah. We deploy to only server.11:24
diploI'm basically thinking of a way to get svn info out from each web host11:24
diploto make sure customer has most up to date11:24
diplowith out manually checking11:24
diploWondering if anyone has come across anything like it ?11:25
nigelbYoudicomfortable with fabric?11:26
nigelbAre you comfrotable with python?11:26
nigelbIf you are, you should look at fabric11:26
diploI'm teaching myself python atm11:27
diploWill take a look now ta11:27
davmor2in thunderbird is there a way to save all your settings like you can on Evolution?11:35
MooDooping Laney11:44
Laneyhello MooDoo11:45
MooDooLaney: how was the beer festival?11:46
Laneybusy and beery11:46
Laneymilk stout was probably my fave11:46
gorddavmor2, i think ~/.thunderbird/<something>.default/prefs.js11:47
davmor2gord: Man that sucks, this is meant to be the better of the 2 mail clients,  you lose calendaring, if you install lightning you have to jump through hoops to add a google calendar, and there is noway to export settings man I'm still falling out of love with Thunderbird :(11:49
oimonlightning sucks on my pc ..still use it, but it sucks :(11:49
gorddavmor2, um... it answer email good. gord happy.11:49
gordi never used evo for more than that, it was terrible at everything11:49
daubersdavmor2: Hoops for google calendars?11:50
gordfyi, if you haven't install the conversation addon for thunderbird, it makes it a nice gmail like experience11:50
TheOpenSourcererdavmor2: What hoops do you mean?11:50
TheOpenSourcererJust use the CalDAV API from Google.11:50
* daubers just used caldav11:50
TheOpenSourcererYou don't need to add any other extensions.11:51
davmor2daubers, TheOpenSourcerer: in evo you add a new calendar, you select google, you add your login details and select the calendar you want, on thunderbird you add the new calendar, you select google, no login you then have to open up google calendar in browser track through all the setting till you find the right url and then add that url to lightning, and you only get the named calendar so you may have to go through11:54
davmor2 the process several times11:54
TheOpenSourcererThat sounds right - It would be nice if you could get it to pull the available calendars down based on login credentials.11:55
TheOpenSourcererLet Phillipp know you'd like it ;-) (Or write it and submit a patch).11:55
TheOpenSourcererChris Coulson would probably be interested to hear too.11:56
davmor2TheOpenSourcerer: I've got to the point where I can write a basic script in python I don't think I'm ready to patch Thunderbird :)11:57
TheOpenSourcererAh I should have said chrisccoulson11:57
TheOpenSourcererLightning is a bit more complex that many TB/Mozilla extensions as it has some C code so it needs to be compiled for each TB release. Most are all just Javascript.11:58
TheOpenSourcererdavmor2: There is also an IRC channel specially for you :-) #ubuntu-mozillateam11:59
davmor2TheOpenSourcerer: I just think it is a really sucky way to introduce new users to email/calendaring which is a shame as TB has some really nice features.   I wil go on there an have a rant though thanks :)12:01
awilkinsThe other thing I want for TB is an Outlook Web Access plugin that works (along with the "gateway" thing that a lot of OWA servers have in front of them now to stop them getting pwned so easily12:06
awilkinsThen I could use TB for my work email again12:06
awilkinsI'd have a hope in hell of being able to find old mails12:06
gordi think new users use gmail and google calendar12:06
gordthunderbird is for my work stuff12:06
awilkinsI'm using TB for my gmail ATM12:07
awilkinsExperimentally, really12:07
gordi am on my laptop but not my desktop, i can't quite qualify why really12:07
Mezdavmor2: ??12:07
gordbut i feel no inclination to add it to my desktop12:07
daubersOoooh... I'd forgotten pubbage on Thursday12:26
davmor2Mez: Just read you're planet post and it tickled me :)12:33
davmor2Mez: did you decide what you were going to do about it?12:33
dauberspopey: You realise the apathy thing is a more widespread problem? (i.e. not just limited to Ubuntu/OS Projects)12:51
popeyYou listening to UUPC perchance?12:51
dauberspopey: Indeed12:52
daubersI hit the same problems when I tried to restart the physics society at Uni12:53
daubersSeems to take an awful lot to keep people interested12:54
daubersWe also had a similar issue within this group not too long ago (beggining of last year?)12:55
czajkowskidaubers: groups go through phases I think when I took over running my comp soc, it had been run by blokes for years so was always admin focused and not really interacting so I changed that12:56
gordpersonally i blame windows 7, it wasn't terrible12:58
* Laney listens12:58
daubersWe're also going to be fighting a generation of people who where introduced to computers as appliances to facebook/email on and little else12:59
gordonjcpczajkowski: this is sort of the problem we're finding with the amateur radio club I'm a member of13:00
gordonjcpczajkowski: oh, admin as in sysadmin?13:00
gordonjcpczajkowski: I meant more that we have a couple of committee members that appear to be more interested in having a Bureaucracy Club rather than an Amateur Radio Club13:01
czajkowskigordonjcp: aye sys admin, we had folks who wanted to build servers and do stuff like that13:01
czajkowskibut nobody leaving the server room13:01
czajkowskiso I started a monthly talk13:02
czajkowskiinviting a past graduate who was a member of the society and then someone from a company13:02
czajkowskimeet greet give a talk na dhave a few pints13:02
czajkowskikicked things going again13:02
czajkowskiwe had to have some sort of bureaucracy due to getting a budget and we edned up getting one for 15K13:03
gordonjcpczajkowski: yeah13:03
czajkowskiso sent students to MIT for a week13:03
czajkowskidifferent events that they wouldnt get to go to13:03
daubersczajkowski: This was the purpose of the "Happy Hours" (as originally invisiged I think)13:05
daubersGet more people with more face to face time13:05
Laneypopey: did you try vimtutor?13:05
czajkowskidaubers: aye and tis working13:05
popeyLaney: not yet13:05
daubersHopefully I'll be able to make the one on Thursday13:05
daubersMight need to bribe the missus13:06
Laneythe missus used it to learn the basics13:06
Laneyseemed to like it13:06
daubersPeople are a hard problem to solve13:07
Laneymy nasty secret is eatmydata aptitude full-upgrade13:09
czajkowskiThe thing is , you're never ever gonna get eveyrone along to one event, people don't like x y z the best you can hope for is that at least 2-3 people turn up enjoy it and tell others so they'll come to another one. Varying types of meet ups helps so you can get people who wont go to one event but will to another to come along13:20
czajkowskithe reason I don't go to the lug events near me is I find them boring, the age group really isn't mine they meet up and have talks about things I'm not interested, where as I'll go to a hapy hour, have some nosh, drink and a chat13:22
czajkowskieveryone is different13:22
daubersMight sit down tonight and transcribe that podcast conversation13:22
daubersSince it's kind of important really13:23
ali1234personally, i don't like eating and talking at the same time13:23
ali1234nor do i enjoy eating with strangers13:24
* oimon waits to see if ali1234 will say 3 things in a row he agrees with :)13:25
czajkowskimeh I'll talk to a wall13:25
czajkowskiI dont care who I talk to13:25
popeyI suspect its not the talking13:25
popeyits the eating13:25
czajkowskimakes it more interesting if different people turn up each time13:25
daubersI find I keep meeting the same people more or less13:26
daubersNeed to go to more events13:26
gordpeople like to complain to me about ubuntu/unity when i turn up to things, which makes things much less fun ;)13:26
czajkowskigord awwwwww *hugs*13:26
oimongord: go in disguise13:27
czajkowskigord: pretend you work on server everyone loves the server :p13:27
daubersgord: Next time, take your cat and set it to stun?13:27
davmor2gord: but that's what your there for though right?13:27
czajkowskiI am not going to events where there are cats.13:28
czajkowskigord no cats!13:28
daubersczajkowski: Does that mean I can't take my wife anywhere you go?13:28
davmor2gord: bring cats :D13:28
czajkowskidaubers: does she bring cats with her.........13:29
gordhave you ever tried to bring a cat anywhere? it rarely goes well13:29
czajkowskileave the pets at home13:29
davmor2daubers: no it means you and your wife go but czajkowski doesn't :)13:29
popeygord: borrow marks vader mask13:29
daubersczajkowski: No... her name is Kat :)13:29
czajkowskidaubers: :013:29
gordwhen i moved in to this place it was only down the road from my old place, so i decided to carry my cat. everything was going great until a car went past... scarred for life13:29
popeywhat about the cat?13:30
oimon[2945636.480018] usb 5-1: device not accepting address 48, error -71 [2945636.480039] hub 5-0:1.0: unable to enumerate USB device on port 113:30
oimon:( how can i get my phone to mount, without restart/logout13:30
ali1234use a different USB port13:31
hamitronI remember a time in computing where there were less problems like that....13:32
hamitronor am I just looking overly fondly of the past?13:33
ali1234USB used to work quite well13:33
gordoh yeah no one ever had problems with serial devices13:33
gordfloppy drives worked *perfectly* too13:33
ali1234now the ports die all the time13:33
hamitronwell, I was thinking USB13:33
ali1234half the ports on my motherboard don't work13:33
hamitronserial was hassle ofc13:33
oimonfloppy disks didn't though13:33
ali1234and if i plug two devices into a hub on one port, the whole port stops working13:33
oimonespecially when you put them in your school bag alongside the monster munch13:34
hamitronali1234, so it isn't just me?13:34
ali1234no, it isn't just you13:34
ali1234the developers even know about these bugs13:34
ali1234but for some reason they aren't getting fixed13:34
ali1234i believe it is related to the IRQ problems with sound as well13:35
hamitronall about the fancy interfaces, and nothing about getting things to work13:35
ali1234it's not just about the fancy interfaces13:35
ali1234it's about commercialization of linux13:36
ali1234the USB host drivers are developed almost exclusively by intel now13:36
oimonif they were commercialising linux, why would they introduce a UI that divides the userbase ?13:36
ali1234no doubt it works flawlessly if you have an intel machine13:37
hamitronbut if someone tries a linux distro/device, and they get these problems..... it will tarnish their opinion of linux for a long time13:37
oimonmy machine's been up for 30-odd days but that should be ok13:37
ali1234yes, well, the companies that develop linux these days are not interested in after market installs13:37
ali1234as long as it works on the hardware they are trying to shift, that is all that matters13:37
oimonmy chromium browser has been running for around the same time with > 30 tabs, performing very well compared to firefox13:38
ali1234said hardware isn't sold with a "linux" logo, except maybe on page 356 of the user manual13:38
ali1234so it doesn't matter13:38
hamitronif they even provide a manual13:38
daubersMeh, I get USB problems on my mac all the time13:45
ali1234that's exactly what i'm talking about13:45
ali1234ever since the commercialization, linux is now no more reliable than windows or mac13:45
hamitronsorry to say, but windows is ahead atm13:46
ali1234windows is in the toilet like it has always been13:46
daubersHAH! I have at least 3 USB peripherals that don't work on Windows :)13:46
hamitrondaubers, nice13:46
ali1234i'm not talking abut things that don't work13:46
ali1234i'm talking about host drivers13:47
ali1234when you plug in a device and the port shuts down13:47
ali1234then it works if you plug into a different port13:47
hamitronis it something to do with power saving, or what? lack of power?13:47
ali1234it's just about broken drivers13:47
hamitronbut they used to work13:48
ali1234yes, they did13:48
hamitronso something has screwed them up?13:48
ali1234they used to work on old hardware when the drivers were written by different people13:48
ali1234USB 2 has never worked properly on linux since it was invented13:48
ali1234the only way to make USB 2 device work reliably under linux is to plug it into a USB 1 port, or put a USB 1 hub between the device and the host13:49
hamitronand I was sulking my laptop only has USB 113:49
gordonjcpali1234: o_O13:50
hamitrontbh, I blame how everything is rushed to market13:50
gordonjcpwhat's wrong with USB2?13:50
AlanBellUSB just works for me13:50
ali1234it... doesn't work?13:50
hamitroneveryone has such tight release schedules13:50
gordonjcpali1234: example?13:50
mgdmI've never had any bother with USB of any form on Linux. Windows, however...13:51
ali1234plug in USB 2 device and you have a 50% chance of getting "device not accepting address"13:51
gordonjcpI have a Microsoft USB mouse that has never worked in Windows13:51
ali1234plug it into a USB 1 port and it works fine13:51
gordonjcpali1234: example, not anecdote13:51
ali1234what do you mean example?13:51
AlanBellI have never seen that error13:51
gordonjcpwell, give me a specific device and controller to try it with13:51
mgdmI have, but it was a dying flash drive13:51
hamitronyou guys have never needed to reboot for usb?13:51
gordonjcpmgdm: same, but dying USB-ATA bridge13:51
gordonjcphamitron: only with *insane* USB devices13:52
ali123400:12.2 USB Controller: ATI Technologies Inc SB7x0/SB8x0/SB9x0 USB EHCI Controller13:52
mgdmhamitron: nope, never13:52
ali1234Bus 001 Device 003: ID 059b:0370 Iomega Corp.13:52
gordonjcpold (firmware 1.05 or earlier) Mototrbo radios used to really make USB toss its cookies13:52
bigcalmOo, a zip drive? (I haven't been reading up)13:52
gordonjcpali1234: USB zip dis?13:52
ali1234no, it isn't a ZIP drive13:53
popeyclick click click13:53
ali1234it's a hard drive13:53
gordonjcpali1234: it may be buggy, or failing13:53
ali1234it's not buggy or failing13:53
ali1234the problem is the motherboard is buggy13:53
gordonjcpwell that's different, then13:53
hamitronit is still buggy :/13:54
hamitronbugs are bugs to an end user13:54
ali1234and by buggy, i mean it requires workarounds13:54
ali1234and it's not really the motherboard, it's the chipset13:54
ali1234and it doesn't affect all ports13:54
ali1234some are worse than others13:54
gordonjcpso, don't buy shit hardware then13:54
ali1234right right, only buy intel hardware, yeah?13:55
gordonjcpali1234: car analogy13:55
gordonjcpI once had a Fiat Regatta13:55
gordonjcpyou could visibly watch it dissolve in the rain13:55
gordonjcpit got through ignition modules like popey gets through trampolines13:55
gordonjcpit was, basically, a shit car13:55
gordonjcpshit design, shit construction13:56
hamitronpopey breaks trampolines?13:56
gordonjcpI scrapped it and got a Volvo instead13:56
oimondon't buy intel video cards though13:56
gordonjcpunless you're stuck with onboard ones13:57
hamitronthey do cards?13:57
oimonthe last few years have been torrid for the onboard intel user13:57
hamitronI was hoping to use the on cpu video on my i3 soon :/13:57
gordonjcpoimon: it works okay on my laptop, on my desktop I get really weird graphics corruption13:58
ali1234i had exactly the same problem on my old computer too13:58
oimongordonjcp: which gfx on the desktop?13:58
ali1234with a different set of devices13:58
ali1234and same on the work machine13:59
hamitronbut all this boils down to the same thing really13:59
hamitronit is broken13:59
oimonbug 82088113:59
lubotu3Launchpad bug 820881 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "[i945] Heavy screen and font corruption on GMA950" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82088113:59
hamitronthis happens on CRT?14:00
oimonheavy screen lol14:00
ali1234btw, my motherboard gets consistently high reviews just about everywhere14:00
oimonnot sure if i've ever seen a bug fixed that i watched in launchpad14:01
hamitronreviews from who?14:01
gordonjcpoimon: i945 iirc14:01
hamitronoimon, haha14:01
gordonjcpoimon: I can't remember offhand but I do need to dig into it and file a bug14:01
oimongordonjcp: you might find it's that bug i linked to14:01
oimonplease vote if it does :)14:02
ali1234hamitron: from everyone. who do you trust to review motherboards?14:03
gordonjcpoimon: that's it exactly14:03
hamitronI only trust myself tbh14:03
gordonjcpoimon: fwiw it's *not* Ubuntu specific, it's just as bad in Arch14:03
gordonjcpoimon: so using up-to-date X doesn't help14:03
oimonplease upvote it all the same :)14:03
oimonyeah, i'm on 11.1014:04
hamitronali1234, but I was wondering if maybe the reviews were biased for some reason14:04
oimonhaven't seen it in XFCE so far14:04
ali1234only if you count "we didn't test it with linux" as biased14:04
oimonwhich i believe i will be using in future14:04
hamitronalso, so many people don't consider bugs not normal now14:04
ali1234also i have the same problem on both my netbooks14:04
gordonjcpoimon: will do, when I get home and can pull off sufficient data about the machine14:05
hamitronali1234, you netbooks will be intel chipsets?14:05
gordonjcpali1234: are you getting that kind of horizontal zigzag corruption thing?14:06
ali1234graphics works fine14:06
ali1234i'm still talking about USB14:06
gordonjcpoh, okay14:06
ali1234i don't use the netbooks much though14:06
ali1234not for 12 hours14:06
ali1234i only use them to test ubuntu+1 really14:06
oimonhttp://boingboing.net/2011/10/17/rome-burns.html :(14:07
MartijnVdSoimon: disco inferno?14:07
gordonjcpI didn't know that ACAB translated directly into Italian14:10
oimonhad to google what it meant in english14:13
MartijnVdSoimon: All cabbages are beautiful14:14
=== GirlyGirl is now known as Guest70118
dauberspopey: fwiw, I think the solution to the apathy problem lies in Hackspaces14:16
popeyperhaps ☺14:17
oimonmaybe there should be a wider online debate about the question14:17
daubersGet hackspaces to run "Codespace" type events, get people excited again14:17
ali1234what exactly is the question?14:17
MartijnVdSpopey: WHOA that's a big smiley14:17
MartijnVdSOr is that just the Ubuntu-monospace font?14:18
hamitronpretty small on my screen14:18
oimonali1234: regarding the discussion on the latest uupc about the ubuntu community14:21
oimonduring the course of creating a usb installer with startup disk creator, you have to authenticate about a gazillion times :(14:30
ali1234found it14:37
ali1234popey: di you remember what i said 6 months ago? ;)14:37
gordonjcpoimon: also if you use unetbootin the bootsplash gets all screwed up and uglified14:38
oimongordonjcp: hmm never noticed14:39
popeyali1234: dont keep me in suspense!14:40
* popey is guessing it was a prediction of some kind14:40
oimonwhy does it say "this computer already exists on the network" every time i do a fresh install of *ubuntu?14:41
popeybecause it has a default hostname14:42
ali1234popey: it was a prediction14:42
gordonjcpoimon: you know how the grub screen is a fairly grim looking textmode screen, and when you select anything it sits there doing nothing for about 20 seconds with no indication that anything is actually happening14:42
popeyAlso there is a bug in the avahi bit of the installer14:42
ali1234essentially, that ubuntu is driving away controbutors in favour of "users"14:42
gordonjcpI don't really know why there isn't a USB install image14:42
gordonjcpdoes anyone actually burn ISOs to CD and install from that?14:43
gordonjcpand if so, how?14:43
popeyi guess less people do these days14:43
popeyoimon: evan would like a bug report about that I'm sure14:43
ali1234(10:41:57) ali1234: popey: unity might gain ubuntu 10 users for every person that leaves14:43
ali1234(10:42:30) ali1234: popey: however that won't do you any good if none of the new people know how to write code14:43
oimonpopey: which bug? the hostname one?14:44
gordonjcpI don't think I've had a PC with an optical drive for five years or so14:44
popeyoimon: yes14:44
ali1234same thing i've been saying all year really14:44
oimoni wonder what process it is using to determine that fact14:44
ali1234you are driving away contributors in the quest for popularity14:44
diploReally gordonjcp , you mean laptop ? Not a PC ?14:44
gordonjcpdiplo: laptop and desktop14:44
diploWell I work with 100's and only lappys that don't come with them really are netbooks14:45
gordonjcpdiplo: to be fair my desktop *does* have a CD drive, but it is about five years old and the drive doesn't work14:45
diploI've not none PC's not to come with even a basic drive unless specified by me14:45
popeyi have 3 computers with optical drives14:45
popeynone with floppies14:45
gordonjcpwhat would you even use it for, anyway?14:45
diploAll DELL machines about 4 or so years ago stopped coming with floppies unless requestexx14:45
gordonjcpI *do* have floppies, but that's because I actually *use* floppies on a daily basis14:46
diploI use opticals daily for stuff14:46
=== Guest70118 is now known as Girly-Girl
diploMainly becuase i probably have a few hundred blank dvds/cds that i don't use for anything but testing now14:46
gordonjcpbecause there's so much old crap out there that needs looked after that only uses floppies14:46
oimonbug 73873214:48
lubotu3Launchpad bug 760884 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #738732 Change of proposed computer name causes error" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/76088414:48
hamitronali1234, I fail to see why anyone with the time and skill to develop, should be drove away from the default user interface14:49
hamitronif that is the case, surely it could be made easier to use a different distro with the same base?14:50
ali1234hamitron: you miss the point. it isn't about the software14:54
hamitronignoring the user base?14:54
ali1234it's not about ignoring the user base14:55
ali1234it's about ignoring the minority segment of the userbase that actually contributes14:55
hamitronbut surely, the new interface of choice (unity) can be default, and have no affect on that minority... if it is organised in a way to provide the flexibility for them users14:56
ali1234no... that's not the problem14:57
hamitronsay, not install ubuntu-desktop, but have gnome2-desktop14:57
ali1234it isn't about the software, it is about the whole way the project is run14:57
ali1234hamitron: the metaphor of FOSS as a vegetarian restaurant is a good illustration of the problem15:02
shaunosame problem I've had with ubuntu on the desktop for some years now.  They don't design ubuntu for ubuntu users.  They design it for a hypothetical group of users they eventually plan to reach15:02
hamitronif there are enough that feel like that, surely a fork could come about?15:07
ali1234there is no need for a fork15:07
ali1234there are plenty of other distros15:07
czajkowskishauno: except those hypothetical users are users in face15:08
czajkowskidear gods laura wake up15:08
hamitronyeh, depends if there is something like what you want though15:08
ali1234yes, they are not hypothetical15:08
ali1234the problem is they do not contribute15:08
czajkowskipeople seem to forget canonical has a lot of end customers who use Ubuntu/unity just fine15:09
ali1234yes, they *use* it15:09
ali1234they do not contribute15:09
czajkowskiali1234: they pay money to canonical so canonical can develop15:09
=== optimusP is now known as help
czajkowskiI consider that contribution15:09
gordwe have a whole bunch of contributors to unity15:09
* hamitron too15:09
gordthey are awesome peeps15:09
=== help is now known as the_hulk
gordmost of them don't seem to have had much history pre-unity too15:10
ali1234that probably explains why unity is so buggy15:10
mattiWho can I talk to about U1?15:11
gordthats kinda insulting to them...15:11
hamitronI know I tend to moan about stuff too.... but what do we want? ;)15:11
* matti is testing U1 and some things seem to be not working too well ;]15:11
ali1234personally i don't want anything15:11
ali1234people like me are the problem15:11
ali1234i'm happy to sit and complain15:11
ali1234but i won't really contribute anything15:12
czajkowskiali1234: I think the unity developers are too quickly blamed for stuff15:12
ali1234people like me are the majority15:12
ali1234the core audience of ubuntu15:12
czajkowskithey do a good job and as gord says that is kinda insulting to them15:13
czajkowskimatti: ask in #ubuntuone15:13
matticzajkowski: OK!15:13
hamitronany job is better than nothing15:13
czajkowskiali1234: I think you'll find you're the minority, many of us in here contribute15:13
czajkowskione way or another15:13
czajkowskiyou chose to not help, that's entire your choice15:13
ali1234164 people vs 2 million... yeah that will turn out great15:13
* czajkowski hugs gord 15:14
MooDoohullo all15:14
* daubers offers around the contribution biscuits15:18
* hamitron doesn't qualify15:19
* daubers offers hamitron a contribution encouragement biscuit15:19
hamitronty :)15:20
oimoni like how the screensaver "sort of" kicks in  ,but you can perform actions for 3-4 seconds before the password lock comes up :-\15:22
ali1234that's intentional15:23
bigcalmLike typing your password into IRC15:23
ali1234doing something is supposed to prevent the screensaver from activating15:23
oimoni mean. wait for 30 mins. type on keyboard..do stuff. then screensaver password lock kicks in15:24
oimoni think it's a gnome3 feature15:24
ali1234i dontunderstand15:25
oimoninstead of a lock screen requiring a password, you get to use the pc for 5 seconds before that happens !15:25
oimonsecurity fail15:26
ali1234yes, when the screensaver activates you get 5 seconds or so to cancel it15:26
ali1234in case you are reading something or whatever15:26
oimoni am talking about the screensaver already being active15:26
ali1234well clearly that is a bug15:27
oimoncan't keep up with bug reporting atm..15:28
hamitronit helps when support for your system is dropped15:29
hamitronI haven't witnessed a bug for ages15:30
oimonyou have some weird processor right?15:31
hamitronit is not weird15:32
hamitronit is pretty standard15:32
hamitronI wouldn't mind if compiling for i686 actually improved performance a lot15:32
hamitronbut it just breaks things, for no real gain15:33
oimondoes enabling apport sometimes make a bug behave differently?15:33
oimonrepeat problem 10/10. enable apport..slightly differnt behaviour15:33
chamboIf I install libgtk2.0-dev, which version is this?  Is it > gtk 2.4?15:33
hamitronso usb to serial adapters work well?15:38
mgdmhamitron: never had any trouble with the ones I have (forget what chipset they are, though)15:39
chamboHmm I can't use a FileFilter for some reason even though it should be supported after gtkmm 2.415:39
ali1234popey: your exaplanation of multiarch was completely wrong :)16:08
ali1234multiarch *is* a multi chipset thing - for example, you can install arm packages on a x86 machine for use with qemu16:09
ali1234also, old i386 only debs from the likes of amazon won't work properly with it, packages have to be specifically made to work with it16:09
popeyali1234: haha16:19
* popey adds that to the feedback for next show, thanks :D16:19
Laneythat last point is not true16:19
ali1234they might work by accident... but it isn't guaranteed16:21
Laneyhowever you still can't install things if their dependencies haven't been converted to multiarch16:21
Laneyfor amazon that means boost and xdg-utils16:21
ali1234also if the debs in question install libraries... that will be bad16:21
Laneythere are many ways for things to go wrong, but the basic fact is that applications do not need to be specifically converted16:23
ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] Mini Leadership Summit at the Ubuntu Developer Summit - http://www.jonobacon.org/2011/10/17/mini-leadership-summit-at-the-ubuntu-developer-summit/16:23
Laneypopey: looks like you set something in train eh?16:27
popeyLaney: hmm?16:33
popeyoh, that :D16:33
Laneyisn't all of this summit and survey business came from that meeting?16:33
popeyIn part, yes, I think so.16:34
Laneygood stuff16:34
ali1234it's so simple...16:34
Laneyisn't ... came ...16:34
Laneymy grammar are excellent16:34
ali1234all the people who want to effect change have given up and gone somewhere else16:35
ali1234the only people left are extremely pleased with the status quo, or completely apathetic16:35
davmor2Laney: you got that wrong it should be my grammar am excellent16:35
=== JGJones_ is now known as JGJones
AlanBellI can't be bothered to be apathetic16:36
JGJonesHey, there was an alternative to VNC that's meant to be pretty fast with linux in general...can one tell me the name of the software used for it?16:36
daubersAlanBell: Problem I have is that the less apathetic I get, the busier I get, so the less time I have to be less apathetic!16:37
daubersAlso, having now remembered about Thursday, I'm quite looking forward to it16:39
popeyme too16:41
popeynow I also remembered16:41
AlanBellchristel was going to come too16:42
AlanBelland I expect issyl0 won't have forgotten16:42
issyl0AlanBell: What's going on?16:42
issyl0What's happening on Thursday?16:43
popeyyou know!16:43
popeyeveryone knows 127716:43
bigcalmIt's so descriptive!16:43
issyl0Oh alright!16:43
popeyIt _is_.16:43
popeyI might even drink beer.16:43
* AlanBell will file a bug about 1277 being a crap URL for happy-hour-farnborough16:44
christelpopey: *gasp*16:44
bigcalmI live in the wrong part of the world :(16:45
popeyYes! Move!16:45
popeyEveryone move to Farnborough.16:45
bigcalmI bet I would lose my MatesRates16:46
MartijnVdSpopey: But.. my job!16:46
christelbigcalm: yes, move16:46
christelbigcalm: we're more awesome down south16:46
AlanBellbug 87665916:46
popeyYeah, second thoughts... thinking about the resulting house price crash when hundreds of geeks move in...16:46
lubotu3Launchpad bug 876659 in LoCo Team Portal "event URLs are a bit rubbish" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87665916:46
popeylovely bug title16:46
popeymorphed from "crap" to " a bit rubbish"16:46
popeyis that the en_GB title of the bug?16:47
MartijnVdSUnderstatement of the year award!16:47
* AlanBell is not popey16:47
daubersYes! Everyone move so I can afford to buy  a house16:47
christelpopey: haha16:47
* daubers should file a bug16:48
issyl0AlanBell: I might be there.  :-)16:48
daubers"House prices are too expensive down south, need more geeks to move in to reduce house value"16:48
* popey confirmificates the bug16:49
daubersAlso, apparently the battle of Ngasaunggyan was in 127716:49
daubersReal place the looks like some head desking the keyboard16:49
popeywe should celebrate that at the meeting16:50
popeymake it a theme16:50
daubersHooray Kula Khan beat the pagans?16:50
* daubers goes home16:52
* popey goes home16:54
* davmor2 is home16:56
* davmor2 is at work too though :(16:56
* bigcalm too - forever at work16:57
bigcalmPacific 202 \o/16:57
Monsterwizardanyone here do 'Computer' 'Science'16:59
AlanBellMonsterwizard: in school?17:01
Monsterwizardor else..17:01
AlanBellbest place to find that is in the design and technology department17:01
AlanBellsometimes maths, but anywhere but the ICT department really17:02
AlanBellsecondary schools here are quite clear that they don't do programming in ICT17:04
Monsterwizardwhy not?17:04
Monsterwizardkids already know how to use software17:04
AlanBellbut in the design and technology department they are programming picaxe chips to drive robots around and know what an arduino is17:05
AlanBelland have programmable laser cutters and design algorithms for pneumatic circuits17:06
AlanBellreally quite depressing some of the ICT teachers responses17:08
MartijnVdSAlanBell: "We only teach the things we're forced to teach" ?17:09
MartijnVdSstuff like that?17:09
AlanBell"don't worry, there is no programming required"17:09
* AlanBell . . . stunned silence17:09
MartijnVdSI'd worry if there was no programming required17:09
MartijnVdSeven if it's just "Hello world"17:09
gordonjcpSoryy708: I like combining microcontrollers and analogue filters17:24
chamboCan't you do computing GCSEs?17:31
chamboI remember because my school didn't do it and if I wanted any kind of IT qualification it had to be GNVQ ICT17:32
chamboWhich was basically how to word process17:32
chamboPeople at uni with good schools had all sorts of cool sourses like electronics and computing etc etc and all we got was GNVQ ICT17:32
AlanBellthere is talk of reintroducing computing at some schools17:36
jacobwthere is A level computing17:36
* jacobw learnt winlogo at school17:38
jacobwo/ daubers17:40
daubersI do love cloud syncy tools17:44
gippersis this a good place to get help with a libpam-mount issue?17:58
gippershmm, I guess not then18:02
davmor2jacobw: how hard was it to draw a square  quarter it and colour them in the appropriate colours, I mean even the new winlogo is the same just wavey ;)18:04
AlanBell!ask | gippers18:04
lubotu3gippers: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:04
dwatkinsI guess gippers left, then18:14
popeyEvening all19:05
dauberso/ popey19:14
pgdcrackerhey all19:19
Monsterwizardwhat does this meeting involve?19:34
Monsterwizard" Meeting 20th October 21:00 UK time #ubuntu-uk-meeting"19:34
gordironically, people being at the pub ;) AlanBell ^^ you seen the conflict there?19:36
popeywe can still be online from the pub :D19:37
MartijnVdSpubs have internets?!19:38
AlanBellinternets can be arranged19:40
popeyi might have to pop round there and see if they have wifi19:41
AzelphurStep 1) Bring me and my phone, Step 2) Everybody has internets19:41
MartijnVdSAzelphur: are old enough for pub visits now? :P19:42
* popey also has mobile internettings19:43
AzelphurMartijnVdS: I'm 21 :P19:43
popeymultiple mobile internettings19:43
Azelphurmobile internettings are fun19:43
MartijnVdSpopey: also, you live next door, so you can just beam in your 300MBit wifi19:43
gordmy phones pretty good for mobile internet these days :) quite happy19:43
gordapart from that one place in town, but i just don't eat there anymore19:44
MartijnVdSgord: did you tell them that?19:44
MartijnVdSgord: "I won't eat here anymore. 3G reception is shit."19:44
popeyI'd totally say that19:44
gordi'm too nice ;)19:44
popeyand give them my card, and tell them I'd put wifi in for them19:44
gordoh they have wifi, pay for wifi19:45
MartijnVdSpopey: they could just get one of those Vodafone nanocells or whatever they're called19:45
popeyFor when Pico isn't small enough19:45
MartijnVdS"femto" is in there as well19:45
* MartijnVdS wonders what an exacell would look like19:46
christelAlanBell: i like that bit of meeting scheduling :p20:16
christeli shall learn from it and schedule all my meetings for times at which i am pubbing20:16
AlanBellchristel: it wasn't exactly done with a lot of thought, but now it is done, I can't see a reason to change it!20:17
daubers"Point of order: Popey's round!"20:17
christelit's always popey's round!20:17
daubersAlso, what's the closest station? Farn Main or Farn North?20:19
christel(is daubers cute?)20:19
popeyhe's married if that helps?20:19
daubersRdg to Frn north is only 25 minutes on the train20:20
popeyobserve the significant walk20:20
daubersNice! So I take the train, be there quicker and can drink20:21
christelspeaking of reading, when are we doing the hobgoblin?20:21
christelDave2: stop making excuses and come too! if daubers can do the trip from reading then you totally can too!20:21
popeyI AGREE20:22
* AlanBell laughs at the casual objectification of daubers20:22
popeyI will buy a pint if Dave2 comes.20:22
christelpopey: that is a bit far, are there any pubs on the way in which i can stop for a quick pint?20:22
pepitopints are never quick20:22
popeyI will of course drink said beer in the presence of Dave220:22
daubersAlanBell: It doesn't happen often! Quite a nice novelty20:22
christelAlanBell: i do not know what posessed me :)20:22
popeychristel: yes!20:23
popeyamazingly there is :D20:23
christelhaha that is incredible20:23
daubersAlso, a £5.30 return is probably cheaper than the diesel20:23
christel(i will now have to have a pint on the way!)20:23
pepitopints and trains and diesel do not generally mix well20:24
pepitobut somehow I have a feeling it is suitable for this bunch20:24
popeyimproved link!20:24
popeywith added pit-stop!20:24
christelhaha superb :D20:25
pepitoI don't mean to sidetrack yeralls diversionary planning, but I have a wee question that I can't seem to find an suitable answer to in any of the usual resources20:26
popeyGo ahead caller...20:26
pepitoI just tried using Skype for the first time since switching to Ubuntu..20:27
pepitomy webcam doesnt work20:27
pepitoI have a built in webcam in my laptop20:27
pepitoand I have a usb webcam logitech20:27
pepitoneither work20:27
pepitowhat am I overlooking here?20:27
pepitoand yes, I have installed the cheese driver, which is what is reccomended in most sources I found20:29
AlanBellwhat webcam?20:29
pepitothe webcam built into my laptop20:30
AlanBellyeah, I meant the model numbers20:30
pepitoahhh  sorry.20:31
AlanBellanyhow, in skype options there should be a video devices tab20:31
pepitolet me see if I can find anything20:31
pepitoI have been there20:31
AlanBelland a select webcam dropdown, with the two options in it, and a test button to the right20:31
pepitothis is the odd part....20:31
pepitonormally if there is no webcam then test won't even be an option in skype...20:32
pepitoI have a test button, but there is no webcam function20:32
pepitothe usb webcam is a logitech, but has no serial or model numbers on it.  The other webcam is built into the laptop, which is a Fujitsu Siemens.20:34
AlanBelldo lsusb in a terminal and paste just the line relating to the camera20:35
daubersWe really should have a factoid for that :(20:35
pepitoanyway I thought it might have something to do with some sort of plugin or package I might need but cant find any mention of anywhere20:35
pepitoI am self educating about terminals, but I havent heard of lsusb yet.20:35
dauberspepito: Open a terminal and simply type "lsusb" :)20:36
daubersHmmm… 3/4 of the way through my OU assessment and losing the will to live20:36
pepitothat is bitchin20:38
pepitoso basically I just asked my terminal what devices I have connected to usb ports?20:38
dauberspepito: Yes. If you can find the lines for your cameras we can start looking for more specific help20:38
pepitoBus 007 Device 002: ID 046d:08d9 Logitech, Inc. QuickCam IM/Connect20:39
daubershttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeWebCams would be a good place to start20:40
daubersIf you search for the ID there is some information there20:41
daubersI have to vanish to get a few bits finished before bed, but someone else should be able to help you get a bit further with the information given :)20:41
pepitookay I am on it like a fat kid on a cupcake.  thanks for the help so far20:42
daubersNight all!20:42
penguin42pepito: cupcakes don't really make you fat - there just isn't enough in them20:47
pepitoI reckon that depends on how many you eat and whether you use gramma's recipe or Betty Crocker's20:49
penguin42cupcakes seem to sell for ludicrous amounts20:49
* penguin42 just chain eats muffins instead20:50
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=== emma is now known as em
pepitodo you know the muffin man?20:56
penguin42the muffin man?20:57
penguin42I should point out that when I refer to muffins I'm referring to muffins as used in the UK, not the American term muffins20:58
pepitois there a difference?20:58
pepitowe americans have a few uses for the term muffin :D20:59
penguin42pepito: I mean a form of sweet confection often incorporating chocolate (in various forms) or blueberries20:59
AlanBellenglish muffins are like ice hocky pucks, but made from bread21:00
pepitopenguin42: yes that is what we call a muffin too (the more family friendly usage of the term)21:02
penguin42ah ok21:02
pepitoAlanBell: we have those in the states, and we do call them English muffins, we like to use them to make something called Eggs Benedict21:02
penguin42pepito: I think they're only called english muffins in the US21:03
pepitobut here is an interesting bit with some commentary by some brits http://www.funtrivia.com/askft/Question81331.html21:03
AlanBellwhat gets me is what the americans call a biscuit, which is actually a scone21:03
pepitono no no21:03
AlanBelland they put gravy on it, rather than whipped cream and strawberries21:03
pepitowhat you call a scone is actually a biscuit.   A scone is actually bread dough that has been flattened and fried in oil21:04
* penguin42 isn't sure we'd ever do that to bread dough21:04
AlanBellbiscuit is the superset of cookie21:04
pepitobiscuits are generally bland and tasteless, and must be smothered by large amounts of greasy gravy in order to make them palatable21:04
pepitoyou should definitely do it to bread dough, and then proceed to make something called a Navajo taco21:05
penguin42AlanBell: I'm not sure they're biscuit is a scone, I mean a scone is sweet and nice and tasty21:05
pepitowhich is neither from the Navajos nor is it a Taco21:05
AlanBellpepito: http://wightstyle.co.uk/uploads/content_documents/650/cream_tea.jpg21:05
pepitothat does look like what we call a biscuit21:06
pepitocould taste good, could taste like a mouthful of baking powder21:06
pepitopersonally I don't much care for biscuits, I'd rather have a roll, which is basically bread but in biscuitary portions21:07
pepitoand one of gramma's rolls, warm out of the oven with butter and jam is a slice of heaven fo sho21:07
pepitookay I have now got the webcam working on Cheese but still not on skype....21:09
pepitoI am not doing too bad for a humble carpenter21:09
pepito....well the carpenter part is true.21:10
ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] Ubuntu Tat - http://www.jonobacon.org/2011/10/17/ubuntu-tat/21:23
abdallahIs there any practical way not to be signed on youtube while being signed on gmail?22:40
abdallah(practical means using one brower and not in the private mode)22:40
hamitronrun a different browser or as 2 seperate instances22:41
hamitronbah, ok22:41
hamitronI'd probably look at running the same browser, as 2 different users22:42
abdallahHow do I get a second instance of FF? Or how I run it with a different user?22:43
penguin42abdallah: You can do it in the same user22:44
penguin42abdallah: Now by 2nd instance you mean another one that doesn't share the same bookmarks history etc?22:44
abdallahHopefully not, I was just refering to hamitron's answer22:45
hamitronmine is just a brain fart22:45
hamitronpenguin42's way will be better22:46
abdallahWhen I try "firefox -no-remote" it tells me, I should close the other window :(22:46
penguin42abdallah: tell it to use a different profile as well22:47
bigcalmMaybe you have to run both with that command 1st22:47
penguin42abdallah: firefox -P youtube -no-remote should do it22:47
abdallahhamitron, penguin42, bigcalm: thanks for your answers. I created another ff profile for youtube and it seems to be working.22:54
penguin42hmm 11.10's installer is nice - offered to take a photo with the webcam for account creation; it wasn't very flattering22:58
bigcalmAww, I didn't do a fresh install so missed out on that option22:58
penguin42bigcalm: Yeh, 1st time I've run the full installer, just doing my netbook22:59
bigcalmAh. My eeepc 1000 could do with a fresh install22:59
penguin42(It does startup the webcam without asking, which erm well, I've only got my dressing gown on22:59
bigcalmI can't remember if the eeepc 1000 is 32 or 64bit23:01
bigcalmwikipedia isn't helping23:01
penguin42this 1001ha is 3223:01
bigcalmI have the 1000w23:02
bigcalmDoesn't get used much these days, such a shame23:03
bigcalmHave too many gadgets not being used23:03
* penguin42 uses it when he goes to miniconferences and LUGs etc23:04
bigcalmOnly thing I really go to is oggcamp. And then I take a full laptop to the hotel but go to the venues just a phone and wallet :)23:04
gordlast uds i just took my superlight arm netbook around with me, left all the heavy stuff in my room, was great :)23:06
gorda bunch of people took tablets, but they are just hipsters ;) really cool people like me have netbooks/laptops23:06
penguin42keyboards do really make things useful23:07
penguin42that's curious - the 1st boot has just said that /dev/mapper/cryptswap isn't present  - I didn't set one up so am not sure why it is expecting one23:09
penguin42ah, it's bug 874774 (possibly bug 475936 rearing up again)23:26
lubotu3Launchpad bug 874774 in cryptsetup (Ubuntu) "could not mount /dev/mapper/cryptswap1" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87477423:26
lubotu3Launchpad bug 475936 in cryptsetup (Ubuntu Karmic) "race condition between encrypted device creation and mountall probing with random-encrypted devices (swap, tmp)" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/47593623:26

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